KYLE RICHARDS: Kyle’s BravoBlog… Says YoFo “Don’t Know Me” And “Has Issues” With Kyle… Says ALL The RHOBH Need to “BUTT OUT” When It Come To Her Sister, Kim!… Adrienne “Takes Pride” in ThePalms…



Being in Vegas with the girls was fun. Watching all the girls do their thing on the pole had me laughing. I love when we are all getting along and having fun  like that. I wish we could be like this all the time.  NOTE:  Ya mean you’re not???

Getting the call from Kim about getting her nose done threw me off, to say the least. She has mentioned it a number of times but never seemed serious. A lot of things were going through my mind at the moment — none of which I wanted to share with anyone in the car. I had my concerns, but I also know how important my sister’s sobriety is to her. I wanted to have a conversation with Kim in private.

RHOBH Camille Adrienne Yolanda pg

Yolanda later said in her interview that she doesn’t know why I was making light of Kim getting her nose done. Yolanda doesn’t know what I was thinking and it seems she was making light of it herself in the limo.  Clearly she has an issue with me.

That night looked like it was going to be another fun night. The girls were all in a good mood and happy. After we sat down, the questions regarding Kim having her nose done started flying at me. I really didn’t want to discuss this with the girls. Some of them hardly know my sister at all and I felt this was personal. I didn’t want to discuss it in my interviews either.

I am not an expert on this topic but it doesn’t take one to realize this could potentially be a problem. Any concerns I had, I wanted to discuss with my sister directly.

After we switched gears in our conversation, it then turned to Adrienne. When Camille said she couldn’t help but think of her when we were in Vegas, I echoed her sentiments. What a mistake! Especially with a group of people who are either angry with Adrienne or who don’t even know her.

When Brandi made the comment that Adrienne now only owns 2 percent of The Palms, I thought “Here she goes again.” Saying something to hurt or embarrass someone. I know they take great pride in The Palms and this was obviously a sore subject.   NOTE:  They “take pride” in the ‘already bought out’ Palms?  Seriously, Kyle???

kyle brandi dreams pg

I actually do like Brandi. I just don’t always agree with her actions. Just because something is “true” doesn’t mean we should say it. Of course if two people are fighting to the degree Adrienne and Brandi have, most “rules” go out the window.

Then there goes Yolanda again. Saying that “Kyle loves the drama”. . .Weren’t we ALL discussing this issue? It was a heated conversation between all the women at the table about a very sensitive topic. Only Marisa and Jennifer stayed quiet because they don’t really know Adrienne like the rest of us.

Then Lisa tells Brandi to tell us what she had told her on the phone. AGAIN about the Reunion! I have heard many different versions of this now. Sometimes my name is involved, sometimes it’s not. I want to say for the record, I was NEVER called by ANYONE about any meeting regarding Lisa. Never. Lisa and I were closer than the others at the time. So, if that meeting DID take place, it makes sense why I wasn’t called.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get worse, Camille makes the comment to Lisa about owning SUR. THEN the whole table goes quiet. I know NOTHING about Lisa’s businesses and I had never heard this before. Lisa immediately said that she owns 51 percent of SUR. I did not think that Lisa needed defending. She explained immediately! Lisa later told me that she was upset I didn’t defend her. Why wasn’t she upset with Brandi for not defending her? They’re very close friends. Maybe Brandi also didn’t think Lisa needed defending. It’s also obvious Lisa is still angry with me, so she is hyper sensitive to anything I may do or NOT do.

I can’t stand that everyone seems so divided lately. It seems we are expected to pick a side. I wish Adrienne were here to speak for herself. It has put everyone who has defended her in her absence, in a very bad position.   NOTE:  Uh… helllooooo, Kyle!! You are aware of what’s happening next week, right???  Adrienne shows up for ANOTHER dinner at ANOTHER HWs house.  What a dumbazz!

Until next week. . .


This is for YOU, Kyle… look, it’s Adrienne!

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130 comments on “KYLE RICHARDS: Kyle’s BravoBlog… Says YoFo “Don’t Know Me” And “Has Issues” With Kyle… Says ALL The RHOBH Need to “BUTT OUT” When It Come To Her Sister, Kim!… Adrienne “Takes Pride” in ThePalms…

  1. God, Kyle! You make me sick. You attempt to portray yourself as the poor innocent here with good intentions. I was ecstatic to see Yolanda call you out! It’s about damn time someone did. You have always gotten by with being confrontational and aggressive. You can never wait to get in the middle of whatever happens to be going on. Camille is despicable and I am so glad she has been fired from the show. Now , if only you, Adrienne and Taylor will be fired, it will be a welcome relief. Drop the poor me I’m so innocent routine…it’s gone beyond OLD. You are jealous as hell of Lisa. Sorry, you will never have half the class she has. And Palmgate? Get real…what does Adrienne have to be proud of? 98% of it is owned by Lisa’s friends, but she didn’t bring that up at dinner. Just go away Kyle.

