The RHOC… “Lydia McLaughlin Takin’ Heat For Alexis Bellino”… Briana Wolfsmith Culberson “No More Housewives!”… Lauri Peterson “Shocking Information”…. Slimey “Gets A Job!”… Da Bellino’s Are Pregnant???

The RHOC PR spin has begun!!

RHOC lydia

Toldja that Alexass Bellino was gettin’ the BravoBadEdit… but, the new OC Housewife, OliveOyl Lydia McLaughlin comes to Alexass’ defense:

From the OCRegister:

Being a devout Christian, McLaughlin has much in common with Bellino and lends a hand of support when the ladies turn on her again, according to a news release.

Another familiar face in the program will be Lauri (Waring) Peterson, who left the show after season 4. She will return to the series and rekindle friendships with some of the ladies. She will also reveal shocking information that will rock one of the wives’ worlds, the news release says.

If you don’t know the deal with Lydia Stirling McLaughlin… SH November 19, 2013...

From Bravo:

In the Season 8 premiere…

…the women are navigating a minefield of fractured friendships. Vicki embraces the joys of “grandmotherhood” when daughter Briana gives birth to a baby boy.

RHOC Briana Ryan Troy

Tamra moves in with fiancée and new business partner, Eddie…


…while Gretchen  must deal with her business ventures alone, as longtime boyfriend Slade gets a job of his own.  NOTE:  Slade’s “job” will more than likely be another phony baloney “job” which will end as soon as the season is over!

slade pg

Heather throws an East Coast-style clambake in her West Coast backyard, but refuses to invite Alexis.

RHOC Heather Staged pg

The clambake reaches a boiling point when Vicki and Tamra come face-to-face for the first time since last year’s brawl over Vicki’s beau, Brooks.

Briana is smart!  Briana will not be a part of the RHOC…

Briana tweet

…she is going for her Master’s in Nursing!  Good for Briana!!  Could NOT believe someone was actually asking Briana for medical advice via twitter!

briana tweet advice

Also could not believe that Crooks sent this tweet to MarkSanchez!!!

Brooks crooks tweet

NOTE:  Wonder if Mark Sanchez responded??

AND… if da Bellinos get themselves pregnant… which one would carry the baby???

jimbo alexis pg

(Thanks to SH readers “DSP” “PMG” and “cybraxis”!!!)

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98 comments on “The RHOC… “Lydia McLaughlin Takin’ Heat For Alexis Bellino”… Briana Wolfsmith Culberson “No More Housewives!”… Lauri Peterson “Shocking Information”…. Slimey “Gets A Job!”… Da Bellino’s Are Pregnant???

  1. Okay, this season is going to be extremely difficult to watch, most of it more than likely impossible to watch. And I’m confused…I thought Alexis left or was fired or whatever, but that clip shows her. Pleeeease tell me that idiot is not coming back. I can’t take another episode of her chronic bragging. I don’t want to see her husband, hillbilly Jim, either…ugh Good for Briana and Ryan. They do not need to get sucked in to Vicky’s world. I think Ryan is the type who can give Vicky a run for her money and she wouldn’t like that one single bit. And sweet Jesus, we have to see Crooks AGAIN?!!

    • Sherry, you just spoke my sentiments exactly. I applaud Briana’s decision. Apparently, that little apple went far from the tree… I cannot stomach Brokes’ phony crapola that he spews. Alex-ASS & her “King” JimboleeNO are in a class by themselves – below zero.

    • Yeah, I saw so many blogs about Alexis being fired too. And the always attention seeking Tamra, was happily supplying unsubstantiated reasons to the press. Wait, doesn’t she deserve a glass of wine thrown at her for that??? Hmmmm…maybe someone will do it at her wedding….

  2. I don’t get why Heather dislikes Alexis. I don’t particularly like Alexisi but what has Alexis ever done to Heather? Heather needs to get off her high horse and stop thinking she’s so much better than everyone else. She’s just as shallow and petty as the rest of them!

    • I agree. Heather and her wimpy husband made a video trying to justify why they dislike Alexis so much — ” she said i wasn’t angelina jolie” — like that was the most insulting/hurtful thing ever said to her. Meanwhile, Gretchen said things like “heather has a stick up her ass” and “i’ve never seen her in anything, ever” — and that was ok by Heather. Slade basically called her old and jealous of 30 something women — and that was ok by Heather. Tamra lied and threw Terry under the bus — and that was ok by Her Higherness Heather. She can’t admit that she dislikes Alexis, simply because Tamra told her to, plain and simple.

