PORSHA STEWART: Kordell Stewart Has Filed for DIVORCE!… UPDATE: Porsha Responds… Kordell Did NOT Tell Her… Found Out Online!

porsha rhoa kordell

Kordell Stewart – the former Pittsburgh Steelers star — has filed for divorce from his reality star wife Porsha Williams.   The Stewarts were married for two years.

According to Fulton County Superior Court in Georgia, the 40-year-old NFL alum — who went by the nickname “Slash” during his playing days — filed for divorce on March 22.

Stewart and Williams were married on May 21, 2011 — they have no children together. Stewart has a son from a previous relationship.   MORE From TMZ …


Porsha Williams says she learned that her husband Kordell Stewart filed for divorce this week when she read it on a website … and says she’s “disappointed” by his actions.

Porsha released a statement through her rep saying she is “disappointed about her husband’s recent filing for divorce.”

The rep says Porsha had held off on filing for divorce papers herself … because she was committed to the marriage.

She says Kordell had promised to work on the marriage with her.

Instead, Porsha’s rep claims, “[Kordell] misled her and she found out about the filing in the media.”

Kordell’s rep issued this statement:

 kordell porsha statement


From SH November 25, 2012:

kordell cowher

When Kordell was a Pittsburgh Steeler QB, the rumors of his sexual preference were questioned.


Kordell called the Steelers together to quash the rumors… as mentioned in April 18, 2005  article from SportsIllustrated:

With that as a backdrop, it’s no wonder that Kordell Stewart, when he was a Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback, called a team meeting to scuttle rumors that he was gay.

“You’d better not leave your girlfriends around me,” he allegedly warned, “because I’m out to prove a point!”

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100 comments on “PORSHA STEWART: Kordell Stewart Has Filed for DIVORCE!… UPDATE: Porsha Responds… Kordell Did NOT Tell Her… Found Out Online!

    • IT’S FUNNY that someone as emotionally stunted as him got someone so sweet and open to marry him. She comes from a good family in Atlanta, and will do great. She’s young, beautiful, and poised. I’m sure she’s already got them lined up and waiting.

  1. She’s better off without that control freak! She’s young and beautiful, she’ll be just fine.

    • Portia will be fine. Better than fine because she will find a man that will love and respect her and not treat her like some mindless child. She may be a bit sheltered and young minded but if he truly loved and respected her he would have helped to expand her horizons instead of treating her like some idiot.

      • Amen Bizzy! Porsha can do better than a man who cannot acknowlege her worth or be a real husband and partner to her. She is a beautiful young woman and has a future of her own to explore. Kordell acted like a nasty cranky geriatric old lady.

        • Kordell shows his ass is more ways than one and showed how much of a queen he really is. Hope she doesn’t dwell on this too long and allow it to jade her on finding a good man that will treat her as his equal and hold her in his highest esteem. Everyone should be treated as the King/Queen in the eye of their spouse because they are loved and cherished, not because the other is grooming them to be something that represents him/her. That is what he was doing. He was grooming her into being what he thought would represent him best while he used her as his beard.

          • IMO it has happened before and will happen again. Porsha has been groomed from girlhood to remain a virgin until marriage, marry well and marry once , respect her husband as head of the household . Unfortunately this mind set still exists in the south especially among conservative wealthy Christians. Hey whatever works for ya and no criticism intended. However Porsha was clearly so naive she never questioned that Kordell’s lack of interest . An NFL macho man gay? You betcha. The marriage was based on deception. I could care less whether Porsha is dumb as a box of rocks or what she said to anyone else. This was just wrong and very, very cruel.

            • She definitely needs some payment for cruelty from him. The way he treated her was just plain old bad. He is obviously not secure in his own self and manhood seeing as he has to dominate someone they way he tried with her.

        • Every time I saw him controlling her I thought run Portia Run! She seems like a very sweet girl,way tooooo good for him!!!! He has no respect for her, someone is going to treat her like a Queen and I pity kordells next wife! He’s a prize alright a booby prize!

          • Kordell is every mother’s nightmare for their daughter. I don’t care how much money he has, if he came near my daughters, I would tell them to run like hell. Nothing like a man that can’t/won’t support his wife as he would like her to support him. She might seem scattered but she can’t get any better if he doesn’t let her try/fail and eventually get it right. A husband/wife team is supposed to help each other be their best. I don’t think he exhibited that at all.

      • the thing is she doesn’t know how and why to expect respect from man because the only way that she knows is to be this “dutiful” wifey.
        and the word ” he let me go with u ” says it all. it’s not his behaviour it’s what she thinks is good and proper and if she will ever gonna find a man – he would be exactly the same because this is how she perceives marriage
        and I have to say it makes me laugh so much – remember when she said something like ” that’s why I have husband and u don’t”
        well who’s laughing now Portia?