    • First time posting on SH but LOVE the site! I totally agree with you, Sherry! I am so sick of how righteous Kyle acts and yet everything about her is superficial. Smoke and Mirrors on all levels will get you by in Bev Hills, I guess.

    • Here’s the funny thing here. For two seasons Kyle has had no problem discussing anything and everything in regards to Kim with anyone and everyone that would listen, but now all of the sudden she’s being private? Really? And when exactly did THAT happen? LOL!

      • I know right? Isn’t this the same person who screamed “your an alcoholic!” at her sister in front a viewing public of what 2 million? but a nose job now thats private.

        • Also, Kim had the nose job during filming season, so it’s the silliest thing I’ve ever heard of. The viewers have to watch her wallow in bed while she has her nose done to keep from having to go to the events…but no one is supposed to ask questions. Also, I don’t believe for one minute that Kim didn’t have to make the appointment well ahead of day, she didn’t just decide in a day or two to run in and get a nose job, so Kyle pretending it was such a surprise to her is not believable to me. In fact, I think Kim had the surgery so she could avoid having to film with Brandi, Lisa, Yolanda, and Taylor….the nose job gave her the chance to stay home and still get her and her hateful sister camera time alone. I can’t stand either of them any more. Kim doesn’t film half the time, and she hardly ever writes a blog,,,,and she’s boring to go with that.

      • Agree, don’t put your sister on speaker phone in a limo full of women on NATIONAL TV if you don’t want people to talk about Kim. Kyle is the only one that’s allowed to exploit her sister, well Kyle and Bravo.

        • Other than the fact that she’s getting a much needed paycheck, I’ve never felt comfortable about seeing Kim’s issues played out on screen It’s just not something I’d put a family member through.

    • wow I haven’t even read the all the rest of the posts yours is brilliant exactly what I was thinking!!! cannot stomach her crap and ..I am just throwing it out there but I would like Jerry Springer to host the reunions from now on …imagine the possibilities …lol

      • lol. Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Here is a classic Springer moment. When Diemon Dave the Kung-fu Hillbilly was introduced to the nation. And ya know Jerry Springer is right on par with Bravo…. taking nobodies offering them all expense paid trips and accommodations for a chance to exploit the crap out of them, and a HW aint much different than a Jerry guest. Too dumb to realize whats happening. The only difference is the Jerry guests are not stoopid enough to sign protracted contracts.

  2. Kyle writes, Like she gossips, She really is a sh^t stirrer. I think she should stand up for Lisa, she sure didn’t at the reunion, she helped Adrienne lead the charge, in fact.

  3. Kyle just doesn’t make sense. She didn’t want to discuss Kim’s surgery with the girls, yet she revealed to everyone on national television that Kim is an alcoholic and, on top of that, she kept her entire conversation with Kim on speaker phone. (Having a nose job myself, what time did the ladies leave for the pole dancing party? 6 a.m.? Because, when one has surgery, they usually have to check in at the outpatient center early in the morning.)

    Is it me, or is Kyle getting eyes like Andy Cohen? When she was looking at Kim’s nose, she looked cross eyed.

    Camille comparing Adri-man’s 2% ownership at the Palms to Lisa owning 51% of Sur is laughable. Let’s see, if Camille only received 2% of Kelsey’s earnings compared to 51%, I’m sure she’d suddenly understand percentages better.

    I bet if Morris were Yolanda’s real estate broker, Kyle would be singing a different song about Mrs. Foster.

    • That’s right. She rattled the wrong cage. I read on another post that Yo won’t be back or doesn’t want to. Who needs the anger? Kim needs to be off the show…enough already. I don’t blame Lisa for remaining upset over the reunion attack on her. Shame on you Ad for picking the worse boy toy possible.
      I don’t mind Brandi but there is waaaay to much press on her and the triangle Leanness and Eddie….bahhhh so over it!

  4. Kyle made it everyone’s business when she had Kim on speaker phone… Please.. Brandi was mean? So she shouts back that Brandi had a nose job… That wasn’t mean? She is like fingernails on a chalkboard… When Adrienne is finished with her and mo, she will spit them out also..and move on… Perhaps she can sic her boyfriend on Brandi, he can nibble at her ankles… Down boy, down..

