ADRIENNE MALOOF: Adrienne’s Photo… PRE-Housewives… PRE-Plastic Surgery… PRE- Paul!… **EXCLUSIVE** Photo of Adrienne WITHOUT Plastic Surgery!!

adrienne side profile

If you’ve been a SH reader, you will recall that we’ve been searching for photos of Adrienne Maloof for at least TWO years!  As mentioned several times on SH, the intrawebby has been scrubbed clean of ANY photos of Adrienne.

We had been searching, in particular, for photos of pregnant Adrienne… NOTHING!  We had also been searching for photos of Adrienne as a student at The University of New Mexico at Albuquerque, as Adrienne attended UNM on a tennis scholarship… NOTHING!

Then THIS!

adrienne before


NOTE:  Adrienne needs to get her “people” on this and find out who ‘leaked’ this photo!   BUT, we have an idea of WHO it was!  Adrienne should have given him more than $75 and McDonald’s gift cards as a ‘parting gift’!!  


WE have the ***EXCLUSIVE*** computer-generated photo of Adrienne…

plastic surgery

… had she NOT had any plastic surgery! 

adrienne no plastic surgery


(Thanks to SH reader “PMG”!)

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94 comments on “ADRIENNE MALOOF: Adrienne’s Photo… PRE-Housewives… PRE-Plastic Surgery… PRE- Paul!… **EXCLUSIVE** Photo of Adrienne WITHOUT Plastic Surgery!!

    • Oh my, I’ve been waiting for this picture.. She is uglier then I thought.. What money can buy… She still has no class!

          • She has jimmy Durante nose… I see a lawsuit here… A big ole lawsuit! As big as that nose.. I wonder if that nose was in the flower arrangement she set Lisa?

              • Something was really messed up with that nose… The rest of her wasn’t that bad, in fact her eyes looked pretty.. Now they look fake, she must have lost at least five lbs when they re,ove that snot.

  1. You know, I may be in a minority here, but she has washed away every single trace of her Lebanese heritage with all that surgery…and I don’t think that’s necessarily a good thing.

    • I’m guessing this surgery was done before the technique of keeping your ethnicity look intact while softening some features
      to make the face more appealing became accepted in her world.

      • Given the amount of work she had done, I’m SHOCKED she doesnt look like mama mumbles biological daughter!!! My goodness how many procedures COULD HAVE ALL OF THAT TAKEN??? Although she does look to be related to her brothers now my goodness this woman has really spent her life carefully constructing and crafting a new identity. She seriously should go to work for the witness protection program b/c she could’ve been Jimmy Hoffa for all we know given the HUGE change and totally unrecognizably NEW appearance!

        CGI has NOTHING on the HOOF!!

    • I agree. Her hair looks dated, as it should, but her *new* face makes her look more like a man than her old face ever could. It reminds me of all the losers on Shahs of Sunset. They are so proud of their heritage that they slice up their faces with nose jobs & botox, then embrace all the designer clothing & bags & the whole materialistic lifestyle. I guess if you retain the “spirituality” of your cultures religion (which ironically they are all persian jews instead of muslims – way to go Andy) by showing up for family functions, you can be as detached from your heritage, aesthetically, as you want.

      • Not all the ‘Shahs’ are Jewish. MJ, Asa, GG are Muslim, and Reza is half Muslim, half Jewish. There are enough legit assbaggery examples of poor behavior, materialism, commercialism and culturally decrepit members of the Iranian formerly known as Persian culture to not make up BS ones…

    • I agree. She actually resembles her brothers (which she does not anymore) and I can finally see that wonderful Lebanese heritage. I prefer her original eyes, lips, and face shape in the 1977 photo. I can understand her wanting a nose job, but she thinned her nose too much – she seems to have copied the Jackson family in the nose department.

      • The Jacksons give each other new heads for Christmas….

        I wish I could remember the comedian that first made joke to give him/her credit but…I’m old.

      • Agree. Overkill on the nose job. She’s looks like the Jacksons, who also went overboard on the slimming of the nose. Janet Jacksons’ nose looks more like Michael’s everyday.

    • You’re right Anastasia, I thought she looked like a nice young girl, normal features for her Lebanese heritage. I like to see normal, not the stretched pulled chopped waxy looking face some have today.

    • I totally agree, she washed away her whole Lebanese heritage. But it’s amazing that it took so long trying to find a single picture of her. She really must have hated her looks.

      • Yup, all the signs were there. Her in home la-BORE-a-tory spa space makes more sense now. Wife of Frankenstein on Halloween for sure next year.

        Plus as a tennis pro she learned to whack balls with the best of them. ;). Then she extracts the testosterone one insult at a time until they are virtually testes free. When the male hormone inevitably drops below a certain level, she no longer finds them attractive and moves onto the next set of balls. The more you know…

    • Hmm, Shakira is 1/2 Lebanese and 1/2 Columbian and she looks nothing like the “before” or “after” pics of Adrienne.

