REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS: Kim Throws a Par-Tay… Kim Gets a Phone Call… Kim Blabs The Phone Call At Her Par-Tay!

From Bravo… 

Kim Richards’ nose is still healing… so what better time to throw a “nose reveal” par-tay?

Kim gets a phone call from Shana…

… the Housewives discuss…

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182 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS: Kim Throws a Par-Tay… Kim Gets a Phone Call… Kim Blabs The Phone Call At Her Par-Tay!

    • I’m a single parent and have been my daughter’s entire life. Other than family, I would never allow my daughter to stay with other’s even over night until she was a teen, let alone go away for an entire weekend without making prior plans. If something goes wrong, she won’t be able to easily get to her daughter. Taylor is truly out of her mind.

      • I didn’t even let my kids cross the street, well it was forever… And spend the nite, the kids came to our house, they didn’t spend the night until well… I didn’t allow it..

  1. If her Hermes bags were fakes I wonder if the 10 karat engagement ring was a fake too.I would have taken her to court for the $1.5 million and not let her get off so easy.

    • Wow so upset for that little girl.I feel like slapping her lips into the back of her head! Poor baby :(

      • Kennedy looked so lost… I was so sad seeing her… I hated those vultures talking about trashy, and scanning back to Kennedy… That was just wrong… Bravo is heartless…no respect for the girls talking trash about her mom…. That little girl has enough pain to last a lifetime…

        • Agreed Shelagh5. That poor little girl having to see her mom saying (and understanding) one day “Oh and he loves Kennedy so much…Kennedy is with you?” What a disgrace. Did you notice how SHAFT says “He’s flying me on his plane”- like she hit the jackpot. She is so gross and so is Bravo.

          • That was sad, I wonder if it was a private jet… Trash has sunk to a new form of low… That child is in for a long lonely life… I pray there is some intervention for Kennedy… She needs someone in her life that is better then her so called mother.. She needs love..

            • What is really scary is that Trayor doesn’t even pretend that she is looking out for her child. It’s all about herself and meeting a rich man who can give her the life that she thinks she deserves.

  2. They’re at a casual backyard get together; if Marisa wants to chew gum she can. Who’s Kyle to say? She does the splits at formal events.

  3. Finally it’s trailers turn…bravo takes a swing at everyone and its her turn… She is such a drunk… But that scene was staged… And look who’s at the party again… Fake Faye… At least trailers going out with a boom… But her daughter, how sad… She has no one, her mothers a tramp, drunk, hustler, and banging a married man… Her father is gone, RIP Russell.. What chance does she have… Why does Kim have so much now? I know bravo pays, but she is acting a lot different, with help everywhere… Wasn’t she forced to live with ken last year, cuz she had nothing… And where were her kids when she was drunk? All of a sudden Brookies there… God I hate when she calls her kids ies… It’s stupid..

    • Remember, Rancid Resnick was elevated to “friend of” status this season along with Marisa. Although we only got one blog for her, last I checked her profile is still up.

      • If this fake Faye is on next year as a housewife, finished, all finished… With the whole bunch.. I have been slowly approaching other channels, and things are looking up for me…there is life after bravo… Deep breathes…

    • Kimmie has no room to talk shit about shana being a drunk. Every time she talks down to shana, bravo should show a pic of kimmie with ken. Shut the eff up kimmie, you’re no better!

      I too will have to boycott RHOBH if fake faye is brought on as a housewife.. Can’t stand her.

  4. As an aside? It looks like Portia is wearing the dress Lisa bought for her birthday. She’s got great taste.

  5. A party for a new nose? Bravo is running out of party story lines. Soon the RH cast will be having parties to commemorate taking a dump.

  6. Geez, Dim-Kim has gotten a lot of mileage out of the little hump being removed from her schnozz. The bandage has been on for quite a while, it seems. Those Richards Bitches will throw a party for anything – A 4 year old hosting a 3 -ring circus in her back yard; A 6th grader advancing to 7th grade is called “a graduation”; turning 21 requires going to Las Vegas; and now having cosmetic surgery just for the hell of it attracts an audience as if it was an unveiling of Venus de Milo!,

  7. Why is Kyle pretending she knew nothing about Shana’s new boyfriend? She MET him at that dinner!!! This is so ridiculous!

    • That was my thought to Done.. I am so sick of them thinking we are idiots.. This game bravo is playing is getting so old..Kyle is always on speaker phone, and someone is always listening… So they can start the gossip again… Trash is trashed, vile is always ready to talk crap… And that Faye… Is there again! Kennedy in the background looking lost.. I hope bravo saves enough money to get that child help, she is going to have issues soon, if not already.

      • They don’t care how Kennedy turns out. After all, the show contributed to her dad’s death. The speakerphone thing is obligatory.

    • Exactly! For a moment there I was wondering if I picked up someone else’s script at the pharmacy. Nope, Bravo just thinks I am a moron.

  8. I caught Kyle telling them that Kennedy loves being at her house and that when Kennedy goes home it’s just the two of them, Kennedy says “there house is so much more fun”…and she interrupted. Fishlips probably doesn’t even know what clothes she has, is she showered, what she’s eating for dinner? That is just all type of wrong wrong wrong!

    I could see how Kyle allows it. It gives Portia a friend to play with as all the other girls are so much older. But, it’s gotta be getting old and being taken advantage of our. Poor Kennedy…Kyle at least had her dressed and brushed her hair.

    • Is Bravo already starting to hire for next season? I was reading Kyle’s blog and she had a link to her feud with Lisa, and the gossip on that page was that Rod Stewart’s wife Penny was going to be hired…from Plastic Wifes…I don’t know her, what I read, sounds like I don’t want to know her. There was another woman, forgot her name, that was supposedly signed, too. Could be just gossip, who knows.