  5. ” It seems we are expected to pick a side. I wish Adrienne were here to speak for herself. It has put everyone who has defended her in her absence, in a very bad.”

    Uh hello idiot Vyle…. KYLE chose to stand up for Adrienne “in her absence” so therefore she not only picked a side, she helped fracture the friendships. Instead of staying out of it and just saying “I’m sorry, I’m not getting in the middle of this mess” she’s been running her chops and applauding Faye Rancid (Faye had your back Adrienne, she was on fire) AND having Adrienne over to discuss Brandi…. Kyle needs to learn to mind her own business. They taught us that lesson on the East Coast. Was it left out of the parenting 101 guidelines in ‘this is my town’ Beverly Hills?

    • Stlr don’t fool yourself they left that info out of parenting 101 on the east coast too……..PT, Ramona, Luann, george, Jill zarin , need I say more

    • Kyle only said she likes Brandi because before the season started, Brandi had been supporting her store and shopping there, as she said in her blog. That was before she saw and heard the conversation between Mo an Kyle in which he made it clear he doesn’t like her, and Kyle effectively agreed. I don’t know exactly how Kyle proves that she likes someone, but making nasty comments behind someone’s back and on camera is not the way most of us would go about it.

      • This totally reminds me of high school. The cliques in school started out united in the beginning but soon the cracks would show. Kyle started out the queen bee but the worker bees soon caught on to her. She thought she would always be the hair-swinging , hip swaying head cheerleader.Now the new ,cooler chicks have entered the picture (Yolanda ,maybe Marissa) and they are not buying the crap Kyle is selling. I think Kyle is panicking- she no longer has backup.Well, unless you count her husband but lets not count him.It’s pretty sad when you don’t even have your sister on your side.

        • Which is why she wanted Faye and Marissa on the show. Unfortunately, other then her blog and only in regards to Yolanda, Marissa is not playing along, and the audience hasn’t forgotten exactly who Faye is and the type of person she has proven herself to be in the past, so she has to hang onto Adrienne and….cough, cough….Taylor to remain any sort of a star on this show. The reunion is going to be very telling. During filming she had no idea how the audience was going to react to Faye, and that Marissa was going to clam up. Now that she knows, she’s going to have to let her nasty come out all on her own, and I expect it will not be pretty. Camille is just trying to hang on, so I am not sure she’ll back her play if it looks like she’s on a losing team.

  6. All of them DO need to butt out when it comes to Kim. They all think she has an alcohol addiction. Kim clearly was a drug addict, they just said she had an alcohol problem because that gets more sympathy than a drug addict does. Kim seemed (and still does seem) high ALL the time. Never drunk. None of them know what they’re dealing with except for Kyle and Kyle should not talk about Kim ton tv. Kim shouldn’t even be on tv. Is it possible to baker act relatives that aren’t married?

    • I think they’re all more than a little concerned about Kim. And let’s face it… no one would know nuttin’ about Kim’s addictions without the infamous “You’re an alcoholic” from her own beloved sister

    • Right?? IIve thought this the entire time… she seems like a pill popper if you ask me with the “alcohol” cover up. A lot of people get into pills and alcohol cause alcohol definitely increases the effects of naracotics. I wouldnt doubt she has a touch of alcohol with it but i doubt it was her main addiction of choice. But as many pointed out on here last year, KIm needs to be just about any place else but on a damn reality show getting her ass back together. She still acts high but less slurry about it at least… ehh…i guess that’s good?

      • Crazy, happy to read someone has the same thought as far as Kims addiction. I feel she has quit drinking alcohol but she acts like she may still be popping pills. I have thought the same thing from the get go. I have a feeling she didn’t have Paul do her nose job cuz he knows about her pill addiction and felt the surgery may not be in her best interest.

        • I feel like she is poppin da pills to. I will never understand why in the Sam Hill certain doctors prescribe stuff like clonipin to aklihoulics to help them ease the shakes. Its really stoopid. And dangerous. But I think Kimmy takes the higher powerful stuff. I doubt she ever stopped.

          • I agree with you Made… She is still on something, what I don’t know, but she is always higher the a kite on a windy day.. I don’t believe for one minute that she didn’t use something for pain with that nose job… I call bull on that.. I had a sister in law that would have procedures done, just so she could get the pain medicine.. She does know what meth is, everyone does… She’d have to be an idiot not to.. She picks when she wants to be on the show, why is that..because she is always loaded… I have had enough of these Richard sisters… They can disappear anytime.. Do you hear us Andy… We are knee deep in snow today, 10 inches, it’s pretty… A nice man just came and did our sidewalks…. I think I will bake some bread for his family, to say thank you… There are good people… Angels…

        • I agree. I feel like its more of a situation of a psychiatrist convincing her that she is taking an okay amount for some nonexistent problem or one that she is mentally amplifying. I’m sure that’s how she’s getting away with masking it with alcoholism. Yes alcohol enhanced the effects of her abuse, but she is definitely not an alcoholic.

