TERESA GIUDICE: Joe Giudice Refused State of NJ FINAL Prison Plea Deal… Would Rather Stand Trial Than Accept Prison Deal… Trial Starts May 28…



“Real Housewives of New Jersey” husband Giuseppe “Joe” Giudice has refused the state’s final plea deal, deciding he’d rather go to trial than prison for allegedly posing as his brother to get a driver’s license, according to his lawyer.

Clifton attorney Miles Feinstein would not say what the state was offering in return for his client’s guilty plea, but he said it included prison time.
In October, Giudice rejected an offer that would have carried a possible five years in state prison.

Feinstein said a trial date is expected to be set May 28.

Numerous status conferences in the case before state Superior Court Judge Greta Gooden Brown have been postponed for unknown reasons.

On Monday, Feinstein and the prosecutor returned before Brown but made no progress toward resolving the case.”


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142 comments on “TERESA GIUDICE: Joe Giudice Refused State of NJ FINAL Prison Plea Deal… Would Rather Stand Trial Than Accept Prison Deal… Trial Starts May 28…

  1. Ridiculous waste of everyone’s time. Give him a million hours of Community service…or something.

    Meanwhile…in reality.

    • He has already been given probation and lost his license, he broke his probation and used his brothers ID to get a fraudulent license, clearly non jail punishments do not work for Juicy its time he learn the law applies to him throw him in a cell with BUBBA

      • No such thing as “innocent until proven guilty” for you, eh, Lisa?

        I suppose that’s what America has come to – trial by tabloid.

        • On that subject is that just for the Guidices, people have crucifed the Lauritas do they not get the Innocent until proven guilty speel or is that for people that are liked?

          • It’s just for people who are actually STANDING TRIAL and may go to REAL PRISON.

            As to the Lying Lauritas, I know Jacko said she wanted Joe Giudice to go to prison, but I’m sure she was greatly relieved that her own husband — who was found to have LIED UNDER OATH to a COURT OF LAW in a SWORN AFFIDAVIT — wasn’t charged with perjury. “Crucified?” You may want to check your dictionary.

            • Also lets not forget hiding evidence and aka computer hard drives and then destroying said hard drives. Isnt that a criminal act ? Evidence tampering much?

            • That’s just it, Lisa; had Chris been charged with the crime of perjury, he would have been afforded an assumption of innocence. But despite seemingly significant evidence, Chris was never even charged. The court of public opinion is the only court it appears he will ever have to answer to.

            • Except that only JOE is standing trial and looking at jail time while Chris, despite the evidence against him, wasn’t even charged.

              Oh, I’m telling you, those poor, CRUCIFIED Lauritas!

            • Joe got off on committing fraud so he’s been fortunate so far.Joe should have taken his probation seriously and he wouldn’t be in this position.We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

        • He should have gotten PTI. That is given to people with first time CRIMINAL convictions. I asked my Passaic county police friend why this wasnt even to Joe and he said because they want to make an example out of him. START FROM A MEMBER OF THE PASSAIC COUNTY SHERRIFF DEPT!

          • Way too many typo I meant why this wasn’t given to Joe. Straight from a member of the PCSD. PCSD are the same dept the Manzo kiss ass too! PTI = Pre trial intervention

          • Hi, ya, Belladee! I haven’t seen you on SH for an age. I always enjoyed your comments here and have missed seeing you around.

            • Hey Ana! I def miss your witty, funny comments that always made me literally LOL! I’m on twitter, but only when someone mentions me, but once NJ comes back on I will be commenting everywhere again! Life with little kids is hard! not like Jax or MeGo would know!! I actually drove past Cafface today!!

            • I look forward to seeing you around these parts once NJ starts back up again. Enjoy those little ones now because time flies so fast. This too shall pass. Jax and MeGo are missing out, wallowing in their bitterness and hatred rather than enjoying the sweetness of their children’s fleeting childhood.

              Oh, you actually drove past CalfFace today? I mean, how could you resist the temptation to stop in? Doesn’t everyone need makeup poorly applied by a hate-filled, lapbanded, prematurely bitter 20-something with a chip on her shoulder and a nasty attitude?

