REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS: Kim Throws a Par-Tay… Kim Gets a Phone Call… Kim Blabs The Phone Call At Her Par-Tay!

From Bravo… 

Kim Richards’ nose is still healing… so what better time to throw a “nose reveal” par-tay?

Kim gets a phone call from Shana…

… the Housewives discuss…

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182 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS: Kim Throws a Par-Tay… Kim Gets a Phone Call… Kim Blabs The Phone Call At Her Par-Tay!

  1. Kyle is using Taylor to make her look great and Taylor look terrible, what happened when she was Taylor’s best friend and took her in, and wanted everyone to understand Taylor? If Filthy Faye keeps showing up and now is rumored to be a full time housewife, I am out. I read Russell’s Ex’s saying he was violent towards them too, but they all wanted any money,property so they sugarcoated it, like it or not he was abusive. It was on Bravo to get them some help and they exploited it. I do not think Taylor or their friend that found him hanging will ever forget that, it would screw me up. She is now going to be thrown away after they all got what they wanted. How the hell do you just tell her and everyone to get over it? They moved on because they never cared, yet I remember Kyle and Kim going to psychics and still crying about their mother. Kennedy and Porsche look like best friends, and don’t think Kyle has not encouraged that. I took care of my next door neighbor’s kid so much that another neighbor thought he was my child while she did her crafts, I took him to auditions with me and loved him, he was with me from early morning til whenever he felt like going home, i fed him and I also took care of 5 little Mormans girls, with the 3 year old spending the night with me, even telling her parents she was going to come live with me because they had too many kids and wouldn’t take care of her. I would have taken them both if the parents would have signed them over, but I realized they needed me, and I did not make the parents feel bad, because of that. I had helped the parents because of the kids. I miss them, now poor Kennedy won’t probably go back, that’s great Kyle, hurt the child because you want to look like the role model. Kim uh, if you cared about Taylor’s sobriety maybe shut up until you are fixed and if anything approach her in private, of course Kim and her never got along, remember the fight when season 1 Camille and Kyle fought, then Kim does not defend Kyle and Taylor and her fight. I think Faye makes Taylor look like a saint. We are also finding out about the phony abuse charges Adrienne got Bernie to take pics of, so why isn’t everyone going after her, because she has more money and power than Taylor.

  2. I don’t know how to tell you this, but i bought and read Taylor’s book. I think that if you want to understand Taylor and her actions you should read her book. You won’t be surprised that she had no idea where Kennedy was. She was following the money. Not to say that she isn’t crazy about her daughter, SHE IS, but this guy with the plane must have a ton of money and i came away from Taylor’s book (which was written in the first person) believing that when it comes to the pursuit of wealth she becomes very single-minded. I do feel a little guilty for being all judgy about Taylor and her motivations, but that book sealed the deal for me…. Russell was very violent and dangerous to her, and she was terrified of him right from the start, but she didn’t want to be poor. Oh, and I do believe that WEALTH is the goal, not merely providing for her daughter. Taylor is extremely smart and educated. Before she married Russell and became crazy-rich she was a successful professional woman with a great job and was doing just fine. Not Beverly Hills level of money, but she made a very good living.
    This is also why i personally believe that Adrienne never agreed to be Kennedy’s godmother….. i think that Taylor met Adrienne, realized how insanely wealthy she is, and asked her to be Kennedy’s godmother, which would ensure a lifetime of expensive gifts, probably tuition, and maybe even a trust fund. Adrienne must be subjected to opportunists trying to get at her money all the time, she wasn’t fooled at all by this blatant attempt, and pointed out that she should probably choose someone that isn’t a virtual stranger to be the godmother. (Why would Kennedy be getting baptised all of a sudden at this age? Also, i would be VERY interested to know if after Adrienne said NO whether or not Taylor had her baptised anyway with a less lucrative godmother. Probably not.).

    • SWINE is a liar and she was the abusive one. If Russel popped her in da mouth a time or two its every bit because that battleax HAD IT COMING( Yeah I said it…again) She LIED about the orbital floor blow out. She lies about a lot of things. And dont be misled, she don’t give a damn about her youngin either… Having that kid attend her book signing of FICTION demonizing her dad is something that only a soulless scumbag POS would do. SWINE has ZERO redeeming qualities. She is the scum of the earth worst kind of mother.

        • I know I have strong opinion about da SWINE. She is the only “abused” woman that I would ever say that about. I just think everything outa her mouth is a big ole lie. And her type is incapable of loving anyone … including her child who he only uses as a prop…. entree into the world of BH mommies. She damages everything she comes in contact with… including the children of the married guy she is shacking up with right now. She is nuttin but a dirtball and she will never get one iota of sympathy outa me. I dont feel guilty for being all judgy :)

          • Evolution Media and SWINE have no scruples. It’s all about the mighty dollar and nothing else. SWINE’s book will “save lives” like my morning coffee will win the lottery ;)

          • We’ve also seen what happens to a child that grows into an adult in that environment, with a dirt bag lying mama that wrote a book based on a web of lies. Interestingly enough, a woman with an Evolution Media connection that claims her baby daddy killed Kennedy.

