LISA VANDERPUMP: Lisa’s BravoBlog… Lisa’s Friends Bought Palms Casino… Urges Viewers To “Keep Watching”


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Hello everybody I hope you all had a good week and ready to jump back into our little escapade in Vegas. . .

The pole dancing was something that none of us really wanted to partake in, but all were willing to support Brandi. It is absolutely a 1000 percent more difficult than it appears! However we had a laugh, which is so important. I lead a pretty stressful life, so I always jump at the chance for a good giggle.

We hop into the limo, and when Kyle received a phone call from Kim informing us all of her impending nose job, it was a surprise to us. Not the fact that she wanted to do it, but that she was doing it that very day. Why was she all alone? Where were her children? I didn’t understand that as I have witnessed a strong and supportive family in the past. I am also unqualified to judge whether a surgery would awaken the beast of addiction. I am hopeful for her success with her sobriety and strongly sport her.

The dinner was proceeding with an unusual calm that often worries me as it normally doesn’t last long.  Camille and Kyle raise the controversial subject of Adrienne, which was ridiculous. We had seen at the SUR tasting it is a subject matter on which we are divided. I have been to Vegas, as we all had, many times without Adrienne, and I could again without lamenting over her absence.


The fact that Brandi commented that the Palms was no longer owned by the Maloofs was something I particularly didn’t care to discuss. I had known this prior to her attacking me over Pandora not choosing the hotel, for her party. I had known this as my friends had bought the 98 percent.  I should’ve hit back and humiliated her, at the reunion, the way she tried to humiliate me with her unwarranted accusations, but decided it was better left so she could continue to live in her delusional world.


It was something that was always left unsaid. It had been well documented publicly, but socially it was ignored. Brandi, love it or hate it, is honest to a fault. I don’t agree with Kyle’s interpretation of the conversation “Lisa and Camille got into it.” Umm no we didn’t. Camille threw unwarranted accusations out of nowhere, stating that I was just the face of my business. . .

You the viewer have been with me on the journey as I introduced my partner, financed the development, created the lounge, designed every inch of the space. So I defended myself, quantifying the shareholding between us. I sat there and wondered, if Kyle, who has known me for some time, eaten at SUR with me, witnessed the development, and seen my dedication to the business would maybe say something in my defense. I know for certain I would. I am becoming a little exasperated by the constant accusations and doubting my integrity. Where does it come from? I am constantly challenged by a bevy of staff in the workplace. I would prefer to be non-combative with my friends. Why is there a need to demean others? Is it with intent to elevate oneself? Whatever it was, it was unfounded, redundant, and ridiculous. Onwards we go.


As I reiterated the the conversations to Ken, I realized the pointless expectations I have. Friendship to me is defined differently. This will come to fruition soon, so keep watching. Love to you all. Thank you for your comments and have a good week.

Love always.

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95 comments on “LISA VANDERPUMP: Lisa’s BravoBlog… Lisa’s Friends Bought Palms Casino… Urges Viewers To “Keep Watching”

    • The shoes were as ugly as the handbags she seems to be ready to introduce, didn’t sell well, and like the shoe’s I expect the handbags to end up deeply discounted within six months on MyHabit.

    • I agree wtih Meeka3, Adrienne was ticked off that Lisa’s friends bought the Palms. In fact what really happened is that the Palms and it hotel had so much debt and the creditors where thinking that they weren’t going to get their money and so called in their collateral. And in the contract they own 2% but can buy back 10 to 20% if they have the money. That explains so much about why Adrienne was so mad about the Pandora’s party. She was really mad that Lisa knew the people who did that to her and her family and was afraid that Lisa would tell the world her financial business. I think also Lisa was throwing up warnings to Adrienne during that conversation at her house for the Maloof Hoof or whatever about how her friend’s casino knew Pandora since she was a child and wanted to show his appreciation. Essentially back off Adrienne I know more about your financial situation.

      And it also explains how Adrienne from that time wanted everybody to go after Lisa at the reunion to discredit her and keep the dirt about Lisa and not about what could come out about the Palms (which Lisa never did). Adrienne is so paranoid about her image and family image that shes willing to attack individuals who know alot more about her and her financials that hey are letting on. They couldn’t pay the 400 million in debt (I’ll post a link), but are responsible for the 20 million on some condos in another tower. They gave up or was taken over.

