SH “HIT AND RUN” TUESDAY: Boutique Owner “Reality Actress”… Paula Deen Update; Paula Fighting Back Legally!… Sad News For Pierce Brosnan… Juan Martinez’ Next Case… Waxer Fired “No V-JJ Waxing For ME!”… RancidRichie Skewing SH Poll!

Wouldn’t ya just know it!  The owner of Robin’s Closet, Robin Kalfus, is a reality show wanna-be!  Robin’s Closet is the boutique in which KomaKathy answered the call from Tree…


RHONJ robin kalfaus boutique owner



Paula Deen is fighting back… in court!  Paula’s attorney’s contend that the woman who filed the lawsuit has no standing because she is white:

“Attorneys for Deen and her brother, Bubba Hiers, contend that a woman suing them on the grounds of racial discrimination, among other claims, doesn’t have legal standing to file the claim because she is white.

In a filing Monday, the attorneys pointed to the Supreme Court’s court’s ruling in the Prop 8 case, Hollingsworth v. Perry, in which the court said anyone suing in federal court must have standing.

The attorneys contend that plaintiff Lisa T. Jackson cannot, as a white woman, claim racial discrimination. That would mean that the line of questioning that led to Deen’s admission that she has used the N word in the past shouldn’t even have been part of the case.”  MORE details at TheWrap.


Paula’s sponsor, is continuing their association with Paula… as you can see from their website, a few of Paula’s shows are sold out.

“Paula Deen has been a friend of The Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show for many years. She has apologized and we are taking her apology at her word and moving forward accordingly.The Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show does not condone or believe in the use of derogatory slurs by anyone. This is a nation of forgiveness and second chances. In that spirit we intend to go forward with the MetroCooking Shows in Houston, Dallas and Washington, DC as planned with Paula as a presenter. At this time we have no plans to do otherwise.”


How sad.  Pierce Brosnan’s daughter, Charlotte, died of ovarian cancer.   From TheWrap:

Pierce Brosnan’s daughter, Charlotte, has died after a three-year battle with ovarian cancer, the same disease that killed her mother. She was 41.




Maricopa County Prosecutor extraordinaire, Juan Martinez, will be back in court July 31, 2013.  Mr. Martinez has taken on the case of a corrupt Phoenix cop., Richard Chrisman.  Please read for detailed information.

This case will be available via live streaming… not sure if SH will cover this trial.  It IS interesting… in that so many of these similar “incidents” have been occurring across the US.


This US item made the UK’s DailyMail!

A spa worker was all OK with waxing her colleagues as part of her continued training; however, when she learned that she was to expose her private parts as part of her training, her boss fired her on the spot!

‘We were going to be performing  Brazilian  waxes on each other, and as soon as I found out, I said I’m  not going to have  that done on myself,’ she told KDKA.

Claims: She said when she took her concerns to her boss Ryan Glastein he fired her on the spot

‘I knew we were going to be practicing on  each other, but nothing was set in stone that it was mandatory.’

She said when she took her concerns to her  boss he fired her on the spot.  ‘[He] basically said, “So you are not going  to receive this?” and I said, “No”, and that was it. He fired me and that was  really our whole conversation. He wasn’t sympathetic,’ said  Finley.

NOTE:  The pervy boss probably had to oversee and make sure those Brazilians were done correctly!


wakile tweet

NOTE:  While looking for a suitable illustration to fit the item below re RichardWakile… came across the above RancidRichie tweet from December 2012.  Who was he referring to in the tweet?  OR… was it a planted tweet to get more people interested in the upcoming season of the RHONJ??? 

RHONJ RIch Wakile pg

RancidRichie Wakile’s minions are really messin’ with the SH poll!  There is no way that legitimate SH readers are voting that they LIKE RancidRichie’s tweets!

Go away, RancidRichie… and take your revolting minions witchu!



(Thanks to SH readers “Judie” “cybraxis” “PMG” and “Jozy”!!!)

