TRAVIS ALEXANDER: The Jodi Arias Trial Continues… Experts To Take The Stand Today… HLN “After Dark”… Martinez: What Were You Going To Do With The Gun… THROW It At Him??


UPDATE:  The Jodi Arias trial continues Monday at 10 am AST.


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The Jodi Arias trial continues today at 10:30 am MST…

Expert witnesses will take the stand today.

HLN is airing the televised trial… however, HLN seems to air commercials every three minutes!

You may find it preferable to watch live streaming via the local Arizona CBS affiliate.

And,  follow all the latest re the JodiArias trial at Justice4Travis… where you can see some great ‘interpretations’ of the trial:

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If that’s not enough Jodi for ya, HLN has started their new show “HLN After Dark“… which airs on HLN at 10:00 pm Monday through Thursday.

“HLN’s trial experts will not only present and argue the evidence of each court day, they’ll do it in front of a live audience that doubles as a jury. At the end of each show, the jurors will vote and reveal a verdict on the day in court.”

The first show focused on the gun Jodi Arias claims she used in the death of Travis Alexander.

The “Jodi jury” was asked if they believed Jodi’s version of the story.  They did not.  Neither did the home viewers who could vote online.

Also at HLN… Janine Driver, the body language expert, explained to DrDrew what she saw as she watched the jury:

“My eyes were glued to the jury … and I’ve got to tell you, what was happening with the jury was unbelievable,” she said. “[They showed] signs of confidence.”

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Martinez Question: What were you going to do with the [unloaded] gun? Throw it at him?

NOTE:  Was astonished to see that Ms. Arias is STILL tryin’ to sell her artwork via EBay!  

jodi sells artwork on ebay

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The following was written and compiled by Christian Daniel…  it was included in yesterday’s “Jodi” update.  It is a synopsis of the important facts re the trial… and bears repeating.


Informative Facts & Useful Links

by Christian Daniel (Notes) on Wednesday, March 13, 2013 at 2:58am

The Jury:

Travis’ Dog Napoleon:

  • During June 4 – 9 The dog was being watched by Travis’ Roommates girlfriend who feed him
  • JA left him downstairs when she left with a gate preventing him from going upstairs
  • He now lives with Travis’ good friend Deanna

Travis’ Roommates on June 4-9:

  • Zachary Billing lived with Travis since Jan 2008 (Girlfriend Amanda) -Spent most of his time at Amanda’s, house-sitting her parents house while they were away. They would go home to Travis house late, watch movies and fall asleep until next morning. The rest of the time they would run errands and was not around much. He knew Travis was planning a trip and assumed he was already gone. Him and Travis did not hang out much as he spent most of his time while living there hanging out with his girlfriend Amanda
  •  Enrique Cortez only lived there for 2 weeks (Girlfriend Kim) – Was at work most of the time, usually gets home at 6-6:30. Girlfriend was feeding Napoleon thinking Travis was gone to Cancun already but thought it was unusual that the dog was gated from going upstairs as he had full access to the house. When Enrique was home spent most of his time playing video games and watching movies. Travis bedroom and office doors were locked. He first noticed unusual smell on Monday night when he got home from a Church activity but never asked about it. Later that night Travis was discovered by Zach

Maria (Mimi) Hall:

  • She was to go to Cancun with Travis on June 10
  • Last spoke with Travis at Church on June 2
  • She was getting to know Travis and at the time was just friends
  • She tried to get a hold of him all week
  • Decided to go to his house on June 9 did not get an answer so went home and called 2 other friends Michelle Lowery and Dallin Forrest (Both already thought that Travis was already gone to Cancun) They all agreed to meet up at Travis’ house that night. They could not get an answer at the door as roommate were upstairs and did not hear them knocking so they called another friend to get garage keypad code and that gave them access to get inside house. They found Zach inside who got a key to access Travis room and found him dead. They all went outside and called 911
  • She also told Detective Flores about some of the things she heard about Jodi – Stalking Travis, being obsessive, and that Travis confronted her about a week before his death about Jodi hacking into his Facebook and email.
  • She was called as a witness for the State

Travis Parents:

  • Both dead at time of his death
  • Was raised mostly by his Grandmother
  • Grandmother was alive and died December 2012

Travis Memorial & Funeral:

  • 2 different events
  • Funeral and Burial was June 21 in Riverside, CA (Jodi did not attend)
  • Memorial was June 26 in Mesa, AZ (Jodi attended)


Live Trial Streams:


List, Links & Facts compiled by Christian Daniel

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23 comments on “TRAVIS ALEXANDER: The Jodi Arias Trial Continues… Experts To Take The Stand Today… HLN “After Dark”… Martinez: What Were You Going To Do With The Gun… THROW It At Him??

  1. I actually think it would be better to have more females on the jury in a case like this. Male jurors may feel sorry for Jodi just based on her being a female. I think females are tougher on other females than males are. Of course considering the evidence , I still can’t see anything but a guilty verdict coming down.

  2. I haven’t heard anyone say anything about why she just didn’t run outside! Travis was nude! He was not going to follow her down the street. She could have gotten away from him and he would still be alive today. There was absolutely no reason for her to “retrieve a gun from his closet and then go back into the bathroom to confront him when she could have run down the stairs and out of the house! No-one will ever convince me that she didn’t intend to kill him, and it shows in his face in the picture of him looking at the camera with the water running down his face. He knew he was going to die when that picture was taken!