      • I think it makes more sense than the “Maloof Hoof” to explain the animosity from Adrienne. She has called more attention to herself than if she had left it alone. I do feel Brandi has a script to follow. She throws out barbs and Kyle reacts. It has gotten old already.

        • Everyone is following a script but we still have insights into their true characters. I think the foto that moreece put up on twitter of his concubine spoke volumes about what a douche he is and what a desperate attention seeker Kyle is

    • But didn’t you hear? Kyle swore on her children’s lives that Faye is not her mouth piece. That was the weirdest thing I’ve heard in a while, but apparently Kyle found it an appropriate thing to say.

      • What is up with these people swearing on their kids life anyway? If your word is good, your word is good and you don’t have to swear on anything. Methinks they doth protest too much.

      • Kyle has also taken to saying “you’re a liar” quite a bit. Dangerous for someone in her position. May be Parrotting Adrienne is her latest kiss ass move.

      • I wonder at what point did Kyle and Mauritzio start such a close friendship with Faye? Before or after the Oj trial? Faye was Mauritzio’s best friend and Kyle married in, right? Hmm…

  1. Sure makes you wonder if Adrianne is delusional. Brandi is paing her lawyer to protect her and Adrianne is apparently lying and once again attacking Brandis character. She is very awate of the suit and what Bernie is doing. Sorry Adrianne you look like a fool.

    • I read yesterday that Paul is suing Bernie for his shenanigans. I wonder if he’s still working for Adrienne, and if she’ll cover his legal bills?

    • Attacking Brandi’s character is as easy as shooting darts at a barn. Too bad none of them have the guts to really call her out on all of her bullshit. It was Bravo that decided that they needed some drama at the reunion and that Taylor was off limits so the target would be Lisa. The only two that didn’t know that were Lisa and Brandi who was kept isolated for hours in a room and came on as a guest.

  2. Ms SH is so on point about how ridiculous these shows have become. First, who cares if the Maloof family sold their interest in the Palms resort. People buy and sell properties all the time. Why is it mean or wrong to state a fact. Once again the ladies are being foolish for the camera.

    Second, I think Camille spoke the truth about Lisa’s involvement in SUR. She is an investor using Bravo to promote her investment. I doubt she has any other involvement and as to her claim about leading a stressful life – that is hilarious, I don’t think Lisa and Stress has met anytime recently.

    PS Lisa needs to stop wearing the jeans and garrison-type belt. She is far too old and it is a look that works best in the lesbian community.

    • Well, let’s see. When someone has a hissy fit about a “friend” not holding an event at their hotel/resort which here-to-fore had been the crown jewel in that families business empire (and that her brother ran as CEO), one would expect the person to actually own said hotel/resort.

      Secondly, Camille was flat wrong about Lisa’s ownership of Sur, and likely knew it when she said it. Lisa own’s 51 percent and has never lied about having investor’s and who those investor’s were.

      I had no idea there was an age range for jeans or that the age range had anything to do with the lesbian community, but I suppose I learn something new everyday.

      • Bravo!! The only thing real on this show any more is Lisa, Ken, and can’t help it.. LOVE BRANDI… she tells “us” viewers the TRUTH… Adrienne needs to go back to the rock she crawled out of …. she is one crazzzy chick… its disgusting.. that’s she’s playing “us” viewers as fools… and YES.. she did try to get everyone to attack LISA.. Bravo to Brandi for calling her out ON TV as to her TRUE CHARACTER… I think Kyle is a HORRIBLE FRIEND TO LISA… and is jealous and self seeking to the CORE!

        • Why does everybody believe that Brandi is a beacon of truthfulness just because she says so. I am truly curious about this. You don’t think she is following the Bravo script?
          But everybody else is?

          • Speaking of scripts it seems that Brandi has a knack for making her earth shattering statements at the worst time or the best to start a fight. Also Camile brought up Adrienne in an odd way. Again it seemed scripted to me.

