SHEREE WHITFIELD: Sheree Is Missed on Real Housewives of Atlanta… Will Be on Oprah Channel “…Fix My Life”.. Next Saturday, April 20…


Differing opinions are clearly the right of each individual…  and what makes discussing the Housewives so intriguing… MOST of the time!



Contrary to most, our opinion re Sheree Whitfield is that she is missed on the Real Housewives of Atlanta!  We also think that, if true, the way Ms. Whitfield was dismissed from her position of being an ATL Housewife was dirty-dog-underhanded and was just not right!  Allegedly, Sheree was all ready to sit with her co-Wives at the yearly Bravo PR blitz, the Bravo UpFronts… and on the way to the elevator, was whisked away and diverted to a private elevator… one which took Sheree directly to the 46th floor!


The story goes…  that allegedly Sheree entered MissAndy’s office; never even sat down on the sofa where all the interviews at MissAndy’s office takes place… and was blasted with a chorus of voices!  All saying their rehearsed line… all at once… in their best booming voice:  “Sheree… Sheree Whitfield.  Please pack your knives and go.  Get out!  NOW!”



Da Stanker, Kathy Griffin and  Padma Lakshmi were just a few of the voices whom Sheree could identify.

Sheree stood there, frozen…  wondering where the voices were coming from and wondering if the “TopChef” line was really meant for her.  Sheree turned her head to the left and as the chorus was breaking up… hustling to fly outta MissAndy’s plush office to push the “down” elevator button to git to the UpFronts par-tay as quickly as possible… Sheree noticed a guy in a chair who was behind the PhilSpector-like wall of voices.


There was a lil guy holding a Snoopy doll perched on the edge of his big chair… MissAndy!

NOTE:  It was rumored that da Stanker couldn’t wait for no elevator and took the stairs!  No elevator was gonna git in the way of her and a chicken dinner!

andy snoopy pg

NOTE:  For details re WHY we miss Sheree on the RHOA, please see SH July 21 and 22, 2012.

SHEREE ILYANA BOB WHITFIELD ARROW  Hey!!  At least you could spell ma name right… it’s Illyana… no wait, it’s Ilianaya… hold on, it’s Ilayanla… damn, it’s Iyalyana.  What the hell is my name?  Can ya help me out, Bob Whitfield?  Why couldn’t my mother just name me somethin’ easy… like B-O-B?   That’s it!  I’m changin’ my name!  Just call me Bob!!!!

Iyanla’s “FixMyLife” show premieres tonight on OpreeWinfree’s OWNChannel.    The 90-minute debut focuses on DMX, in which DMX tells Iyanla that he loved being institutionalized since the age of 7!  IMO, DMX is tellin’ Iyanla some not-so-true stories!

Whateva!  Back to Sheree!!

Sheree and Bob Whitfield will also appear on “FixMyLife”… NEXT Saturday, April 20.

Sheree tells Iyanla that she pretended that “we were happy, that I was happy.”   Then Iyanla talks with Bob inside a stadium and says, “You play in this incredible arena and you were in the corner trapped like a rat.”

Since that is about all the pre-show footage of the Whitfield’s, it will be interesting to find out why Bob Whitfield felt “trapped” in a huge football stadium.