MORE “SH HIT AND RUN” TUESDAY: Dina Manzo Gets Her Own “Reality” Show… Yolanda Foster’s Daughter, Gigi Hadid, “New Face of Guess”…Shana Says “Everything Is Fake”… Adrienne and Rihanna At Grammys… POOR Brandi Glanville “Eddie Don’t Pay”… Kim Richards’ “Dog Story Doubtful”… Fat Tuesday

dinaFrom… Dina Manzo has signed on for her very own “reality” show.  Al OOPS! I had an accident Roker is producing Dina’s show…

“This collaboration will be an opportunity for Dina’s fans to go behind the scenes into her world — which is different from most people would expect,” Roker said.

Added Manzo, “I think viewers will be surprised at the type of show this will be.”

NOTE:  If Dina’s “reality” show is anything like her HGTV show, it will be a huge snoozefest.


bravo married to medicine

To prove that SNL was spot on with their spoof of Bravo shows, there is a brand NEW Bravo “reality” show… MarriedToMedicine!

Note that Bravo is calling this show a “docu-series”…

 The new docu-series follows the lives of six of Atlanta’s most dynamic and successful women, including doctors and wives of doctors, as they juggle bustling careers, family, and social calendars. From baby deliveries to some of Atlanta’s largest charities, these women are united by medicine, but often struggle to maintain friendships in the face of their world’s rigid hierarchy.

These passionate and dynamic women prove that in the capital of the South, and the world of medicine, perception is everything and it’s not enough to be just any type of doctor or doctor’s wife.

NOTE:  Sounds like the Real Housewives of Atlanta with post-grad degrees!!  Will give this new show three episodes… AND, if you missed the spot-on spoof from SNL, you must see it…from SH February 10, 2013!



On last night’s WWHL… Shana says that everything about her is fake!

NOTE:  Anyone who did NOT know that everything about Shana was fake, raise your hand!  Anyone?  Anyone?  


@YolandaHFoster‘s daughter, Gigi Hadid, is the new face of Guess!

yolanda tweet gigi

Gigi Hadid, Yolanda and David Foster, Bella Hadid at the Grammys…

yolanda david

If, for some unknown reason, you have no idea who David Foster is or why he attended the Grammys… and was invited to the constellation of parties associated with the Grammys… check out “Who Is David Foster“!


Adrienne Magoof was hangin’ out with Rihanna at the Grammys… really!  @AdrienneMaloof tweeted it!!

adrienne rihanna

Adrienne looks much better with Ri… than she does with Rod’s kid!

adrienne rod's kid pg

NOTE:  UH-OH!!  We’re kinda gettin’ used to seeing Adrienne with Rod’s kid!  Just noticed how huge his feet are!


brandi book pg

Everyone is anxiously the moment that the VERY poor Brandi Glanville releases her book.  WHY?  To get it done and over with!  Brandi promises that as soon as her book is released and she’s done touring to promote her book, she will STOP talking about Eddie and LeAnn.


brandi bag arrow

Brandi started her NYMediaMafia book tour this morning on the TodayShow.   Brandi told Willie Geist that her ex-husband, Eddie, pays her nothing to assist in supporting her two boys.

RHOBH Eddie Leann Brandi pg

NOTE:  OH… poor, poor Brandi!  So, Eddie is the father of two boys and has skipped out on child support?  How does that happen?  There’s a lot of holes in that story.  However, not that interested to even find out more about the flimsy scenario… we’ll give that a big ole Ken:


Kimr nose

@KimRichards11 was asked about her nose “injury”… which Kim attributed to her new dog.

One tweeter stated the obvious… that no one believes that story!

kimr tweet arrow


Today is FatTuesday!  We LOVE Harry Connick, Jr… and Nawlenz… and MardiGras…

(Thanks to SH readers “RE” “PMG” “CathyFromFtM” and “FLPhil”!!!)

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79 comments on “MORE “SH HIT AND RUN” TUESDAY: Dina Manzo Gets Her Own “Reality” Show… Yolanda Foster’s Daughter, Gigi Hadid, “New Face of Guess”…Shana Says “Everything Is Fake”… Adrienne and Rihanna At Grammys… POOR Brandi Glanville “Eddie Don’t Pay”… Kim Richards’ “Dog Story Doubtful”… Fat Tuesday

  1. Why does it sound like they don’t have a concept for Dina’s show yet? Haha!! Another snoozefest lie of a show. Adrienne never looked better. Amusing that she’s standing next to an excellent liar (Rihanna). Hmm……….