      • I guess it depends on your definition of “own”. I never felt I owned my home as long as I held a mortgage. If she had 100% interest then I think she could claim ownership. I have no idea how title is held but if it is she and Ken who hold 51% then perhaps she doesn’t own 51%. I really have no idea as to the truth of the matter but remain skeptical about any of the claims these women make.

        • Anyone who owns more than half or the highest share of the business is technically the owner. Franchises and many other businesses work this way. I don’t even think a majority of businesses (especially restaurants, other than mom and pop) are owned by a single entity. Owning a home or a car is different- you seek sole proprietorship. You don’t seek outside investors to share the profits from your car or home the same way you do in a business. What Lisa is saying is invariably true.

    • Goodness gracious….I didn’t know a person could ever get too old to wear jeans!!! I couldn’t survive without my jeans, they’re staples around my house. Even my 87 year old mom still wears jeans. Of course I’m not one to give a big crap whether it’s the ‘in’ thing, I dress in what is comfy.

  3. Lisa had the audacity to have friends that bought the Maloofness out at the Palms? Well smack my honeybadger. Now when we watch reruns of Adrienne pitching a hissy fit over the bachlorette party it will be seen in a whole new light. I wonder if Adrienne is so touched in the head that she thinks Lisa should have cut ties with the people that bought her bragging rights.

    • You have to wonder, right? I’m thinking Adrienne is sitting at home right now, seething with rage, wondering when she’ll again get the chance to attack Lisa. This reunion is going to be one to watch.

      • Its not gonna end well for her. This time Lisa comes with knowledge and knowledge is power. And if Adrienne get too mouthy there is always Yolanda to hush her up. shhhhhhh! I love it. Faye best keep her raggity behind offa that couch ifn she knows whats good for her cause no one wants to hear her run her codholster… cept Kyle and everyone is pretty much sic n tared of Kyles crap too.

        • Do you really think Adrianne is going to show up for the reunion. She will bow out because of the divorce and legal issues same excuse on why she doesn’t blog on the show.

          • I bet you are right. And of course then the other crap stiring biddies can say “Well Adrianne is not here to defend herself..blah blah blah” Oh but hark, whats that Yolanda? Why yes Yolonda you are correct Adrienne is not here by her own choice. Ya done been told Adrienne.

            • You know in the beginning i wasn’t crazy about Yolanda,but now i love it when she says it like it is love it.Adrienne sucks and is a doggggggggggggggggg

          • Kyle has figured out to wait until the end of the week to put up her blog these days, she knows that most of the posts will go on her old blog, and when she puts up the new one, she’ll only have half as many bad comments as she would if she posted when the others do. Kim and Hoof do the same thing. Damned if I haven’t started liking Taylor better than those sorry Richard sisters. I bet Kyle told Andy not to do a poll on the feuds going on, too. I’ve pretty much stopped watching WWHL, but I slept thru the BH show the other nite and woke up when Andy came on. I was hoping for a landslide poll like the one with Ken and MoReece.

    • You hit the nail on the head, Made, I think Adrienne was not only mad that Lisa’s friends owned 98% of “her” casino, but was desperate for a way to discredit her before that info got out to the public. Too bad she didn’t realize Lisa was too classy to drop that bomb, and now she looks like a mean hateful bitch!

      • Yes she does. She must have something pretty powerful on Kyle and Mo-reece I am sure of it and it cant be just her buying power since that is clearly dwindling. Something else is causing them to come hell or highwater defend her no matter what. Shady people. And they KNOW how Adrienne operates. Could it be that Adrianne knows that Kyle was the one selling the stories and blaming Lisa? We know she has the paps on speed dial and remember that awkward as ass dinner date her and Mo-reece had with SWINE an Russel(RIP)? click click boom.

        • ITA, but I also think that Kyle and Mo-rice are big green-eyed monsters who try to take anyone down that they don’t feel superior to. She obvs doesn’t get along with Kathy. She hated Camille & Brandi from jump. And she never really seemed to have any real closeness to Lisa. Swine is inferior, she SO doesn’t want Kim to stay sober, and Ad and Paul are in trouble. Kyle plain doesn’t like anyone who she thinks might be doing “better” than her. It’s only a matter of time before she goes after Yolanda and Marissa in her sneaky, underhanded way!

