For SH Readers Only… Takin’ A SH Detour!!: The Art of Photographic Innuendo – A Matter Of Perspective

The following photos are a study in how images can fool the mind… it’s all a matter of perspective and how one immediately views an image.

What is YOUR state of mind???

REALLY… what the hell were you thinking???

image001-2 image002-3

image003-5 image004-4

image005-4 image006-3

image007-2 image008-3

image009-2 image010-3

AND… just for the hell of it… if you haven’t seen the movie “TheBeat”… you might want to catch it the next time it runs on Starz!

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29 comments on “For SH Readers Only… Takin’ A SH Detour!!: The Art of Photographic Innuendo – A Matter Of Perspective

  1. Loved Dick Clark sitting in the audience with the teeny boppers, introducing the Electric Prunes by saying, “It’s a gassy thing ….”


    • Made, thanks! Inside on a blustery, rainy day…cocooning and laughing my head off at this. My grandson does prank calls using a Mr. Rogers sound board that make me laugh till I almost pee. Maybe I should grow up. Nah. :)


      • I love those!!!! I did the Dr Phil one on my dad once but he didnt want to play my reindeer games. He hung up . no fun. So I called back and then just kept playing the “I just want you to love me again” line. I need to grow up too.


        • You’re amazing Made. You really are.

          I know I shouldn’t let my grandson make prank calls, but I have enjoyed listening to a few.

          I wonder if your dad knew it was you.


          • Yes he did and his beef was that I used that “quack” to interrupt him as he was cookin dinner. That was the funniest part. Note: It was a bit past tea time ifn ya knowd what I mean. Daddy aint one to be trifled with when he is in the kitchen with a few under his belt. God love em.


  2. Great music!!! If you DJ on the side I want to book you for my next party!!!
    As for the pictures, a great man once said “Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see.” – Benjamin Franklin
    Something we should all keep in mind while watching the HWs.


  3. Mind Blowing…as we said in the 70’s….lol…..agree the music is great too…. miss hearing some of those songs…almost forgotten.


  4. Seeing John Lennon in Central Park and listening to “Mind Games” – I can not help, but to weep. A very young teenager when the song came out – the song filled my heart with hopes & dreams. IMO, the song “Imagine” IS one of the best songs ever recorded in the history of the human race. New York is known for having some of the strictest hand gun laws in the Nation; yet hand guns, assault weapons – continue to make there way up the coast into the hands of gangs and madmen.
    RIP John Lennon – you are dearly missed. We can now only ‘imagine’ the beauty of the songs you would of written and shared with the world – had your life not of been taken so young. kt


      • (((((HUGS)))) made. Thank you SO much for this. I love all music, but it really tugged at my heart seeing John Lennon.
        So many memories. One of my older brothers use to have this little band as a tween with his buddies – they use to sing the song “I wanna hold your hand.” I was just a weeble-wabble then, but it’s the first song I learned by the Beatles.
        John Lennon was such a great song writer; it’s still hard to believe he’s really gone and how his life was taken.
        You’re the best madepiley, and that was a perfect song to play! I’m going to enjoy listening to the rest of these clips! Thanks. kt


  5. SH: My apologies for not thanking you for this Great Music Fest. I SOooo enjoy and appreciate when you do a Music fest with various clips and music era’s!
    They were all great – from the Delfonics “Didn’t I blow your mind” to the Pixies “Where is my mind?” Appreciate every mini-concert of clips you do. Sending you a proper – Big- ‘Thank you!’


  6. These images are very creative and quite unique. Modern versions of pictographs of old …LOL. My mind was particularly dirty I guess. While viewing the page just disappeared / disconnected – 4 times. Hmmm too much of a good / bad thing I guess. Lol. Actually, loved the challenge analyzing the real vs perceived. Another SH Freaky Friday Fun-Fest. Thanks.


  7. Thank you for the En Vogue video, I love that they did a rock video, they are great, I haven’t seen them, and wish they would do some recording, they can do any kind of music, love their harmonizing, and are the best female group because they remain diverse in their music. Plus they can dance, act, and walk the cat walk. If you know anything about what they have been recording, please post, appreciate it.


  8. Even after reading the caption, it took a while for me to see the sleeping child for what it was… and not the hairy inner-vaj I thought it to be.

    I couldn’t see the fuzzy penis as anything other than the puppy it turned out to be.

    And the lamp was just a lamp until I’d stared at it for probably a full minute…okay, now I see legs and a panty triangle. Had to work for that one. LOL


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