SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: Teresa Giudice “Juicy Wants a BOY… Will Consider Surrogacy”!!… Brandi Glanville Says “I Ain’t No Cheater”!!!… “WatchWhatCrappens” Now Available!!

The never-ending PR machine has spit out another item.

RHONJ Twilight Zone PG

As mentioned previously, the New Jersey franchise will be premiering around April…


It is SOP for the PR machines of each franchise to get those machines rolling at least six weeks BEFORE the premiere of the Housewives’ next season.

teresa halloween pg

THIS item comes from a “show insider” … and an “unnamed source.”

IMO, this item is a “logical conclusion” item… OR an item put together from past information.  Everybody knows… said like PhaedraParks… that Juicy has an incentive to have a son in the fambly!

AND, the word of the month is “MALICIOUS” “SURROGACY”!

tree with audriana

THIS PR-induced item comes from InTouch… 

Teresa refuses to get pregnant again, a show insider tells In Touch, but she is considering Joe’s demand for surrogacy: “He is really pressuring her,” the source explains.

“If that’s what he wants, she may just give in.”

If you have been keeping track of what’s goin’ on with Tree, you will recall that she and Juicy consulted an in-vitro specialist for her last pregnancy.

Audriana  rhonj

Da Joodices were really tryin’ for a boy, but were blessed with Dina Manzo’s goddaughter, Audriana.

NOTE:  Unfortunately, for the in-vitro specialist, he was included in da Joodice’s bankruptcy.  Perhaps da Joodices have actually paid for the in-vitro services rendered by now; however, that is unclear whether the in-vitro doctor was paid in full.  ALSO, now that “surrogacy” is a hot topic word… which Housewife will be the NEXT to mention “surrogacy?”


eddie leann pg

Someone made the accusation that Brandi Glanville was cheating on Eddie while they were married.

Brandi denies the accusation via twitter…

brandi cheating tweet

Note to Brandi re whether you cheated on Eddie… or not… 




The latest from the trifecta of funny is now available for your listening pleasure at TVGasm!

“On this week’s Watch What Crappens, Matt Whitfield (Yahoo), Ben Mandelker, (bsideblog) and Ronnie Karam (TVgasm) wile the hour away talking trash about…

…Adrienne Maloof’s a-hole chef being sued for defamation, Vanderpump Rules’ terrible trashy horrid addictiveness, and Real Housewives of Beverly Hill’s circular yapping.

Come on in!”

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98 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: Teresa Giudice “Juicy Wants a BOY… Will Consider Surrogacy”!!… Brandi Glanville Says “I Ain’t No Cheater”!!!… “WatchWhatCrappens” Now Available!!

  1. Brandi dated guys while she was going through the divorce after Eddie move out. It took me 3 years to get a divorce. Did I date then? Of course. So did my ex.
    And did you see the instagram that eddie and leann put out on Brandi’s book? I thought they said they don’t pay attention or think about her? Besides, you know Leann is going to have a book come out soon. And you know her record sales are really going to take a hit because of Brandi’s book. Not that they would have been huge anyway. You never see her at the CMA.

    • The Country Music folks don’t look kindly on affairs. LeAnn’s been trying to get herself a pop career and so far has not been very successful.

    • The version I read said that she cheated 6 weeks after the birth of her youngest, but my understanding was that he left Brandi for Leann when she was pregnant….so that would hardly count. (I could have my facts confused, but I can’t remember where I read it to fact check(

    • LeAnn seems obsessed with Brandi. There is something very wrong with her! If Brandi just wants to get even for being dumped, who can blame her? Her former husband sounds like the biggest moron (who couldn’t keep it in his pants) ever. That said, Brandi’s bashing keeps the 2 “lovebirds” in print. So, they can thank her for that.

      • Ya’ notice that as much as LeAnn tries to emulate Brandi, the one thing she hasn’t done is get pregnant. I think in the back of her mind, she’s worried that her newly minted husband will stray on her as he did Brandi.

