REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS Preview: Brandi v Adrienne… Lisa v Kyle

Bravo…  Lovin’ Camille’s Pucci Dress…


They just keep goin’ round and round… B-O-R-I-N-G!!!


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77 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS Preview: Brandi v Adrienne… Lisa v Kyle

    • Kyle has it out for Lisa, and I can’t help but wonder if it has anything to do with Lisa becoming a Bravo darling over her, the one who appears to have had a lot to do with the casting of the show.

  1. YoFO made a good point it seems everytime these ladies get together it’s all about Brandy and her fighting with Adrienne. Kyle was right to point out to Lisa, Lisa all season has not let go and keeps bringing up the accusation she sold a story; when Lisa does this, she adds fuel to the fire. Brandi seems weak and easily influenced and her actions are a result of Lisa, cause Lisa cannot let go what Adrienne said. Brandy is making a fool out of herself and Adrienne should be far away from this mess, arguing with Brandy is like arguing with a wall, you will get no where. Brandy has had it out for Adrienne since the season started and again I ask why? This season is rediculous and getting old with these two fighting, Lisa crying how she never sold a story and Kyle getting involved in every cornor of this match. I can’t believe I’m about to type the following……Kim, Camielle and YoFo are the only ones acting mature.

    • Lisa keeps trying again and again to get her “friend” Kyle to admit that she’s just not willing to stand up for her, but will fight to the death for Adrienne. I don’t blame Lisa for her confusion or for continuously trying to figure out why, especially given that Kyle was at the meeting with Adrienne at the Polo Lounge that Brandi refused to be a part of. Lisa really could care less about Adrienne, she’s just trying to figure out where it is that her friendship went so far awry. So if I were Kyle, I suppose I’d take issue with her bringing it up too. If I were Lisa, I would simply read the writing on the wall. Somethings we never, ever get an explanation for, and have to simply accept and move on.

      • Kyle is shade-E for sure. If I were Lisa I would never speak to her again. I wonder if Lisa used Mo-Reece when she bought her new house? And when are we ever gonna see the footage that Evloution shot the day they burnt that house down(alledgedly) while filming as Adrienne’s?

        • I think SH said that Mo sold her house, but that Lisa used her friend to buy her new house. I think that footage is yet to come (who ever did it), and that it will signify the end of the Paul and Adrienne’s marriage.

      • It wouldn’t have gone as far as it has if some of the women weren’t so eager to take Lisa down because they know they do not measure up to her integrity and standards. Lisa is really a working class women and the others are pampered princess. Lisa earns her income and pampers herself.

    • Wait someone accuses of a despicable act and you remain in their friendship? Once I know how you truly feel or think about me what I would have to say to you cannot be printed here. However, here is a sample, “the next time my name rolls off your tongue you better be saying something nice because I don’t think you can get a tongue transplant or here is a familiar one, say thing negative or ACCUSATORY and you will need an army of surgeons to get my foot out of your ass.” Friendship means you accept the person the way they are not the way you think they should be, and just because a person says something it doesn’t mean it is true. Don’t put faith in people they are driven by impulse, emotions, hate, jealousy, greed, with all the original sins thrown in.

      • Rah, you’ve just said it all. This Bravo driven nastiness brings out the very worst in the women and their families. “Reality” shows of most types (HW’s, competitions, etc) are pretty much constant fare on TV. It’s no wonder that children, teens and young adults model their behavior on the worst of the worst of these staged interactions. This is friendship? Constant yammering about every nit that must be picked to death?

      • Rah….good input but if Lisa and Ken are such experts on ” friendship ” why do they employ and actually befriend One of the women who slept with cedrics..oh I’m Sorry I meant Brandi’s husband?? just saying if I was Cedric..oh I’m sorry I meant Brandi….I wouldn’t be cool with that.

        • Are you serious Jolot?, The girl worked for Lisa before Lisa knew Brandi?…
          do you know anything of Employer/Employee or anything about laws in the work place!

          • I know plenty…are you serious?….it’s not applebees Lisa can dump her tomorrow no questions asked….

          • In the real world employee/ employer laws would also prohibit Lisa from letting Stassi bully co- workers because Stassi is ” Pandi’s best friend” sue…..employee/employer laws would also prohibit Lisa from threatening to fire staff because they argued in vegas also Sue……Lisa could dump sheena tomorrow if she was such a good friend.

