ADRIENNE MALOOF: Adrienne’s BravoBlog… Doesn’t Like Engaging in “Catty Dinner Conversation”… Thanks Camille and Kyle “For Being There For Her”…


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First of all, I would like to say that I am so excited about my new handbag line, they’re the best in the business! Making affordable, stylish products for my friends and fans is my goal and I hope this will appeal to my wonderful fan base.   NOTE:  UH, HELLO, Adrienne!!!  NO ONE will be carryin’ around a purse with your name splattered all over it!

On to the show. . .

I find it surprising that I am still the main topic of conversation, especially when I am not present.   NOTE:  OH, Adrienne!!  We all know that whichever Housewife is purposely absent from the dinner par-tay will be the one who gets dumped on… and YOU know that by now!!  Don’t be actin’ like ya don’t!!

It’s interesting that Yolanda criticizes me for not being there in person for these gatherings. Yet, she is clearly not a fan of catty dinner conversation either. We actually have very similar reactions to drama and how we deal: we leave the table or choose not to participate in the event.   NOTE:  Oh, Adrienne!  How nice of you to totally relate to YoFo!  However, don’t think that’s gonna get you and Rod’s kid an invite to the Foster’s house any time soon…

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The reason I am never at these dinner parties is simple — when the main topic of conversation is attacking and criticizing others, I choose to disengage.   NOTE:  Hmmmmm…. so, what Adrienne is saying here is that she already KNOWS what is expected at these continuous dinner par-tays!  

rhobh yolanda dinner

Thank you Camille and Kyle for having my back and being a friend. Loving my fans and your support!

We’re goin’ with Adrienne bein’ Rue McClanahan… Kyle is definitely Bea Arthur…

Wishing you all a wonderful week!

Until next time. . .


Watch how quickly Adrienne leaves the dinner conversation…

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131 comments on “ADRIENNE MALOOF: Adrienne’s BravoBlog… Doesn’t Like Engaging in “Catty Dinner Conversation”… Thanks Camille and Kyle “For Being There For Her”…

  1. That’s it? Free PR, advertisement for her hand bags? She is relevant? 2%of Palms? She stays why? To pick up her Bravo check?

    • She didn’t design the handbags, and there about as nice as the shoe line she put out. I’m thinking she should rethink her business strategy.

        • Good question. It does appear to be one of them slap your name on our product type operations. Just like Wretchen’s purses and makeup line.

        • probably they are just as uninspired and tearfully boring, & if you can’t do original and exiting product lines then you do classic and elegant but Adrienne can’t do that either. It will fail just as her shoe line did bc she can not take criticism and will never re-evaluate and adjust she just keeps steamrolling ahead.

          -I may have gotten off topic a bit to let off some steam.

          • @Kristy enjoyed your comment. Spot on. Classic and elegant is not in any HW repertoire. Gaudy and overly embellished definitely.

  2. Is Adrienne still a part of this show? Must be nice to get paid to be a cast member when half the time she’s not present. Yo Adrienne: Yolanda can say whatever she wants, and your BFF Camille, was one of the “catty” Chatty Cathy’s. Ick…so over Miss A.

    • The thing about Adrienne is she’s just kinda’ ‘there’; we know nothing about her at all. Nothing about her personality, past or present life…nothing. She has/shows Zero emotion. I don’t need or care about the dang cat fights, but give me ‘something.’
      Watching & listening to Adrienne, leaves me with nothing but the feeling of ‘indifference.’
      She definitely doesn’t belong on a pseudo-reality show and I’m not sure she even has a clue of what actual “real” reality is…even ‘Off’ camera. How does someone grow up like that?

          • Also with all those injections and Botox in her face it’s impossible to show emotion in her face. When shes pissed she looks the same as when she’s sad, and when she’s sad she looks the Same as when she smiling. Sick.

    • She’s probably giving the check to Lil Rod… She pays him to be her squeeze… Didn’t you hear him say at mickeyD, I see you after I drop my mom off.. Wink wink! She’s letting me use the car tonight..make a few calls… Wink wink..

  3. And so Adrienne is completely unaware that it was Camille that brought her name up, and no one else? When we talk about this stuff being scripted, I think we need to consider that Adrienne is writing her own side script, and passing it on to Kyle, Camille and Fake Faye when she’s on camera.