    • Not a Brandi fan but seriously? If any of this were true about past affairs don’t you think her frenemies on RH or her ex would have aired that piece of dirty laundry long before now? The men she supposedly slept with would have come crawling out of the woodwork to sell their stories to the tabs or LeeAnn. Ridiculous but not surprised because this keeps the trifecta in the headlines .

  2. Not to sound mean but I can’t see a woman with 4 kids wanting 5. At least not with all that’s going on in their lives right now. I think the insider that selling that , might just be looking to tell a good story.

    • maybe: You got it! Could just see Tree’s PR “team” writing a list of possible topics for press releases and/or “InTouch” items! You have to read the items very carefully; otherwise, you would get the impression that Tree is talking directly to “InTouch” about her future baby plans. TFC!! SH

    • It’s illegal? Really? That’s interesting. I’m curious… how come? I’m not doubting you in any way, it’s just that I have never heard it was illegal anywhere so I wanted some details

        • thanks anna, i appreciate you taking the time to make things clear for us readers that dont know the laws.

        • Watched Katie Couric while in bed with the flue. Surrogacy runs around 50,000 to 100,000. I remember the Mary Beth Whitehead fiasco (yes I am that old!) and it was very gutwrenching. Good for NJ for actually having sensible laws to deal with this situation.

          • Nj is one a few states that have laws governing surrogacy, But more states are trying to regulate it more along with Private Adoptions which also can border on Baby buying.

  3. Audriana’s Christening.. the good old days. When we only had to see 3 seconds of Kathy and Melissa’s lumpy mugs. Look, I spy their old noses!

  4. Sorry, but Teresa you are out of your freaken mind. You do not need anymore children. You are a wonderful mother to your 4 girls and leave it at that. Tell Juicy he is the one who determines the sex of a child not you. Do not do it, if he goes away then what? DON’T BE STUPID AND RUIN YOUR OWN LIFE.

  5. Barb, agree with you on Tree, if the jury is still out on Juicy Dice, don’t add water and mix. As for Brandi, according to ROL; Bran-Ho is a wild thing, glass houses??????

    • Isn’t it also funny….the ‘obvious’ floating around about MeGo?!! I’m not even on Twitter but I catch enough of it on SH to read about all the nonsense. Same sh** different city! Whether one or both did cheat, is a big old ‘Ken’ as SH said. Blah-Void must be rummaging through old “All my Children” episodes.
      Heck, I use to watch soaps back in JH… could miss an ENTIRE summer of watching and find you didn’t miss a thing!

    • Being a “wild thing” isn’t exactly the same as cheating. Regardless, I don’t believe much that ROL puts out.

  6. Bravo always looks to reduplicate a ‘hook’ that drew viewers in on one HW show, and then tweaks it a little to use on another HW show, as we all know!
    In the case of NJ, when AMelGo Marco & JoGo first showed their mugs on the rhonj, didn’t everybody wonder if JoGo was the biological father of each of their kids? Then Blah-Void makes sure we can hear Juicy say at Jaimie’s wedding (The balloon Wish) that he would like a boy.
    With the whole Adrienne ‘secret’ on BH, you have not only the surrogacy thing, but the question of whether both Adrienne & Paul are the biological parents. So….this is no surprise really.
    Maybe I’m wrong, but couldn’t using a surrogate increase a couple’s chances greatly to have a boy rather then a girl, or a girl instead of a boy? The other thing I think that blah-void is going to ‘run’ with is the first question surrounding whether JoGo is the father?
    Real Old time Soap-Opera drama!!
    As you often point out MsSH. they just continue to recycle these formulaic ideas. Blah-Void may drag these 2 question out all season long on NJ.
    Next season on the rhobh…..will Vyle use a surrogate to have a boy and will we ever know if what Brandi said had anything to do with a biological parent??? Just like we’ll never know about MelGo & JoGo?

