SHEREE WHITFIELD: Sheree Is Missed on Real Housewives of Atlanta… Will Be on Oprah Channel “…Fix My Life”.. Next Saturday, April 20…


Differing opinions are clearly the right of each individual…  and what makes discussing the Housewives so intriguing… MOST of the time!



Contrary to most, our opinion re Sheree Whitfield is that she is missed on the Real Housewives of Atlanta!  We also think that, if true, the way Ms. Whitfield was dismissed from her position of being an ATL Housewife was dirty-dog-underhanded and was just not right!  Allegedly, Sheree was all ready to sit with her co-Wives at the yearly Bravo PR blitz, the Bravo UpFronts… and on the way to the elevator, was whisked away and diverted to a private elevator… one which took Sheree directly to the 46th floor!


The story goes…  that allegedly Sheree entered MissAndy’s office; never even sat down on the sofa where all the interviews at MissAndy’s office takes place… and was blasted with a chorus of voices!  All saying their rehearsed line… all at once… in their best booming voice:  “Sheree… Sheree Whitfield.  Please pack your knives and go.  Get out!  NOW!”



Da Stanker, Kathy Griffin and  Padma Lakshmi were just a few of the voices whom Sheree could identify.

Sheree stood there, frozen…  wondering where the voices were coming from and wondering if the “TopChef” line was really meant for her.  Sheree turned her head to the left and as the chorus was breaking up… hustling to fly outta MissAndy’s plush office to push the “down” elevator button to git to the UpFronts par-tay as quickly as possible… Sheree noticed a guy in a chair who was behind the PhilSpector-like wall of voices.


There was a lil guy holding a Snoopy doll perched on the edge of his big chair… MissAndy!

NOTE:  It was rumored that da Stanker couldn’t wait for no elevator and took the stairs!  No elevator was gonna git in the way of her and a chicken dinner!

andy snoopy pg

NOTE:  For details re WHY we miss Sheree on the RHOA, please see SH July 21 and 22, 2012.

SHEREE ILYANA BOB WHITFIELD ARROW  Hey!!  At least you could spell ma name right… it’s Illyana… no wait, it’s Ilianaya… hold on, it’s Ilayanla… damn, it’s Iyalyana.  What the hell is my name?  Can ya help me out, Bob Whitfield?  Why couldn’t my mother just name me somethin’ easy… like B-O-B?   That’s it!  I’m changin’ my name!  Just call me Bob!!!!

Iyanla’s “FixMyLife” show premieres tonight on OpreeWinfree’s OWNChannel.    The 90-minute debut focuses on DMX, in which DMX tells Iyanla that he loved being institutionalized since the age of 7!  IMO, DMX is tellin’ Iyanla some not-so-true stories!

Whateva!  Back to Sheree!!

Sheree and Bob Whitfield will also appear on “FixMyLife”… NEXT Saturday, April 20.

Sheree tells Iyanla that she pretended that “we were happy, that I was happy.”   Then Iyanla talks with Bob inside a stadium and says, “You play in this incredible arena and you were in the corner trapped like a rat.”

Since that is about all the pre-show footage of the Whitfield’s, it will be interesting to find out why Bob Whitfield felt “trapped” in a huge football stadium.


21 comments on “SHEREE WHITFIELD: Sheree Is Missed on Real Housewives of Atlanta… Will Be on Oprah Channel “…Fix My Life”.. Next Saturday, April 20…

  1. Sorry but I do not miss Sheree at all. For me she was too fake and so detached fron her son. I don’t like how she lies and blames her x for the $$ mess SHE made. The woman wouldn’t know the truth if it smacked her in the face. I think RHOA has become stale and Kendra, imo, is just more crazy like Kelly from NYHW. I am pretty sick of all the HW crappy shows and the predictable fake storylines. NeNe is NOT anywhere near worth 1 million $$ and they are all pretty lame now. Sorry just sick of Andy making women look so bad.


    • You and me both, Pinky … You and me both! Did NeNe’s New Normal bite the dust? She can’t act — just played herself, anyways. I’ve seen enough. And what about Tardy … ? “Ah just hope ma wig don’t fly off and ma boobs fall out … snort …” That’s it. That’s all she’s got. (Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. She demands to be waited on hand and foot, having SEX, and only wears designer-labeled duds!) Ain’t she special?


