TRAVIS ALEXANDER MURDER TRIAL: Alyce LaViolette Questioned By Jennifer Wilmott… Juan Martinez Asks Alyce About The MEN She Testified in Their Behalf In Court… Alyce Says She “Wrote A Report”… UPDATE: Trial Resumes Monday at 9:30 am… “Ms. Wong” Ordered To Take Stand Monday at 11 am…

UPDATE:  Court resumes on Monday, April 15, at 9:30 am… 12:30 pm EST.  


Juan Martinez questions LaViolette… Alyce defines her meaning of  “liar”…


LaViolette is still under subpoena and will be back on Tuesday.

Judge Stevens gave LaViolette a choice of either Monday or Tuesday to return for a ‘very important’ issue.


When LaViolette started to tell Judge Stevens reasons why she could not be in court, Judge Stevens told LaViolette that she does not want to hear about her personal problems.




Judge Stevens ordered “Ms. Wong” to be on the stand at 11 am Monday.

jodi wong arrow

If this is the correct “Grace Wong”… she is a field producer for TruTV.

Could this have something to do with Alyce speaking directly with Travis Alexander’s sister?

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Can you answer ANY question, Ms. LaViolette?

Can you answer ANY question, Ms. LaViolette?

Jennifer Wilmott has her chance in attempting to rehabilitate Alyce LaViolette…


After Wilmott has finished her questioning of Alyce…

Prosecutor Juan Martinez is attempting to get an answer outta DV ‘expert’ Alyce LaViolette.


Alyce is bobbin’ and weavin’ as Martinez asks her about the MEN Alyce has testified in their behalf in court.

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121 comments on “TRAVIS ALEXANDER MURDER TRIAL: Alyce LaViolette Questioned By Jennifer Wilmott… Juan Martinez Asks Alyce About The MEN She Testified in Their Behalf In Court… Alyce Says She “Wrote A Report”… UPDATE: Trial Resumes Monday at 9:30 am… “Ms. Wong” Ordered To Take Stand Monday at 11 am…

  1. Alyce is just common. Nothing more. I take extreme offense to her lie. She knew precisely how many times she had testified on behalf of a man because she came up with the answer upon questioning. Feigning misunderstanding is her way of not directly answering questions. She is nothing…..I repeat NOTHING to this trial at this point.
    She has wasted the court’s time and the taxpayers $$ for a completely bogus testimony. I am incensed by her and her arrogant stonewalling. Get her off. Wish the judge could direct the jury to ignore ALL her testimony.

    • Alyce apparently tried that resume-padding thing again – claiming to have testified on behalf of a man in criminal court “once or twice” (or maybe once or zero – a “report” without going on the stand isn’t testifying)

      Also, even if she’s testifying in civil court, her testimony is informing decisions about things like child custody, restraining orders (that are public records) – and not just her testimony. She is someone who advices police & social services depts about how to handle families if they have violence or “verbal abuse” (considering her lack of understanding context in situations of talking dirty with a lover, it’s frightening that she’d be the professional determining what words constitute “abuse). This from a woman whose grasp of facts/history is so weak she thinks that there were witchhunts in the American colonies in the 16th & 17th century that resulted in women being hung ( *One* witch trial, Salem MA, men & women were tried – some acquitted, some executed, one man was pressed, not hung – and the whole witch flap started not to oppress wise-women, but over political & property disputes in the colony)

      • I believe that all along, from the start, the defense strategy was hyperbole about abuse as justification for murder. Jodi spins quite a tale and has been in charge from the get go. Dr. Dumbass was infatuated with Jodi and spent very little time “evaluating” her. No audio. No video. Alyce is at the bitter end of her career which seems to be at this point show-boating during seminars and doing a comedy revue as entertainment, not edification. Her instructive books for Jodi most certainly made her final evaluations pretty much “by the book”. Amen.

        • I lost any…what’s the word I want…its certainly not respect but..any maybe belief that she may finally get a pang of guilt n say.. ya know what.. you’re right.. maybe I could of done more to get a better perspective on this case but she just didn’t..she continued the ridiculous fairytale that was penned by JA, WILLNOT &WORMY

          • wormy looks like a garden slug in a cheap suit, and u can put lipstick on a skank but its still a skank

        • The witch has her movie coming to lifetime… Tania Ramonde is playing as jodi Aries this is a outrage selling paintings making a movie.. a cold blooded murder they making famous.. can’t imagine what this is doing to the Alexander family making a full joke out of Travis death this is outrageous ..bullshit…

    • I agree cherry, good riddance to this time waster. It makes me angry that we even wasted our time listening to a psychotherapist ramble like this. Ticks me off that I referred to her as a psychologist until my hubby informed me that she isn’t even that. She is just a psychologist’s assistant that can only practice under a psychologist’s supervision, I believe. So we all sat listening to babble from an uneducated assistant. What a crock!