        • I think she is young and was probably groomed to be a good wife. Now she will understand better being as she has been married. Hopefully now she had found her voice and will express her opinions and wants. I won’t condemn her and say that she will always look to find the same type of man. Sometimes all it takes is being burned once. To me I think she was learning because she was questioning what he said was acceptable.

        • No kdding, who’s laughting now? For this to be only for two years tell me that he really wasn’t interested in her and his interests where with individuals that he was rumored to be like. Porscha is going to go nuts over this, just married and now divorced and no kids, I hope he didn’t tell her anything that would help her in the divorce.

      • Teeheeheeee… THANK YOU! Ole rancid bitch. I cannot STAND Kenya, and I know her tacky ass is thrilled at the news of Porsha and Cordell divorcing. Ugh!

        • She can be thrilled all she wants, she will still be a oily, siliconed ass spinster. Porsha will pick up the next man with the quickness.

      • Good one! Porsha is a pretty girl, can’t say the same for Ken-Yuk, Porsha will have a man way before Ken-Yuk will!

  2. Interesting that some people thought that the other (non-married) ladies where jealous of Porsha because as her tagline says “she has a picture perfect life”. The happiest couples are not picture perfect. I guess her being the submissive wife didn’t save her marriage. Every time a married woman throws up her happy marriage and a single woman face usually means trouble in paradise. Happy married people don’t have a need to flaunt their happy lives. Only unhappy people do that. Happily married people either want other people single or married to be happy as well or they are so into each other that they don’t have time to notice single people. People would say Porsha is cute and sweet but I saw her as mean girl. I’ve known of several wives who like to put down never married women and it’s kind of sad if their own marriages don’t work out. So how long did her marriage last anyway?

    • yep, agree 100%
      the same with money – people who have REAL money don’t to brag about it
      this so weak when a woman says ” I need to do this or that” or he’s gonna leave me …

    • I agree…i think Portia was mean and was fixated on Kenya (who is crazy with a capital “K”. Also, perhaps because I’ve worked all my life, I cant get behind women who appear to rely on men for their lifestyle. I have nothing against women who are housewives, my ex-husband did not want me to work and I didn’t, some women dont even try to have a career or be self sufficient.

      I dont see Portia being as much of gold digger as Kim Z…but she did nothing but model her booty and sar in a few music videos. I need a lil more substance than that. She’s a likable woman tho.

    • Didn’t even make it thru an entire season! OUCH! O was that 200 days? ;) Someone maybe didn’t like what they saw…a lying, high maintenance social climber/scratcher of a wifey.

      Either way, that Bravo RH Deeeevorce curse strikes AGAIN! :(

      • I don’t see Porsha as high maintenance. She might be a bit ditzy but the only one that seemed high maintenance was Kordell. As for being a scratcher/climber, remember the girls family has money as well. So I don’t see that in her either.

  3. My guess is that she might have started voicing some more opinions after watching their replays on tv as well as hearing what the other women were saying. Good riddance to him. She needs a man that will love, cherish and above all RESPECT her thoughts and feelings. That was so sad seeing her in the doctors office saying that she couldn’t really talk to him about the devastation she felt at losing that baby. That says a hell of a lot to me. She will be fine. He probably can’t live behind the beard anymore. She is young and pretty.

    • i know, right? I felt horrible for her when she said she couldnt talk to him about that too. Mainly because personally for me, My husband is my go to person to talk to about anything. Usually i dont know if i can share those thoughts with friends or even my parents…but my husband, always know I can, no question the subject. That scene was for sure the first time i really thought, “oh oh” about this Porscha’s marriage.

      • If you can’t totally share your heartbreak with the person you created that baby with then that is a big red flag. Also that statement about not wanting to have to rely on him is a big tell as well. That means you are leading very separate lives. Sorry but everything looks to me like she was his beard. She might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer but she was very subservient to him and followed his lead. She was the perfect beard for him. He seemed too old for her. She needs someone closer to her age that can walk hand-in-hand with her and encourage his wife to have it all. That was just some serious bull shit when he told her she had to make a choice and can’t have it all. This is 2013, an educated woman, especially one of financial means, can have it all. I was a little ashamed to hear him tell her that. I actually wanted to slap him. I have two teenage daughters and I will be damned if someone told my girls they can’t be and have everything they want in life. If you want it, all you have to do is work at it.

  4. I read that a football player was getting ready to come out of the closet. I wonder if it’s him? Like all of you I saw this coming. One way to end up in divorce is to sign up for a reality show.