            • I have an almost 3 month old in addition to my 3yo, so it’s hard to get into reading all the great comments on here. It sucks me in for hours, so I chose to read the great bloging from Ms.SH, but skip reading the comments.
              Let me just remind everyone before i say this about Jax, she was my fav HW before the parasites named Kathy and Melissa came on, and Jax turned on Teresa. I feel this was the result of Don Caro spiking Jax’s Koolaid and hoping Jax will snap out of her bitter Caro-like attitude. anywho…Jax is too busy with the “poor me” attitude rather than I’m gonna help Nicholas and use all the resources NJ is known for having to assist him. The resources that people who have autisic kids move to NJ specifically for. This is why the rate is so high in NJ because we have the best help there is to offer. (This is what I was told as to why the autism rate is higher in NJ than anywhere else). Instead it’s “wahhhh! Dina hasn’t acknowledged my autisic son!” Translation – “Dina doesn’t feel bad enough for ME to talk to ME again!”. If you don’t get along, having a son that is developmentally behind doesnt exempt you from everything bad you have done to a person past or present.
              I went to DMV in Oakland, which borders Franklin Lakes. I drove around to put my son to sleep. I drove Ewing Ave, where 2 HWs live. I was driving around a traffic circle and saw Market Basket, so knew it was there. It was right next to Starbucks. I was tempted to stop in, but had no make-up on and my son was asleep and didnt want to wake him to bring him in. There was a Maserati parked right outside so I was dying to see whose it was. It could have been someone in Starbucks though.

            • My friend who lives in Wayne tweets me pics of Cafface when she is at strip mall its

            • Yes, it’s on the other side of Market Basket and next to Starbucks. Hard to notice because sign wasnt lined up right on top of store and all store signs, including Starbucks were same color and font. Strip mall was infront of a traffic circle. Cant belived i just stumbled on it!

            • How I miss the Market Basket, I went there faithfully every Saturday, I just love their cream donuts they must have weighed a pound they were so filled and I love the different HB and and sausage salads etc etc, must have spent a good $100 plus every week. Boo Hoo…may take a ride up there since I’m in Bergen County with my son…. :-)

            • I wanted to try one of those Panini’s Danielle was talking about on S2. Market basket is on the other side of CowFace

            • Howdee my sweet Belladee!! Cant wait for RHONJ to start back just so I can chat with ya some more. Maybe Antonella will stop by from time to time too. And we can all be like peas n carrots again. Hug them babies tight they grow TOO fast.

            • I havent heard from Antonella in forever!! Im sure everyone will be together again on here in June. I wish MyThunker would come back!!

            • I saw that Bella. I was so tickled that you did that. I lurk my favorites on twitter all the time … one of these days I think I MIGHT take the twitter plunge and join the fun then I see how twitterscandalous things are at times I think I just best hang back from that or a while.

            • Made, I try to stay out of them! It is soooo mean girl clicky on twitter. It stresses me out! OMG, Its the damn internet, not RL, so why do people hate each other over who they like on TV shows? I only insult the reality stars and people should do the same. As I have said many times, My husband hates the Guidices and hopes they do make an example out of him, even though he does think it is unfair he was given PTI, which is a probation given to anyone else doing what Joe did. AND my husband drools over Melissa, but I don’t lose sleep over it! I might refrain from you-know-what, but that’s it! LOL! People have blocked me over who I associate with on twitter, but I talk with whoever talks to me. I love everyone and don’t care who doesnt get along with who. OK, Rant over!!

            • Shoot, I would’ve gone in! Nobody can resist a baby. Not even MeGo. You would’ve been in like flynn! Of course it could’ve been some athlete or maybe Tommy the Greek. Doesn’t he have $$? My kids were great sleepers that’s why I could wake them up to run in the store real fast. I was blessed with 2 awesome sleepers! I would never go in cafface though! Not even if that was the last place that sold makeup. I can’t the Manzoids. They’re trash and shouldn’t be on our tv ever! Good to see you, belladee! :-)

            • Hello Romo!!! I only had the 3yo with me. I had just gotten him to sleep and if I brought him in he would be clingy and whiny (typical man!). I would want him awake and ready to destroy! LOL! if I had only the baby i would have went in bc much easier with the infant carrier and had an excuse for looking like a slob! I thought the Maserati might have been Chris or Jax because Chris has (or had) a collection of cars. But like I said, it could have been someone in starbucks or one of the other stores. I will go in there one day and report back! Tommy the Greek doesnt live in Franklin Lakes. He actually lives very close to me. I think they are well off, but not rich. xoxo

      • yea but 5 yrs is a complete waste of nj taxpayers money and he has a shitton of kids :(

        • Having kids or not having kids should never be a factor in sending someone to jail.

