JOAN RIVERS: Ambushed By “Journalist”… TOM BROKAW: Refusing To Play At Dinner… CA Law For Juries… PT Housewife Officially Signed On For RHONY

Good for Joan Rivers!  AND Good for Tom Brokaw!

louis ck  joan rivers Joan Rivers and Louis CK…

Joan Rivers agreed to be interviewed by “journalist” Katie Couric under the condition that Joan’s interview be kept light and funny.  However, nasty Katie tried to take Joan down by trying to ask Joan “serious” “journalist-like” questions:

From the NYDailyNews:

“Joan left the show furious with Katie and her producers, vowing to never return,” one WE-TV insider tells Confidential. “It was meant to be a funny, silly, Oscar-themed party, but instead Joan felt the usually perky Katie got nasty.”

According to our source, Rivers became upset when Couric started asking things like why Joan was “self-absorbed” and why everything was always about her.

“She even demanded to know why Joan said ‘nasty’ things about celebrities,” says the source.

Let’s hope that Joan has plenty to say about “journalist” Katie!  Go get her, Joan!!!

One of the funniest bits by Joan… when she did a guest spot on “Louis”:


Never cared much for mumble-mouth Tom Brokaw; however, after his stance against the yearly WhiteHouse Correspondents Dinner, he may get some favorable points!

Last year, Brokaw became one of the biggest critics of the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner after he saw Washington buzzing around and about the troubled Hollywood actress, who was a guest of Fox News’s Greta Van Susteren.

“The breaking point for me was Lindsay Lohan,” Brokaw told POLITICO during a recent interview in his office in the NBC News Rockefeller Plaza headquarters in New York. “She became a big star at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Give me a break.”   More at

Let’s take the “entertainment” OUT of politics.  Don’t these politicians, ESPECIALLY the President, have better things to do?  Like running the country?  It is embarrassing watching what has become basically a “roast” of highly-ranked politicians by “journalists” and Hollywood… wrapped up and called the “WhiteHouse Correspondents Dinner”!  When E! is live streaming the “red carpet” at this event, it’s time to take it private!


While looking for an item re a Georgia bill requiring background checks for pit bull owners, came across this!  A CA bill that would permit NON-US Citizens to sit on juries!

The California Assembly passed a bill on Thursday that would make the state the first in the nation to allow non-citizens who are in the country legally to serve on jury duty.

Assemblyman Bob Wieckowski, D-Fremont, said his bill, AB1401, would help California widen the pool of prospective jurors and help integrate immigrants into the community.  More from

JODI knife

Would a non-citizen make the Jodi Arias trial move along any faster?   The JA trial started in January… and is expected to end sometime next month!  How does that happen… when JA admitted in court that she slaughtered Travis Alexander?????



PT gif PT gif

PT Housewife has officially renewed her contract with Bravo.   Which means that she didn’t move into that rental house for nuthin’!  Details at TheWrap.

kyle gif bleech

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36 comments on “JOAN RIVERS: Ambushed By “Journalist”… TOM BROKAW: Refusing To Play At Dinner… CA Law For Juries… PT Housewife Officially Signed On For RHONY

  1. Alot of people say they “hate” Joan Rivers, I like her. You just have to keep in mind it’s comedy. Never have liked Katie. Some think she’s peppy , I’ve known peppy people before & had no problem with them. Katie strikes me as phony. I think she’s learn to do the act for the camera. But in Brokaw’s case I have to say, I don’t dislike him personally (don’t like him personally either) but , I think the press in the U.S. is destroying itself. I do think there is a bias, at least with alot of the channels/networks. Also this falling all over themselves (& everyone else) to get the story & feed the 24hr news cycle , isn’t helping. Years ago people respected the press because you had the feeling that , at least for the most part, the press respected the people. Now not so much. I agree Lilo is just a sad footnote in Hollywood now days, but the downfall of the press isn’t her doing, I think it’s their own.

    • Just saw Bill O’Reilly/Dennis Miller Bolder/Fresher 2013 last night here in DC, and they talked a lot about how liberal the press is and how kids in schools are now getting indoctrinated into believing the liberal crap. Very interesting. Bill also told the story of when he was on The View and Whoopie and Joy walked out on him – with more details that he couldn’t share on his show. Loved it!!!!!

  2. I love me some Joan Rivers! Katie isn’t one-tenth of the woman Joan is. She is a poor interviewer, still hanging on to that cutseyness of long ago. Joan is a powerhouse with incredible stamina and business sense. I saw an interview KKKKatie did with 50 Cent and she just wanted to talk about and show HER biceps…self absorbed b***ch.

    • I adore Joan because underneath her sarcasm and swears, she’s brilliant! She really thinks outside of the box and is amazingly clever and creative. Yes, she’s a bit self absorbed. But, she also has the goods. I don’t mind Katie at all. She went up several points after she non chalantly stymied Sarah Palin with the, “What do you read?” question. Sarah pulled an Alexass by calling Katie a “meanie” for hounding her into the ground for a perfectly innocent question.

      • What I love about Joan is she’s equal-opportunity – she takes jabs at everyone, herself included. I’ve never been able to stomach Katie. She hides behind the cutesy thing.

        • Holy–I agree. Joan makes fun of EVERYONE, including herself. I don’t have a problem with her and never did. Katie is a poor excuse for a journalist and always has been.

        • Never liked Katie either. Hate the whole teenage-girl-smiley act being stuffed down everyone’s throats.

