FROM THE SH ARCHIVES One Year Ago: RHONJ TERESA GIUDICE, JAX LAURITA… What Was Jax MADE To Do… Jax’ Mother Continues On Twitter… Danielle Staub Says Her Return Is Near…

May 20, 2012  10:00 pm     RE-POSTED ONE YEAR LATER …May 20, 2013

Bonnie Grippe, Jax’ equally big-mouth mother, has spoken via Twitter again!

This time, Bonnie stated that Jax was asked to do things to Tree… which would put Tree in a bad light.

First… why is Jax’ mother saying this?  Second… what exactly is BGrippe referring to???

BGrippe is either telling the absolute truth OR this is simply more buzz for the New Jersey sub-humans.

And then Jax started tweeting…

jax botox truck pg

And then BGrippe tried to enlist the help of MissAndy!  Doesn’t GrandmaGrippe know that MissAndy is BUSY with his book tour???

Why in the world would anyone wish characters that they only know from a phony reality show on TV to be killed in a car crash???   IMO, that is crossing the line…

Bonnie says she has screenshots of all the worst tweeters.    But, GrandmaGrippe ain’t all sweetness and peach pie herself!

Hope BGrippe knows that those tweets that she’s captured don’t mean a thing unless they can be attached to an actual person… and THEN BGrippe will be required to PROVE that not only did that person compose and send the tweet, but will also have to PROVE the intent of the tweet.

Danielle Staub…

AND… According to Danielle, her return is imminent!  However, to WHERE exactly Danielle will be returning is the question!!!

NOTE:  GradmaGrippe is off to see the Grand Canyon, so will be absent from Twitter for a few days.  We’ll miss her!!

Is all of this TwitterTalk REAL or is Bravo pulling the strings, ala BernieTheInsultChef, and allowing a peripheral supporting player to stir up the drama???  All with Bravos blessings…

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57 comments on “FROM THE SH ARCHIVES One Year Ago: RHONJ TERESA GIUDICE, JAX LAURITA… What Was Jax MADE To Do… Jax’ Mother Continues On Twitter… Danielle Staub Says Her Return Is Near…

  1. If Grandma Grippe doesn’t like her daughter and grand daughter being “attacked”, maybe she should have taught them to keep their mouths, er, thumbs to themselves and get off the tacky show which exposes their lives.

  2. The way Jacqueline correct her mother tells me that the mother went off script by accident and told somethings that she wasn’t supposed too, but you never know. Also I still say that whatever happened at that Posche show was more hurtful to Jacqueline than anybody else including Melissa. If they went into that bathroom with Teresa and talked I wonder if the mics caught what was said or anything was edited.

  3. Thanks for breaking it down for me. Bonnie’s post are too stupid for me to follow on my own. I think every time Bonnie’s says she’s going on vacation for a few days, it’s code for Electro-shock therapy time. I hope.

  4. BonnieGrippe is a nut job. She retweets a nasty comment to Caroline (she is not tagged) and complains about the thug Tre fans. Now I know where Jaco and Ashlee get their crazy.

    • Caroline has on more than one occasion said Jac’s mom is a “Great lady”.

  5. Why is she tweeting Andy and telling on people? How old is she? Five? I believe that she slipped and told because she clearly isn’t clever enough to help pull a fast one on viewers…

  6. Hooboy. I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating – Many of these “ladies” and even some “boyz” like of the Manzo variety, draw attention to the craziest, most out of line, most inarticulate, vulgar, INappropriate tweets in my opinion to distract from the very valid, reasoned critiques of their behavior and of reality tv in general. They beeline right to the worst tweets/responses/posts to “prove” that ” Tree’s fans are crazy and mean to us!”

    What’s funny to me is Jacqueline’s mother is running to Andy Cohen for help! I imagine Andy has one of two reactions when listening to these women or their relatives complain about ill treatment. : 1. Damn I wish these squawking harpies would leave me alone, do they really think I give a sh*t about their lives? and/or 2. GREAT! More talk, more drama, more craziness = higher ratings b*tches!! Whoop whoop.