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65 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” TUESDAY: Boutique Owner “Reality Actress”… Paula Deen Update; Paula Fighting Back Legally!… Sad News For Pierce Brosnan… Juan Martinez’ Next Case… Waxer Fired “No V-JJ Waxing For ME!”… RancidRichie Skewing SH Poll!

    • It’s not looking well with Paula, she should have disavowed her heirs who where doing that stuff and told them to make amends to the manager. But for her to go this route seems to me that they are doubling down on failure.

    • Katfish’s upper lip whiskers are so long that they are practically reaching out and touching Paula. Yikes!

      • lol chem,heres another,i watched few min of houswives repeat where poison joe, shakes his head doesn’t want antonia to hear. well he took off his knitted hat, he had a large elastic band holding hat down, while it was on his head lol. i really want to know,where the heck did he get elastic band that big

  1. Really sad news for Pierce Brosnan, this should be a wake up call for all women to make sure they attend their annual visit to the GYN! Knowledge is power!

    • Ovarian cancer is a tough one though. It’s not found on a routine PAP. I lost a dear friend to it last year. Very sad news for Pierce Brosnan though.

  2. Unfortuately, ovarian cancer is not easily detected until it is too late, HOWEVER, if Brosnan’s daughter had been tested (like Angelina Jolie) and found positive (seems likely that she was) she could have opted to have her breasts and ovaries removed. Drastic? not if you consider that a positive gene will put you in the 90% chance of getting breast and 50% chance of getting ovarian cancers! So, if you have more than one first relative with either of these diseases, do yourself a favor and have the test -

    • Eighteen years ago a friend’s daughter (25) was told to have her ovaries removed immediately after having any children. Her mother and both aunts had died from ovarian cancer. She did, and is healthy.

  3. The Chrisman case has my interest peaked. I became a big fan of Super Juan during the Arias trial. I would be very excited to see him take on the likes of the fraternity bros of his own local law enforcement. You are so right Ms. SH that there are so many similar corrupt, cover-up or above the law cases throughout the US. Too bad Super Juan can’t try them all!

    • I definitely want to watch. Loved watching Juan in action on Arias case. I usually follow JV, NG & Dr. Drew for current cases, however, have not watched since the Zimmerman trial. Will go back once that is over.

  4. . I think this is what Paula Deen said, which is something everybody said as a chils when picking sides for a team. Eenie meenie miney moe catch an “N” word by the toe. If he hollers let him go. Eenie Meenie miney moe. It just ain’t no fun saying it unless you can say the actual word. Gotta go now. I think I hear the thought police at my door. False alarm. That was just somebody who thought I was black offering me a free college scholarship and a government job.

      • Janvier:
        Thanks for the tip. They just dropped off a box of those free Obamaphones and a couple of ebt cards too. Yahoo!! Steaks tonight and I’m calling my brothers in Detroit and you’re paying for it!
        Oh, by the way. If you want to know what offensive is, check out Jamie Foxx or Will Smith. Now dat be O fence ive!

          • The video is a riot. I think its meant to be a satire but I just don’t really get it. Maybe I’m over-thinking things. It is what it is as Chuckie would say. This country is slowly becoming a third world country. I hope though, I don’t stand alone when I state that in my opinion Corporate Welfare is worse. MY heart sunk when our government bailed out Morgan Stanley/CHASE, AIG, Merrill Lynch and many other financial firms . Our government bailed these companies out to the tune of BILLIONS of dollars. These companies then slapped the tax payers in the face by rewarding their CEO’s millions of dollars in bonuses after they basically bankrupt their firms. My other pet peeve is our government giving companies tax-breaks when they outsource jobs to INDIA, South America, the Phillipines and other East Asian Country. The other day I called Dell and I got a technical support guy in India, I called McAfee for assistance and I got assistance from a technical support guy in the Phillipines. I called Chase Bank and I was speaking to customer support woman in South America. Screw NAFTA!!! AMERICA wake up!!!

