MARISA ZANUCK: Marisa’s BravoBlog… Sick of the RHOBH “Drama” Already!… HWs Stay Thin ‘Cause They Never Actually Eat “Chew Each Other Out Instead”!

Bravo…  LOVE Marisa!!!  


BRAVO to the Baltimore Ravens on their thrilling Superbowl victory!!!  One for the ages I’m told and I didn’t watch a single play.

Now on to far more important matters…

One of the great aspects about the Housewives’ experience is the opportunity to examine my behavior when the show airs. Some audiences are surprised that I have been very quiet on the show, but I must remind them that I was brought in by Kyle and didn’t know any of the other women. Most of the women’s conversations continued (ad nauseam) to revolve around drama that occurred well before I came into the picture and did not involve me, so I chose not to insert myself unnecessarily. It was actually awkward at times as I sat there speechless thinking “Really? We’re going to dredge up this again?” I recall trying to change the subject on occasion, but those attempts fell on deaf ears. I’ll give them this much…these women are committed to their drama.

Pole dancing  can be great exercise, an art form, or a way to line your pocket with mostly one dollar bills in front of guys I definitely wouldn’t want to bring home…none of which particularly excites me.

Don’t get me wrong, any woman who benefits from spinning around upside down with her legs in the air should by all means stick with it…The opportunities could be endless. I tried hiding and avoiding taking a turn on the pole, but when Brandi called my name I decided to give it the old college try…and since I never went to college, the results were as expected. I’m glad the other girls were able to have some fun though.

Riding back to the hotel, Kim shared her interest in a “nose job,” which Yolanda  thought was a mistake. Although Yolanda’s intentions likely came from a good place, she hardly knows Kim and what may or may not be best for her. At the end of the day, we need to make our own choices in life and learn and grow from them. I think Kim is very happy with her decision…good for her. I was hungry at this point and envisioning an evening of fabulous food, fine wine, and stimulating conversation. Everyone appeared in good spirits, so I thought we may finally enjoy a dinner without a fight breaking out. How naive of me to think it was possible to have a civilized dinner with these women, right? It must be an unwritten rule that something distasteful must go down at every meal.

Perhaps this is how the girls stay so thin…they never end up eating and chew each other out instead.

Fortunately, I spilled red wine on my dress, which was enough to shift the energy temporarily. Most of the women were helpful and that was very sweet, but Yolanda just gave me a disapproving stare. Not sure where that came from. All I could think was “Thank God I didn’t spill that red wine at Yolanda’s house because if it upset her in Vegas, I would really be up s— creek in Malibu.”

Maybe Yolanda has never spilled a drink before, which wouldn’t surprise me since her life is so pristine and perfect that it just wouldn’t fit in with her image. That said, I am admittedly clumsy and this won’t be the last time I spill a drink. As for the stain, I remembered my mother-in-law once told me advice Brabra Streisand gave her, white wine can be used to remove red wine stains. Thank you Babs, it worked!

After a break in the action, we’re back for yet another encore performance of the Adrienne and Brandi  saga that we just can’t seem to get enough of. A quick blow-by-blow recap: Kyle sticks up for Adrienne in absentia, Camille walks away because she’s afraid she may say something she may regret….Not to worry, Kyle convinces her to return and you guessed it, Camille says something she may regret and asserts Lisa does not own SUR which leads Brandi to announce that Adrienne may not have said stake in The Palms and Yolanda points out the obvious that we have spent three dinners talking about Adrienne and Brandi’s drama.

Well, I haven’t been talking about it, but I’ve been forced to listen to it and can’t help but think where’s Dean to ask “Who’s ready for dessert?” The melee subsides, but not before Yolanda deduces that Kyle loves the drama. I’ll let you be the judge of that since it’s none of my business, and I’m not going to speak up just to hear the sound of my own voice.

Thank you for indulging in my blog.

Until next week…



NOTE:  Did someone mention Streisand?? Dress compliments of DonnaKaran… as usual!!


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44 comments on “MARISA ZANUCK: Marisa’s BravoBlog… Sick of the RHOBH “Drama” Already!… HWs Stay Thin ‘Cause They Never Actually Eat “Chew Each Other Out Instead”!

