REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS RECAP: Season Three, Episode Twelve… “Kim Nose Best”


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Season Three, Episode Twelve… “Kim Nose Best”

by Sandi Duffy

This episode should be called “Beating a Dead Horse.”

I’m so over the Beverly Hills Housewives, but let’s see what I can come up with tonight.  Marisa is right when she says she doesn’t get how stripping empowers women.  Kyle TTCs that this could be fun or she will make a big ass out of herself.  I put my money on the big ass.  You know Camille is going to be good at it because she was an MTV dancer back in the day.

camille mtv

Adrienne is now selling handbags, along with her stupid shoes.  I guess now that her basketball team is gone and by staying a weekend at The Palms, I would officially own about as much as she does in it, she needs to find other ways to make money.  All these idiots think they are going to be the next Bethenny Frankel.  Not happening, ladies.



Although, I have to admit that if I ever became a housewife, I would subject you all to a crockpot (I had a Superbowl party where I cooked everything in four crockpots) and a book or two.


One is a book I started a few years ago about being a widow and since I didn’t marry a Prince/Kennedy relative, my experience is quite different from Carole Radziwell.

Oh, back to the show.  The ladies all look like idiots on the pole.


Kim calls while Kyle is in Vegas and announces that she is getting a nose job.  I said it last week, but everything I’ve learned from Celebrity Rehab tells me that an addict should not get elective surgery that would require pain killers.  Of course, I’m like 99% sure a recovering addict shouldn’t be on a reality show, too, and that includes Celebrity Rehab.

Kyle flips out and I love when Yolanda tells her that Kim is telling her she is getting a nose job, not asking her.  I am way too distracted by Kyle’s glitter false eyelashes.

I really don’t care about Kim’s plastic surgery and why does she have a life coach, a houseboy and an assistant.  I’m pretty sure her only “work” is being on this show, and her kids are basically grown, so why does she need all the help?  You know what I want to see?  I want to see the real Kim–the Kim who goes to AA meetings and has a sponsor, not this BS nose job.

Adrienne Paul manhood pg

Adrienne is polishing her nails in her husband’s office–like Adrienne polishes her own nails.  Watching these two snipe at each other is uncomfortable.  How much humiliation is Paul supposed to take on this show?  We’ve seen him get a colonoscopy and now we see him getting his back hair removed.

Paul in Heels Sandi

Kim comes out of surgery and she pretty much seems the same coming out of anesthesia as she does in everyday life.  I mean, the woman is spacey on a good day.  Kyle TTCs that she would have liked to have been there for her.  Yeah, right, Kyle, so you would berate her?

Yolanda looks so much younger without her hair pulled so severely back off her face.  Brandi makes a joke about Camille doing porn and Camille takes it well.  Yolanda took the stick out of her ass and is drinking Tequilla.  Marisa spilled red wine on her white dress.  Marisa, NEVER drink red wine when you are wearing white.  That’s why I’m totally against all the White Parties everyone has on these Housewives shows.  That’s also why I always wear black.  I’m a sloppy drunk.

sloppy drunk

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m with Kyle’s original thought.  Why have dinner in private room when you are in Vegas?

Talk turns to Kim’s surgery.  Jennifer, who is on Celebrity Rehab, says what I’ve been saying…the pain medication is not a good idea.  Kyle is an idiot, and has obviously never watched Celebrity Rehab, and doesn’t think the surgery so soon in her recovery is a problem.  Of course, we need to remember the surgery is all Kyle’s fault, since she told Kim to get her nose fixed.

Kimr nose

Camille feels badly that Adrienne isn’t there.  Uh oh.  Here it comes.  Jennifer confirms what Brandi has been saying about Adrienne trying to turn everyone against Lisa.  Camille says Adrienne was upset about Lisa calling her shoes “The Maloof Hoof”.  Really?!  THAT’S what made Adrienne turn on Lisa.  Wow, Adrienne needs to head over to Walmart, stat, and purchase a sense of humor.  Camille denies that Adrienne called a meeting.  We get a glimpse of Season 1 Camille.  Camille leaves the table, calling Brandi a liar.  Kyle goes after her and convinces her to come back.  We are back to Lisa not going to the Palms for Pandora’s bachelorette party.  Brandi says Adrienne only owns 2% of The Palms. Kyle is mad that Brandi said that.  WE ALL KNOW THAT THE MALOOFS ONLY OWN 2% OF THE PALMS.  And, like I’ve said in about a million previous posts, The Palms is way off the strip.

lisa rhobh

Planet Hollywood, where Pandora’s bachelorette party was, is on the strip.  That’s why I stayed there the last time I was in Vegas.  If these are the reasons Adrienne throws away friendships, the woman needs some serious therapy.

lisa pandora jason

Camille then drops the “Lisa doesn’t own SUR” bomb, which I’m pretty sure isn’t the case.  Camille, Camille, Camille, I was really liking you after Season 1.  Even during Season 1, I was always suspicious of Kim never confirming Kyle’s claims that she never said who cares about you without Kelsey, but going after Lisa is a BIG mistake, especially when I’m pretty sure you are wrong in your accusation.