    As an aside, I noticed that Adrienne side stepped alienating Yolanda. Perhaps she knows that with her money and connections, there really isn’t anything she can do to hurt her so why bother?

  4. Ape face Adrienne, you are such a pretentious bitch. Who we choose as friends says much about our own character and your friends are Kyle and Camille…enough said. I wouldn’t wear your ugly shoes or carry a purse with your name all over it if they were given to me. You are living in a dream world regarding The Palms. You just want everyone to think you are important and that you have as much as Lisa. 2% won’t get you there. Just leave the show and move on.

  5. I am not a fan of Adrienne’s and if she wanted to play nice she should leave Brandi out of her interviews. I am not crazy about Brandi either but I hope she doesn’t miss the chance to apologize on camera once and for all so maybe we won’t have to hear it again. Right that is all we have heard all season. Without it there’s not much going on.

  6. This whole Adrienne bullcrap this season reminds of a day in the puppy park. I took my dogs to the park and they get along with others. Then one day a show dog came to the park and all the other dogs wanted to include the show dog. But the show dog was thinkin it was better than the rest. Not even knowing there were actually other show puppies at the park……the only difference was the other show puppies had been socialized and were well behaved and had normal lives. Ego much!

    • I find it surprising Adrienne slams Brandi in her interviews. Right. She is not being nice. I hope Brandi takes the opportunity on camera to apologize so we won’t have to hear it again. There isn’t much more to this season without the Ad/Br bs.

    • Thats the owners fault not the dogs. I have show dogs (will be at Crufts with mine this year), but will play for hours, get dirty and live life to the full. The poor pooch probably wanted to play but the owners had never really let it much, so didn’t know how, poor thing.

      • My point exactly….Adrienne never learned how to play ….or play with others. Crufts! That is exciting! How awesome! What is the breed of dog and name of your pup? I love watching the dog shows! I am sending you my cheers in advance! i have cattle dogs. I have a red right now that is doing some local shows and doing well. It isnt anything i have done in the past but she has a special shine….. she is also our socialized love dog first and foremost.

        • Thanks SH fan! I’m showing my Great Pyrenees (George), he’s only 19 months so not expecting much, still got alot of maturing to do body wise. It’s only 5 weeks away now, eeek! Congrats with your cattle dog, I hope you continue to do well with her, and you both enjoy it together. I have another Pyr but don’t show her, she prefers being a princess at home, pets first and foremost! :D

          Perhaps Adrienne needs a trip to the puppy park, it’s never too late to learn an old dog new tricks! (I’m so sad I laughed at my own joke there haha).

            • Bev, We will all cheer for you from the home stands! Good Luck to you and George! (Love his commanding name….go George!)

              • Thank you!!! George sends Pyr hugs!! (I had his great uncle who passed in 2010, called Lennon, George is my 2nd Beatle Pyr, just McCartney & Ringo to go next lol)

            • I remember BB posting her beautiful dogs on SH one night. I think it was the night Barb said her sons dog Scarlet had taken ill? Loved the pictures of BB’s dogs, rem: the link gave me trouble on the ‘puter. Side note: Was so relieved to read later that Barb said that Scarlet was doing better. A lot of us said a prayer that night for Scarlet.

              • I totally got Barbs anguish, but like you was so happy to read that Scarlet was on the mend. Me and my dodgy links lol, sorry, and thank you!!

              • I’m just so glad to have seen the beautiful pictures. No sweat on the links;happens all the time lol. I’m such a big animal lover and so enjoy seeing anyone’s pets, animal friends! Love that you named him George and his Great uncle Lennon :). Best wishes on the competion. You’re clearly a wonderful Mum with your pups!

          • Aw, we had the best Great Pyr for many years, Henry. Such great dogs! He passed a year ago from cancer. We still miss him dearly as do all the neighbors that he use to visit on a daily basis ( we live in the country). Good luck in the competition!!!

  7. I find it surprising Adrienne continues to mention Brandi in her interviews. Right. Without it there wouldn’t be a storyline this season. I hope Brandi takes the opportunity to apologize on camera so we won’t have to hear about it anymore. Without the Ad/Br bs there isn’t much left.

  8. Gotta feel a little sorry for the Stewart boy. One day he’s Rod Stewart’s son , the next day he’s on a web site looking cross eyed & money hungry. Get the feeling he’s a little on the hapless side?

