ADRIENNE MALOOF: Adrienne’s Photo… PRE-Housewives… PRE-Plastic Surgery… PRE- Paul!… **EXCLUSIVE** Photo of Adrienne WITHOUT Plastic Surgery!!

adrienne side profile

If you’ve been a SH reader, you will recall that we’ve been searching for photos of Adrienne Maloof for at least TWO years!  As mentioned several times on SH, the intrawebby has been scrubbed clean of ANY photos of Adrienne.

We had been searching, in particular, for photos of pregnant Adrienne… NOTHING!  We had also been searching for photos of Adrienne as a student at The University of New Mexico at Albuquerque, as Adrienne attended UNM on a tennis scholarship… NOTHING!

Then THIS!

adrienne before


NOTE:  Adrienne needs to get her “people” on this and find out who ‘leaked’ this photo!   BUT, we have an idea of WHO it was!  Adrienne should have given him more than $75 and McDonald’s gift cards as a ‘parting gift’!!  


WE have the ***EXCLUSIVE*** computer-generated photo of Adrienne…

plastic surgery

… had she NOT had any plastic surgery! 

adrienne no plastic surgery


(Thanks to SH reader “PMG”!)