SH “HIT AND RUN” MONDAY: Tonight’s RHOBH Episode… Kim Richards “Sobriety Talk”… Kyle Richards “On WWHL Tonight”… MORE From Brandi Glanville’s Book “How She Knew About LeAnn and Eddie”… Paul Nassif Sues Bernie “The Insult Chef”

Yes, today IS Monday!!  Yes… the RHOBH will airing a new episode tonight at 9 pm.

NO… the RHOBH will NOT be airing any new story lines.

The BH Housewives are still in Las  Vegas; the Beverly Hills Housewives are still sitting around a dinner table chatting about whichever Housewife is not there; and there is a very special treat on tonight’s episode… a recycled story line!!


If you recall, the sub-humans of New Jersey Housewives went to a strip club where Danielle Staub tried to teach the Housewives… or at least Kim Granatell… how to use the stripper pole.

RHOBH Brandi pg

Playing the role of “Danielle” on tonight’s episode of the RHOBH will be the extremely “poor” Brandi Glanville!!

RHOBH Brandi pg

Brandi is entering another of Bravo’s **insert extreme SIDE eye here** phony scenarios… a PHONY business venture!  Yes, Brandi’s “new business” will be that of  **insert extreme eye ROLL here** “stripper party hostess”…

NOTE:  Have ANY of these phony Housewives “business ventures” ever continued after their story line was exhausted?  NOPE!

A synopsis of tonight’s RHOBH from Bravo:

In Las Vegas, Brandi entices all the women (except Adrienne, who stayed back in LA) to try pole dancing, with varied success.

Upon learning Kim is about to go under the knife for her nose job, the women wonder if going under anesthesia and taking pain killers is wise for a woman just out of rehab.

RHOBH KimR new nose

The final dinner in Vegas starts pleasantly, but the moment Adrienne’s name is mentioned, it devolves into a feud in which new issues are raised, and old wounds are opened.

Good grief!!   This season of the RHOBH seems like it is just dragging… when will the dinner talk ever be over??  We’re just glad to know that MO-reese wasn’t included in the Las Vegas dinner conversation!!


Just cannot HELP it!!!


How coincidental is it that Kim Richards has a nice little chat with People magazine re her sobriety… just in time to tie-in with tonight’s RHOBH episode!

Kim tells People that she hasn’t had a drink in over a year (YAY, Kim!!!) and that she feels her relationship with her sister, Kyle, is a big reason for her staying sober…

Part of what has contributed to her new outlook is her newly mended relationship with her sister, Kyle.

RHOBH kimR kyle diving pg

Speakin’ of Kyle… according to her twitter, Kyle is out of the pool and is makin’ her way over to MissAndy’s Clubhouse, BUT Kyle’s is keepin’ those “manhands” covered!!


kyle tweet gloves nyc


kyle  arrow

From the NYDailyNews:

“… Glanville writes that she stepped in between them and said, “’What the f–k do you two have going on? Do you two have something you’d like to tell me?’ LeAnn laughed through her oversized dentures before purring. ‘Oh, honey, you’re just being silly.’” Glanville immediately stormed out of the restaurant.

She recalls that Cibrian tried to brush off the encounter. “He convinced me I was just being paranoid,” she writes.”

brandi pg

Brandi’s book is to be released on Valentine’s Day.  By the time all the excerpts are released, there will be no reason to buy her book.


Maloof Bernie Trendy


Paul Nassif is pissed that Bernie “TheInsultChef” Guzman accused Paul of being a wife beater, a kid beater and even an animal beater.   Paul is suing Bernie for the photos he posted to his Facebook Page and for the accusations… from TMZ.

(Thanks to SH reader “CathyFromFtM”!!!)

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50 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” MONDAY: Tonight’s RHOBH Episode… Kim Richards “Sobriety Talk”… Kyle Richards “On WWHL Tonight”… MORE From Brandi Glanville’s Book “How She Knew About LeAnn and Eddie”… Paul Nassif Sues Bernie “The Insult Chef”

  1. I thought I deleted all HW shows from my DVR only to find that it’s still recording the BH shows. Ugh. Not only that, but the tv is changing the channel to Bravo automatically every time a BH show comes on. It’s possessed!

        • I have On demand and it use to drive me crazy; when ever I turned the tv on.. it automatically went to a local news station. It didn’t seem to matter what I changed in the settings. Finally something took…still don’t know ‘why’ it finally worked. May the force be with you :).

