BLIND ITEM: Guess the Housewife!!…

From BlindGossip…  

GEE!!  Wonder WHO this could possibly be!?!  

Here’s a hint:  the location of the studio is in BURBANK.  Wonder how that wine tastes?

tom leykis

“Tom Leykis hosts a live afternoon call-in radio show called The Tom Leykis Show. He broadcasts from the New Normal Studios in Burbank.”

Mr. Leykis tweeted this question on February 2:

“Question: Which Real Housewife produced several podcast episodes at the New Normal Studios for which the production costs haven’t been paid?

She knows who she is, as does her rep who booked the studio. The answer will be coming soon. Very. Publicly.

Unless the bill is paid.”

leykis tweet

leykis tweet

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31 comments on “BLIND ITEM: Guess the Housewife!!…

  1. Ruttroooh (in my Scooby voice) da’ truth is looking for somebody. Run housewives Run!! Lol , sorry couldn’t help myself :P

    • Yeah, didn’t she do a short-lived radio podcast? Ms SH had it here, I’m too lazy and tech-impaired to look.

    • I think Heather just sat in for a talk show host…she wouldn’t have paid for doing that (or would she??).

      I’m guessing Tam-Ruh produced her weekly “Tamra Talks” podcasts from that studio, but since they failed miserably & nobody tuned in, she doesn’t want to pay up.

  2. I’m going with the looooong shot here and saying Caro-whine. Didn’t she fly back & forth to LA over the summer? Also, didn’t she fly into Tampa from Cal. to meet her Manzoids? The “wonder how that wine tastes” AND bill NOT paid, radio? Just guessing…….
    Trashy Tamballs is my 2nd guess!?

  3. Tom Leykis is THE WORST.
    Such a disgusting human being (as someone who lives in LA and has heard his radio show MANY times–old coworker used to put it on–yuck).

    • Yes, they were supposed to be weekly episodes, but she only did two. In November she talked about sex toys and G-Spots with a “friend and sex toy expert.” Apparently, that one is no longer available. In December she spent an hour talking about fitness because she was promoting her new gym. I don’t know if anyone on the planet had the patience and stamina to listen all the way through either podcast.

  4. I’m saying Tamballs too. She posted on her FB that because she was “so busy” she was stopping her podcasts. Then she took off to Hawaii and opened her “stupido studio”. Which by the way, the free classes or over. Dang. No more spying.

    • Nothing says “arrogant bag of wind” as much as a website/podcast entitled TAMRA TALKS DOT COM. As if anyone aside from her cluster of clueless groupies is interested in anything she has to say. Per the website:

      “Tamra’s sits down [sic] to talk with friends, celebrities, business buddies and fans to keep you up to date on what’s happening in her life as well as the rest of the people in her world.”

  5. Could be Cynthia while visiting with Nene, she has a wine that’s out. Plus, those awful tweets from Peter to Lisa,,,,he’s clearly a jerk and had to be mad about something. Cynthia is my guess.

      • Yes & her wedding to the (cough) ladies man Eddie. Tehe – tehehehe. These shows really love to focus on the – can’t do any better or do for myself so might as well fake it- marriage crowd. What’s with that?

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