    • Again I say, Kyle has had no problem discussing her sister and her issues for two seasons with anyone within ear shot, but now she wants to be private? Kyle is a very strange woman, who doesn’t seem to understand that the audience has a memory.

    • Yes, but I don’t think it is you that actually Baker act them. I think that the Dr. must ultimately make that decision. Say for instance if you take some one in or report them to the sherrif and they take them in only a Dr. can offically Baker act them. Of course it could be the request of the family but unless it’s validated by a professional it won’t happen. They can only keep them for 72 hrs., after 72 hrs. it must be determined if they are an imminent threat to themselves or others. After 72 hrs. most people with mental issues will be stabelized on their meds or lack there of, which makes them no longer a threat and will be released. If they need more evaluation they will then be sent to another facility for futher assesment. It’s tricky and I have delt with it in regaurds to my Godchild who at 17 started to exhibit schizophric symptoms but was later determined that bipolararity and drugs were more likely. He is doing fair but for awhile he was spending a lot of time being Baker acted in to emergancy rooms. When he turned 20 he was no longer covered under the states children’s medicare they provided (yes, in that state it’s 19 and not 18) and he started going to jail. It is a super sad thing and very hard to navigate the system if you don’t have insurance. Sorry if this is a bummer but I always take a chance to tell about this process as it is not always the most successful for the patient or the family that watches their loved ones goes through this.

    • I think the deviated septum had a big part in her decision for a nose job, and I think I know what often causes those…I also found it funny at dinner when Yolanda started to say somethin about Kim not being consistent with sobriety, then stopped after a pained look from Kyle. Kim is really messed up. She claimed in her interview she didn’t use the pain meds, which I do not believe. I am sure that the pain from a nose job would need some meds.

      • A nose job would be very painful. Allowing one’s self to actually be in that level of pain is stupid on so many levels. Science has shown the body develops pain memory and that can manifest as chronic pain conditions. I don’t know why anyone would choose to be in pain.

        • I agree Chem, and I don’t buy it. I highly doubt someone would not take any pain meds after a major nose job, especially someone who would get snockered if her sister said something wrong. Or if it was

        • Thats interesting Chem about the cell memory for pain. I had no idea. Would be nice if someone could figure out a way to reverse that on the molecular level and make the cells remeber what is feels like to feel good. I aint talking about a foutian of youth , live forever hocus pocus but just something that will keep the body from remebering pain would be sweet. It stands to reason if cells can remember pain (they also remeber fat too) then somewhwere someone should be able to figure out how to make them remeber what it felt like to be pain free or fat free too while we are at it. Would you please get that done Chem?
          Ok I am taklin crazy now so I gots ta go to bed. nite nite yall.

          • They have, look up a neurostimulator- my dr’s did a trial w/me and a neurostim b/c I have chronic pain from being hit by a vehicle going the wrong way on a one way street, and another fall into the gap of the 4/5 train at Union Square has my entire pelvic cradle tilted which hurts the nerves passing through like CRAZY. I have to live on pain medication, and my Dr’s watch me on it like a hawk. I have had an excellent track record but its degenerative, add to that the fact that I have zero padding b/c I’ve been way too thin way too long. Even at a healthy wt- it doesnt go back into the joints, that damage is done and the only way to fix it would be an implant. However I also have seizures which was why I didnt pass the trial- if you’re scrambling pain signals so they dont get to the right receptors in the brain, eliminating any ‘feeling’ its quite probable that other neurotransmitters can be disrupted= seizure…not a good situation. However a nose job doesnt come close to that kind of pain so a high dose Ibuprophen would work where a low-dose narcotic would likely be used. Kim could’ve gotten by with the Ibuprophen but who knows if she did. As for pain memory, you need to have pain for a period of time and noses heal quickly (mine was done at a 15, some would say too young but I was being taken care of by my mother. and after day 3 there was no real pain and I stopped the medication after day 2, but my mother was tasked with giving it to me so I couldnt pop-at-will.

            pain free doesnt work well with fat free though b/c according to most dr’s weight helps pain (unless you’re obese). When I gained 20lbs I didnt feel any change in pain but that’s also b/c of the length of time I’ve had damage and have been in pain management. You learn to use everything, medication, epidurals, patches, yoga, deep breathing, heat, osteopathic manipulations, acupuncture and phys. therapy (aqua or hydro therapy being more effective forms w/no impact).

