SH “HIT AND RUN” SATURDAY: Vicki Gunvalson “Vicki’s Vodka Alleged Finagling”… New RHOBH, Joyce Giraud… Peggy Tanous Bankruptcy

Prefacing this by saying that I cannot drink.  Not even one glass of wine.  One beer and I’ll sleep for hours.

With that said, last night was a beautiful evening… such a warm, kind of balmy night that makes one forget about the affects of alcohol!  Yes, along with a great dinner, there has to be wine and two glasses were consumed.

Slept wonderfully and was up later than usual; however, was in a nice “drowsy” frame of mind all day.  The day was, again, beautiful and warm.  Couldn’t think of one word to write re any of the moronic Housewives, although there were some interesting items re the Housewives latest shenanigans.  Just didn’t care… the day was magnificent and I was feeling the same.

What to do when the day and the ‘feelings’ collide?  Exactly what I did the last time this occurred… watch some premium television!  The previous drink-inducing TV selection was “The Twilight Zone”… today it was non-stop-where-did-the-time-go watching the Bluths on Netflix.  “Arrested Development” aired on Fox and was canceled after three seasons.  Thank God and Ron Howard that they have enough money between them that they could bring the entire original cast back and pick up where they left off.

That is how I spent the better part of this beautiful Saturday… lounging about in a wine-induced-everything-is-OK-mood… watching a marathon of a commercial-free “Arrested Development”… UNTIL…

UNTIL this popped up on the screen!  There is simply no way to escape those idiotic Housewives!!!!!

OC Prison HW


   brooks vicki pg

vicki brooks crooks pg

In the meantime, Vicki Gunvalson has been sued by her “Vicki’s Vodka” business partner for fraud.  Vicki allegedly finagled selling some of her shares of the vodka business to get Crooks some cash to pay off his babyMama Nic.  Details at DailyMail.

NOTE:  When Vicki made the deal back in June 2012, Vicki wanted her new vodka biz to be a part of her story line on the RHOC.  

Ever givin’ the **side eye** to these new revelations that pop up re the Housewives, just wonder if the chaos created by this latest lawsuit is a part of Vicki’s story line.

From SH June 28, 2012:

Should Bravo renew the show for another season, which has yet to be decided, she hopes to document her business partnership with Nicholson and film in Calistoga for at least several episodes.

“We’ll be there with the camera crew,” she said.

NOTE:  Nicholson was the original owner of “CougarJuice”… which Vicki purchased and changed the name to “Vicki’s Vodka.”  Nicholson is not suing Vicki and Crooks.  

Since the lawsuit was filed, Vicki Gunvalson has deleted her twitter account… and her Facebook page.  However, Crooks is still communicating via twitter… he says that he’s “not after money at all”!!  UH… OH, Crooks!!

brooks crooks tweets re vicki


rhobh joyce


There is a new Beverly Hills Housewife, according to RollingOut… Joyce Giraud, a Miss Puerto Rico 1986 or something like that.  Joyce was like third runner up in the Miss Universe Pageant and is now married to movie producer Michael Ohoven.  Supposedly, Joyce is another “straight shooter” … who will move in on those Housewives and show them what they’re doin’ wrong and straighten them all out, all in one season.  It’s been tried before and it never happens!  The hype is always better than the producers outline for the season!  Good luck, Joyce!


There’s much more re the Housewives, included Peggy Tanous’s bankruptcy… which is kinda strange.  One of the items Peggy lists as her creditors is a $10,000 advance for a book.  Another Housewife book!  Apparently, Peggy didn’t deliver the goods.

Peggy’s husband, Micah, is still drivin’ around in his Lambo…

micah RHOC

peggy tanous   rhooc

Peggy has denied the rumors that she and Micah are divorced:

peggy tanous rhoc tweet

There will be more re Peggy’s bankruptcy and more re the Housewives tomorrow…  unless, of course, a glass of wine is offered!!!


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