      Bravo needs to send Taylor and Kennedy to rehab, and give her another chance like they did Kim. At least Taylor shows up for filming, might show up just for the free drinks, though…lol

    • I always took all the kids who wanted to come with me when I had my three grandchildren. I found out quickly that the more kids there to play, the less time they wanted ME to play with them. Play as in crawl in the houses with them, color, play basketball,,,,,,good thing I was able to get down that low back then. Their all teens now, so no playing, in fact they keep a phone in their hand all the time now tapping away!

    • Kyle knows people will think she’s the good person because she’s watching Kennedy. Kyle is so transparent. Kyle is trying to portray herself as the perfect responsible Mom (but she’s not!) compared to negligent Taylor.

  9. That’s the most talking Marisa has done during her entire time on the show, you can tell she fits in very well with those thugs there, too comfortable.

  10. I’m really digging Marissa and it surprises me more than anybody. Honestly, she’s the most like myself out of all the HW’s. I would have been just like her at the pole dancing….hate being the center of attention. Would have chewed gum and I’d be damn if I’d spit it out for Kyle.

    • I would have told Kyle to kiss my big ole donkey booty if she had told me to spit out my gum. I’m glad that germ infested gum wound up in Kyle’s hand though. What a dumb ass.

  11. I thought it was funny how Kim started laughing while listening to Traylor, I probably woulda had to laugh at that nutcase too. Then when Traylor goes on to say that she had no idea Kennedy was there, it turned scary. This was truly disturbing. I think although you can argue that many housewives on different shows have possibly done some crappy things to the kids, like talking mean or exploiting them, this takes the cake. I wanna know just where exactly did Traylor think her daughter was?

      • Wouldn’t it have been interesting if Kim had said something along the lines of “been there, done that” rather than joining in and sounding a bit sanctimonious? I don’t the specifics of Kim’s life and probably never will, but there’s a reason why she is attempting to repair the relationship with her children in regards to her alcoholism, and I’m going to take a stab in the dark and say that part of it might be because she did some things she shouldn’t have done?

        • I couldn’t agree more. You’d think, given Kim’s history, she might offer a little more compassion rather than jumping on the “she sucks” bandwagon.
          Where I’m horrified that Taylor seemed to have no idea where her child was I’m guessing Kim had a few of those “memory” issues as well.
          How can you not know where your child is? I have 2 adult children and, even now, I know where they are. My Mom just turned 88 and she knows where I am fer cryin out loud!
          Child Protective Services needs to be informed. This sad child (Kennedy) needs some help while there is still time to turn around the damage her parents have done to her.
          I no longer watch that show because Faye just gives me the creeps.

          • CPS got involved with Maria Carey because someone posted something in a tabloid about her family that turned out to be false. Her husband talked about it on Piers Morgan. Therefore unless I miss my guess, CPS could indeed check in on this situation simply based on this episode, if they want to.

            • bs: CPS is not going to get involved in Shana’s case; there are no grounds for removing her child from her care. Unless her child is being abused or neglected to the point where she is starving, there is no reason for involvement by CPS. In Mariah’s case, CPS was legally bound to get involved because a complaint was filed. What would be the grounds for taking Shana’s child? Because she ALLEGEDLY had a few drinks? Who hasn’t? Because she made a phone call and asked the person… in whom her daughter’s care was entrusted and had been entrusted many time previously… to continue caring for her? Because she ‘oops, forgot’ with whom her child was being taken care of and while ‘oopsing’ she ALLEGEDLY slurred her words? Can it be proven that she slurred her words on that phone call because she was drunk? Maybe she took an extra Sudafed… or had taken Nyquil… who knows. However, none of what is seen or heard (while there are adults and a camera crew surrounding the child, and she looks very well cared for) is grounds for the attention of CPS or for their involvement. This is a “reality” show and the REALITY of it all was discussed to death (may Russell RIP) a year ago. Shana is not losing her child. Nor are there any grounds for which she can lose her child. Despite how one feels about ShanaLynetteHughesSipesTaylorFordArmstrong, she is caring for her child. Her child looks healthy and well-cared for. If Shana is destroying her psychologically is another matter… and THAT would be extremely difficult to prove. Let’s simply hope that her child grows up to be healthy and happy. TFC!! SH

  12. I’m pretty sure Taylor has a nanny…but that’s weird because:
    - you have no money
    - you have no job
    - you have 1 child
    So why the hell would you need a nanny? There’s a million better things she could do with that money (maybe pay back some of the people you’ve stolen from). Her daughter has had a very rough year couple of years:
    - being thrust in front of tv cameras when she’s obviously very shy
    - dealing with her parents divorce
    - dealing with her father’s death
    - dealing with an alcoholic mother
    Instead of foisting her daughter off on a nanny or Kyle, she should be spending every second she can with her daughter, making her feel safe and secure amidst so much change. One-on-one time with a loving parent is so beneficial to a child!

    I’m not a Kyle fan (actually I hated her season 1 because of how she treated Kim, but this season she doesn’t bother me) but can we get her to adopt Kennedy? I think she and Mauricio are great, loving parents and Kennedy deserves a loving, stable upbringing. Taylor can be ‘Aunt Taylor’, the drunken mess that she sees on holidays.

  13. How do you “misplace” one child? How is it that you have “no idea” where that child is at any given time?

    Traylor Trash sounded “surprised” to hear that Kennedy was with Kyle for crying out loud! What if Kyle was unavailable to care for Kennedy any longer, what then?

    Her bony ass was already en route to the airport and she did not sound reasonable enough to make any further decisions concerning the well being of the poor kid as long as she could get away with her new “love”.

    Traylor Trash is one horrible human being and why Bravo would continue to keep her on this show is beyond understanding.

    • Weird that she was already on her way to the airport and yet she hadn’t confirmed plans for Kennedy. Like Kyle said, I would never ever not know where my children were at any given time of day….not only when they were as youn as Kennedy but pretty much until they left for college….it’s called communication.
      I know I didn’t have a nanny, so I guess if she knew the Nanny was going to be caring for her all week she may have just assumed she was with the Nanny. I’ll have to guess that the Nanny is 24 hours….but I would still have spoken with the nanny so she’d know where “I” was and had my contact info etc.
      Kennedy appeared happier around Kim and Kyle than we’ve ever seen her before.