    • The male determines the sex not the female. Unless they used a sperm donor it wouldn’t increase their chances.

      • Cyn, I Know that! The X/Y chromosome factor is basic biology. My question was, in this day & age of sex determination, aren’t the chances of a chosen sex increased? Really though…I was just pointing out Blah-Void ‘reaching’ they Always do! :)

        • I think I got your point KT and I think you’re right. Put those bad boys in a petri dish, stir it up and voila! So yes… they could pick the child’s sex if they paid a few extra $$

        • Juicy is “determining” the fact of having all girls…just like old Henry VIII who kept blaming his poor queens. Not sure how the sex determination science works…sounds expensive and time consuming.

          Can’t see Tre agreeing to this..the story is such a plant. Tre has such a maternal bond with her children…I don’t think she’d accept surrogacy.

          • And I’m not dissing surrogacy BTW…I have friends who have gone that route…nothing wrong with it… I just don’t see it as an option Tre would do.

            • I also can’t see Tree choosing to do surrogacy. I don’t see anything wrong with the choice of a surrogate if you have trouble carrying a child….just can’t see TG doing it.

          • I would think Tre being Catholic, (isn’t she?), that she would not want to do surrogacy or the sex selection, as I think both of these involve fertilizing multiple embryos and only using certain ones. Last time I checked the Catholic church frowns upon that, and invitro and research on embryos because it kills/discards embryos?

        • I think that they tried to increase their chances with the fertility doctor that they went to with the last pregnancy. Seems as if the Gudice men are little girl makers.

            • I remember Johnny Cash having girl after girl after girl. Finally he got one (I think he was his 7th). We had nothing but girl grandchildren for the longest time. Then finally we got a boy and now we have a few.

            • My sister had 4 girls and the 5th and 6th were boys. They weren’t TRYING for a boy, she just always wanted a large family.

            • In Arab cultures to say “you are a father of only daughters” is a huge insult to hurl at someone…

            • I certainly hope that my comment has NOT been misunderstood. I said the father of four daughters. Never….anywhere did I use the word “only” nor would I EVER say, “only.”
              Perhaps your comment was directed at another commenter, or I am misunderstanding your comment? I hope so!! A father of four beautiful daughters IS something to be very proud of!
              ITA, ANY comment using the word “only” in regards to having daughters IS a huge insult….regardless of the culture.

            • Heavens no! I was not responding to you personally nor slamming fathers of daughters! I was making an observation. I was trying (badly, obviously) to draw attention to the backwards thinking of macho cultures where daughters are not as valued as much as sons.

            • Sorry I didn’t see this yesterday. Whew….for a minute there I thought – that you thought – that I thought – that having daughters was somehow less worthy. LOL :). Girls Rock!
              ITA about the macho BS. Glad it’s all good. Sometimes the thread ‘follows’ can throw you off a bit.

      • The male does determine the sex of the fetus. However, as women age the reproductive atmosphere of the womb becomes less acid and therefore more alkaline which is less destructive to the weaker male sperm. So, there is a somewhat increased chance of one of the male sperm being fertilized in an older female. But, that’s statistically and not much of a guarantee.

    • This is a really good reason WHY Adrienne has never allowed her kids mugs to be shown on TV, in any way. Not a picture in the background, nothing. She won’t allow it becuase they probably look nothing like either Paul or Adrienne, and everyone knows it. They just didn’y want the greater public weighing in. Liar too that Maloof because if you have shown your kids pix of you prego with them, thats a lie that has to be untold at some point. It doesn’t fall under the guise of waiting to tell them the truth when they are 10 because you began their life with lies, and have fed that lie. Kids hate it when you don’t man up and tell the truth. That’s what f%$#ks them up. It’ a good thing they will have Sean around to get their drugs from though.