I do feel the need to interrupt this blog to say that we are now on Week 2 with no Trailor and I find it refreshing.

Shana brandi arrow

Camille somehow compares Adrienne owning only 2% of The Palms to Lisa owning 51% of Sur.  I know Camille isn’t that bright, but really.

RHOBH camille

Yolanda TTCs that Kyle likes to stir it up and I want to reach through the television and hug her.  Where is Marisa’s husband?  Who wants dessert?

dean marisa brandi camille arrow shana

David Foster sent a private jet to pick up Yolanda.  I want Yolanda’s life for just one week.  One week is all I ask.

yolanda david

OMG  WTF is Kyle wearing?  That is the most hideous thing I’ve seen.  Kyle, get thee to a stylist ASAP!  Kim, laying in bed with bandages on her face looks better than Kyle in that ugly green jumpsuit.  Where is Marisa’s mother when you need her?  Kim starts smoking an electric cigarette and it’s just plain weird.

Kyle tells Kim the whole story of what happened at the last dinner in Vegas.  Kim looks like she just wants Kyle to leave so she can take her pain killers and go to sleep.


Hell, I want to take pain killers and go to sleep listening to Kyle.

RHOBH lisaV Ken

Lisa is telling her side of the story to her husband.  For some reason that doesn’t annoy me as much.  Maybe it’s the British accent and the fact that I can fool myself into thinking that I’m watching PBS instead of this crap.

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164 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS RECAP: Season Three, Episode Twelve… “Kim Nose Best”

  1. I don’t get brandi’s ” it’s the truth so it’s not mean” mentality… that logic if she walked up to an obese woman and called her fat in front of the whole room it wouldn’t be mean????

    • I agree. I think Brandi is there to do just what we all know she is there to do. Start drama and pick up a paycheck. She doesn’t care about these woman, and Lisa has found a way to keep her hands clean and get her dirty work done…(via Brandi). I’m not a Brandi fan at all, and Lisa’s friendship with her has me just as sure I’m correct about Lisa’s nasty side as her friendship with Kyle. Didn’t understand that close either. Brandi’s say something mean, cry victim when they retaliate is already old. Obvious yesterday that Lisa stirs the pot. Camille could have said I miss Adrienne and Kyle saying we’ve had some good times with her here could have just as well turned into a discussion about the importance of friendship and making amends. Instead Lisa says…go ahead Jennifer tell us what you know. Lisa really annoys me, and unlike 3/4 of America (or 3/4 of the part that watch this show) I’m not a Lisa fan. I find her to be an aging actress with a British accent and business smarts. I don’t think she’s classy, I think she is snarky with a British accent which I suppose in some peoples world equates to wit. I have never liked how she throws things out there. I disliked how she sided with Kyle over Kim and was very mean girl towards her. I dislike the way she speaks to her workers when they’ve showed her interacting during the building of SUR. I just don’t think she’s the great woman that most think. With that said, her friendship with Brandi is just weird, Cedric like.

      • ITA… I dont get the obsession with Lisa. I think its the pretty pink flowers and girly, garish embellishments that people love so much. Her TTC is all a mess of bad acting… I have no time for her business ventures either.

        • Bad acting as it may be, the obsession is on Adrienne’s part, and I strongly expect that is what all this is going to boil down to.

      • Great post’s funny because I have told friends the exact same thing,..Brandi is Lisa’s new Cedric,..I don’t even blame Brandi for it,.it’s some weird issue Lisa must have,.there were probably other ” Cedric’s” before him that we will never know about….and Lisa’s point that Camile must be lying because she was getting defensive is absurd,..didn’t Lisa get defensive when she was accused of selling stories? So by her own logic must we now think she was lying?

        • Weird. Lisa can’t take someone under her wing without that person being “the new Cedric”. That part I truly don’t get at all and for the life of me I don’t get why some of you don’t see that Brandi is nothing more then a pawn in a very interesting power play between Adrienne and Lisa, with Kyle and Camille simply on for the ride?

    • Here is where I stand on that. Of course it would not be cool to up and tell an obese woman she is fat. However, if she insists on spouting off diet tips at every turn it would eventually get annoying and require massive amounts of tounge biting. Perhaps that is where Brandi was with Adrienne.

      • C’mon… in what reality is saying what Brandi said (about the 2%) being mean? It’s true, it’s not even remotely ‘mean’, and it’s a fact of life in many businesses. However in Adrienne’s case, having a catfight over non use of the Palms is a joke since she only owns 2% – and we ALL know that. I agree with MPs take. Completely spot on MP

        • I have to wonder if she didnt want Lisa to step into her trap even back then… and when Lisa was kind enough to not bite then Adrienne felt the need to pull her pre-reunion crap

        • Being completely Witchy here Adrianne’s family owns 2 percent of the Palms. Split between her family that makes her percentage miniscule. I also think that all the ladies know that Adrianne has never been involved in the Maloof’s business’s management. The fact that everyone kept their mouths shut why she gave her “You can have it all if only you work hard enough ” speeches. amaaaaazing! I think Adrianne has started to believe her own version of her life.