            • @ Zoe I believe in free enterprise, I’m a capitalist all the way. In my humble opinion these companies should have been forced to work within the confines of bankruptcy and restructure. May the strong survive and the weak fail. Would things have been upside down for a while – most likely – have they been upside down anyway – absofuckentutely ( apologies SH for the language but, sometimes…) and we are far, far more deeper in dept to a communist country that has been spying on our businesses and taking our technological advances in order to take over. Guess who? CHINA.

              I don’t know what has to happen to right things but, I do believe it is going to be painful for all of us. What we need to do is be prepared. Get OUR houses in order, pay off OUR debt, live w/in OUR means. Get our heads out of our asses and realize there is no utopia were all is equal and we all share equally. Get educated about the world and what is happening. We have a president who is nothing more than a Manchurian talking head ( his teleprompter is,to be exact, he’s just a good reader) who we know NOTHING about. His personal records have been sealed to the tune of millions of dollars. Even his AUTOBIOGRAPHIES include people that do not exist! He never held a job that was not on the backs of the taxpayers – his claim to fame was being a “community organizer” in Chicago and even that he failed miserably! His wife has been riding the gravy train as well. Michelle Obama had been working for the University of Chicago Hospital at a salary of $121,000 a year. But in 2005 after Barrack Obama was elected U.S. senator, Michelle got the promotion to Vice President of External Community Affairs, — a position that didn’t previously exist — and a $200,000 a year raise — to $316,000.

              John Easton, a spokesman for the University of Chicago Hospital told the Chicago Tribune that Mrs. Obama was one of 16 other vice presidents at the non-profit hospital making a similar salary which was approximately $100,000 a year more than an anesthesiologist made.

              And salaries like that, especially for a position as unnecessary as Michelle Obama’s helps to drive up the cost of medical care which in turn drives up the cost of insurance premiums people pay.

              And, one of Senator Obama’s first acts in office was to see to it that the hospital received over a million dollars of your tax dollars as an earmark.

              He is a product, a finely crafted product, a start-up business. This is the company the KEY members of his campaign staff, and then his WH staff – have started. Read the Home Page – terrifying!!!


              This administration WANTS to bring the US to it’s knees – they want to be the leaders of the revolution to turn us from the greatest,most powerful and most benevolent, yes, benevolent, country that ever existed to one of totalitarian dominance where all our decisions are made for us, where choice ceases to exist.

              The way they are doing it is by using the old Rules for Radicals playbook by Sal Alinsky (Bing! or google it) Divide and Conquer and state run media. In Russia it was Pravda, in America it is the main stream media -ABC, NBC,CBS, MSNBC,CNN. Fox news has been proven over and over to be the most balanced network of all and yet, even the president, the PRESIDENT has vilified them, he cannot be satisfied that every other news channel/TV show/drama/comedy/HBO are in his pocket singing his praises as though he is THE messiah. That should terrify EVERYONE – left/right and in between. Why would the – supposedly – most powerful man in the world be so bothered by a cable news channel that does not necessarily view him, and more specifically, his agenda, as the only game in town. Bush was decimated by the media, DECIMATED, and he never once complained about the media. A movie was made that he was depicted to be assassinated – a SITTING president – which should have been condemned no matter your political view, was feted and upheld. Unreal. Did he comment? Did he say it shouldn’t exist? NO. Why? FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

              Open your eyes, get news from multiple sources ( I FORCE myself to watch MSNBC just so I am well informed of the mindset) KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!!!