        • Except Adrienne’s kids have been on TV. I remember two specific incidences. One was when they got the first dog, and two was the pool party were Brandi brought her son’s. Adrienne’s kids aren’t on the show this season, but I would place money that they were on at least once during season one or two.

  7. I can’t imagine Teresa wanting to handle another kid just so it may or may not be a boy. She already has 4 kids and with her career and such she is putting on to much pressure.

  8. Surrogacy Laws in New Jersey

    Traditional surrogacy is illegal in New Jersey because of a well-publicized court case looking at surrogate rights vs. the rights of prospective parents. In 1986, Mary Beth Whitehead was a traditional surrogate for Betsy and William Stern. Ms. Whitehead was inseminated with Mr. Stern’s sperm. Ms. Whitehead decided to keep the baby girl (“Baby M”) after her birth. The New Jersey Supreme Court ruled the traditional surrogacy arrangement which provided $10,000 to the surrogate mother was invalid. They court said nobody can contractually let go of their parental rights. The court voided the Stern’s adoption and gave Ms. Whitehead the parental rights of the birth mother. The Stern’s were awarded custody of Baby M.

    The court also ruled that financial compensation is forbidden for gestational surrogacy. Only uncompensated gestational contracts where the surrogate is not the biological contributor of the egg are allowed.

    The New Jersey court currently has not issued any decisions regarding surrogacy for lesbian and gay parents.

  9. Oh good grief!!!! enough with Brandi and the LeSkank stories. At this point we don’t care. Juicy wants a boy? Why not have it with one of his mistresses?

    • On a lighter note…isn’t a New “Nashville” episode on tonight? I only mention it ‘hudsoncountygrl’ ’cause I thought I remember you saying you were also a fan of the show!?

  10. Im just still in awe seeing/remembering a time Don Caro wasn’t sneering at everyone and actually looked to be having fun? That was so weird… like the twilight zone.

  11. I don’t know why people can’t just say,”Oh I’m happy for you 2 I hope it works,”then move on.If they want another kid they can have another.If this was Melissa,nothing neagtive would be said about it. Bravo got to y’all with the editing in season3 and 4,because not one person came up and said anything about Joe cheating,no prove at all!!!!!!Joe and Melissa has!It’s hilarous how after Teresa family came on,all of RHONJ became POS!!!!!:)

    • I would rather watch a storyline with those two preggers and eating pickles dipped in ice cream than stoopid Manzos, drunk tweeting Jax or that cow that thinks she can sing.

      • Me too. I think that would be a welcome break. I little light hearted banter between the brothers vying for that half a mil.

        • So it’s agreed! We just kicked KomaKat off the show to make room for Shelia.
          Make it work, COHEN!
          Although you know Juicy’s sister is close to Tre now? She used to like MeGo but not anymore. Let’s get her as a part-timer. I think her name is Maria.

  12. Puting two and two together here.
    MeGo tweeted this,
    Melissa Gorga ‏@melissagorga

    Omg! shhhh!! so embarrassing! RT @marinbernstein: Never laughed so hard in my life @melissagorga “where did you get your boots?” #hilarious


    • Romo don’t get it but I’ll try. Is MeGo messin around wit this Marin chick?
      Marin is basically producer Kat the sequel.

      • Here is what I am thinking. She was at some college meeting people. This bulldog thing has been at the front of MeGo’s mind lately. And anytime her shady past is talked about the origin of her store bought tts usually gets brought up. So I think that someone must have said “where did you get your boots” but she heard “where did you get your boobs.”

    • I think @marinbernstein is probably a student at Rider University in NJ. MeHo and WhatsHerName “appeared” there the other night — perhaps this is where WhatsHerName’s daughter goes to school? — and I suspect “where did you get your boots” was one of the deep and insightful questions posed by the students in attendance. Getting the Sister Wives would, I suppose, have cost the Student Council too much money, so they decided to get two of Teresa Giudice’s relatives instead.

      • lol. I say you are right. One has to wonder what the heck kinda message the college was sending having those two “appear.” What kind of college is this?

