KANDI BURRUSS, KIM ZOLCIAK: Kandi Gets REAL About “Tardy For The Party”… Kandi SUES KimZ… For REAL!… The RHOA Reunion Show Is Underway…

The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion show is filming now… per Cynthia Bailey’s tweet:

RHOA Cynthia Bailey tweet

Not quite sure about her statement that the “early bird does NOT catch the worm”… but, whatever!   Cynthia Bailey is not known for her brain cells!

RHOA Cynthia Dummy arrow

Oh yeah… NayNay was whinin’ about bein’ with the RHOA:

nene reunion tweet

The interesting part of this reunion show should be the fact that just yesterday Kandi Burruss filed suit against Kim Zolciak for damages from using Kandi’s song, “Tardy For The Party”…



KimZ’s daughter, Brielle, is listed as co-writer of “Tardy For The Party”… 

NOTE:   That was very generous of Kandi!!


Phaedra Parks is representing Kandi in the lawsuit:

kandi lawsuit phaedra parks atty

NOTE:  After THREE years of “Tardy For The Party” being circulated, Kandi just NOW decides to sue KimZ???   Hmmmmm…. what’s REALLY goin’ on here???  

Could the REAL reason for the lawsuit be the fact that “Tardy…” is the theme song of KimZ’s new show?

“Tardy For The Party” is included in the preview of KimZ’s new show … at!   

Does KimZ really think this lawsuit is for attention?  Is KimZ that stoopid?  IMO, this lawsuit has NOTHING to do with KimZ.   Kandi, with Phaedra’s assistance, are goin’ after big bucks Bravo… and Bravo will either replace KimZ’s theme music or PAY Kandi rightfully for using her music!

kimz tweet re kandi lawsuit

Should be a VERY interesting reunion!!  

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47 comments on “KANDI BURRUSS, KIM ZOLCIAK: Kandi Gets REAL About “Tardy For The Party”… Kandi SUES KimZ… For REAL!… The RHOA Reunion Show Is Underway…

  1. I hope this for real.Kandi should have already taken her butt to court over the measly $3-$4,000 she claimed she got paid.Kim did nothing but fake sing/auto tuned and did not invest any $$.I hope she rips Kim another asshole.Can not stand the vulgar tramp.Kandi should have never allow the song to be released like she put the hold on “Ring Didnt Mean A Thing”. Now Kim has her kids lying for her too on being a writer.Korn Fed Kroy got hisself a real winner there.I bet he is not allowed to see or speak to his parents like Kim did to her own parents.Evil $$ hungry whore with a wedding ring.Go Kandi and Phaedra!!!

    • Oh Please. Kandi should not be proud of writing that lame-ass song. And to sue now?
      Why is it topping the charts? If they are running it as the theme song for Kim’s show, then Kandi is messing with Bravo. I have no use for Kim, but this sounds like a plot line for next season in the making. Phaedra is her lawyer? See what I mean? I think Phaedra may be one of the most incompetent lawyers in the United States. But it makes sense if you are creating a storyline for next season. A sure-fire way to compel Kim to partake in a scene or two. Meh. So transparent.

      • Gessie I don’t think that we have seen enough of Phaedra to say she is incompetent. That little show with Bob was scripted to just give Sheree a storyline.

        • ITA Bizzy…Phaedra is far from incompetent…that’s just Bravo baloney. Poor Phaedra for having to be played that way…smart woman giving Sheree her check back…see ya’ later.

          Kandi was too nice in the beginning to let that song go…Kim is a user. Hope Kandi gets her rightful pay…she deserves it.

          • Kandi should have known that when dealing with someone like Kim, that is seriously lacking in the integrity department, she should have written contracts. If you intend to do business with anyone, especially someone that is a friend and you want to keep them a friend, it’s best to get it all in writing. Kandi took that song and worked a miracle, especially with the lack of talent that we know and saw on Kim’s part. Kim is a user and will continue to lie and scheme to get what she wants. Granted in the beginning the success of the song was a fluke, but the minute she saw that it made some money she should have just paid her friend. If the song hadn’t made a dime then Kandi would have been fine to 1) have made her friend’s dream come through and 2) had fun with the whole thing with what she considered a friend. Fortunately due to Kandi and the other Producers hard work the thing made some money. So it should have been a no brainer that Kim should have happily paid Kandi the carry costs that she obviously took on, eg the studio time, marketing and whatever production costs that were incurred. To me that is what a real friend would have done. She should have said my “friend” made this possible and I should share in the good fortune. She is a skank and thinks only of herself.

      • u go person u r telling like it is, im glad u saw what i saw. i dont care for kim and will not be watching her show, but i belive kimz because there is know way that bravo will be using her music and she did not make a buck or 2. plus why is this story line keep going about this, face it u were played put your grown girl panties on and sat down u were kissing ass not being professional so u will get whats coming to u which probley nothing now keep kissing kim ass im just saying.