          • I wish I had a way to lock in my choices. So if I happen to be recording two shows at once and the hubs is watching before he is able to hit cancel one or two a lil box pops up to say “You better ask somebody!!”

            • Bahaha MP! Me too! U watchin RHOBH now? Kyle is having difficulty with managing her facial expressions which clearly shows she is jelly of some of the other HWs skills. She’s trying to play it off tho like she’s concerned for their safety on the pole. She’s clearly bummed that they r not doing splits ;)

            • I can imagine. I got wait till the hubs gives up the den tv to watch. Right now I am listening to the stuff that went down in the Jodi Ariz trial on the upstairs TV. Can’t believe that succubus actually took the stand. And check this out… I believe with everything in me that that harlot had a gun on him the whole time she was snapping pictures of him in the shower. He didn’t look happy. He looked like a man that knew she was was gonna make sure to ruin him in the church if she didn’t just kill him. As it turns out she ended up doing both. I am shocked that no one has ever entertained the idea that he is NOT willingly posing for those pictures. Also eyes sooo red, he had a rough long night full of crazy from her. Not a doubt in my mind. The earlier pictures he must have been trying to delete but couldn’t due to his computer virus and he got frustrated KNOWING the blackmail damage Jodi could do with them.

            • Missed you on here last night done :'(. Glad it finally worked! Hanging in there, thanks for asking. How about you.. DH feeling better? Hope all is well with you & family!

            • I’ve been popping on and off of here lately. He’s feeling a little better, thanks! We have dr’s appts every day this week though. Such is the life of a retiree, I guess! Wish we could get to the fun part of retiring! LOL. Hope you’re doing well……..

            • Off & on also. Some days it’s easier for me to do; some days not so much. Good to see you. Watching “Raising Hope” right now! The same writer who did “My name Is Earl.” I miss that show. I needed some light hearted, well written humor! Sorry about having to go the Docs. all week….I know that’s draining. Glad DH is feeling a little better and I hope his visits go well!

            • I could never find the shows I want here! I miss NY/NJ television and those channels. These channels here in FL are weird. Enjoy your show and your night! Thanks for the well-wishes. :)

  2. In Kim’s “People” interview she is once again shown sorting through family pictures.That seems to be all she does is hang pictures or dust them in another season with the female housekeeper.She is so boring with her “kid ” stuff.They are not babies anymore.Cut the cord and do your own thing minus the drinking.Kyle is a sister I would avoid at all cost.She is only out to better herself or make her shine over all that are around her.Whether all dressed up to take out color coordinated trash or hair placed over her nipples in the pool.She is a fame whore and not a good person.

    • I agree. Every season, Kim is in one form or another doing “Spring Cleaning”. Why does she require a servant (except to tell someone who the pictures are of)? I have no more tolerance for her extreme stupidity. I mean that woman went for plastic surgery for the fun of it as others would go on a shopping spree.

  3. I like Kim’s new nose, but I didn’t see anything wrong with the former nose. I call BS on Kyle helping with Kim’s sobriety.

    • I like her new nose too, the doctor did a beautiful job., and she does look a little more youthful as well.

        • debra. ita. her nose looks great. very natural. dr. did a great job. she needs an eye
          lift, or whatever they call it; and needs to get a job. and stay away from her sister, well kyle.

      • Also like her new nose…her Doc. did a great job. I hate to admit it, but I’ve always wanted to get my nose fixed/changed. I never thought mine looked right for my face…maybe, one day :).

        • It’s a very scary, very difficult decision but if you decide it’s the right choice for you then I wish you well :) I had a family nose that didn’t fit my face. Changed it, love it. Never been happier.

  4. Is it just me or does Kims hair on the wall paper look like she has spent to many hours in clorinated water.

      • I’m old enough to remember seeing Kim on some of the shows back then. I think she played Tommy g/f in an episode of Alice , can’t recall what the other shows were though. But the “Bernie the Insult Chef ” line too cute! Can’t believe he tried to blackmail Paul. How airheaded.

    • I can see the green tinge in it too. I was tow headed back in the day and always went back to school each fall looking like the innards of a lime. Bright Green

      • My best gf growing up was naturally really blond with beautiful long hair; chlorine also turned her hair a tinge green in the summer.
        Kim’s hair was still beautiful back in the 90’s. It’s starting to look better, but a little extra TLC would help a lot!