  9. I find Adrienne irrelevant. Initially I was excited that she was on the show but she is just meh-h-h-h
    She is so buttoned up and difficult to like or empathize with . She doesn’t give the viewers any of her true personality or engage them in any way . The little bit I did glimpse was unpleasant and awkward. As for the handbag line ? Why? If I want a great handbag the last person I would purchase one from is housewife. If QVC can’t sell HW products with any degree of success then these ladies are up the creek. Unless they develop an independent marketing strategies and a reasonable price point this to shall fail.
    Perhaps Adrienne is different in person and we are just seeing the edit but even so, unfortunately she comes across as a cold fish.

  10. Adrianne doesn’t enjoy catty dinner conversation because she prefers catty behind the back conversations.

    • Love this song! Use to play it on a jukebox, at a little pizza place my gf’s and I use to hang out at as tweens.

  11. Told yall that Adrienee effed with Brandi first over her kids. So Adriene got what she deserved. She is lucky she even got an appoloy. Not I says me. gloves off claws out fangs bared.

    • Bingo, and I would place money that Kyle already knew about the things Adrienne said about Brandi, and since Lisa was out of the loop, it’s the reason why she was wondering why no one is sticking up for Brandi in regards to HER kids!

  12. If the spelling of Maloof is lasered in random places on the handbags, it will not take long for someone to find the word “fool” in them.

  13. What a condescending heifa. So cheap purses are supposed to appeal to her fan base? Is she saying that people who watch the shows can not afford designer bags? pffft. She better redneckognize!

    • Chuckie Manzoid, Gretchen (blech) Christine, Adrienne Maloof…..has anyone caught on to the fact that folks ain’t buying purses by real housewives? Why do they keep pushing the purses that nobody wants?

    • I also remember you tell us all that mama boo boo was gonna probably start on the workout/weightloss producer induced influence. I saw yesterday on msn that she had lost 100 lbs since they started shooting just cuz she is movin around more. Good call MP. I gotta say Joel McHale on the Soup thinks she looks like a thumb…..sorry to laugh but that is kinda funny.

      • I think its funny too. And I also can wait to see her progress with her weight loss. I think her days of letting her daughters color her hair with a box of drugstore hair color in da kitchen sink are about numbered too. Watch for the teeth to get fixed as well.

        • Its like watching a science project. They say they are gonna stay the ‘same” but we all know it can’t in tv land. It may actually be a good thing for some of the changes for that fambily.

          • Yes, changes can be made that are worth making, but hopefully she’s not as foolish as many of the housewives and doesn’t start buying things she can’t pay for. Spend responsibly, and if she loses weight down to a small size, I hope she doesn’t start throwing money away on those expensive six inch heels that cost a small fortune….unless she has the necessities in life paid for in cash for, like a home, kids educations, money put back for those rainy days.

          • I think so too. I partially feel for the “chubbs” kid. I think she was the one that initiated the diet idea. It is soooo very hard to maintain healthy eating habits if the entire family is not on board. The girls really are pretty girls. I hesitate to use the old “such a pretty face” stand-by but.. I can see the butterflies in them ready to emerge.

        • I want Mama June to be healthy and happy but at the same time I don’t want her to go the way of Kate Goslin. By the end of her show she was on vacation with her kids clomping around in skyhigh heels and hotpants with so much botox and plastic surgery she looked like a Kardashian. Stay true to yourself June Boo boo!

          • I agree wholeheartedly. I don’t want her to lose herself at all. In fact the kids could stand to be a tad bit more refined but they can still joke and cut up from time to time ..even about farts.. just not at the dinner table. Goslin has ALWAYS been a grade A beeotch. And her husband was a henpecked mealy mouthed doucher that was a master at the passive aggressive button pushing. I doubt Shuggybear and June will ever head down that road.

            • I really hope so. I don’t watch that show but I do watch toddlers and tiarras. I always liked them because June wasn’t a piece of work like some of those other mothers are. I would hate for the reality bug to have a negative impact.

              • Hopefully June won’t go “new money” like lotto jackpot winners and end up broke, friendless, indicted, worse than ever or dead. Wow, what a Debbie Downer thing to say! ITA June’s daughters have potential-Sugar Bear too. He needs to fix his teef though.

