TRAVIS ALEXANDER… THE JODI ARIAS TRIAL: Stalking of Travis… Jennifer Wilmott Redirect of Alyce LaViolette… Alyce LaViolette’s CV; Associate’s Degree In PhysEd… UPDATE: Jodi Tweeting From Jail Cell!… Next Witness To Verify Phone Sex Audio

The Jodi Arias trial will resume Thursday at 10:30 am AST… 1:30 pm EST.  

The next witness for the defense will be the computer expert who verified the phone sex audio.


Watch on your HLN channel or live stream via

UPDATE:  Jodi Arias is using a twitter account to vent her feelings!

But how can Jodi Arias use Twitter from jail?She does it through this woman — Donavan Bering — a close friend Jodi talks to almost every night on the phone.

Donavan Bering was sitting with Jodi’s mother in court today.


“She’ll call and say ‘I have a quote.’ We’ll talk about it. Sometimes she says ‘let’s tweet.’ And then she’ll say ‘no let’s not do it.’”

Through Donavan, Jodi has been using Twitter to go after prosecutor Juan Martinez.

Tweeting, “Hmm… Anger Management problems anyone?” — “He who tries to establish his point by much yelling shows that his reasoning is weak.” And — “Those afflicted with Little Man’s Syndrome taint society’s perception of genuinely good men who happen to be vertically challenged.”

She went after HLN’s famous court watcher Nancy Grace. When Grace tweeted a picture of her that appeared to show her making an obscene gesture with her hand in court, she tweeted, “Actually Nancy, that finger was for you. Have a nice day.” And “HLN is an acronym for Haters Love Negativity.”

“I think it’s a way of her getting out her frustration, because she doesn’t have a chance to say much,” explains Donavan.

But she also uses Twitter to further what appears to be a healthy business selling her art from behind bars.

Jodi tweeted, “eBay has banned all listings of my artwork. The silver lining in making my art more difficult to obtain is that it keeps increasing in value.”   MORE from

jodi  Juan Martinez has a smile on his face… probably the ONLY smile he can muster in questioning the “non-biased” domestic violence “expert” Alyce LaViolette.  


Today is Ms. LaViolette’s ninth day on the stand.  

jodi alyce education

According to Alyce’s 20-page CV... she received her her Associate’s Degree in “physical education.”  Alyce started out wantin’ to be a gym teacher!!  Then she switched to another “easy” path back in 1969… Psychology.

Wilmott’s redirect of Alyce…

Jodi and Jennifer = JODDIFER

Joddifer are wearing pastels today…



























There IS a similarity between Prosecutor Juan Martinez… and Spy v Spy!

spy v spy







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226 comments on “TRAVIS ALEXANDER… THE JODI ARIAS TRIAL: Stalking of Travis… Jennifer Wilmott Redirect of Alyce LaViolette… Alyce LaViolette’s CV; Associate’s Degree In PhysEd… UPDATE: Jodi Tweeting From Jail Cell!… Next Witness To Verify Phone Sex Audio

  1. Joddifer, ain’t that the truth… I love a happy word, inside this dark trial.. Thank you Ms SH…

  2. I feel so sorry for Travis Alexander’s family. Sitting through this BS, day after day. They look exhausted. I pray that they get justice for Travis.

    • I hope they get Justice too… That bitch should be killed if she isn’t prosecuted the right way. That would be Justice. We need Vigilantes.

    • I am sick that people kill others and don’t get what they deserve or get off like Casey Anthony. The jurors inl that case should have been harassed and hopefully KARMA will come around and they will experience bad things in their life for not giving JUSTICE TO THAT LITTLE BABY GIRL CAYLEE… I honestly can not stand the justice system and people should not be able to decide what happens. Everyone should have the right to say what should happen to a killer not just 12 people picked…. I am old school and I believe hanging should be brought back…. We should take justice in our own hands.

        • Yeah, vigilantes…that’s the solution, right? NOT! pffttt. There’s nothing wrong with the legal system other than it is so clogged that nothing moves quickly. As for Casey Anthony, I’m pretty amazed that the general public thinks they know more than the jurors in that case did. They heard all the testimony, saw the evidence, lived that trial each day and found that there was not enough evidence to convict Anthony. Was it shoddy investigation? Then blame the police. Was it shoddy prosecution? Then blame the prosecutor. Don’t blame the jury. Its their job to weight the evidence put before them, not to invent it and/or color it to fit a verdict which suits the general public that has no real knowledge or experience with the legal system. Certainly there’s a dead innocent baby in that family however, I think that Anthony’s dad is really the culprit.

          • Well said, Rose Chimera.The only thing I differ with you about is that at this point is that I think the evidence is so thin I really couldn’t say with any certainty who did it. If evidence came out that proved for sure Casey did it, I would not be surprised. If evidence came out that showed for sure someone else did it, I would not be surprised.

            • Trish I agree with you. In essence, nothing would surprise me about that case. I think its clear/obvious to everyone that family is dysfunctional to put it mildly.

        • OCwoman, I agree. Our system is about having enough evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. If a prosecutor brings a case to trial without it, it’s on that prosecutor, especially considering there’s no statute of limitations on murder & the prosecutor could wait to bring charges until there is more and more solid evidence.

  3. I know this a death penalty case, but I still do DO NOT understand why this defendant gets a 1.5 million dollar trial at taxpayers expense. At least O.J paid for his own.

    • If I were a resident of Arizona, I would be damn If I would pay for this murdering whores defense… She should have been given a court appointed attorney and had no other option. Honestly, I am so serious, I would start a petition “NOT PAYING FOR THE MURDERING JODI ARIAS COURT DEFENSE”……. SERIOUS

      • That’s not a court appointed attorney?? Why does she have anything other than court appointed when other people wouldn’t? Somebody, please, inform me.

        • It is my understanding that they are court appointed through the public defenders office. I believe they need attorneys qualified for a death penalty case.

          • My understanding is that Willmott & Nurmi are in private practice but agreed to take this case under the auspices of the public defenders office. Somebody has to do it.