      • Oh, you know he does! I bet they got in a lil spat because she wouldn’t go with his idea on writing in “amaaaaaaazing”.
        Knock it off already, MoReese!

      • After Ken had such a good time repeating that word to whoever happened to be around, I think Mo is going to remove that word from his vocabulary. LOL!

  7. Kim is starving for attention and she gets it by always doing the unexpected. This just gives Kyle another opportunity to say how Kim doesn’t treat her like a sister and poor,poor Kyle. They are both extreme narcissists. Sick.

  8. Can we just drop the whole Maloofs own 2% of the Palms B.S.?

    It’s so annoying, and the Maloofs are all arrogant, and in truth they haven’t really “worked” for their money.

    Adrienne is an “heiress” no matter which way she spins it.

    The father worked hard and invested in various things such as sports, they had a coors distributorship (in my opinion I would have kept this not sold it), and real estate.

    They sold the Fiesta Casino and Hotel in 2000 for somewhere in the neighborhood of $160-$185 million, which they used the proceeds to construct The Palms.

    As with any major real estate project, heavy debt and leverage are used.

    Forbes Estimated their fortune at just over a $1 billion in 2003, however this was a time where interest rates were being dropped low and, EVERYONE was benefiting from the real estate market, no documentation loans, 100% financing, crazy valuations, and what have you.

    Maloof’s just took it one step further and thought they were invincible, however they began missing payments on their loan payments.

    They technically did not sell their shares in the Casino.

    TPG Capital and Leonard Green are not “regular banks”, they are private equity firms, as most big businesses go to them for loans, especially when you get into the tens of million-to hundreds of millions plus range.

    They as private equity firms held the debt on the palms casino, much like how your mortgage company holds the note on your home.

    In order to avert foreclosure and possible bankruptcy, they cut a deal with the private equity firms. The Maloof family would surrender 98% of the casino, and they would retain 2% equity. In addition they would forgive $400 million in debt on the casino, and be left with about $20 million in debt on their “condo-hotel” tower.

    Yes they can buy back up to 20% equity, but that requires money.

    Yes they sold the Sacramento kings, coors distributorship, pay down debt, so who knows what they have at this moment. I’m sure its substantial, but no where near the $1 billion.

    Adrienne is renting a house now a $20,000 a month home, nothing to sneeze at, but for someone that is allegedly worth a couple hundred million bucks, that’s strange.

    The family has cash flow problems bottom line, and are probably building up their reserves, before any “major” investing.

    Furthermore, for Camille to comment about Lisa and SUR, is apples and oranges.

    Lisa doesn’t have a private equity firm as a partner, SUR evidently doesn’t have hundreds of millions in loans, and she never masqueraded that she owned SUR alone, she was quite transparent with that.

    The Maloofs were always giving the facade that they owned it all, were untouchable, and had unlimited amounts of money.

    George Maloof still manages the property, I suppose they let him stay on to save face, and because he’s friendly with, and knows the type of clientele that the Casino needs/wants.

    Anyway, this is enough of a rant…just have been reading the comments around the net people saying they would rather own 2% of the palms, than Lisa’s 51% of SUR.

    If anyone is financially literate, they would want to own whatever gives them “positive cash flow” and have some “liquidity” for their core assets.

    The Private Equity firm could have clauses in their agreement with the Maloof’s that they can’t sell the shares (for a specified amount of time), borrow against it, etc.. Much more restrictions on it I’m sure.


  9. 1. Big congrats to Brandi for holding it together during that BS session!
    2. How Kyle can make the statements she does, and see her and everyone elses actions on the show and come away with her synopsis as it were is insanely delusional, self-serving and narcissistic.
    3. Why does Kyle always deflect and ask why “X didnt do this and she’s not saying anything! why do I have to defend my friends? (who I actually defend as I pick and choose sides helping to pit other different ‘girls’ on the show against each other so I can have a dinner party to make them get along again only to have another HUGE cagematch that will wind up with someone being caught with their pants down)…Why cant she, knowing Lisa wants her to defend her as she’s said in other reunions, just STAND UP FOR HER ONCE IN A DAMN WHILE???? she is STOOPID!!!
    4. EVERYONE KNOWS that you were helping to make the calls about Lisa to all the other HW’s, you were probably listening in on Adrienne talking to Brandi as you two werent close- but you had to be listening (just so Kyle).
    5. Yolanda has all of their numbers, she is kicking ass and taking names. :) yay!!