          • LOL, you’re right Cyn! I did that math last night while they were arguing about it… it came out to be such a small amount that Adrienne can even lay claim to – I gave up. So in reality Adrienne’s FAMILY owns 2% – Adrienne owns less than that on an individual basis… I just wish Brandi or Lisa or someone with an ounce of sense had said that. Fireworks for SURE! :)

      • I would tend to agree. When you know something is pulling things out of their hind quarters, it’s hard to sit back and say nothing, but you do so until the situation becomes untenable in some way, which I believe is what happened between Brandi and Adrienne. I think some people just get too caught up in her choice of language to see the bigger picture here.

        • I think so too. Also some people are uncomfortable with the truth. I really think that Brandi would have never spouted that truth if Adrienne wasnt out bashing her for being a bad mother. Waaaay before Brandi blew. Isnt it odd that the “you sleep till 3 pm” thing just rolled right off Adrienne’s tongue so easy when she first found out Brandi said what she said? This is because she had been saying in all along. And this is why when Brandi was dressing down the MoFo Mo-Reece she said “its abut MY children” right before she told him to STFU again. So in my mind Adrienne got what she deserved. and Mo-reece is a mofo. A slimey sucky mofo. And he best watch his step too or else Brandi will be spewing his truth. I really do believe Brandi when she says she doesnt attack forst but she will fight back. I also dont think she enjoys the fight like the others do in that she is more of a first round knock out type gal. no fuss no muss. Done. Others will just dance around with it for months. Brandi be the Mike Tyson of HWs. POW!

  2. It’s a very childish,.uneducated,.and reckless thought process regardless of what your feelings are on the feud.

    • O.K. so I’m willing to be childish, uneducated and reckless since I still don’t get all this BS and why anyone would side with Adrienne.

      • Re – read my post and tell me exactly where it says I’m siding with Adrienne….I’m waiting…..ok now that we cleared that up…..I’ll re- type for you my original point,..just because something is ” the truth” does not mean it’s not mean as hell sometimes to say it.

        • Jolot, I said this before, but I’ll try to respond to you so you’re not left hanging. I don’t see it mean at all. Adrienne owns 2% of the Palms but goes on and on as if she’s the face, the name (although the name is about ALL she contributes), and the primary stakeholder in the Palms. If she’s holding a grudge because Pandora didn’t have her party there… she’s an insignificant idiot. And by insignificant, I’ll reiterate… she only owns 2% – it’s not mean, it’s a fact. She needs to get over it.

          • Stlrfan….I agree with what your saying about the 2%… issue with Brandi is she justifies evrything she says with “it’s the truth so what’s the problem?”… can’t walk around just acting like that……my original post was not meant to come across as sticking up for Adrienne over the 2%

            • But when you take the time to call folks “uneducated” et al without really elaborating you leave your prospective open to interpretation. Regardless of Brandi’s justifications for her actions, the fact is that we’ve seen no justification for Adrienne’s actions against Lisa, and I for one believe that Adrienne truly could care less about anything that Brandi says but is using her as a pawn to get Lisa.

        • I don’t get it. Why are some folks not seeing the puppet strings Adrienne is pulling here, and none to skillfully I might add? There is something very deep brewing beneath the surface here, and I’m both looking forward to and dreading exactly how all this is going to play out.

          • I hope it ends up with Kyle having egg on her face (via Faye Rancid and Adrienne). Kyle ALWAYS supports the wrong person – even supporting Taylor over her own sister.

            • Bingo, and expecting Kim to take her side when Kyle is clearly wrong. There is an ugly streak to Kyle that she thinks is carefully hidden. It’s not, and the audience sees it.

  3. Love Yolanda. She just got up and left on her private plane. she’s right those women cannot be together three minutes without fighting. Also loved how she hushed Camille.

    • I missed Max on VRules. Wonder what he does. Still going to that music school or?? What’s that girl’s name, my Sharona? She doesn’t sing well.

      • I was thinking that she’s hoping to be picked up for the Pussycat Dolls in Vegas. The “celebrities” picked, including Gretchen Rossi, often have questionable vocal skills.

  4. I sometimes wonder what Yolanda thought it was going to be like to be on RHOBH? She always seems “MYSTFIED” @ the HW’s behavior. Her reactions to what these ladies say cracks-me-up!

    • Yes Sissy, even more so that she was on a housewives show (Dutch HWs of Malibu?? I don’t know) before!!

    • Well, she didn’t bother to watch the previous seasons in an effort to come into the situation fresh, and ended up sort of getting blindsided by the animosity brewing under the surface.

      • There’s no way that she didn’t watch the previous episodes before coming on the show. That doesn’t even make sense from a business or any other type of perspective.