          • One more thing and then I’ll drop it,.but your comment was outrageous….what employee/employer law that you speak of would of allowed Lisa to have Brandi confront Sheena on company property about an affair that had nothing to do with the workplace?…

      • Love both your comments Rah-Rah. My friends and I are the same way, we may not always agree with a situation (and we tell each other that), but we have each others back regardless and we dont let ANYONE bad mouth or put them down in front of us. Oh how I wish Kyle would get hers on National Tv….Oh wouldnt it be great it Bravo would just let us berate her on WWHL call in…OOOps sorry I forgot I’m talking of Bravo/Andy so that will never happen or anything close to it!!!!

    • Lisa needs to get over that tired ass story. They ALL sell stories to the press whether or not an actual financial sale has occurred they all spin their pathetic story lines for press. Lisa is as fake as her nose and big ass.

  2. Camille is a bald faced liar, who has no problem admitting it on camera, so long as the other ladies aren’t within hearing distance. Kinda disturbing on one hand, and yet not all that surprising on the other. That was my big take away from last night’s episode. Yes the Brandi v Adrienne debacle has warn threadbare, but it was interesting to see just how deep the ‘get Lisa’ thing from last season truly went, keeping in mind that Kyle knew that Camille was lying last night, and went right along with it. It also played along with the Adrienne manufactured story line of Brandy as reckless liar, and for that reason it was worth having this story line play on and on.

    • Mind you, still to come is Camille deciding that Brandi is doing Lisa’s dirty work, and Faye throwing that it Lisa’s face. I realize these people don’t think the viewers can put two and two together, but they really should rethink that stance, because obviously Bravo believes we can. Again, this has all been playing out painfully slowly but now I understand why.

      • LOl, Faye trying to throw ANYTHING in anyone’s face. Kinda like Bernie Madoff making fun of someone else’s finances. I guess with these gals logic is out the window though hu? :D

  3. Brandi is annoying and has made the show trashier – if that was possible – and not in a good way. She’s so self-centred and continually a victim.

    Lisa… GET OVER IT! You hold a grudge and you are actually defensive… Does this mean you’re guilty of anything?

    I understood Camille. She doesn’t want to take sides and be a pawn in the game Lisa and Brandi are playing.

    If people go against Camille for her standing up to Brandi then that just sucks. I actually respected it.

    I thought it was so childish when Brandi said to Camille “well we all know where you stand”… It was a way to create unnecessary division and very manipulative.

    • If Camille didn’t want to be dragged into the middle of it then she should have told Adrienne to get bent when she called in the troops to go after Lisa over the Myaloof hoof and crackpot thing. Everyone does know where Camille stands. Truth is the truth all day long.

    • No one is going against Camille for standing up to Brandi, but I for one am going against her for flat out lying, then admitting it in front of the cameras, when the other ladies weren’t around. Call Brandi childish if you choose, but Camille is shady. More shady then I think some of us realized.

      • Yes, shady….the Camille we saw in season 1 is the real Camille, she just got, and took, some good PR advice the second season. Kelsey is lucky to be rid of her, he’s better off without her. As a women who also got dumped for another women, although I was SO ready to end the awful marriage I was in, I have never, nor would I….as rotten a human as he was….make fun of his private areas to anyone, much less on tv for the world to hear. Camille is as big a fake as Vile and Hoof…and MoReece.

        • Ya know that gets me to when Camille still goes after Kelsy, I mean does she forget how she claimed she tried soo hard to keep it together and would have done anything to make him stay! Dont get me wrong, when your hurt ya say things to get back at he person, but she looks pathetic lately with her comments!

          • I can see her being mad and saying mean stuff, but not private things of that nature. I’ve said plenty about my ex, but nothing to hurt his manhood. Kinda like Leann telling the world that Brandi was messed up after having two kids….it’s very damaging to a person’s self esteem. That’s one reason why I don’t blame Brandi for having it fixed and letting him pay for it. If she’d put it as a payment on a house, I’m sure he could have taken it back. By golly, he couldn’t take back her surgery! My ex was bad about insulting me while we were married, too….one of the first things I did after my divorce, even though I never received child support and we lived off what I made only….I saved my money to get breast implants because of constantly being insulted by having small breasts. Of course, I regret it now, but it was worth it at the time.

