TRAVIS ALEXANDER MURDERER: Jodi Arias’ Letter To Keep Nurmi As Her Attorney… Will Verdict Come Today?… Arizona Death Row

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Killer Jodi Arias wrote a letter to Judge Sally Duncan re the “precarious circumstances” of her legal defense, in which Jodi insisted that Kirk Nurmi continue representing her for the brutal slaying of Travis Alexander:


jodi letter re nurmi

The letter continues at

jodi travis

The jury in this case has notified Judge Stephens that they will resume deliberations today at 1 pm EST.  This is an hour later than their usual start time of 12 Noon.

NOTE:  When the jury reaches a verdict, the Judge must notify the family and all parties involved an hour before the verdict is read in court.  Could the jury have reached the verdict… which is why they are starting an hour later than their normal time?  Just a theory…

From… Death Row:


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  1. It would surprise me if she were sentenced to death but it would shock me if she was not sentenced to life without parole. Anything less would be injustice in this case.

    Had this case not been covered the jury would have probably finished their deliberations by now and have done their duty. But when it becomes a “celebrity case” there seems to be less inclination to convict.

    Had the defendant been “Joe Arias” rather than Jodi his butt would be on its way to state prison with a death penalty charge hanging around his neck. Instead, because it is a woman, she may very well beat the charges as a result.


  2. Oh my, we can only hope that there is a verdict today… Thank you for the information Ms SH… Travis family needs to have closure… I pray that today is the day..she is found guilty, and sent away for life, or executed very quickly… I want her to stop making money off the man she murdered..


  3. I started feeling anxious last night when there was no verdict yesterday. I’m praying they reached one and we will find out when they come in today. They are absolute fools if they don’t convict on premeditated murder.


  4. If there is no conviction with death this jury will go on the list as the most hated jury next to the OJ assholes and the brain dead C. Anthony jurors. They can kiss their reputations behind if they can not see the obvious. JA the psycho killed this man because she was a jealous psychopath.


  5. I fear they will overthink and not see the obvious or are looking for anything to have sympathy for this piece of garbage. This is what the morons did with Casey Anthony. If they do not convict, even though she finally admitted she slaughtered Travis, then I am convinced the jury system we currently have just does not work any longer. I also think the people they choose for the very long high profile cases are misfits anyway. Who else can just walk away from their lives for 4 months? It’s not the cream of the crop, trust me. And….it’s Arizona. Enough said.

    The only silver lining is that Travis’s family can bring a civil case against her and sue for future earnings. She already admitted she killed him so it willl be an easy case to win in civil court. The Goldman’s did that with OJ and won. They never saw the money but at least another court confirmed he was guilty when the racist jurors in that case refused to hold him accountable.


    • Exactly, it isn’t the system that is corrupt but some of those chosen to sit on a jury itself.

      In the Casey Anthony case Judge Perry wanted to seat a jury quickly. Even though there were one or two questioned who were sending up signals even before he pushed for selection. Like the one woman who felt she would “be unable to judge” another person due to her religious beliefs.

      Add to that a lying defense that practically accused George Anthony of murder and pedophilia without any evidence whatsoever and “reasonable doubt” was enough to free this “mother”who should have at least been convicted of “child neglect”.

      When the first Menendez Bros trial was held there were enough idiots on the jury who “sympathized” with these 2 “abused” boys even when again there was no proof that the father had sexually molested either one of them. They took that “defense” from a book written years before by a psychologist who had outlined a boy whose father and grandfather has sexually abused him for years and some of the same passages from that book were used in the trial to describe the same events.

      Luckily there was a mistrial declared and the second trial found them both guilty of first degree murder and life without parole.

      Nurmi was appealing to at least one juror as a “hold out” for either a lesser offense as a compromise or a mistrial in place of a verdict. There seems to be always one person at least who finds themselves looking for an excuse to use “reasonable doubt” as an excuse.

      “Reasonable doubt” these days means that without a videotape recording the entire crime from start to end then the defendant must be exonerated.


  6. Dr Drew’s juror watchers last night seemed pretty positive with watching all the jurors leave the courthouse…”they were all talking with each other and did not seem stressed or separated.” Everyone is hoping they came to a good decision and just wanted to sleep on it overnight. So, I agree with you Ms. SH and hope that they will announce their verdict today. I was sick listening to the tweets she had and her whining about not receiving her commissary items….She is just so disconnected. I am praying today that her new home is on death row.


  7. After the damage that was done to the guy, if I was on the jury , it really woundn’t take me a full day to convict. Not to mention how she acted in the courtroom. I mean , what part of this could the jurors not understand? All the lies she told to start with & didn’t admit to being involved until she knew there was no other way around it. If they are hung up on something , it will be interesting to see (after the verdict) what that something was.


  8. I think Beth Karas (or someone along those lines) said that the jurors did not want to see the crime scene photos of Travis. I know they saw them during the trial but I fear they are sticking their heads in the sand. Also, no questions from them so far. Casey A jurors had no questions either because they just wanted out and refused to convict.

    If any of the men on that jury are half as perverted and vile as Nurmi then all bets are off. They don’t want to see Travis with his throat slashed again but are probably staring at the naked Jodi pics.
    Hope the four women on the jury hate her like most do. I honestly would rather a mistrial and get a better jury and another trial than have her convicted on lesser charges or none at all.


    • I agree with you about the mistrial. Would rather see that happen and have a new trial. I have a feeling the number of men could be causing a problem. A man would be more susceptible to Jodi’s manipulations for sure. I also believe the jury should be MADE to view those crime scene photos. After all, they agreed to be on this jury and knew what type of trial it was. The jury, during selection, should have been made to understand the gruesomeness of this crime and that they’d be required to look at disturbing photos. Personally, viewing JA’s nekkid body would be more disturbing to me knowing what a witch she is.


  9. Ms. Sh,
    Thanks for covering this. I love your site and your humor, and it is great that you take time and effort to give exposure to serious issues like this.


  10. Thank you for covering the trial – l am new to your blog! It’s nice to have an entertaining, but intelligent response to what is going on. I’m in the U.K so we have this big time difference issue: I was really frustrated when l went to bed last night, because l really wanted to know what was going on with the jury.

    I hope she gets the sentence she deserves: 1st degree murder. I went on Facebook last night to see what other people were thinking and sadly found that it has in some cases turned into a witch hunt. I pointed this out ( like a total idiot) and was called a barrage of names by one lady (skank, ho, b****) on top of having an unsavoury gentleman make disgusting comments about her genitalia. Sometimes l think these people aren’t really interested in the case and they just want to get into a fight on-line. It’s more Jerry Springer than Dr. Phil.

    Fingers crossed Jody will be sentenced accordingly and justice has been served for Travis Alexander and his family.


  11. They should take the decision of the majority of the jurors.. if one or two jurors sway the other way it should not be taken into consideration. if it is one or two the reasons could be they are sympathizing or may like Jodi just like defense lawyers, Alyce L, or Dr. Samuel…


  12. I predict a hung jury. They are obviously not in agreement since they come in late, sit, go to lunch and leave. This case is a no brainer. Anyone on the jury who thinks otherwise is a complete idiot.
    Get a new jury!


      • Agree. The hold out is probably the young guy in his 20’s or the hippie with the long gray ponytail I bet! It is not good there are so many men. I have no faith they will do the right thing in this case. Women can see right through this she-devil– men–just a bit too stupid I’m afraid!


  13. I think they were gone as long as they were just so people couldn’t say they rushed the verdict for any reason. So thankful they found her guilty altho I don’t see how they could have come back with anything other than verdict.


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