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Vegas pole  dancing went better then I thought it would go. Almost all the lady’s seem to enjoy themselves except Marisa. Pole dancing is great exercise and if anyone needs to find their inner sexy it is Marisa. She is a beautiful woman who has seemed to have lost track of her sexuality. Being a strong independent woman is not just defined by your nine-to-five job  or your ability to make money, but also by your sense of self and the sensual woman inside of all of us gals.

Listen none of us would be swinging around poles if there were any pervy men
sitting around gawking at us. . .gross.

Paul gets laser hair removal and Adrienne seems to enjoy the pain it is causing him, I guess thats love for you. As far as Ardienne being in Vegas, I
didn’t invite her to my work trip due to our legal issues. . .

Adrienne has many, many, many business ventures going on that she is investing money into like shoes, phone covers, vodka,
skincare, purses that say Maloof all over them. . .I hope she makes money from those purses, but the only initials I want on my purses are LV.

I am getting paid to host parties for women
of all ages, sizes, races etc. — no men allowed. I am not investing my money into anything, especially not purses with my name plastered all over them.

Kim gets a nose job, and I think
more power to her. It’s not my place to judge and if she is happy I am happy. However, it did concern me that she might have to take pain meds with her newly found sobriety I thought
this could be dangerous. I think when it comes to plastic surgery, if you don’t want to talk about you don’t have to. And, trust me, in this group there is plenty of plastic surgery going on with
almost everyone. More to come on that later in the season. . .

Some people talk about it and some people don’t and that is their prerogative. Everything I’ve ever done, as embarrassing as
it is, is in my new book Drinking and Tweeting (out Feb 12th).

At dinner we all expressed concern for Kim. We all want whats best for her. I invited these women to Vegas and I am glad they all came to support me, so why Camille brought up
missing Adrienne at my dinner, knowing full well of our legal issues I will never understand. Yes, we had fun in the past with Adrienne and now I’m having fun with her lawyers — so clearly
it’s not the best dinner conversation.

Jennifer explained why I was so nervous about the reunion. I was nervous because I was asked to meet up with Adrienne to talk about going after
Lisa and for no other reason. Why else would I be nervous? The ONLY reason I called Camillewas to get her take on what was about to happen. Camille said to me I know they are
going after Lisa but I have no issues with Lisa and you shouldn’t worry about it “just be yourself.” That was the extent of it. Then at dinner, Camille calls me a liar and just minutes
later confirms I was telling the truth but she didn’t like being put on the spot. That wasn’t cool to me, I have always been lovely and kind to Camille, so I was upset when she called me a
liar. Well Camille and I have now moved past it all. We are not as close as we once were, but are fine.

Camille brought up that Adrienne was upset that Pandora didn’t choose to do her bachelorette party at the Palms, which is ridiculous because it’s Pandora’s choice and no one elses. So I
say why was Adrienne upset because she doesn’t own but two percent of the Palms. A bitchy, but true statement. I probably wouldn’t have said it had Pandora’s bachelorette party not been
brought up and Adrienne not been threatening me with a lawsuit.

Why Camille is upset at Lisa and yelling at Yolanda, I still don’t understand. Lisa has always been forthcoming about
having a partner in her restaurant SUR and being 51 percent owner. In fact I think there is a show about it called Vanderpump Rules.

Kyle seems to defend everyone but Lisa and I think I
know why. Kyle gets upset that Lisa defends me, and ultimately I believe Kyle is just jealous of my friendship with Lisa. Kyle needs to realize its easy to say, “Let’s move on,” when she was
the one that hurt the Lisa. Of course, Kyle wants it all behind them but sometimes you have to face the music first.

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42 comments on “BRANDI GLANVILLE: Brandi’s BravoBlog… What A Mess…

  1. I hope Brandy reads this blog or at the very least gets feedback from it. If so, Brandy you really need to grow up, its time, past time really…. Saying anything and everything that pops into your head, speaking each and everyday about your ex husbands new wife both in national print and tv and revealing OTHER people’s business is extremely immature not to mention, a grab at attention at ANY cost. NEGATIVE ATTENTION. If that’s all you’ve got, get out the spotlight, raise your children, and live your life. All the behavior above (if it hasn’t already) is going to cost you big time in the long run. BTW I actually I am starting to feel a little sorry for Leann Rimes, Adrienne Maloof and all of your other “victims”. I now see you as the “attacker”.