  2. ilyana was on “starting over house” i think maybe the 3rd season when they moved production to la. that was a good show, dealing with personal issues.


    • I don’t know why NayNay has so much pull with Bravo, but she wants Kandi and Phaedra off the show, too. It’s so clear to me from reading her mean tweets, her blogs, and the comments her “fans” write. Anyone who doesn’t kiss NayNay’s big ass, and throw parties for her “arriving” and treat her like a “star” can expect to be on her shit list. Just look at how Kenya always cuts her slack, she knows who runs the show. I refuse to watch Atlanta with Ne and Kenya on it.

      I still say that Kim’s show will turn into a Kim and Nene show before it’s all over and done with. If anyone is a “hater”, it’s Nene! I’d bet Ne and Kim both were paid and offered a “deal” for the sudden makeup.
      I’m over these HW shows, too, and the only one I’m still watching is BH…..the heck with the rest of those idiots.


    • Same here. Stopped watching when Marlo was on. Haven’t watched Miami, or OC either. BH is the only interesting show left IMO and I only watched 1/2 of the episodes this season …so it isn’t that interesting


      • Nene is still wanting Andy to put Marlo back on the show….I either heard her tell him on his show, or read it somewhere…but she is still pulling for Marlo, and she’s the reason crazy Kenya is on the show, too.


  3. I don’t miss Sheree either. Sorry for her financial problems, but, she was/is sooo FULL OF HERSELF. She spends money like water….blindly. Fix My Life….Illyana…isn’t her real name…she changed her name to that herself, at a certain point in her life. Have a feeling, that NeNe will disappear somewhere down the road….5 minutes of fame is about all she should have. She’s got nothing going for her. She would say I’m a hater……that, would be her first mistake. Just telling it like it is.
    Can’t believe the Wives married to Medicine. THAT…has to be the stupidest group of women yet.
    Unbelievable. Are these women kidding???? A whole show built around the fact that you married a Doctor??? Is that supposed to be some kind of accomplishment???? What is up with that???? I agree…Bravo/Andy does make/help women look stupid….anything for money these days.
    And…..the cherry on the cake….Kim comes back with her own show???? What does she do????
    Am I supposed to watch her, with her kids.?…spending money??? What is the point of a show with her as the subject???
    Maybe Bravo knows more than we do…..????? Maybe people out there, like this crap.


    • Is Sheree’s finances any crazier than Nene buying a 15 caret ring, without even having a roof of her own over her head??? This ladies need Kandi to give them financial advice!


      • Kandi is a talented smart cookie…. NeNe is all show…loves the glitz..Greg and her have some good deal going…Greg’s a sport for going along with this fake story line…loving NeNe and trying to woo her back.

        Sheree was full of herself from the get go…sorry to see her decline and divorce. There was no T.V. story line there with Sheree…talking to her mom about going to court to get child support..making a sandwich for her son in the apartment..awkward..felt sorry for her kids. Shopping for a ring for her newly claimed daughter…. Sheree tried but it just wasn’t entertaining… not that any of these story lines are…!! ;)


  4. Married To MedIcine is still another ghetto show from ATL.The blonde is a real snob that looks older than her husband.Hope “Real” doctors and their wives don’t behave that bad out in public.Can not stomach all the trash talk and new slang that is their catch phrases.All hood rats that have came into money or are over extended on credit/debt.They portray black females as materialistic and trouble makers.Then we have all the gay ass fashion shows with all the Queens.Dont get those either.Have to pass on most of Bravos shows.Can not stand Rachel Zoe and her snotty attitude.Her husband looks gay so maybe that is why Miss Mandy has her show on Bravo.Patti F@@k my lips Da Stanker is gross too.All about sex and blow jobs for her.Too bad noboby wants her fake snotty ass.


    • Bleech…couldn’t even tune in to that one Susie…looked like a real stanker…exactly as you described. The new fun Bravo show that I checked in to briefly was the Queens of Melrose…the guys that buy gently used upscale items…Rachel Zoe and Brad aren’t so entertaining either…tho I appreciate Zoe’s PR canniness for staying relevant….I bought one of her handbags and get alot of compliments when ever I wear it…


  5. Omg, I lmao at that pic of them! If Sheree would lose the ego, I’d like to see her return to rhoa because she did not back down from Ms. Nene.


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