    • 3.5 The reason Lisa declined her invitation to have a dinner party with Adrienne and Lisa, is because she knew it was none of Kyle’s business ,and that Kyle would somehow run the show. Since it took Adrienne being on camera to come up with something that could be construed as a apology, I don’t blame Lisa for thinking it was fake, but I do blame Kyle for wanting to orchestrate the fakery.

  10. I’m sorry, but I’m not buying it because of the group meeting at Lisa’s house where she was blindsided and Kyle WAS involved. While she can maintain plausible deniability because she might not have go to the Polo Lounge that night, I find it extremely hard to believe that she didn’t know anything about it, especially now months after the fact. I knew Yolanda didn’t like Kyle, and I’ve come to realize that the reason Marissa is making snarky comments at Yolanda is because Yolanda has no use for Kyle and her drama. You are so close to someone, yet the audience knows more then you do about their business? Really? Then I would say you and Lisa are not really friends, and it goes back to Kyle’s unwavering need to vocally support Adrienne especially when it’s at Lisa’s expense. Mark my words. Somehow everything is going to come round to Lisa, and Lisa is going to find out once and for all who her true friends really are. Kyle said on WWHL that she does not defend Lisa because Lisa can defend herself. So when exactly did Adrienne become a poor defenseless waif exactly?

    • IA. Kyle has shown that she really isn’t Lisa’s friend on several occasions as you mentioned. They were friends at the start of the show, but Lisa should see that Kyle is no longer her friend and stop expecting any kind of loyalty from Kyle. That clip from the reunion show preview shows that Kyle is going to bad mouth Lisa again.

      • It’s jealousy pure and simply, and reminds me of the Jill Zarin/Bethenny debacle from NY. Jill wanted to run everything, including who was friends with whom, while Bethenny was moving onward and upward without her. Going forward I don’t see a friendship between Lisa and Kyle, although Lisa will do what she needs to do before the camera’s should she decide the stay with the show, and frankly I don’t think she should.

  11. Jennifer and Marisa stayed out of it because they don’t know Adrienne. Hmmmm….your buddy Faye could learn something from these two.

  12. I don’t watch the show anymore and I haven’t seen an episode of this season but I do follow what’s going on in the show along with the feelings of the audience which makes me tempted to ask: Wouldn’t it be something if they booted Kyle off the show and kept Kim? Quel scandale! Maybe now that Kim is kind of sober she could hold her own/play her own role in the show, as she is a good actress, and maybe Kim might also thrive if Kyle wasn’t always around. So many people seem to be extremely fond of Kim because they remember her from the movie roles she played as a kid – Kyle, not so much.

        • I know I read it here, if she is not a producer then she definately owns a part of it. If anyone else remembers exactly what her part is please jump in!! MP, Ms. SH. I am pretty sure it’s a producing credit though.

          • All I remember is that Kyle was one of the first people cast (Bravo turned to her because of the Hilton connection) and subsequently helped to cast the show. So Kyle is responsible for all of them (except for Brandi). Now… to gauge her power… it’s my understanding that she STRONGLY didn’t want Brandi, but didn’t win that fight so…. she’s just the Jill Zarin of RHOBH

            • And I think that is the main issue between Kyle and Lisa, although we’ll never hear her say it. Lisa has worked her Bravo connection, while Kyle is still just a housewife who keeps trying to seed the cast with her friends.

            • I see Kyle having a fate very similar to Jill Z. Getting criticized for her attitude and then slowly shoved out. That’s also the problem with women like Kyle who aren’t really ambitious, but convince themselves they are. While Lisa was marketing herself, networking and building her relationship with Bravo, Kyle assumed a “queen b” attitude and focused on the drama and getting what she wanted in terms of casting, setups and storylines

            • Yes, and I think that’s the reason Kyle decided to open a store. The first season she was all about being a stay at home mom and having yet another child. Then she figured out that Lisa was moving onward and upward and decided she needed to Attempt to create a career for herself, all while hating on Lisa.

  13. I don’t agree that were it not for Kyle no one would know about Kim’s addiction. It was obvious Kim had issues. Kyle is very aware of the war going on over Adrienne she should have kept her mouth shut when the script called for Camille to bring her up but then were would the drama be. I do think Yolanda’s dislike for Adrienne showed when she said Ad chose not to be present like that made it OK to talk about her. I also got Camille’s point about discussing Lisa’s business because it was OK to discuss the Palms. I hope they come up with a new storyline this one is old.