    • The other issue Shana is oblivious to, is the anxiety Kennedy must feel when her mother leaves her for prolonged periods of time. Children who have had a parent die suddenly, and particularly when the death was violent, are always afraid that the surviving parent could disappear suddenly as well. My brother in law was murdered a few years ago, leaving my sister with 4 small children. For the first two years after his death my sister would never leave her children for more than a few hours at a time (errands etc.) because she knew the anxiety the children would feel about the possibility that she may not return. Taylor’s habit of leaving Kennedy with whoever is around, combined with her inability to create a secure and nurturing home life for her daughter is evidence of her narcissistic personality. As much as I dislike Kyle, I do think she is providing, if only temporary, a safe and functional environment for Kennedy.

      • I agree with everything you said. Except I do not agree that Kyle is providing a “safe and functional environment ” for Kennedy. If that were the case then that scene with the phone call never would have been filmed. Kyle is just as warped as SWINE. Even more so since she is sober and doing this sort of calculating stuff. Kyle is lovvvving that SWINE is such a wreck of a human being devoid of any common decency because you know how Kyle gets off(prolly literally) on trying to look all superior? SWINE is a dirtball. Kennedy doesn’t have a chance.

        • I agree with you. As a licensed child advocate for decades any care taker would/should go to any lenghts to protect the child in your care. Kyle should be ashamed of herself. And Bravo should rot in hell for exploiting this little girl.
          Yuck to Bravo and their kin.

  14. Kennedy seems like a sweet child. I wish Russell’s family could raise her since it’s obvious her mother is a drunken fruit cake.

    • After watching this episode, they might get themselves a lawyer and try to get custody. I would if I were them.

      • yup: Let’s not re-hash THAT issue! No one is taking Shana’s kid… there are no grounds. Shana also has Dr NoSocks in her pocket. If you somehow missed the entire discussion re Shana’s child being yanked from her, simply enter “Shana” in the SH serach bar. Happy reading! TFC!! SH

        • nope, didn’t miss it–read it all as you blogged it over the past couple of years. I just think that this is new evidence that they might have a very emotional reaction to, and decide they need to fight for custody.

    • There was a bit of a back n forth on twitter between Lisa and Kyle regarding Kyle showing up at the Tea Party with Faye uninvited. Kyle swears she was invited and someone pointed out that there was even a gift and a place setting for Faye…. then someone came back in and pointed out that the place setting and the gift was actually intended for KIM. So this tells me that Kyle KNEW kim wasn’t coming and took it upon herself to invite her own plus one to take Kim’s place. Sooooo rude. Classless.

      • It’s obvious that Lisa didnt want her there but why is it that EVERY TIME we HAVE TO SEE BYLE BITCHARDS, DO WE HAVE TO SEE FAYKE RANCID!!!????!!!!!

        She turns my stomach and as much as I like this show I cant watch it with her around b/c I find myself wanting to scream WWWWWHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYY???? Which I doubt the neighbors want to hear on a regular basis ;)

        I’d rather see Trailor and that’s saying A LOT!!!

        • Isn’t it odd that Fake can manage to keep her nasty opinions to herself regarding the SWINE thing? That right there , more than anything else tells us that Fayke Rancid is indeed the mouthpiece for Kyle.

          • I guess since Kim has a pitbull Kyle needs to bring hers everywhere now too? I hope hope hope that she doesnt make it as a full-on cast member! Would be such a shame and would be the bravo equivalent to shooting itself in the foot…

            (I remember you saying something about the Kindle thing, and if you have multiple devices, there’s no limit to sharing if they get put on the same CC, even if one is bought years later, Amazon doesnt limit sharing once a purchase is made, you can buy 20 new devices, put them on the same account and share w/out limits. I love their policies to be honest b/c you can do so much and its all unlimited!!) :)

            • It was so weird as soon as i plugged in my amazon account it knew that this was my third Kindle. When you say share, do you mean I could share books I have purchased with you or you can share with me? How does that work?

              • For example, if I have 20 books, and you have 20 books, if we put both of our devices on the same Credit Card today (having pre-existing content), we could have access to each others libraries. I did that w/my mothers and mine when we got them (b/c my mother is tech. illiterate, I set them both up, one as Susans Kindle on as mine, and put them both on the same card. She buys her books, I buy mine but I can sync any of her content to mine b/c of the same billing method, she can also sync any of mine) sometimes I’ll buy her books b/c she has a hard time finding what she’s looking for, I buy it on mine, then just sync it to hers. If they fill up all the memory, you can delete but always get them back. You can also do this with Kindle Cloud on the ipad, as long as they all are on the same email acct. and card number, they’re all sharable. I think its a great policy b/c usually you’d have to buy per device vs. share but I wouldnt suggest doing a collective unless you trust who you’re doing it with b/c they can buy as much content as they can. Its been a great system for us though especially when you lose a device or add a new one to the account. I think for families especially this works well b/c it saves lots of $$.

              • Gotcha. I am not sure how that cloud works but when I was setting mine up it gave that options and Gabe told me to choose the cloud. I am pretty sure he would not be interested in any books I read BUT I did purchase the Phillip Phillips album on it cause I was enamored with the fact that I could so I guess he can go on the cloud and access it on his ipad or iphone? Cause I think we all share a cloud? Laws a mercy. I just want to read books. I know when ever I purchase books it sends a message to husband’s account. Ding Ding Ding. Sometimes I will get more that one at a time and he will tell me to slow my roll (paraphrasing) :)

              • yeah (you kinda answered your own q. there :), the fact that someone else is getting notified indicates that you’re already set up to share, but keep on reading!! (sometimes I go on a buying binder too b/c they make such great suggestions and I know if I dont get it at that time, I’ll forget about it, so I buy in bulk and have plenty to read which is great b/c sometimes I want some fluff to read, others I like more serious reads or bio’s, sooo much great content out there!

