BRIANA WOLFSMITH CULBERSON: Briana’s BravoBlog… Explains Why She’s Living With Vicki Gunvalson…


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Troy has opened my eyes to a whole new kind of love that I couldn’t have imagined. I want to be the best mom that I can be for him, and with every decision I make, I have him in mind. I want him to be proud of me and know how much I love him.

I want to have a strong marriage with Ryan and continue to build on our relationship to give Troy a good, stable household filled with love. Having Troy has allowed me to feel more empathetic for my mom and how amazing she is as a mother. Throughout my life she has always put my brother and myself first and was always focused on our happiness. If I’m half as good of a mom as she is, then I’ll have done something right.

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The decision to move into my mom’s house was not an easy one to make. While I was pregnant, Ryan and I were house hunting and put a few offers on homes nearby and came very close to purchasing a home for our family. Ryan got orders to move to another base almost three hours away, so we cancelled our house hunt and started brainstorming on our options. At that time, Donn was still living with my mom and getting ready to move out, which was going to leave my mom physically, emotionally, and financially alone in the large house.

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Rumors began to fly at Ryan’s work of an upcoming deployment and he received unofficial word that he would be deployed October 14, and my due date for the baby to arrive was October 10! Ryan and I sat down with my mom and the three of us came to an agreement that seemed to solve all problems, we would move into my mom’s house so we could help my mom financially and I would have support from my mom while Ryan was in Afghanistan. My only concern with moving back home with my mom was that I didn’t want whomever my mom was dating to be coming in and out of the house with the baby and I living there because I want a stable, positive environment for Troy.

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My mom and Brooks have a very drama packed relationship and are frequently “on and off.” I didn’t want Troy (or myself) to be around any fighting or any men coming in and out and in and out of the house. My mom told Ryan and I before we moved in that she had no plans to move Brooks in and that their relationship wasn’t at that level. I would have NEVER moved into the home if I was going to get in the way of my mom’s relationship moving forward, which she assured me that I wouldn’t. The decision to move into my mom’s house was out of pure convenience and not necessity. Between my health problems related to my thyroidectomy, becoming a first-time mother, and Ryan preparing to deploy to Afghanistan for a year, I had a lot to worry about and my focus was on a positive home environment. I told my mom on Day 1, “If you feel like I’m getting in the way of your life or your relationship, give me the word and I will happily get an apartment down the street, no argument!”

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This week, Ryan exposed one of the shocking experiences we’ve had with Brooks within the past year. Ryan and myself have both had interactions with Brooks that made us question his character and his intentions with my mom. I am extremely protective of those that I love, and my mom is high up on that list. Ryan quickly adopted the same kind of worry for my mom regarding her dating life. Ryan spent a lot of time one on one with Brooks and saw some red flags regarding his behavior behind my mom’s back. At the end of the day, Ryan and I want the best for my mom. I will always be picky about who my mom dates, as she was picky for me. My biggest concern for my mom is that she ends up with a genuine man who has her best interest in mind.

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My brother Mike and I have very different approaches when it comes to Brooks. Mike moved out of the house before I moved in, and he lives an exciting busy life by the beach. Besides working with my mom, Mike doesn’t spend too much personal time with her and therefore doesn’t particularly concern himself with who she is dating. I, on the other hand, moved in with my mom and am more involved in her dating life since I’m so close with her, and therefore have more involvement than my brother.

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At the end of the day, Ryan and I are in NO position to tell my mom what to do with her life and who to date. My decision to request that Brooks is not in the house as long as I am home all stems from my desire to create the most positive home environment that I can for my son. The Marine Corps has forced me to become a “single mom” for a year while Ryan is off serving our country and this is the time for me to be selfish and focus on my family. I love my mom dearly and want her to be the happiest she can be. If she were to tell me to move out of the house so she can move Brooks in, I would be happy for her and not argue one bit. I am more than happy to step aside so she can move forward in her relationship.

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For now, our living situation works for us and I will honor whatever my mom wishes for her home, because it is just that. . .HER HOME.


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40 comments on “BRIANA WOLFSMITH CULBERSON: Briana’s BravoBlog… Explains Why She’s Living With Vicki Gunvalson…

  1. I wonder how she came up with the fact that her mom’s business isn’t necessarily hers or her husband’s. If I dated a man who wasn’t worth a damn and nobody, including my kids liked him, I would not put up with that BS. Truthfully, I wouldn’t put up with it at all. Ryan and Brianna need to find their own place to live. They don’t have military housing in the OC?

