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Hello everyone! Thank you so much for taking the time to read and write on this blog, I really enjoy your points of view as well as sharing mine. . .I’m continuing to try to get my point across without sounding too judgmental. It’s a fine line to walk, but please know that I always come from a place of kindness.

Vegas, Woohoo! I am sure you had a good laugh watching us clowns. . .

As you can tell, I won’t be able to get a job as a pole dancer anytime soon. But even though I felt and looked like a total amateur, I really enjoyed and had a lot of fun at Brandi’s pole dancing event. She looked fantastic and thank god she did not need our expertise to get the job.

It seems Adrienne  is creating a beautiful collection and is focused on her business. I wish her luck and success in all her ventures. That said, I believe she is giving Brandi way too much energy and wish she would just move on and stop blaming others for the increasing misery in her life.

You know, it’s the way Adrienne says “I hope Brandi is having fun in Vegas, I have a business to run.” Just rubs me the wrong way. . .

I don’t know Adrienne very well because she never reached out to me, but I have observed her behavior and she comes off quite arrogant. Again she is belittling Brandi’s  business to empower herself, and I find it very unattractive and unproductive.

Even though they don’t get along, they should not be dismissive of each other’s success because at the end of the day we are all working for the same reason — and that is to help support our children and family.

I took the same pride in my dishwashing job as a child as I take in running my company today. When done with heart, commitment, and integrity, every job is equally important.

Kim’s phone call was a big surprise. I wished she had come to Vegas instead of having plastic surgery, because I was really worried that the anesthesia and medication would throw off the chemical balance in her brain and jeopardize her sobriety. It looks however, like she pulled it off, and, as always, I am rooting for her. If the nose job makes her feel better about herself, then how can we say it’s right or wrong?

All of us who have suffered from lost love can recognize the negative body language  between Adrienne and Paul. It’s sad when you get to that point where, for no valid reason, everything your partner does bothers you. I am sorry to see this and it’s unfortunate for their children, but this looks like it might be the beginning of the end.

I find it hard to believe Paul would put a patient from Saudi Arabia and her surgery on hold to get his back lasered, but then again nothing in Beverly Hills surprises me these days.

Lisa and I spent a great afternoon at the sale of Dolce and Gabbana. Seeing us walk to dinner and giggling reminds me of the importance of girlfriend time. Unfortunately the fun did not last very long. . .

It’s always a pleasure to have Jennifer around and listen to her great insights on addiction.

Marisa wasn’t having a great day and the red wine spill did not make that any better. BTW girls, Barbra Streisand could without a doubt give you some laundry tips. She is one of the most meticulous homemakers I know and has many talents beyond her singing  and acting.

We all have different friends in and outside this group so I am not dismissing Kyle and Camille’s friendship with Adrienne but why are we ruining another dinner over this?

Like I said, the only thing constant in life is change. And even though friendships can take on different shapes and forms, they can still be of great value in our lives. Adrienne could have stayed engaged with the group regardless of her issues with Brandi — but she chose not to.

I like Camille, but unfortunately there seems to be a different perception of her conversation with Brandi. I did find the SUR remark way below the belt and I don’t know what Lisa did to deserve that. It’s concerning though to see someone speak with such conviction about private business matters — a textbook example of the seed of trash talk leading to gossip! If you are going to stand up and make a scene, you better get your facts straight.

I am really having a hard time figuring out who is loyal to whom.
I believe it is totally OK not to be best friends with every person in the group. Naturally you have more chemistry with some than others but just be honest about it and fight fair.

Kyle using Brandi’s “nose job” as a fact of credibility is such an immature and mean girl remark. . .My thoughts of Brandi are not more or less, with or without a nose job.

I am starting to really feel the hurt feelings from the last reunion that is fueling all this negativity. In the plane on our way home, I really pushed Kyle and Lisa to have a heart to heart so that I could better understand.

I listened to two women trying to justify their position. I saw a lot of pain and tears but also love between two souls that have lost their trust and friendship but are not really ready to give it all up and walk away.

The next day I have to admit I finally watched the reunion of RHOBH’s Season 2 just to understand what really happened on that defining night that created so much damage in this group.

I finally realized that I had made a big mistake by not investing time in the history of these ladies.

To be honest with you, I really felt bad for Lisa and without knowing all the details. It seemed like a mean attack on a woman they once called their best friend.

So as we travel through this exciting Season 3 together, you will be seeing a lot more fun and drama from this dynamic group of women, as we share a part of our lives, as well as the making and breaking of relationships in all kinds of uncomfortable but real situations. I am certainly not drama-free in my life, and I used to be a lot more feisty, but I have arrived at a place where I really try to not sweat the small stuff anymore. Since losing my health I also feel strongly about making each new day worthwhile.

If I could share anything with my girlfriends and you, it would be this:  Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future but concentrate the mind on the present moment.

