KYLE RICHARDS: Kyle on WWHL After Show… Much MORE To The “Brandi Blurt”…



Kyle Richards insisted that MissAndy say that MO-reese was the best-looking bartender EVER… but, MissAndy pooh-poohed that suggestion.

Betcha dat MO-reese won’t allow any more of those butt shots!!


Kyle was asked what’s the big deal about Adrienne owning only 2% of The Palms… OH, no one knows that!  Seriously, Kyle???

Kyle was also asked what Brandi said about Adrienne.  Kyle says that there’s much more to the BrandiBlurt than just what Adrienne has already revealed… which was that she used a surrogate to carry her twin boys.

NOTE:   If there is much more to what Brandi said… EvolutionMedia has probably already planned on dragging that story line out the entire next season of the RHOBH.  Good luck with THAT, Evolution!!

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73 comments on “KYLE RICHARDS: Kyle on WWHL After Show… Much MORE To The “Brandi Blurt”…

  1. Is the “much more” the fact that Adrienne has been lying to her children for years? She wore a pregnancy pillow. That’s just weird. I’m sorry.

    • I figured that out on my own that there was much more. Because Adrienne attacked Brandi as a parent, you sleep to three, you are a drug addict, etc., you don’t even take care of your kids, she must have said something to get Paul that mad.

      • There had to be “more” because saying someone had a surrogate is hardly considered a
        “character assassination” (as Adrienne opined)… Whatever she said, Kyle has been perpetuating in every ep in her talking heads, “oh, it’s so private”… yada, yada, yada. If nobody brought “the secret” up each and every week, it would not have grown wings.

        • And that’s my problem with Kyle. If the secrets told were so bad, why didn’t anyone say anything when the words came out of Brandi’s mouth? And since they didn’t, why keep beating a horse that could have been laid to rest for the other women, and remained active between Brandi and Adrienne exclusively? Why, because I believe Adrienne has been orchestrating each and every moment of this, and that the anger is more directed toward Lisa then it is Brandi. I just wish they would all simply lay it on the table so that Lisa can do whatever she needs to do with the way the women still feel about her.

          • I think you are exactly right! I don’t think they were ever going to get warm and fuzzy with Brandi Glanville but as soon as she took LIsa’s side in that reunion she drew a huge target on her chest. They love to say that Brandi is Lisa’s mouth piece but the truth is Brandi is Lisa’s whipping girl. They are skittish about having a go at Lisa but they make up for it by going full tilt on Brandi and of course Brandi makes it so easy with all the outlandish things that come out of her mouth. I’m not 100% sure WHY they hate Lisa so much but my guess is that it is pure jealousy. I think after Kyle imploding awhile badk and having a producer (which is unheard of and happened only once in all of the franchises) write a blog saying she wasn’t really mean and people shouldn’t hate her. That really F-ed Kyle up because SHE was to be the star of this show!!! Then after the Maloof Hoof happened Adrianne was pissed. The whole while Lisa and Giggy are being adored by fans. I think Adrianne thought this show might pull her family out of the fire with their finacial problems but I think they were beyond help by the time this show came around. The whole thing is silly too because even if they just stayed put and didn’t even try they would live beyond comfort for the rest of their lives. Kyle Richards Umanski needs to go back to being a good Mommy and give up being (only in her own mind) the Kelly Ripa and Marc Consuelo off Beverly HIlls.

            • couldnt have said it better SD…Although I cant stand mark consuelo, but your opinion I/we feel was right on point!!!!

            • I can’t stand him either! but I think Kyle thinks that he is paralellel some how to her husband and marraige. I am not 100% but i think way back when she (Kyle) a sitcom in the works that never came to fruition(another reason to hate LIsa) she said she wished Kelly Ripa would play her. If I’m wrong, I”m sorry! Please have one of Adrianne’s lawyers send me a letter that she knows nothing about so I can be scared and have something to talk about for however long a filming season of RHOBH is.

            • So agree with what you wrote.Kyle assumed this would be her show,Lisa’s popularity caught her off guard. She still thinks she’s running things. Her eyes are really intense,watch her eyes flare when things aren’t going Kyle’s way.

    • The “much more” was that she was seeing another man. It was some political guy and everyone knew. Their marriage was “open” for outside business.

