MARISA ZANUCK: Marisa’s BravoBlog… No One Can Prepare To Be A “Housewife”… Marisa Can “Take Care of Herself” and “Speaks The Truth”… Marisa “Thanks SH”… and Others!!


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My final blog entry comes straight from the heart. In truth, I have moved past all of the drama, and I don’t want to acknowledge it anymore. This is my final blog and I want to dedicate it to all of you that have supported me immensely throughout this experience. I really appreciate the time you took to write me and share your perspectives; you have given me some really great advice. I also appreciate the constructive criticism because it helped me think about the choices I have made and the things I have said. I feel like we have gotten to know each other throughout this experience and while some may call you viewers or fans, I would like to call you friends.

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Joining The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been an incredible journey. There are many people behind-the-scenes that work extraordinarily hard to make this show a success and they rarely get acknowledged so I am giving credit where credit is due!

I would like to start by thanking Evolution and their incredible staff from the Executive Producers to the Production Assistants and everyone in between. I would also like to thank everyone at Bravo who work equally as hard to make this show a success. Thank you to all of the media outlets that cover the show. I enjoy reading your creative and witty recaps and blogs and appreciate your sense of humor. Bonnie Fuller and her staff at Hollywood Life were wonderful to work with.

marisa likes pg and always make me laugh and supporters like Lucien Simpson (@mintedroyalty), Coleen (@chicagocollen), Jim Kaurudor (@bitterjim2u), @piazzaalexander and all of my Twitter friends are truly special. Without all of you this show couldn’t happen. I wish I could name everyone but you all know who you are and I thank each and every one of you for your hard work and dedication to making The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills a success.

I have learned so much from this experience and it has changed my life in ways I couldn’t have dreamed. My husband Dean and I have grown closer as we discussed the things I’ve said on the show.

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I regret many things that I have said without thinking, but my husband and I are deeply in love and after 16 years we know how we truly feel about each other. Dean is an incredible man and he knew that I didn’t intend on hurting him. I am blessed to have him and my beautiful family and I am grateful for their love and support; it means everything to me.

Brandi and I never ever had an issue, about the text or about anything else. I made a mistake, apologized and we quickly moved past it. I really connect with Brandi because she says exactly what is on her mind.

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I do the same thing and as you know our unfiltered opinions have gotten us in to trouble. Despite that, we both have big hearts and are forgiving people.

I can take care of myself and I do not talk shit, I speak the truth.

I read your comments about Yolanda and I agree that she was being a good friend to Brandi. My blog reflected my thoughts in that moment but as you can see Yolanda and I ended on a very positive note.

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Lisa’s vow renewal was very touching and it really made me think about myself my life and my family. I admire Lisa and Ken for being married 30 years! I think it is an amazing triumph and Dean and I are half way there.

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I also want to add that I do not believe Lisa is Brandi’s mouthpiece. Lisa and Brandi have become very close and it is only natural for friends to defend each other when they are being attacked.

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I have to say I was shocked when Adrienne walked into Lisa’s vow renewal party because she represented a very sad irony. It must have taken a lot of balls to show up that night and believe me I couldn’t have done it. I have compassion for Lisa because it couldn’t have been easy to feel special about renewing her vows when a guest is hysterical over her fresh separation.

RHOBH lisav ken

Lisa wanted her vow renewal to represent love and happiness and sadly that day Adrienne represented the complete opposite. I also have compassion for Adrienne, perhaps she just needed to be surrounded by her best girlfriends, Kyle, Kim and Taylor and it felt genuine when they said they will always be there for her. I wish Adrienne nothing but the best in life.

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I don’t think anyone or anything can prepare someone for becoming a part of the Housewives.

Before the show, I was never on Twitter and didn’t even know what a hashtag was! I appreciate all of my friends on Twitter that helped me get the hang of it.   NOTE:  Marisa Zanuck’s twitter account… @MarisaZanuck

A Housewife must be many things:

  • she must be media-savvy and tech-savvy.
  • She must think about what she says and its potential impact,
  • she must have a thick skin to handle the constructive criticism and
  • a sense of humor about her to enjoy the creativity of the many writers that blog the show.
  • A Housewife must also recognize that she is not perfect and be willing to learn from her mistakes. If 10,000 people are telling you that you are being a bitch, they can’t all be wrong.
  • At the end of the day we are all very lucky to have this experience and our jobs are much easier than all of yours and all of the people behind-the-scenes that work so hard. That is why this blog is dedicated to you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining me on this journey. We never know what life will bring or what the future will hold so I leave you with my sincerest thanks, love and one of my favorite quotes:

“Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” Winston Churchill

Love Always,


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    • Isn’t Marisa mistaken, I don’t recall Taylor going to greet and meet with Magoof having their little crying fest at Lisa’s renewal. I only recall the Bitchard Sisters, Camile, Maury, and some strange women that I had no clue who she was.