            But that doesn’t mean that that/those somebody/somebodies have to bring in “experts” like Samuels & Laviolette who are willing to twist the facts to fit their pet theories PTSD without being physically abused, men-abusers/women-victims, respectively) & say anything to try to make every single fact, statement or IM fit the defense theory of the case. Gross.

            • Not sure if this is important but i was just wondering…I noticed a digital clock of some sort over under the court clerks(???) desk. The one that is facing the jury box. Have you noticed that? It looks like its keeping time down to the second. Is it tabulating all court hours for this case? Does anyone know its function?

              • I’ve noticed that clock, also. Pretty large digits, too. It seems to be aimed at the Jury. I would get distracted.

    • I try to look at it that that money pays a lot of people’s salaries – investigators, lab personnel, office staff.

      Also, it’s not a bad thing that we have vigorous criminal defenses, since it makes us have better prosecutors, like Juan Martinez.

  4. so true, sad to see them in the court day after day…A Lyce (that’s what I call her).a At this point it looks A lyce is trying to save her reputation,credibility that’s why she is not giving a straight answer & Mr. Martinez has to go to & forth with the same question

    • Which only shreds her credibility – if you won’t grant that today is Tuesday or the sky is blue – especially when it’s a point that doesn’t hurt Jodi’s case or conflict with your “domestic violence” agenda, it would sound more credible to agree once in a while.

      Laviolette is an example of why we should consider having expert witnesses the way France does – instead of a defense psychologist & a prosecution psychologist, or a defense engineer & a prosecution engineer, the judge in France appoints a court expert (psychologist, engineer, whatever). The whole idea of having expert witnesses who are hired after-the-fact to opine on events they did not witness was originally sold to the American justice system as an aid for juries to understand things they might not encounter in their everyday lives – which is another reason Laviolette shouldn’t even be there, it’s not like the jurors have no experience with romance, jealousy, ex-lovers – the jury is from Phoenix, not planet Vulcan!

  5. She shot him in the closet? I missed this in the beginning. Oh my…..the bricks are crumbling. I can only imagine how many questions the jury is gonna have.

    • And it appears that Laviolette doesn’t realize that Jodi testified in court to shooting him in the bathroom – and that the shell is in the bathroom.

      • Thank you! I didn’t even get to watch a huge portion of today’s testimony and it just seems to slip thru ….THIS IS BIG SH**. I know my man Mr. Martinez is leaving this for the big closing statements. LaViolette had this in her notes… is a huge smoking gun….it is a conflict. The killer spent details telling all of us about shooting him in the bathroom. She showed us her detail by detail of the “incident” IN THE BATHROOM! Here we have obviously a BIASED WITNESS and a LIAR and MURDERER….they even have lunch after trial to “fix” their stories.

        • Juan was very cool about it & only mentioned it once – I don’t think Alyce knows Jodi testified differently.

          He’s my hero!

          • Willmott did re-direct about the shooting location & knife on the nightstand & Alyce is walking back from it – Lav’s all “it was just my notes, not necessarily what Jodi said”

            What kind of expert just writes down facts that were not told to the expert by the person the expert is questioning? Why ask questions at all if you’re gonna write “knife on nightstand” whether or not Jodi said it? And why is Willmott getting her *expert* to say on the stand that this is how loosely she treats facts – and this helps the defense HOW?

  6. I can’t watch this trial anymore…….I’m SO glad you have been posting blogs about it, SH! I read them every day so I can keep up with what’s going on. I pray that the jury comes to a unanimous decision……this “woman” killed Travis in cold blood & has absolutely NO remorse! She makes me sick!

    • You are so right…today when defence lawyer started off I stopped watching I was thinking how these people can talk on behalf of a cold blooded killer….I just can’t watch Alexander’s family siting there & listening to A Lyce’ lies…..

      • I’ll tell you how the defense witness can talk on behalf of a killer – Alyce says she only deals in “patterns.” Jodi only viciously killed Travis once, so, no pattern. voila.

        She makes me soooo sick. If you haven’t seen her “Snow White Video” – I wrote a synopsis on an earlier page on this site.

      • But at least in this case we have photos – plus listening to the juror questions, it’s obvious they recognize that Jodi did it & lied about it.

  7. I pray to God the jury doesn’t have a ton of questions, although I love their questions Malyce takes forever to answer. This could go on and on and on. Jodi sits there exuding supreme confidence and smug cockiness, she gives herself away. She doesn’t exhibit any signs of a victim suffering from low self esteem. Jodi your day of reckoning will come. May your journey to Hell be rapid, and your stay eternal fraught with agonies.

    • AMEN havikgrayla, and from what they say, she is always in trouble in jail. If I were an inmate in the same jail, I would make her face look like mush…

    • I heard they do have a lot of questions – but that’s good, if they’re like the ones Jodi had to answer.

        • LOL – I think her problem is that she doesn’t believe in facts, so she can’t answer yes or no.

  8. I see Jodi switched back to parting her hair opposite of Jennifer’s. twinkies forever… It’s Jodie’s way… She gets way to close to people she knows… She scares the sh*t out of me… She’s sneaky, can you imagine taking to Travis about this woman, and find her listening behind the door… And then telling her to leave your home, and Jodi acting like nothing is wrong, and she won’t leave.. Normal people don’t do this kind of crap… She will strike again, she’s pure evil….

    • I heard one of Travis’ friends say on TV that he’d come home from dates, get into his bedroom, open his closet & find Jodi in the closet wanting to ask him about his date.

      • Wow, I didn’t hear that one… Like I have said, she’s so creepy, scary, and such a liar… I would have freaked out seeing her in the closet… She sure likes his closet, doesn’t she.

        • I know she’s got a thing about closets – and she re-uese lies – too. He body-slammed her *twice* – he chased her down the hall from the bathroom before (that’s how she knew she couldn’t outrun him from the bathroom – was he also wet & barefoot the previous time? Huh?). Two cheating boyfriends were revealed by two female finking them out to her during restaurant shifts. Early in his last day, a disk of vacation photos is damaged & he attacks, then when she drops the camera in the bathroom, he attacks her.