    • I say BS to you HouseHusband (and I say it with all due respect), but if you remember at the Reunion Camille was Chirping up and Backing Brandi when Taylor was spewing, cause Camille knew what was up, but again instead of standing up all the way she backed off because she did not know which way she was going to judged by the viewers and because she had to maintain her “fake sweet girl” act she just continued to nod and agree. I agree with you on the part that Brandi keeps popping out with crap and then saying “I’M sorry”, but I do think what Brandi says is the truth for the most part, but I wish she would just say what she wants, but give no apologies and stop acting like she just cant control it. I like Brandi and I like the friendship between her and Lisa, but I wish that Lisa would tell Kyle that in fact she does hold a grudge against Kyle cause Kyle is not a trust worthy friend and truly, if I were Lisa I would be still pissed cause in every episode Kyle NEVER defends Lisa, but Lisa (TO ME)proves to be a good friend time and time again.

      • BRANDI has a problem with EVERYONE! except Lisa and Yolanda… I don’t think its just cause everyone is bugged by her. I think its because she’s also very annoying.

        Now according to Brandi, Marisa needs to loosen up cause she doesn’t want to strip… She has issues with Kyle (rightfully so), Adrienne (there’s more to that story), Camille (not as close as they used to be), Taylor (whatever!) and Kim (rightfully so…) She fights like a child and i can not believe that people can defend that kind of childish anger. State what you want to say Brandi but do it like a grown-woman not a bratty teen. She needs to speak to Yolanda about how to develop that skill… with perhaps less of Yolanda’s condescending.

        Brandi spews UNTRUTHS and some truths/half truths, makes stuff up as she goes along which is why the ladies are over her. I would find it annoying too. Plus we don’t know the whole story.

        Lisa was hurt about the selling stories accusation. Which I understand but I also see her as being quite touchy about it. For those who say who-cares about Adrienne being a surrogate (and i agree) then WHO CARES IF LISA SOLD STORIES!! Both are a case of the whatevers… Maybe Lisa traded stories for her businesses? Who knows… I call this double standards. Truth is not so relevant on reality TV when they all lie for the cameras and are involved in fake producer induced set ups.

        I wonder why Kyle doesn’t defend Lisa? That is a bit strange to me. I guess we will find out next ep.

        People go on reality TV and then their lives come up for public scrutiny. Also we all know that reality TV is a big fat lie. So if Adrienne wanted to lie about her surrogacy then so be it. We will find out anyway and as everyone says… who cares!!

        What i have a problem with is the stupid fake business ventures such as Brandi’s Strip Club Crap, that i feel now are insulting my intelligence. And that stupid mess of a show Vanderpump Rules… I used to love the trashiness of the shows but now…

        I dont mind the odd bitchy comment regarding your ex. I know Camille has done it, but Brandi has taken it a whole other level that can not be compared to Brandi’s World War III on the talk show circuit. I think even she knows its too much but she’s gotta keep going for the sake of her new trash talking book. She is wearing real thin…

        BTW who believes that the ‘stars’ of Vanderpump Rules actually truly work at the SUR?

  4. Great comeback, Vyle, ;) “Maybe I’m not perfect but maybe you’re not either.” LMAO! The writers for this scripted reality show surely can do better than that lame comeback.

    • Ranks right up there with “I learned it from watching you dad, I learned it from watching you” PSA overload.

      • Lucky kid on that commercial. My dad didn’t use drugs so I had to learn from my friends and that wasn’t until I was in my twenties. I sure missed out on a lot during my teen years.

        • bahahaha. Yeah and it always the elders that have the good stuff too….or so I have been told (winkyface)

  5. Maybe she is taking Kim’s leftover drugs before going to rehab. Adrianne is delusional, lies, lies and lies at the point that makes mad and I want to jump into the monitor. And that pointing finger drives me crazy..

    • I know how you feel. That’s the effect Kyle and her girlie man have on me. Then I have to ask myself why am I letting these pretenders get me so riled up, and I can’t even answer myself. Sad, but true.

      • I def. feel what your saying slaen. Just like with Kyle, I think it tees me off so much because there is just this feeling that ya know kYLE just is a lousy,mean, “just hang with the rich people” kind of person and most of all a horrible NON-trust worthy kind of friend, so again, nobody will ever prove to me that Kyle Richards is anything but what we all have come to see since RHOBH has been on!