    • Wow Susie, tell us how you really feel. Haha. I agree and almost feel sorry for Kroy. He’s another man thinking with the wrong head.

    • Your exactly right, you see Kim knows that Kroy’s parents don’t care for her. So keeping him isolated in her world is what she is doing. Then when he’s out of money and broke she’s gone. What woman would have back to back children when she already had 2 from a guy in her mid 30’s. It’s because she wanted to make sure to have child support and other things from him. Locked his butt in big time.

  2. Yes Cynthia we know you are always “On Time” for every event .We get that.You have nothing else to do but show up.She thinks that is her best attribute.

    • Well, it is! There is NOTHING like dealing with a person who is constantly late. Deal with then come back and post on how you feel ALWAYS waiting for people! Not fun! TRUST!

  3. I didn’t watch this season but I might tune in for the reunion! I have to give it to Atlanta for always having a good reunion.

    • I don’t think so. They can’t discuss the law suit. Remember we have Phadrea vs Kenya Moore; Porsha vs Kenya Moore; Walter vs Kenya Moore; the video battles; and a lot more fun stuff. I think a lot of people want to see Walter vs Kenya more than anything.

      • Oh, but yes, those two can discuss the lawsuit. Kandi’s Attorney Phaedra will be there; now Kim being the coward she is may not want to without her Attorney present. But, it surely can be discussed.

        The lawsuit is public knowledge, heck we just read what Kandi issues are with Kim; if Andy wanted to he can choose items in the lawsuit and question Kandi about; and she or Phardra can talk up a storm. Now, Kim totally different story.

  4. Wait for it……………..Friends don’t sue friends! They talk behind their backs, they back stab them, they sell stories to the media, they make up stories that you’re a stripper, you write a song for them and they take all the credit, they make fun of your new shoe line, they break off a piece of your cake before you have a chance to cut it, they kick you out of the white party and or don’t let you in, they call you toxic, they slap you in the face, oh the wonderful friendships of all the housewives!

    • Clearly, those two are no long friends. Also, from the look of things, it seems that Kandi attempted to settle this money situation last year. But, of course, Kim decided to ignore the situation as if it was going to go away. However, what I do find extremely funny is her “saying people will do anything for publicity!!!” REALLY KIM! Hello Kim – meet Kim who does nothing but attempt to garnish PR for oneself. She is so dilusional, it too funny!

  5. I hope this lawsuit includes Bravo. Time for some reality. Bravo is no one’s friend. Phaedra is so shysty that I hope Kandi isn’t being taken advantage of. About time for nasty Kim to pay some major whoop *ss for her depletion of morality. Wonder how long it will take for Kornfed Kroy to have a major headache and realize what he has done to his children. Omg is this trashy!

  6. I find kandi beyond gross! The things she says about her sex life is crazy and selling sex toys her current claim to fame… She has serious issues and I fast forward when I have to listen to her .. Just gross!! She’ll do anything for a buck!

  7. Anyone who supports this show is not doing these fools any favs Kandi u look like a FOOL Kim was good enough first two care about ur daughter when ur boyfriend died then out of ur mouth Kim was good enough two tour with so ur album may chart and then u 5 years later sue her then that ungrateful NeNe who’s show is now the new cancelled had better get off het high chair and stop acting like some star and more like the stripper she so proudly is oh gross

    • Judy I think the friendship and caring for children was a mutual thing. I definitely didn’t see a onesided friendship going on. By the way when you do something from the heart, such as care for your friends child while she faces a tragedy, you don’t throw it in her face. NO matter what happens in the relationship, if you did something because you could and wanted to be a true friend, then you don’t throw it on the table to get pats on your back. Also, Kim touring with Kandi was actually beneficial for her. She was able to reap the knowledge Kandi had in regards to the whole process, as well as actually get her unknown name attached to an actual published artist that had won accolades in her profession. So Kim definitely didn’t do anyone any favors by being on tour with Kandi.

      • ITA, I’m glad Kandi finally did this. As for Kim letting Kandi’s daughter stay with her, Kandi has family who could have tended to her daughter and you can bet Kim didn’t lift a finger to tend to Kandi’s daughter. Kim is the laziest human I’ve ever witnessed, and her own kids do more work than she does. This makes two spin offs they’ve used the song for, and after the way she acted when she visited Kandi’s new home, I’m sure that put the icing on the cake for her. The other people who worked “magic” on that song deserve their fair share of the profits, too. Without their hard work, Kim couldn’t have sold one record because she can’t even carry a tune. In fact, Kim’s about the only person I’ve heard that sings as bad, if not worse than I do! I don’t think it has anything to do with a storyline, I think this second spin off using the song brought this on. It’s clear by the blogs Nene has written all season insulting either Kandi or Phaedra this season, that she wants both of them off the show. NayNay is like Kyle, she thinks that’s “her” show. NayNay wants people like Cynthia, Kenya, and Marlo type people who will kiss her butt and let her run the show, and it’ll be the “Praise NayNay the Star who Has Arrived” show. Or for the HW show to be canceled altogether, and have a spin off like Kim about her and Greg, and I guess she’ll want to take the Glambaby away from the mama to work in it.