          She never met a lie she wouldn’t try to use twice.

          • It seems like all of Jodi’s boyfriends cheat and dump her. I would not be surprised if it was more often only cheating in her mind, because they had actually dumped her but she refused to accept it. She has a pattern of not letting go until she finds a new victim.

            • And she always finds out they cheat because some woman she doesn’t know seeks her out at the restaurant where she works, during her shift, to rat them out.

              I hope on re-direct, Juan brings in Bianca – I would love to hear how constructive it was to have Jodi show up for a little talk.

  9. Juan made a great move when he read the text that Travis wrote to Jodi just a week before she killed him where he said something like “you’re evil. You are the worst thing to ever happen to me.” Then, the pic of Travis dead in the shower is shown. Doesn’t that say it all? She was definitely the worst thing to ever happen to him. And, he was right about the evil as well.

  10. Come on Nancy Grace and Jenkasaurus…..tell me how she explains to her expert witness she shot him in the closet and did a whole re-enactment that she shot him in the bathroom……I feel like MP now with her kicking the dog wanting answers…..

  11. Hi everyone – I think Juan did a great job finishing Laviolette off today – couldn’t believe Willmott went back over the “Keynote Speaker” issue – the conference paperwork didn’t call her a keynote breakout speaker (which might make what’s on her resume possibly a less odious form of padding a resume she was giving to a court of law – not that I think it would, but maybe some might)

    I have a question for all of you. I’ve heard Laviolette in both her “Snow White” video and in court, at least 5 different times make reference to “the silent treatment” as a form of behavior used to “punish” an intimate partner. Maybe I’m just too sheltered, but I’ve only ever heard of “the silent treatment” in mid-20th century sitcoms. Have any of you every suffered/witnessed “the silent treatment”? I’m dying to know.

    • Yes I have heard of the silent treatment… When my husband gets mad at me, he gives me the silent treatment… I use to get so angry at him.. Over the years I laugh at it know.. We’ve been married 38 years… He did this to me last week… Over candy crush… It’s a game… He even goes to the extreme of not eating what I cook.. But sneaks in the frig when I go to bed…. I have called him out on this… It’s so funny… We love each other so it’s no big deal…. Adds spice…. :)

      • Thanks, shelagh5, You’re the first person I’ve heard of who has experienced it (so far). My husband (19 yrs) hadn’t even hear of it – I had to explain it to him!

        I suspect, it’s not that it happens all the time, but that Lav just uses the same example all the time, either because she doesn’t have that many examples from her professional experience to use, or she thinks it’s a “catchy” example the way “Snow White” was a “catchy title.”

        Oh, and it just occurred to me about Snow White – would would have taught her to be a passive victim? Her mom is dead, no teaching there. Would Snow trust anything the Evil Queen wants to teach her? Her being nice makes the Huntsman not want to kill her, so that’s actually a useful attribute. She’s helpful around the house/shack for the dwarves, another useful skill – helpfulness.

        • LMAO, isn’t it funny… Do they really think that they are getting us.. At first it bothered me, but now its so funny… I love when they think we don’t know they eat… I actually showed my husband what I said this morning, he just laughed and said,, yep, I do… Even the kids would laugh at him.. It’s all fun… :)

      • my ex gave me the silent treatment for the entire 9 months I was pregnant with our last child. I guess he thought I had control over getting pregnant….who knows? that’s one of many reasons he’s my ex.

        • I don’t mind my husband doing this… It’s only for a day or so, but nine months, I understand… Actually it’s kinda like him gone hunting, a break! I’m Irish, I like the fight, he won’t fight, he rather be quiet… I still love him… I’m glad you got rid of him Cherry

          • lol….I prefer a good fight to the silent treatment any day. You get it out there, deal with and it’s over. With the silent treatment you wind up with unresolved issues. While I hated not keeping my family together for the sake of the kids, it was the best thing I could have done.

            • You were to good for him Cherry, I know you were.. Kids are ok when they don’t have to but up with what he dished to you…. :)

              • you’re too kind miss shelagh. I always feel better having interacted with you. Kudos to ms SH for being the creator of this awesome site. I know many of us have helped each other and been helped by others during tough times as well. (yall know who you are and thank the Lord there are still good souls out there)

            • If it makes you feel any better I stayed with my Ex for the kids until they were grown. In the long run it did more harm than good and they are all dealing with the issues I left behind me in the divorce. The one regret I have is that I didn’t leave much earlier and shown them a different way of life.

              • Thanks to you too Cyn. I know you’ve had your share of troubles and despite them you remain a kind, caring, honest person. You have always had my sincere respect and I’d bet money your kids feel the same. Most of us are just doing the very best we can with what we’ve been given and that is certainly your m.o. my friend.

              • Cherry and cyn… I admire you both…youre very strong, and I know great parents… This site I have met many, and some have become like family to me… We have shared a lot… Both of you, I consider friends.. We might not have met, but it feels like family… Thank you both… For all you do for me, and many others.. I only pray I do say something that makes you listen, smile, and enjoy my company also… :)

              • I love our cult… It’s pretty cool..
                I never knew I was a cult member, do I have to cut my finger or something.. :)

              • We just use our sharp wits and tongues. Then MP puts it all together in a video. Waaa Laaa Bonded forever.

              • awe….reading all yall’s interchange made me teary eyed, capped off with chills from pileys video. I like considering each of you a quiet angel. It’s funny how the goodness in people can come across even over the net and lift us up when we need it.

  12. I hope I am remembering this testimony correctly…….Travis sent Jodi a text on May 28 telling her she is the worst thing to happen to him. Her Grandpa’s gun went missing that day.

    • Yes he did, it was the last thing that Juan left the jury with.. Of course they defense is going to say he wasn’t, but it was in the email..

      • Actually, worse than that – Alyce says that since it’s words & not behavior, (the “you’re the worst thing that ever happened to me” & the text when he told the other girl he was very afraid of Jodi, aren’t “behavior” just words & she’d have to see behavior to believe Travis was afraid. Well, Jodi’s behavior proved she is someone to be afraid of.