              • I know. Somehow I ended up on a tear once and I have Altas Shrugged in my books. I have tried to dive into it several times but just cant seem to wrap my head around certain concepts in it. I think I as prompted to buy it because I watched a biography of her life and STILL have not a clue where that woman is really coming from. One of these days I will read it but I am gonna have to be super bored before that is gonna happen. Reading over my lists of books is sorta like reading over the songs in my ipod. All ova da place. Atlas Shrugged, Heaven Is For Real, All Ann Rule stuff, 50 shades, political books… just crazy crazy stuff that looks like it ain’t got no business being together but… my brain. Heavens to Murgatroyd. I’m nutty as a fruitcake. But I am woman enough to admit it.

        • Ugh, I can’t stand Faye! Her voice gets on my nerves. Her hair color is wrong for her plastic face… She’s just a bitch! I have no idea why she’s being shoved down our throats. One Kyle is enough. Thank you

          • It was kind of chuckle-worthy when Kim called out the fact that Taylor was TRASHED!!! While I dont like their speakerphone-eavesdropping, I think Taylor made her feel a little better about herself b/c in all of her drunken stupors, I doubt she ever lost one of her kids…

            • I think you’re right. That whole thing with Taylor is majorly messed up. I can only assume Bravo is trying to get out from under Taylor’s thumb. This is Bravo proving her unfit, of horrible character, reckless… you name it. I also assume Taylor had something on Bravo ever since Russell’s death and this is them creatively turning the tables on her. Getting it all on tape.

      • I had to go get that back and forth tw exchange you were talking about. Here is some of it… Kyle started it :-P
        @KyleRichards18: A) I would never bring a guest w/out asking B) Faye wouldn’t go to an event unless invited C) There was a place setting for her. Do the math
        @AlexandriaConn1: @KyleRichards18 So @LisaVanderpump lied??? Wow….
        @LisaVanderpump: @AlexandriaConn1 @KyleRichards18 no I never invited her…I don’t lie
        @dragonofsnaps: @KyleRichards18 @yvetoro Selective memory? Why would Lisa want someone she dislikes at her tea party. Do the math.
        @KyleRichards18: @dragonofsnaps @yvetoro I didn’t say she did ….
        @uarethequeen: @KyleRichards18 @dragonofsnaps @yvetoro thanks mystery solved @LisaVanderpump is saying the truth @Bravotv invited the troll faye. #smh
        @KyleRichards18: @dragonofsnaps @yvetoro this can be addressed at The Reunion :-)

        • Yee Haw. I really would like to see it addressed at reunion BUT that means they would have to talk about Faye .. making her relevant for next season.

          • I could live without ever really knowing the actual TRUTH if it meant FAYKE wouldnt be discussed, shown, or brought out on stage (perish the thought!!!). In this case ignorance would truly be bliss!!!

            • Kyle wants her on the show so bad, she’ll bring it up herself if no one else does. Mind you, there is still more to come include Rancid accusing Lisa of using Brandi to fight her battles. This I saw in the season preview.

          • So Rancid gives an interview saying that she was invited the same way everyone else was (which is funny since she never actually said that Lisa invited her) and now Kyle decides to defend her buddy on Twitter. So….once again Kyle picks and chooses which friends she wants to defend? Great!

            • Good point “same way everyone else was” Another reason why I would NEVER be a HW and a have a few punkasked producers dictate to me who and what was gonna be in my home. pffft.

              • Not in Kordell’s home! Lol, Porsha had to tell the Bailey Agency day of that they ain’t invited afterall. tee hee

              • HA! BH needs a Kordell! If Lisa werent such a lady she’d have no doubt shown Faye to her seat…back in the limo…

              • So maybe PorshEE aint so dang stewpit after all. She had last say in who was gonna be in her home come hell or highwater. I bet the producers thought they were gonna tell her. bahahaha. So the lil fit that the mouthy “strangers” pulled was really producer induced too…trying to get last word.
                Note to producers:Nice try. We see thorough that stunt. And ifn ya want to keep going down that road with Porshee you best believe Kordell will break one off in you every time.

          • I couldnt reply b/c the lines got too short, seemed to shut that down, but mine is the same, everything from The Nanny diaries to Plato’s Socrates Apology and everything in between ;)

            • I guess I just got confused about the sharing since I am the only big reader in my household. My daughter reads the Ellen Hopkins series and I have borrowed those paperbacks from her before( I like them) but other than that I be the only reader.

          • Or worse then that, we would have to see her there.. I am pretty sure she will not be a housewive… So many people do not like her… I think she really thought she could sweep in BH, and be welcomed with open arms… Didnt work.. With vile, bringing her to parties, she won’t even blog this week… There are a lot of angry fans there.. Bravo can’t erase everyone hating on vile… Or mo….

        • So as I suspected, Kyle has something planned for Lisa at the reunion, just like last time. Thanks for the posting, romo. This was good!

  15. 1st off…..I think Kim looks great and I am happy she is keeping it together and happy to see when her and Kyle get along. 2nd…..I swear on a stack of Bibles, My Mother knew where I was every minute of my life until I went to college. My Mother never left us with strangers and she had to know every detail if we went to a friends house; she hardly let us do sleepovers, my mother put us first all the time.

    • Kim is getting it together? Really? Stoopid Housewives should have a poll to see how many people agree with that statement. She sure still appears to have some kind of substance problem. And what kind of upstanding physician would do an elective surgery on a newly “recovered” addict? It’s absurd. The woman is still slurring her words, not making sense, can’t stay focused and bobbles all around the place. She has no place on this show.