  8. Why would Kandi be gross in this situation? Right is right and wrong is wrong. And Kim is dead wrong.

  9. I rarely comment, but just wanted to point out that it DID make sense for Kandi to wait until now to file the suit. Kim’s been very public w/posting about all of the money Kroy makes and what she’s bringing in from her two spin-offs. Previously, her “money” was really funding from Big Papa, so if Kandi had sued when it happened, she wouldn’t have been able to collect any money. which would have defeated the purpose of the suit. She’s within the statute of limitations, so it was smart to wait until Kim was dumb enough to brag about all the money she now has. Kandi may not know how to dress, but she does know how to manager her money.

    Civil Law 101: don’t sue people w/o money. (seriously, that’s how my prof intro’ed by Business Law sessions)

  10. I think the straw that broke the camels back would be the song being used for Kim’s new show. She is obviously being paid for the usage. I think Kandi was willing to let it go and chalk it up to never doing business with friends but the producers that helped wanted their money. They were due payments and Kim seemed to not want to pay them as well.

    While I am not into the whole constantly talking about sex, if that is Kandi’s thing then so be it. I have no idea why people are hating on the fact that she has a toy line. Listen the woman is about her business and securing a financial future for herself, Riley and any future children. I can’t knock her hustle. Sometimes she may go a bit overboard with her sharing but some people are just not intimidated by their sexuality. I feel there is a time and place for everything but if she is comfortable with what she is saying and where she is saying it then so be it.

    I really don’t see how or why anyone is knocking Phaedra’s ability in the courtroom either. What you see on tv is not indicative of her skills as an attorney.

    • Wasn’t the song an old country song? written by an old dude? Seems like Kim and Nene had that conversation back in the day.

      I thought Kandi just produced it, polished it, auto tuned it, and promoted it. Which led to her show on Bravo! Don’t get me wrong, I dig Kandi as a talent.

      • The song is an old one but Kandi revamped the song and changed some lyrics. The original owner was given the credit due him and he should have gotten a royalty percentage. Kim is special because even if Kandi is her friend, the producer wasn’t and was to be paid. I think Kandi is a fair person because the papers shows her listing Kims daughter as someone that is due some $ and credit.

  11. Kim is a fraud on all levels. The fact that she sent out that tweet about Kandi/Publicity makes me sick. Kim knows full well what she did was wrong – she should have paid Kandi years ago. What an evil witch to sit there (throughout several tapings etc…) and be confronted with the fact she never paid Kandi…and still never paid! Kim doesn’t want to part with the money (even if she doesn’t need it). Kim is a proven pathological liar, manipulator, and selfish entitled brat. Kandi was successful before Kim/housewives and will continue to be successful after. Kim used and abused Kandi (and knows it) and instead of paying up a long time ago, she waited, and now makes catty remarks in regards to the situation. I am so happy she is no longer on the show b/c I can’t stand to watch it when she is on it. I wish Bravo would just take her off the air – we all know she is as fake (on ALL levels) as a $3 bill. Tweeting out pictures of her after having her baby (and cosmetic procedures) oh yeah Kim….we ALL want to be and look just like you, lmao!!! She is as bad as Kim K in my opinion and I wish she would just go away! I wish she would change her ways before her girls grow up and get a handle on the kind of person she really is.

  12. I’ve never seen Kimberly spelled that way. Anyway, go on and get your $$$, Kandi!
    I can’t stand Kim. I could’ve thrown some adjectives in there for her, but she ain’t worth my time.

  13. Isn’t Bravo making money off of this song? So who is giving Bravo permission to use it in their promos? Did Kim Z. sell it to them? Did Kandi sell it? I’m missing something here!

    • Nah I don’t think that Bravo has any part of the song. Kandi did all the work outside in her studio. Kim doesn’t own 100% rights to the song, as producer and writer on the song Kandi owns that song.

  14. I wonder if maybe Kim is still in a contract with Bravo, and maybe they have to pay her anyway, so that’s why she has another spin off? I just can’t see many people being interested in Kim’s show. Kim was very annoying before she finally stopped filming the HW. Between her foul mouth, and all that screaming and wanting everyone to wait on her hand and foot…..I just can’t see her having very many fans to watch the show.

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