MARISA ZANUCK: Marisa Says “Screw YOU, Kyle!”… And Your Husband, Too!!


There’s a lot of “delete the tweets” that goes on… especially when someone tweets something that they might be concerned about later!

john turturro mauricio pg

So, was VERY surprised to see that Marisa Zanuck DID NOT delete her tweets about being the sole real estate agent who had the listing for her mother-in-law’s house.

marisa zanuck tweet house

Marisa not only did NOT delete her original tweets re the sale of her late father-in-law’s house…

BUT, when Marisa was confronted with the idea that her cast mate and “friend,” Kyle Richards might be upset about Marisa telling the truth about being the sole agent selling the 10,000 square foot ONE bedroom house…

Screen Shot 2013-03-08 at 8.36.51 PM

Marisa replied “that doesn’t concern me”!

Marisa Zanuck doesn't concern me tweet


“That doesn’t concern me” translates to…


“Screw you, Kyle… and yer hubbend, too!”

NOTE:  Go on witcha bad self, Marisa!!!  We like people who stand their ground!  

On the other hand… could Marisa’s public diss of HagfaceKyle and her hubbend be laying the groundwork for a future story line on the RHOBH???


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47 comments on “MARISA ZANUCK: Marisa Says “Screw YOU, Kyle!”… And Your Husband, Too!!

  1. The commission fight will be next seasons storyline.We all know the split never would have happened.That dead horse is dead before it hits the air.Bravo will lose viewers if that happens when we all know it was a fake scene.

    • I have liked her since day one too. She is a breath of fresh air compared to Kim, Kyle, Taylor and Adrienne.

    • Exactly, they probably asked her to do this and she did but didn’t. And then essentially said that she wouldn’t do it. This will be the new problem for next season for Kyle, also I can almost see that they are getting ready to set Kyle up for the bad edit. I bet anything that mauricio is cheating on her.

  2. “we are glad to help” says Kyle. Wth?? Even if this is a fake scene- if a friend throws an opportunity your way in which your husband stands to make serious dough, this isn’t how one responds. That just shows how highly Kyle thinks of herself. Like theyde be doing Marisa a favor! Bleccchhhh. A better response would be “thanks so much.”
    Remember when Kyle told Brandi that no one ever called Maurice an a$$hole? Doubtful if that’s how he responds to multi million $ deals.

    • It’s ridiculous to believe that Marisa’s MIL would offer the listing to anyone other than Marisa. Who does Morris think he is? Marisa no longer works with him. She owes him zilch. Mo-Reece is behaving like a R.E. pimp and Wily-Kyl-O-ty is his #1 hooker.

  3. I think Marrissa is definatley wanting a permanent spot on the show….since two slots are open. She has been retweeting comments stating she should be fulltime etc.

    I do believe her comments are geninune regarding the sale……. however I think it is unfortunate that she is throwing her supposed good friend under the bus. She could have left the comments to SH without the last comment “it doesnt’ concern me”. Although I am not a fan of Kyle’s antics….I think Marissa is just adding salt to an already wounded Kyle lol.

    I doubt Marissa will get a permanent spot because she seems to not know how to play the game. Not everyone can be as savvy as Lisa Vanderpump. Story arches are part of reality tv and “too much” honesty is frowned upon on bravo :)

    IF ur not a famewhoring, narristic, money hungry…..ur not qaulified to a bravo HW. Marrisa’s short stint as a friend should have clued her in. THey made her look like a cold bored hw who wants to cheat on her equally boring husband. ……and this storyline was scraped out of only a few appearances….imagine what they will do if she is full time. Run Marissa Run…..u dodged a bullet!!!!

  4. The ratings are poor for this show. I wonder when Andy will get his inmature head out of his ass and listen to the viewers, for real. Nobody believes any of yhe fake make-up NewJersey storline. Everyone knows that Andy thinks the Manzos are way cool – and all the viewers don’t. Melissa doesn’t appear to have much of a fanbase – I mean her own fanclub dumped her sleaze ass. The Richard sisters are boring and sad – nobody seems to be enjoying any of HW shows anymore – just silly soap operas with very bad actors. Marissa is probably too normal for Bravo – but I’m glad she tweets the truth. I hope her tweets aren’t fake to stay on the show for drama.

    • Pinky you make good points! I also hope Marissa isn’t being fake just for the fans. That’s why peope are so fed up with these shows! They’re not real! Btw- Melissa’s fanclub dumped her??