      • I agree. I think its very telling that she mentioned her “other doctor” in her blog regarding the pain meds. Why didn’t THAT doctor want to be filmed giving his advice on pain management for an elective procedure? No doubt she prolly did scrape up an “addiction specialist” doctor to give the green light on it but in Hollyweird I think those are a dime a dozen and their advice is bought and paid for.

      • Remembering the meds she was taking last season, there was one that I know from experience having taken it, and being hospitalized from it and knowing others on it and that would be TOPAMAX, otherwise known as DOPAMAX, AND STUPIMAX by most Dr’s. It is a given that taking this medication causes brain damage, reduces you attention span and memory, and makes it almost impossible to maintain a single train-of-thought. Its also known as an ‘anorexic drug’ (hate that title) but it makes you feel prematurely full so you lose wt. despite always feeling ‘hungry’ (you eat a bit, feel stuffed then in an hour eat a bit more which ramps up your metabolism and fools you into full-satiation). IF KIM IS STILL TAKING THIS MEDICATION, (which is possible, Dr’s give for everything ranging from depression, anxiety to seizure disorders, its the ‘right drug’ for my seizure disorder but for other reasons almost killed me, Dr’s never told me of the side-effects that werent life threatening ie. brain-damage, until I went off of the medication, personally I think its going to be banned soon here b/c it also causes mania) it can cause all of the symptoms that she’s showing. Depending on what she was given it for, its possible she is sober from booze, but its non-narcotic, its non-habit forming and for those reasons, she could quite probably be on it.

        Add to that trazodone, and that explains EVERYTHING she’s doing

        Just giving her the benefit of the doubt…

      • I am saying Kim is doing a lot better than she did last season, she was a mess last season and I am just happy to see her trying to do better, she has avoided most of the drama this season and see her and Kyle trying to make a go of it. I would rather see Kim on this show instead of Traylor (where’s my kid). Traylor always seems drunk or some buzz going on and again sick of Brandi’s drama everyday on Radar enough of the Adrienne and LeAnn drama already. Again the great thing about this site we agree or agree to disagree. Not the end of the world. Peace Out!

      • Poll me as she is still on something… When she was ordering everyone around at her party, her true self showed through… And reminded me of why I can’t stand the Richard sister…

  16. Is Kim supposed to take this bandage off her face during this “reveal” party? And if so wouldn’t it be just smashing if she actually served veal at this soiree?

  17. Nitpickin time:
    What kinda crap does Kyle have on those children’s feet? Looks like the plastic play heels that come in those dress up treasure chests for little girls and Portia’s is too big?

    • Mp, I do not like those little girl play heels. If they want to wear them at home; that’s fine. I just don’t feel it’s appropriate or safe to wear anywhere else. I was invited to a 3 yro’s bday party. She told me all she wanted were high heels for her bday. I found some that were kind of like jellies. I felt like they had more support for her little feet. Lol, high heels! Oh Lordy…

        • Lol! Were you allowed to wear them in public? I wasn’t. I don’t see how those little girls do it anyway. Like mp pointed out; they don’t even fit properly.

            • I saw these 2 little girls in the mall that wore their play heels. They decided against the play outfit that came with and instead chose a normal, everyday shirt and shorts set. These girls had to be 8 years old. That’s way too old for those playsets, right?

          • Just Mom trying to instill the “hoe” factor. Poor kids. When my daughter was that age I was trying to teach her “brains” instead of this plastic appearance thing. It’s almost child abuse! Let these girls be children!!! Makes me sick.

    • Kim looks like Pinnocho with her nose wrapped up like that! Years ago my mom had sinus surgery and they stuffed gauze up her nose and wrapped it up to a point like on Kim’s, and me and two of my sisters visited at the same time. I have a bad habit of getting tickled and giggling when I shouldn’t, and once I snicker it sets my sis into a snicker, and before long, we are laughing out of control and can’t stop! I snickered when I saw mom’s nose in a point, and me and sis got out of control trying very hard not to laugh…..mother was hurting, and getting very mad at us giggling. We finally had to hide in the bathroom, tears rolling down our face from trying not to be heard laughing. I will always believe in Karma, I had that same darn sinus surgery…..and boy, does that hurt….for a long time! It was months before I wanted anyone close to my nose. I’m the only one of her four children who has had sinus problems…Karma!!! As children, me and one sis would always get the ‘giggles’ at church or the super table where it wasn’t allowed…..if I know I’m not supposed to laugh, makes to laugh hysterically!

  18. Looking forward to hearing Shana’s explanation for why she didn’t know where her daughter was. Mother of the Year.

    • Can’t believe she could admit this on television. Do these women care about what they look like? Talk about absentee parenting. Her kids are better off with someone who truly wants to take care of them. She should be ashamed of herself putting herself over her kids like that!

  19. Kennedy looked so lost. I feel for that child. Her mom is turning tricks with some guys she just met and doesn’t even know where her kid is at. She’s a drunk and someone should step in and help Kennedy.

  20. As much as I dislike Taylor, Bravo has really gone too far in airing the footage of that phone call. Kennedy has lived through too much in her young life and for Bravo to capitalize on Taylor’s drunkenness or drugged out behavior with respect to her confusion of where her daughter was is just too, too much. Shame on Bravo! Shame also on the “friends” for not intervening. Enough is enough and that woman needs serious help. She was still “messed up” on Watch What Crappens so they haven’t done a thing.

    • I think i posted this already somewhere,but why isn’t Adrienne getting any slack for accusing Paul of abuse.We all know she is making that up.So i don’t understand why she isn’t getting the same crap that trash is getting when she accused her husband of abuse

      • Adrienne’s a lying hag
        I can’t stand her.
        She always sells stories to the gossip rag
        She looks like a cat but doesn’t purr.
        Putting bruised pics out of her bod and blames Paul
        We all know it’s from her MMA fighting butt taking a fall.
        So go on Adrienne with your fake bf trying to be a cougar
        Your real secret is you’re a tranny and it’s Bernie that you adore.