    • Yeah who is to say these people aint sending theses crazzy tweets to themselves. And speaking of which does anyone know what ever come of that “FBI investigation” into that teenager who sent an alarmingly similar tweet to Traylor?

      • MP it was on a post here at SH it ended up being a teen girl I think from the East coast that had mental issues. I’m sure you can find it in a search for all the juicy details. :)

        • So she was a real person? well I’ll be dog. Still kinda think Grippe is mean tweeting herself.

    • Yes – they deflect their nasty behavior onto the few who actually send them inappropriate tweets. Although (*tinfoil hat on*) I wouldn’t be surprised if they were sending the crazy tweets to their own accounts to make them look like victims. And they are so vile too – jac’s mother has called Tree’s fan’s “pigs” and other nasty things to people/groups that she doesn’t like.

      Which brings me to another point – isn’t the family uber-conservative and not “agree” with gay people? Why then would they cozy up to Andy?

      • Got my tin foil hat on too for this one. And I bet what reeeealy grippes their butts is when the pseudovictim ploy doesnt work out as nicely for them as It did Tree when they bullied Tree

        • Ha! – didn’t see you post the same thing before I did.

          “Grippes their butts” <—- priceless

      • Yes LadyJ – Caroline especially is self-professed “conservative” – she’s proudly announced it a few times. Which is odd, because it’s my understanding that they’re very opposed to the legalization of gay marriage. Yes, I know there are some exceptions and not everyone who belongs to a political party or espouses a party’s general ideas, agrees with EVERYTHING they stand for. But Caroline has really made a big issue of her conservative credentials, and for that reason alone, I find it odd that Andy Cohen is so into her. We’ve all guessed the reason for his Don love was her gay brother, her sons’ gay friends and her pro gay marriage stance, but who knows, maybe there’s another reason. I just think it’s weird that AC STILL appears to be out for Teresa’s blood because her HUSBAND sorta kinda made a gay, well, not even slur, but semi negative comment, but Caroline not only belonging to, but actively promoting a party that is wholly opposed to gay marriage is OKAY. I’m really not being political here, Caroline just seems to get a pass with Andy Cohen ALL the time and it’s baffling to me.

        • Yes, you would think the Don would be more welcoming about the gay marriage issue considering she used her gay brother to justify her attacks on Tree’s husband for making the slur. Wonder what she thinks about the rumors about Albie being gay?

          Interestingly enough, Gov. Christie despises RHONJ or at least the Manzo’s illegal attempt to claim the Brownstone as a residence when the husband ran/was appointed for some kind of position. (water commissioner, I believe)

          Hmm, what DO they say about glass houses?

            • OMG and his non-stop Twitter campaign to Andy to have him amd his partner on WWHL the night his wedding airs is crazy, as well as his fans asking Andy and Bravo to give them a show!!!

  7. Grand Canyon my ass!!! Jac slapped the crap out of her and threw her in the basement for a few days.

  8. Dear Jax’s mother, where was your concern and help while your daughter was stripping or being a hooker in Vegas while she was also being a single mother? Oh, wait! Were you in the next room singing passive aggressive songs that you hoped she might hear and learn from? LOL

  9. I didnt even say anything that bad to her & she blocked me! at this rate she will have every member of twitter blocked by the end of this year.

  10. Haha Granny Grippe is always cray cray. I think there’s sweet intent behind it–that she loves her daughter but she is WAY outta control. Manzo’s mom actually tweeted something to the effect that housewives’ moms should NOT get involved. It’s entertaining at least!

    • She is very cray cray!! LOL!! It was funny though to see Jacqueline tweet and say that her mom was “confused” and then she sent another tweet telling her to “stay off twitter”! Hilarious!

      • SO funny. I get really annoyed at both the mom & Jac. Anyone who isn’t team Laurita/Manzo is automatically a hater or a bully. They should get a dictionary to understand what those words mean and that just b/c someone doesn’t like them and is expressing it does mean they HATE them or bully them! Jeeeeez.

        • Or in the case of B. Grippe you must be a fan of Teresa if you don’t like any of them! And let her tell it she doesn’t see hate tweets coming from any of the other housewives fans, only Teresa. I mean come on lady, be for real LOL!