    • Of course her tweets are fake. Tweets are producer induced as well. All of the HW’s are in on this ridiculous “reality” joke. It’s all fake people.

      • “All of the HW’s are in on this ridiculous “reality” joke. It’s all fake people.”

        I disagree. To say they’re all in on it is giving these wenches too much credit. If such is the case, it means they’re really not shallow, self-centered, ego maniacal idiots, they all just play one on TV. If it is indeed “all fake” perhaps Russell Armstrong isn’t really dead and will resurface ala JR in Dallas. Or Vyle isn’t the ass she portrays herself to be that she faked it when she outed her own sister on national TV. And that her and her superficial husband whose entire life revolves around social climbing would somehow agree to be portrayed as thieves, stealing Kim’s house from under her.

        I can see producer-induced drama and bad editing; but, not in it’s entirety. There truly are shallow, narcissistic, self-entitled gold digging idiots in real life. I deal with them everyday. I don’t believe for a second that Fabio Malloof would agree to ruining her name and reputation for chump change and a measly 15 minutes. Her conniving, lying, delusional character is all REAL to me.

        As for Marisa, the fact that she’s friends with Kyle before the show, when she wasn’t forced to says enough about her character. Birds of a feather….

    • “I wonder when Andy will get his inmature head out of his ass ..” Is that how he ended up with that bad justin beiber knock-off hair style that makes him look like a complete middle-aged douche!

  5. She sure dresses like a frump for someone who sells multi-million dollar properties and earns that kind of money. If I were in her place, I’d invest in a few apartment buildings with that commission, hire some onsite mgrs, then semi-retire and be the lady of leisure that she wants to be.

    • Debra: Seriously? Marisa don’t need to lift a finger! The huge status symbol is to either have your own “reality” show or to be a part of one. Marisa is doin’ her job as the “friend” drawing attention to the RHOBH. TFC!! SH

  6. 21M for a one bedroom. Id like to sell some crap to the sucker who bought that. Ive got a 2004 Dodge Caravn that can hold SEVEN people! Imagine how much THAT must be worth! Call me.

  7. As family, Marisa probably took a small commission if any. The selling agent probably took 2% or a fixed fee. The scene with Kyle was silly and evident of Kyle’s ignorance; and it obviously did embarrass Marisa. Why isn’t Marisa’s RE career enough for her? Why lower herself to this trash? Like Moorice, for exposure? Don’t get it. She even has small children.

  8. Bravo thinks we are all devoid of critical thinking. Good on Marisa for being honest, standing by her word and having a good sense of humor.

  9. I never liked marissa and kyle isn’t my favorite housewife however if she’s using the tweets for her to become an steady housewife it will b sick but in reality I don’t think so ,she’s too boring too old Hollywood for my taste.I agree with the person who mention about Andy not paying attention to the fans specially when he let Dina Caro come back to RHWNJ after she already had declined toreturn for season 5

  10. Whatever the commission was on this listing be it 3% 6% or a flat fee, the Hilton Hyland Agency received it all as listing and selling Brokers. The brokers are going to take all expenses off the top then the split will be made. It would be nice to know what it was.
    I have said this before Marissa has to come into the 21st century with her looks and clothes. She is still living in the past and I am surprised because the women from the Hilton Hyland Agency are drop dead gorgeous. Ok this is my opinion.

    • As a successful agent, Marisa probably pays a desk fee and receives all of her commission. Many realtors who work with the wealthy have quiet, pocket listings and donot dress flashy but are working and socializing above the Moorice-types. They usually sell only 10m+ and have the connections and pedigrees.

    • Maybe Marisa isn’t a materialistic person like most of the wives. To me she is very down to earth and doesn’t need designer shoes or bags.

  11. Kim still calls Mo, Morris. roflmao. Marissa is getting pubicity for herself, the agency, and even her hubby’s independent films. She is no dope. I love any Ho who gives the FU to Vyle. Vyle came off as a vulture as if she was rubbing her man hands in glee thinking of the commission Morris would be making from the sale. Note to Ms. Andy. Vyle has no friends except Faye, she is irrelevant.

  12. I think this is just the same as the last season of NJ. They use fb and especially twitter to further the “reality”. You are supposed to watch then you tweet about it, thinking it is all real and they care what we think. Twitter is just a companion piece to the show. But that won’t stop me from reading…lol.