  2. Well, now we know why there are no old photos floating around. It is really a shocking change. My first thought was that it’s Jimmy Durante’s nose (dating myself). It also explains why there is never enough surgery in her mind. She has gone too far now. IMO, she would look nicer if she had a darker more natural color hair and lose that stupid pink lip gloss you wore when you were 15.

  3. I can see why she would’ve wanted her nose done (she now has an almost MJ nose — too phony-looking), but other than that it looks like she had chin implant, cheeks, eyes… probably breasts, too. I’ll bet if she had only had her nose more realistically “done”, she’d look pretty good with what she had.

    • ITA Barbara, if she just thinned out her nose, cleaned up the tip a bit it would have been more realistic and attractive. However, Adrienne leaves in the Botox Belt which would not have worked at all. She seems to have such a tough attitude…with that appearance you have to wonder if she was insecure/wall flower like… prolly got started on the plastic road at age 15 though…and through the years many modifications.

  4. I had to read through everyones comments here to determine whether or not Ms SH was pulling our leg with that photo. I should stop now before I say something mean.

  5. All it says is we speak our mind.. Just like you did.. You could have left it at picking on Adrienne, but instead you threw Brandi down… What’s the difference? You and the rest of us here are allowed to voice our opinion, it’s that simple… :)

    • Say what serena? I know beauty is in the eyes of the beholder but come on, I wouldn(t call that plastic face “gorgeous”

  6. She looks like an average 15 year old too me. She isn’t unattractive but she is striking. I would imagine that she wasn’t all that in to the girl thing (make up/hair) since she was into sports. I’m sure it time she would have grown into her nose. I don’t know why but she reminds me of Stassi on VP rules.

  7. OH – My! It doesn’t even look like the same person. The 2 images remind me of “The Twilight Zone” episode when a plain jane girl got “an operation” to make her beautiful to fit in with society where everyone looked like each other. The power of plastic surgery has been proven with the transformation of Ms. Mahoof into A-drain MyHOOF. Wow!

  8. That can’t be the same person. The person in that photo has huge eyes.
    Adrienne has small eyes. You can shrink eye balls. I can’t stand Adrienne, but it does not look anything like her.

    • itsme: I agree but I think they cut the crap out of her eyes. They ruined her eyelids. Actually they ruined her entire face too. And why does the 1st pic look EXACTLY like Shana??????????????

    • it’s it’s her. her last nose was like shana’s then she had it tipped. for 50 she surely must look better than if she had no surgeries. she had some deep marionette lines going on there even for a teenager.

  9. I’ll be in the minority here. I like the way she used to look. Her nose may have been something she would have wanted to change but I find it distinctive. She has character in her original picture. Now she’s plastic and looks very vanilla in a plastic way. You can’t even tell if that before picture is her because she appears that different looking. I’d have preferred to see her grow older in her original face.

    • Agree with di. Adrienne is now just another botoxed blonde interchangeable with an entire parade of faces/looks exactly like hers. I can see why she would want a nose job but the hacking and whacking chiseled away her heritage, ethnicity and unique beauty.

    • There are so many forms of beauty, it makes me sad when I see what these women do to themselves. She’s bought into the very misogynistic Hollyweird view of what beauty is – lead by some of the biggest pigs on earth. Google Harvey Weinstein casting couch. For an industry that claims to be soooooooo inclusive they all seem to be fighting their true selves and suppressing any shred of individuality.

      They’re all Lemmings looking for a cliff to jump off.

  10. Believe it or not, I think, except for the nose, that she was very pretty as a teen. She had an exotic look that was certainly more interesting than her current wax museum look.

    • I agree. She would also look a lot better now, if she toned down the hair a little and was more of a medium brunette with strategically placed blonde highlights.

    • I agree, whoever is in that picture had beautiful eyes. If she did have her nose done I don’t blame her it looks like an Idaho potato. I know that one should not shrink away from their ethnicity but some times you just get a bad nose no matter what your nationality.

  11. Holyyyyy Shizzzzzz!!! That is an AMAZING transformation!! Who was her plastic surgeon?? I want his number. HAHAHA

    BTW – I thought it was Traylor in the first photo…

  12. So this is why Rod’s kid and Adrienne broke up! He couldn’t shake her before pic out of his empty lil head. Poor thang…

  13. Bullie: Actually, I’ve watched episodes of “Shahs of Sunset”, and while I agree w/ your comments about their shocking material excesses, and the modifying, by many of them, of their Middle Eastern features, there is only ONE Jewish Persian on this show. (Or one and a half Jews, as Reza is half Jewish, half Muslim, which I actually thought interesting, though the character himself is, like the rest of them, fairly appalling.) The rest of the cast are Muslim. I was surprised by how none/few of their Muslim traditions/ holidays were shown being celebrated, but I live in L.A., and many of the younger Persians I’ve met here are not religious, though they consider themselves Muslims. Anyway, there is a huge number of Persians (and others of Middle Eastern origin, including Jews) who have nose jobs here almost as a rite of passage. Adrienne was one among many.

