KYLE RICHARDS: Kyle’s BravoBlog… Says YoFo “Don’t Know Me” And “Has Issues” With Kyle… Says ALL The RHOBH Need to “BUTT OUT” When It Come To Her Sister, Kim!… Adrienne “Takes Pride” in ThePalms…



Being in Vegas with the girls was fun. Watching all the girls do their thing on the pole had me laughing. I love when we are all getting along and having fun  like that. I wish we could be like this all the time.  NOTE:  Ya mean you’re not???

Getting the call from Kim about getting her nose done threw me off, to say the least. She has mentioned it a number of times but never seemed serious. A lot of things were going through my mind at the moment — none of which I wanted to share with anyone in the car. I had my concerns, but I also know how important my sister’s sobriety is to her. I wanted to have a conversation with Kim in private.

RHOBH Camille Adrienne Yolanda pg

Yolanda later said in her interview that she doesn’t know why I was making light of Kim getting her nose done. Yolanda doesn’t know what I was thinking and it seems she was making light of it herself in the limo.  Clearly she has an issue with me.

That night looked like it was going to be another fun night. The girls were all in a good mood and happy. After we sat down, the questions regarding Kim having her nose done started flying at me. I really didn’t want to discuss this with the girls. Some of them hardly know my sister at all and I felt this was personal. I didn’t want to discuss it in my interviews either.

I am not an expert on this topic but it doesn’t take one to realize this could potentially be a problem. Any concerns I had, I wanted to discuss with my sister directly.

After we switched gears in our conversation, it then turned to Adrienne. When Camille said she couldn’t help but think of her when we were in Vegas, I echoed her sentiments. What a mistake! Especially with a group of people who are either angry with Adrienne or who don’t even know her.

When Brandi made the comment that Adrienne now only owns 2 percent of The Palms, I thought “Here she goes again.” Saying something to hurt or embarrass someone. I know they take great pride in The Palms and this was obviously a sore subject.   NOTE:  They “take pride” in the ‘already bought out’ Palms?  Seriously, Kyle???

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I actually do like Brandi. I just don’t always agree with her actions. Just because something is “true” doesn’t mean we should say it. Of course if two people are fighting to the degree Adrienne and Brandi have, most “rules” go out the window.

Then there goes Yolanda again. Saying that “Kyle loves the drama”. . .Weren’t we ALL discussing this issue? It was a heated conversation between all the women at the table about a very sensitive topic. Only Marisa and Jennifer stayed quiet because they don’t really know Adrienne like the rest of us.

Then Lisa tells Brandi to tell us what she had told her on the phone. AGAIN about the Reunion! I have heard many different versions of this now. Sometimes my name is involved, sometimes it’s not. I want to say for the record, I was NEVER called by ANYONE about any meeting regarding Lisa. Never. Lisa and I were closer than the others at the time. So, if that meeting DID take place, it makes sense why I wasn’t called.

Just when I thought things couldn’t get worse, Camille makes the comment to Lisa about owning SUR. THEN the whole table goes quiet. I know NOTHING about Lisa’s businesses and I had never heard this before. Lisa immediately said that she owns 51 percent of SUR. I did not think that Lisa needed defending. She explained immediately! Lisa later told me that she was upset I didn’t defend her. Why wasn’t she upset with Brandi for not defending her? They’re very close friends. Maybe Brandi also didn’t think Lisa needed defending. It’s also obvious Lisa is still angry with me, so she is hyper sensitive to anything I may do or NOT do.

I can’t stand that everyone seems so divided lately. It seems we are expected to pick a side. I wish Adrienne were here to speak for herself. It has put everyone who has defended her in her absence, in a very bad position.   NOTE:  Uh… helllooooo, Kyle!! You are aware of what’s happening next week, right???  Adrienne shows up for ANOTHER dinner at ANOTHER HWs house.  What a dumbazz!

Until next week. . .


This is for YOU, Kyle… look, it’s Adrienne!

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  1. Funny how much of their time some of these gals spend trying too hard, protesting too much. Boring enough on the tube but to spend you’re free time tweeting & blogging your version. It reminds me of the line in that song “Okay , I believe you!” hehehe. Mmmaybe not.