  13. I think Marisa is FAKE FAKE FAKE and playing for the viewers. That storyline of hers emasculating her husband is as ridiculous as her nose job. She’s trying to stir whatever pot she can find to be relevant.. that is as long as its not against fan faves Lisa & Brandi. Reading her tweets campaigning for a fulltime HW spot and kissing Lisa’s, Brandi’s and viewers’ butts are nauseating. I hope she doesn’t come back.

    • Speaking of tweeets, Taylor Armstrong has been marathon tweeting responding to everyone’s random nonsense for the past 48 hours. Looks like she’s desperately trying to keep her job. Watching her tweets is kinda disturbing.

  14. I still haven’t gotten a full picture of Marisa. In small doses, she seems okay. Compared to K & K, Traylor-Park and A-Drain, she’s a Rhodes Scholar.

  15. I meant to add that maybe the commission-gate story line will paint Marisa poorly and Vyle can somehow claim the “victim” card to win viewers sympathy and support. She grossly underestimates the viewers’ patience and intelligence, though.

  16. Go Marisa, put that mean girl ferret faced Vile Kyle her in place. I would love if one episode turned into the oxygen network’s ‘bad girls club’ and all other housewives jumped Kyle and beat her silly, pulled her hair out, and threw her mattress into the pool.

  17. I agree w/ iheartdogs: Marissa is just full of it, and desperately trying to make herself relevant/interesting enough for a full time HW role. It’s all fake, imo—the whole rift with Kyle. She’s just doing WHATEVER she can do to garner and solidify a “fan” base (i.e. allying w/ the “popular” Brandi and–apparently– turning against her supposed friend, the viewer’s most despised housewife, Kyle.) Marissa is simply obnoxious to me. Her whole “my husband is so in love w/ me, so I can say whatever I want about having absolutely no interest in him on T.V.” shtick, is utterly selfish and inane, and painfully offensive to her husband— not to mention to their own children, whose peers now can get a glimpse of her despicable attitude towards their father on T.V. . And the tedious, calculating way she tries to seem like the unfiltered, outspoken, viewer liked Brandi —“EVERYBODY thinks it, I’m just the only one HONEST enough to say it!” is so transparent, I’d be embarrassed for her, if there was anything remotely likeable about her. There’s not, though: She’s just another HW snake, trying to slither her way into the hollow, decayed, fleeting garden of fake reality television “fame.”

    • @ caitrin pope, I couldn’t have said it better myself! It looks like we’re gonna get a glimpse of the real Marisa this Monday. Saw the preview at the Hoof’s party where she’s part of the gossipy, catty, mean girl circle… Marisa, Adrienne, Faye & Kyle vs. Yolanda. That scene is just so high school and Yolanda seems like the only grown up straight-shooter. Oh, and Marisa says Brandi has a crush on her husband and thinks she can be a hubby thief. Pffft. Maybe brandi is or she isn’t, just don’t kiss her butt then stab it. More ppl will see through Marisa after that although I don’t think she’ll show her true colors completely until she gets full-time Hw contract. She may be even worst than Vyle.

  18. Marisa is disgusting rude and has a dirty mouth. Marisa is classless and the way she talks about her husband is sick she has no respect for him by always saying she wants to F— another guy right in front of him and others she sounds so trashy. I hope Marisa husband finds a beautiful hot young sexy woman with class and leaves Marisa that would serve her right. She is a mother and acts like a pig. Marisa has a filthy mouth and acts like a guy. Gross Run the other way for her husband she is disrespecting you and your family. And I doubt he loves her as much as she says he does I think Marisa is trying to brainwash. Marisa husband at this point should not have any respect for her and leave then she can F— all the guys she want if any would want to I don’t think there would be any takers she is gross. she looks like a Disease .

  19. Lisa better distance herself from Brandi before she gets Ken. Brandi wants Lisa life everyone can see it Brandi is a friend as long as your giving her something. You can’t trust Brandi she is a loser along with Marisa always talkng about sex and men meanwhile Marisa is married and a mother never no it. Brandi is a mother as well and when ever she gets to she brings up her kids as if she cares. She wants to get them on this show so she can make more money she said on that disgusting interview with Howard Stern. Actually if her kids did make any money that should be going in their acct not Brandi. But then again your dealing with low life no class females that should be walking the streets the way they cary on.

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