    • I doubt if she could ever STAND military h ousing after being used to the current lifestyle she now lives. (SPOILED)


  2. Ugh, I wish the Houswives would get the “[name] and I” and “[name} and myself” straight!!! Tamara is one of the worst offenders, and so is Alexis. But even in the above blog post, it should read “Ryan and ME” instead of “Ryan and I” and “Ryan and ME” instead of “Ryan and MYSELF’. Easy rule of thumb: take the other person out of the sentence. If you would use “me” instead of “I”, that’s the way the sentence should be constructed when you add another name in. It never ceases to amaze me that these women who live in mansions and carry $5000 purses cannot speak English properly../rant.

    • Lawyer, well said. I learned that lesson in the 4th grade or so along with the proper use of apostrophes: when pluralizing a noun, just add an s, not ‘s. One is a Culberson, two are the Culbersons, not Culberson’s. Thanks for letting me rant!

      • If you’re writing on an iPad, it screws up all the time… I have tried to correct it may times, but gave up… I guess I’ll just be a little stupid here… Or a lot!! :)

  3. I totally agree with the don’t keep men coming in & out of a house with kids. Too many awful stories regarding what some woman’s b/f did to her child. & once that’s done it can’t be undone. If you love someone their life is to some degree your business. My parents are still married but if one wasn’t was seeing someone I didn’t trust , of couse I would say something. You can’t force anything of course , they are adults, but you can state your opinion. I’m really surprised Brianna agreed to do a blog for the show. One question. She has to help Vicki financially? I thought Vicki was the wealthiest person on the show. ??

    • I agree. I dated my husband for a year and he never came to my home. I had a teenage son and although they had met him staying over would have been unacceptable. My husband wasn’t interested in living in another man’s home or bed for that matter. Vicki needs to get brooks his own place. I have had my children live with us from time to time and I do charge them rent which I put in a bank account for when it is time for them to leave. My mother did the same thing and it worked out well. No hard feelings when it was time to go. I don’t think that was what Vicki had in mind. I think Vicki did need the financial help. Base housing is nicer than Briana Apartment and she would have the PX to shop from. If she wanted to save money that is the way to go. It leaves me to believe she wanted to support and be with her Mom and not be a burden.

      • Brianna is an ungrateful bitch. Vicki runs a HUGELY successful insurance company. I highly doubt she needs $1000/month from a bunch of punk kids.

  4. i’m surprised that Briana is doing a mea culpa. She had valid reasons for not liking Brokes when he blabbed her personal life to the media. Maybe, Briana received pressure from Vicki to back pedal, in order to make Crooks more palatable to the viewers. It didn’t work. I still find him to be a homely, dull, bald con man.

  5. Troy must be a smart baby if he is aware of who is living in the house. The request IMO was purely for Brianna’s benefit.

    • Since there was some chatter about Brooks being the one that outed the pregnancy then I would think they wouldn’t trust him with his cell phone around him . He might snap a pic or two of the lil cherub to sell to the tabloids or just tweet it.

  6. @Made–Brooks is a Creepy McCreepster. Just thought I’d through out the possibility of Brianna using the Baby Card. I do think Brianna is stressed out by Brooks!

    • Brooks is the kind of guy I would hide my check book from and my car keys. I hate having someone in my home that I don’t trust. I can see him looking through drawers and having to hide my purse. Ugh wouldn’t have him in my garage much less my home.

      • I was told a long time ago, the second you start questioning the person in your life, take two steps back and take emotion out it and use every bit of common sense to determine if 1 + 1 = 2, if not ;walk away! Vicki, doesn’t get it, almost everyone on the cast, her family and probably people at her office wonder about this guy. What more does she need? An other thing; that comment last night can’t find a guy in S Cali, because their gay, is crap, I lived there and there are plenty of men to be had, the truth may be they don’t want her! Vicki is slumming when it comes to Crooks!

  7. That baby has nothing to do with this situation…because he’s a BABY! Come on! Briana you could easily live on base 3 hours away. Your mother does not need your help anymore than you need hers I raised my two children completely on my own from the time they were little and believe me, they turned out wonderful. My son is a scientist and my daughter is an ER Trauma nurse. If I can do it, you certainly can. Once again, it’s all about the spoiled life and camera time.

  8. I do wonder if all of Vicki’s over doing for the kids has messed up Brianna’s being able to feel strong on her own? I hope not , but when you act like you can’t trust your child to decide anything for themselves & try to control everything , I think it can mess with their heads a little. Bri said in the past she can take care of herself, I hope she knows that deep down as well, not just a remark made for her mom’s sake.

    • I don’t know maybe…I am not an avid OC viewer but I’ve gotten the impression Bri is pretty level headed, smart and confident despite Vickie’s smothering. I think Bri can well stand on her own. Living with her mom sounds like a “win win” for all. I don’t blame her about not wanting Brooks around….and it sounds like they’ve come to an agreement reached by an honest dialogue.