  1. Okay, SH, this is the little girl I remember from my youth and TV/movie screens, and wasn’t she just the sweetest little kid? I don’t know what her real life was like, but she made me laugh and brought me to tears on many occasions. Thanks for posting this pic of Kim.

      • It’s been sad to hear that so many of the child stars of Kim’s era have grown up to be dysfunctional adults, and some have not survived. I think I root for Kim because she brought me so much happiness as a child, and I really hope she is able to get herself together and find a place in her life that is really, truly happy and secure. Although I’ve never read the book about the Richardson family, I’ve enough online to know that Kim’s childhood was not a happy place to be, and that would have had a detrimental effect on anyone.

        • My therory on child stars is that they spend their formative years trained to be empty vessels. When you and I and everyone else got to take on whatever roles we chose in your growing up in that effort to “find ourselves”, these children don’t get to choose the roles at whim. So while a preteen girl might want to try out being an angsty sullen artist for a while or the brainy smartass or the sweetheart pushover or the ditzy fun girl to see if that fits someone like Kim has to be the role assigned to her each day… until the next one comes along. The normal emotional growth process is stunned. And on top of that her homelife was dismal. I am not sure that Big Kat ever reached Wendy Mazaros levels of dysfunction but she sure resided on the precipice of it.

        • Did anyone feel sick when Kyle share that story of taking Kim CAR and wrecking it 2 her daughter I think Kyle was so jealous of her sister then and loves hitting her with digs over Kim childhood money paid for her family and all Kyle can do is make her sister look bad, I also would be mad if my sister took my share of a home Kim paid for moat likely, just saying

      • How sweet was that :) Thank God I have a good long term memory. I can still remember watching Nanny & the Professor with my brothers & sisters; Kim was little Prudence.
        Take my breath away kinda ‘Love’ seeing and hearing Barbra Streisand sing, especially ‘Evergreen’ literally had to compose myself after playing it…MORE then once! Thank you SO much SH for that. Just beyond moving……
        I liked Marisa’s blog…she doesn’t seem to beat around the bush. I’m still not sure what or how I feel about her, but the good thing is I don’t find anything particularly annoying about her. That’s I’ll give her that.
        Human beings are all so different…Marisa strikes me as a ‘get er dun’ no nonsense kinda person. I’m not sure I’d enjoy hanging out with her but only because it’s hard to know what her interests are. On the flip side, it’s also nice to be around someone who isn’t all about gossip and drama. Marissa might be an enjoyable person to be around?? She does seem to have a handle on the ‘pseudo reality’ BS and manages to take things with a grain of salt.

  2. I like Marissa, but really wish she’d get the stick out of her hind quarters. As much as some folks see Yolanda as an ice queen, I see Marissa as far more judgmental, and at times not all that nice to be around. I get that some folks see pole dancing as degrading to women, but I gotta tell ya’ that last night I felt sorry for Marissa’s husband. She dresses so frumpy, is rather gruff in her manner, and seems to think “sexy” is equal to not being strong. I don’t get it, but I am sure someone here will. I didn’t see a disapproving look on Yolanda’s face, but perhaps there’s something going on between those two we have not yet been privy to? Including that Yolanda is not taking Kyle’s BS?

    I for one would love to take a pole dance class, and hope that one is available in my area soon.

    • I agree, bs. I’d like to also add that I think Marissa’s inclusion of Barbra Streisand into the convo about spilling red wine was purposeful. She’s got it in for Yolanda, and I think that comment was meant to let her know, “Look, MY family has known Barbra for many years–before your current husband came to know her!” She seems jealous of Yolanda (whom I find unassuming), and you’re right–she just doesn’t have it together as far as her own looks, etc. Run a brush thru your hair. Get it colored properly. I’m not saying that she should look like the rest of these similiar-looking freaks, but she looks unclean to me. I love her attitude though!

    • Bsb, I feel the same way about her. I liked her until her dig on Yolanda, it’s like it came from nowhere. She’s so uptight, I doubt she puts out to hubby! I would do the pole, too, and I live in Hillbilly Heaven country and have never seen a ‘real’ pole except on tv! But, I could have a drink or two, and I’d be swinging like a darn monkey on that thing, or trying to anyway. I wouldn’t have my arse hanging out, or anything that showed my privates…but I’d sure give it my best shot, and not consider it as degrading. I also mow my own darn grass, don’t consider that degrading myself, either….but I think I may have liked Marisa a little too quickly. Marisa bests watch out, that husband of hers is mighty fine so far…unless he’s as uptight as she is.