      • So true. And more likely its because the producers told her not to like her. Heather Kent-take-a-joke is a follower… not the stuff of a MENSA candidate for sure.
        How does it feel being lead around by the nose form a handful of below your pay grade film school flunkies with a grudge? Its not a good look I can tell you that.


      • not a huge fan of the show or any of the actors’. however, i do think the ladies hate on alexis because she has a rockin body. they look like old hags next to her.

        • That’s a bit simplistic. While there is no doubt Alexis has had the gifts of genetics and cosmetic surgery combined with self discipline (and a wee eating disorder) to achieve a remarkable body and face, she makes herself an easy mark when the others want to stir up trouble for the ratings. And hey, if I hated everyone with a better body and face that would be my permanent state of mind.

          • Although I have no doubt that Tamra is jealous of Alexis, the main complaint from the women during the “intervention” was that Alexis is pretentious and brags about her possessions. OK. The problem is, so are the accusers. They are just as much an “easy mark” and they got major backlash for it. Notice how the ladies basically backed away from it when the reunion show aired? I also think that alot of the criticism about her “christianness” from viewers is completely overblown. All of the women, except for Heather are christians — Gretchen talks about being Christian freely on her blog and FB page, Vicki reads the bible and makes biblical comments now and then, Tamra covers her house and phone with crucifixes, yet none of them are subjected to such intense scrutinity as Alexis is.

            • What sets Alexis apart from her christian sisters on the shows is that she was asked about her stance on gay marriage. Tree was treated the same way. Its ALL about that when it comes to the “bad edit”

            • It is true. And Alexis even tried back-pedaling and it got her nowhere.

              I’m sick of the “Jesus Barbie” or “Jesus Jugs” comments as well. I don’t call my best friend – who is Jewish btw — any derogatory name like. I especially think on TV it is even worse.

            • I agree. Its shameful and I am SURE that a production member fed Tamera that line and she was all too happy to jump on it.

            • Why is it okay for Christians to be ridiculed? Also sick and tired of The Shahs of Sunset with their “white people always…”, or “why do white people…..” and it is never anything complimentary or positive.

            • I can appreciate your point of view. By “easy mark” I was referring to Alexis’ inability to match wits with other broads. She stares like the proverbial deer in headlights when asked a direct question. As much as one can read into these scripted, producer driven shows, she strikes me as a kind individual, and doesn’t come across as a hateful hag like most of her castmates. They are simply better at thinking, ie lying, on their feet.

        • I thought it had to do with the fact that AlexASS has no mind. Her bragging seemed to irk her detractors no end. That bothered me less than her lack of basic knowledge: in geography, history, even religion (- when she gives herself a free pass for lying, etc.). She gets by in life based on her “cup size” (as quoted by her Lord and Master).

          • Like I said, she wasn’t the only one bragging on the show and to single her out for it, just backfires. I hear you, and I’m not saying that she’s the smartest. But even if she didn’t know where Costa Rica is, how did it hurt or affect anyone else in the cast? I prefer someone with iffy geography to someone who’s dumb enough to get pregnant before getting out of high school (Tamra) or someone who’s been photographed naked on a toilet (Gretchen).

      • SH no truer words have been said. Its like I tell my grandson when we are watching a show or movie”No Bailey its not real its T.V.” He is only 6 so I can understand that he doesn’t understand. But as an adult, you would think more people would get a clue…..LoL…

  3. i know bunch of bottom feeders. i am curious about what laurie has to say. wondering if that marriage to george is still on?

    • I wonder if it’s her story of walking in on someone (presumably Vicki) in bed with another woman and a man. She was working in Vicki’s home office for awhile, so that sounds plausible.

      • Thinking maybe she walked in on Tamballs? I can’t remember the name of that pretty Latino girl from a few seasons back; seemed Trashy Tambballs was all lovey dovey with her one minute – iced her out over night.
        All I’ve caught for the last 2 seasons was a couple of re-runs; the RHOC should of been put out to pasture 2 years ago IMO. I have to say though, seeing Tamballs busted would be a hoot!

  4. Heather doesn’t invite Alexis to her precious clam bake? Awwwww maybe she was afraid she and
    Terry would bungle another attempt at an ambush.