    • Okay, I laughed at that! And, SMH at the same time because you are dead on. When will the working people ever get a break? BTW, when we taught our youngins this, we replaced it with “tiger”. LOL

    • We used Tiger. Catch a tiger by it’s toe… My mother never allowed that kind of language. Italians were treated worse than African Americans at one time and our family remembers that and have fought against prejudice since. I don’t want the right to use that word, I just don’t want anyone to use it. It is not just derogatory but it is a reminder of an awful, awful time and should be eradicated from the language. Not by force, I don’t want the thought police either but, by example by the very people it has been used to oppress. How black people can throw it around they way they do hurts MY heart, how does theirs not hurt? Why do they allow their women spoken of in the lowest, most base of ways and revel in men having multiple children with multiple mothers with no regard for the care of those women and children. Almost 80% of black children are born out of wedlock and it is destroying them!!! Where are their leaders and why are they not loudly and forcibly condemning these behaviors? Instead they hob nob with the very pigs that promote this lifestyle – the rappers. Money talks and obviously makes people sell out their entire race.

      Just look at RHONJ, FAMILIES are willing to sell each other out for a buck..

      We must return to the family as a cohesive unit, it is our only saving grace. Animals take care of each other better than we do, the lion understands the importance of the pride – why can’t we?

      • Just so everyone understands, there have been times (in the south) where a black person has expressed to a white person, that another person was acting like a n*****. It has been used as a way of differentiating between respectable black folks and useless black folk. White folks differentiate with the term trash or white trash. While many say that the south is more racist, I think southerners of both races are just more honest. We still have several all black towns, although due to the economy, they are becoming history. And where I am from, the ebt song applies to many more white folks than black. White trash has just as many kids, living off the government, poorly educated with a sense of fatalism about their situation. We need to get real about racism. It will always exist to some extent, but diversity needs to be celebrated. A one world homogenious nation sounds sad and depressing to me. I want to eat all ethnicities of food, dance to different music, and hear the tales of those that live differently.

        • @ Boondocks

          I agree but, aren’t those epithets the lazy/insensitive way of describing someone?
          I don’t want an homogenized world either – BORING.
          A gentler world were we all recognize our faults and foibles and can laugh at them and not give words the power to destroy – that is eutopia in my mind, at least… Oh, and, one where the likes of Reverend Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton stop exploiting their race for profit and continue to preach victim-hood. That the black leaders ( this is for you too, Mr President, last I heard you are half black) put the fear of God in to black men and women for squandering all that has been put in place for their advancement from ghetto life to self sufficiency. To stop wallowing in the negative stereotypes – and cross their legs – put it back in their pants – knock off the culture of niggas and hoes – poppin’ bottles – thuggery – STOP THE GLAMORIZATION OF THESE BEHAVIORS – you are destroying yourselves from within!!! And this is for all the Lilly white wanna bees as well and the pink with purple polka dots and any race/nationality/sex that look to emulate this destructive way of life.

          Parents -WAKE UP. Your precious little darlings are loving this and eating it up with a spoon- listen to what they are listening to, watch what they are watching and correct them NOW. Then, help them find real role models and entertainment that is positive and constructive.

          I am considered “white”. My nationality is American, my heritage Italian. Who has been my role model for many, many years? Madam C.J. Walker, a black American. Why? We share a profession and damn! she was good at it!

          To quote another nursery rhyme – Sticks and stones may break bones (but words can never hurt me.)

          • Either way, it is reality and that word is used, but use of that word alone does not a racist make. I agree with much of what you write, and the breakdown of the African-American families is directly linked to the loss of jobs in their communities. But these economic hardships, which lead to increase drug and alcohol abuse, drug dealing, and breakdown of families, can be seen across the board, regardless of race. Parts of West Virginia are a great example of this for white families. But I do not think “rap” is the problem, just an effect. This country needs more education and economic opportunities for all people. This discussion of Paula being racist or not, is just a way to skim past the real problems that minorities face. I kept up with the Arias trial (thanks to Ms. SH) and what disgusted me the most was thinking, while this white woman who confessed to murder, gets this long elaborate trial, with no defense stone unturned, think of all the poor black men who have, do, and will sit in a prison cell their whole life for a crime they didn’t even commit. That is disgusting.