    • I agree, she’s not coming back. Yolanda said she had to leave her treatment to go to the reunion because Andy sent out memo’s that anyone who was a ‘no show’ would be fired. So, by her not being there, I’d say she didn’t get an invite to start with. Now, let’s hope we don’t see Fayke!!!


        • I think you are correct and I do feel that Marisa will be coming back. In fact she looks great in that one picture of her and Brandi. Let your hair down Marisa and let it grow you look stunning.


            • I thought so too. She NEVER looked better. She’s too thin–almost anorexic thin, so I hope she’s healthy, but in the pic with Brandi, even her skin is aglow. She’s too flip-floppy for me, so I’d rather see her go away.


  1. Wow! That was some blog. The beginning sounded like an acceptance speech for an academy award. But, Marisa covered all the bases and came full circle. I’m not sure the show was the right vehicle for her. But, she learned a lot about herself and seemed contrite. I wish her well.


  2. She mentioned us here. How cool is that? We know they all read what we write here. I’m glad she finds it funny. I agree also, she’s not coming back next season. I would have like to see her again.


    • I’d like to see her come back, but only if she came back as an enemy of Kyle’s. Marisa was clearly trying to fit in with Kyle’s group when she pulled that stunt on Brandi. She also jumped on the Taylor bandwagon to fast since she really didn’t know Taylor to be talking about her.


    • Hudson, I think Marisa is very clever, and the best way not to get backlashed on these famous sites is to name them. Flattery, oldest trick in the world. What an ass-kissing party! I did not particularly dislike her before, I didn’t care about her really, but her recent actions and this blog have done it. (Imean, how demagogic (is this an english word? Hope so): thankin the crew, Evolution, us, the bloggers, us, her “friends”, since she included everyone that commented on her (note to you Marisa: I am not your friend and never would want to) Her mistakes are barely owned up to and she brushes them off in a whif. And it was much too long to be honest. What didn’t you want to say there Marisa? When someone says and repeats how much they’ve learned but don’t really give any specifics, it’s all BS to me. sorry for the rant, this blog just really annoyed me.


      • ITA! I’m with you except for the fact that I found her irritating from the beginning! I liked her the first 10 minutes of the dinner scene with MCFR. But immediately wante to kick my TV when her and Kylle were doing yoga about 15 minutes later. I was also watching her tweets. So juvenile and trying to copy Brandi with F-bombs but one thing that’s lacking is honesty. It’s always everyone else’s fault. Those who don’t agree with her are “haters” but those who randomly mention her gets love and are retweeted. I could see through the ass-kissing, campaining to be a fulltime housewife. I’m rather surprised at how easily some can be star-struck at a Z-list celebrity tweeting them.


  3. I doubt she’s coming back but I really enjoyed her presence. She was a breath of fresh air amid all the drama. Even in this recent episode where she had a little drama, she seemed like a normal, intelligent person, not some bizarre caricature of what she thinks the viewers want to see.

    Faye on the other hand is such a farking fake actress it really makes the show seem more crappy scripted TV than a scene in someone’s relatively normal (but affluent) life.


  4. love love love that she mentioned us!!!!!!!!!!
    I forgive her bitchi and catiness – and blame it on Kyle’s influence as I am sure Kyle filled her in before the season started. Seems like she figured it all out in the end, and maybe we all helped her marriage by calling her out on her inappropriate treatment of her husband! Yeah for us


      • i completely get that..but I still think there WAS a part of her that really doesn’t have her husband’s heart in hers…I think she did a tiny bit of soul searching after we all shredded her.