    • British: Slimey has his own company, which he’s had since 2007; however, just recently in late 2012 Slimey renewed the venture officially with the State of CA. There will be further explanation on SH as soon as further interest in these moronic people can be mustered! LOL!! TFC!! SH

  5. Crooks always refers to comments as “We”.He is nothing without having Vickie in tow.Let Vickie speak for herself.The show will be the worst HW show on air.

    • I agree. His end game is soooo transparent. And I really don’t blame Briana for calling him on it. Her momma has done gone and lost her marbles. Her husband on the other hand needs to be a silent support. Key word silent.
      If Vicki chooses Crooks over her grandchild(looks like that’s whats gonna happen) it will be a chasm she will never be able to recover from. And Brianna should not be made to feel like she has to be around Crooksy of have her child around him if she chooses not to. He is a shady shady person and Briana has the right to protect herself and her child from that mess while her momma has sub-par penis on da brain.
      You still married?
      Curious, Made

  6. My only regret in life is that I didn’t find this website a year ago. I felt a bit alone in my mockery of the “highly educated” Dull-brow and her Giggity husband and all the fake story line. Now I see everyone on SH had the same thoughts.

    LOL about OliveOyl!

    I don’t know if I can watch this sh*t show…or any of the sh*t shows. I’m replacing the RH franchises with other “reality” shows. The only one I can watch without nodding off is RH of Vancouver.

    • Yes, I never understood Heather’s opinion of herself as highly educated. Correct me if I’m wrong, but all she has is a plain old bachelor’s degree, like millions of other people, including me. By the way, I don’t think she’s at all pretty/attractive, especially by California standards–homely face, skinny figure–nothing special at all.

  7. I just watched the preview of the next season…..I could feel my blood pressure go up with all of the bickering and shrieking voices. NOT going to watch.

  8. You’ve got to love ol’ Jock Sniffer Crooks tweeting a football player half his age, informing him that his only claim to fame is that he’s dating an aging RHOC! I’m sure Mark Sanchez was all kinds of impressed with that.

  9. I always get a lot of disagreement on this topic, but I think that while Brianna may not be interested in the HW shows, Ryan is. I like Brianna, mostly…but something bugs me about her husband. I think he is totally into the fame thing. Just my feeling.

    • You might get confirmation of that this season. From the previews it does look like ole boy is gettin a tad bit mouthy and you know how I hate that.

      • Say, what you will about her in my book if ole Grandma Vickie is putting a roof over head and food on the table that buys her a whole lot of STFU from her the son-in-law.

        • From what I understand the Culbertson’s paid for the privilege to live with Vicki. It was a mutual beneficial arrangement. Don was also living there at the time, all so Vicki could make the mortgage. I don’t think Vicki gave anyone a free pass except Brooks.

        • I’m not really a Vicki fan, but I agree with Maud. Seems to me they can live elsewhere if they really wanted to. And the fact that they have to sign a contract in order to appear on the show, tells me they want to be on it.

    • I’m with you, Parkview. I never wanted to say anything either… I’m glad Briana isn’t interested in pursuing the show. Still, something about her hubs I don’t trust. Maybe it’s his eyebrows. Does he wax those things?

      • Good to know Im not crazy. Ive had a bad feeling from the start with him. Maybe its the way he jumped right into her family drama. But really, I think its more of a gut instinct for me. Time will tell.

    • I think Brianna loves it or she wouldn’t keep on filming and showing up to reunions. Why tweet or twit or FB? Go away, dummy, if you want to only concern yourself with your hubby/baby and his ex and your step- kids. Shut up and GO away. Who sees Ryan, unless hunting him out? No one. Go away….

      • I agree, and didn’t want to say it either, lol. But I also apply it to Briana. Yes, I like her and she’s turned out amazing from what we can tell of her childhood and upbringing BUT…if she’s choosing to live with The Vickster and signs a contract to be filmed, she needs to STFU as well.

        • Vicki prolly controls everything Briana tweets, says, etc. It’s certainly her MO.

          Run Briana run! And baby too.

  10. i think ryan needs to keep his trap shut about his mil. it is vickies house and i’m sure having gram there makes life easier for bri. it’s really none of his business who vickie wants to date. even if it’s charlie manson (an improvemrnt over brooksie maybe). maybe it’s time they set up housekeeping on their own.

