MELISSA GORGA: MeGo’s Latest… “Never Let Me Go”


Yes… it’s what everyone’s been waiting for!  ANOTHER of Melissa Gorga’s iTunes “hit” singles!

This one was so exciting that it was forgotten about and left floating in “draft” mode for almost a week!  WARNING: “Never Let Me Go” will produce ear shattering auto-tuned noise… just like her previous “hits”!

NOTE:  We all know that ALL the Housewives read SH… the song title is an homage to her nickname!  The title REALLY reads:  “Never Let MeGo”!!!



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32 comments on “MELISSA GORGA: MeGo’s Latest… “Never Let Me Go”

    • I know pj, it should be called “Never Let Mego Sing”! Lol. Seriously, I missed my calling if this is singing. She was just talking fast in a cutesy voice that was autotuned and layered/harmonized to death. I could so do this. I bet my 3 yr old daughter could too.

  1. Out of all her songs, this isn’t the worst…I think it was rockstar or whatever I loathe with a passion. But the lyrics in this song are lame and child-like. I tired looking up her songs on ASCAP and BMI which are royalty distribtors to the people who write the songs and I couldn’t find them anywhere. It must be through Bravo. Seriously this chick is not serious about her career otherwise she would come out with an EP. She is too busy partying than writing music and getting into the studio. Also, she isn’t doing anything to get herself out there she is just leaving it up to bravo to get her opportunities. It makes me mad because there are people out their with talent and are working so hard to get their music out there and she just takes advantage of it. Lets be honest are we going to remember her in five years once this show goes off air. NOPE.

  2. Well this answers my question. She’s still “singing”…

    Dear SH readers:
    If you’re buying MeGo’s music please let us know. I have always believed that only JoGo buys it. I’ve been wrong before though.

  3. Lmaom@ last night one of her book publishers said to her she has a beautiful voice! No Melissa people are just kissing your ass because you are a “reality celebrity” not Jennifer Lopez kind of celebrity but a reality tv celebrity. People say what they know you want to hear but the truth is that your voice sucks and the miracle of autotune makes your dream possible.

  4. Was anyone able to make it all the way through that autotune nightmare? I lasted about 30 seconds.

    • No. My eardrums began to bleed after 20 seconds and after my dogs started howling…..I just couldn’t endure the torture any longer. Forget waterboarding just turn up the volume.

  5. Exactly. Gold. Melvin’s voice makes my ears ache and the autotune is piercing and shrill.

  6. Jeeze, I only listened to a half a minute worth of this song and there is no way I would even pay fifty cents for it. She needs to give it up already.

  7. In order for Messy to get a hit….she has to have a HUGE fanbase that likes her…..and she doesn’t. Melissa doesn’t have fans that will go out of their way to market and support anything she does the way Teresa has. Messy’s idol JLO does not have the strongest vocals but she is extremely popular and folks support her based on her stage presence, sex appeal, and her xfactor. Melissa has NONE of these and when she tries to act like she does on stage it comes off has embarrassing and inauthentic. KimZ can’t sing, but that biatch is entertaining as heck and ppl loved watching her during the tardy for the party era. Not to mention Kandi’s lyrics and production was on point and catchy. Messy will forever keep trying to chase a hit record, but without the ingredients mentioned above she will always for flat.

    • ITA Ma. 60’s Bubblegum sounds like musical masterpieces written by Mozart with lyrics by a Pulitzer Prize winner compared to this dreck.

  8. It’s bad, really bad. She’s too old to be a pop star and isn’t talented enough to be a regular singer. Almost anyone who sings in any venue (ie. church, small clubs, fairs) is more entertaining.

  9. This one is the worst. It sounds like a twelve year old girl wrote both the music and the lyrics…..while she was grounded in her room with nothing else to do.

  10. Ugh!!! I didn’t think it was possible, but I believe my ears just vomited….Somebody put a cork in this chick’s mouth…

  11. OMG…All of the posts crack me up and I totally agree, MeGo…it’s NOT happening! You CANT SING!!! Besides EVERYBODY HATES YOU! Move On.

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