  3. Dr Samuels does not have a good reputation
    Info is here,
    I’m following a couple of twitter feeds and that is where this info was posted, I haven’t read it yet, But he seems pretty wishy washy to me. Has anyone noticed that both Jodi and her Female atty are both scratching their heads a LOT.
    Anyhow, off I go to read up on him.

    • I didn’t notice the scratching of the head, but Jodi constantly fiddling with her glasses is on my last nerve! She is always adjusting them. I also don’t understand why she takes them off to read. I have been near sighted since adolescence and I was always able to read while wearing my glasses or contact lenses. It is only in recent years that I had difficulty reading while wearing them and had to get bi-focal lenses (love that they now have multi focal contact lenses). Before I broke down and got bifocals, I would take my glasses off to read or slap on a pair of granny reading glasses while wearing contacts.

      I don’t know what is going on with Jodi and those glasses, but she is prolly lying about needing them.

    • I noticed how he said that Jodi stuck with her intruder story until he and Nurmi sat down with her to explain…. of course the attorney was quick to say “let me stop you right there…” I quit listening to him after that. I bet the jury picked up on it too.

      • I’m with you Made… This man is on my last nerve… I almost think that they are enjoying each others company… Is their trial tomorrow… Jodi looks as bored as I am…

      • @Made, I caught that as well, a reporter wrote about it on twitter and said that Martinez was writing real fast, and that Nurmi gave him the side eye checking to see if he caught it. The site that I wrote about upthread was a case before the ethics board, he bartered his services for dental work. He did not interview the Mother in that child custody case and that is why the charges were filed against him.
        He also has his own website:
        He is a glorified ambulance chaser. pfft…

    • My medulla oblongata tells me that Samuels is full of chit as a Christmas goose. And loves to hear himself ramble and needs to be reined in like Miss Arias. He’s already done enough harm to end the trial now. All I needed to know about him was his study of Masters and Johnson sex stuff.

        • Do over #2. I swear I’m done after this……..Samuels studied Masters and Johnson. Kinsey, on the other hand was a perv whose studies and conclusions were done to “normalize” childhood sexual exploitation.

          • Kinsey was a major perv and an academic fraud. He used deviant criminals in prison and prostitutes as subjects in his studies. He also collected “data” about children from active pedophiles who were abusing children and reporting back to him. He was a revolting POS who I hope is rotting in hell.

      • Thanks, shelagh5. I had no idea it was likely to go on for that long. Cannot imagine how horrible this has been for those that loved him to wait for it to come to trial, and for the trial to go on for this long. Hope they get justice.

        • You’re welcome… I couldn’t imagine being that family and listening to the lies day in and day out… They are a lot stronger then I would be… I know that done has been through this… They say we have the best justice system in the world… But it’s the crap that goes on in this court that makes me shake my head and think how much more can that family take… In the end, I do believe that justice will win… And Travis too…

  4. This Samuels guy is in for a ride with Juan… Nancy grace just had someone on that he is a scum… He’s bee fined for unethical practices.. From jersey, I think they should have skipped this one… He’s going to wiggle a little in his seat… I also think this lawyer examining him, is as bad as wormie..

    • Go Juan Go!!! I hope he tears him to threads, this so called Dr is scum.
      He used his resume as a reference for his background…(really, what the heck) Juan wanted it marked as an exhibit and he will ask about his credentials, and then his ethics violation will come out. Having ptsd does not prove or disprove self-defense. I think that her coded messages to Matt McCartney are going to come into play, as will the Dr’s own admission that people CAN fake the answers to the ptsd test.
      Did anyone else notice (after the Judge dismissed everyone) while the camera was still filming, Nurmi and Jodi were smiling at each other. I don’t think that all of the jury was gone yet, cause Jodi looked their way and wiped the smile off of her face pretty fast.
      The Judge is holding a conference tomorrow without the Jury, to determine whether he can testify about “Instrumental vs Expressive Homicides”, basically premeditated vs heat of passion. I wonder if it will be televised???

  5. I am watching Nancy Grace and they are talking about the ethics board complaint against Dr. Samuels. It’s too bad the jury won’t know about that! This guy is a real idiot! He is so cocky up there and it is sooooooo obvious that he is using this for his own personal gain. I really believe this guy thinks he’s gonna be super famous now. I really really hope the jury sees through this ridiculous shit! Sex can cause amnesia??????????? WHAAAAAAAT? un-freaking-believable! LOL!

    Dr. Drew is on now, and he is really ripping into this guy’s testimony.

    • I’m irritated, I just went onto HLNs website and tried to watch a live feed of the show. You have to sign in with your cable provider, and bc I’m in Canada, my provider is not listed. I get Nancy Grace at 11pm on HLN, so I guess I’ll have to wait. GRRRRRRRRRR…………

    • I think that Martinez is going to show this guy all his flaws. From what I have seen on nancy grace….he is in big trouble.. I hope this mans credential are able to come in..if you want to play with the big guys, you better study buddy, you’re going down dr. Samuels… You should have stayed in jersey.

  6. In case anyone is interested, I didn’t notice it mentioned upthread, but there is an evidentiary (sp?) hearing tomorrow morning that will be livestreamed….not sure of the time….but I’m pretty sure it’;s in the morning…

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