          • Very true. I think the green eyed monster got ahold of Kyle a long time ago. She’s been jealous (of Kim) so long I don’t think she’d know how to be anything else. & you’re right about them going after Yoland, if they can’t look down on her, they’ll try to go after her. Just a matter of time.

            • They won’t touch Yolanda, she’s married to a rich guy with clout, maybe not Alist Hollywood but clout.

        • Madepiley: I think your are so right about Kyle selling stories, cause I thought of the same thing watching that episode. Kyles reaction was so strange! She looked like someone close to getting busted, and I think she even said that she was afraid of getting sued too…and why would that be?
          And another thing, even though it isnt the topic, but about the same season and conflicts. Sociopaths and narcissist lies ALOT yes, whitch I believe SWINE is, but if the truth is an advantage to them they have no reason for lying. Their lying isnt a compulsion they cant control, but used to get power among other things. My point is that it is a shame that everything SWINE says is considered a lie here, cause that confuses these conflicts even more and I believe that it is very obvius today looking back on the past seasons, that SWINE was telling the truth, at the teaparty about all of them not liking Lisa and talking about her behind her back.
          She wouldnt have shoot herself in the foot that way in front of all of them if she didnt think that they would support her and she would come out on top. But they all jumped ship and Camille got angry (just like this episode) and told her secret on camera, to avoid Lisa finding out that she didnt like her. It was not out of caring, cause they didnt even believe her. And I saw both Camille and Kyle threaten her. So Taylor kissed Lisas ass instead so she wouldnt stand alone and they made up amazingly fast.
          Kyle, Camille and Adrienne are jealous of and hate Lisa, but they dont have anything on her that they can attack her with without looking stupid and petty, witch they of course are, so they have tried to hide it for a long time.
          Why would camille angrily attack Lisa about her restaurant bc of something Brandi mentioned, if this was not the case? I think it makes alot of sence if you look at how everybody has behaved, reacted, defended or not defended.

          • That makes more sense than any of the stories we’ve heard so far…..also explains why MoReece was so flippant with his ‘who gives a shit about selling stories’. Had it be him or his family being wrongly accused, I’d bet he’d ‘give a shit’ .

    • Yeah, Lisa saved that little gem of knowledge for this blog. If she had real class, she would keep that factoid to herself. She comes across as living up to her tag line in the first season. “In Beverly Hills, it’s who you know, and I know everybody…(who f*ed over the Maloofs).” I am predicting if Adrienne does show up for the reunion, she will be under some bs gag order from her lawyers not to talk about anything interesting. OK and I also predict that the producers told Camile to say that line about Sur. Camile is not one to pull a zinger out of her well toned behind unless properly motivated IMO.

      • If she tries to pull the gag order thing then she will have to admit she sent a letter or sued Brandi. We all know its crap anyways. But the storyline does not gel. I would love to be a fly on the wall when these women are given their suggested lines. Do any of them ever buck on anything they are told to say? I also think that since these shows are all so scripted now that the producers oughta embark on a newfangled way of doing things. Let us decide the direction the stories will take, kinda like a choose your own adventure.

  4. Lisa is also full of baloney… Lisa is an actress for the whole Vanderpump Rules debacle… And i must ask, WHY IS KEN’S OPINION SO IMPORTANT!!? Why am i seeing so much of his antiquated opinions?… Seriously that one minute of footage of Ken and Giggy is time i wish i could take back. I wondered to myself: why exactly am i watching this? He’s on it too and Bravo have him enacting these kooky little vignettes. It’s not cute Bravo.

    • Hmm… well… Ken’s opinion is important to Lisa so… I’d say that’s all that matters. Bravo shows us these conversations for the same reason we have to endure the inane RIDICULOUS ‘Hi honey, I’m home’ crap from Maurice – the supposed reality of it all.

  5. Let’s see. Ken is Lisa’s husband, so of course she would value his opinion. Lisa is a producer on Vanderpump Rules, so while she may indeed be acting, she is also getting paid for each and every episode that airs. Dislike her if you like, but do understand that she’s a pretty darn smart business woman.

    • Obviously he’s there to be a soundboard but c’mon? A Ken and Giggy moment behind the bar? Ridiculous. Lisa is a smart business woman but very fake.