    • MJ is Jewish, gg is Jewish , mike shouted is Jewish,omid is Jewish, the other chubby guy is too. I think Lilly and Asa are the only Muslims on shahs

      • MJ isn’t Jewish. her first sabbath was with Reza’s family. I doubt that G.G. is either . From watching the show Mike is the only practicing Jew.

        • MJ and GG are Jewish, so was the chubby dude whose name I forgot. Most of the Beverly hills Iranian population is Jewish, orange county is Muslim.

            • MJ is a shiksa, that means a NON-JEWISH WOMAN…anti-sematic much? What does it matter what their religious beliefs are anyway? The point the chubby guy made was that in this day and age, arguing Jewish vs Muslim is stupid…GG also is Muslim as is Asa, Mike, Sammy and Reza (half-Reza) are Jewish.

  14. Whoa! Now I know why Adrienne was so upset about the “Maloof hoof” comment. It looked like a cow stepped on her face.

    • Photos 1 & 3 on your link are actually Linda Thompson.
      She is the friend “Shana Ford” keeps referring to and the former wife of Bruce Jenner and David Foster (YoFo’s man).
      She was also probably the most serious of all of Elvis’s girlfriends – and according to an interview I read with Lisa Marie Presley, she is still close to Lisa Marie to this day.
      Lisa Marie said she called Linda immediately upon finding out Elvis died for comfort. She was rumored to being considered as a friend of the “housewives” last season and appeared in an episode or two.
      She must have some stories!

  15. I don’t know if it’s the plastic surgery or just growing up and natural facial changes plus a nose job, regardless she does not look like the same person, also it might be a really bad picture………still embarrassing, and im still amazed at what plastic surgery can do.
    I think Adrienne would look better as a brunette, and why would such a rich girl Goto school on a scholarship that could have been given to a needier student?

    • Im gonna go out on a limb and guess that their father, the $$$ maker, and a WORKER…wanted to instill a good work ethic into his children. Horrible isnt it….

        • She may not have ‘worked’ through college, but you do have to keep up a certain GPA and performance to keep a sports scholarship. I did work through college and had scholarships, but I didnt have to do sports (the best design schools dont even have sport programs) which are basically like a full-time job on top of a full-time job (depending on how hard the schools curricula are).

          I get annoyed whenever anyone tries to make a point about someone coming from $ vs. someone who isnt wealthy getting a scholarship and not ‘needing it’. I went to school with some very affluent people but they were cut-off by their parents to do it on their own, so they came from money but didnt have unlimited access to it, they had to work just as hard as everyone else.

          Although USING ADRIENNE MAHOOF as my example, may NOT have been the best CHOICE on my end…

  16. How sad to go to the lengths of changing what you were God given. I understand the nose, but chin, eyes, cheekbones? Just sad!

  17. TBH i think the photo is really her but if you look closely at the star photo, it looks very badly photoshopped around the eyebrows. i think paul/brandi/lisa/whomever enlarged the nose to embarrass her further.

  18. I wonder if Paul knew what her original face looked like. They said they’ve been married for only 8 years. (Paul may have been duped by the fake Ms. MyHoof.) IF he hadn’t seen her “before” pix, he might have wondered why his kids look like someone else. He must have gotten the surprise of a lifetime when the boys were born.

  19. Wow…She had her entire face replaced. I just want to do something with my eyebrows now. Didn’t know you could order new ones! lol

    • I have odd eyebrows, my cousin ‘experimented’ on me with this stuff called ‘eyebrow-tamer’ when we were kids (she’s 4 yrs older than I, was about 8 at the time, she was 12) and I havent had ‘full’ eyebrows since. I have the first half, then the second is so blonde and light they’re not visible…I LOVE Too Faced’s Brow Envy box. comes with three stencils for different looks, two colors to match to your tone, a setting wax and highlight for under to make the eye pop more. Also comes with a brow pencil, good tweezers and 2 brushes for applying and blending.

      I know quite a few women who’ve gotten their brows lasered into shape or totally lasered off after getting them tattooed. I LOVE makeup, but b/c looks and trends change I’m a commitment phobe about permanent eye makeup, but you can indeed ‘order new brows’ probably the EASIEST thing to ‘order a new set of…’ in the world of procedures.

      You should check out the Too Faced product to try different looks and play with what you want. If you decide one look is the right one for you, you can get them lasered into a permanent shape or tattooed.

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