    • I hope so too. Would be so sweet if Martinez points that out and then ends his closing with “Travis testified in court during this trial in the form of his text message when you come back from your deliberation tell the defendant you agree with Travis, find her guilty!” as the text straight from Travis himself is displayed larger than life on the overheard. Also he NEEDS to get that kicked puppy incident in there… maybe in penalty phase.

      • And that Ms Alice said that Jodi told her Travis was shot in the closet…. I pray that the jurors caught this and will explore this further… And I hope that Jennifer is done with her cross, she is so long winded, and Alice might be recharged today… She looked and sounded tired at the end of her day… At least we have a Friday this week… And from now on… I think nancy grace said the defense is putting on another witness… Someone that is going to talk about the recorded conversations between Jodi and Travis… Pffft.

        • Juan has her notes in which Alyce wrote in her own handwriting that Jodi told her that. I’m sure this is why Juan spent so much time with Alyce on the subject of whether she believed Jodi.

            • Yes she did Cyn…. This witness has made a few big mistakes… She actually looks to the defense for answers… Weird… I think at this point they are trying to save her from the death penalty.. I don’t think it’s a bad idea… Let her rot in public population… I don’t think ther prisoners would like her popularity, in fact, they will hate it…

              • Yesterday, Juan actually had to tell her to stop looking to the left (toward Willmott) before answering questions.

        • So frustrating listening to her trasparent backtracking on the gun in the closet thing today. She said it was her job to assess the relationship so the details of the crime itself was was inconsequential to her. YET she turns right around and is asked about the knife on the nightstand. My question would be WHY was she even asking Jodi (and writing it in her notes!) about that detail if such things don’t matter to her?
          loved Juan’s objection about “when Jodi decided to tell the truth” Love that the judge sustained it. This judge knows Jodi is guilty. And whenever possible she does try to cut out da defense’s bullcrap spin.

          • Not to mention she uses Travis not writing down specifically that he was afraid of Jodi as evidence that he wasn’t, but when he did write “You (Jodi) are the worst thing that ever happened to me” Lav sais it’s “only” writing & not behavior so it doesn’t count.


            • Exactly.In fact I am starting to think that during that last texting/im session “diatribe’ as Alyce calls it that Jodi didnt call Travis and warn him to watch his mouth and play him a bit of that recorded phone sex tape. This might have been what prompted his “you have hurt me wore than my father’s death” line. Its just sumpin to think about because Jodi made it a point in her doctored journals to say ” I have never played that recording for him” So in Jodiland , to me, that means that she had. And I would think she probably played it for him right after her threatened to tell people about how crazy she was. And THAT could have been what he was referring to when he said “you are the worst thing that has ever happened to me”
              With that in mind, its easy to see how Travis would try to placate her with contact knowing what she had over him.

              • How does the defense get away with continually referring to that message as a “diatribe”? They call it that all the time, as if it’s the title of that piece of writing.

          • Ms Alice is such a man hater…. I just can’t understand how someone can sit there, say that Jodi does not lie, and see they eyes of his family looking right at her… How can she sleep at night… I hope she is haunted with their eyes…Jennifer is just as guilty.. I know it’s her job, but she is in this because she totally is getting into Jodi… She’s done, now we can here which way the jurors go…amen…

            • I agree. Cant wait to hear what they have for her. I know it aint gonna be favorable. It cant be. She is annoying. And remember most men on the jury are older so, like I have said before, they lived through the bra burning days and the laViolette type is prolly most unsavory to them. I hope.

            • I know – that’s why, even though she’s getting $300/hr, which is a lot of money – I don’t think it’s about the money with her. I think she’s a True Believer & the only reason she made a couple of weak mentions of male victims (in all her days & days of testimony) is that she was told by the attorneys to make it sound less gender specific Victim-ess v. He-Batterer all the time.

          • I wonder what Ms Alice had to say to the sisters and brother of Travis… Someone said she spoke to them… How could she do that.. There is nothing she could say to make it alright… Their brother was murdered, and you are taking to them… I just couldn’t… I would have decked her..

            • me too. She is basically calling them potential abusers too since they also grew up in same environment. She is deplorable. And ANY man she testifies against in custody issues needs to have his case reevaluated. Sickening too is that even her counseling of “men who batter” is at tax payers expense. Her and Dr Sophony same/same…’cept one of em like da peen and the other one “isnt an expert” on orgasms yet she can state that Jodi faked hers just cause Jodi said so.

              • I love how you get to the point… I’m sure when this trial is over we will find out what she said… Until then, we just stew… She is trashing him already… Do you think she is one sided… Hmm… She isn’t taking everything into consideration, she has Jodi sickness…I honestly can’t stand this woman!

              • yes she is very one sided. When she said she would ask JM to take a time out if he was in her group” I would have given ANYTHING if JM would have popped back with “oh, so have you diagnosed the prosecutor as abusive now?” It would get stricken I am sure but sooooo worth it for the jury to hear. Cant unring that bell as they say.

              • No kidding Made.. I thought that he should have sat in his chair and asked her permission to continue…

              • There was that one point where she blathered on to a yes/no question, and he leaned against the desk with his arms crossed & said, “Are you done now or do you have more to day?”

                Loved it!

              • Yeah that was my favorite part. Shows how boring she can get thought dont it? any lil bit of a jab from him and I perk right up

              • yup – when Juan, with a single remark or question, tears apart the “domestic violence context” web of La-shrinking-violette, it makes all the wading thru the blather worth while.

          • I think she’s in trouble with the judge, she did something to Travis family, and made them cry..

  13. Joddifer! LMAO! Those two are morphing into the same being. I wonder who Jodi will try to be next…

    I’m glad there are updates here on this trial.