              • I agree. I don’t think she will if the stories of the way she has chose to deal with saving the money for the kids are true. Have you ever watched that show The Lottery Ruined My Life? pretty sad stuff indeed

              • The Lottery Ruined My Life Shows are depressing with fambly and “friends” showing up for handouts or “loans.” It’s shows how money can make people stupid. There’s another show with happy winners. The best is a woman who sold a Ferrari or Lamborghini (s/p) because it was hard getting down the gravel road to her trailer.

  14. So there we have it. First Adrienne was organizing the meeting prior to the reunion to take Lisa down. Brandi didn’t bite. Then she tried to organize Brandi sending negative tweets about Lisa. Brandi didn’t bite. So then Adrienne had Bernie send out a bunch of negative stuff about Brandi not being a good mom etc. Brandi – go ahead and release both guns. Adrienne was the one who spent 10 min of air time lying about the touching story of Paul being there for the birth of her kids. If she wanted to keep it private that she used a surrogate, she should have not said anything instead of a 10 min long lie during air time. then tried to lie about lisa…lie about Brandi. In my book, Brandi has the right to out all Adrienne’s truths that Adrienne keeps trying to lie on camera and off camera about.

    • The Maloof Mare is used to manipulating the truth to get her own way with no one questioning her motives. I would rather have someone like Brandi cuz U know where U stand with her candid and outspoken manner.

      • Ad lying about the birth of her kids is dumb. Lying is one thing, but lying and knowing people know it’s a lie is BSC. I guess she said it for the cameras or she was trying to brainwash everybody into thinking she did birth those babies. I didn’t dislike Ad until I saw she’s only happy when she’s being a bitch to Paul or putting somebody else down. She’s been very careful to not let anybody know about her past so blah.

  15. As for her catty comment? Pot/black much Adrienne? It seems that Andy thinks this is the only interaction available to women along with bitchy, slutty and gossipy =kaching! =paycheck. If you want to see women acting miserably this is the right show.

  16. I thought being catty was all some of these chicks are good at. Speaking of Gretchen’s handbag collection, I wonder if she’s made any real money off that collection or if it’s considered down the tubes.?

  17. once again i am in the minority here. i don’t know how women, can hop on the bandwagon to hate another woman w/ such vigor. especially one, we really do not know. let’s face it, we see and hear what bravo wants us to see and hear. they call it REALITY. no so much. if i go on that basis alone, then brandi, is the biggest, foul mouthed slut to appear on these show. that is saying a bunch. it does not matter that many people know facts about these actors. but it is another to say it for t.v. kids, husbands, money, should all be off limits. especially innocent kids. that is the lowest of the low.

    • katek . ITA. adrienne does have more class in her little finger than brandi does,
      well brandi has none. u were right about some of the comments here.

    • To clarify, using the word “hate” is like when someone calls everyone “jealous” that doesn’t like something someone does. I don’t know Adrienne and so cannot hate her. However, I can absolutely hate the tactics being used by her and her supporters, and hate how those tactics are being used against other cast members. It has been interesting to see how this has all ever so slowly unfolded, with the editing leaving clues every step of the way. With the tidbits that are being fed to the press, it’s a wonder Adrienne is able to ever conduct business, and for me that’s a learning experience since I’d like to go into business for myself.

      • BS, good for you if you go into business for yourself, but please don’t use Magoof as a learning tool….she’s a ‘tool’, but not a ‘learning tool’. One thing about these housewives that they don’t seem to understand and that is they must get respect from the viewers if they want to peddle those products to us. If the viewers don’t like you, chances are they’re not going to buy your product, no matter what your selling. I know I’m not going to spend my money helping any of them make money unless it’s something that’ll be of use to me. Just like in Magoof’s blog, she mentioned several times about her ‘fans’…..she’s peddling to the wrong crowd, she has very few ‘fans’ from the show.

        Good luck to you on starting a business for yourself, and if we can help you, please let us know… wishes!!

    • Adrienne should not have went after Brandi’s parenting. cause/effect. I do agree that it is crazy to “hate” on someone on tv. I don’t think this is what is happening here with any of these situations that move us to comment or at least it isn’t for me. Sometimes theses HWs behave in ways that we have all had to deal with IRL. Most people have worked with an Adrianne or Kyle or Carolyn type. Perhaps had a MeGo or SWINE or Kenya type INFECT their family. A loved one be taken advantage of by a Crooksy or Cedric type. PTO with a Jax type. Suffered a friend’s mouthy needlenicked spouse pokin his nose in where its not needed a la Mo-reece/Paul/Richie/Peter/Slade/Moreo. IRL when we encounter people like this for whatever reason we have to bite our tongues at the time. When we recognize them on a trashy tv show just packaged different then we can unleash. This is just my keyboard commando take on it.