  2. AZ Fan…that is the most awesome thing I have read on this offense to everyone else with the clever reparte..but love it


    • Thank you, that is very nice! I wish I had some of the one-liners I see on the site, as I spend a lot of time just laughing out loud. I saw yesterday that someone called Adrienne “Adri-man” and I busted out. There are a lot of good people on this site I think – the occasional troll – but it’s very fun for me to have this outlet. My life is peachy compared the HW. :)


  3. This whole thing is ridiculous already. Kyle is the one who asked Brandi at SUR, what exactly happened between you and Adrienne? Brandi then told her story and made the comments regarding the surrogacy. Brandi was not right to bring that up, but according to Kim’s comments when they were leaving SUR, no one addressed it that night and told Brandi that she went too far by bringing that up. Kim immediately reports the comments to Adrienne and Paul the next day, and the name calling argument ensued. Adrienne has made herself look like a fool, because she called Brandi a liar, and now she admits that it is true. I understand her being upset because it is private, but lying about having a caesarean was ridiculous. They talk about Brandi revealing this information, but it has been discussed in front of all the women and then some, during the subsequent episodes. Furthermore, Bravo did not reveal Brandi’s comments, and did not edit effectively when Kyle said “it is not about the surrogacy” at the Moroccan restaurant. Which by the way, when Bravo shows reruns of the episode now, they have edited that portion and no longer is it shown or heard on the show coming out of Kyle’s mouth! Meantime, the anger shown about Brandi’s reveal of this information is stupid, because these people are discussing this fact ad nauseum in front of everyone and anyone.

    Brandi does say way too much and curses everyone out, and then say “I was angry or I shouldn’t have said it–and she should grow up already and stop with that behavior. It was not necessary for her to point out that Adrienne and the Maloofs only own 2% of the Palms, but Kyle and Camille attacking for that is just as ridiculous as EVERYONE KNOWS IT ALREADY!! Camille coming back at Lisa because of it and saying that she does not own SUR is just plain stupid. One has nothing to do with the other. Lisa did not say it, and it isn’t relevant to Adrienne being angry that Pandora did not hold her bachelorette party at the Palms.

    This “support” of Adrienne is assinined, as the truth was known by these women, and is now public by Adrienne’s own admission. Adrienne did threaten to sue if Brandi didn’t stop talking because even Bravo edited the comments out of the show–which they have done for no one else in any of the franchises. So in the next episode, when Adrienne claims “there is no lawsuit”, when clearly there was a threat of one, is again just plain stupid and shows the lack of integrity of Adrienne to continually lie about a variety of topics. Why any of these women are defending Adrienne lying all the time, is beyond me? The immaturity and lack of integrity these women are displaying is ridiculous. Kyle defending “her friend Adrienne” is ludicrous, since she knows Adrienne is lying, and Adrienne did attack Lisa’s character when she said that Lisa was selling stories to the tabloids, and everyone including Kyle remained quiet. Those comments by Adrienne about Lisa were far more aggregious as they were a lie and were defamatory. Brandi’s comments regarding the surrogacy were morally wrong, but she was not lying, and everyone in that group knows it. Why these women don’t have a problem with Adrienne constantly lying is beyond me. I would be telling my friend that she is making herself look bad by constantly lying, instead of attacking anyone else and defending certain issues but not others. Kyle is also making herself look biased and picking whom to defend based on illegitimate complaints. There is no consistency–if it is morally wrong for one, then it is morally wrong when Adrienne does it as well. The problem I have is that Kyle isn’t loyal to her friends, only certain of her friends. Kyle clearly still has issues with Lisa or she would be equitable in her loyalty and defense of her friends. Brandi and Kyle, and now Camille, all need to shut their mouths and acting like they are in high school. Brandi says the 2% comment, then Kyle says Brandi did her nose (Brandi denies and Kyle insists she is lying) and Camille then says Lisa doesn’t own SUR because she doesn’t like it that Brandi has thrown her under the bus. WORSE THAN HIGH SCHOOL!! Lisa has class but constantly defends Brandi by saying Brandi is too honest for her own good. This is also wrong because Brandi does run her mouth too much about a variety of people and situations. There is something called “tact” and “maturity”, and they should all start exercising it. It is not necessary for Brandi to blurt out everything, and Kyle, Faye, Taylor, Mauricio, Kim and Camille don’t need to stir the pot and respond. Sometimes, you just should shut your mouth and stay out of it. Adrienne should just stop lying. Kudos to Lisa, Yolanda and Marisa for showing some restraint and class in keeping their mouths shut. I should think they are all sick of all the bs, as I know I am.


  4. The best thing about this episode was that it was 100% Traylor free…begin phase out…begin Traylor scrambling for her next husband even it he is already somebody’s husband.


      • By the time items it MyHabit (which is run by Amazon), they are trying to get rid of the items. This is the second time her shoes have shown up there, and these weren’t part of the original collection. A few of the pairs looks suspiciously like the one’s in the Mark and James collection (the more affordable Badgley Mischka), so maybe she’s got a good knock off designer.


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