REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: Danielle Staub’s “Amazing Twitter Numbers”…

Danielle Provanzano

Danielle Staub’s twitter account was audited in January, 2o13.

At that time, Danielle had just over 300,000 twitter followers… of those 332,104 followers, 52% were phony.

danielle twitter audit

How the hell did Danielle accumulate another 200,000 followers in just FOUR months?  That means that 50,000 tweeters per month decided to follow Danielle?

That number can  be broken down further to 1,666 new tweeters following Danielle PER DAY!

Someone, please explain this… well, no need to explain buying the followers, ’cause will sell 15,000 followers for $1699!  There are many other companies that will sell twitter followers….such as  They’ll sell you 100,000 followers for only $304.90!  What a buy!

What need ‘splainin’ is WHY would anyone buy twitter followers when the phony followers can be proven?   Maybe those companies who pay these phony “reality” people to tweet their products don’t care that the followers are fake!

danielle twitter arrow


Danielle after meeting with MissAndy back in October, 2012:

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12 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: Danielle Staub’s “Amazing Twitter Numbers”…

  1. RHONJ should bring back 80s Danny. Better yet: Give Danielle and 80s Danny a show based on their “romantic relationship” and call the show “Danni loves Danny”.


  2. Can somebody explain to me how people “buy” twitter followers? What’s the point? Is there some kind of compensation for having a lot of followers or something? I never got what any of this means! How do you get “fake” followers?


    • Howard Stern explained it on his show. He was even approached and asked if he wanted to buy twitter followers. I guess it is very common among so-called celebrities to do this.


  3. Just more obvious proof that BraFaux must comb thru hell to find these people. Dirty they are! The whole lot of them.


  4. The whole fake followers thing is too funny really. I guess celebs see it the same as having nothing but “Yes! men” around them. The hairdressers will say what they want to hear, any employees they have, the people who work at the restuarants they eat at … anyone who just wants part of their dough will go along to get along. I guess that’s as “real” as the fake followers so they’re used to it. In terms of reality “stars” doing this for money, you would think if the public knows you can buy followers the companies that hire them to represent their products would know also. Ahh, humans are funny :P


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