  5. That sounds unchristian of mr. christian kordell. for a man who espouses the Bible and its teachings I am shocked. Nor do I think Porscha is deserving of a divorce. What happened to thick and thin, sickness and health, good and bad.

  6. All of that sounds good , but you can’t change something like another person’s flaws/likes/ etc. There is so much giving up that goes into marriage (even a good one) unless the marriage is a very happy one (not perfect of course like they say no marriage is perfect) but if it’s not awfully happy, it’s just so not worth it. Religion has nothing to do with. Of all the things God may want from us, living a lie, isn’t one of them.

  7. Awww…. What’s wrong with me?! I didn’t see this coming AT ALL! Well… I certainly didn’t see the part where HE would file divorce from HER. I could see her growing up and hating the control he tried to wield, but I didn’t see him thinking anything was wrong with his behavior.

    Bad form Slash…. bad form indeed. She’s better off without him

    • I really expected her to take a hard look at what she was seeing and cut his ass loose. My guess is she started getting a bit bolder and looking to have it all and he didn’t like it.

      • Makes the most sense Bizzy. Any young woman who can’t talk to her husband about a miscarriage AND the possibility of his support raising children isn’t comfortable in her marriage. That’s a shame all by itself – not to mention the fact that they were married less than 5 years… THAT’S still the honeymoon stage! Unreal… He must be a jerk in real life.

        • Editing can only do so much and make someone look but oh so bad. We only got a glimpse, imagine what an asshole he is when the cameras were not around. Total douche if you ask me.

  8. First of all, the only REAL Slash was in a group called Guns N Roses. And what is with these stoopid women? This woman is the black version of Alexis on OC… dumber than a box of rocks, who thinks it’s normal to let your husband treat you like a puppet. I’m sorry her marriage bit the dust, but IMO she could barely string a complete sentence together and then there’s that 265 days a year thing.

  9. ITA with the general sentiment. Kordell is about to jump outa the closet and start waving his freak flag. I could care less if he is gay but Ms. Porsha needs to take his sorry azz to the cleaners for using her. That is marital fraud plain and simple. Porsha can do so much better!

    • I think it was mentioned on one of the tabs that he was saying that he doesn’t owe her any alimony because she is able bodied. Well if the Judge sees the footage from RHOA they will definitely see that she was denied doing anything outside of the household because that is what he wanted of her. So she definitely turned down opportunities to expand and make her own way because of his controlling, neanderthal ass. So he should be paying that alimony and then some.

      • What an idiot! He owes her big time for marrying Porsha under false pretenses I hope Kordel try tries to play the macho man NFL card and gets outed in court for committing fraud….cough BEARD cough.

  10. Saw that one coming for sure but didn’t expect it quite so soon. She will be SO much better off. I never liked that guy and he is ridiculously controlling. I felt very sorry for Porsha when she met with her therapist to talk about the baby she lost. She needs to find someone who is not arrogant and dumb as a box of rocks…I’m talking about you Kordell.

    • Good question. Let’s see…
      DC – 3 divorces
      BH – 2 divorces (and a suicide)
      ATL – 3 divorces (soon to be 4)
      Miami – 1 divorce
      NYC – 1 divorce
      I don’t think anybody’s gotten divorced on NJ…… yet.

      Not sure if I missed anybody. But yeah, Bravo doesn’t have the best track record.

  11. Is this another fake divorce… like Nene? Story line set-up to secure spot on next season RHOA. Can’t believe nothing from these Housewives.

  12. In the short run Porsha will be devasted. In the long run, Kordell did her a favor. He is a goofy twit with the sensitively of a dead fish. She’ll survive. I hope the Porsha haters won’t use this opportunity to kick a sister when she is down.
    She can do better than a controlling, disapproving Daddy who never seemed to respect her or love her in the first place.
    Move on girl and find someone who can accept you and respect you for what you are and not some grubby self-envolved,, conceited, gossipy manwoman who will never love anyone but a clone of himself.

    • Well said Dianne! Kordell acts like an old spinster who always has her panties in a bunch. Porsha will be hurt and humiliated for a brief time but she has a good heart and will move on sadder but wiser. How fulfilling can it be in any sense of the word to be married to an old gay Auntie?

  13. Kordel reminds me of country singer Kenny Chesney. Tries to play the macho man with women by his side when every one knows he is gay. His marriage to Renee Zellwegger (whatever her last name is) lasted three minutes and she got it annulled citing fraud. Kordel is the same. I feel for Porsha even though she’s not the brightest bulb in the chandelier. I hope she does get a chunk of his money.