With that said, have a great week,

Much love,

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  1. Yolanda does not belong on this sinking ship.They beat every scene to death.Now we find out the lawsuit was bogus just for another fake argument.The HW hags are too boring.Enjoy your one and only season and your life without all this fake cattiness.


  2. Jesus, VOICE OF REASON. I love how Yolanda was able to come into this group with no pre-conceived notions or any history of the show or the ladies and IMMEDIATELY sniffed the fake ones out (Kyle & Addrienne) recognized Adrienne for the arrogant dickhead she is, recognized Kyle for being the instigating, drama thriving mean girl BITCH that she is, and loves Brandi & Lisa who are both pure hearted and the only real ones.

    I really really like Yolanda, and I think it’s actually funny and endearing how out of place she is with this group. It’s like if an average Joe was plucked into this circle with her “Why the hell did I fly across the country to listen to these ladies scream at each other?”

    Hagface Kyle has finally met her match


  3. I love Love LOVE Yolanda, but the Adrienne bots are going to go on the attack on her blog. That said she is the REAL voice of reason on this show, and I love seeing how she doesn’t put up with the BS Kyle, Adrienne and now Camille are dishing out. She’s a tough cookie who knows Adrienne is no threat!


  4. ~~IMO~~

    Hagface Kyle is in no way a match for Yolanda who actually has connections, style, class and $$ to back it up. Kyle is trash that needs to be tossed with Faye, Adrienne and SHAFT. I didn’t even notice SHAFT was not there until they showed the preview for next week’s show.


  5. Camille’s out and out lie through me for a curve and I was really taken aback when she admitted to Brandi that she lied because she didn’t appreciate being put on the spot. That woman is a piece of work, and not at all the docile little woman she’s been portraying for the past two seasons now.


      • Camilles the Same hooker she always was, the look in her eye and the subtle smirk when she said to Brandi ” you put me on the spot”‘ was so disgusting, so she can lie and its okay to throw Brandi under the bus AGAIN. I hope Brandi uses that in the reunion


        • Yeah that was chilling. I replayed it several time to make sure I was hearing and seeing what it looked like she was saying. Sure nuff scandalous. What ever possessed her to even say it.. seems to me that she had been lying all night so what was the point of letting the mask slip? I hesitate to hope its brought up at reunion because you know if SWINE ids within earshot she will attempt to revisit the whole “We don’t say he beats you…” line and make it all about her and this is not even in the same ballpark. Maybe SWINE will get snowed in for reunion.


  6. I don’t like Yolanda, but I have to agree with you… in the land of the blind, the one-eyed are kings! (roughly translated, hope it makes some sense!!) Ans Kim looks adorable in that wallpaper picture, and her nose looked really ok! What happened?


  7. I like Yolanda a lot. I think she is right on in her observations and I don’t find her arrogant or “above it all”. She tells it like she sees it and I admire her unwillingless to engage in screaming matches. Just when I was starting to like Camile she made that remark about Lisa’s business and then lied about her knowledge of Adrienne’s scheme to bring Lisa down. Camile is now on my ka-ka list. Don’t like her at all.


  8. I don’t understand why Yolanda is even on this show, as she adds absolutely nothing to anything. Who really cares to hear her little baseless stories and to listen to her condescending tone about everyone and every little thing? As far as I’m concerned, she’s simply a ‘space filler’ and not a very likable one at that. Watching her is like watching grass grow or water boil…a real snooze.


      • I like Yolanda because in her quiet, dignified way she calls BS on the others. It seems to have more of a punch than simply trying to scream above the other screamers.


    • Adds NOTHING?? She has already schooled Taylor,which EVERYONE was waiting for and will be schooling the rest of these ‘women’ during the reunion. I also love that from one preview of the entire season you hear her saying ‘who is Adrienne Maloof in this world?’ so she’s going to be reading them to sleep! Cannot wait for the reunion!! I have to agree with Lisa in that she is a force to be reckoned with! Love the new ladies (and that doesnt include the human-hoover-faye)


  9. she sees the truth and very elegantly calls it out…. she’s a class above them all.. she’s truly become my favorite.. i loveeeeeeeeee her house.. and her priorities.. God Bless Her!


  10. I just read on MSN that Yolanda is leaving the show. These “ladies” and I use the word loosley, are not in her arena, good for you Yolanda I didn’t think this show was anywhere in your league.


    • I watched a video of her saying she didn’t know, but was still thinking of her health, that she got sick on the show.

      I like her a lot, so if she goes, she will earn the #1 spot for me as the best HW of all time.


      • I really, really like Yolanda and hope for her sake that she does leave the show. It’s such a toxic atmosphere it would make anyone sick.


  11. I have to agree, Yolanda is pure class as well as head and shoulders above the rest. I admire her strength, femininity , character and code of honor. Yolanda ‘s words match her deeds. If she leaves she will be very sorely missed as the voice of not only reason but integrity as well. Yolanda allows us to pierce the vale of faux drama , nasty gossip and petty jealousy and see the RH as who they really are, actresses working for a paycheck. Just because these ladies aren’t Dame Judy Dench or Meryl Streep caliber does not mean they aren’t acting all the same.


