TRAVIS ALEXANDER MURDER TRIAL: Juan Martinez Closing Argument Rebuttal… Jurors Given The Jodi Arias Case For Deliberation

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The trial for the brutal murder of Travis Alexander has finally come to a close.

The State of Arizona started the case against Jodi Arias on January 2, 2013 and after four months of testimony, including 18 days of direct examination of slayer Jodi Arias, the jury has begun deliberating.

jodi juan

After defense attorney Kirk Nurmi presented his closing argument, prosecutor Juan Martinez had the last word in his rebuttal.  Mr. Martinez described the circling ramblings of Nurmi as simply “arguments”… “arguments” with no specific or apparent connection to any facts presented during the four months of trial.


Juan Martinez has asked the jury to return with a felony first-degree murder conviction for Jodi Arias’ slaughter of Travis Alexander… a conviction for stabbing Travis Alexander 28 times (one time in the heart), slitting his throat and then shooting Travis in the head.  Mr. Martinez emphasized in his rebuttal that Jodi Arias’ actions on June 4, 2008 were pre-meditated.


Just minutes into Mr. Martinez’ rebuttal, Nurmi objected.  Nurmi’s objection was in reference to a magazine in which Jodi Arias had hidden a message to an ABCNews producer… after a sidebar, Mr. Martinez continued his rebuttal:



jodi juan

NOTE:  A continuation of Juan Martinez’ rebuttal will be posted as soon as it is processed.

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22 comments on “TRAVIS ALEXANDER MURDER TRIAL: Juan Martinez Closing Argument Rebuttal… Jurors Given The Jodi Arias Case For Deliberation

  1. Can’t wait for this trial to be over! As an Arizona resident and taxpayer, Enough! I don’t believe in capital punishment, but she is guilty, and admitted it months ago! Disgusting for taxpayers when we need education, roads and health care for needy. She’s not even a state resident. Bitch, we have to feed and gets twitter—not to mention mental health. However, to have her high IQ, I want her to replay what she did over and over until kingdom come. They were both sick, but I can’t even imagine killing a black widow or scorpion in my yard more than once, let alone a human being. Go away trial and Jodi!

  2. I just pray that we have a intelligent jury and they make the right decision because Travis Alexander did not deserve to die the way he did, and she cut him up in pieces alike a piece of meat, Jodi Arias your own lies are going to kill you. There is a God and he is a big God, I ask everyone please pray for the Alexander family and for Travis may he rest in peace.

  3. I agree. She won’t get off, but as SH showed Orsen Wells last week on a classic Cumpusion movie, she needs to look at her God, our God and rectify. Unfortunately that is on taxpayers dime. This is disgusting what she did! Devils Advocate-great line-The best thing about the devil is that he makes you believe he doesn’t exist!

  4. Yes, peace for Travis’ family and friends , and even Jodi’s relations whom are innocent. So sad that mental health is unchecked in this Country, but this is pure evil!!!!

        • This is why Ms SH decided to let us discuss this trial Lemon.. The whole country was watching this trial, because of the way Travis was murdered… She knew the interest we had for this trial… She cares about travis too.. Don’t worry, the housewives have not gone anywhere, we will all be strong, funny, and the truth comes out here… The trial is over, we are on verdict watch… We care about the family of travis, please enjoy this site you have in the past, jersey is right around the corner, and when she is found guilty… We will all be back at it, with or funny lines, ms sh truth, humor, all the things that make her so great…
          I hope I didn’t step on your shoes Ms SH.. And explained what was going on at this time. Forgive me of I didnt

          • I think watching Jodi and her defense team testify is like watching the bs RH franchise. We all know it’s fake, that the REAL story is out there and most can agree that Jodi looks crappier and older than MeGo! Aside from being truly interested in the real world stuff, there is a large parallel between “reality” shows and Jodi Arias’ defense. Absolutely, positively bullcrap LIES!

            I like the SH twist on the trial, including the funny captions under the photos. I still LOL thinking about Juan’s photo with the caption about Nurmi droning on and on and on…

    • I agree with what Ms SH said the other day. Real life is so much more interesting than those stupid housewives. Millions of people are very heated about this case and opening up a forum here for us to share opinions and vent frustrations has really been great.

      • That is a valid point, but does that necessitate cutting all of the really enjoyable commentary from Ms. SH with the biting sarcasm and witty videos of these worthless broads? Is this the world we live in?

      • real life is much more interesting but there are thousands of jodi arias case sites thousands of forums about this case and this site was about not thinking about real life, it was guilty pleasure site. and what after this arias case ends? i was extremly heated about caylee anthony case spending years reading talking and watching but enough is enough.. I don’t mind reading both arias and housewives stuff.. but now there is no longer a reason to visit..

    • I agree, but was looking forward to Housewives stuff when couldn’t sleep in AZ. Want the Jodi Arias trial to go away!!! My tax paying dollars should t be for this stupid trial, when she finally pled guilty. Who has a 5 month trial with admitting she killed him? I want entertainment!!!

  5. When I saw juror #8 trying to duck the camera shots of him, it gave me a sinking feeling about the caliber of this jury now.

  6. I’m Glad Ms SH is posting about this trial – I am obsessed with it more so then the HW at the moment. Hoping for M!

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