JODI ARIAS TRIAL: Trial Resumes Today… The Arias Parents… UPDATE: Defense Motion For Jury Sequestration Denied…

The Jodi Arias trial will resume Thursday at 9:30 am Arizona time… that’s 12:30 pm EST.



Nurmi filed a motion to sequester the jury… motion DENIED.


The Jodi Arias trial was canceled unexpectedly around 11:15 am yesterday without word yet on why.   Alyce LaViolette could not continue with her testimony because she was ill.


Prosecutor Juan Martinez was seen leaving  the courtroom out of a side door with the family of victim Travis Alexander.


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Video of police interrogation of Jodi’s parents were released:

Jodi’s mother:

Jodi’s father:


Over the weekend, the defense filed a motion for a mistrial based on information gathered while questioning each juror individually about the prosecutor, Juan Martinez’ “misconduct.”

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Arias is on trial for killing her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander on June 4, 2008. Arias’ attorneys base their motion for a mistrial on information about behaviour by Juror 5 that was discovered in a sealed hearing last Thursday.

According to the motion filed…

“Ms. Arias takes the position that the statements Juror 5 made in front of her fellow jurors amounts to misconduct. Given the evidence that came forward on March 28, 2013, it is beyond legitimate dispute that Juror 5 is not fair and impartial making her unfit to continue as a juror.”

Juror 5 is a married, white female in her 30s. Court observers have said she is the most visible juror from the gallery because she has a “unique hair style.”

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Judge Sherry Stephens held the sealed hearing last Thursday to discuss with the jurors whether any of them had witnessed prosecutor Juan Martinez posing for pictures with fans outside the courthouse.


Arias’ attorneys want Juror 5 kicked off the jury if the judge doesn’t grant a mistrial.

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Removing Juror 5 may be a remedy, because there are 18 jurors right now. Twelve jurors will be chosen before deliberations, and the rest will be alternates that could be called in deliberate if necessary.

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2008 interview after Jodi was charged and in jail…