        • A University that my children did not attend and hopefully future students will not waste their money attending. Yikes! I’m going with Made for the win! Winner winner ! Chicken dinner! You nailed it.

          • And its really gotta be bad when your ole girl Made, a lonley hillbilly, turns her nose up at such a place. I doubt that even my beauty school would have fooled with the likes of a MeGo.

        • Rider UniversityFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to: navigation, search Rider University
          Motto In Omnia Paratus (In all things prepared)

          Established 1865
          Type Private
          Endowment $52.5 million[1]
          President Mordechai Rozanski
          Academic staff 236 full time [2]
          Students 5,790 [2]
          Undergraduates 4,050 [3]
          Postgraduates 1,204 [2]
          Location Lawrenceville, NJ, U.S.
          Campus suburban, 303 acres (1.23 km2) [2] (1.2 km2)
          Colors Cranberry and white [2]
          Athletics NCAA Division I MAAC, NEC (field hockey only), CAA (wrestling only) [4]
          Sports baseball, cross-country, golf, soccer, tennis, wrestling, volleyball, basketball, softball, swimming & diving, track & field [4]
          Nickname Broncs
          Affiliations CIC,[5] NAICU,[6] Sanda University

          Rider University is a private, coeducational and nonsectarian university located chiefly in Lawrenceville, in Mercer County, New Jersey, United States. It consists of five academic units: the College of Business Administration, the College of Liberal Arts, Education and Sciences, the College of Continuing Studies, and the Westminster College of the Arts. In addition to regional accreditation, the undergraduate and graduate programs in business are accredited by AACSB, and the professional education graduate programs are accredited by NCATE. Rider University is considered selective.[7] It was ranked in the 2012 US News & World Report America’s Best Colleges guide at number 21 in the Regional Universities North category.[8] Rider University is also listed in the Princeton Review The Best 376 Colleges 2013 edition, where it is also ranked #15 Least Beautiful Campus, and #17 Least Happy Students.[9] There are 5,982 undergraduate and graduate students attending.[10]

          • The requirements for admission are vague , the required ACT score is 19-24 not actually all that high. I question anyone that allows MeGo to appear at their University. Standards folks standards…..

      • I was way off. Lol! MeGo is just too damn despicable.
        “Where did you get your boobs?!” pfft
        As if

    • Hmn, maybe Mego workin on Marin as a new bud. Maybe Tre was tryin to chat and asked Marin where she got her boots, now Mego is mocking her. Or Mego could be mockin someone else. Or I’m reading too much into But since you mentioned it, I suspect maybe you see it as Mego being “high school” too…

  13. I figured it wouldnt be long til Jughead Joe would want a boy..Some men do BUT with all their issues (Joe “going away”-If he does) right now, IMO, its probably not a smart idea…who’s to say its even a legit story anyway-Tabloids arent always the beacon of truth. I did think T would have another child 1 day. Right now, Im not remembering if she did or didnt have problems conceiving…either way, the ONLY way 2 make sure they have a boy is if they went 2 an in-vitro dr & did the pre-selection procedure (not 4 sure of the exact name ATM) where only “males” are implanted. Guess we’ll have 2 wait & see if this is a true story. To each their own.

  14. IMO it is just pre-season publicity. I would be very surprised if Teresa or any of them had more children and who could blame them? Teresa seems to have her hands full with her children , home and career. I suppose instead of Juicy getting the cheating hype Bravo has switched candidates and he has been supplanted with MeGo /Bulldog/Tarzan.

  15. Juicy reminds me a bit of my other half. Not the supposed cheating, but the fact that he can’t really be bothered with all the BS. He would probably come across as being a total bigoted a-hole, even though he is a really nice, kind hearted generous person. It is just because he won’t try and please other people.

    Anyway, I remember watching this episode. Didn’t have a clue MeHo and Kathy were in it.

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