        • Actually it makes perfect sense. She chose to come in without preconceived notions regarding the dynamics between the cast members, and meet everyone with a clean slate. Had she watched, there is much that goes on she wouldn’t have seen anyway, and might have had a different opinion on the various character’s then she does now. At first I too thought it was foolish, but now it makes perfect sense. Especially since Lisa chose not to fill her in on any of the issues and allow her to judge for herself. It should would be nice if other new character’s on these shows did the same, so they wouldn’t be so likely to come in with guns blazing, ready to choose the side they think will be most beneficial to them, as we’ve seen on the OC shows, with their revolving door of character’s.

    • I noticed that myself Susie, most every time she speaks she laughs as in * everything I say is funny* insert fake laugh…annoying lil lizard., and did you also notice that instead of sticking her lizard licking tongue out this season she sticks her jaw out and smacks her lips? …wth?

    • What gets on my nerves are her oh so obvious digs at other’s in every scene. Kyle seems to see herself has somehow perfect, with the need to point out imperfections in other’s. It really is telling of her true personality, and why I wonder how she and Lisa were ever friends?

  5. Loved the recap but really who cares? Just same old rehash at dinner. Camilla did turn back into a witch and Brandi still can’t stfu. Yofo is still not enjoying these nitwits so she just gets on her plane and leaves; I want a David Foster, too!

  6. According to da web site TMZ, Paul Nassif just filed a lawsuit against Bernie the insult chef! All that is detailed on their site 2/4/2013. They even mention the Facebook photos he posted of a supposedly bruised Adrienne. *grabs popcorn*

    The Maloof house O cards is in danger…and it is gettin’ breezy out!? ;)

    • I’m wondering if Adrienne will back her chef and pay his legal bills in an effort to keep him from spewing all over her?

    • After Chef Bernies negative comment to and about Paul, I wouldn’t want him around my children. Could that be what this is about ? Getting him removed from his children and employed elsewhere.

  7. I got the church giggles tonight when Lisa told Kyle she is suppose to look like a stripper on the pole not a fireman….just had an immediate vision of her man hands and those monkey feet sliding down that pole…..I find it more fun to have a couple glasses of wine before watching the housewives anymore.

  8. Next week Adrienne says Brandi is lying about ever receiving a threatening letter from her lawyer and says shame on you for lying about that. I find that very interesting. Either Adrienne has completely cracked up, or something is going on here. Either way, this show is in the toilet bowl. I cannot believe it’s numbers are not down.

    • Addie is a pathological liar. But, this is one lie that is going to be very easy to prove. Brandi’s lawyer will have the letter and Addie is caught with her hand in the cookie jar, It’s going to be fun to see how many lies she can fabricate to try to extract herself from this one fairy tale.

      • Adriene/Addie is a pathological liar, I so agree with you., and this lie will hopfully bite her in the a$$. Since she can only move her eye lids, its so hard to tell if she can express any emotion lol.

        • Maybe that explains why Adrienne wasn’t shocked when Shana made the claim that Adrienne was her daughter’s Godmother. Maybe she could relate to another pathological liar!

          • While she wasn’t shocked, she made it clear that it wasn’t the case. Adrienne is Catholic and she knows full well the scope of what a Godmother can entail and wasn’t about to get herself into that sort of situation with someone she didn’t really know….and might have already heard about her financial issues.

            • I agree, but the first few times Shana tried to pass A off as the Godmother, she looked as tho she was too embarassed to correct her. EVENTUALLY she did make it clear that only family and close people to Shana should be the Godparent. And, I agree, as I’m Catholic too–it’s not a nonchalant choice!

            • What was hilarious was when Bravo decided to bring in the deleted scenes, one of which was Taylor actually asking Adrienne to be Kennedy’s Godmother, with Adrienne telling her they really didn’t know each other well enough for that. I am sure everyone that Taylor lied to was happy to save that priceless piece of footage!

            • I’m sure that Shana wished they could have somehow backdated that scene to make it look like she asked A about it years before! LOL

            • Yep! Unfortunately Bravo has this nasty little habit of showing the viewers that what they think they know is not always the truth, hence the added scene’s to the Dinner From Hell in which we get to see that Faye was most definitely the aggressor, and not Camille and her friend the crazy psychic, who it turns out what right on the money with what she said about Kyle being a mean girl.

      • She’s looking for Kyle and Camille to back her play. I just wonder how long they will remain on the bandwagon. I suspect Kyle will stay on, but Camille might just turn tail before all is said and done. By the way, pay close attention. Adrienne is going to parse words instead of admitting to exactly what she did, as in you say lawsuit, I say a simple letter. Again I say, Brandi is nothing but a pawn here, and Adrienne is going to find a way to turn this all on Lisa, which is her true target. Just wait and see.

  9. I like Yolanda but the holier than thou attitude is starting to get old, I mean come on she had to of known what she signed up for. She’s trying to portray too much of a perfect life, obviously she’s not perfect, she does have one divorce under her belt. It’s great if her life is really that wonderful but she’s trying too hard to convince us, IMO.