    • I wonder if the Maloof’s are still trying to get their record company/recording studio off the ground or if they’ve given up on that venture as well?

      • Who knows? I wasn’t even aware they were thinking about it. I assumed that ADrienne was there with her boy toy/ beard. Rumor has it Riri bats for both teams.

        • LOL! It’s been listed as part of the family empire, and they talked about it during the first season.

  2. It looks like Rihanna was on her way down the hallway and she just leaned in briefly for a pic with old lady Adrienne. Chris Brown is the face of Adrienne’s vodka so Rihanna is being nice.

  3. If Trailer Trash is so “In love” why is she still a raging alcoholic? She looks loaded everytime you see her.Guess thats how she gets through the day.Why would an alcoholic be doing PSA for abused women? She is a terrible role model and neglecting her daughter Kennedy.

    • I completely agree with you. Traylor-Park openly admitted that everything about her is fake. So, how is possible that she gained fans (see her bravo blog) who now call her “real”? Her entire life is fake (top to bottom; including her fake face)!

  4. Does anyone else think Adrianne Maloof is starting to look like Vincent from that old t.v. show that stared Linda Hamilton called “Beauty and the Beast”?

  5. I agree about Taylor, and feel exactly the same, to the letter, about Brandi. I hope Bravo will hook those two up, and they can party together. It’s like on the K’s show – most of them drink wine or water, and Kris drinks vodka! It’s easy to recognize the serious alcoholics on all these shows…….

    I’m still wondering what Dr. Paul did to Adrienne (in real life) for her to dump him. I know they didn’t seem compatible, but nobody states the actual reason for the divorce.

    • Wasn’t it Paul who filed for divorce? I think he was done with all of her BS! I’m done with it too and hope she’s not back next season.

  6. Adrienne Maloof is like a tarty old tramp of an Aunt you never wanted to acknowledge she never existed………….

    Faye Rancid, for next season…………… I’ll be turning off thanks, would rather remove shit from my dogs arse than watch that!!

  7. Nothing to add except flove flove flove Harry Connick, Jr. Saw him live on Broadway, which was then recorded and shown on PBS. Also, there is a really hot Michael Kors bag being advertised on this page. Not clicking cause I just don’t need it. But just in case any of the Ho’s want to know, we will purchase a bag and shoes from a real designer if we need some.

    • Harry Connick Jr. is a ‘True American Treasure’!!!! Dang – does he look Goooood! :)
      Still watch ‘Hope Floats’ on occasion – just to see Harry C. Jr. lol. Would love to see him play live, but since that’s unlikely to happen…I’ll take all the movies and music video’s of him I can!

    • Big Harry Connick Jr fan over here. One of my favorite memories of my late father was taking him to see HCJ for his birthday. Dad was a HUGE Sinatra fan and really enjoyed seeing HCJ with his big band.

  8. Ok I’m on my own again. Sorry all but I like Dina and I liked Dina’s show. I only wish it were on for an hour. I wish her a lot of luck with her new show and I can’t wait to see it. JMHO :-)

    • I’ll give Dina’s show a chance. It would be great if it really IS different then the crapola Blah-Void spits out! I liked Dina…she was one of the better ones, IMO. Guess we’ll see. I too wish her much luck with the show.

      • Love me some Dina. This should be interesting…. I loved the interaction between Dina and her daughter . I hope her brother Jamie(?) and his partner make an occasional appearance as well. I’m wiling to give it a go especially if they avoid the drama.

        • Really? I think Dina is nice enough but why are they determined to make her a reality star? Is she really all that interesting that a weather man has taken her under his wing to create a show w/ her? I don’t get it. C’mon what am I not seeing?

    • I liked Dina’s Party as well. I know it was not a hit, I could never find it so it must have never had a solid timeslot. But when I saw it, I enjoyed it. It was brainless and fun. The decorating for the parties were so over the top and really not realistic, but mindless entertainment. No drama, just party fun. She seemed to have good relationships with her team and we even got to see Cookie every now and then. Feel good TV, there is not much of that.

  9. While I always enjoy your comments Barb, I disagree. Why is saint Dina given another show? I think she is a shiz stirrer and kind of a snob.Her talent is what? Decorating ? I saw15 minutes of her last show and it was awful.Talented decorators must be cringing. They hand out shows iike I pass around gum.

    • I guess I’m in the minority but I felt they did nice parties. I liked her style as I liked that Donna from Texas in her decorating of rooms. I guess it’s the person’s likes. I don’t think she’s a Saint and never said she was. At least she is a working mother and brings home her own bread without hawking her wares. I will give her a chance. I really don’t think she bothers anyone and her Project Ladybug is a worthy cause which she works hard for. Again, JMHO.