      • No different than Kyle and her kids…. I happen to like the dog scenes – much better than Kyle and her kids and (GAG) Maurice

      • Househusband I am with you on this; ask most men about that scene, not normal for a man. Lisa is not innocent with any of this. Lisa has played Bravo and promoted herself and what ever she owns (percent and no percent) Brandi was a laid back chick last season and now a pit bull after Adrienne, I still say, at Lisa’s doing. Lisa wants to be on top and keep the other women below her; I even see her teeth come out a little with YoFo, YoFo is way classier women that Lisa. I am not taking sides, but Lisa is no saint!

      • I love watching Ken and Giggy, and Ken is well liked among viewers, moreso than MoReece….give me Ken and Giggy over the vile Kyle and her kids and goofball hubby any day of the week. As for being a fake, no one can be more fake than Kyle and her husband.

  6. Sooooooooo, what Lisa is saying is that if Pandora had her bachlorette party at The Palms, she would still be giving her business to Lisa’s friends. It makes Adrienne’s hissy fit over that even more ridiculous.

    • I agree. It’s all ridiculous. In essence, they’re all salespeople. Ken and Jiggy are selling Lisa’s “brand” (hate that word), even though they’re cute. Camille accusing Lisa of not owning SUR was just a Bravo-induced scene. I’m sure Camille knew the truth! Lisa hasn’t hidden anything, unlike Adrienne who holds onto falsehoods and throws them in people’s faces. I applaud Brandi for having the nerve for bringing up such secrets, even though it’s inappropriate. And Camille DID in essence, make it seem like she was uncomfortable telling the crowd that she knew of Adrienne’s plan to try to bring down Lisa at the reunion, but she confirmed it to Brandi as she was leaving. Kyle is just plain disgusting. Yolanda is very cool. I wish it would take ONE episode to expose these fake chicks and all of their dirty secrets to get it overwith.

  7. Shame on Bravo for ruining RHof BH…it used to be my favorite franchise but I stopped watching the nonsense this season. Andy’s decision to have the season revolve around a comment that the audience didn’t hear was a really poor decision. I come here for updates instead.

    • ITA MayzieMay….used to be one of my favorites too….the whole franchise regardless of the city is off the tracks…I still like Lisa and admire her. I think she’s honest…and very disappointed in Kyle…maybe Kyle made nice when there were properties to be sold…who knows? But certainly Lisa knows who her friends are now….

      Love the wallpaper Ms. SH..makes wonder how the “retired” OC gals are faring….

  8. Addrianne being ticked off at Lisa about not using the Palms for Pandora’s party makes absolutly no sense whatever now. If the Majoriy owners (her Friends) didn’t have a problem why would she. I think that was just something concocted to give her a storyline last season.

  9. Ken and Giggy drinking was a bit much.Giggy drinks in their expensvie glasses too like he did at Adriennes.

    Lisa is playing/acting for Bravo on Sur.How else would a real business put up with all the cat fighting/sleeping with each other and kissing at the bar as well as all the breaks they take to talk about their problems.Stassi would have her ass handed to her at the door if she worked for me.Underhanded bitch thinking she has the only pussy in BH like JoHo does on Miami.She nneds to be “fired” if this is a real business.If they are living together or sleeping together one needs to look for work elsewhere.We have a big grocery store chain here and that is a BIG NO NO to mingle like that.SOP to not mix like that.We had issues when I was a waittress on family working that there was a line drawn in the sand.One got pissed the whole clan did.Family and business dont mix well.

    • Bravo seems to want to have the younger viewers watching the channel seems like to me. Look at all the shows they’ve tried with young people that have failed. I don’t know why they keep pushing those type shows. But I don’t get why they changed the format for the housewife shows, either. In the beginning, they weren’t this way…..seems like the table flipping with Teresa might have been the cause of wanting to amp up the drama. They are ruining the shows for me, it’s gotten beyond pathetic to me.

      • Somehow that table flipping prostitution whore thing seemed truly authentic. That was the last season I watched Nj. I’m down to BH and NYC, and I have a feeling this is the last season for both.

        • ITA table flipping was a turning point. It attracted viewers but turned off ones who watched from the start. The family mess is too dark, everybody’s pissed and irrational. I watch parts if nothing else is on and get recaps here. They’re better than the shows. NJ needs a longer “off” season so they can get help. Thinking of them makes me lonesome for the OC raisins.