            • Sorry, we have never spent more money on education and the war on drugs than ever before and things have never been so bad for the black community. Gansta Rap comes from the gangs and has been used to legitimize this gangland mindset you are seeing – not lack of education or opportunity. We spent almost 2 TRILLION dollars on “job creation” which was nothing more than hand outs for the politically connected. No jobs plan from Obama in 5 freakin’ years??? Why, because he wants to keep blacks in the ghetto and dependent on him and his political cronies – it’s about POWER and CONTROL. 97% of the black community voted for Obama and he wants to keep them in his political camp. It is MY belief he is orchestrating a race war – Helter Skelter here we come:

            • Adios: FEMA just today released info re pets and the disabled IF a catastrophe strikes: Is FEMA bracing for riots to break out after the FL trial has reached a verdict… or will the riots not wait for a verdict? Any old reason will do! Richard Devylder of the US Department of Transportation advises, “Prepare as if nobody is coming to rescue you.” WHY did this DOT guy say this? Because in REALITY, there will be NO ONE there to rescue you! TFC!!! SH

            • @ SH Same reason for this:


              Why else do you think the full court press to disarm us had just gone on? The push to make a registry – a backdoor registry – of gun owners? Doctors asking if weapons are in the house. You can’t get ammo, it’s on back-order everywhere. Why does the Department of HOMELAND Security need squadrons of tanks???

              The government and gangs – the only ones that will be packin’… Are goon squads next?

            • Uh, I’m pretty sure that Jodi ARIAS is Hispanic. But, yeah, it is disgusting and inequitable that so much is spent on these high profile cases, while others struggle to get adequate counsel.

            • @ Ana So is Zimmerman w/ a little black sprinkled in… but, he has a white daddy so they created the “white Hispanic” title for him.

              Stop letting them manipulate us with RACE – we are ONE race – the HUMAN race!!!

      • @ Adios, thank you for your amazing post. We also need to re-learn how to co-exist and respect one another. This video is a satire, constructive social criticism using wit as a weapon – Not Racism.

        • @ Zoe My apologies, I hadn’t even watched the video. My first compulsion was to comment on Eenie Meenie. I have now watched the video and can understand the humor. The PMS video was hysterical too! I love to laugh and I think parody – without malice – is an incredible learning tool. I make “Guido” jokes all the time but there is always an underlying piece of truth. We can be loud, obnoxious, thick-headed, garish, etc. Perhaps by taking these peccadiloes – both harmless and detrimental – and shedding light on them in a humorous way we can then feel comfortable enough to really look internally and decide if these are behaviors we want to be associated. Stereotypes don’t happen out of the blue – there was not a committee x amount of years ago set up to point out the excentricities of each race/nationality/sex, they came from observation. Some people may use them as a weapon – epic fail – most people use it as humor. Humor is an enjoyable way to break barriers and force us to look internally and decide which behaviors we want to embrace – those that make us human – versus – those that make us walking/talking caricatures.

  5. Paula’s attorneys are correct, but why are they just now contending this? This should have happened in the beginning and then the questioning would have never taken place. The woman would have to claim she was discriminated because she was a woman and that is laughable!

  6. I love that picture of Paula Deen with the ham. She looks like she is finnin to show those Manzoids how the ham game is played.

    • Considering that Smithfield ham was just purchased by China, she’s better off not being associated with food that is under China’s control. This is a midwest company that sold out. The Chinese owners claim that this slaughtering of pigs will provide products only for export. Yea, I believe that. This is a disaster that Paula was saved from.

        • Gotta clarify. The Smithfield headquarters are in Virginia. One of their “production plants”, ie slaughterhouses is in Monmouth, IL, just a hop and skip from where I live. The brands affected include Eckrich, Armour, Hormel, and more. I just read that it’s the biggest buyout of an American company by China.