    • Man finds 25 cal. Gun around hoover dam were Jodi supposed to got rid of the gun that she shot Travis with it is on a web page the man found wrap up thrown in a cactus an he found a 20 dollar bill near or around the gun an the gun had bullets in it all but 1 missing it was turn in to the authorities the authorities is checking the gun

  2. I agree with you cherry. I think everyone takes offense to this woman by now. She has zero credibility and it’s obvious she signed on for this solely to line her wallet. I hope we find out before Tuesday what is going on with her being dragged back into the court. The Judge did say it’s a top priority and gave her no choice, in fact, cut Alyce off by saying she didn’t want to hear about her personal problems. I noticed 3 members of Travis family crying at the same time this afternoon and I wonder what happened or was said that triggered the emotion because they have all been so stoic throughout this trial. It can’t be easy to hold yourself together for 3 months. I love seeing my favorite pitbull unleash on Alyce once again. She is so combative and I’m fed up with her. I hope Tuesday will be the last day she has to be seen by any of us. I hope whomever Wong is, it’s not a good friend of Arias, not that it would help her case at this point.

    • I wonder to sherry… What could have caused the judge to demand her to clear her days, she is still needed… I didn’t know Travis’s family was crying… That even adds more to the mystery.. But a couple of days ago, she actually had the nerve to walk up to his family and say something to them… I thought that was so wrong… Maybe she was telling them something Jodi said… She finds a way to get her point across…. And Jodi has a way to make people do things for her, including lying for her… She is Evil, just like Made always says, from the devil…

      • I think that is the reason she was called (ok demanded) back next week is for speaking to Travis’ sister. Either that or she’s in trouble for lying about testifying for men. Many are saying this trial will cost her career. Could to be tough to find clients who truly are/were abused wanting to hire her now. JMHO of course.

        • You should read the comments on amazon under her book… Over 1000 with 56 being favorable… She pretty ruin her career.

      • She said something like “Don’t take it personally” or “It’s not personal” to one of Travis’ sisters. I have no clue if that is true or not but apparently there is no question that she said something to her and that is illegal.

        • I hope she gets ripped a new one, they take some of the money back, and her word is disregarded.. I can dream can’t I? :)

  3. It’s funny if someone proves themselves a liar or fake, they also take on the image of a dullard to me. Let’s hope the jury sees through her.

  4. Miss La V is going to be having the squirts all weekend, thinking about Tuesdays serious matter that will be discussed! Maybe at this point the judge will advise the jury to disregard all of Miss La V’s testimony, since she royally screwed up when she went over to Travis Alexander’s sister and spoke to her! Also just wanted to comment that Miss Donovan is the grossest version of a woman I have ever seen in all my years, gross, scary and a complete embarrassment to all women!!!

      • I wonder if Travis’s family can sue her for lying on the stand and putting their brother’s name in jeopardy

        • From what was said she could only be sued for perjury. That is that it was proved she lied. Given the fact she is only giving her opinion I don’t see how that can happen.

            • According to the attorneys on HLN she is only giving an opionion and that isn’t slander. If she knowingly lied that that is perjury and is all that she could be prosecuted.

            • Even claiming she believed that saying Jodi sounded 12, liking her in braids, allegedly giving her spidey underpants & the alleged wacking off to a boy’s photo, shows he’s a pedophile? That’s protected?

            • Oh, but the “keynote speaker” and the “testifying in criminal court for 1 or 2 men” would be perjury, I would hope.

  5. LaViolette appears to have twenty-nine years of spouting that only only women are victims, excuse me survivors of abuse and men are the abusers.

      • I truly wonder how many lives of innocent men that ms. LaViolette has so biasly destroyed, how many innocent men are in prison or men almost permanently separated from the children they love because of such misandric testimony.

    • Ms. LaViolette would do well to read the papers written by a real researcher Dr., I re-iterate, DOCTOR Murry Straus of the Family Research Laboratory, University of New Hampshire.

  6. There is an article in the Huff Post that says Miss Alyce had to be taken to the emergency room over the social media outcry and bad press she was receiving…..sounds like a case of the guilts to me. If its that obvious to everyone on the outside Alyce, it will be just as obvious to the jurors as well.