    • They sure are Chem, I do believe its planned… There are two things I look forward to in this trial, ok 3. Listening to Juan… I think he is remarkable.. What Joddifer is going to wear, it’s the one thing amusing in this trial… And a guilty verdict…

      • Is it just me, or does Willmott have a strong resemblance to Jodi’s mom? Jodi dresses like Willmott, but look at Willmott’s face & glasses, picture wavier hair & voila, it’s Mama Arias

  14. She’d hide out wanting to know about his other dates? I think they spell that S*A*D* . I guess if she was able to recognize that stalking someone is a key sign something is wrong with you, she wouldn’t be stalking to start with. Sill, you have to wonder what she thinks she’s gained. ? Even if she convinced herself that she stalked him because of love, he’s dead at her hands so… ?? As much as I love the study of psychology (the real subject not the stuff you make up as you go to excuse someone like Jodi), it still amazes me that someone would throw their own life away & never question the REAL reason why. I know deep down , in her own mind she’s totally convinced it’s Travis’ fault , just like all these types are. But , she threw her life in the dumper also. Of couse I guess if you’re stalking someone who doesn’t seem to really care for you, you’re life was in the dumper anyway.

    • I think that Jodi is so focused on getting what she wants in a particular moment – like, for example, total revenge on Travis for dating other girls – that she doesn’t stop to think what effect that attaining the goal would have on her life. Like, total revenge on Travis means no more Travis to boink, no more Travis to follow around, no more freedom for Jodi.

  15. I love it how after Juan ends with the devastating quote from Travis about Jodi being the worst thing that’s ever happened to him – and the dead-in-the-shower photo), WIllmott goes into the “keynote speaker” thing. Really? You’re witness was caught padding the resume she submitted to the court, which was long enough ago that some jurors might have even forgotten, but you’re gonna argue that point again? It’s not like the materials from the conference called her a “keynote breakout speaker” & she just put “keynote speaker” on her resume, someone else is the keynote speaker & the program didn’t use the term “keynote breakout speaker” at all.

    I like to go to a conference every year about brain/psychology science & they have a keynote speaker at the opening of the event, several other speakers during the 4-day event, and each afternoon, breakout groups – and the breakout groups don’t have a speaker, that’s the part when we participants discuss what the speakers talked about (the keynote isn’t followed by a breakout like this, since it’s the “keynote” – sort of an overview of what we’re going to cover)

  16. Here’s another thing laviolette said that shreds her credibility – it was about the Bianca episode. Laviolette said she thought Jodi was very mature going to talk with her instead of doing “other things” like maybe writing a note or something, and that it wasn’t a “confrontation” – even though Jodi used that word at some point.

    Can you imagine if the genders were reversed – would La-shrinking-violette think it’s so mature for a guy to go unannounced to the home of a lover’s new guy that he’d never met before for “a little talk”/confrontation?!

    Even though I think Judge Judy is often a little harsh, I think she has it really right on one issue, when your lover cheats, it is the lover, not the person the lover cheats with, who has broken trust with you, it’s the cheating lover that owes you an explanation, not they’re new hook up. And any time you are going to someone else’s house to “ask for” an explanation, you are in the wrong.

  17. Yes, I’ve never understood why so many want to blame the other female (or male) in that person’s life. The other one may not even know the person is cheating (they may believe the person has no one in her/his life) but they aren’t they ones telling lies. It’s the partner/spouse that comes up with stories to cover their time away. The other person is just seeing someone. & again may be totally unaware they aren’t totally free .

    • Exactly! How often do you watch “Cheaters” & the new person has no idea they’re with someone who is married/living with the person who hired Cheaters?

      If you’re gonna have a “talk” with someone about cheating, it should be with the person who is actually cheating on you. Even if the other lover knows you exist (and hasn’t been told you’re an ex, or a stalker, or just a friend), they didn’t promise you anything.

  18. Yesterday Willmott had Laviolette explain that Travis wasn’t afraid since he sent her an “I love you” message on New Years (ahem, is that not *before* the “you’re the worst thing that’s ever happened to me” message?), slept with her, etc., during the months leading up to the murder. Plus, he did tell her to leave him alone.

    Who has theories on why Travis might not have been actually hiding from Jody, & why contact continued? (mine is he was afraid & did not want her to know how afraid he was because it might make her want to escalate even more)

    • Sorry but I think that he is like most men and thought with his penis instead of his head. I imagine he thought Jodi was moving on since she was dating someone else and he would be off the hook.

  19. Now Willmott is questioning Lav about the shooting being in the closet & the knife being on the nightstand & Lav is no claiming that she wasn’t so much concentrating on facts as just writing stuff down – as if facts are unimportant in a murder trial!!! Again, Alyce has only a tangental relationship with facts. I don’t know why seh even bothers writing notes at all.

    Just before that, Lav said, about the mission to get Bianca alone in her room at Crate Lake, that she (Lav) was “looking at issues of domestic violence in a context of domestic violence” She says Miss Arias was “direct, not hostile” & that Lav saw no evidence of further contact or harassment later on (from what she heard fro Jodi & Matt… whatever you do, don’t disrupt your “domestic violence context” by asking Bianca!)

    • If willmott had an ounce of smarts, she would get Lav off the stand! She wouldn’t be prolonging this.

  20. According to Lav, there’s nothing in Travis’ journals about fearing Jodi.

    Well, I was stalked for 2 years in my 20s, & I never wrote any journal entries about fearing the guy or about the stalking per se.

    • That is true Trish. I was also stalked when I was 19, by an ex. I had a restraining order for I believe 2 yrs. I never wrote it anywhere, I didn’t even tell a lot of people because it was stressful and embarassing.

      • Sorry to hear that, kelli

        Plus even when Travis did write things down like, I dunno, Jodi’s the wort thing that ever happened to me, Lav looks for ways to disregard what he wrote.

        Oh, can you believe they’re trying – again – to get the spidey-pants to look like evidence that Travis was a pedophile (which it is obvious he was NOt & I feel bad for his family that Lav, Willmott & Nurmi would trash him like that to defend a lying, violent, vicious skank like Jodi…..ok, feel a little better no…..)

  21. Jodi was waxed – & Travis liked it, according to Lav & Willmott, I guess this is supposed to be some sort of proof it was Travis’ idea.

    But Jodi herself testified that she got waxed all on her own & was embarrassed the first time Travis took down her pants after she’d just been waxed.

