SH “HIT AND RUN” SATURDAY: Vicki Gunvalson “Vicki’s Vodka Alleged Finagling”… New RHOBH, Joyce Giraud… Peggy Tanous Bankruptcy

Prefacing this by saying that I cannot drink.  Not even one glass of wine.  One beer and I’ll sleep for hours.

With that said, last night was a beautiful evening… such a warm, kind of balmy night that makes one forget about the affects of alcohol!  Yes, along with a great dinner, there has to be wine and two glasses were consumed.

Slept wonderfully and was up later than usual; however, was in a nice “drowsy” frame of mind all day.  The day was, again, beautiful and warm.  Couldn’t think of one word to write re any of the moronic Housewives, although there were some interesting items re the Housewives latest shenanigans.  Just didn’t care… the day was magnificent and I was feeling the same.

What to do when the day and the ‘feelings’ collide?  Exactly what I did the last time this occurred… watch some premium television!  The previous drink-inducing TV selection was “The Twilight Zone”… today it was non-stop-where-did-the-time-go watching the Bluths on Netflix.  “Arrested Development” aired on Fox and was canceled after three seasons.  Thank God and Ron Howard that they have enough money between them that they could bring the entire original cast back and pick up where they left off.

That is how I spent the better part of this beautiful Saturday… lounging about in a wine-induced-everything-is-OK-mood… watching a marathon of a commercial-free “Arrested Development”… UNTIL…

UNTIL this popped up on the screen!  There is simply no way to escape those idiotic Housewives!!!!!

OC Prison HW


   brooks vicki pg

vicki brooks crooks pg

In the meantime, Vicki Gunvalson has been sued by her “Vicki’s Vodka” business partner for fraud.  Vicki allegedly finagled selling some of her shares of the vodka business to get Crooks some cash to pay off his babyMama Nic.  Details at DailyMail.

NOTE:  When Vicki made the deal back in June 2012, Vicki wanted her new vodka biz to be a part of her story line on the RHOC.  

Ever givin’ the **side eye** to these new revelations that pop up re the Housewives, just wonder if the chaos created by this latest lawsuit is a part of Vicki’s story line.

From SH June 28, 2012:

Should Bravo renew the show for another season, which has yet to be decided, she hopes to document her business partnership with Nicholson and film in Calistoga for at least several episodes.

“We’ll be there with the camera crew,” she said.

NOTE:  Nicholson was the original owner of “CougarJuice”… which Vicki purchased and changed the name to “Vicki’s Vodka.”  Nicholson is not suing Vicki and Crooks.  

Since the lawsuit was filed, Vicki Gunvalson has deleted her twitter account… and her Facebook page.  However, Crooks is still communicating via twitter… he says that he’s “not after money at all”!!  UH… OH, Crooks!!

brooks crooks tweets re vicki


rhobh joyce


There is a new Beverly Hills Housewife, according to RollingOut… Joyce Giraud, a Miss Puerto Rico 1986 or something like that.  Joyce was like third runner up in the Miss Universe Pageant and is now married to movie producer Michael Ohoven.  Supposedly, Joyce is another “straight shooter” … who will move in on those Housewives and show them what they’re doin’ wrong and straighten them all out, all in one season.  It’s been tried before and it never happens!  The hype is always better than the producers outline for the season!  Good luck, Joyce!


There’s much more re the Housewives, included Peggy Tanous’s bankruptcy… which is kinda strange.  One of the items Peggy lists as her creditors is a $10,000 advance for a book.  Another Housewife book!  Apparently, Peggy didn’t deliver the goods.

Peggy’s husband, Micah, is still drivin’ around in his Lambo…

micah RHOC

peggy tanous   rhooc

Peggy has denied the rumors that she and Micah are divorced:

peggy tanous rhoc tweet

There will be more re Peggy’s bankruptcy and more re the Housewives tomorrow…  unless, of course, a glass of wine is offered!!!


AND… Check out the “KimD through the years” at!

(Thanks to SH readers “Biscuit” “DaPa” “HaWr” “PMG” “Chameleon” and “Jozy”!!!)

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    • Same here, I bought the whole series 4 years ago. I was thinking about buying a year of netflix to watch the new seasons. I used to hate Netflix but I like them now, because I have Amazon Prime and all those series that they offered you can’t watch in Prime or not at all. Amazon is just using Prime to get people to shop at Amazon. If they where smart they would really put money into their prime and make a good go of it but they won’t. I’m going to Netflix, the only reason why I wanted Prime was it offered Midsomer Murders which I used to like on AMC.


  1. Vicki always proclaims that her life is an open book, yet she shuts down her FB and Twitter accounts whenever something like this hits the news.


  2. In the pin up photo it looks like she has thick ankles. Too bad, so sad, get a job in a dairy.


  3. Hence, the stoopid housewives. I said enough about Vicki on another blog/post.

    As for Micah and what’s her face, grrh! And who the hell has the patience to wait for those stupid doors to open on a car? I’ll stick with my Tahoe, thank you kindly, and pay our mortgage, bills, etc.

    Hang in their, Ms. SH, glad you had fun.


  4. One has to wonder. ..was this Brooks’s plan all along? Get some dumb broad to help him get $, and on tv as a bonus? Jeese, saw this comin a mile away. Run Vicki before he has you filing ch 7.