    • If my memory serves me correct, didn’t Paula Deen stand behind Smithfield when they were being targeted by PETA or some other organization several years back for the way they slaughter animals? It’s just rediculous that they dropped her but I sure won’t be buying their products anymore. #TEAMPAULA

  7. I want nothing to do with food under China’s control. That is one frightening scenario. The things that could happen here in the US as a direct result of them owning that company are mind blowing. My son is a scientist and his research in epidemiology and food born illness will knock your socks off. If the illness is introduced deliberately in large scale, we would be looking at a situation so grave….the movie, Contagion, is very much a realistic portrayal of what would happen to the masses.

    • It’s a nightmare. And we are screwed. Sherry, your son must be so frustrated by these things. There are so many ways to disguise unsafe foods. The ammonia and CO2 that’s used to keep packaged meat looking red and fresh on the shelves is disgusting, but buying “fresh” meat at the meat counter of a grocery store is so expensive. I’m willing to guess that even more shortcuts will be allowed in an effort to keep prices down. Our government is just fine with letting the food industry write the legislation that benefits the food corps. And now the pork industry is in a foreign company’s portfolio. There’s not a simple way to avoid ingesting crap anymore. Nearly all the food we eat is affected by GMO corn, soybean and canola oil. You can buy non-GMO oils, but everything that’s fried in packaged food was made with the GMO oils. You can buy flour and cornmeal that’s non-GMO, but everything packaged has the GMO crap. If you find a store whose ethics you trust, you pay out the ass for it. And let’s not forget aspertame and high fructose corn syrup.

      I’m getting so wound up, I need a nap :)

      • Ma, you’ve done your homework, good job! Yes, my son is frustrated and much of what he shares with me has kept me up all night thinking about it more times than I care to remember. There is much that he cannot share with me, that’s the frightening part. We all like to believe we are strong but fail to realize just how fragile the human body really is…seriously. The direct introduction of a full scale food born illness could wipe us all off the map without ever having to bomb anything. I apologize for getting so serious here, but its a topic that doesn’t stray too far from us given what my son does. I will lighten up now and get back to cutting down housewives 😊

      • It’s terrifying…I am not well read on the subject…but have read pieces here and there about food production, etc. I don’t buy any of my dogs’ treats made in China either. What can we do in being proactive about the legislation of all this garbage? :(

          • I can’t recall when or where I read that a great many of the inexpensive mail order prescriptions that are offered to uninsured or low income people that don’t qualify for Medicaid are warehoused in America, but are partially or solely manufactured with foreign made ingredients; and indeed the foreign sources aren’t inspected, either through oversight or other inducements ala bribery.

            • Ma, last year I picked up a prescription at the pharmacy, one which I had been taking for the past 5 years. After I had taken it for 3 days, it not only was not working at all but I was feeling sick. I stopped it and immediately felt better. A few days later I decided to try it again thinking it was just a fluke. Again, it did not work and I felt sick. I spoke to the pharmacist and told her I thought I had been given the wrong medication. She told me they were out of the brand I usually took and it had been replaced with the same med, but it was from China. She said their meds are well known to not be very effective and to have “side effects”. She immediately ordered my regular med for me. We don’t really know what the hell we are getting from China. My son told me to always ask where my meds are from and to flatly refuse any from China.

            • A friend of mine lives in rural Wisconsin. She had her estrogen replacement prescription filled at a very large discounter – to save money. Not working right. Went back to her doctor. He said no change in prescription – but where did you have it filled? She said XXXXX. He said don’t do that – they are known to sell old medications.
              She never went back there and never had a problem.
              How low can you go? Sell medications that are not effective?

      • I live in the Midwest. In the ’90s, a Wisconsin dairy farmer told me that the milk that is sold in chain stores is ONE MONTH OLD. Regular grocery chains.

  8. It is always frustrating to see how people assume that “all” black people are on government assistance, get free college education, and have “obamaphones”. I work five days a week, give Sprint my first born every month, and I paid out of pocket to attend college, so I am still confused as to why “we” all get a label…whatever; enough addressing that. I could careless what Mrs. Deen said, I know my name & it doesn’t start with an ‘N’.
    In all honesty though, I know more black people that hate black people than white people that hate black people. It’s time for everyone to let it go.