  22. Please people remember that Jodi worked an all day waitress shift before driving to see Bianca.
    Then she suddenly decides to go talk to her…the one and only road into Crater
    Lake is a long and very mountainous one. It ‘s demanding to drive and most people need respite after it. Jodi was going on the adrenaline rush a stalker must feel.

    • Thanks – that’s a really good point!

      But I think Jodi left her shift early, but still, she did arrive in the evening, and then slept in Matt’s bed after she had her hour long non-confrontational confrontation/”talk” with Bianca.

    • Where in the hack is Jodi getting all this money to do all the traveling she does. My child is a server and FREAKS when they cut her shift because its slow. I could not imagine her taking days off at a time. and my kid still lives at home. No wonder Jodi’s house went in foreclosure and her car was repossessed….yet she does STUPID stuff like paying to rent a car. She was touched in da head and had her priorities all screwed up.

      • Not paying her car payments & then when her car got repo’d, taking the Beemer from Travis (when he got the new Prius to drive himself). Plus Pre-paid Legal is a pyramid set up, so if she had a “downline” selling packages, she would have gotten money every month for that.

        The house she had with Daryl went into foreclosure when she came back from the pPL seminar where she met Travis & decided that pursuing Travis & Mormonism was her everything, & not only did she quit sleeping with Daryl, but somehow paying her share of the mortgage & utilities was unnecessary now that she was going to go all re-tread virgin for Travis & The LDS church.

        • I think daryle’s ability to keep her up had been slippin for sometime BEFORE she met Travis. I believe she went scouting for the BBD. And there he was in her eyes. The bmw thing cracks me up when the defense trys to claim he wasn’t scared of her because he “asked’ her to clean his house. shoot, it was the only way he was ever gonna get reimbursed from cash-strapped Jodi for the car she destroyed but katy bar the door if he shows the least bit of agitation with her over it. Same thing goes for the “loan” she claims he asked her for and called her “selfish” over. I call bull crap, he prolly asked her for the money that SHE OWED HIM. and she called him selfish.

          • well, they got the mortgage on the house at the height of the housing bubble, and she met Travis/LDS church as it was bursting.

            • And I dont believe for one minute the bullcrap about Daryl CHOOSING to take a demotion in the company so him and Jodi could date. I think they were caught and he HAD to.Way to go Dad! So he has issues with the truth too.

              • I missed that testimony – it’s so great to be able to access the viewing of many pairs of eyes!

              • Yea it it. Jodi testified that when she went to see Daryl It was in the morning and she sat around visiting with Daryl and the kid before he had to go to school. Who knows if that is what saved his life. she might very well have went on a Andrew Cunanan spree on her way to her final target.

        • Which brings me back the that (cough couch) $300 dolla set of tts. Remembering how DumbAssDaryll said she was getting very irresponsible toward the end…Here is how I think that went down:
          JA “Im getting new boobs
          DaD “oh well that’s fine, my ex has them but if you got that kinda money, would you mind throwing a lil bit toward our bills?”
          JA “Silly boy I dont have THAT much”
          DaD “but but but you are gettin boobs?’
          JA “yeah but they are only $300″
          DaD “oh ok” (said in Da voice of da clueless)

          • 300 dollar boobs… I think if they were that cheap we would be knee deep in boobs… She talked Daryl into believing her… For some reason, she does this a lot… I wonder how she will do in prison… Will her lies get her an extra sugar bun, we know she prefers Cinnabon, and a 10 gift card… He so abused her… Gerry.

  23. If you had known Jodi before the murder & known how obsessed she was with this guy, you’d almost be tempted to feel sorry for her. I mean the only sense of self she could have is through someone else. What a waste. Can you imagine how much time & energy she spent worried about what he thought of her, where he was, not to mention the straight up stalking him. Like if she could just make him feel or think what she wanted him to… & they couldn’t have had any real clue how bad this would turn out. & I’m sure she still thinks he died because of something HE did. Just pitiful all the way around really.

    • But she left a guy she’d been living with for 4 years, Daryl, to pursue Travis. So it’s not like it was the first romance she ever had, so she had no perspective.

      Also, would you feel sorry for her if you knew she drove an hour to Crater Lake to have a “talk” (confrontation, in Jodi’s words, at some point) with Bianca, when she says that she learned Matt was “cheating” with Bianca? (And how do we know that Matt hadn’t already broken up with her when he took up with Bianca, how often do people break up in writing?)

      Even just with Travis – moving to Mesa after they broke up, all the mysterious slashed tires, I think I would have kept my distance from this girl.

      • Travis prolly would have cut her out complete BUT she had so much on him(the fornication) and I am sure she threaten him with it all the time. He was stuck

        • That’s what I think too – and I suspect that maybe she even concocted some fake “evidence” to ruin him, like something involving photoshop, little kids & his facebook password (I realize this is pure speculation, but it is my suspicioun)

          I think the sex the last day was either him trying to humor her, since he was alone with someone he was justified in fearing, or maybe even demanded at gunpoint.

        • Wow, ain’t that the truth… She had juice on him… Pictures, emails, she blackmailed him…. What a bit*ch..

          • Its right there in his eyes in that last picture. He KNEW what she would do to his memory. That is agony of the worst kind. Death penalty worthy torment that she inflicted.

      • To me that was strange… She lived with this man for 4 years…. Meets Travis, and stops sleeping with him, but still lived there… And he was ok with that… I don’t think so… They even had anal sex… Didn’t just try it, at least twice they did… He was the one with the gas cans… He did not want to tell the jurors that…but had too… I believe he has a lot more to say, but won’t talk… Maybe he is going to write a book…or he scared of her, heck I would be!

        • I think Daryl was still in love with her, and is blind to her viciousness. But I bet he would have taken her back, even after she stopped paying her half of the bills, after the foreclosure, after the Travis-o-rama, after the trial.

          Poor guy, he seems to have an innocence of spirit & capacity for loyalty that deserves an equally loyal & loving woman.

          • And if I was Darryl’s ex wife, his baby momma, I would use that as reason why he should not have access to their child. He exposed that kid to her and would prolly still do so today. dumbass daddys are worse than absent daddys.