    • I agree about Ryan buttin out But aI gotta say I feel like having Vicki for a mother would be more of a hindrance than a help. And exasperating, exhausting, never ending PITA. They need to move out and Granny can just come over to visit .. occasionally. No overnight stays if Crooksy if there since he cant be trusted not to tweet crap about it. And he aint part of this lil family. If Grammy cant tear herself away from ole snuggle tooth for one night then that on her. Her choice. Choose wisely Vick.

      • Why are they living with Vicki anyway? Didn’t Briana have her own place? Why didn’t they move there? Romo confused…

        • I am confused about that too. I suspect that momma paid the bills on that as well(yes I know Brianna is a nurse but that was an expensive looking place given the area) Anyway momma Vicki prolly pulled her controlling ways mommavicki card and demanded it just like she demanded that Crooksy be allowed to attend the wedding.

          • If I recall Vicki wanted her to move in because Ryan was to go on tour instead of living on the base. I think the fact they were paying rent along with Don gave them a sense of independence. Not to mention Helping Vicki while she was helping her daughter.

            • Thanks cyn. Wonder what’s wrong with living on the base? My cousin moved to one when she got married and she loves it. She has a tight group of friends there.

            • Briana was injured at work and they thought it was best that she stay with Vicki and Don (He was still living there too.) rather than be on her own. Best laid plans of mice and men sometimes end in the dumpster.

          • I thought they were staying there because Ryan was about to go overseas and Brianna had a newborn. My husband began a tour in Afghanistan when our son was three months old; since he is National Guard we did not have a base to move to. I can promise you if my mother would have moved to stay with me, I would have taken her up on the offer. Between a baby, full time job, and worrying about a husband in a war zone, that is too much for a person to deal with at once. Good for Brianna for having that option.

            • I get that if your momma is normal. My mom stayed with me for 3 weeks after mine were born. But if Vicki was my momma I think she would be more headache than it was worth to have an extra hand around.

            • Yeah. I will never forget how Icki acted during Brianna’s cancer scare. Brianna was having to comfort and reassure her, rather than Icki being there for her daughter. She is such a self absorbed narcissistic b*tch.

            • And Brianna couldn’t wait for her to go home so she could convalesce in peace. Most people, no matter how old, want their mommies when recovering from surgery. But not when that mommy is Vicki. Add to that the postnatal hormones after giving birth and I really don’t think I would want to be within a 25 mile radius of Vicky if she was my momma given her over dramatic antics. And to be basically trapped in her home….. nightmare. Add Crooksy to the mix and its really unimaginable with Vicky’s accept him or else attitude….cramming him down the throats of everyone…. I would lose it.

    • I left home at 18 and never looked back. Although I got along well with my parents, no way would I have ever moved back in with them. Especially if I was married and had a baby.

    • In a normal situation, it is best to remain out of the fray. But, Vicki is so over-the-top selfish and narcissistic in her arguments with Briana, I believe Ryan may just want to shove a grapefruit in Vicki’s face. She never, ever sees her children’s perspective. She “acts” as though they are her top priority until she has something more important to do. Ryan may not like what he sees in the twisted, self centered mind of his MIL.

      • I think most people put up with a lot more from their spouse’s family than they would from any other people. Its hard to merge families together through marriage. We are all raised differently. Ive found its best to not get involved as much as possible in my husbands family conflicts. I ceratinly wouldnt take to Twitter to complain about any of them. I feel like Ryan is fueling the fire with Vicki and the only reason I can think of for a sane person to do that is for attention. In this case, fame.

        • ITA. I was actually surprised because he is a military man and all of my military friends/family/students are not the type to say much to start drama much less speak out against an older person (i.e authority figure).

          I can’t stand men that grow boobs and vajayjays on these shows. Seriously, do they all study at the JoeyMarcoGorga school of “famewhoring and trash talking to women”?

    • In all honesty, I think Ryan likes the limelight but also hates it. So he keeps things ‘real’ for himself and his family (Bri, Troy and himself) but isn’t above and beyond (and if I’m honest, as always here) tell’s Vicky to wind her neck in alot.

      Ok so Vicky’s brother doesn’t like it, it’s good he’s sticking up for his sister. But Troy belongs to Bri and Ryan, their preference, their call, however, that said, if Grandma Icky wants people around Troy they do not want, then really, get your own place!