    • Not a Brandy fan. IMO she is being used by Andy to bring the drama. Hurting people because you have been hurt is never a healthy option.

  2. Just as Kyle laughed in Lisa’s face over her friendship with Taylor, perhaps Kyle should laugh off the friendship between Brandi and Lisa. Kyle vision of loyalty to a friend is very strange to me, since Kyle was right in the middle of the ‘get Lisa’ meeting with Adrienne. If I were Lisa, I wouldn’t trust Kyle as far as I could throw her. She’s not a friend, and clearly neither is Camille. I get now why this story line is going on and on, and I’m looking forward to seeing where the conclusion leaves everyone, as I can’t imagine that even Adrienne is going to come out of this happy.

  3. Camille is as strange as they come.. she should know better than anyone what Kyle’s “like”… so she doesn’t remember herself being in the hot seat? does she want to be more relevant on the show? is she soooo attached to Adrienne that she’s sulking at a dinner party? Who is she trying to “impress”.. Bravo for stirring the pot? for more air time? With all the money she has.. GIVE ME A BREAK… get off the show and live your life! My favorite housewife though is YOLANDA!! Love love her take on Adrienne.. “like who is she? why is she relevant? LOL!!!.. my thoughts EXACTLY.. but Yolanda is TRUE CLASS ALLLLLLLLL THE WAY.. and the way she called Kyle out.. I loved it!!

    • Funny alot of people blamed Kelsey for walking out on Camille ,mainly because he already had another women in his life. But Kelsey’s said all along things with Camille aren’t as they appeared & I don’t think he was talking about the show. I think alot of folks have learned she’s not the innocent victim of a celeb ex. Not so sure she didn’t know about the other woman all along anyway. I think she may be more normal/healthy than some of the hwvs on this & some other shows , but that ain’t sayin’ much :D I suspect your’re right, she’s trying hard to stay relevant. Which of course, will make viewers lose interest faster than almost anything else.

  4. I love how Brandi says Kyle wants to hurt “the Lisa.” Yeah man, it ain’t wise to hurt The Lisa! Oh Brandi— women don’t need poles to find their inner sexy. Poles are an outer sexy venture. Danielle Staub taught a better pole lesson anyway with her “Reveal and Suggest” routine. I had to go and dive into a vat or Purell after that party!

  5. I too hope Brandi reads the comments here, here is mine “You go girl! You took a traumatic, life altering event and, after a few falters, picked yourself up and took care of you. Get what you can and when this book tour is over, put Denture Face and Eddiot where they belong.” Love you girlfriend! I’m a fan!

  6. “Poor’ Brandi yet she carries LV handbags while living in a leased/rented house like Ne NE from ALT.Bitch put that money in a permanent home for your “F@@king Kids” as you love to refer them.
    The pole dancing is a one trick pony for the staged/hosting scene setup by Bravo.All the “plastic surgery” will come out if your unfiltered mouth has anything to do with it.Vaginal rejuvenation is a book means you will spill your guts about anything or anyone.STFU yourself.No wonder douche bag Eddie that torn your vagina up is gone.You are trash along with Trailer Trash.Both out seeking a rich man to support you.Gold diggers on the prowl.BBG Bitch Be Gone Poof!!!!!

  7. if you read brandi’s blog, it says it all about her. she has something to say about everyone’s lives. 9 to5 job means nothing. how would she know? she even refers to herself as lovely.
    really? there is nothing lovely, or even likable about a foul mouth, jealous, immature, fame seeking ho. go back to living in your suv; and for kids sake give them to anyone else to raise.

  8. Brandi you are following a script. No one can be that socially inept to make the statements at the precise time to cause the most drama as you do repeatedly. Because something is true it doesn’t make it OK to announce it. You do not have to react every time you hear Adrienne”s name unless the script calls for it.