            • I think the kid is old enough to not be an issue – he was 12 when Jodi & Daryl got together, they were together 4 years, then what a year of Travis-o-rama, then 4 years in jail…

              • At one time I found Jodi;s myspace page for her photography and she had a picture of Daryl and his kid on there he looked to be about 8.

              • I thought Daryl testified that his son was 12 when Daryl & Jodi got together (and you’ll be relieved the kid was not in Daryl’s custody). Maybe he was a small 12.

              • oh yes that is a relief thank you for the clarification. Just wonder what he was doing over at his dads house on a school morning on that gas can borrowing day.

          • It very well could have been Daryl And Matt And Travis that she offed on that trip. She visited them all…. like a twisted trip down memory lane… all the men that she ever perceived let her down. So matt and daryl have some sort of “thank you for not killing me” loyalty to her now.

              • As soon as that FOOL uttered $300 I knew he was a dumbass. The jury knew it too because that WAS a question that they had for Jodi that got thrown out. I could tell by the way that JM argued to keep in in. Said it went to state of mind and her finances at the time. The defense used the phrase medical procedure so … it was da boobs. They sure nuff wasnt talking about the haphazard lobotomy she preformed on Travis in that shower.

  24. Oh yeah, not saying anyone should hang around with her. But then you see troubled people all the time that have plenty of people who can’t see through them. I don’t doubt she had others besides Travis fooled. I’ve even seen stories where the stalker is actually seeing someone else behind their so called beloved’s back. Do you remember the Dorthy Stratten girl? She was murdered by her soon to be ex after she left him for the director Peter Bogdanovich. The husband had other “friends” the entire time they were married. But I think these are the types that always feel bad or less than . Some kind of void they need to feel. Very strange the way the mind set of these “If I can’t have you no one else will.” types think. The truth be told Travis may have been the victim BECAUSE he treated her better than others. So as much being Jodi (or anyone like her) seems like an awful way to go through life, I don’t think it’s wise to blindly trust that if you’re kind to them , they will be kind back. Something about the narcisissim of that type just seems to crave an outlet. She may have taken any kindness Travis showed her as a weakness & thought she could control him if she tried hard enough.

    • I also think that Travis had more money then the rest… That Daryl guy was a server, he had a better job, a manger of some kind, and he lost that job, then he was the server… I think he lost that job because of Jodi, and sleeping with her… Travis had a beautiful home, a job he loved, and he took her places… She was wanting the good life, and if she couldn’t have him, no one would..

      • I think she *thought* Travis had more money – but Travis rented & had like 5 roommates, while Daryl got a mortgage on a house in California before the real estate bubble burst (he did move, but to get a better job). Daryl lost the house to foreclosure after Jodi stopped paying her half and at that time it was Real Estate Bubble burst, so Daryl was in the same boat with many people who’d bought houses in the early 2000s.

        • I didn’t know Travis rented… I thought he was buying it, and had roommates to help with the mortgage.. Regardless, she thought he had money… I never thought he did, just a man trying to make it in this world… He had done a lot for his age, thank God, because his life was taken away from this woman..

          • you might be right that Travis was buying, but I thought I remembered it being he rented – maybe it was a rent-to-own situation. But he did have a bunch o’roommates.

  25. If Jodi is a lying liar and her lies aren’t good enough lies, how many lies upon lies would it take this liar to lie to make her lies good enough to make her a good liar. Malyce totally confused me today with her insane lie theory. That weaving web quote makes total sense for this scenario. Thanks a lot La Toilette for screwing with my mind I felt like I was back in school working on one hell of a convoluted math problem.

  26. Sorry, that is what HLN said….but after investigating, it is someone following the trial. I don’t see anything that is actually done by her.

    • I looked at eBay & didn’t see any of the pencil drawings of women’s faces that were shown on HLN & described as being work Jodi sold on eBay for $1000 each.

      As someone who does sell art, I realize now I should have been more suspicious, but I was assuming the $1000 each price tag was the crime connection, not the art-market value of them as art per se.

  27. OMG Jodi is going down… Is she a little long in the tooth… They know she killed him… And meant it… It’s not abuse… I also like what one juror ask… Keep it to a yes or no answer… Made me smile…

  28. By the time Ramblin Rose LaToilette is finished with her agonizing endless answers I’m like wth was the question. How do we go from point A to point X-P-Q-V and end at a letter not found in the English language? I wish there was a contraption like a electronic muzzle we could strap over her Malyce’s mouth to quickly decipher through all her BS and utter yes or no. B*tch makes my ears bleed.

    • Ramblin Rose, perfect name… She is going on forever… I would smack that woman, she talks way to much..

    • It would be the judge’s job to keep her to the subject matter of the question, the scope of her “expertise” & not let her blather onandonandonandon…….

  29. I love how Ms Context-is-all could, in response to a juror question about whether it counts as abuse if the target never complains, claim that there are some things that shouldn’t ever be said to another person, & started to say 3-hole-wonder.

    But suppose the person is working in porn, wouldn’t 3-hole-wonder potentially be a high compliment?

    • Jodi probably got off on Travis calling her that, she enjoyed playing the wh*ore. I know, that asterisk doesn’t disguise much lol.

      • I know – Laviolette really doesn’t understand heterosexual dirty talk at all. Even when you can hear moaning during the phone sex recording, Lav says she has no evidence of whether Jodi is enjoying it or not (yet Lav assumes that Travis is enjoying it – her double standards just grate on me)

        • Malyce is a bias, uptight heterophobe [not sure if that is a word]. She is shameful in her words against Travis. I couldn’t imagine how his family feels listening to her.

          • If it isn’t a word, it should be!

            I agree with you that what she’s doing to Travis’ family & memory – not to mention it being done also by Willmott & Nurmi & Jodi herself – is disgusting.

            I’m hoping that this trial & Laviolette’s disgraceful display there will make America wake up to the problem of “Defense expert” v. “prosecution expert” (unlike in France, where the judge names a Court Expert) and to the fact that people like this woman, who hate men and have a Team Wimmin v. Team He-batterer attitude, no longer be given such power to tell courts & social services departments hoe to handle family & custody issues.