    • Thank you so much tlcory, you expressed exactly what I think. I ‘ve been wary of Yolierthanthou from the start because I felt she was tryin so damn hard to show how happy she was. Then what are you doin jeopardising your bliss in this crappy show? If I were as exctatically happy and ridiculously rich, I would not enroll on that type of things, believe me. She says she does not have time for all the petty fighting (which is very right), but when does she say that? While sitting on probable hours of interviews reviewing each episode!! Talk about wasting time! She always states how full and fullfilling her life is, why on earth would she waste any of her precious time on filming, traveling to Vegas, interviews, and a reunion show soon (can’t wait BTW)?

    • Sorry. Although Yolanda makes it clear that she made the decision not to watch previous episodes so that she didn’t have preconceived notions of the cast members she didn’t already know, Yolanda also talks in great length about her not so storied or perfect life before joining this show, on her website. I think she an incredible woman who works hard to maintain the life she has because she knows how fleeting it can all be.

  10. hate camille adrinne kyle and taylor also kim can we just see lisa yolanda and brandi i can take any more fake stories what does lisa being partners w a team and Bravo she still has 51% camille who put u in charge of counting i agree with all u smart funny people this show is done and Brandi should have hadbthat letter at the ready she has been attacked by this Mafool long enough Andy and Bravo can u read these posts ur shows suck love all ur posts keep them up Enjoy

    • I’m sounding like a broken record now, but this is not about Adrienne and Brandi, but is all about Adrienne and Lisa. This show is not over, and there are still some layers to this story to peel away. I’ve heard that Adrienne will not be returning for another season, and that it’s Bravo’s decision and not her’s. There’s some deep animosity here because or in spite of this fact, and it’s going to come round to Lisa before all is said and done, although I believe at least one of these women is going to regret allowing her own…jealousy for lack of a better term, to guide her in taking sides, and may also decide to fight back in the end. We’ll see.

        • Which lends credibility to my theory that Adrienne decided not to go out without taking Lisa down with her, with Brandi simply being the one who was already used as a pawn and is now getting caught in the cross fire.

    • Remember Lisa telling Kyle not to put her finger in her face? I think Kyle has a tendency to get a little physical when she believes she is in the right, and needs to learn how to dial it back a bit and not allow her feelings to be so clear even before the words come out of her mouth.

      • Kyle sticks her chubby fingers in everyone’s face when she talks. She likes to talk with her “man” hands?! The funniest part was when Lisa told her to stop sticking the finger in her face, Vyle responded, “I’m NOT putting my finger in your face!” (as she continued to do it.) We have the tape – please rewind and show it to that “back-fat” woman again.

  11. ‘Yolanda’s “concept” of being a good wife & mother is good, but she comes across with condesention & pretenciousness (sp?) that sometimes we miss the message she is trying to get across cuz we are “put off” by her delivery of that message. People, in general, can only put up with that behavior so long until they say – “ENOUGH ALREADY” !!! We get it, you are darn close to perfect !

    • Please take the time to read Yolanda’s back story. She is anything put perfect, but works hard for the life she has and wants. I like her delivery because it’s so in-your-face, and which some of these other women could learn from her instead of being so infernally back stabbing.

    • I respectfully disagree with you. I find Yolanda a person with strong opinions and a “call it like it is” style of speech. Don’t forget; English is not her first language. She doesn’t mince words or soften things as she goes. The editing also makes it seem stilted in one direction. She is being cast as an upscale, smarter and more worldly, “Alexass BulliNO”.
      Frankly, I like Yolanda’s approach to life and her ability to not take any crap from anyone..

      • And don’t forget that Yolanda has publicly stated that she was diagnosed with Lyme Disease after filming had ended, and that it effected her thought process through out the filming. She has said that she said things in a way she ordinarily wouldn’t have, and I give her credit for seeing that, although I still think she said things that were spot on. She’s still in treatment right now.

  12. It’s one thing if a recovering addict like Kim has to get necessary surgery, like gall bladder removal, etc., but for a doctor to perform a completely elective unnecessary nose job on her, with the accompanying Vicodin afterwards, is utterly irresponsible and dangerous. Nose jobs are painful, and I don’t believe for a second that she’s not taking those pain meds.

    • It sure didn’t seem like the nose doc had any sort of reservation about sending Kim home with additional pain meds…..Of course not…..because he didn’t have clue one she is in recovery. I would also bet that her alcohol addiction or recovery were never discussed. Many of us have noticed that Kim is still goofy like she is still on something. Maybe the Richards sisters think Kim only has a “problem” with alcohol…..she can control the other stuff. And what about the e-cigarette? She was absolutely high on something fussin with that thing. Is there medical marijuana or oils in that cigarette holder?

      • I bet she didnt tell this doc about her past SH fan, if so he would not of given her (pain pills) the only thing I can come up with is Anti-Depressant pill excuess Kim can say I take one everyday and they make me seem * buzzed* when ever I am talking.And I agree with you on many points and with Kim and her E-cigarette, who knows? I really think its her meds. that make her talk that way! I think she is high on a mix of which you said and that is the the TRUTH!