    • Here is why I think the HWs in general get pissy about a cast mate ditching a get together. they all have contracts and if certain ones are able to just phone it in the others prolly get cheesed off about it.
      Lisa didn’t bring up the 2% Palms though that was Brandi so if Camille wanted to fire back on Absent Maggy Mae’s behalf then she should have directed her barb directly at Brandi’s financial situation…”You rent your toaster!” sumpin like that. :)

      • LMAO, rent the toaster… Top of the mornin to you!
        I hated when vyle said you got a nose job Brandi… Who cares.. She made it everyone’s business when she talked to Kim on speaker phone.. Great sister hey?
        Let Adrienne speak for herself… She doesn’t need all her little soldiers marching to her tune… Grow some Adrienne or ask lil ROD, for his, if he has any..

        • Good morning Shelah. Adrienne had to get a kid boyfriend because the shady hallmark quote spouting storyline was already taken by Vickster. Both ladies crave yes men.

  14. Doesn’t Kyle watch her own show??? Lisa met with her partner in Sur on two separate shows. So Kyle spouting that she knows NOTHING about this is a crock. From what I have seen I believe that Ken and Lisa are warm and generous friends,,but it is time for both of them to totally distance themselves from Mo and Vyle as they seem to take great delight in making derogatory, mean, vicious remarks about Lisa and Ken to try to influence the viewers to dislike them.

    • thank you !! I thought perhaps we weren’t watching the same show because Lisa’s partnership for SUR was clearly part of the show and not a secret and who really cares about the Magoofs except for the Magoofs …thanks by the way SH love that nickname

      • I’m with the rest of you on not believing she didn’t know. Kyle is extremely nosy to begin with, and I’m sure she watches the show multiple times just to look at herself since she thinks she’s so wonderful. I also don’t believe that she didn’t know about the Maloof’s and the Palm’s. Mo is in real estate, I’m sure they read all the rag mags, and surely they read the newspapers. I really don’t buy that she doesn’t keep up with everything going on in the lives of all the women on the show.

        I think Lisa is just waiting for the chance to catch Kyle for lying about being in on the selling stories meeting. Maloof is not smart enough to think up a plan by herself, in the preview, she can’t even make a decent defense against the things she’s done,,,all this “shame on you” and silly stuff like that don’t work in an argument….I hope they rip her a new one next week. I’m ready for Kyle’s part in the ‘meeting of the mindless’ to come out, too. None of them are really after Brandi, it’s Lisa they are so jealous of. They know if they can get rid of Lisa, they’ll just not invite Brandi to film with them like Jill wanted with Bethenny.

  15. ITA with all of you!! Kyle, I really hope you read SH (of course you do), not sure you read all the comments but let me tell you sthg. IMO, you are a despicable, selfish, self-absorbed, shit-stirring, unloyal, delusionnal, dishonest, immature hair-flipping famewhore. I pity Kim for being your sister. You are a disgrace to the human race.

  16. On another note, a business venture idea for Lisa… On the wall paper she looks like an inflatable doll! No offense, I really like her a lot but it’d be fun, they’d call it “The lisa”!!

  17. Never did understand the Maloof’s photo ops while pushing the frozen yogurt places either. Those are notorious money losers lately. Just seemed weird. IMO.

  18. Funny how Kyle is quick to defend Adrienne, only because she is Mauricio’s client, and stirs the pot for everyone else. She has no loyalty whatsoever. But, the funniest is how when Yolanda said I am leaving, Kyle quickly got up and said I am going with you on the private plane. Hmmmm, why didn’t Mauricio send a private plane for you? Yolanda should have told her, you need to stay and keep stirring the drama pot.

    Kyle does all that crap because she is a producer, and we all know how producers need to mess with these housewives to make them talk about each other.

  19. I watched the video with Kyle and Lisa for next week’s episode twice, once with sound and once without. Lisa’s body language is sincere – she’s leaning forward and making direct eye contact. Kyle is stiff, uncomfortable and keeps looking away. At one point she purses her lips shut as if to say something but doesn’t want it on camera. When Lisa at the end says “OK”, I think she finally realizes that their relationship will never be the same because they do not share the same values. Kyle’s loss!

    What does Kyle see in Adrienne? She is as fake and as phony as they come, even more so than Faye. She constantly lies. She allows her chef to disparage Lisa on camera and on Facebook then denies that he is the source for negative stories about Lisa and Brandi. She made false accusations of child and spousal abuse during her divorce. She allowed her chef to post naked abuse pictures of her on his Facebook page and, even after being sued, he is continuing making these allegations. Just one word from Adrienne would end this. And she has a no-fun personality. Is Kyle on her side because Mauricio wants a commission on her house sale and future house rental/purchase? Yolanda sees right through Kyle and Adrienne. Kyle is embarrassing herself. And Mauricio need to stay out of this. His comments on WWHL were totally out of line. He needs a shave and is looking seedy. Class will out.

