SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: Teresa Giudice “Juicy Wants a BOY… Will Consider Surrogacy”!!… Brandi Glanville Says “I Ain’t No Cheater”!!!… “WatchWhatCrappens” Now Available!!

The never-ending PR machine has spit out another item.

RHONJ Twilight Zone PG

As mentioned previously, the New Jersey franchise will be premiering around April…


It is SOP for the PR machines of each franchise to get those machines rolling at least six weeks BEFORE the premiere of the Housewives’ next season.

teresa halloween pg

THIS item comes from a “show insider” … and an “unnamed source.”

IMO, this item is a “logical conclusion” item… OR an item put together from past information.  Everybody knows… said like PhaedraParks… that Juicy has an incentive to have a son in the fambly!

AND, the word of the month is “MALICIOUS” “SURROGACY”!

tree with audriana

THIS PR-induced item comes from InTouch… 

Teresa refuses to get pregnant again, a show insider tells In Touch, but she is considering Joe’s demand for surrogacy: “He is really pressuring her,” the source explains.

“If that’s what he wants, she may just give in.”

If you have been keeping track of what’s goin’ on with Tree, you will recall that she and Juicy consulted an in-vitro specialist for her last pregnancy.

Audriana  rhonj

Da Joodices were really tryin’ for a boy, but were blessed with Dina Manzo’s goddaughter, Audriana.

NOTE:  Unfortunately, for the in-vitro specialist, he was included in da Joodice’s bankruptcy.  Perhaps da Joodices have actually paid for the in-vitro services rendered by now; however, that is unclear whether the in-vitro doctor was paid in full.  ALSO, now that “surrogacy” is a hot topic word… which Housewife will be the NEXT to mention “surrogacy?”


eddie leann pg

Someone made the accusation that Brandi Glanville was cheating on Eddie while they were married.

Brandi denies the accusation via twitter…

brandi cheating tweet

Note to Brandi re whether you cheated on Eddie… or not… 




The latest from the trifecta of funny is now available for your listening pleasure at TVGasm!

“On this week’s Watch What Crappens, Matt Whitfield (Yahoo), Ben Mandelker, (bsideblog) and Ronnie Karam (TVgasm) wile the hour away talking trash about…

…Adrienne Maloof’s a-hole chef being sued for defamation, Vanderpump Rules’ terrible trashy horrid addictiveness, and Real Housewives of Beverly Hill’s circular yapping.

Come on in!”