          • The biggest tell about Tree is her twitter. She never posts negative tweets even about her wicked wench of the west SIL.

            • I agree with you! She doesn’t bad mouth anyone on her Twitter. It’s like what someone else said, you get to get a real picture of who these people really are if you see them in action on Twitter. I know that it opened my eyes a whole lot!

            • She dosnt have to her followers do the nastinist for her some of them are even sending death threats to other cast Members I am not saying she tells them or even knows anything but they can be vile peices of work some of those Teresa Stans are

            • Now I am by no means a twitter expert but I do check them out from time to time. What I have seen is Tree will not even acknowledge anyone who badmouths Mel on her twitter with so much as a thank you. But Mel is quick to respond to hers with a “thank you xxoo” The question still remains in my mind if these people(mel and tree) are the ones manning their own twitter pages or if their pr people are doing it. If so then Tree’s pr people are genius.

        • I totally agree, and actually I don’t like any of the women on any of the shows these days, but hate is too strong a word and I’m certainly not going to bully anyone. Well, except maybe Traylor Trash I pretty much do hate that sociopath, Liar, gold digger S!ut who IMO drove her husband to commit suicide. That heartless, vile monster is going to get what she deserves one day! Whew I feel better, lol.

  11. I think it’s pretty funny after season 1 and 2 and all the drama with Danielle how these ladies have come full circle back to their own drama without Danielle. She was a nut but now I think there are bigger nuts in the mix! Would be smart, dumb, savvy if Bravo brought back Danielle even for a few episodes??

    • isn’t that funny? Danielle got the karma she never thought she would get! Kind of like at my old job when a director in another dept asked me to do something for him when I already had a huge work load. When my boss left he was put in charge of my dept until who got a new director. Well he ruined my rep with the new boss. Well a couple of months later guess who I see getting walked out by security after being fired? Karma never felt soooo good!!!

  12. So I wonder when/if Danielle is coming back? I would love for Danielle to be at the reunion to set the record straight, confronting Mego about how she contacted her and provided all the dirt on Tree. It would be great if she had emails or FB messages to back it up. I want to see Mego & Joey finally get what they deserve.

  13. soap box alert: Has any real good come to anyone from twitter/tweeting? Seems to me like a public domain designed to promote instant gratification–the kind that one often comes to regret. I can see the 25 and under set enjoying it for social benefits but for some obscure, old woman to rant about her daughter’s friends or enemies, blah, blah…what a waste; like white noise.

    • Every now and then, I go to twitter when one of these “wars” gets mentioned. I used to think I was technology literate; it seems to difficult to follow any conversation about a topic. I tried following just a handful of people, but it still takes way too much time to navigate. Then, when it’s a “fight” in 140-character chunks. AGGGG. Not worth the effort for all of that negativity.

      • Good point FakeHW; I’m not twitter savvy and therefore avoid it. Then again, the people who’ve asked me to “follow” them seem to write inane things like, “Just had the best smoothie ever!!!”. Meow has no time for that. :)

  14. Apparently I got suspended from twitter and dont even know what I did? only been on twitter since April. I am pretty sure Kathy did it. Do they tell you exactly why you get suspended?

  15. I only read tweets, twitters & recaps of the Housewives right here with these wonderful stoopid blogs.
    And I have upgraded from my tinfoil hat to a large photographer’s bag used to protect film when it goes through customs. Wards off family too!

  16. Please bring crazy back to Jersey (Danielle). I never thought I would say that.

  17. I would love to see old CarodaDon’s reaction to having to see both Danielle & Teresa on the show. She convinced herself the problem was Danielle , then Tre, put the 2 together & she may just pass out from the stress :P Eyes roll back, “Teresa knows she…” voice trails off . “Da fambily…” “She’s da one who…” fades again & she’s out. I swear she reminds me of watching an older dog chase it’s tail. Cuter with the pups, but the older dogs are just plain funny. Would love to see her try to deal with both. She might just break a nail trying to point a finger in both directions. :D

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