  10. On thing about Lisa is that she is very involved in her businesses.
    I have been to Villa Blanca 3 times..Everytime we have seen her son in law, and Lisa has popped in and out. I definitely think she does the same with SUR -but allows the closed time drama of her staff. I have worked at numerous restaurants in LA through college including the famed Gladstones for fish in Malibu in the late 80′s. Man there was drama and dating and craziness – but when it was show time (restaurant open) it was showtime and no one wanted to screw up there $300 a night tips. So you people that say it is all for TV…not so…….those waiters are exactly like all the full time waiters I worked with who were trying to meet famous people, make it in hollywood, etc.

    • omg I love Gladstones!! I intentionally leave some food on my plate so they’ll make me an awesome foil animal to hold my leftovers.

    • Nancy you confirmed my feeling and opinion that Lisa is a true business woman. Lucky you that you’re in that area.

  11. bravo, as well as all of these ladies. (use that term loosely) are all laughing at all the viewers, and commentors here. the big bucks, and pushing a product is all they want. friendships mean nothing. bringing on brandi, and the people that love her, have me really confused. don’t believe, she kisses her children, with that filthy mouth. and why does she get a pass on everything. disgusting

  12. Lets get this straight.SUR is closed during taping times so they can act and ignore real customers.Show time as one poster said.That would make more sense to be closed for taping purposes.I would hate to see how they “really” act when business is open.Like a light bulb switching from professional waittress/waiter to over the top crazy.

  13. Looking at the top photo I just noticed that Ken and Lisa have 3 other dogs besides Giggy. Do they ever get attention? Those 2 are weirdly obsessed with Giggy. We all love our pets but Lisa and Ken act like Giggy is the 3rd person in their marriage…bizarre.

    • I don’t think it’s bizarre, in my family we are obsessed with our little guys, they are royal members of the family and live like kings, to me lisa and ken are normal. Also I think they have more of a thing with little giggycuz giggy has alopecia poor thing. Anyhoo is is so darn cute how could one not dote on him

      • I love my 13 yr old dog who has cancer. I would breath for her when she is gasping for air if I could. With that being said I still would not take her to a dinner party and feed her from the dinner table on my hosts dishes china or not. Giggy is adorable but they go a little to far I feel.

    • My son’s dog is the only thing in his life right now and she’s dying. That’s why I’m up in Bergen County. His whore of a wife walked out in Sept. and left him and Scarlett. SHE WAS THE GREAT DANE RESCURER POS. Scarlett is bad now and the decision has been made I hope. Scarlett will cross the rainbow bridge shortly. I was suppose to go back to Manahawkin this weekend because my desk is filled and my hair needs cutting. I will go back next week. My son just can’t accept this and is going through a bad time right now. I will be coming back just to keep him company. Animals are lifelines for some. Sorry about this….

      • Barb I am sorry about your son’s dog. My son’s 13 yr old Teva has cancer and we don’t know how long she has. She has lived with me for the past 6 yrs so she;s the family dog. Having to make that decision is so hard as to when its right so they don’t suffer and you don’t make them go to soon. I hope your son finds peace with this new loss in his life.

        • The time is right….we’ve done everything for her, she’s being kept comfortable, I can’t go downstairs to see her, it’s breaking my heart. The vet will be here tonight and the rest of the arrangements have been made. :-(

    • Yawn,,,ITA with Miss Barb. Another episode of Wild Kingdom Beverly Hills. It’s a fake jungle out there. Why relax and enjoy your life when you can sink your teeth into your dining partner/faux friend/ frenemy? Realistically is it necessary to travel to Las Vegas to stage a fight? Or learn to pole dance? Is that what women are supposed to do on vaca?
      The few times my friends and I have gone on Girl’s weekends, we enjoyed the sights and scenery, ate wonderful food, probably drank a bit more than we should have done, shopped ’til we dropped and had a bast! I’m thinking I don’t envy these ladies a thing.

      • Great post, Aint, I couldn’t agree more. NOBODY really lives like this. Shame on me for getting hooked.