  14. This is what happens when you brag – If you are so happy, why would you try to torment someone who doesn’t have a man!!!!! She was so mean spirited toward Kenya – bragging about being married. You have to be really careful when you are bragging because you don’t know what the next day is going to bring. Phadera’s mean spirited also – I’m sure Kenya could get a man if she went to prison and picked up a pretty boy to support. What goes around comes around. Phadera is just nasty looking and she eats like a pig. Candy smile like the Joker and is shaped like a fat cornish hen and I’m sure if she didn’t have $35M Todd would kick her freaky butt to the curb


  15. A woman was going on and on about this at my kid’s school today. She is a weird one, painting her son’s nails and putting a sports bra on him, even though he gets teased.

    • Total bitch ass move on his part. According to the press release Porsha put out last night she was totally blind sided. They were having issues but were supposed to work on things. So for intents she thought they would work at it. He could have been a gentleman and said listen I am not happy, this isn’t working, and let her file the papers to save some face. God knows he already made an ass out of her talking to her the way he did on national tv.

      • Agree. A true gentleman and/or anyone with a shred of decency would have quietly informed the other party rather than dropping it like a bomb. He is a jerk, a punk ass whiner. Porsha is very young and very naive and Kordell knows it. He knew her character before he married her. If he is such a great Christian (PS run like hell ladies when any guy uses that line) why didnt he respect Porsha ?

  16. I am going to defend Kordell here. First, I think Porsha is nice overall, but way too insecure – more childlike. I would say she didn’t know what she wanted and Kordell already knows what he wants but was frustrated with her acting like a kid. She has not found herself yet, and he has. He has some great accomplishments in football.

    Now, I mean that Porsha can and should do what she wants, but she needs to come and tell Kordell what she wants. If they don’t agree, ok then. But I never saw Porsha speak confidently and know/express where she was going in life or her marriage. I did see Kordell defend Porsha and at times seem to run over her if she acted like a child. It’s not healthy that way, just like it’s not healthy for Adrienne to runover Paul on RHOBH. It ends at some point if the less aggressive person has a way to get out, I think.

    First reactions to news can often be misguided, meaning if they had been discussing divorce, and she was holding off on filing herself, I can’t believe she only found out it was going to happen from the internet. Kordell is a strong personality and I think he would have ensured she knew it was coming – maybe not the actual filing day, but she knew.

    As for Kordell being gay, I have no clue, but he does have a biological child with another woman, called his teammates together to address the issue based on a rumor. Being gay in the NFL is hot topic. He also empathized with Walter when Kenya threw out her comments about him. And there was at least a reason for Porsha to take a pregnancy test – even she must know what is required to make a baby.

    Lastly, I don’t think Kordell controlled Porsha. They didn’t need to be on the show, Porsha clearly wanted that and he obviously supported her. But I just don’t see him with Porsha under his thumb.

    Either way, it’s sad and I hope they part amicably.

    • I agree with you. I also feel that it appeared that Kordell was controlling. He just had to talk to her very cut and dry. Kind of like she was a 3 year old because she has no common sense. I bet if he didn’t one day she would accidentally burn the house down or eat raw bacon. She’s an idiot and needs instruction.

      • You have covered everything from burning the house down to eating raw bacon. LOL You are the funniest person.

  17. She’ll be all right. Best thing that ever happened to her. I hope she wasn’t just his beard. But his being emotionally unavailable for her when she miscarried is a lonely marital nightmare one never forgets.

    • That broke my heart when she said that. Shameful that sucha Christian man couldn’t be there to comfort his wife when she really needed it.

  18. Oops! Sounds like kordell had a slip of the tongue! The look on his face was priceless! She was looking like WTF! Um I’m in control but I’m not controlling” lol

    • Actually I figured Kordell would probably like Lawrence. Wasn’t it a tranny that he was rumored to have been seen with way back when?

          • And that would be sooo much better than the way that down-low(Simone, Walter, Kordell) and flamboyant gay(era body else) is always portrayed on Bravo. They need a normal gay… and yes they do make those. :)

            • I really hate the way gay individuals are portrayed on Bravo. Everyone has to be over the top and flamboyant, running around wearing makeup and high heels. Why doesn’t he spotlight the many seemingly normal gay men/women that dress normally and act normally and act like they have a few brain cells.

          • Oh yeah and also make down Slimey(has to be blowin someone to stay on the show) and Edwina down too as possible down lows and there was also some whispering about RHOM Alexis’ husband too. And Mo-reece who would do whoever/whatever has the $$$ -maybe even Leona Helmsley’s pooch. bahahahahaha. I am being bad today.

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