      • Idk….from what I’m reading lately…she has lost a majority of her fan base if not all of them trying to distance themselves from her

        • Sadly, a lot of that seems to be based on thinking she sold out from a previous position of integrity, but looking at how she describes her own career, she has never been a credible student/professional in social sciences, but instead has made a career of cherry-picking factoids to build a “domestic violence context” that has almost no relationship to reality.

          • Yeah but she was pretty much under the radar until this high profile case…I don’t think she has never even written the words” high profile” never mind actually being in the definition of the word

            • Which is very sad. But hey, the concept wasn’t under the radar – read the book “Whores of the Court” for a real eye-opener about how these “experts” wormed their way into our justice system. It’ll make your hair stand on end!

      • You’re probably right Ms SH, she will put another chapter in the book, but I don’t think it will sell like she thought it would… At least I hope so.

    • I want to say, for the record, that I don’t hate her for taking a job as an expert for the defense – I believe in innocent-til-proven-guilty & a strong defense.

      What gets me so riled up about Ms Laviolette is that she is not an expert in this case or in any of her “professional” activities. She has an elastic notion of what history, facts & evidence are (as in whether/how she can fit them into her “domestic violence assessment”). Claiming to the court she was a “keynote speaker” & trying to weasel out of it by claiming there’s no difference between that and a “keynote breakout speaker” when the conference paperwork didn’t use the latter terms showed a deceptive attitude about facts that is disturbing in both an expert and a witness in court.

      Since she began working in the domestic violence field in the 1970, she’s never developed a falsifiable hypothesis, tested it, studied groups of the sorts of people who come to/get sent by courts to her (long term relationships with violence between male/female, w/ or w/o kids), compared to people who have relationships without violence or to people who experience violence once & end it for good. She’s never offered a study for peer review.

      But she does offer advice to police departments & social services providers & her opinions in courts (even if this is her first criminal case, there’s also civil court, which decides weighty issues like custody & restraining orders).

      And in this, what “expert” would a jury need after hearing Jodi herself having access to at least all the journals, texts/emails/IMs/recordings that Alyce had available? American adults have experience of romance, break ups & fights – this is not material that ordinary adults would not have experience to inform their view of the evidence. Someone being asked to explain such material to a jury of American grown-ups as an “expert” is ridiculous, and a person of integrity would turn down the job.

      • Trisha, thank you for wrapping up what Alyce’s career and influence have been lo these many years. A painful thought is that her influence through evaluations and conclusions in family issues has most certainly split families into shreds. I would be interested in reading a book about the families who were helped or harmed by her testimony or “reports”.

        • I think when she stumbled her words and called it what it was… A MURDER..she immediately looked at WILLBOT n got that look n she quickly amended her words

  7. I think these last couple of days have put a strain on Miss Va, her face looks worn out, and has a Down’s syndrome resemblance about her. Now that her credibility has gone to the dogs, compliments of Mr. M, maybe we will see her flipping burgers at Mc D’s just like the picture showed!

    • LOL…down syndrome face…that’s funny..I think her” anxiety” I’m sure SHE would attribute to Juan ABUSING her..hahaha

    • When I look in the face of Downs Syndrome child, I see pure love. Not at all what I see in Alyce’s face. Her had “agenda” written all over it. No the case with a Down’s child.

      • I did not intend to at all degrade or make fun of those sweet little ones.. I just read the previous post and got an image that not at all looked to me like one of those beautiful babies..

  8. I think it should have been a red flag when the defense limited her resources of information she could use. There were so many live people she could have spoken with to get a full picture of Jodi and Travis. The fact that she was willing to take this case on under those circumstances makes me doubt her integrity.

    • Did the attorneys limit what she could review, or did she just pick & choose what she wanted to review? Going by her descriptions of the history of Western European & Colonial & post-revolutionary American history in her “Gender Fairytales & Domestic Violence” video, it would not surprise me it Alyce thought there were things she didn’t need to see or read, and people she didn’t need to talk to.

      • I thought that in her cross with Martinez she said she was limited to what the defense gave her.