      • Adrienne is lying. No way would she have humiliated him as many times as she has on camera for 3 seasons now… every scene they have if she thought she was gonna get her ass whooped over it. She would have been a lil more deferential to him. Same thing for SWINE when Russel was alive. This is NOT how abused women behave.

          • Thank ye. :) Hail far if my husband was the type to bitchslap me around I know good n dern well I would be making nice nice for the cameras.He aint like that but just saying. These women want us to think that the common sense has done been knocked out of them. That first marital slap musta been a doozy huh for them to just go stoopid all the sudden? Most truly abused women learn real fast what NOT to do and they proceed on the eggshells accordingly.

          • Let me just add that abused women also know that no matter how perfectly they behave its no guarantee that they wont get hit. I am just saying that abused women dont go around actively courting trouble like SWINE and Adrianne did. I didnt mean to insinuate that the abused woman has control over how her animal of a husband acts by doing things “right” just saying that SWINE and A are not abused women.

        • I cant reply to the comment after mixedupchiles, Taylor reminds me of a woman I know well. I know from one person in my life that when you’re a stupid, chemically imbalanced crazy nut-job drunk, any possible ‘learning’ goes out the window. My “blank” would get physical when drunk and would physically attack, then let her baby-daddy knock her around to the point she almost miscarried. Her father and brothers (all very LARGE men, not fat but tall and stone-masons) had to intervene in a not-exactly-legal way. If it werent for the strength from her family, she would’ve stayed and Taylor doesnt have a strong family as far as we can see, and she fits the crazy nut-job drunk profile…I think she was the type to provoke the abuse (and I’m not saying AT ALL that most women provoke, but a few do and abuse the system to their advantage). But this particular woman NEVER learned. Sadly I see Taylor in the same category…I guess long story short, the physical, verbal and mental abuse can be a two way street when its a really toxic relationship.

          Adrienne is doing a serious disservice to herself and her relationship with her kids w the false allegations business. Unfortunately women all too often feign abuse to them or their children to manipulate the situation (I have a cousin who had ‘accused’ her father of molesting her b/c her mother had ‘trained’ her to by the age of 3, basically as soon as she could talk. She still feels horrible about it to this day b/c she and her father became very close when she became older)…ya never know with crazy in the mix…

          • Oh, no doubt! My cousin is in her 30′s and she has hated her mother for what she did since she was a teenager, she married at 17 to get away from her…And it effected the entire family, not just her father (my uncle). Again, this is another woman who is straight up insane (the honeymoon was over when she threw a butcher knife at his head and narrowly missed…)

        • Exactly. Abused women will have that deer in the headlights look if they think they have said something “inappropriate”. They always have that scared look with flinching sometimes. Both Taylor and especially Adrienne have ever been afraid to say what they want to their husband. Plus you show me a controlling husband who is going to let their wife take a girls trip. Not going to happen.

  21. You know you have got a serious problem when Kim Richards is worried about your sobriety (or it should be a stark wake up call!!!).

    • I was disappointed that Kim was even gossiping with the other women about Taylor’s drinking,,,,just the snarky grin she had on her face. Being how she is in the same shape as Taylor, seems she would have been more concerned about Taylor’s drinking instead of smiling and that look on her face. Of course, I’ve never thought Kim had an alcohol problem, I’ve always thought it was drugs since she didn’t seem to drink that much, or did it all before she arrived at the parties. I felt she should have been more understanding…not gossiping.

      I don’t believe either of the ladies have been through abuse, if they did, they wouldn’t have been repeating their actions so many times. Abusers usually don’t care where they do their abusing at…..I know my ex didn’t! Of course I’d have never done a show like that so all could see it, but I know I was humilated many times in public….mine was a jealous drunk who always thought other men were ‘looking’ at me, or I was ‘looking’ at them.

  22. Kyle is using Taylor to make her look great and Taylor look terrible, what happened when she was Taylor’s best friend and took her in, and wanted everyone to understand Taylor? If Filthy Faye keeps showing up and now is rumored to be a full time housewife, I am out. I read Russell’s Ex’s saying he was violent towards them too, but they all wanted any money,property so they sugarcoated it, like it or not he was abusive. It was on Bravo to get them some help and they exploited it. I do not think Taylor or their friend that found him hanging will ever forget that, it would screw me up. She is now going to be thrown away after they all got what they wanted. How the hell do you just tell her and everyone to get over it? They moved on because they never cared, yet I remember Kyle and Kim going to psychics and still crying about their mother. Kennedy and Porsche look like best friends, and don’t think Kyle has not encouraged that. I took care of my next door neighbor’s kid so much that another neighbor thought he was my child while she did her crafts, I took him to auditions with me and loved him, he was with me from early morning til whenever he felt like going home, i fed him and I also took care of 5 little Mormans girls, with the 3 year old spending the night with me, even telling her parents she was going to come live with me because they had too many kids and wouldn’t take care of her. I would have taken them both if the parents would have signed them over, but I realized they needed me, and I did not make the parents feel bad, because of that. I had helped the parents because of the kids. I miss them, now poor Kennedy won’t probably go back, that’s great Kyle, hurt the child because you want to look like the role model. Kim uh, if you cared about Taylor’s sobriety maybe shut up until you are fixed and if anything approach her in private, of course Kim and her never got along, remember the fight when season 1 Camille and Kyle fought, then Kim does not defend Kyle and Taylor and her fight. I think Faye makes Taylor look like a saint. We are also finding out about the phony abuse charges Adrienne got Bernie to take pics of, so why isn’t everyone going after her, because she has more money and power than Taylor.