            • Spooky huh? And please , Sue, dont think I am attacking because you had the courage to admit that you bought the book. I understand I also bought Wendy’s(Amy’s momma from SCR) book even knowing it was nothing but a pack of lies. curiosity.

            • lol. So far no book from da Amy yet. :) Her momma was all about describing her own self as the “the lovely Wendy” ans such throughout the whole book though. She blew sunshine up her own butt.

            • speaking of which… looky here at who has jumped on the ole bandwagon:
              Amy Hanley ‏@REALAmyHanley

              Here doing the abuse awareness campaign! Amazing studio and a wonderful cause!

          • I’m not sure why, but I can’t stop laughing at you telling sue that she had the courage to admit she bought the book….shoot….I didnt but if I did I doubt I’d have that much courage

            • I am really shocked at myself that I have managed to NOT buy that book just to see how twisted that ole heifer really is. But I gotsta draw the line summers.

        • tee hee. thats country for “young one” as in someones child or children
          “I gotta git my younins in the house afore da catch they deaths of cold.”
          “You shoulda seen that youngin slidin in ta home plate. Pappy is so proud he liketa have burst his seams a beamin”

      • Agreed Made. The only thing I can mildly agree with Traylor about is the hypocricy of Adrienne, and when she sorta stuck by Brandi when Mauricio was slammin her. But as far as what she did to her husband, it was gross. Just gross and immoral. He thought they both had issues and were gonna work on it, she thought she was gonna exploit him and escape a lawsuit.

    • @sue – “she was a successful professional woman with a great job”. Doing what? Do you believe everything you read?

      • Pharmaceutical sales rep, and then moved to california and ran a textiles company.

        No, i don’t believe everything i read. I bought this book because it was 3 dollars at the Christmas Tree Shop, I am still glad i read it. This is what i came away with:
        Taylor never should have written this book. I wasn’t flattering. MY take-away was that she wrote it because she knew those creditors were going to come calling, and this tale of woe would maybe work in her favor, that she was a victim of Russell, too. But I do believe that she was fully involved in his shady business dealings. I also do believe that she was very abused by Russell, but stayed anyway. She said that he kept saying if she left him he would make sure she was destitute, but she has the professional credentials and ability to support herself and her kid comfortably, so that argument flew out the window. That Beverly Hills address meant more to her than her safety.
        So many contradictions, it would make your head spin, the most glaring of which was that throughout the entire book she kept saying that Russell’s abuse of her was a huge secret that needed to be kept from the world because of how it would affect his business, and then pages later it would say that she was humiliated because the whole town knew she was an abused woman. Back and forth like that.
        Another thing that i don’t believe for a second is that she kept journals of her abuse and that is where her book came from.. Come on!!! i was born in the morning, but it wasn’t THIS morning! Russell apparently kept tabs on her with listening devices. He didn’t trust her at all. He would have known if she kept journals, and no way she would have risked that. NO WAY.
        I also don’t see how this book could save victims of abuse. Her story isn’t one of triumph. She put herself, her daughter, and even her friends at risk by staying with him. He literally almost killed one of her friends, and she talked that friend out of pressing charges because I guess if he was incarcerated he couldn’t pay the bills. Okay? If he was incarcerated it would take her out of danger, maybe even be a wakeup call for all involved, but in the book she came across to me as pretty proud that she was able to keep him out of the legal system.

        • If Swine says she was abused by Russel then that means she was NOT abused by Russel. She is a big ole liar and wouldn’t know the truth if it swept down from the heavens and crushed the floor of her orbit. She lied about that abuse. She gave as good as she got and she pushed and pushed and pushed.
          I know a girl whose mother was a verbal tyrant who snip snip snip snip jab jab jab constantly taunting relentlessly very viscous woman and gotta tell you the one time their father hauled off and knocked the dogcrap outa her every one of her kids up in their bedrooms was cheering him on. Now MAYBE momma will shut the hell up. Did she . Oh no she was HAPPY that she got him to react in that manner. Thats not abuse. That’s righteous retribution. Women that are REALLY abused don’t run their mouths like that. SWINE was never abused. Russel defended himself when her drunken out of control ass came at him.
          My opinion on this is harsh I know. BUT I am sick to my stomach of women like SWINE claiming abuse when their are REAL victims out there suffering. SWINE was never abused. Are you following the Jodi Arias trial? SWINE lies just like she does. She was not abused either. She was the violent one with more than a few screws loose.
          It is funny that the book was in the bargain bin though :)

          • made,yes you are right about swine but isn’t Adrienne doing the same thing with Paul saying that he is abusive?How come i’m not reading any blacklash towards Adrienne?no way is paul busing him maybe the other way around

            • I agree. Adrienne deserves every bit the backlash for her blatant lies. I suppose what makes SWINE’s more shocking is that she did it to a dead man. And got her daughter involved as a shield against uncomfortable questions at the book signings.
              You are right Adrienne is the abusive one too.