        Come on Kim, just tell the whole truth…

        • We’re a year past this episode and Kim is still clean. She got surgery. Was it the wisest thing…no. Sorry, Kim is the only housewife who really does mind her own business. Her talking to Adrienne and Paul about what Brandi said is what any friend should do for another friend and Adrienne and Camille were the only HW’s even remotely kind to Kim on the previous two seasons.

          • Kim also made clear to Kyle that she wasn’t taking the pain meds because of her past history. So she did tell the truth, and knew that taking them would risk her sobriety. I give her props for that decision. For all we know the lady staying with her is a sobriety coach.

        • And while we are at it….. The obvious closet smoker Kyle pearl clutching over the cigarette was sooo stoopid. Kyle, everybodys knows so just knock it off toots.

          • Oh my, is that what it was Madepiley? She seemed weird but I couldn’t figure out why… Thanks for that (you are brilliant BTW)

    • I agree with you Stacy, Kim said something about paul not doing the surgery because he is a friend I’m thinking maybe paul didn’t do the surgery because he know’s she an addict and would not give her pain meds. Just a thought.

      • Good point. I thought it was really off that the doctor that did her nose had an on camera converation about meds knowing her history. He has to know. Not knowing is kinda scary. And knowing and proceding is even scarier. I wonder if he is pissed now seeing as how they lied on him and said Kim talked to him about her addictions. His plauasble denability is shot all the hell and back. If I was him I would feel set up.

        • Seeing that Kim is approximately a year past her surgery and still in her sobriety, seems like her doctor did what he should. I think Kim’s reason for not asking Paul was smart. Why have a friend do something and then be upset because it’s messed up and then you’re upset at a friend. I think she made a wise choice. I don’t think the doctor who did Kim’s surgery did so without considering the risks. Not sure why people think we saw the entire consultation. When does Bravo EVER give the ENTIRE story. How could they create drama if we had the whole store. That said…Kim looks great and she came out of the surgery sobriety in tact.

          • We can only hope she is in her sobriety from alkihaul . But as she never really addressed her chemical dependency issues then its hard to say that she is in recovery. Jen said something very important about swapping one substance for another.
            He medicine talk from the doctor was not the consultation but he should have thought it odd that the crew was asking him to reenact that portion of his spiel with Kim who had a chit-ton of eye makeup on supposedly pre-op. Of course the concerns that I am voicing right now are the EXACT same concerns that Evolutions want the viewers to have so I am really being a Bravo sheep at this point.

            • Pain meds are highly addictive and I doubt Kim went thru recovering from her nose job without taking those meds. Paul didn’t do her surgery bc he refused or she was too afraid to ask him bc she knew he wouldn’t do it. Plain and simple.

            • These days nose jobs and other plastic surgeries aren’t that painful, and kim had minimal work done. You can get by without it or just take some Tylenol, or acetaminophen, you def don’t need the Rx stuff.

            • I don’t know if this would be the same pain as a nose job but I had my appendix out recently and made it just fine with only Tylenol too. They prescribed me some pain medication but it always makes me so sick I didn’t even bother with it. I had surgery at 6:00 pm and got to go home the next day. They gave me pain medicine when I woke up and it made me so sick I told them NO MORE just Tylenol please! ;) So hopefully Kim did something similar!

  13. One more “reality” star was transplanted in the SUR storyline tonight.Frances the ex wife from “Plastic Wives” TLC that has her “labia” in a jar was being waited on by Jax.She was with an unknown female.

  14. I think it’s funny how these TTCs are edited into the storyline. Kyle says something in a conversation with the ladies, stirring up all kinds of shit, then in the TTC she all wide-eyed pretends not to know how on Earth all the shit always gets started. Kyle is a liar plain and simple.

  15. Kyle is so disgusting and insecure and petty. She was just SALIVATING at the mouth to somehow find a way to bring up Brandi had a nosejob. What a bitch. I’m glad Yolanda saw Kyle for what she is right away.

    Camille really disappointed me this episode.

    Team Lisa/Brandi with a dish of Yolanda.

    • Kyle/Byle is a insecure, petty, gang up style bish ( when Brandi first came on and still is jealous of her looks, honesty, and for real in your face truths). Loving Brandi and Lisa! P.S. Kyle had a nosejob and still looks this way…poor thang.

  16. Kyle’s nose is hooking downwards towards her thin curling upper lip and it’s creating a shadow or she just has a mustache.

    • That’s why she covers her mouth when she laughs. For some reason it creates a weird line between her mouth and her nose, that is unpleasant. Could it be because of the nose job?

  17. Marisa is cool-above it all (for now), laughs at herself and doesn’t have a thing in common with the others and kept eating during the drama.
    Is Yolanda is the Carole of BH? I know why she said she joined the show, but come on, Lisa is the only one she likes. She says things nobody wants to hear. She won’t be popular long.
    I’ve never seen testy Camille-didn’t watch S1. She went to dinner with a chip on her shoulder. Her exchange with Brandi at the end was odd. Those 2 know things about each other.
    I knew a man who cooked his brain with inhalants, gas,vcr cleaner, you name it. He was nice enough but couldn’t complete a sentence. Kim reminds me of him.