        • ITA it is a waste of my money. The jails are over crowded as it is. Put a drug dealer away. Give him so much Community Service in Franklin Lakes, Wychoff, Montville, etc. cleaning the center of town. That will really embarrass him but to put him away is a waste.

          • I agree Barb. Prison time is too often given nowadays for certain crimes, while actual violent offenders get less time or get paroled too soon.

            • Don’t know about over crowding in NJ, but here the prisons/ jails are so over crowded that inmates with serious crimes are getting a slap on the hand. I feel house arrested, community services and fines is what Joe should be given if found guilty.

  2. Maybe WackoJacko will get her wish from the Season 4 reunion show, “I hope you go to jail!”

  3. Wow…wonder what his defense could be? He claims the whole thing is stoopid…we’ll see…that’s quite alot hanging over you…

  4. To risk 5 years? Maybe he just believes they have no real case. Will be interesting to see what happens.

    • Oh yea it was just a honest mistake his brothers picture and/or information jumped on to his license.

      • As I understand it, after stopping JOE’S BROTHER, the police searched Joe and Tre’s house but did not find any driver’s license.

        So, to recap, JOE WASN’T DRIVING and JOE WASN’T IN POSSESSION OF A DRIVER’S LICENSE WITH ANYONE ELSE’S NAME OR PICTURE ON IT. He was charged and is being tried because his picture was associated with his brother’s license IN THE DRIVER’S LICENSE COMPUTER DATABASE and the prosecutor assumes that the only way that could happen is if Joe presented his brother’s identification in order to obtain a false driver’s license.

        The prosecutor will, therefore, have to bear the burden of proving to a jury that it could not have been some sort of computer or human error that resulted in Joe’s picture being on associated the wrong picture with the license in the computer database.

          • Well, of course, anything done by computer is ALWAYS perfect and ENTIRELY without flaw!

            And the government, well, OF it would NEVER use ANY system that wasn’t 100% PROVEN to work entirely flawlessly!

            And heaven knows there has NEVER been a government employee who has made a data entry mistake or otherwise gotten off line!

            Nor have any government employees ever been even the least little bit star struck and curious enough to take a gander in a celebrity’s private file?

            NO! That would NEVER happen!

            • I know someone whose au pair, when applying for an international drivers license, was given an ID with the wrong birthdate by ten years not by forging documents, but just by error for the person entering the information. The government certainly makes mistakes & that’s a pretty great argument.

            • Im sure Juicy is innocent and its all a misunderstanding and the Grandjury was wrong maye the prosecutor had his GF stolen by Juicy and this is payback.
              Those Guidices perfect and angelic and never wrong so law abiding they are its always someone elses fault or a computer error…hey i bet the breatelyzer was off to and Juicy wasnt really drunk.

            • I’m not saying it’s right, Lisa, I’m just saying it’s a reasonable defense.

              I’m also sick of everyone else on these shows getting away with murder, but these simple Giudice folks get reamed from every angle. I have probably said it 500009900383763 times on blogs. I don’t even like the Giudices, I just dislike the bias of their issues being thrown into the show but no one else gets their lawsuits or gossip put out there. It’s absurd. I want to watch reality. These people’s lives would actually be entertaining if we got to really see them.

        • A picture and a thumb print is pretty much what they call irrefutable evidence. Also, you sign the card and its put on digital file. Every form that is signed has a fraud warning that says the penalty carries a fine and prison sentence.

          • Are you saying that the State of New Jersey has an image of Joe’s thumb print — inked and meant to serve as an identifier — ON A DOCUMENT WITH PIETRO’S INFORMATION, i.e., they are on a single image? If so, that would be news that to my knowledge has not been reported.

            It’s my understanding that only individuals seeking a commercial driver’s license (CDL) or other special endorsement (bus, chauffeur, etc.) are required to be fingerprinted in New Jersey.

            Is every driver in New Jersey required to be fingerprinted?