  3. Marissa cracks me up! She gives a first hand account of how boring it is to work on this “reality” show. Hey Bravo— if your cast members are bored, your audience must be bored as well!

  4. I like Marisa and she’s right about everything she said. She’s keeping it real in this fake drama show.

  5. I don’t understand how Marissa is Kyle’s friend and on the show as a result but is so in the dark as to what is going on. It seems she would have at least some idea as we watched she and Kyle talk tthru a yoga session about a dinner and they move in the same circles.

  6. OMG I love Marisa: “Yolanda points out the obvious that we have spent three dinners talking about Adrienne and Brandi’s drama.” Be prepared for several more!!

  7. Marissa seems removed from the show already.I dont look for her to come back or be asked back.She might as well go off on them while the cameras are rolling.Get her 2 cents in before she is gone.

    • I agree! I can’t see Andy or Bravo approving of her behavior. She’s not RH material. Maybe she’ll be the ONE outspoken person who will reveal the truth about this stoopid show once she’s gone (and her contract to stay mum has expired).

    • I bet she hasn’t said four words the last two shows, and then it was complaints. I don’t think Yolanda would think anything about her spilling wine on her dress, why would she??? That makes no sense to fact, I’m thinking that I’ve heard Yolanda say that she, too, is clumsy….anyone can spill something, and it’s not like Yolanda doesn’t have kids and knows real well about spills.

      I was really liking Marisa until she threw that comment in there.

  8. Watching Kyle “try” to be everyone’s friend is exhausting.She is just like Bubba Jax with this in the middle of all the shit stirring and trying to look innocent.Her eyes and lizzard lip movements give her away.

  9. Marissa welcome to the looney bin….I can see you and Yolanda aren’t going to go the nicie nicie route for sure, however you have your opinion. You are a down to earth person and you joined this show probably knowing full well what these ladies were like, a pack of wolves in sheeps clothing. Welcome aboard again, and I hope you survive your first season. :-)

  10. Wow…what did Yolanda do to Marissa? I missed that part. “Yolanda, Yolanda, Yolanda!!!” “It’s not fair! Yolanda is prettier, and all the guys ask her out, how come no one looks at me!?!”

    Something off with Marissa, first how she treats her husband and now projecting on YoFo. Perfect place on a reality show to get all those issues worked out….

    • I don’t think how I liked how Yolanda browbeat the Hispanic guy by giving him a lecture on learning English and how he should study every night just like she did. Then she gave him a second lecture on the way out. what are you going to do when you get home? You are going to study English. Maybe the guy has a night job, too just to make ends meet. I would never say that to anybody. Give the guy a twenty and count your blessings that you were a gorgeous model, you bitch. It is hard for some people to pick up languages. I studied Spanish all through high school and college and I practice every day and I cannot progress. One if my daughters became fluent in French in less than one year. I wish I had the gift.

      • Amen gessiewtf, I was starting to feel very lonely in the “Yolanda’s not that sweet and perfect” club. She IS judgemental. About her daughter looking like “a lesbian”, about workers needing to go home and learn english “like she did”(how patronizing, omg) about everything! And maybe Marisa is jealous, but she talks about “a disapproving stare” from Yolierthanthou. She was there, we weren’t, Bravo shows us what they want only, why would she make it up?

    • I didn’t understand where her dig on Yolanda came from, either, unless vile Kyle went back and had another talk with her. I must say, she’d be boring as all get out to go on a trip with,,,she’s too uptight. There is more to life than making money. Money is nice, but if you don’t use any of it to have fun, what’s the joy in having it??? I really like her husband so far, don’t know how he puts up with her and all those insults, though. I’m 63. and although there’s no way, even in my younger days, I would have tried to make a living swinging on poles….not that I’m against anyone who does, it’s just not for me. but I’d have done my best to swing on that pole. I actually think she could use a little help in the bedroom dept because she doesn’t seem to have a sexy bone in her body. But, I also think any kind of exercize is good for you, including yoga. I probably wouldn’t have looked very darn sexy doing it, but damned if I wouldn’t have tried that poll out.