      I hate typing that as I love and appreciate Briana’s honesty in all of the seasons RHOC has been on air but I have to agree with Burger that Ryan just seems to lap it up that bit more than Briana has ever done.

      That said, would I want one of my babies around Crooks, SURE!….. When hell freezes over and I become the next pope!

      Now, army housing, in the UK you get discharged, you do your time, you get 6 months to leave, if you get moved you get 3 months to bag up and ship out. I’m not sure but don’t think there is much diff between the UK and USA housing units, as we share bases on each side of the ‘pond’.

      My fiance and I have the opportunity to live in Army accomodation and have done for several years, I have refused to go into it due to the uncertainty of where on the map you’ll be next. Perhaps that’s all that Briana is thinking?

      • I would also like to add that in the huge spectrum of events…. that…………that……..that…….. omg, cute picture of Giggy in the background….. awwwwwww, what a love….. awwwwwww <3 xxxxxxxx (ok, I'm offically Giggy-tised).

      • Bev, things may have changed, but my experience was that when you lived in military housing and were discharged from the US military, you had to turn in your house keys and go. You also had to have “legal” dependents (spouse and/or children) in order to qualify for family housing. If you were a single parent, your significant other couldn’t live with you unless you were married. I’m not saying my experience was a long time ago, but the Navy still had wooden ships :-)

  11. Watched the preview…again…and all I can gather is that Vicky looks like she had some plastic surgery, Alexassssssssss has a new haircut and Lori walked into an orgy. I hope Crooksy didn’t break into Lori’s home and use it for a venue for a swingers party.

  12. I can see my FF button getting worn out for this season, I won’t be watching Icky, Crooks, Alexis and got a feeling the new one that looks like she needs feeding with a horse bag too (yeah I just went there and said that!)

  13. I always liked Brianna… a lot. She’s being smart by making herself scarce however… I have to admit… I’m going to miss her. She was the best thing about the show. I’ve heard many say (including myself) that it would be great to see her as a housewife… but that is absolutely for selfish reasons. There was a hope that she would bring something new and refreshing to the Real Housewives… however… Bravo would somehow destroy her too. They will never stand for “new and refreshing”… well, not beyond a few episodes, possibly a season, anyway. No doubt she realizes this… and when I smack that devil on my shoulder aside, I truly believe that’s a good thing. Shows true character that she won’t sell her soul for Bravo dollars. I remember in one of the first seasons, Vicki wanted her to be a doctor instead of a nurse because she would make more money. Vicki was also concerned that her boyfriend at the time wanted to “only” be a fireman. Brianna said she was fine with a simple life… she wasn’t all about material things. Of course Vicki wasn’t happy about this and didn’t care that Brianna was the one that had to be happy. Can’t stand Vicki and I don’t think Ryan’s too thrilled with her either.

    • I also enjoyed seeing Briana develop into a mature adult. Her choice to stay away from the show is probably because she is actually REAL, honest and down to earth. There’s no place for that kind of person on this fictional community comprised of circus folk.

  14. I read some awful stories about Lauri’s husband George harassing/intimidating his ex-wife Gina and treating their kids like dirt. Don’t know if it’s all true, but if even a fraction of it is true, he’s a major d-bag.

    • IMO George IS a major d-bag, so he should fit right in with Brooks and Slade! There is so much backstory on George and Lauri and I hope it resurfaces! According to Gina’s posts on youtube, Lauri is not an angel. But I see Lauri chilling out with Heather because they are both truly rich bi*ches!

  15. IMO this show went to hell with the addition of TamTrash Barney and Wretched Rossi. They no way belonged on this show. Those of us who have watched the show from the beginning have seen how both of these no class, sex for trade, potty mouth, mean girls have brought down this show. The show is a huge joke here in OC. We here watch it to make fun of it.

  16. vickies kids have never disrespected her on camera. of course they may roll their eyes and think “oh mom” they seem endeared to each other. not like gena’s kids. that son in law sitting on vickie’s couch on camera calling her a b? i doubt that brooks the crook ever says nasty things like that to vicki. i just hope that son in law doesn’t use baby troy as some sort of pawn when it comes to grama vicki.

  17. Lauri needed a George to be classy again. It wasn’t happening with Slade-ever. George had to be hard up. She doesn’t look that good on a horse and has baggage. At least she didn’t pretend her kids weren’t total bums. Maybe her big secret is she saw Eddie in action with a man. Tamara is the skank I love to hate.

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