        • In cross witnesses are limited to the topics they were asked about on direct. My question goes back further in time – did the defense limit the materials given to Laviolette ( like only some of the journals/texts/IMs/etc. & tell her to talk only to Jodi, or did Laviolette decide to only talk to Jodi & only read certain things (it would be a similar issue to whether or not Samuels re-tested Jodi for PTSD after she gave up the ninja story (which he didn’t – he maintained his PTSD diagnosis still held even though the answers he based it on were what Jodi said about surviving a ninja attack that killed Travis)

          • I think they both had the same affliction for JA….just for the record.. I can’t bring myself to type her name so to me I will always only use her initials or skank..but back to my post…he is an old fat perv and she is an old fat I believe they both got taken in by somewhat, to a lesser degree, of what how she first ensnared Travis

  9. Martinez asked specifically if mz laviolette interviewed Travis….did you pick up on that questioning? I am trying to recall if it was
    before or after he asked the judge if they could approach, which he never does…..

  10. How could she not see “stalking”? Right out of the gate, and only a few months after meeting Travis, she “converted” to his religion. In a matter of months? This is a red flag right there.

    How about her wiggling into his house by way of the doggy door? Uninvited, unexpected, and then is found sleeping on his couch. This from testimony by Marie Hall that was placed in evidence.

    How about her access to his e-mails where she found out where he was, who he was with, and how often he dated? These episodes have “stalking” written all over it! But Alyce says not. This is when credibility hits the skids where all she has to offer is a hateful analysis against Travis whom she never knew nor had any interest in interviewing his friends and family.

    This woman was hired to simply bolster the domestic abuse theory and I could have done a better job than this “expert”!

    She is being held up to ridicule because of her own arrogance in suggesting that Jodi “did not lie”.

    • If they were interested in getting the TRUTH out there..they could of put up a legitimately abused woman to tell the REAL story of an abused woman instead of hiring someone who will say anything to get a paycheck and to make men look like they deserve to be mutilated

  11. Had to quit watching this spectacle this afternoon cuz I was this close to going postal on my TV outta sheer frustration!!

      • LMAO, even though my blood pressure spiked about 20 points! Can’t wait for the SNL spoof of all this, ya just know that’s brewing!

        • Yeah I see a SNL skit every time Jane Valez has her panel discussion. Could TOTALLY see Bobby Moynihan doing a Jon Liberman and that new chick can do the redhead with the crazy hair.

      • this is really funny! thanks for making me laugh! Bet she wishes she never went for a “catchy” title! Mr. Martinez isn’t the only one angry at her! :)

  12. Here is the latest motion for mistrial that has been filed, and in it one of the reasons for filing it is that Mr. Martinez was too mean to Laviolette and that the public acquired her phone number, has threatened her, has posted on social site about her, and the book reviews on Amazon. It also mentions the photos Mr. Martinez took with people outside the courtroom. I don’t think it will be granted just like the other gazillion motions for mistrial over the last couple of years were denied. But thought everyone would like to see the actual filing. If my posting this link is in error, then I do apologize and please feel free to delete it. Thanks in advance.

    • Thanks. This is why I think LaViolet is having to return–not to hold her accountable for her behavior, but to level charges against the prosecutor. I hope it’s not the case, but when LV was arguing with the judge about why it wouldn’t work for her to return Mon or Tues, she mentioned something about test results, and the judge cut her off. I’m concerned that she is trying to blame the prosecutor for her trip to the ER. I’m sad and shocked by her behavior in court and unwillingness to answer direct questions. It’s the job of the defense on re-direct to clear up whatever they feel was not fully explained on cross, and she would have done well to just answer the prosecutor and allow the process to work.

  13. Is their anyway the public can help stop jodi Aries making a movie with lifetime about Travis an her the movie is in the making she is telling her lies about Travis and their going make a movie on her words the Alexander family is hurting snuff over this lieing witch they are picking actors out for the movie is their anything we can do to stop this she has slander Travis snuff.

    • The attorney panel discussed this a couple of nights ago on HLN. She cannot profit from a book/movie, BUT, she can profit from her artwork, currently selling on Ebay. If the Alexander family sues her for wrongful death, that $$ can be diverted to the family. I’m sure the family is not about $$, but I hope that after the trial, they will decide that JA should not profit in ANY way from the slaughter of their family member.

  14. Sorry upset over what is on web site about movie THE Mispell word was ENUFF. Is their anyway the public can help stop jodi Aries making a movie with lifetime about Travis an her the movie is in the making she is telling her lies about Travis and their going make a movie on her words the Alexander family is hurting enuf over this lieing witch they are picking actors out for the movie is their anything we can do to stop this she has slander Travis enuff.

    • I feel like if Lifetime proceeds with this and its in Jodi;s version then the backlash will CRUSH them. And I will lead the charge if I have to. This online dot org petition thing was just a warning shot. Typically those petitions are a waste of time but it looks like in THIS case some good is being done.