    • Yolanda has actually said that Brandi is “by far” her favorite among all the ladies. I like Yolanda. She likes Lisa & Brandi and that’s all she has to like. lol

      • Above all else, Yolanda has seen what went on with Adrienne and how it all played out, and made the decision to side with Brandi. Like Lisa she knows Brandi has some rough edges, but also knows that she’s a good person who is being used by someone with more money who believes herself to be much smarter. Unfortunately intelligence goes by the wayside when it’s being used improperly. Sorry, but the word I’m looking for is not coming to me at the moment.

    • That exchange was Camille admitting she lied at the dinner table when she feigned ignorance about what Brandi was saying, then feigned anger at it. Kyle also knew that Camille was lying, and allowed her to continue unchecked. The whole Kyle/Faye thing is a set up to get Lisa, with Camille coming along for the ride as we found out at that dinner. To be honest, I don’t think Lisa knew the extent to which Camille was involved, and I don’t think Camille wanted her to be aware just yet, hence the rather odd behavior.

  18. Whenever Camille is called out for her behind the scenes shit stirring, she throws out a grenade to draw attention from her action i.e. “We don’t say you are abused” and now “Who owns your restaurant?” She’s full of it. Her careful attempt to rehab her image notwithstanding, once in a while, the real Camille, Jersey accent and all comes back.

    Kyle wants to keep her rich friends. She is used to Lisa for some reason always sucking up to her (remember season 1 and 2), but wants she doesn’t get is that the Adrienne plot to gang up on her, really hurt Lisa and is not like their past tiffs. Lisa is not moving on from it, because she feels betrayed. How Kyle doesn’t get that is beyond me. Despite Lisa being richer, Kyle was the queen bee of that group, at least the first season. Lisa suddenly became fan favorite and I think a part of Kyle resented that. RHBH was her ticket to finally be the star, to be the big name on the marquee and Lisa ruined her. That is why she was hell bent on showing how much better her life is now, compared to Kim’s, the bigger star when they were younger.

    • Yeah, I agree with everything you’re saying, other then Lisa sucking up to Kyle. Lisa thought they were good friends, then got tossed aside first for Taylor (which never made any sense to anyone but Kyle), and now Adrienne. Kyle does seem a bit dense in regards to Lisa’s feelings, but I believe it’s intentional so that she doesn’t have to face up to her own insecurities in regards to Lisa and her ability to work Bravo better then Kyle ever has. Kyle made it clear at the first reunion that she effectively cast the show, and I think she expected more genuflection from Lisa then she ever got or deserved. I remember the scene in the limo after the attack on Camille (which turned out to be much different then we initially saw when Bravo showed the out takes), when Kyle acted like the popular cheerleader gossiping with her co-captain Faye, while effectively ignoring Lisa, after treating her sister like a hanger on when they left the house. I can still see the look on Faye’s face when Kim said something to her. It was disgustingly dismissive, and Kyle had no problem with it.

  19. Notice how Kyle couldn’t get up from that table and run after Camille fast enough yall? Yet she had to be prodded to drag ass after Brandi at her own dinner party that her horrid friend Faye RUINED for everyone EXCEPT her and Kyle. Yep her money grubbing hubby has taught her well indeed. And the doucher was on WWHL last night still defending his attack on Brandi. Kyle, your husband is an embarrassment and so are you with your pretending to not have been involved soup to nuts in the hairy tt picture. We believe that just like we believe you dont wet yer britches with glee when Faye is your mouthpiece… or that you dont smoke…or that you didnt know Adrienne wanted to turn on Lisa last reunion. You are a fraud and not even an amusing one.

      • I saw that. Kyle should have gotten a few acting pointers from her sister before continuing with the ole ” I had no idea” bullcrap.
        EVERYONE KNOWS!!!!

    • I’m wondering if it was more than that. It just hit me that when Brandi talks about the get together before the reunion Kyle is never mentioned. Do you believe Kyle wasn’t part of that discussion on putting Lisa in her place. Brandi may have not been aware because Adrianne was in a better position to contact Camille and Brandi since Kyle didn’t have a good relationship them. Maybe Ms Kyle was worried that her part in all of that would come out. Kyle has always been very silent whenever it is brought up but you know darn well she had to be in on it as well.

      • I believe that is correct. Also explains why Klye and Mo-reece publicly jump to Adrienne’s defense because one wrong move from them(or silence) then Adrienne would out it herself. Or more likely at the time Paul would have. Remember how his main concern was once he found out what Brandi had said while cameras were rollin? He wanted to know who had their backs and what Lisa had to say. Mo-reece;s normal MO of sucking up to the money would not apply in this situation. Not no more… not even one fourth of two percent worth. Adrienne has something over their heads. Must suck to have that be the only way to maintain the appearance of friends. Dance a gig Mo-reece, you earned it you goofy fugger, Dance! Dance I say!!