    • I agree, SouthernBelle. It all seems unreal in this day and age to even be an issue, but it is. As far as “obamaphones,” I had one a few years ago when my husband divorced me and left me with nothing. All of my life I contributed to our system and I finally looked for help and got it. The phones suck ass. You could barely hear on them, but they do the trick. You could text and make calls (when you can hear on them!!). I doubt anyone’s dancing around with excitement about having a free cellphone!! And an EBT card varies state to state, and the amount of food $ (or other cash you get) depends on how big your family is. It’s barely enough to get by, and you can’t buy liquor, cigarettes or anything other than food with it. People have grave misconceptions. If there are people out there ripping off the gov’t, then they suck. For the people that truly NEED it, it’s a wonderful thing, but it’s certainly not enough.

      • Exactly. One never knows when one will need public assistance, just like your situation. It meets real needs a lot of the time, and the help can mean the difference between people having food and shelter while they get through an unexpected dire situation or out on the streets.

        • :) What really needs to be addressed is people truly scamming the system. Hard to judge though unless we know their exact situation.

  9. If that trial is going to be televised, I will for sure be watching. Can’t wait to see our hero, Juan Martinez, back in action!

  10. BTW Personally, I think this Deen situation is an orchestrated scheme to put an end to this nonsense. I think the key players are Deen and Oprah. Why? Because this case should have never gone anywhere. Deen was approached by this ambulance chaser with blackmail – either pay up or we’re filing suit. Deen is a very wealthy woman and could have easily paid the 1.25 hush/hush money. She could have had this woman and her attorney charged with blackmail. Deen has, I would venture, at least one attorney on retainer that would have recognized a case of blackmail – I.Would.Hope. I have seen the same memes through many blogs of – Oprah should interview her
    (Oprah is highly regarded in the black community) and also – Oprah should give her a show on her channel. Both Deen and Oprah are very altruistic ( as well as friends) and are great at making money. So…why not kill two birds with one stone? Oprah’s channel is floundering, Deen’s contracts were coming to an end, and the racial divide in our country has never been worse. Racial tensions egged on by the very “leaders” that claim to abhor racial tensions – it’s how they retain their power!!! Divide and Conquer, read about, understand it and learn to recognize it!!!

    Oprah and Deen are both right leaning Democrats who were sucked in by the far left and are now discovering that the far left is as dangerous as the far right. They both supported Obama in ’08 but neither gave such blessings in 2012. That speaks VOLUMES. Sometimes silence is more telling than words. In ’08 they were suckered by the glitz and deceived by the media that failed to expose the dark under-belly of the Obama machine, as well as their own failings to do some due diligence. In ’12 I believe they saw a good, good man with the highest moral caliber – Mitt Romeny – be lied about over and over, they saw Benghazi, the lack of jobs, the crushing double digit unemployment in the black community,Fast and Furious, the reckless spending, the gutting and complete takeover of the healthcare system with a Bill that no one had even bothered to READ, they saw God denounced not once, not twice, but THREE times at the Democratic Convention BY VOTE. Etc, etc.

    They bought the spin! They sucked up every falsehood,misdirection and out right lie as though it were gospel.

    To come right out and confess this would negate all their prior work to bring us together – so, here’s some real genius – they send Deen out w/o any PR massaging – just let ‘er rip! Have her skip out on a national TeeVee show ( increasing interest, the no-show was what got it plastered everywhere) followed by THE most awkward youtube confessional ever produced. It had it all -bad make-up, bad lighting, amateur videography. THE WORST. They do this on the weekend to get the buzz going through the news and entertainment blogs that we all catch up on come the weekend – then the fake cry interview with Matt the Hat. They knew the far left would jump all over Deen because they have always felt she was just not cool enough – you cannot NOT be COOL – the greatest sin of all is to NOT be cool! ( sarcasm).
    All the while people are critiquing her apology, commenting on how contrived and how she needs a great PR team to get her out of this mess – INSTEAD OF DOING SOME DUE DILIGENCE TO SEARCH FOR THE TRUTH – people are discussing that she needs PR, that’s all, just a really good SPIN. NOT the truth but, “razzle-dazzle is all ya need” like David Hannum said of PT Barnum and the Cardiff Giant hoax – there’s a sucker born every minute.