        • My mother in law went to renew her drivers license a few years ago, she had a hair appt and figured it would be the perfect day to get her license renewed. got her license in the mail a few weeks later, and it had all her info, but a man’s picture on it. She was so mad! It was funny though

  5. Joe, you did the crime… now do the time. You act like you are a real tough guy, connected even, so jail time shouldn’t be too hard on you. Or do you believe that you should receive special treatment because of your (gag) celebrity? Do you think somehow a jury will let you walk because your girls are really cute and all? Man up! You can’t get Pete to go to jail for you….or can you?

  6. I hope he is justifiably tried for his crime but prison time is beyond asinine. They want to lock this guy up for 4 years on the taxpayer’s dime but someone like Lindsay Lohan keeps skating? And before her, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, etc…. This is one huge load of bullpucky

    • Its no like this is his first time in court either,if it was id say Probation to and some extra duty , but its not he has sneered at the law over and over its time he learned his lesson.

      • Maybe house arrest? Do they do that in NJ? I think that fb message was real, and Juicy won’t be on the show this season. He wants to lay low.

        • Well then Juicy made a happy choice if the latest free for all is indicative of the new season. Go to the mattresses Juicy. Lay low. I will miss his absolutely spot on snark. He is priceless at the reunions. He knows how to bait Jax and make her go all koo-koo for Coco Puffs. A Juicy stare and a “let’s talk about——- and the men go all quiet.

          • I agree! I think Joe is smarter than those people credit him…he watches, he takes it all in, and he waits for just the right opportunity to attack. It is interesting to watch how the group dynamic changes when Juicy opens his mouth.

        • @Sparklie, I said the same thin up thread brefore reading you’re post. (sorry) I also feel Joe is going to lay low and can’t blame him for that.

      • Joe’s criminal record consists of a DUI for which he was fined and his license suspended. When he drove anyway, he ended up doing 10 days in jail, community service and had to pay another fine. Oh, yeah, he’s Public Enemy No. 1!

          • But unfortunately for you, Lisa, he’s not being tried for anything to do with DRIVING.

            It seems that you think he should be in jail for existing, because so far that’s all that’s been proven.

            Joe . . . had the unmitigated gall . . . to be in his own home . . . when the police discovered that their driver’s license database had the wrong picture associated with his brother’s license. IT MUST BE JOE’S FAULT! THROW HIM IN JAIL FOR 10 YEARS! HE’S A THREAT TO SOCIETY! Sheesh.

            • I am sure he is 100% innocent and is being set up…maybe by the Manzo’s or Lauritas

            • Rotf Lisa. I think Joe has not taken this seriousley, or his Dui. On the rerunion he said hes not worried about it.? OK sure your not…

        • I’m not sure why we are going to lock him up for 5 years to the tune of about 200,000 dollars? Does that make any sense to anyone? Is he a career criminal? I must have missed something. When the Lauritas get every free pass in the book for scamming and committing fraud. Robbing investors, gutting a company to fund their luxury lifestyle I suppose that’s ok? didnt Big Al Bozo Manzo lie about his residence so he could suck on the NJ government teat? WoW! Lapbands for everybody! After all Carowhine and Big A aint footin’ the bill.

          • The maximum sentence is 10 years, Aint — 10 years! — although he would presumably get out on parole before that.

          • Lapbands for everyone…..that is funny Pittypat! I love your Manzo humor! Still wish they woulda taken your advice and pushed her fat ass outta the window of the boys Hoboken apt when she suggested opening the window. You will make my jersey watchin days worth the while.

        • It bothers me when the facts in this case — a criminal case with serious consequences — are blurred. Of course, I bow to Ms. SH’s expertise but, since I’ve been following this pretty closely, I would offer the following, which I believe accurately represents what has been reported:

          In January of 2010 Joe smashed into a telephone pole and flipped his truck. He was found guilty of DUI and for this offense was fined either $500 or $864 (reports differ, possibly due to the inclusion of court costs), had his driver’s license revoked for 12 months, was sentenced to 30 days of community service, 48 hours in a driver education course, and required to use an ignition-interlock device (presumably for some period of time after his license was reinstated). He was also fined an additional $236 for careless driving and failure to maintain a lane.

          Joe appealed the DUI sentence and it was subsequently reduced to a seven-month license suspension, a $300 fine and 12 hours of driver-education.