          • Made, don’t think you are alone in not believing the abuse story. Any woman who has known ‘real’ abuse, know to keep their mouths closed…..most men who abuse, don’t wait for the doors to close when they are angry, they react with violence the minute you piss them off! Anger is hard to hide for the ‘right’ time, the moment they get mad is the ‘right’ time.

            I know all about those ‘youngins’ you talked about, I know how good it feels to slide into homeplate, too! Gosh, I wish I was still young. I played softball with the women I work with up until I was nearly forty years old, with my two youngins hanging around the ballfield with me!

        • Since Traylor-Park’s book is full of contradictions, then it’s probably NOT true – any of it. After all, we have only her side of the situation (that she could manufacture) without rebuttal. Russel didn’t look very tough. She towered over him and could probably take him. Plus, she supposedly had her own business (she was nominated for some award?) and thereby, could support herself and her kid. He may have been ‘abusive” but not as much as she has claimed. SHE was the one running around town telling all her new castmates (er, “friends”) within 1 month of meeting them about the so-called abuse.

          • I think her entire book, including the cover shot, is a not so clever collage of stories that she gleaned off of the women/stories of abuse, from that shelter she was involved with.

    • sue: Would highly suggest you enter “Shana” in the SH search bar. Read for yourself the false allegations of “abuse” which Shana made against Russell. All of this was discussed to the nth degree on SH last year; therefore, not encouraging the discussion be brought up again… do encourage everyone to read for themselves and research the phony “abuse” claims on which Shana has based herself as a DV “expert.” Apparently, her “expertise” has not been in demand… the last time she spoke was in front of a college crowd and even they (the few that showed up) weren’t buyin’ her loada crap. As for the “godmother” story line, SH readers have also discussed that ad nauseum… TFC!!! SH

      • This is the only blog i read (every bit of it, even the comments!), so i do remember all we already went over about the abuse allegations and godmother-gate. I just have been DYING to talk about that book since i read it a couple of weeks ago. I don’t know anyone who watches this show, so i figured that the only place i could talk about it would be here, especially since the Taylor story line is pretty shocking right now.

  3. In Taylor defense (I can’t believe I’m defending that twit) Kyle never identified herself, so in her drunken state she probably thought she was talking to Kim. So it was a surprise to her that KIM had Kennedy. She’s still a drunken train wreck, but I can understand her confusion.

  4. Kyle looks like morticia in that outfit at Kim’s party. Poor Kennedy looks so unhappy actually depressed and Marissa you don’t chew gum like a cow and then put it into someones hand. Kyle what did you do with the gum just throw it. Shana needs help big time and needs to go and little Kennedy doesn’t need to hear anyone disgusing her mother. MHO only.

    • Yeah, I don’t get what everyone is seeing in Kennedy’s face, since we can’t see her face most of the time. I do think they had her stand alone for a moment for an necessary camera shot, but she looks to be happy to me.

    • I’ve never seen Kennedy “happy” in any shot of her (even her birthday bashes). She may just not be a happy little girl. I mean, look who she has for a mother!

      • I think the kid scowls so much because she needs glasses( I used to and was/am blind as a bat) SWINE strikes me and the kind of mother that would let her child do without.

      • Kennedy look happy twice to my recollection Once when she got her puppy and the other time when Swine went away for a weekend and Russell was caring for her she actaully smiled both times and giggled. Swine wants us to believe she is happy her dad is dead(yes she said Kennedy was) but in reality I bet she misses her dad and knows her mom is crazy and drunk.

  5. It was just pointed out in a gossip paper that the phone Kim and Vile keep passing back and forth changed colors? First it was white then it was silver. LOL I looked a the scene and caught it.

    • For some strange reason, two women face to face about 6″ apart need two phones to make one, badly edited, phone conversation. Was beyond odd that they were on two phones to the same person both on speaker while two people were literally so close they could’ve been sharing a chair.

      Kyle is such a snake, she totally set Trailor up with that, b/c I soooo think she knew the original plans, but ‘acted’ for dramatic effect and to further trash Trailors image (which is backfiring as viewers are adding this all up…)

  6. Is it just me, or during the scene where Vyle and Kim are on the phone with Tayliar- in the video above – the phone is Kim’s and it’s white – then at the 1:10 mark the phone is silver/gray. This may have already been pointed out, I apologize if so, I’m just now going thru all my comment emails…

    Could this be two conversations edited together to look like one? Sneaky sneaky…

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