    • I watched the 2 shows (HW and Lisa’s) then went right by the after show. Vyle you are a hypocritical liar. We have known for months that Ad only owned 2% of the Palms. STFU. So what if there is more to this big secret who cares anymore. The show was a bore as usual, again a bunch of socialites fighting like they do please. Yolanda was the smartest and had her husband send her a private plane to go home in. Ok said my peace. Later :-)

      • Yeah, but I learned something I hadn’t given any thought to previously. Not only did Brandi have someone present when Adrienne made her phone call to Brandi about the ‘get Lisa’ meeting, but Camille was in the middle of everything, although she clearly lied about it last night. For this reason, I know get why Bravo is choosing to allow this story line to go on for so many episodes. There is more to this story then anything that Brandi said, and it all points back to Adrienne’s animosity toward Lisa and those who chose to fan those flames (Kyle, Camille, and with a much smaller role, Taylor). I’m pretty darn disgusted by all this, and fervently believe Brandi is simply being used as a pawn.

  2. I adressed this on another thread but I’ll say it again here, it really pisses me off what a liar Kyle is. That whole lot of crap about Maurice taking her picture and out and out lying about getting her lips done. I’m over her! She sucks!

    • I haven’t even read the rest of the comments yet – but your’s made me chuckle. I can’t stand liar kyle either! Can’t STAND her! that is all. ;)

    • Omg sd, whoTH is Kyle trying to kid with the Mauritzio doesn’t know how to delete a tweet story?! Seriously? I bet if it were a pic of her manhands or her butt he would’ve figured out how to delete real quick.

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if the ‘much more’ was that Adrienne and Paul were in a fake marriage and she was cheating with the Mayor of wherever for a while. If SH doesn’t mind… I’ll post the link:

    If the link doesn’t come through… the blind can be found under ‘The Spiller’ and under the solved blinds section.

    Anywho…. that would explain Paul’s very OTT reaction to what we all assumed was just the surrogate story.

      • This is not the first time the Mayor has been involved in an extra-marital affair. Is he still married?

    • And the part about dating the Mayor is telling also. She must have been dating him for at least a year if not more. She hated being around Paul pure and simple.

    • I posted a while back that I thought that maybe Ad admitted to Brandi (when they were still speaking) that she was going to leave Paul. Still don’t know for sure but the timing seemed about right and yes, that was why Paul got so pissed off at Brandi. He got blindsighted by it and Ad freaked out that cat was out of the bag. it didn’t make sense to me that she would threaten suit about the surrogacy

    • O.K. so how does this all circle back to Lisa? Is it because Lisa’s life is going too well and Adrienne is jealous? I don’t know. I can’t put my finger on it, but this is all going to revolve back around to Lisa.

      • Maybe because Lisa’s friends bought the 98% of the Palms that Adrienne’s family no longer owns. Who knows? But Adrienne has proven to be a jealous, vindictive hag who attacks without any real justification.

  4. If she wore a pillow she pulled a Bree Vanderkamp! (For those of us who followed Desperate Housewives) Poor ole Kyle. Wonder if it’s her jealously , need for attention, or just the producers idea to drag out the storyline. Personally I couldn’t care less if the twins are hers or adopted or whatever. But I’m guessing she (Vyle) & the producers hope most viewers do.

  5. Miss Andy asked Vyle about Adrienne dating a much younger kid and if she thought that was cool.She said yes and I was wondering what Maurice thought since he was “bartending’ on WWHL.

  6. Kyle definately has down something to those dry ass lizzard lips.Of course Miss Andy loved her “staged” topless pool picture Maurice posted/tweeted.

  7. I mentioned this on another thread but I will address it here also. Kyle was a complete witch on WWHL last nite. She totally ignored sweet Kristin from VPR. My guess is that she is riddled with envy. One, because Kristin is much younger, prettier, and thinner than she and, two, the fact that I bet she would have LOVED for one of her daughters to be on VPR and Lisa probably squashed the idea. I bet anything that is the reason for Kyle’s hatred toward Lisa.

    • I think Adrienne, Kyle and Camille are all jealous of the attention Lisa gets from Bravo, especially since Kyle is the one who effectively cast the show. Adrienne brought Brandi on to go after Lisa with the help of Cedric. When that backfired, we had Kyle bring in Faye. Unfortunately the audience can’t stand her, so that leaves Marissa who clearly does not want to get involved. I’m now completely stuck on the meeting at the Polo Lounge we heard about last night, and how Camille lied about the discussion she had with Brandi, before telling the truth when the other ladies had left. None of this makes any sense to me, and I believe Brandi is simply a pawn in Adrienne’s very odd war with Lisa, who keeps refusing to jump at the bait Adrienne and Bernie through at her in the tabloids and now on this show.

      • Jillz was jelly of Bethanny’s spinoff.
        Nene was jelly of Kim’s spinoff.
        Kyle was jelly of Lisa’s spinoff.