      • Very funny.. wild kingdombeverly hills. The entire season has revolved around this bs. If this is the best Bravo has then I am done. I would rather watch Kims nose heal than endure another dinner party sit down. Shake it up a bit and invite Kenya to twirl.

  14. I’ve said it before and I will say it once again…I LOVE you Lisa! I would have been very hurt too if I had been in your shoes at the dinner table and Kyle did not stand up for me. I am sure I know why she doesn’t…she has never really been your true friend and she is extremely jealous of you. That makes her untrustworthy and she will turn on you even further, given the chance. Kyle is also becoming increasingly arrogant as well as meddlesome. She loves the drama and she loves being in everyone’s business. I want to see she, Adrienne, Taylor and Camile leave the show. I’ve had enough of them and my patience has run completely out. You are simply awesome Lisa!

  15. Lisa is frequently acidic and downright callous to her friends, so the claims of “no one ever defends me” come off as rather disingenuous.

    • Refreshing and laidback being entirely subjective, of course. Lisa is passive-aggressive in a pretty obvious way, and the fact that her closest friends this seasons are the newbies says a lot. Wait till they get to know her.

      For an example of how Lisa treats her friends, witness her in the party scenes: tricking Cedric into getting nude and then humiliating him in front of everyone; walking a llama into Kyle’s house as a “joke”; snarkily putting down Adrienne’s shoes. I agree that her targets are largely undeserving of pity but, at the time, these people were allegedly her friends, Who treats their friends that way?

      Lisa has style, I’ll give her that. And really, that’s all it takes to “win” on reality tv, so more power to her.

  16. If I make a typo, please note I am a little challenged as I lost a fight with a cat food can yesterday and have stitches and bandages.
    Why would Adrienne lie about her lawyers letter when Brandi can so easily produce a copy?

    • I think she is playing a game with semantics. She had her attorney send Brandi a C&D.Technically that is suing her. The threat of a possible lawsuit isn’t suing her either.

      • Cyn haven’t you learned anything from these shows, we don’t call them c&d here, they’re called cyst and deceased, that’s the proper legal term.

  17. Oh dear Lisa, you’re adorable. I don’t know why this isn’t obvious, but it’s jealousy. Kyle can’t stand your growing and supportive fan base. You had them before the Vanderpump Rules show. It’s driving her to the brink of crazy. She is doing every and anything she can think of to make you look publicly bad. Her jealousy of Brandi, is just as obvious. There’s no other reason to not like Brandi. She’s becoming america’s underdog and she and Adrienne put her in that position. We always vote for the underdog. It’s America’s way. Taylor and Camille are siding with Adrienne out of fear. Taylor can’t stand not to NOT be the center of attention so she’s lying low. Adrienne is just a liar and please tell Brandi also not to worry. We can read and we know the truth. I can’t believe the lies that come out of that girls mouth. I noticed four contradictions made by her and Kyle last week. Kyle was never really your friend. She wanted you as an ally to put herself in a more powerful position. Well, Beverly Hills may be her town, Born and raised, but she didn’t learn anything. Love you.

    • Eh… I’d say there are plenty of reasons to dislike Brandi if you’re a hypocrite (which Kyle, and quite a few of them, are). She comes off as vulgar (in the mouth dept), she seems too involved in the Leann thing and hasn’t let it go, she constantly says ‘she’s suing me’ as an excuse for everything she’s done this season, and she’s beautiful. However, Kyle is just as vulgar but has done everything she can to clean up her ‘public’ image. Brandi isn’t doing that – yet. Kyle thinks that by trashing Brandi, she looks perfect in comparison… she’s wrong. We all know she’s a hypocrite

  18. Vyle was right-Lisa didn’t need her to defend her. She owns most of Sur, Brandi is her biggest cheerleader and Vyle’s opinion isn’t worth dirt. BUT Ad didn’t expect Vyle to step up. Vyle could’ve kept her mouth shut to avoid drama but didn’t because she needed evidence that she took up for Ad and Paul. This “having their backs” business is preventative. Ad and Paul have big dirt on them, and they don’t want trouble with Ken and Lisa. What a pickle.
    Ken looked irked to hear what Brandi said about the Palms-at dinner, in front of everybody.

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