          (Two Additional Items of Note: (1) Joe’s blood-alcohol content after he flipped his truck was 0.11%, which is above the .08% at which a motorist is considered intoxicated in New Jersey; and (2) during the preceding 20 years, Giudice’s license was suspended for 9.4 years and he had 39 points on his license at the time of his accident.)

          At some point after his license was suspended but before September 2010, Joe was caught driving with a suspended license. He was sentenced to 10 days in jail for driving with a suspended license, fined $1,000 and his license was suspended for another year.


          In March of 2011 Joe’s brother, Pietro, was stopped by police and, when the police ran his license, Joe’s image came up on the driver’s license database.

          The police and prosecutor assume that Joe must have assumed his brother’s identity and that this is the only way his image could have came to be associated with Pietro’s driver’s license information in their database. But when the police searched Joe and Tre’s home, they did not find any such driver’s license and at no time since his arrest in September 2010 has Joe been caught driving.

          Based on their theory, the police have charged Joe with one count of wrongfully using the identifying information of another (which is punishable by up to 10 years in prison) and one count of impersonation, and it is with respect to those charges that he is to be tried. Any charges related to driving, wither under the influence or with a suspended license, have already been adjudicated, with a punishment established and satisfied.

          I truly do not believe Joe should ever be driving, but in truth is no evidence whatsoever that he has since he was caught in 2010 and did 10 days in jail for it. He did the crime AND he did his time.

          And while it’s presumably true that Joe’s face is wrongly associated with Pietro’s information in the State of New Jersey Motor Vehicle Department’s database, I think anyone who has ever worked either in an office or in government can see that, without more, it is just a HUGE leap to assume that the reason for that is because of something Joe did. He could have done what the police suggest, of course, but it’s just as plausible to think that the reason for the mismatch of the Guidice brothers’ images and information is the result of computer or other human error and had nothing to do with Joe Giudice at all.

          And since we here in America are entitled to the presumption of innocence until we are found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt — something I think is extremely important, and particularly so for those among us who do not have a fortune to spend defending ourselves against bogus or trumped up charges — it’s really important for all of us that we give Joe the benefit of the doubt until he is tried and a jury of his peers can see the prosecution’s evidence, hear relevant testimony, and determine his guilt or innocence.

          • I have to disagree with you and your legal defense of Joe Jewdice. Why are you defending him in such detail…are you his lawyer ?

            • I’m not Joe’s lawyer, but I am a lawyer. I understand the law, and I think it’s important that it be respected, particularly when we are talking about taking away a man’s liberty, as it’s the one thing that differentiates the U.S. from countries where the quality of life for the average citizen is beyond abysmal.

              And BTW, it’s spelled G-I-U-D-I-C-E..

          • There is one word that stands out and that is ASSUME do you all know what that means. It means you make an ASS OUT OF U AND ME. So they better not be assuming but have hard facts. Someone is out to get Joe and that’s just plain WRONG.

            • @ Real. taking away a mans liberty? Good for you that you are a lawyer, however he is guilty of his DUI and his current charge. Its my opinion .

          • Of course you are right , thank you so much for the level headed presentation of the facts and the approach to the law. It seems quite a “technical”case the prosecutors are pursuing. Wish there was this much “diligence” in the prosecution of the investment bankers and others that crashed and trashed the world economy.

          • Well I hope you will be here to post the same thing about the Lauritas if they are charged
            and brought to trial because people will be saying hte same thing thing about them as people are saying about Juicy.

          • I totally “get” what you are saying Real. And I am just an ole hillbilly housewife. So if Juicy’s lawyers argue as eloquently as you then he should be golden. Very effective because almost all of us have dealt with la-dee-da attitudes of DMV folks. And have at some point maybe dealt with a clerical worker, at the bank for instance, that INSISTS that the computer doesn’t lie no matter how many times you try to explain as patiently as possible that no computers do not lie but the people entering the info MESSED UP.. Could TOTALLY see them messing it up like that.

          • this happened to me and my sister. we are twuns and everytime she went or i went to renew our druvers license or me a state id they had oyr informstuon wrong. so if wht u say its bullshit because untul we went un together they funally changed it. hoeever it hapoened agaun just ladt year. government agencies akeays make mistakes and they always have bad attitudes. hoe diesnt deserve jsil time esp. if he didnt di snything wring and no dl was ever found. dint him and hid brother look so much alike they can b twins? the da is pribslly got a personsl vendetta against him. seems extremely strange. their computers and taprs should have date stamps in thrm ti even verify if he actually was at the dmv tht day.