      • On one of the sites it said they have already went an talk to this evil witch an they are pickling a lady out to play as jodi an it said the movie was giving her side story this worth less lieing spawn of Satan is getting rich for taken a innocent mans life. And hurting his family more an more they are wanting the girl from the client list to play the part of jodi why a movie producer would do this To his Family is an out rage.. why don’t that spawn of Satan go back to HELL were she came from .. she just sold a painting 3000 not counting all other ones was sold an tax papers has to pay for her ass spitting their losing bullshit

        • Sorry tax payers money an her sitting on her ass acting like she ant going to lose her ass.. she already sign stuff said when she is famous I’m sorry miss spelling of words been crying over her lies on Travis what all is on these sites

            • Yes you are right God is in control an he takes care of his children.. God will have justice for his child Travis. And the Alexander family. Your all so a blessing to Alexander family as well an Travis speaking the truth for the family and your kind words help me as well. God bless

            • I believe if lifetime does this, it’ll be the death of that network.. that’s why Casey Anthony didn’t have one made cuz no one would touch it..and I’m surely gonna do whatever I’d hafta do to keep that from happening…God bless Travis and the Alexander family

            • I would hope so too Cyn. But even so, if his family is not on board with it , then it should not be done.

            • Has anyone seen on hln were jodi stole an engagement ring from Travis he had got for a girl in a previous relationship jodi was jealous cause he still had the ring

            • Yeah I saw that. She is totally jealous. Could tell by the way she squirmed around in her chair when JM was saying she was jealous. Poor Travis was trying to do her broke ass a solid by letting her clean his house to work of the debt she owed him for ruining his car and this is how she repays him. He should have told that skank to kick rocks. She lied about the loan that she said he asked her for too. I bet he was just asking her to pay him what she owed him (like in that text) and he prolly called her selfish because she pleaded poverty to him yet goes and gets Brazilians and strawberry latte whatever at Starbucks and feels entitled to take vaca after vaca complete with rented vehicles n such. A sometimes employed server affording to go on trip after trip like that? In this economy? Thats a server that aint paying their bills. Thats a broke down hussie livin with granny lookin for a meal ticket.

          • I think any money made off anything this three hole wonder makes should be automatically applied to her legal fees! Why is she getting a free lawyer and expensive experts when she’s making money to live comfortably in jail? That is just not right, and I don’t see how she should be able to get away with that. She shouldn’t be allowed to have a twitter account, either!

            I’d bet the old witch on the witness stand wanted an extra day off to talk to the lawyers to get her story straighten out.

            Also, I wish the prosecutor had brought up the fact that most men are not going to file any kind of charges of stalking, violence, and things of that nature against a woman. In fact, I feel that even if they did file papers, the laws would just poo poo it, because most men do think they can defend themselves a woman! I’m sure Travis had no idea just how crazy she actually was to use a knife and a gun, and thought he could handle her with ease. My sister(she’s passed away now) divorced her abusive husband, and he came to her house a few times. She was barely five foot tall, weighed maybe a hundred pounds, and the ex was over six foot tall and weighted about 250 pounds. He started raising hell and she told him he better get out of her house before she hurt him. He ignored her, and boy, she socked him as hard as she could in his nose….he had blood dripping everywhere, he was whining and crying….then he went to the law and filed charges on her, and she was arrested! Best money we ever spent bailing her out of jail, I was so proud of her, and I’m sure the laws got a good laugh out of his big ole ass with a bloody nose and the little bitty woman who did it!

      • Can someone explain why some posts are in a straight line..holy canoli..damn near went blind reading em;)

      • Lifetime has the movie about finished Tania Ramonde us playing jodi Aries in the movie they making a cold blood murder famous and making Travis’ death a joke this is Outrageous God Bless Travis and the Alexander Family how. Can someone do this to him and his family..

    • Please see my post above regarding her ability to make $$…NO WAY according to attorneys and AZ law.

  15. i think this “expert” has set back women’s rights a hundred years. why oh why is this allowed?

  16. I was on the web site support Travis Alexander their is a gentlemen post a comment said jodi Aries posted a picture Travis a body bag he is asking for it be taking off the site an its on her sight of jodi Aries innocent. Why is this witch getting by with inter net her on web page for her paintings an doing this to Travis an his family were is the remorse for the family.