        Yup, it all fits! :)

    • I thought this too. Kyle looked like she got her outfit in the old ladies section of Barneys. Kristin looked young and sexy. Although I don’t think Vyle is that much of a bad mom to WANT her daughters work at Sur and attend staph meetings. Eww.

      • I don’t believe for a second that Kyle would want her daughter working at Sur and being portrayed the way those who do work there are.

  8. Yeah, yeah, yeah Kyle, we all know that there was MUCH more to the Brandi blurt than the viewer heard. Says YOU. Anyone can say anything without giving any facts, and you’re about as trustworthy as a rabid dog. STFU Kyle.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if Brandi did mention an affair. An affair everyone knew about, but didn’t talk about, just like the surrogacy. It may still come out, but I suspect instead Adrienne is maneuvering for everything to somehow blow up in Lisa’s face.

  9. Very clear Kyle has problems , way to jealous & seems very needy, mostly of attention (what does that tell about her private life?) Really two things you can do with her type. Laugh at them , or ignore them, I’d never take anything she says seriously. She’s trying so hard to matter, & somehow just doesn’t.

    • It doesn’t matter how she had the kids! It’s not really anyone’s business. The point is the extent she will lie about it being over 50 with young kids its obvious they were not naturally conceived.

      • Precisely. Her oldest is nine. I think she did her family duty in producing heirs, but there was no requirement that she actually carry the heirs herself. Given her age, it is so not out of the realm of possibility, and not something that needed to be lied about. Adrienne is a very strange woman.

      • Stefani, normally I’d agree with your point of view, but didn’t Ad describe her painful childbirth IN AN EPISODE of RH’s. Pretty sure she did just that! Camille copped to her situation, while Adrienne implied she had hers normally. Doh!

        Kidz outta the belly bag at that point.

        • Yes ITA, Adrienne should have said NOTHING at that point, but she did make up a whole story, wore preggo pillow etc. She lied to everyone in her life. It has been many years since the first test tube baby, and there are so many different kinds of families these days. This should not be an issue for anyone, but she felt the need to lie.

  10. Last nite’s biggest surprise to me was that Brandi had a nose job. She photographs beautifully, but has a homely nose. It looks like a mistake on the doctor’s part…the nose reminds me of a cartoon nose. Brandi’s always looking for easy money, so why doesn’t she sue the doctor??? I’m sure it wasn’t Paul, but what’s this I hear about those two sneaking around last year??????? WOOPS!!!

      • That’s what I got from that discussion. And I think the information was put into Kyle’s ear by Adrienne. More fuel to throw into the fire.

        • Well if Kyle had a nose job…someone screwed up. They couldn’t have made her look more like the wicked witch of the west if they TRIED. Hooked nose much?

          • She clearly has some sort of dysmorphia when she looks in the mirror. She is not ugly at all, but she thinks she is a 10, and she is really a 5. I remember how she was bragging about how she does her “perfect” eyebrows herself, and she said everyone always asks her about them. They are not well shaped at all.

            • Yep, I’d agree with you. She’s not an ugly gal, but she IS aging and she is never going to be as pretty as some of the people she’s jealous of. She needs to learn to love who she is and stop being such a snipe. People would appreciate her much more

            • Exactly dch! She should try embracing who she is, love herself, and put her petty jealousies aside. People would like her a whole lot more if she did

  11. I’d bet my husbands money that Brandi had cheek implants too. And not to pick on her too much today, but when she was on WWHL she could barely move her lips. Her face was like a popsicle. You know who gets just the right amount of botox? Camille. In my humble, humble, possibly wrong opinion.

    • I think it’s filler actually, in Brandi’s cheeks. I saw a pic of her when she was on Leno, her face looked so puffy–almost although she was overweight. True about Camille, I think she’s beautiful and doesn’t look either haggard or overdone.

      • Yeah, I think they’ve all had injectables, including Kyle who once swore off of such things. My how things have changed since the first season.

  12. I never watch the after show…it appears so stupid in commercials that it might actually destroy brain cells.

    • Am working on an equation re: WWHL’s ability to likely entertain.

      AC / Guest1 + Guest2 = Entertainment value (positive or negative)

      AC being replaced/sick/canned would warrant a new algorithm. ;)

    • The more I think about it the more I think your right. They’ve already admitted the surrogracy and even “bravo mouthpiece” Huffpo has confirmmed that. I am sure what ever she said was increadibly unsavory and the surogaccy story is supposed to whet our appetite so that we never dig further. Suragaccy does not a lawsuit make.

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