        • Which he hasnt paid back yet (unless he did it recently)
          39 points on your drivers license is pretty bad he deserves to never have a license again. Personally one DUI is one to many.
          As for the alledged fake license he had plenty of time to get rid of it, I doubt the police went from the traffic stop straight to the Guidices Pete could have very well called Juicy to alert him. Is he guilty I dont know but there is resonable explinations on both sides to prove innocence or guilt its gonna come down to which lawyer can BS the best.
          Juicy is far from a law abiding citizen and I bet the farm the jury will take that into consideration as well.

  7. Just for the fudge of it let’s say on May 28th he’s found guilty. Wouldn’t he get at least 5 years/the book thrown at him for all these delays? I wonder how much he will owe his attorney when this is all over with.

  8. he should move to Florida where illegal aliens drive without licence’s or insurance and steal people’s social security numbers. When THEY get caught I.C.E. just lets them go free.

    • ITA Miles . Same in Texas. An illegal alien crashed into my daughter’s Lexus SUV with my grandchild in the backseat. Hit her at an angle and literally tore the bumper off the car. He then fled the scene but came back by twenty minutes later as she was dealing with the cops and EMSA. A witness told the police and they pulled the guy over after a short chase. He gave them a fake ID and they accepted it on the spot. Surprise he then tried to sue my daughter (I am sure because he thought the car = money). Turns out after the attorneys made the families life a living hell , he was an illegal with a stolen identity. He was dumped across the border. My D still ives in the same neighborhood and swears he is back at the tire shop still driving the same beat up truck he was before. He waves at her when she drives through McDonalds. I. Kid. You. Not.

      • That burns me up Pitty!! This whole dang world is backasswards. I am glad your daughter or grandbaby was not hurt.

        • Thanks everyone. She told her attorney that he is back but it’s not as if he can do anything about it. LOL Lisa. She finds him to be uber creepy and tries to avoid acknowledging him at all. Lets face it takes a lot of either stupidity or attitude to even sue someone in the first place under those circumstances.

      • Sorry, Pitty! What an arrogant fuc%er!! Funny how illegals mock our system! Thanks Obama for making our country so laughable! My mom waited on a list for 11 years to come to this country! and there was no “please 2 for Italian” option! or when my dad 1st came to this country (legally on a work Visa), he would get stopped and harrassed by the Irish cops while *walking* home exhausted from 12 hours of work and given a sobriety test. Now cops can’t do sh*t. I would key his truck with a drawing of a big middle finger! “Creepy mother F’er” LOL!

    • Juicys problem is he is a citizen, maybe he would catch a break if he was illegal

    • Teresa would do better on Miami HWs. I’m with you on this. They should move to PT’s wannabe condo.

      • Bahaha. I can picture it now. JoHo gettin her panties all in a bunch over Tree’s feather trimmed dress…. Tree’s flippin a table of yet another mouthy prostitution whore. Fun fun.

          • Yes Made, we got you’re point. I do the same kind of things, especially when i’m tired like right now. I have been at the hospital for 3 days with my sister so i’m exhausted.

            • Oh Shannon, I’m going to say a prayer for your sister. I’ll pray that you get some sleep as well. I hope y’all are doing ok over there.

        • I understood you! I bet Juicy would roundhouse that Thomas Kramer to the head, at least! I say let’s make this happen! Juicy could renovate Lisa and Lenny’s home for them real nice. That’s like 6 eps right there. ;-)

          • YES!!!! lets do it. Then we can have him swing up by ATL way and set Kenya straight. He can do cartwheels and splits whilst she twirls away. Although I gotta say a Kordell vs Juicy would be worth watching. Winner takes Peter. And, hey, while we are at it fly him over NY way and let him have a go at ole Marice and pervert George. … Then head on over to the west coast.. I dont see him putting up with too much of Moo-reece’s or Dr. Dumbrow’s lip either. who’s I leave out? Oh yeah freakin Crooksy. Turn him loose on Crooksy…Slimey too. All them mouthy house “husbands” what needing they clock cleaned.

            • Lol! If Juicy came up on Eddie he would go cry to his mama Tamballs. Dang, Bravo can sell tickets to this tour de buttkickin!