    • Kyle no doubt sees herself in Adrienne and a couple more commissions. She isnt in Adrienne’s shadow whereas with Lisa, she’s not the ‘most popular girl’ b/c the fans clearly like Lisa more so it just stands to reason that given she thinks she ‘brought Lisa onto HER show’, she should fall back in line, but Lisa has no problem standing on her own. Kyle has to be the most talked about, most liked and most impressive, but Lisa overshadows EVERYTHING Kyle has and is. I’m surprised Lisa has given Kyle as many passes as she has especially after that Bobby Fischer comment from the first reunion, I’d have cut her out of my life like a tumor then and there but Lisa is clearly more forgiving than I. Not to mention they have Martin for their RE deals, so the Umansky’s follow the money like ambulance chasers. I am curious as to what will happen should Brandi either make a ton of money or find a guy with a lot of it what will happen b/c I can see Mo turning on a dime for the right commission and Kyle will fall into lockstep with him b/c they’re out for themselves and themselves only (as evidenced by the fact that Maurice used his in-laws up to the point where he could try to step over them, which is funny now that Lisa and Ken are hob-nobbing with them…and how flustered Mo was at just the thought of them meeting for dinner or whatever they were meeting for…) I cannot stand Kathy, but at the same time it would be interesting to see how that relationship between Lisa & Ken and Kathy & Rick develops and for what purpose.

      On another note, how the hell can Adrienne say ‘she’s gonna get slapped with a big fat lawsuit’ clearly bragging about litigation one episode, then three shows later she’s flat out denying any such actions regarding litigation towards Brandi as if Brandi just pulled that whole situation out of her arse. I cannot wait to see the next meal from hell…especially b/c Brandi seems to stay composed which will probably shock the sh!t out of Adrienne who as Yolanda correctly summed up as an extremely insecure woman.

      • How did I watch that episode twice and not notice that Lisa and ken were leaving to have dinner with Kathy and Rick!? I completely missed that! I’m sure Kyle was dying and that’s obviously why she had Paris not only show up but get some camera time with her (sadly though that time consisted of Paris pretending to be interested in their girls trip and trying not to act weirded out when Auntie Kyle tried to pretend they always talk and are super close but didn’t know about her concert). Kyle shaking in her boots over their friendship may result in some odd behavior in surrounding episodes (even if that weird behavior is that she shuts up a bit!)

        • It was the slight change in Mo’s face when Ken said who he and Lisa were having dinner with that was priceless.

  20. It’s so funny to watch someone so jealous scramble to prove it’s someone else that has the problem. No really, no really it’s not mean girl Vyle at all , no really , really… lol :D

  21. I still can’t believe that anyone thinks it is the same thing…Brandi bringing up the Palms 2% and Camille bringing up Sur. There was mention, once again, of Adrienne being so unhappy because Pandora’s party was at the Hard Rock and not the Palms. Brandi said in direct reponse to that – about the 2% ownership – as a why should Adrienne care…she only owns 2%. Does Adrienne not think Lisa has tons of much better friends who own casino’s in Vegas. Adrienne is so peripheral, and her 2% ownership statement by Brandi was to diffuse the whole “Pandora’s party situation. Camille brought up SUR completely out of the blue and in no response to a question or an ongoing issue. It was just flat out mean. There is no comparison between the two being brought up.

    • Yep, she was trying to start something. Even if that something was a baseless rumor that maybe only a tiny sliver of the fan base will believe and run with. Too bad she underestimated most viewers and didn’t know that Lisa is completely truthful and honest about having a partner in SUR on her show.

    • Camille was trying to deflect from the issue at hand, that she was involved with Adrienne in attacking Lisa. She also kept saying Brandi “threw her under the bus”. Last I checked, you can’t get thrown under the bus unless you are indeed at fault. Camille’s phony theatrics and defensive attitude told Lisa that Brandi was telling the truth. Silly cow.

  22. Kyle, Kyle, — why so vile?
    Could it be you’re in denial?
    Try so hard to make us believe
    But when you talk, you make us heave
    Not as smart as Lisa, Yo & Brandi
    Given your bile, they are dandy
    We could save Kim too, if you go away
    But since you don’t get it, looks like you’ll stay
    Mo’s money has not bought you class
    Nor for him, as he’s an ass
    You must interfere, stir up the chatter
    Cuz that’s the only way you seem to matter

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