SH “HIT AND RUN” MONDAY: Tonight’s RHOBH Episode… Kim Richards “Sobriety Talk”… Kyle Richards “On WWHL Tonight”… MORE From Brandi Glanville’s Book “How She Knew About LeAnn and Eddie”… Paul Nassif Sues Bernie “The Insult Chef”

Yes, today IS Monday!!  Yes… the RHOBH will airing a new episode tonight at 9 pm.

NO… the RHOBH will NOT be airing any new story lines.

The BH Housewives are still in Las  Vegas; the Beverly Hills Housewives are still sitting around a dinner table chatting about whichever Housewife is not there; and there is a very special treat on tonight’s episode… a recycled story line!!


If you recall, the sub-humans of New Jersey Housewives went to a strip club where Danielle Staub tried to teach the Housewives… or at least Kim Granatell… how to use the stripper pole.

RHOBH Brandi pg

Playing the role of “Danielle” on tonight’s episode of the RHOBH will be the extremely “poor” Brandi Glanville!!

RHOBH Brandi pg

Brandi is entering another of Bravo’s **insert extreme SIDE eye here** phony scenarios… a PHONY business venture!  Yes, Brandi’s “new business” will be that of  **insert extreme eye ROLL here** “stripper party hostess”…

NOTE:  Have ANY of these phony Housewives “business ventures” ever continued after their story line was exhausted?  NOPE!

A synopsis of tonight’s RHOBH from Bravo:

In Las Vegas, Brandi entices all the women (except Adrienne, who stayed back in LA) to try pole dancing, with varied success.

Upon learning Kim is about to go under the knife for her nose job, the women wonder if going under anesthesia and taking pain killers is wise for a woman just out of rehab.

RHOBH KimR new nose

The final dinner in Vegas starts pleasantly, but the moment Adrienne’s name is mentioned, it devolves into a feud in which new issues are raised, and old wounds are opened.

Good grief!!   This season of the RHOBH seems like it is just dragging… when will the dinner talk ever be over??  We’re just glad to know that MO-reese wasn’t included in the Las Vegas dinner conversation!!


Just cannot HELP it!!!


How coincidental is it that Kim Richards has a nice little chat with People magazine re her sobriety… just in time to tie-in with tonight’s RHOBH episode!

Kim tells People that she hasn’t had a drink in over a year (YAY, Kim!!!) and that she feels her relationship with her sister, Kyle, is a big reason for her staying sober…

Part of what has contributed to her new outlook is her newly mended relationship with her sister, Kyle.

RHOBH kimR kyle diving pg

Speakin’ of Kyle… according to her twitter, Kyle is out of the pool and is makin’ her way over to MissAndy’s Clubhouse, BUT Kyle’s is keepin’ those “manhands” covered!!


kyle tweet gloves nyc


kyle  arrow

From the NYDailyNews:

“… Glanville writes that she stepped in between them and said, “’What the f–k do you two have going on? Do you two have something you’d like to tell me?’ LeAnn laughed through her oversized dentures before purring. ‘Oh, honey, you’re just being silly.’” Glanville immediately stormed out of the restaurant.

She recalls that Cibrian tried to brush off the encounter. “He convinced me I was just being paranoid,” she writes.”

brandi pg

Brandi’s book is to be released on Valentine’s Day.  By the time all the excerpts are released, there will be no reason to buy her book.


Maloof Bernie Trendy


Paul Nassif is pissed that Bernie “TheInsultChef” Guzman accused Paul of being a wife beater, a kid beater and even an animal beater.   Paul is suing Bernie for the photos he posted to his Facebook Page and for the accusations… from TMZ.

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