      • I find Dina very interesting and would like to know a bit more about her. IMO should be really interesting in light of her recent divorce and family tensions. Curious which way the family will lean considering she and the Don are both married to Manzos. Dina seemed to take the high road even though she occasionally failed as we all do.

    • Your comment is so true jeanbean. I am a licensed interior designer. It took years of education, and a lot of hard work. I truly cringe when seeing someone like Dina Manzo on TV. She is absolutely talentless, as well as thoroughly uneducated.

  10. Jeanbean, I respectfully disagree in regards to Dina because I thought the party concept of Dina’s HGTV show was a deplorable and tired concept. Franky her efforts were amateurish at times. IMO a show about her would hopefully be different.
    May I offer you a sincere compliment? I love how you disagreed with Barb without getting nasty and with your usual arrow straight honesty.

    • I think Barb’s right on… its all in someone’s personal taste. To be honest i liked her party style too and even got a few decorating ideas off it. Though im really into reusing antiques and vintage items and turning them into something new so it appealed to me as she seemed to do that pretty frequently. But to each their own… =)

      • Point taken. It is indeed simply a matter of taste. I thought personal decorating was a better platform for Dina. Party planning is difficult at best. ITA I am a huge fan of re-purposing and am an antiquer and picker from way back. I loved the DIY projects Ms SH posted awhile back. We have several vintage stores in my area and I love vintage clothing. It’s inspiring to see the beautiful well made clothing that used to be commonplace. Sigh….now it’s ugly Walmart (or Voldemort as we call it!).

  11. What a lovely surprise when I got to the bottom of the post! Can’t say how, but I used to hear Harry Connick, Jr. playing piano a lot. He deserves all of his success.

    Happy Mardi Gras, Ms. SH, and everyone else. Hope it’s okay to share a little Fess.

  12. Happy Fat Tuesday indeed! We DO love Harry Connick, Jr., New Orleans, Mardi Gras AND Bsl! Oh, and king cake :-)

  13. The first I heard of Dina’s reality show was right here on SH … Love Stoopid Housewives! I wonder if this weatheman produced reality show is going to follow her life while fliming her new scripted show. Kind of The Comeback … Kidding … I LOVED THE COMEBACK!!

  14. Kim’s dog hitting her in the face story is silly. I wish she would have just said I know there is going to booze and Brandi and I shouldn’t be near either. Thanks for the invite, Lisa.
    How funny was it that Lisa was talking to her on the phone in her bathroom??

    • Lol Kim was probably in her bathroom too. I am sure her absence at the party was less to do with the dog and more to do with the pain meds. But hey, at least Kimmie has a dog to blame stuff on now! Dogs don’t talk.

      • I can’t believe Kim and Bravo tried to sell the audience on the fact that she didn’t take pain medication. Pffffffffffffffffffffffffft

    • I thought it was the stupidest excuse ever conceived. Blaming the dog has been done to death (by school children, from the beginning of time). Dim-Kim sounded sloshed or drugged! I guess the new nose did not change the old Kim at all. She still speaks in a mumbling slur and skips most events. How is that different from the “old” Kim?

      • It’s amazing how creative addicts can get.To go thru elective surgery (requiring pain meds) and not discussing something like surgery with anyone in the family only sounds reasonable to an addict. I also think there was something more to that e-cigarette, too. I really do hope she gets the help she needs cuz so far she has probably just traded one addiction for another.

  15. Dina’s new show should be about how to deal with a jealous sister. She can talk about how to keep your ugly sister from sabatoging your life, and pelting you with ham.

  16. I just have to say, I really do not like that Stella McCartney handbag. It’s just a big sack with a chain sewn around it.

  17. On the today show Brandi told willi Geist that Eddie doesn’t work so he has no paycheck, therefore not supporting her and the children, and she wrote the book to also feed her children. This is fo sho, Brandi has so much filler in her face I’m afraid she might blow away like a kite, you can’t see it as clearly on rhobh, scary, it actually ages her.

  18. I could see Eddie not paying child support. They have joint custody; he is an unemployed actor whose income may be equal to what Brandi is bringing in from RHOBH. When you do the child support formulas for joint custody, it could have been a wash.