  23. I don’t know how to tell you this, but i bought and read Taylor’s book. I think that if you want to understand Taylor and her actions you should read her book. You won’t be surprised that she had no idea where Kennedy was. She was following the money. Not to say that she isn’t crazy about her daughter, SHE IS, but this guy with the plane must have a ton of money and i came away from Taylor’s book (which was written in the first person) believing that when it comes to the pursuit of wealth she becomes very single-minded. I do feel a little guilty for being all judgy about Taylor and her motivations, but that book sealed the deal for me…. Russell was very violent and dangerous to her, and she was terrified of him right from the start, but she didn’t want to be poor. Oh, and I do believe that WEALTH is the goal, not merely providing for her daughter. Taylor is extremely smart and educated. Before she married Russell and became crazy-rich she was a successful professional woman with a great job and was doing just fine. Not Beverly Hills level of money, but she made a very good living.
    This is also why i personally believe that Adrienne never agreed to be Kennedy’s godmother….. i think that Taylor met Adrienne, realized how insanely wealthy she is, and asked her to be Kennedy’s godmother, which would ensure a lifetime of expensive gifts, probably tuition, and maybe even a trust fund. Adrienne must be subjected to opportunists trying to get at her money all the time, she wasn’t fooled at all by this blatant attempt, and pointed out that she should probably choose someone that isn’t a virtual stranger to be the godmother. (Why would Kennedy be getting baptised all of a sudden at this age? Also, i would be VERY interested to know if after Adrienne said NO whether or not Taylor had her baptised anyway with a less lucrative godmother. Probably not.).

    • SWINE is a liar and she was the abusive one. If Russel popped her in da mouth a time or two its every bit because that battleax HAD IT COMING( Yeah I said it…again) She LIED about the orbital floor blow out. She lies about a lot of things. And dont be misled, she don’t give a damn about her youngin either… Having that kid attend her book signing of FICTION demonizing her dad is something that only a soulless scumbag POS would do. SWINE has ZERO redeeming qualities. She is the scum of the earth worst kind of mother.

        • I know I have strong opinion about da SWINE. She is the only “abused” woman that I would ever say that about. I just think everything outa her mouth is a big ole lie. And her type is incapable of loving anyone … including her child who he only uses as a prop…. entree into the world of BH mommies. She damages everything she comes in contact with… including the children of the married guy she is shacking up with right now. She is nuttin but a dirtball and she will never get one iota of sympathy outa me. I dont feel guilty for being all judgy :)

          • Evolution Media and SWINE have no scruples. It’s all about the mighty dollar and nothing else. SWINE’s book will “save lives” like my morning coffee will win the lottery ;)

          • We’ve also seen what happens to a child that grows into an adult in that environment, with a dirt bag lying mama that wrote a book based on a web of lies. Interestingly enough, a woman with an Evolution Media connection that claims her baby daddy killed Kennedy.

            • Spooky huh? And please , Sue, dont think I am attacking because you had the courage to admit that you bought the book. I understand I also bought Wendy’s(Amy’s momma from SCR) book even knowing it was nothing but a pack of lies. curiosity.

              • lol. So far no book from da Amy yet. :) Her momma was all about describing her own self as the “the lovely Wendy” ans such throughout the whole book though. She blew sunshine up her own butt.

            • speaking of which… looky here at who has jumped on the ole bandwagon:
              Amy Hanley ‏@REALAmyHanley

              Here doing the abuse awareness campaign! Amazing studio and a wonderful cause!

          • I’m not sure why, but I can’t stop laughing at you telling sue that she had the courage to admit she bought the book….shoot….I didnt but if I did I doubt I’d have that much courage

            • I am really shocked at myself that I have managed to NOT buy that book just to see how twisted that ole heifer really is. But I gotsta draw the line summers.

        • tee hee. thats country for “young one” as in someones child or children
          “I gotta git my younins in the house afore da catch they deaths of cold.”
          “You shoulda seen that youngin slidin in ta home plate. Pappy is so proud he liketa have burst his seams a beamin”

      • Agreed Made. The only thing I can mildly agree with Traylor about is the hypocricy of Adrienne, and when she sorta stuck by Brandi when Mauricio was slammin her. But as far as what she did to her husband, it was gross. Just gross and immoral. He thought they both had issues and were gonna work on it, she thought she was gonna exploit him and escape a lawsuit.

    • @sue – “she was a successful professional woman with a great job”. Doing what? Do you believe everything you read?

      • Pharmaceutical sales rep, and then moved to california and ran a textiles company.

        No, i don’t believe everything i read. I bought this book because it was 3 dollars at the Christmas Tree Shop, I am still glad i read it. This is what i came away with:
        Taylor never should have written this book. I wasn’t flattering. MY take-away was that she wrote it because she knew those creditors were going to come calling, and this tale of woe would maybe work in her favor, that she was a victim of Russell, too. But I do believe that she was fully involved in his shady business dealings. I also do believe that she was very abused by Russell, but stayed anyway. She said that he kept saying if she left him he would make sure she was destitute, but she has the professional credentials and ability to support herself and her kid comfortably, so that argument flew out the window. That Beverly Hills address meant more to her than her safety.
        So many contradictions, it would make your head spin, the most glaring of which was that throughout the entire book she kept saying that Russell’s abuse of her was a huge secret that needed to be kept from the world because of how it would affect his business, and then pages later it would say that she was humiliated because the whole town knew she was an abused woman. Back and forth like that.
        Another thing that i don’t believe for a second is that she kept journals of her abuse and that is where her book came from.. Come on!!! i was born in the morning, but it wasn’t THIS morning! Russell apparently kept tabs on her with listening devices. He didn’t trust her at all. He would have known if she kept journals, and no way she would have risked that. NO WAY.
        I also don’t see how this book could save victims of abuse. Her story isn’t one of triumph. She put herself, her daughter, and even her friends at risk by staying with him. He literally almost killed one of her friends, and she talked that friend out of pressing charges because I guess if he was incarcerated he couldn’t pay the bills. Okay? If he was incarcerated it would take her out of danger, maybe even be a wakeup call for all involved, but in the book she came across to me as pretty proud that she was able to keep him out of the legal system.