    • I love Joan Rivers. She has a reality show that I really enjoy. Imagine that.
      As far as non-citizens sitting on a jury. This is freaking ridiculous. Every time I report to jury duty I get past the first phase and then I get struck by the defense. We had a question, Is it ever o.k. to hit a woman. Of course I said no, and I got struck. An old man said, “well, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do” and was retained. This is the type of juror that they pick. They want dumb people on the jury. That has been my own experience. I know some lovely people who have done jury duty. But I am tired of wasting days only to get struck.

  3. One thing I recall , I’ve heard Joan Rivers refered to as the “Hardest working woman in show biz.” says alot. She put in the time , now alot of us consider her an icon in her field.

  4. I like Joan, she’s paved the way/and help with women in entertainment. I do not like Katie C. ; she is not up to par when it comes to journalism! Yes, she was on the Today Show and was cutsy but I lost respect for her interviewing techniques, when she pulled that crap on Sarah Palin, (let’s not bring Sarah into this mix) point being, Katie does not have the skills, the SP interview was a big opportunity for both to show they were both professional women, smart women, etc. Katie Blew It Big Time! I do not watch her or her talk show and heard from NY Friends, people at ABC aren’t found of her either?

    • I’ve read in the past Katie is verrrry frugal and tough on staff. Something about her is less than endearing not one of my favs. Joan is inspiring ..I read that after her late show was cancelled and her husband committed suicide she would go to the Beverly Hilton and pretend to be reading scripts while “being seen”. Never say die..that’s Ms. Rivers.

  5. Tom Brokow is so right about that Washington event! Last year pathetic Caroline Manzo and her loser husband were guests along with Lohan..UGH no class!

  6. Men like Katie Couric and she likes herself alot. Women not so much. The tv executives are mostly men. Nuff said.

  7. I admire Joan she has fought tooth and nail for her career. She survived being blackballed by a major network along with her husband taking his own life. She has consistently put on foot in front of the other and not only survived but thrived. This is a woman to be admired.

  8. Joan Rivers has always had a strong work ethic, no doubt about it however, I’ve never liked her brand of comedy. She slams others constantly and much of her career has been built on this idea of comedy. However, when she’s pinned down and possibly slammed she can’t take it. Gee Joan, now you know how the people feel that you slam. Different strokes for different folks I guess. I agree wholeheartedly with Tom Brokaw and happy he took that stance. The press sucks now. They embarrass themselves almost daily rushing to get a story then often times they have to back peddle very quickly. HLN for example, has no shame. They promote anything they can get away with such as their after dark fake jury crap. That is some of the stupidest television I have ever seen and one night of it was enough for me. If I worked for that network I would be embarrassed by it. The media is more like the National Enquirer these days and that’s not something they should be proud of by any stretch of the imagination.

    • I so agree! I don’t watch the news anymore, not just for the fact it’s so depressing, but it has become so biased. I only watched HLN during the Casey Anthony trial and now I catch bits and pieces of the JA trial. Other than that I don’t watch it because I agree, it’s become the National Enquirer of the networks. Of all of them actually. I find the Weather Channel has more interesting stories.

  9. Good for Joan. I love her, she is hysterical and tough as nails. Katie is such an annoying person to behold.

  10. I love her too, it’s so refreshing in the politically correct ass-kissing world of media, to have someone say what they think! She’s earned that right fair and square, she can be outrageous and over the top but man,is it cathartic to hear her!

  11. I looooove when some older man says something rude to her…she always rips them a new one…so funny cause those dudes aren’t used to getting it back! :)

  12. I am SO disappointed to see here that PT is coming baaaacccckkkkk to RHONY! Why-oh-why does Andy hate women to reuse that hysterical, hideous, self-pitying fool again (& probably her pervy papa)???

    • Well I’ll be tuning out, so will many others. PT created fake pathetic chaos, it doesn’t make her interesting, she’s an absolute bore, and no money. To boot her alleged charitability is completely fraudulent as well, so what does she actually bring to the table? An embarrassing past w men? Being one of the most undesirable and jealous women in NYC? What bravo…..tell us please why are you bringing this fool back?

    • Don’t hate me, but I’m kind of glad PT is back. I love making fun of her and her leg when I recap the show. Half my material would be gone if she left.

    • The only positive thing about PT’s return will be if they let her have a go at Ramoaner again.

      • Yeah, I get that she became a forced catalyst against RaMOANa. (I’m all for calling that drunken nut out every day of the week and and twice on Sunday. But, PT was truly phony and became insufferable with her sudden nose dive into madness. Worse than she, is her disgusting dad.

  13. I wouldn’t watch Katie Couric if it was the last show on TV! She took One Life to Live’s time slot and I’m still angry. Joan Rivers makes me laugh every week and for that I love her to death!

    Aviva coming back for the next season is still better than the idea of Jill Zarin returning. She has been after Andy since their one on one to recast her on the show and that would be a ginormous mistake!

  14. I think some one should punch perky Katie in the face. She’s no journalist. All the shows they put her on get no rating. She tried to pull a Palin on Joan. LOL Too bad Joan didn’t put her in her place. I guess with all that plastic surgery it’s hard to make your mouth move and talk.

  15. Never understood why Katie got the “perky” and “likeable” label. She is what is wrong with American journalism.

  16. Joan’s public persona is a comedic construction – just like Phyllis Diller’s marriage to “fang”, just like Rodney Dangerfield getting no respect. To ask interview questions as if her persona was her actual life is so unprofessional, not to mention an ambush no one would expect. WOuld she ask Jerry Seinfeld about his nihilism? Of course not!

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