    Mark my words – Oprah WILL interview Deen. Deen will become a stable of Oprah’s network and we will be on our way to healing and we will kick this habit of the cult of personality, God willing:

  11. Public assistance is a wonderful thing for the people who need it. The problem is, many times it shackles the recipient to the system, because IF they get a job, they are then “making too much money” to qualify for assistance, even tho their job is very low paying. They can no longer afford the things they got from the gov’t-thus, there is no incentive to get a job because they have less than they did “on the dole.” Then of course, there are always the unscrupulous who will abuse the system, and school others on how to do the same.
    I have always wondered why the gov’t doesn’t give those on public assistance a JOB, along with their monthly check. As long as we’re going to pay people, we may as well make them contributing members of society if their situation allows it. There are MANY things they could do in our communities that would benefit everyone-from public safety, to picking up litter!

    • @ Cam
      We have

      But, about a year ago Obama made an executive order to loosen the states definition of what work is – CHANGING A LAW BY EXECUTIVE ORDER!!!

      I am very familiar with the PRWOA act – the students/welfare recipients receive cash benefits, food stamps, WIC, free housing, free day care, clothing allowance, a car, insurance for the car, repairs for the car and free schooling for which they receive attendance bonuses of $25 a week.

      Once job training is completed they are found jobs and their employers receive tax benefits for doing so, they must be paid a living wage for the area. They continue to receive all of the above for the first 6 months of employment as well as a 1 month bonus of $300, a 3 months bonus of $600 and a 6 month bonus of $1800. Every obstacle to retaining gainful employment removed with a bonus system to boot.

      When I taught for this program ( life skills) I went in to it with rose colored glasses and could not wait to mentor. I spent my own money in their aid ( boy, can they weave a sob story). I paid for one student to rent a truck,I packed her whole – section 8 paid for – house by myself while she sat on her ass on the phone while I mumbled – “hey, how about a hand here” ( a 3 story home, she had 4 children, all different fathers) unpacked the house in to the emergency housing I had secured for her because she came to me in tears that her BF had tried to kill her the night before. Only to find out the next day he was moved in with her. When she had completed her 6 months and had received the full extent of her benefits guess what? She was pregnant with the fore-mentioned “abuser”.

      This is how 80% of my cases ended their PRWOA experience.

      100% of these women were from a multi-generation of welfare recipients.

      Make it barely livable, make it a struggle and they will find a way out. We tried everything else.

      I’m sorry if that sounds cold but too bad.

      • I work with someone who is not married but has a child with a woman. When the woman was pregnant, she had her all pregnancy and delivery paid by the government – No Child Left Behind (A Bush program). They lived in a $260,000 house (owned only by the guy). She was driving a car owned by her mom but really hers. She did not work on purpose.
        Later, she went back to school. Beauty school. Free (a Obama program). Did not like the hours and did not want to start at the bottom. All paid for by the gov’t and she never used the training.
        They are white. Several generations American. He won’t marry her, but they live together like man and wife. They take advantage of everything.

        • If you notice I did not mention race, that was on purpose. It is epidemic and infecting us all. RACE SHOULD NOT MATTER.

  12. @ Danelle Who said she did? It was after his election in to the SENATE – perhaps you should learn reading comprehension…

      • Also, you can say she is not an exhibitionist but I say she is, most certainly. She mentioned winning multiple “Bikini” contests when younger. Now her exhibitionism is satisfied by this show. She’s “on display”, just not in a bikini.

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