        • If Swine says she was abused by Russel then that means she was NOT abused by Russel. She is a big ole liar and wouldn’t know the truth if it swept down from the heavens and crushed the floor of her orbit. She lied about that abuse. She gave as good as she got and she pushed and pushed and pushed.
          I know a girl whose mother was a verbal tyrant who snip snip snip snip jab jab jab constantly taunting relentlessly very viscous woman and gotta tell you the one time their father hauled off and knocked the dogcrap outa her every one of her kids up in their bedrooms was cheering him on. Now MAYBE momma will shut the hell up. Did she . Oh no she was HAPPY that she got him to react in that manner. Thats not abuse. That’s righteous retribution. Women that are REALLY abused don’t run their mouths like that. SWINE was never abused. Russel defended himself when her drunken out of control ass came at him.
          My opinion on this is harsh I know. BUT I am sick to my stomach of women like SWINE claiming abuse when their are REAL victims out there suffering. SWINE was never abused. Are you following the Jodi Arias trial? SWINE lies just like she does. She was not abused either. She was the violent one with more than a few screws loose.
          It is funny that the book was in the bargain bin though :)

          • made,yes you are right about swine but isn’t Adrienne doing the same thing with Paul saying that he is abusive?How come i’m not reading any blacklash towards Adrienne?no way is paul busing him maybe the other way around

            • I agree. Adrienne deserves every bit the backlash for her blatant lies. I suppose what makes SWINE’s more shocking is that she did it to a dead man. And got her daughter involved as a shield against uncomfortable questions at the book signings.
              You are right Adrienne is the abusive one too.

          • Made, don’t think you are alone in not believing the abuse story. Any woman who has known ‘real’ abuse, know to keep their mouths closed…..most men who abuse, don’t wait for the doors to close when they are angry, they react with violence the minute you piss them off! Anger is hard to hide for the ‘right’ time, the moment they get mad is the ‘right’ time.

            I know all about those ‘youngins’ you talked about, I know how good it feels to slide into homeplate, too! Gosh, I wish I was still young. I played softball with the women I work with up until I was nearly forty years old, with my two youngins hanging around the ballfield with me!

        • Since Traylor-Park’s book is full of contradictions, then it’s probably NOT true – any of it. After all, we have only her side of the situation (that she could manufacture) without rebuttal. Russel didn’t look very tough. She towered over him and could probably take him. Plus, she supposedly had her own business (she was nominated for some award?) and thereby, could support herself and her kid. He may have been ‘abusive” but not as much as she has claimed. SHE was the one running around town telling all her new castmates (er, “friends”) within 1 month of meeting them about the so-called abuse.

          • I think her entire book, including the cover shot, is a not so clever collage of stories that she gleaned off of the women/stories of abuse, from that shelter she was involved with.

    • sue: Would highly suggest you enter “Shana” in the SH search bar. Read for yourself the false allegations of “abuse” which Shana made against Russell. All of this was discussed to the nth degree on SH last year; therefore, not encouraging the discussion be brought up again… do encourage everyone to read for themselves and research the phony “abuse” claims on which Shana has based herself as a DV “expert.” Apparently, her “expertise” has not been in demand… the last time she spoke was in front of a college crowd and even they (the few that showed up) weren’t buyin’ her loada crap. As for the “godmother” story line, SH readers have also discussed that ad nauseum… TFC!!! SH

      • This is the only blog i read (every bit of it, even the comments!), so i do remember all we already went over about the abuse allegations and godmother-gate. I just have been DYING to talk about that book since i read it a couple of weeks ago. I don’t know anyone who watches this show, so i figured that the only place i could talk about it would be here, especially since the Taylor story line is pretty shocking right now.

  24. In Taylor defense (I can’t believe I’m defending that twit) Kyle never identified herself, so in her drunken state she probably thought she was talking to Kim. So it was a surprise to her that KIM had Kennedy. She’s still a drunken train wreck, but I can understand her confusion.

  25. Kyle looks like morticia in that outfit at Kim’s party. Poor Kennedy looks so unhappy actually depressed and Marissa you don’t chew gum like a cow and then put it into someones hand. Kyle what did you do with the gum just throw it. Shana needs help big time and needs to go and little Kennedy doesn’t need to hear anyone disgusing her mother. MHO only.

    • Yeah, I don’t get what everyone is seeing in Kennedy’s face, since we can’t see her face most of the time. I do think they had her stand alone for a moment for an necessary camera shot, but she looks to be happy to me.

    • I’ve never seen Kennedy “happy” in any shot of her (even her birthday bashes). She may just not be a happy little girl. I mean, look who she has for a mother!

      • I think the kid scowls so much because she needs glasses( I used to and was/am blind as a bat) SWINE strikes me and the kind of mother that would let her child do without.

      • Kennedy look happy twice to my recollection Once when she got her puppy and the other time when Swine went away for a weekend and Russell was caring for her she actaully smiled both times and giggled. Swine wants us to believe she is happy her dad is dead(yes she said Kennedy was) but in reality I bet she misses her dad and knows her mom is crazy and drunk.

  26. It was just pointed out in a gossip paper that the phone Kim and Vile keep passing back and forth changed colors? First it was white then it was silver. LOL I looked a the scene and caught it.

    • For some strange reason, two women face to face about 6″ apart need two phones to make one, badly edited, phone conversation. Was beyond odd that they were on two phones to the same person both on speaker while two people were literally so close they could’ve been sharing a chair.

      Kyle is such a snake, she totally set Trailor up with that, b/c I soooo think she knew the original plans, but ‘acted’ for dramatic effect and to further trash Trailors image (which is backfiring as viewers are adding this all up…)

  27. Is it just me, or during the scene where Vyle and Kim are on the phone with Tayliar- in the video above – the phone is Kim’s and it’s white – then at the 1:10 mark the phone is silver/gray. This may have already been pointed out, I apologize if so, I’m just now going thru all my comment emails…

    Could this be two conversations edited together to look like one? Sneaky sneaky…

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