    • Now, with that said, why it is not O.K. for someone to hate someone they don’t know, but perfectly file for you to call Brandi a “foul mouthed slut”. Do you know her?

    • You refer to them as ‘actors’, but yet they are on a ‘reality show’ called HWof BH……what exactly is it you think they should be talking about if it’s not about their family, husbands, freinds, money and life in general? Adrienne made herself look bad by lying about the surrogate story. Camille was very forthcoming about her using one, and I don’t recall anyone thinking anything about it. No one seemed to care.

    • If you’re just going on just the basis of what Bravo wants you to see and hear (i.e., what you’ve actually *seen* on the show), then there is no way you could label Brandi a slut — we haven’t seen her even on a date with someone, much less sleeping around.

  18. Sounds like you are the one doing the hating on here. No one has come close to all the insulting name calling that you’ve done in your comment. I don’t hate any of these ppl, some I can’t stand, but I don’t know any of them to hate…in fact, I think I can’t stand Kyle more than I dislike Magoof. No, these women are far from being actors, they may think they are, but they are delusional about that, too because they’re fooling no one. We watch and listen closely to the show, other shows they are on, news articles….so we pretty much have a good idea about these people, even though Bravo does try to feed us bs, too. If husbands are going to be on the show and draw a check, why should they be off limits? If these people don’t want their lives out there for the world to view and give an opinion on, then they should stop taking the checks they receive and stop signing on the dotted line each year. Just because these people like that paycheck, doesn’t mean we have to like them and not say a word about them.

  19. Brandi may be foul-mouthed but, personally, I would prefer to have a friend with a potty mouth than a megalomaniac,lying, arrogant, abusive crone. You can believe what Brandi says, you cannot believe one word that spews out of Addie’s injected lips. Addie lied about being pregnant, lied about Lisa selling stories, lied about Paul abusing the children, lied about Paul abusing her, lied about Brandi, and is now lying about her puppet Bernie not planting stories. Addie has no redeeming characteristics. She is a spoiled rich bitch that has always been pampered and now thinks that whatever she says people will believe. She is a deplorable zit on society. Yes, we see only a brief picture of these people but Addie’s pathological lying is of her own doing, If this is what we see I can only imagine how horrible this creature is in her normal life.

  20. If Bravo gets a cut from the HW hags products that are mentioned on the show or their Bravo “owned” blogs Bravo would be getting a big fat zero off sales.All this HW hags crapyp business ventures are a pipe dream.Just like Brandi’s “Pole” dancing business.One trick pony for a scene on the show.Never go past that.

    Adrienned/Maggie Mae needs to STFU since all her blogs now refer to her handbags or business deals.She has nothing to say that is of interest anymore.Sad how she was my favorite Season 1.Her true colors have come out and she is not a nice person.They are all so jealous of each others fame and “status at the bank” as NeNe would say.All the HW shows are a competition of who is the favorite/richest and has a platform that is working/making them money besides the Bravo paycheck. All the HW hags have changed due to being recognized.They are all drinking the Kool-Aid and loving it.Be careful when the quart jar is empty and you are left with nothing.They will all be scrambling to find their place in T.V. after Bravo is done with them.Some will not be about to take the plunge to being a nobody again.

  21. Adrienne is that all of your blog. You weren’t even missed. Please do not put yourself in YoFo’s category, you are far from that. You’re more like an alley cat meowwwwwwwwwwww. In closing I would never buy one of your handbags.

  22. madey…love your comments! so true. exactly spot on
    Sometimes theses HWs behave in ways that we have all had to deal with IRL. Most people have worked with an Adrianne or Kyle or Carolyn type

  23. Agree 100% Her lie about the abuse was The Worst Thing Ever she could do to her kids. Referring to the truth of their conception as “character assassination” will confuse the crap outa them later on.

  24. Have you ever noticed at all these dinner parties how many drinking glasses are there per person.The table is mainly glassware.