            • Well hells bells go France. That makes sense as long as the judge honorable. The justice system here in Canada immediately shuts down any mediate coverage in any trial, they are pretty much over within a few weeks and it’s usually a couple of years before details are released. Like the Pickton case or that freaky cannibal dude that split to England, I don’t even know if that trial has started or ended for that crazy dude. Sorry I digress, bring on the prosecutors witnesses. Travis’ moment in the courtroom is at hand.

              • I wish America would start using this good idea – even if it comes from a foreign country.
                There was a time when there were No expert witnesses allowed in trials. I think the dueling experts model has been a disaster – and this trial is Exhibit A in my argument that dueling experts does not advance the cause of justice – especially when the “expert” for the defense is just re-hashing what Jodi spent 18 days saying on direct & cross.

                And what juror needs an expert to explain love, crushes, break ups & jealousy? Maybe Vulcans that aren’t in the throes of Ponn Farr, but surely not human adults.

  30. How do you all like the report of Twitters on Jodi’s behalf making fun of Juan’s height?

    1. Height is irrelevant to whether he knows the case well enough to win it.

    2. Some of us think short men are sexy (like those of us who are under 5’2″) (don’t tell my 6’1″ hubby…)

  31. HLN Confirms that the Twitter acct is Jodi’s – she passes her messages to a friend via phone, & the friend posts them on Twitter, and the Maricopa County sheriff confirms the Twitter acct exists & says they can do nothing about it.

    Uh, Joe Arpaio, here’s an idea:
    Yank Phone Privileges.

    One tweet claimed that Jodi’s in-court middle finger display was for Nancy Grace.

  32. Her “friend” is that {gross- barf- puke- gag and yuck} hideous monster that sits by Jodi’s family in the front row. She’s usually wearing a god awful green shirt and stuffing her herpes infected face, she goes by the name Donovan.

    • Thanks – couldn’t remember her name (saw it & her photoin the Enquirer a couple of weeks ago)

      As for Jodi claiming to not have a boyfriend & not be gay. 1. She only doesn’t have a boyfriend now due to the difficulty of accessing available males from her present location. 2. She would boink a snail if she thought she could get some sort of advantage by doing so.

      • On HLN right now, they have a photo of Donovan with brown hair, which she didn’t have when there was video of her on TV while still in prison

        O, Donovan is saying the “little man” tweet “wasn’t about Juan”

        Sure, and Laviolette likes boys.

      • I know thats right. Its been outing since the day they played Travis own voice saying IN STEREO “I am not a fan of spiderman” on that phone sex tape. That was truly a hair on the back of your neck standing up moment for me.

  33. I like the comment pull the phone , skank shouldn’t have a phone to tweet through Donavan that skanky whore

    • Ya know she is sooo infuriating, She claims that people in relationships know how to “push buttons” well hello fuzzy I have seen her attempts to “push buttons” with JM. All her smirks, and her back sassin ways. She is one of THAT kind. The mouthy ones that prolly do end up on the business end of a smack down from time to time. Yeah I said it. Most abused women KNOW better than that!

  34. Abusive men don’t need to have their “buttons pushed”, the abuse comes without warning, can be caused by any little thing……thank goodness the jury seem like they have JA’s number!

    • Can you imagine Jodi smarting off to some violent boyfriend alone in a trailer the way she did to Martinez in court?

  35. Man the other day when Malyce said ‘You need a time out mister’ her fury was apparent, I thought this bag has the potential to be a bully, she kind of lost her sh*t for a minute and revealed a ugly side to herself right then and there.

    • I’ve been thinking all along that she’s a bully. My big clue was watching the “Snow White” video. Early on, she gets all nostalgic for the early days of the domestic violence group in Long Beach, when it was anarchy, (starts at min. 20.32 ) then later, she talks about how mandatory this & that ties the hands of the really great, good & ok people trying to work on this issue (starts at min 53.36) She’s one of the people who “instructed” police how to deal with domestic violence, how it had to be handled, not the systems that were created with the advice of people like he is some sort of obstacle to “good work”. It’s all about Laviolette calling all the shots.

    • she seems very bullish to me. I noticed she was much more gruff in the taped interview that juan played. she didn’t seem pleasant at all in that recording. she also sounded….how do I put this?….she sounded very “unpolished”.

      It also sounded like she had some very ill fitting dentures in the recording and she seemed brash.

    • I think so. She has a wedding ring on , yet when she launched into her irrelevant speech of “positive male role models” in her life, colleagues, brothers, father, son was mentioned. Not nary a mention of a husband. But she sure wants everyone to know that she has grown children. she mentioned it several times…. not very $350 per hour worthy info but SHE sure thought it was important.

      • I don’t recall the context, but she referred to her past relationships in ambiguous terms….not boyfriend, husband etc, but partner, relationship….something like that. It may have been when she was talking about how she deals with conflict in a different way than she dealt withconflict in her past relationships.However she put it, it was clear to me that she likes girls.

        • Yes. AND she mentioned that she does work with same-sex couples….multiple times she made a distinction in a case that was about hetrosexuals so.. I can TOTALLY see why the judge is making sure to tell her NOT to talk about her personal issues now. And every time she veers off into that direction, Juan objects basically a big ole prosecutorial we-dont-care.

            • Totally. She is sooo transparent. Seems to me for $350 per hour with a large portion of the jury of the male persuasion, she would be better at masking that. No wonder ole girl doesn’t testify often in criminal cases. I wonder if her testimony has EVER helped acquit a defendant male or female. I doubt it. The defense is scraping the bottom of the barrel with her.

        • Exactly. And wouldnt it be just sumpin IF she wasnt gay(she is) But It would be fitting if she wasnt and we made that assessment based ONLY on that haircut and things that she said on the stand. We cant ask her directly just like she couldn’t ask Travis for his side of the story.

    • This stalking skank was looking Travis sister in court an drew a picture of her an got it for sale she is stalking his family in court she did this the day willmott called demarte a bitch during question

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