  17. It seems the only way to “correct” these issues is in fact to have a made for TV movie from Travis point of view. Show how an innocent young man can be pressured into say he was a virgin when he was not and how when he was introduced to a sexual deviant that he could get caught up in it. In my opinion he was just telling her what he knew she wanted to hear. When he realized what kind of person she really was he tried to get out of the relationship. Jodi would have no part of rejection. I also believe it was all of her past that culminated with Travis. The movie could also address how there are whores who live off the justice system. I don’t understand why the prosecution doesn’t introduce a psychologist to contradict Laviolette’s testomy.

    Your vids are great. For more humor on the trial try this guy’s assesment it is hilarious.

  18. It’s all so unfortunate, so very very tragic from all angles. I’ve been reading and watching the trial since the beginning trying to make some sense of it, in all of it’s context(s)…. It just hit me, how fortunate it’s been to have a loser like AL testify for the defense. For me it’s a win-win. The first point being that she has set the defense in an absolute “tailspin backpedal” that’s tough to get out of. I think Jodi’s fate is sealed, at least I’m hoping.
    The second point, much more personal, is that perhaps Mr. Martinez has set a template for others to follow in the future. 15 years ago I faced a similar individual in a custody dispute / evaluation.. I was roasted, literally, by a self professed expert who was able to craftily dismiss any and all manipulations and abuses by my ex, and at the same time portray me as a controlling aggressor. I’m not alone, I know…thousands like me, good Dad’s, non-violent men who are in love with their children…destroyed by an archaic system the waves the high moral flag of “best interest of the child”, using the Alyce Laviolette’s of the world to put the stamp of approval on it.

    • I feel for ya MIke. In fact every time AL brings up all her work in domestic courts , all I see is a whole bunch of damaged children in her wake. In criminal court she cant literately re-kill the victim(although they have tried) but in domestic court I am sure she has left masses of walking wounded. I hope any dad she has testified against has the courts take a second look at his case.

    • Every time I hear stories of “mothers” that are willing to lie just to beat their spouse in court I am reminded of Solomon. One day, Mike, your kids will know. Sad part is they will be damaged(torn in two) by the lies.

      • The girls are on their own…. We’re no longer compatible however, at least much beyond an occasional FB ‘hello’ and maybe a catch up email. Too much continuing damage, too many miles, widely divergent beliefs and tolerances…I love them, of course, but a close relationship at the Christmas feast wasn’t meant to be for us….a shame, too.

        • I am sorry to hear that but that is what I was talking about when I said damage. Such heart-carnage. Keep trying. Keep loving. Its all you can do at this point.

        • I’m sorry for that Mike… My brother went through the same thing with his ex wife… She took him to the cleaners… The kids sided with their mom, they had to or here all the crap shed throw at him… Soon they were reporting everything that went on in his home.. The kids would call him filthy names… He loved them so much.. One time his daughter said F you, and he washed her mouth out with soap… She called her mother, she called the police, and he was thrown in jail… I know your pain. My brother died 4 years ago on Christmas Day, brain cancer…. Only 48 years old…. I miss him.. What they did was so wrong…. We the family, not his kids, paid for the funeral, and his ex wife plopped her ass down and acted like she was the star of the show… I didn’t give her the Time of day, none of us did… I will never forget what she did to him…I have forgiven never forget it…

          • Wow that is hard, holding your tongue at the funeral. Golly days that happens sooo much at funerals and it just exasperates the pain. I think funeral directors should take special courses dealing with just that thing. Its sooo much bigger than who sits where and the directors should usher the “dont belong theres” elsewhere with no fuss no muss. So sorry to hear about your brother.

            • It was hard Made.. All I can say, is that we take care of our own… And can hold our heads high… We took care of our brother… Didn’t make a scene, bit our tongues.. And let it go…

    • I know Mike.. I’m sooo sorry that you had to go thru that…I hope your children know what a great Dad they have and.. KARMA IS A BITCH..God bless you and yours

    • How about jodi drawing a picture of tanisha Travis sister when willmott was question demarte an calling her a bitch… jodi is staking Travis family in front of the judge jury an lawyers what the hell she going get away with next

  19. Angie I like Jody cuz it goes with grody. Childish, but so is grody I mean Jodi. Lol. I heard that about the gun. I guess those freaks who say there was another murderer were wrong …unless the Mormon conspirators ran there and left the gun to seal her fate..

    • Skanky stabby ass grody Jody… lol .. she dam psycho she draw picture Travis sister in court while willmott was question demarte an then willmott said what a bitch grody smiled look at Travis sister you pick perfect name for that

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