        • One mention of so called “joke” would’ve been fine maybe even twice. I would’ve bought it as a joke, funny or not. But, everytime the camera was on Marisa, all she ever did was emasculate her husband. She doesn’t have any character or substance of her own to contribute to the show. She needs someone else, anyone to put down to be relevant. Think about it, what do we know about her except when trash-talking about her husband, then Taylor (nanny-gate), Brandi (text-gate), and now Yolanda. Marisa is Kyle II. They’re friends for over 10 years and worked with Mo. Surely she’s also friends with Faye. She wasn’t trying to fit in with the meanies, she’s been a part of it for a decade! Birds of a feather cluck together. Sayonara frumpy biatch! Go sell your delusions elsewhere; not many of us buy it.


      • Haha! That’s what desperate Marisa hopes! Don’t know about SH but I know she’s not getting a free pass from me even if she mentioned my name or all my dogs’ names. Even if she tattoos them on her forehead, she will remain as irritating and two-faced as Kyle to me.


        • Lol iheart! The perfect place for a tatoo should be an ass, Marisa seems to spend a whole lot of time up there lately…


  5. Her attitude is as bad as her face – she was clearly aiming to be a talkin’ trash “I keep it real” broad a la Brandi, except Brandi’s the real deal, not some uber rich pulled face boring woman who needed to create a persona to be relevant. I loved Yolanda calling her out and her falling flat on her face and unable to say anything but “right…well…no, right. Right.” Peace out Marissa, go home and find something to do besides be a bore.


  6. Too little too late, Marisa. Throughout the entire season, I saw the irritating, two-faced, manipulative, back-peddling panderer. One blog isn’t going to change my mind about you. Especially that your juvenile character fully showed from your blog just 2 days ago. I’m not stupid or that naive to think you’ve come full-circle in about 48 hours. Ask Camille, it takes at least a full season to redeem your image. But, like Camille, she can’t keep her true colors hidden for too long. I’m not surprised you thanked and named everyone who gave you a positive c comment because they are very few. Your blog sounds like an acceptance speech, hopefully accepting the fact that you will not be asked to return. However, from witnessing your Twitter activity this season, it’s one huge attempt to kiss ass to everyone so you get to stay on the show. After all, campaigning for a full-time HW spot was all you ever did. You and Kyle are so much alike that’s why you’ve been friends for over 10 years. I hope the producers and more “fans” (who seem star-struck by a Z-list celebrity tweeting them) realize that this show doesn’t need another Kyle. Go redeem yourself quietly to your husband and his family that you shamed on national TV. I don’t want to see you on my TV.


    • love it..even if she knew all my dogs names. :)..I do think she runs with the bitchards for sure. The blog though made me forget my disdain for her for a second.


  7. C’mon everyone! I just love Marisa! I joined Twitter for the sole reason of following SH but then added a few other interests too. I follow Jay Mohr (whose blogs I still miss from that one RHONJ season), some of my beloved Steelers, SH, Closet Confessions, etc… Because I was so impressed with Marisa and Yolanda, I decided to follow them – and they’re the only HWs I follow (I try not to be a fangirl ;) ) Anywho… I believe Marisa is sincere in her appreciation/enjoyment of SH. I see her reaching out to SH fairly often – and SH talks to her also. I don’t think it’s a fake thing at all. Even if it was…. we’re really not her ‘friends’ per se… so it’s pretty nice of her to mention the people she’s mentioned and to thank them for the good times. If anything, this makes me like her more.

    Although… I have to admit… I’ll be severely disappointed if she’s not back next season. I didn’t care for ‘Deangate’ but it’s her husband, she knows him best, and she says she was joking. I believe her and find her sincere. However, it doesn’t matter if I believe her… it matters if he does. To be fair… most of you wouldn’t understand some of the stuff I say to (or about) my hubby – but he gets me and we’ve been married for 22 years ;)


  8. Can’t you see she’s using everyone to make herself look good? Flattery can be a form of bribery you know…


  9. I like Marisa. She’s funny, smart, as normal as anyone on the show. She’s not high maintenance, which must’ve been weird for the rest of the ladies. Yo blew Marisa mentioning Brandi’s text out of proportion. Maybe Yo was feeling particularly protective of Brandi, but Marisa was never two-faced. I thought she was genuinely interested in learning about people. She works, has a family and life away from the show. I don’t think she was focused on Brandi’s or anyone else’s enemies.


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