  25. Ummmm…..does Adrinne even have any fans? To be such a plastic surgery freak, I am shocked she hasn’t had the cellulite sucked out of her upper arms. No definition.

  26. I love Adrienne and that husky voice… She makes me laugh. I do think she is fudging the truth but I don’t care. I think that Brandi is a trouble-maker and those two want – and can’t seem to help creating – trouble from one another.

    I’m sick of Lisa acting like such a victim. I haven’t heard Adrienne mention Lisa for a loooooong time. She gave that a rest which is good for both.

    Now, Lisa also needs to stop acting like a private eye and let nature take its course. The truth always comes out. Adrienne is copping it this year! The truth will come out about Brandi’s crap and the truth will come out about Lisa’s too. Watch!! Lets face it!!! ALL THE HOUSEWIVES HAVE SKELETONS IN THEIR CLOSETS!!

    This year it was time to blame Adrienne… Last year Taylor, Year before Camille… Last year many of them were hated…. Kyle and Kim too.

    This show is going down the drain fast… Brandi is a hysterical beast who after her theatrics brings out the Ken in me to give her a big, fat “WE DON’T CARE”. I preferred the show when it was between the original cast members. Taylor should have left and Yolanda should have been added minus Brandi… The show would have been a better kind of drama… Not this ridiculous battle of the rich and the poor…

    • Then you haven’t been listening or reading. Lisa was mentioned in her blog last week, and Paul referred to her at the event when Kim told her version of what Brandi said. And I say “her version” because second hand information is always embellished, so it’s always best to go to the source before causing a huge scene. Then again, Adrienne’s retort to Brandi rolled off her tongue so effortlessly it sounded like it was either rehearsed or something she has said before.

    • Oh, and Adrienne mentioned Lisa the week before, when talking about who did or did not defend her. Remember now, Adrienne got Brandi added to the cast, for the very reasons she is now regretting having her in the cast. Making the old saying “what comes around, goes around” seem pretty darn prescient.

    • Adrienne has no sense of humor. What about her (other than her voice and the plasticity of her face) makes you laugh? She’s nothing other than mean to anyone.

  27. Let’s see; season 1, it seemed Adrienne and Lisa were the neutral ones and avoiding the drama of Kyle and Camielle, yet at the time Lisa was suspect of Traylor, Lisa thinking Traylor was playing both sides, which she was. Season 2, all the Traylor drama and it was Traylor who thought Lisa was selling her abuse story to the tabs and it was Adrienne at the same time who brought Brandi in and Lisa and Kyle put Brandi through the wringer. Lisa’s teeth were showing when Adrienne had her reveal show of her shoes and Lisa’s commet about the Maloof Hoof. Lisa was also in battle with Bernie, cause Lisa was criticizing Bernie and takes Giggy into a dinner party to drink out of Adrienne’s nice stem ware. Adrienne took sides with Camielle when Camielle confronted Traylor about the abuse and at this time Lisa has reeled Traylor in. There were behind the scenes friction starting with Lisa and Adrienne. So now season 3 and Adrienne is the bad person? Brandi has made it difficult for Adrienne to be around the group, even without Adrienne the topic keeps coming up, due to Brandi and the ladies keep arguing abouth this. I don’t know about the meeting prior to the season 2 finale, not clear? NOTE – I am writing this blog based on what I have seen on Bravo. Adrienne is in defense mode and who can blame her? Brandi, is coming at her with guns blazing. What bothers me; is the question of why are Brandi’s convictions so deep and not taking sides Lisa is no innocent person in this mess. I am trying to look at both sides but I do not have complete stories from behind the scenes and sick of the way Brandi is acting in general. When did Brandi become the victim? Whether Adrienne is right or wrong, why would you hit below the belt on someones personel life and how they had their children, especially if you are trying to protect your children. Fighting with LeAnn all the time; what is that going to accomplish? Friction with the father and in time have it effect the kids. Eddie cheated before he met LeAnn and according to the rag mags, so did Brandi.

    • You forgot a few things. Lisa acted the way she did toward Brandi, based on what Kyle said about her and said this on camera. When she spent some time with her and realized she didn’t have both sides of the story initially, she grew to like Brandi, which did not sit well with Kyle.

      Secondly, Camille called out Taylor when the group went to Lisa’s house to confront HER! Camille appeared to have cold feet about it, and decided instead to go after Taylor instead.