  9. I’m trying to figure out who isn’t a slut (I mean former slut). Just because Yo screws any man she can get for money, doesn’t mean she is any better than Camille, who before marrying Kelsey, screwed men for the camera, for money. Brandi seems to not be embarrassed by anything she’s done, but every time I look at Lisa, it reminds me of the time Brandi said she looked 60. OH MY. And, I must add that Kim’s nose job came out fabulous, and that Brandi shd sue her doc because hers is laughable!!!!!

    • I didnt get the “I’m a beautiful woman so I slept with men for a Chanel bag” vibe from Yolanda, she actually strikes me as a woman who knows her self-worth, although that line could easily be one of the best to come out of the housewives (my favorite was Ms. Barney’s “is your ass jealous of the sh!t that comes out of your mouth?!?!” line, could care less who said it, just love the line!

  10. I still love Brandi and I can’t see anything changing my opinion of her. Camille and Kyle are both extremely jealous of Lisa and I’m sure, Kyle is jealous of Brandi’s friendship with Lisa. Adrienne is as arrogant a BITCH as they come. I think Camille was getting in her last minute digs because Vegas is where she got the phone call from Bravo that she was fired. A little bitter are we Camile? Brandi, I wish you nothing but the best and you continue standing up for yourself and do it for Lisa too. She’s been hurt enough by Kyle.

  11. Brandi’s take on Camille was interesting. She claims she was always lovely to Camille, Well it seems Camille was also lovely to her. But for Brandi to throw Camille under the bus the way she did was not lovely. In her blog she claims that Camille confirmed she was telling the truth. That was not what I say. I saw Camille say didn’t remember parts of the confo. She didn’t remember “that” part of the confo, she remember some parts and didn’t like being put on the spot. I did not take that as confirmation. I took it as Camille saying anything to remove herself from Brandi. What I didn’t get was why Brandi didn’t go after Kyle … Camille was in Hawaii during the supposed let’s get Lisa lunch. But according to Brandi weren’t the 2 who wanted to bring Lisa down Adrienne and Kyle? Why was Lisa upset with Camille? She wasn’t even in CA at the time. It seems Brandi can spout off anything and Lisa swallows it hook line and sinker. Brandi kisses up to Lisa. Brandi attacks and bad mouths those Lisa doesn’t like and Lisa loves Brandi. What Lisa should remember is that Adrienne was friends with Brandi. Adrienne introduced Brandi to the show. Adrienne defended Brandi the entire last season. And Brandi pays her back by disclosing private information. Lisa says that Kyle is not loyal (and trust me I totally agree that Kyle can’t even spell loyalty) but Brandi was besties with Cedric and where is he now? She was close to Adrienne and look how that worked out. If Lisa is expecting loyalty from anyone I don’t think she should she be looking to Brandi.

    • Jelly,
      Brandi was never more than a distant acquaintance of Cedric. That came out on the first show Brandi was on. Adrianne was used to introduce her on the show, there was no real friendship either. I doubt that anyone on the cast knew Brandi until she joined the show.

    • I hadn’t thought about it is that way but you have a point. Kinda like a mouthpiece or doing her dirty work? Brandi may speak the truth but not everything need to be announced at dinner unless the script calls for it of course.

  12. Brandi wasn’t besties with Cedric. They did some modeling together before she knew Lisa and she only had the lies he told her to go on. Just the fact that she told Lisa about the proposition of the meeting shows me the loyalty. I love Lisa, Brandi and Yolanda. If this show is about the real housewives, there should be more Yolanda’s on this show. I know these rich women aren’t really sitting around like Adrienne, Kyle, Taylor and kIm. Surely. If this is what BH is like, I have no desire to go back there. It’s worse than Atlanta, which I can’t stand to watch. I think it’s all jealousy. Kyle is going crazy over Yolanda, Brandi and Lisa’s popularity. At least, that’s what it seems like to me and my friends who watch the show. I can’t seem to find another motive for all of her backstabbing and malicious lies. She is two-faced. She needs to watch some past shows and remember how she acted in the first three seasons, then she’ll see what I see. It was ridiculous.

  13. Considering it’s all fake, all I wish for is that Brandi (whom I haven’t minded at all) would pay someone to edit her blogs. Sheesh.

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