  9. Briana and Ryan need to take a whole stadium full of seats. If they don’t want to be around Vicki’s creepy boyfriend, why did they sign up for a show in which he’s one of the co-stars? And if Ryan’s so precious about the sanctity of family, what the hell is he doing in bed with Bravo? These folks crack me up. Vicki’s been putting her distinct brand of crazy on television for eight seasons now; did those two chuckleheads REALLY think Andy & Co. wouldn’t throw every last shred of Brooks-encrusted drama their way?

  10. I call total B.S. to Bri’s blog. She is living in Vicki’s house for one reason, so she can film with the Ho’s and make a buck. Military salaries are pitiful. I have family in the military, they do not live in military housing. They use the money for housing to rent their own place in the private sector.

    • ITA! Briana wanted a paycheck from Bravo and this blog is full of excuses trying to explain her reasons for living there. Puh-lease girl. Vickie doesn’t need financial support. That is truly laughable.

      • That is kinda odd aint it? Shoot if a thousand dolla rent check was all that was keeping Vicki afloat then there is some serious issues up in the Cota De Casa for sure. I think its weird that she even said the amount. And none of this even begins to address what will happen when Brianna goes back to work. You know grandmommy will be watchin that sweet baby for free.

    • YES!

      Level headed does not include a 7 month internet romance with a recently divorced guy deployed in Afghanistan, and then wanting to join the military to be a nurse in Afghanistan (that’s not how it works). Having a few face to face dates when he landed back stateside and then eloping. Then getting knocked up a few months later.

      Briana is just as big of an idiot as she called her mother out to be, while pregnant by a guy she barely knows, at the last reunion.

  11. I think Brianna and Vicki had an arrangement that she would move in since Vicki told everyone that Brooks was out of the picture. Brianna simply said she would not move in if she had to be around that man. I wouldn’t either. I think with Don moving out, the economy has hit Vicki too, and she could use the help financially, and really wanted to have her grandson nearby and not over 3 hours away. I think Brianna is just mad at her husband for the way he was acting like he was the man of the house.

  12. I currently live on base in Portugal with no family and friends with a 2 month old and my husband is deployed. Military life is not easy but it makes you stronger. She needs to woman up and embrace it !

    • Yep, Heidy, my sister’s husband was in the Navy and stationed in Norfolk, VA. She went through her entire pregnancy by herself as he was deployed for over 6 months. I was her coach when she gave birth b/c he could not be there. It was very hard but she handled it with maturity (she was 24 at the time) and did what she had to do. Congrats to you Heidy for being a strong woman and your husband for serving in the military.

    • Are you stationed in Lajes?

      My Best Friend was there for two years (husband was AF, never TDY’d or deployed from Portugal).

      Loved every minute of it.

      Did not have a newborn. Just 3 young boys.

      But she couldn’t and still can’t say enough about the wonderful women (fellow military wives) she met in Portugal.

      It’s absolutely amazing to me how you all take care of your own. No questions asked (unless you cross a no-no line with a higher-up’s snooty wife), but just lots of support and love and understanding and life time friends all over the globe.

      Briana has NO CLUE what she signed up for.

      Can’t run home to Coto every time Ry-Ry get’s deployed or TDY’d or sent for training…

  13. While I totally agree with Briana I believe Brooks to be a manipulative, sociopathic conman, I do think Vicky has to learn this for herself. I don’t think it is right especially Ryan dictating who can come to her home. Briana and Ryan need to move out and get their own place, Briana can still film with Vicky and get that Bravo cheque she had her own apartment before and still got camera time. I especially did not like the way Ryan when explaining his postion to Vicky’s brother said He is not welcome here ever, I think he has a bit of a cheek as it is not his house he came across as controlling or trying to be controlling Briana better watch out.
    Vicky is delusional and depserate for someone so smart she is acting so dumb, but no matter what anyone says she will have to learn the hardway!
    Tamra is a smug self righteous bitch this season I wanted to reach into the televison and slap the living daylights out of her, it is very clear to me that Eddie has had a change of heart, living with her and the kids and the dogs I don’t think he wants to sign up for that for life, his excuses as to why he couldn’t plan the wedding with Tamra were rediculous. ( I think he is as gay as he wants to be ).

  14. I agree Duchess, however Ryan is part of the family now so he’s entitled to an opinion. First, he’s a military man, his job makes him a little paranoid and security “freakish”. Second, he’s gonna be gone for a long time, I understand Briana would rather be with her mom than alone in some aprtment. It’s hard to be alone with your child esp. if your husband is far away on dangerous missions. Finally, even if I agree that Ryan is trespassing a lil, I would never let someone as shady as Crooks ANYWHERE near my newborn, so I understand Ryan, even if he might have gone a lil overboard. Wouldn’t even trust Ayers to water my plants or feed the cats while Im gone!!!

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