  6. Kyle says she doesn’t want to be in the middle, but she had no problem when Lisa came to her defense after season 2′s game night where she and Kim picked a fight with Brandi for no reason and then hid her crutches so that she couldn’t leave the tense situation and Lisa wasn’t there. The next episode the group met at Adrienne’s house for a spa day, and Lisa defended Kyle even though she wasn’t even at game night because she was sticking up for her friend. Kyle is vile and an immature teenager. I don’t agree with Brandi constantly bringing up Adrienne. If someone was suing me, I would never bring up their name, let alone in the company of that woman’s friends and on national television. Who cares that the Maloofs only own 2% of the Palms? Big deal. However, Camille throwing Lisa under the bus was wrong as well, especially when Camille didn’t know what she was talking about. Owning 51% of a company is owning the majority stake in the company, which Lisa has openly admitted even before Camille’s accusation. I have always believed the season 2 Camille was just an act, and the season 1 vile, vicious, and conniving Camille is the real Camille. Her accusation to Lisa just proved it to me.

    • What’s Brandi going to reveal next that Adrienne has a tail? She just blurts out uneccessary information about the person she has it out for. Camille really showed her azz too last night. Why is she on the show this season? All she usually talks about is how big her loser boyfriend’s junk is anyway. Yolanda should shush her more often.

      • I get the feeling that the conversation was heavily edited all the way around. It seems that they were talking about why Adrianne was so upset about Pandy’s party not being at the Palms. That’s when Brandi said something like why should she care her family only has a 2 percent interest. Then Camille pipes in with something like well then Lisa doesn’t own sur because she has a partner too. What we say was probably editing majic with the true verion on the floor.

        • Lisa’s right, Pandora had every right to decide to have her bachelorette party at any casino she wanted. Especially seeing how the owner of a different casino offered to host. Adrienne took that opportunity to throw in Lisa’s face that she didn’t ask Adrienne to host Pandora’s bachelorette. It’s ridiculous of Adrienne and she needs to get over herself.

          • You are so right romo. And if Adrienne is/was such a friend why didnt she extend the offer to Pandora. also, Lisa even said that the owner of the hard rock was a long time family friend. Adrienne is a Simp and I never liked Camille and never believe her sweet innocent act last season. I almost had hope at the reunion with her and Brandy, but then she proved again to be a fence rider. io hope to hell they call her and Kyle out at the reunion, but again this is Bravo so my wish will never happen.

          • I’m beginning to think that was just an excuse to get into it with Lisa about Pandora’s party. Why would Hoof wait until the plans had already been made to offer the Palm’s? Who waits until you’ve already made arrangements with someone else to offer something, and who would ask a friend for something like that? I would never impose on a friend like that, unless they came to me and offered it. Hoof waited way too long to get mad, which leads me to believe that either she didn’t know Bravo was going to film it and when she found out, then she wanted to host it…..or, since she only owned 2 percent of the Palm’s, she would have to get aproval of the other 98 percent to “roll out the red carpet”. Hoof is full of bs.

  7. Why is it some women are so quick to believe the negative and worse things about their so called friend? Why is it your so called friend can tell you how you are feeling or what you are thinking but you are not what they perceive or say you are?
    Why is it that when you attempt to explain your exact feelings, they tell you, you don’t feel like that?
    I once called a person a friend who dressing me down about something or other, and I started asking her where she kept her crystal ball because she needed to get her money back because she was wrong, she may have been describing her own feelings but that did not mean I felt the same whay. So I told her she could kick rocks before I kicked her..
    Adrienne has everything in world from where I am sitting and the bitch still isn’t happy.
    One thing RahRah can’t stand is a no-it-all who doesn’t know jack-crap.
    These silly women just look sillier and sillier repeating everything they hear without in facts to back it up or actually observed the incident. I was lmao at the preview of Camille stating with reverence and confidence that Lisa didn’t own SUR, now where did she hear that, umm? To me she looked utterly stupid and she should feel stupid and ignorant. Someone needs to tell these dumb women (accept Lisa) to take everything you hear with grain or salt or at least understand what motivates a person to say what they’re saying okay Kyle.

  8. Camille is jealous just like the rest are of each others success or money.Camille has a live/walking BOB (battery operated boyfriend) 8 inches that she is probably supporting off Kelsey’s money.She looks weak/frail and very plastic in her face.

  9. It seems to me that Kyle just doesn’t get it. When trust is broken, it’s broken. Kyle says that Lisa holds grudges. I don’t see it as Lisa holding a grudge as much as keeping her distance because she knows that when you handle a snake, you may get bit. Plus, since no one has come out and attacked Kyle’s integrity in any real way, how does she know how she would handle it. Would it just disappear because some half ass apologies were tossed out there? Adrienne’s apology to Lisa was as insincere as the day was long, and for some reason felt that Lisa should apologize to her. For what? Adrienne is shallow and jealous, as is Kyle. Lisa is wasting her time on those two. They don’t have the capacity to understand anything but their own self-centered selves. May they go off into the sunset and be best friends forever and never come back.