  9. Here’s the thing. I hope he hasn’t been around CarodaDon & Jax so long he thinks he can pretend his way out of (legal) trouble. You know how they act like Jax doesn’t face a case (worth millions) & of course none of Caro’s problems are real. (she said so!) & that means everyone is fooled (cause we’re just that stoooopid) Oh & everything is Tre’s fault (almost forgot that one) I hope he hasn’at lost his mind & thinks he can bluff his way out.

  10. I think Tre should be arrested for indecent exposure to the grapes in Napa, I hope those poor grapes do not have PTSD.

  11. joe wanted his day in court and so he is getting it. if his attorney could have gotten him off with community service time or house arrest, i think that would have happened. so, now we wait and see what a trial does for him. i wonder if he has his own attorney or a court-appointed one. have no idea how they will pay all the legals fees if it’s his own attorney.

  12. Ladies, I know that we all have our favorites, but quite frankly, IMO, ALL of the people on this show are indefensible. We can debate all day about who’s worse, but each and everyone of them has behaved badly. IMO you can’t excuse one bad behavior with another; two wrongs don’t make a right.

    • I’m with you OCwoman, I don’t like any of the clan from NJ anymore,,,,,they’re all nuts! That’s another HW show I’ll come here to get an update on, and not waste my time watching. Their last reunion drove me over the edge. I won’t even waste time reading their blogs. I stopped watching AT when Kenya dressed up like Phaedra, but I still read the blogs and comment there. I won’t waste my time on OC, either….blogs and all. Maybe I’ll get a little more done around here now that I’m almost HW free!

      • ITA holeycowballs. I have stopped watching the OC. Vicki, Tamra, Heather and Gretchen are so nasty. Alexis is so dumb it is hard to watch….so I have stopped. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  13. Me and my friends are not watching the OC HW…Tamballer is just nasty and mean, Wretch is a Tamballer wannabe ech, Dubrow is a snot, Vickiis sweet but has man issues, Alexes is trying, but no sucess. My point is They are not worth watching. Same old bit^c fest going on. Boring, zzzz.

    • Just like Holey…I stopped watching the ATL the same episode. I did have the OC on and could hear it from the kitchen and thought….Wow…Dubrow is sure treating her hubby exactly like Adrain. Isn’t their home on the market as well?

      • ITA, I would bet their home is on the market and Dubrow is still treating her hubby worse than addie on tv. She has issuse meaning she has to be the boss make him look like a fool just to boost her ego., + he just sits there and takes it. They deserve each other . Eckie sh*t and I am still not going to watch .

  14. I don’t like either Joe G., and Guidice doesn’t seem to treat his wife or his children with respect, so I wouldn’t mind seeing him do some jail time just to wake him up to the fact that he is not teflon. I also would looove to see Laurita, et al, do some real jail time for being cheats of charities and for perjury. That should give Chris a little insight into his wheeling and dealing in the future. Don’t think Jac or Caroline will be made to account for what they’ve signed in good faith, “in good faith”, for their family members.

  15. Some things I like about JoedaJuice & some I don’t . But I can honestly say there’s zero I like about lil’Joe, & I mean nuttin’ butter. He seems as phony as his wife to me. & all the talk he does about females , sounds like somebody’s trying to hide who he is , either that or he sees it as his way to extra attention. Either way total bore. I do wonder if Jax & Chris L. will seriously face anything other than a lot of debt. I mean they are pretty much saying J & CL stole money right? In most places that can put you in the slamma’ (jail) . Funny how quick both Jax & Caro were to criticize Teresa the whole time knowing what was going on in their homes. I’ve always said the first to point the finger is almost always guilty one. What is it about the residents of glass houses? They love their stones. How many times do you wanta’ bet Jax & CarodaDon got letters or tweets asking them if they wanted Teresa off the show so badly why didn’t they just leave? Trying to go to the producers & push her off seems like something a 5 yr old would do. An adult who hates a cast member would do what Dina did & just walk. One of the reasons I like Dina she put her money where her mouth is , instead of trying to whine to get her way like her sis ole Jackie girl.

  16. If Juicy does jail time at all, it wont be 5-10 yrs. More like maybe sentenced to 1 yr and Max he will see would be 90 days.

    My guess? This will never go to trial. There will still be a plea deal.

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