  12. loved that they caught Camille on camera admitting she was lying when Brandi was talking about the plot by Adrienne…There are the real Camille spots she has been hiding. What a lying biache.!


  13. the comment on yolands’s blog, regarding she and lisa, having a fun girl time shopping, says all i have thought. they are really the only true, sure of themselves, non back-stabbing women on this show.


  14. Her husband, when he was on the View, told Whoopie” that you’ll never see his wife fighting with the others”, I guess he had the insight that this wasn’t what Yolanda signed up for. Neither one of them want to stoop to the level Bravo has gone and they diffently don’t need the money. Pure class, IMO.


  15. I think what is sad is that someone like Yolanda comes on this show and since she doesnt bring drama,backstabbing or being a bitch some people don’t care for her.I know most do like her. I do.I think sometimes one of the reasons the world is so messed up is unfortunately because women like Camo,Aid,Hagface and the other bitches do exist. If someone like Yolanda comes along she is considered boring or bla. Reality television unfortunately has become a guilty pleasure for some people who relish watching the rich and so called famous be trashed,bullied and look like total bitches.Yes, I admit it i am guilty of watching even though I keep saying I am going to stop. I don’t think I get off on watching the shitty side of these women. I think that I started out watching it because was curious about how the other side lives.As time went on and the true character of some came out I decided to keep watching but with a different perspective of what was getting out of it. They have become my soaps. Very little is real. Most of it is so much like a soap I no longer feel so strongly about some of the people. They all have become actors and actresses. The bubble has popped. My rose colored glasses have become magnifying glasses…lol…I just have to get one more thing in. Cynthia. Makes me sick. I have always hated the snitch,backstabbing uppity I am your best friend until you leave the room bitch. Someday I hope the script calls for her to get snatched by a pack of wild dingos on one of her many diplomatic trips! LOL…Ok am done for the moment hope didn’t step on any-ones feelings here.


    • The reality is the other women like kyle camille etc are the bores……no style, no intelligence, no wit, so they just make nasty comments, gossip, spread rumors and dig dig dig. Small minded ppl talk about ppl, middle minded ppl talk about events, and large minded ppl talk about ideas and create.


    • I don’t think her rising above the rest has anything to do with whether or not people like her. You know how some people just rub you the wrong way? She’s one that gets under my skin. No more, no less.
      They are ALL acting on these shows, and to think or believe otherwise might be a bit naive. They have a script and a ‘role’ to play, so what we are all seeing is, for the most part, one gigantic fairy tale.
      I do believe these shows replaced the soaps too…and suckered tons of us in to watch them! :P


  16. Yolanda is good but she keeps harping too much on herself and her kindnesses and love blah blah blah. Yolanda is going to find out who she can trust and who she can’t. Lisa is one she can. As for any of the others I don’t know. Ok, bring on Yolanda doing an arrangement. I love her work. BS is no slouch and I bet she does have a lot of house cleaning tips of which I would like to hear. That wine one sounds great. Does it work on carpeting? :-)


  17. Yolanda, I just love you and your insight into this group of women. I truly hope you get your good health back and begin feeling great. God Bless. I love and adore Lisa and I am so glad to see you saying good things about her. I love Brandi too and I wish Bravo would clean house to get rid of everyone except for you, Lisa and Brandi. I am just fed up entirely with Kyle, Adrienne and Taylor…and good riddance to Camille. Kim is a harmless soul with a good heart and I’m so happy for her staying strong and sober.


  18. Yoland blogged that she did not know the history of these women and needed to watch the reunion after she got home from Vegas does not ring true to me. This woman does not strike me as the type of person who would walk into any situation uninformed or unprepared. She is very close to Lisa so I just don’t believe she did not know of Adrienne’s comments at the reunion. It was disingenuous of Yolanda to feel it OK for Brandi to bring up Adrienne’s financial info when Adrienne was not there but stated that it was nobody’s business when Lisa’s financial info was brought up. And she gets upset and gets up to seek the safety of her hubby’s private jet when it is pointed out that the point is that Adrienne’s financial info is also nobody’s business. It was silly of Yolanda to say that Adrienne chose not to be there. Does she expect us to believe that Brandi invited Adrienne to her event and Adrienne refused to join them? She knows better than that. If she had half as much class as she tries to make us believe she does, she would have said we should not be discussing someone who is not here to defend herself, let’s talk about our fun day today. But she did not say that. She went along with discussing Kim and Adrienne who were not there, but shushed the others and removed herself when the confo turned to her good pal Lisa.


    • I agree with you. I don’t dislike Yolanda yet but that remark that Adrienne chose to not be there so therefore she was open game was not very classy. Ms Manners should know better. I know she doesn’t like Adrienne but if you are above the fray stay there you can’t pick and chose with your nose in the air. I think it was frustration with the double standard that caused Camille to shout even thou her info wasn;t 100%.


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