  19. I have posted this before…Every state is different with child support. In HI, they take it very seriously. In CA…oh the poor spouse that doesn’t have a current job and can’t pay support. My husband was taking in $4,000 a month in cash..sneaking off to make it on weekends. He would smooze the Dept of Child Services (which is a big pain to get your case on board with them – Brandi probably didn’t go through the hassel) and they would say…”oh he is looking for a job, he will pay something when he can.” First it took me 2 years to get on board with them – After our divorce was signed, I signed on with them to force them to get the money from him. Then at that point, he would smooze the case worker and just pay a little, like $200 a month. He is a licensed Chiropractor, has a masters degree – but they let him get away with his excuses. He is currently unemployed and they are only making him pay $200 – which sometimes I get and sometimes I don’t. CA is not the same as other states. They do not do a good job of helping the spouse get their money. HAWAII ON THE OTHER HAND is probably best at protecting the children and making sure they get their money. We are also a no fault divorce state here.

    • they do not take CS seriously in HI the Dept is so backlogged there are checks months old that have not even been sent. In Hawaii they have no idea who pays and who recieves. I got a Letter on my Daugthers 18th BD saying I wouldnt be recieving CS anymore…I was the one paying at that time and I was paying through the state of Mass Hawaii was never involved I never paid or recieved through them. The Dept of CS in Hawaii couldnt find there way out of a wet papersack.

    • Hey Nancy,

      California is bankrupt in many ways, this appears to be another one.

      I was watching my honorary Favorite TV Personality yesterday, Judge Judy, who was doing a case where the plaintiff wanted her ex-boyfriend/baby daddy – while paying support – to pay her credit cards (they were hers). The plaintiff mentioned her ex had to pay for a mortgage he was not on the title for. Judge Judy asked the plaintiff where this could happen, and the plaintiff said “California”. To which Judge Judy said that was crazy, she would never do that, and he’s not paying her credit cards when he’s not on them and they were never married.

      Your comment made me think of that and while I knew CA was flaky, this just adds to it.

      • the judge was great..He told my ex to get a job at McDonalds, that is what your ex wife would do if she didn’t have a job (because i have had the same job for years). But the DCSS – oh so forgiving. The judge can assign child support, but no one can make them pay. Not your attorney, no one – except if you file and get a case with DCSS. Then that is a whole thing. They get conned by the good looking dads and they will not do what they are supposed to…such as take driver’s license and passport away, etc. They just say..he is trying, we have a lot worse cases, etc. Which I am sure they do, but when it is your kid, you don’t want to hear about all the other cases that are worse off than yours. You want your ex – who will not work because he does fine on a cash business out of town – to go to prison, until they start with some kind of job!

      • Just so you know. We are totally lame here, but what that girl said is completely untrue. I was married for 17 years, and my spouse got out of spousal support completely. Our state does not believe in supporting wives at all and it is a no fault divorce state. Our state would never ever tell a boyfriend he has to pay his girlfriends credit cards. She was lying to get what she wanted.

        • Hi, I think she was lying too and Judge Judy was not having any of it. I like it when she does that. )

          I’m sorry your ex is such a louse. Your child is lucky to have a fighter of a Mom. You have to what you have to do and it ain’t pretty sometimes. I get along with my ex and he pays a low amount for child support (I have the kids more and make more and I figure he comes through in other ways that I don’t see in most ex stories I hear). When I asked for more because I had to take a lower-paying job, he grumbled at first, but did a 180 when he was told I could get him into trouble. So, we worked it out based on his income and AZ laws and the ratio of time (that’s how AZ does it, income is part of it, but it’s who has the most time with the kids and their ages – goes up when they turn 12). My ex can be flaky but he’s generally responsible. I know it is tough for many single parents who have to raise children and fight that support battle. Luckily, you are intelligent and know your stuff. These HWs can’t even say that on a good day. :)

  20. I saw this:

    NOTE: UH-OH!! We’re kinda gettin’ used to seeing Adrienne with Rod’s kid! Just noticed how huge his feet are!

    …and couldn’t help but think:

    Almost as big as Adrienne’s!!!!

  21. omg..just saw on one of those tabloids that penny lancaster – Stepmonster to Adrienne’s boy toy – is being shopped for the new BH housewife. Shoot me. If Adrienne is bringing her in, that will be so disgusting.

  22. thank goodness miss sh..I almost had a heart attack. Can you imagine. Adrienne is as unwatchable as Faye Resnick!

    • Dim-Kim just got a brand new dog when she got out of surgery? That didn’t make sense. She has sudden servant/friends that appear out of nowhere. (Maybe, they all hide behind a curtain or an isolation booth and wait to called into action.) Her entire life may seem like an open book now that she is allegedly substance free. But, this season feels like deja vu. So far this season, Kim has been overly sensitive one moment and then ridiculous callous in the next moment. She behaves the same way whether she’s sober or drunk.

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