ALEXIS BELLINO: Takin’ A Tour of Da Bellino’s New House…

Bravo…  Alexis opens the door to her new home…

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19 comments on “ALEXIS BELLINO: Takin’ A Tour of Da Bellino’s New House…

    • The only rooms that look good was the twins bedroom. Alexis let her SLAVEMASTER/OVERSEER/PIMP… fault her husband Jim have control over decorating the house and that why the house look like a dark cold dungeon…oops my fault again….MAN CAVE! LOL

      • Bingo, your dead on. Jim was in control of the decorating no matter what she said, no woman would have decorated that house like that. Jim the suitcase pimp is still up to his old games, I can’t wait for him to get busted seriously.

        • Reverend Jim BULLYno is as ugly as his taste in decorating. He still shows disdain for all the women and pontificates his views to his dimwitted wifey. The entire time they were shown, I wondered why they are included in this franchise. Jim hates the cast. Alexass has no friends there anymore. They are therefore, isolated from the group. Ergo, they have no purpose except to be the West Coast Version of SILEX. Shall we refer to them as, “Jim-Ass”?

  1. Did she get to choose ANYthing in that house? The two places where women always rule – the kitchen and the master closet- were designed by, and materials all chosen by, HIM.

    • Heck no, Alex didn’t get to chose anything for the “Dungeon”…Jim has the last word in everything that goes on in Alex’s life. I thought Alex wasn’t coming back this season, because Jim wanted her to focus on him..oops my fault FAMILY. Jim likes those checks Alex is getting, so instead of leaving the show, she brings her friend on the show: new housewife Lydia

  2. I don’t care who decorated it, it’s a beautiful home. The kids room are really cute especially the girls, and I like the music effect in her son’s room. I love a fireplace in the bedroom, makes it so romantic. The Kitchen is somewhat darkish but I love the SS anyway and the granite or marble. I’ll take it anyday….

  3. I don’t believe this is her home !!! I do believe that every season they get money from bravo and they rent one of the 20 high end homes in orange county( there really is not many high end homes out there for under 25,000 a month ). I only say this because I myself am buying a home out there and I can tell you now based on what there net worth is they can not afford to buy the property and/or house and remodel with out going bankrupt from all the things I saw in that house ( just doing comps based off the homes Im looking at.) On top of all that They still have a business that requires money to run as well. Im just not buying this story there net worth and home just don’t add up not to mention having a business. I still see she likes to pump up all the things that cost so much ugh PHONY !!!!!!

  4. It is probably another rented home. Jim takes the blame for the garish decor but in reality it is the true owner’s decor…lol.

  5. I have Gabe’s room with old LP’s across the top n place of a border. And I took old 45s and threaded them thru a decorative rod for the window topper. Yeah I was having one of them “crazy koo-koo-kelly-like phases” at the time. But anyway we took the lp’s sleeves and framed them and hung those up too I love Gabe’s rocker room…. he ruined it with a horridly garish poster of women in bikinis on the beach… but 15 year olds… eh Lordy.

  6. Absolutely hideous. What would make it look better is if she’d add a couple of chandeliers..

  7. Ha ha RARE counter tops, Honey those are called MARBLE, and are not rare at all! just Over priced and heavy! And Candle wax is probably the essayist thing to get off wood, you just use them big ole nail extensions to pop it up! Something tells me her CLEANER will be yelled at by da Chin Chin for that slip up!

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