    • I have to agree Kelli. I am sure Brooks’s plan all along was to take the money and run… Look what he has made off with, Teeth, a car, paid off the back support to all the babies mamas and Vicki footing the bill. Sounds like he is after the rest of the money now.


  5. It seems odd that Vic should have to sell shares of her new company to get money to pay off Crooks debt. Not odd that shes paying for him, but odd that she couldnt just give him the money from her private funds. Either this is a Bravo fake storyline or shes trying to get out of Vickis Vodka right quickly. Either way, its a bore. Btw… Who would have actually bought the shares?


  6. The first mistake is referring to these people as “stars”.

    They are nothing but self absorbed clowns that Bravo “glorifies” and indulges as they go around slapping their names on products for money.

    Vicki is just another example of slimy people “starring” in a reality show which shows she is not much different than Juicy Joe when it comes to integrity.

    Or lack thereof.


  7. I remember this Peggy. She was one of the worst housewives, tacky as a mofo and she was so far up Tamra’s ass. Everything about her turned me off, the postpartum storyline, the dumb names she gave to her children, her tacky home, her manly voice and her lack of integrity.


      • It was her husband I couldn’t stand! He was so arrogant and showing off his cars, watches, etc. while at the same time saying people need to live within their means. He should talk! He looks like vermin that lurk within the walls. All he needs is a long, skinny tail.


    • She looks so old too, for all that plastic surgery. Just like Lauri. Money wasted that should have gone to bills or their kid’s college funds.


      • plastic surgery makes these woman look scary to me. they really don’t look younger, just a woman with surgery. I think I saw a facebook comment, that money does buy beauty. this is debatable.


  8. I blogged the other day that Vicki was a two time loser, I stand corrected; she’s a three time loser! Her need to fill her love tank has made her stupid and disparate to bring a man into her life that is taking her down the toilet. Who will do business with Vicki? Who would want to be associated with her and Crooks? All these years of Vicki critizing all her cast mates, the possibility of what she did to Laurie, can this lady look at herself in the mirror past the bad plastic surgery and see her dark soul? No, she sees Crooks filling her love tank.

    The new BH lady. is pretty, beware Lisa maybe she won’t fall for you’re fake BS!


    • Vicki’s whole act of poor me, is humiliating to watch, she has humiliated everyone on that show. I know this sounds dowdy but, she made her bed and needs to lay in it.
      I agree, beware to all the new ladies, I think they all start out with good intentions, but these ladies have a lot of experience in being mean and bringing others down.


  9. One has to wonder how this will affect her insurance business, very strict rules and ethical obligations to abide by from a State level. I don’t see it going well.


    • That sounds like some really shady stuff going on. What idiot would give away their majority shares of a business….it was 50-50….then she gives him almost 17 percent…which would leave the other guy with the majority shares and control. Is she that dumb, or did Crook fix up the shares she gifted him himself without her knowing? Any way you go about it, that was the most ignorant thing I’ve seen anyone do. I bet she is losing insurance customers faster than she can cancel their accounts with that bum hanging around her. After reading that story, all those years she worked(and bragged) about how she had such a good business going on, and seemed like she really did, can now watch it all go down the toilet like one of Crook’s turds slivering down it! It’s starting to sound like Vicki has lost her mind, and perhaps her kids need to step in and get her some professional mental health before she lets that slimeball end up with every penny she has to her name. She has absolutely got to be crazy!


      • I can’t believe she gave him that percentage of stock to pay his bills, it doesn’t make sense. Unless he was going to sell them to someone “unknown” but that doesn’t make sense either. It makes better sense from brooks point of view to sell them to her partner where he gets controlling interest and he gets some money for his troubles. Now Vicki is not only in control but essentially an employee of her partner unless she wants to get sued (which is happening now).


        • Maybe it was an act of desperation because arrest was imminent and they wanted to avoid that at any cost, but didn’t have that kind of cash sitting around. Then after Vicki had a chance to contemplate what she had given away (control of her own company), she thought she could just make the problem disappear by demanding that ownership remain 50/50. In any event, they will probably work something out before the lawsuit goes to court.


          • I wonder if Vicki still thinks Brokes was “worth it”. Before him, her business acumen was strong. She had done very well for herself. However, since Crooks came into her life, her reputation has gone south. He has not done one damn positive thing for HER. She now seems like an old fool trying to keep hold of a short, aging, bald con artist.


            • I think that is true… I wouldn’t trust her with my insurance… She seems off her rocker… She is always wanting a pity party… Crying why me… It gets old.


        • I think she wanted to buy his love… She tries to buy love, to keep her love tank full… He is using her, and she is stupid enough to fall for it… She is desperate, she has no one, and she knows it.. When she has to settle for that excuse for a man…she’s digging in the bottoms of the barrel


  10. I read somewhere that on some of the paperwork Peggy filed she listed her self as divorced & made mention of child support. ?? Which is it? Even if you’re back together you’re either divorced under the law or you’re not. I wouldn’t think it would be legal to file papers saying you legally divorced if you’re not. If she’s doing one but claiming the other on paper, I would think she could get into some legal hot water.


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