      The big reveal for Adrienne’s shoe line was a fashion show in which either the shoes could not be seen, or were not even on the model’s feet, leading all the women to say something about it in their confessionals. Lisa’s joke was made after the fashion show and was said directly to Adrienne and the other lady’s at which time they all laughed. It wasn’t until later that it was decided that Lisa hurt Adrienne’s feelings, so in retaliation, Adrienne boldly lied and said that Lisa was selling stories to Radar Online, leading Radar Online to publicly announce that Lisa had never sold them anything.

      Whatever Lisa said about Bernie’s food, could have been handled directly by Adrienne since he is her employee. Instead, Adrienne allowed Bernie to make nasty remarks on camera, and had to know he was spreading rumor’s on his FB page, yet she did nothing at all to stop it. As far as I know, there is no reason for Bernie to be at all bent out of shape about anything Giggie did, since he does not own Adrienne’s stem ware, to my knowledge.

      Again, Brandi hasn’t done anything that Adrienne did not facilitate. If Adrienne wanted to spend time with the ladies, Brandi has made it clear that she would step aside, but each time Adrienne chooses not to show.

      As fun as it may be to see Adrienne as the victim here, with everything that has happened, I see Adrienne has the clear victimizer, and it will all come out in the episodes to come.

      • @bsbfankaren do you sincerely think that Brandi and Lisa are innocent victims to the wrath (as if!!) of Adrienne?

        • Innocents is dependent on far too many factors then I would be able to be privy to, and is always in the eye of the beholder but no one who claims to hate drama would have her friends publicly fighting her battles for her, and would request that they keep her name out of their mouths, since it is her friends/allies who are the one’s who bring her up as the topic of choice, nearly each and every time, with Kyle taking the price in that regard. This way Adrienne gets to cause trouble without being present. Particularly since the last fun time Adrienne, Kyle and Camille spent in Vegas did not include Lisa or Brandi as I recall. It was a cheap shot intended to stir up drama and led to one of the women lying through her teeth, and it was neither Brandi nor Lisa.

    • That lie about Brandi cheating on Eddie has already been debunked — RadarOnline took the part from Brandi’s book where she writes about starting to date AFTER she & Eddie had separated (and he was already *living* with LeAnn) but they were still technically married and blared a headline of “Brandi out with hot men while still married to Eddie” to make it *seem* as if she cheated too. Um, no — a divorce being finalized takes time; date of separation is what counts — both legally and morally — as to whether one person is “cheating” or not.

  28. If Camille and Kyle had her back, they would not bring up Adrienne’s name to begin with. I thought it sucked and am tired of Adrienne all together. It shows what an out of touch, entitled person Adrienne is to constantly use the public planet-wide internet as a platform to thank them.

    • Yes. If you truly don’t like the drama and feel that what Brandi said was detrimental to your kids, why not simply ask your friends not to fight your battles, especially when you are not present, and request that they change the subject whenever your name does come up.

    • How can she not see that KYLE is the one that started it all? It was Kyle that asked Brandi the question – these girls know that Brandi speaks the truth and doesn’t hold back. Kyle needs to take her 1970′s hairstyle and check herself

      • Yep! And what’s funny is that Kim loosely brought this up, but it’s usually forgotten because it was in the same breath as her shitty action of telling Adrienne what Brandi said at MOs little party. Everyone knows Brandi’s personality at this point, yet Kyle eggs it on with constant and consistent questioning when she had an audience and then blames Brandi for telling the truth and telling it in her honest-as-hell, direct way. Why even ask Kyle? It’s not like you don’t know the answers to the questions your asking in the first place.

  29. Did anyone see the rag mag with the story that Brandi slept with Paul, and that’s how Brandi “caused” their divorce? I saw it at the checkout line, supposedly Adriennr is revealing all..but I was too lazy to pick it up, lol.

  30. I said from Season 1 that someday a woman will come along (for Paul) & treat him the way that he DESERVES. She never acted like she loved him. Always with the snarky comments and treating him like sh!t. I sincerely hope that he takes Bernie to court and the truth comes out about those “leaked” alleged abuse photos. I believe Adrienne put Bernie up to it. I’m also sure that she is paying this boy toy to be her sidekick. She is almost as pathetic as Kim Richards is pretending to be sober.

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