      • Yes, and she’s so worried about her part in it coming out. I don’t think the Hoof is smart enough to come up with a plan to get rid of Lisa, but Kyle does….and I’d bet money it was Kyle’s idea to have the ‘get Lisa’ meeting.

        • I have always believed it was Kyle that initiated that meeting, and the one that was meant to happen at the tea party Lisa healed, where Camille called out Taylor. She is a terrible friend!

  10. Adrienne Maloof = living proof that having big $$$$ still can’t buy: happiness, love, style, beauty, self esteem, empathy, real friends, class or/especially taste. She’s a pathological liar.
    None of these ladies are perfect, by any means. However, Adrienne told her children some seriously big lies, then falsely accused their father of assault. Not caring how ANY of this would effect her sons! She is gutter trash! IMHO

  11. Vyle is absolutely clueless. I don’t think for a second that Ken or Lisa hold grudges they are just smart enough to distance themselves from lying trouble makers. The old adage “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me” is very true and they have enough intelligence to see through what disgusting people Vyle, Mo. and Fayke are. The three of them are bottom feeders .

    • Smart enough to distance themselves from lying troublemakers????…like when they moved Cedric into their home??

      • Big deal, anyone can make a mistake trying to help someone. Just like thinking Kyle and MoReece were really their friends….it takes awhile to get to really know someone, but it’s nice to know they do try to help someone who needs help. Cedric didn’t want to help himself, that’s on him.

        • Tibi and holy…I would generally agree with you,..but I think Lisa has a thing for this Motherly obsession with controlling another person…like she is clearly in control of Brandi right now,…Brandi is Lisa ‘s new Cedric….and I have a feeling there have been more ” Cedric’s” in Lisa’s past that we will never know about,….just my opinion….just a thought….not looking to argue,..just genuine back and forth :)

    • I agree, Lisa knows exactly what Vyle is, and I think she’s just hoping she gives her enough rope to hang herself with, I think she wants Vyle is come clean on that meeting, she has to know that Vyle is way too guilty in that mess by watching the reunion.

  12. In a world of very wealthy people Vyle and Moreese are nobodies – brown-nosers. I remember Ken and Moreese playing tennis at Ken’s house and being better friends than Moreese and Paul. I remember Vyle going to tea at Lisa’s house and bringing a framed photo of her youngest daughter for Lisa and Lisa buying clothes for that little girl. Meanwhile I don’t believe I’ve ever seen Vyle casually visit Adrienne w/o the other ‘wives. The Umanskys suddenly became “close” with the Maloof/Nassifs AFTER Moree$e had made the commi$$ion from selling Lisa’s previous home and presumably from the purchase of her new home; and if the Umanskys sniffed trouble between Paul and Adrienne that would mean the $ale of their man$ion and the purcha$e of TWO new home$. The Umanskys are a ssslimy couple. Ken and Moreese are never going to be friends again because Moreese crossed the line when he loudly, obnoxiously said to Lisa: Who cares if Adrienne said Lisa sold stories to the media. If I were Ken and Lisa I would start looking at vineyards, weekend houses in Malibu and a new home for Pandora with another realtor.

  13. I’m sorry I try NEVER to say or write this, but …I HATE KYLE RICHARDS!!!. I Love Lisa and I just wish that Bravo/Andy would let the viewers see Lisa run Kyle down verbally and kick her ass to the curb. Oh yea, I hope kyles business fails miserably and people tell its because she is a dreadful human being and the worst friend anyone could possibly have!!!!!!

    • I can’t say I actually hate her or anyone else…..but I dislike her so much, I can hardly stand the sound of her voice or the sight of her anymore! That goes for her MoReece, too. He made a point to give Andy a bottle of that “amazing gin, just like he gave Ken that he didn’t want” last night. Puke on both of them.

  14. The look Camille gets on her face is scary! That woman is ugly inside and out and I really tried to like her. Oh well

  15. Why is FayHO on..she’s not a HOusewife…she’s a tag along, Lisa didn’t invite her to the Tea Party yet she’s there! Doesn’t she have a business to run or something? I hate her! Her tucks are starting to show!

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