        • I think she would look outstanding with a shorter hairstyle. Not too short. Kinda like a Heather Locklear circa Melrose place look.

          • You’re so right mp. Just a few inches longer then shoulder length. Her hair would look and be healthier; she’d also look younger.

            • Yeah I think what we are looking at crawling down her back is store bought. But at least its layered so it does look better than.. you know who.

            • I don’t know about that? Her hair was still seriously beautiful, healthy and naturally long in the 90’s so I do think it’s her real hair…just over stressed/worked.

            • Could be. The ends just look very very healthy and thick. Not typical of such processed hair. Especially considering the dehydrating she had been doing to it . That stuff at the ends SHOULD be remnants of alkie hair but it sure don’t look it.

  5. Kim’s necklace in one of those pictures looks like it’s digging onto her skin. Her new nose looks good.

    I can never get enough of watching Kim G. on the stripper pole. That was funny stuff. Would have been funnier if she had tried it on a cactus, though.

  6. When is Brandi going to stop with the Leann crap? This is beyond old. We don’t care Brandi…

  7. WOW…never thought I’d feel an iota of sympathy or understanding for Vyle EVER, but WTH is up with these NON expert, tendency to Over indulge–themselves HW’S…..talking about Kim right now??
    Jenny may be a recovering addict herself, but it sure looks to me like she’s had her share of plastic surgery, just sayin’….

    • She may have, but what she is saying is pretty darn on point. A newly sober addict really should avoid painkillers since there is the tendency to become addicted to a new or previously used substance. I’ve read about a few stars that it’s happened to, and it’s something that an addict really should discuss with their Physician before surgery, something I hope Kim took the time to do.

      • I have a dear friend in long time recovery, along with a few friends I’ve made because I chose to become involved. I do understand the dangers and the way the disease works…as much as anyone REALLY can?! Including doctors…just look at the sad statistics!!! Nobody knows when & or why it finally does take for some. The 1st time, the 5th time???
        I use to visit a friend in rehab in Cal., after becoming involved, I was asked if I would be interested in volunteering on Sundays. Sadly, coming from money, or not, does not insure friends and family coming to visit. It’s lonely for many on w/e’s. I enjoyed talking and getting to know many people. It opened a window into understanding something that I struggled to understand for SOoo long. It’s a frustrating disease that has affected many people through out my life.
        Whether I agree with her (Jen) or not isn’t the point to-me. Discussing “this” Kim in Vegas, at that table, while some over the top drinking WAS going on…was inappropriate. Also, why is it Brandi tip-toed around Jennifer’s addiction. A spade is a
        spade-No? Came off to me like Blah-Void/Jennifer “plugging” a new show! Maybe, society would fair better in battling this disease if we paid more attention to the ‘signs’ in our friends and loved ones….prior to it becoming a problem!!! JMO.

  8. I don’ think I can get it up for tonight’s episode, I don’t know what is happening to me. I am just just so sick of all the fake bullshit. Tired if the fake hair, the fake faces and the fake dialogue.

  9. Those women are so deranged. I mean when someone finally says something that is intelligent and a fact they still have issues. I don’t think Vile even paid attention what was being told to her. All she could hear is that one of Brandis friends said something about her sister so that made it a attack not a statement of fact.Its like no matter if something is said that is a fact or the truth its all about who said it and who it was said about. Um Duh.All of the HWs are the same. In each show it just doesn’t matter what is being said.They never hear anything they don’t want to. They never acknowledge anyone’s comments unless its from a so called best friend or its something snotty being said about someone they hate. Boy. I didn’t think rich people who seem to have so much can be so stupid.

  10. Did y’all see Kyle on WWHL? She claimed that she at first didn’t realize that Mauritzio tweeted that pic of her, then she freaked so he was going to delete it but he didn’t know how. Really Kyle? We’re to believe that yo hubs that tweets all the time doesn’t know how to delete a tweet? Pfft

    • I saw her, she’s a lying sack. She also swore up and down she didn’t have her lips done. I can NOT belive that I ever fell for her act in season one and I liked her. Now every time Kyle and maurice show their faces on my television I can’t watch. The two of them have convinced themselves that they are better than everyone else on that show. She just went into the Don Caro catagorie for me.

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