  11. I dont think I like Marissa-1thing Im sure about is shes read all the blogs&knows how the viewers feel about the”characters”on RHOBH&how we’re disappointed whn they write their blogs.I do believe shes writing wht she thinks we want2hear&she also adds a lil’ drama in the mix so she stays a lil’ relevant! Also,M says apparently the women R committed2drama-Well, duh, Marissa! Wht show did U think u were on?She also says she doesnt want2insert herself in2 conversations about things tht have happened b4 she came on the show-Well,girl, thats NOT what Bravo wants-They want U2have an opinion&jump in-head 1st, wide open, no holds barred! M wrote it must b an unspoken rule for drama2go down at the dinners! Uh, duh (AGAIN)! Thats why Bravo has the pre-planned dinners-B want the drama2happen!! Anyway, Byle being her “bff”, M does throw a dig at her whn she gives her blow by blow acct of the convo&also says Yo said Byle loves drama bt M will let us decide-Thn M says shes forced2listen2the drama-Nope!U didnt hav2B on2RHOBH

  12. Marissa seems like a very unhappy woman in every part of her life. She needs to do something about it.

    • It does shine through. Her dig on herself re: no college was a lot like the zingers sent Dean’s direction. Odd behavior for an opening act(s).

  13. She is pretty lucky to be married to that guy, she’s not very pretty and not very educated. She got lucky and should recognize that fact. Maybe she is just awkward. Why she is doing this show I will never know.

  14. I think Marisa is pretty and smart. Yolanda too. I can’t stand Adrienne, I hope they’re phasing Taylor out, and I am on the fence about Kyle – I want to like her but she doesn’t make it easy. Brandi has a desperate quality about her, and although I do like her, blurting out examples of other people’s lack of integrity in public is not a good way to make people like you, even if what you say is true. Camille seems a little insecure and self conscious, but I like her – again, pretty and smart, and I think she dresses the best. Lisa, and Kim are both beautiful, relatable, perfectly likeable characters.

    If they get rid of Adrienne and Taylor, who will bring the drama? RH shows are like pro wrestling with the bad guys and the good guys, and just as fake – but entertaining!!

    I feel like Yolanda was trying to HELP that Spanish-speaking workman. The advice came from a good, friendly, generous place, even if it didn’t come off as sufficiently respectful to some viewers. Maybe he has worked at her house a lot and they have formed a sort of friendship. We don’t know the backstory. Learn English is sound advice. She was encouraging him to develop himself.

    • Kim isn’t someone I can relate to. At best I tolerate her because of the many poor choices she has made over her lifetime. I don’t think she brings anything to the show.

      • I don’t know cyn… She is an expert at moving. Well, maybe not an expert, but she does move a lot. Maybe we could learn some packing skills, how to properly wrap items with bubble wrap or innovative ways to rearrange our furniture. I wonder if she owns a dolly and one of those belts for heavy lifting so her back doesn’t go out. She should!

        • Expert at moving — yes, true! I like Kim – she has a very sweet, sunny quality when she is happy and I admire her commitment to being a good mother. She is eccentric, but I am not put off by that – it’s interesting. As a retired child movie star and recovering addict, Kim comes by her eccentricity honestly. She is more down to earth than her sisters – they are snobby.

  15. I like Marisa so far, what little they’ve shown of her.
    Maybe they could introduce new women to the franchise shows and rotate out the ones that have been on the shows longer. We need some new blood and fresh energy and storylines on all of the shows in order to stay interested. At least that how I feel for my own continued interest.

    (I could swear I already posted a comment here, I must be starting to lose my mind or something. Not looking forward to that too much. lol.)

  16. i wish when marissa had said all those things about what makes a woman sexy, ..she had included being a good partner in life to your husband. Her comments were all me I..what I can do for myself.
    That is not a partnership and does not make a loving and great wife of longevity…I wish she could see what she looks like to her husband. I am sure he would like more of a wife quality than someone that can stand on their own support themselves and has no need or time for nice comments your husband’s way.

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