    • Wtf does checking up on someone have to do with money? Seriously, Kyle ran after Camille because they are good friends. Kyle and Brandi are not close so obviously she would not be as concerned with her. Come on. You’re letting your hate of Kyle see things that aren’t there. She’s done a lot of crap but her going after her FRIEND Camille is so absurd to criticize.

      • Camile is her friend? This is news to me. Mo-reece and Klye are shallow people. Motivation is very transparent for them. I don’t hate Kyle. I pity her.

      • Please dont forget about the come to Jesus that Mo-Reece had with his wife over alienating his client Camille season one. No they are NOT friends but as long as Camille has settlement money Kyle will continue to run after hare at dinner parties. Make no mistake there are no friends in Kyle’s world. Anytime she lifts a finger you best be believing money is involved.

        • I think they did become friends season 2 tbh. Maurice is irrelevant to me I just ignore him whenever he comes on so I can’t say anything about that. I honestly think both Adrienne and Brandi are liars so I could care less about their fighting.

          • I understand. I just dont think Kyle is capable of real friendship. So seeing as how even her jealous self abide by Mo-reece basically salivating over Camille 9read:her pending settlement) at the reunion this is what leads me so to believe Mo-reece has schooled Kyle about playing ball with the moneyed folk. Anyone else make cutie eyes at her husband right in front of her like what happened at season one reunion I ‘spect Kyle would be wrappin that hair around a neck and pulling until air quit.

    • And see, I think the run was to cover the fact that she knew Camille was lying and to let her know she had her back in the hallway. They were able to further the “Brandi is a liar” story line. Neither of them is as good as they think they are, and I suspect all of this is going to blow up in their faces eventually. The look on my daughter’s face when Camille spoke to Brandi in the hallway after the other ladies had left, said more then I could have with words. Camille pretends like the lady we met the first season wasn’t really heard, but as her boyfriends former wife found out, it is exactly who she is.

  20. Sandy, Great post and keen insights! ITA… I hated Kyle’s “CC” embossed nail polish as much as her distracting fake tinsel eyelashes. Her every complaint about bringing up the same subjects could be said of her. When Kyle complained about Lisa always defending Brandi, Kyle does exactly the same thing about Adrienne. I literally screamed at the tv when Dim-Kim was shown. Her nose job decision was made as quickly as one would buy gum at the cash register. She claimed that the doctor talked her out of getting an eye job or face lift. So, she settled for a nose job. When she told Kyle that she peeled off the bandages, I wanted to slap her.. She has an immature ‘tween mentality. Both Richards B*tches grate on my last nerve. As for Brandi spilling another fact about Adrienne: Who cares? I don’t see why Kyle’s shorts got in a bunch over the 2% ownership being divulged. It’s already available in the public domain. This show has lost its appeal. Yet, I do like watching Lisa and Ken interact. They sit together civilly and enjoy themselves. Whereas, Paul is usually being shown having some private part getting fixed or being insulted by his manly wife. UGH!

    • In fact, the sale of The Palms and the removal of a Maloof as the CEO actually made the business news. It was hardly a secret to anyone with eyes or ears, and it was not mean to bring it up after the scene Adrienne and Paul caused at Taylor’s daughter’s over priced birthday party when Kyle spilled the beans when Lisa wasn’t even present. Funny how it’s O.K. for Kyle to gossip, but not Brandi.

      • EXACTLY! Vyle gives herself a free pass to gossip, bully, and manipulate. All the while, she criticizes over and over anyone else who does the same thing. I don’t see why Lisa wants to keep that friendship active. I’d cut bait and drop her like a hot rock.

        • It’s because Lisa invested a lot of time and energy into that friendship, including introducing she and Mo to her wealthy friends and connections. With all that I’d have a hard time giving up as well, but Lisa looks like she’s on the edge anyway, and Ken is ready to push. While Yolanda doesn’t support her outright, she also doesn’t sit back and let Kyle say whatever she chooses without pointing out the flaws in her arguments, and I think that infuriates Kyle more then anything else. When I look at Lisa, I see a friend that has no problem being open to a fault, and that fault is manipulated by her friends that don’t deserve to be in her company in the first place.

          • Well said! Lisa’s generosity has been taken advantage of before (i.e. Cedric-the-freeloader). Although Vyle doesn’t live with Lisa, she has taken advantage of her, nonetheless. That is evident whenever Vyle mocked or made negative remarks about Lisa behind her back (i.e. “Lisa likes to prey on weaker people”). Meanwhile, Vyle has extended most of HER efforts on to that train wreck, Traylor-Park. I’m sure that will someday bite her in her sizeable butt.

            • I think Vyle preys on weaker people. She stole Kim’s house, Traylor needs friends, and that makes her vulnerable or weaker. Vyle is projecting.

            • Good point! Vyle loudly cackles while she sticks the knife in the back. She’s sort of evil in thought, word and deed (yet covers everything with a wink and a smile).

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