ALEXIA ECHEVARRIA, KYLE RICHARDS… Alexia “CountryClub Lawsuit”… Kyle “Photo Fail”

The lawsuit info re Miami Housewife, Alexia Echevarria, is disturbing.

Alexia and her husband, according to TMZ, are being sued for non-payment by their country club.  The initial membership fee for Alexia’s CC was $250,000, with monthly dues of just under $20,000 per month.  What Alexia’s CC monthly dues include is unknown; however, most country clubs require members to spend an additional amount for other CC services (dining, greens fees, etc.) each month.  The CC is suing for non-payment of over $185,000… approximately ten months of monthly dues.

WHY is this factual information re Alexia and her husband being sued disturbing?

Here’s why:  it’s disturbing because the background information is not provided as to WHY Alexia and her husband decided to stop paying the country club.

Using the “logical conclusion” method, one can logically conclude that Alexia et al made the decision that the monthly $20,000 being spent on a non-essential luxury item would probably be put to better use on her sons… her elder son’s legal fees and her younger son’s ongoing medical expenses.

The country club is within its rights to sue Alexia, as Alexia is contractually obligated to the CC for monthly membership dues.   However, it is disturbing when there is a lawsuit involving these some of these Housewives… disturbing that people don’t stop and think about the WHY behind the action.

Sometimes there is much more involved than meets the eye.



Could this actually be true?  Yes, it is true.

john turturro mauricio pg

@MauricoUmansky tweeted a photo of his wife, Kyle.

When the HouseHusbands start twitter accounts and are tweeting “my wife will kill me if I tweet this photo” … it is a sure sign that the Housewives are failing.  Obviously, Kyle cannot garner enough attention on her own and needs MO-reese’s help!  FAIL!!!


NOTE:  Am so BORED with these Housewives… YAWN.

(Thanks to SH readers “DP” and “MissA”!)

Can’t help it…

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127 comments on “ALEXIA ECHEVARRIA, KYLE RICHARDS… Alexia “CountryClub Lawsuit”… Kyle “Photo Fail”

  1. You know Kyle thinks she looks sooooo hot and wanted Mauricio to tweet the freakin foto. Hate to admit it but this is probably the best foto of vyle I’ve ever seen , she looks much better here than anywhere else, and we don’t see her ugly hands or the rest of her flabby body and flat ass, and her tits look ok,The plastic surgery paid off.

  2. Kyle supposed to be half naked and her horse hair covering her nipples.Sorry she should really keep her clothes on.Guess she got the idea from Kim Kartrashian posting all those bikini pictures.
    Playboy is next on her agenda.Brandi could do Playboy too to show off her 17 year old vagina.

    • This is the same woman who during the first season, said she didn’t like to display her boobs, and talked smack about how much boobage Camille would show. My how things have changed.

  3. Is nothing sacred to these people? Mo-reese wants the world to see his wife with her nipples barely covered? Are they so low in the gutter that they think this is cool? This makes no sense to me and I have a hard time fathoming it.

    • No nothing is sacred, and a good husband does not flaunt his wife’s half naked foto for the world to see. A good husband protects and covers.

      • Thank you, girlfriend, what you said is what I think. A good husband protects and covers. Oh man, these losers make me sick.

      • My husband would have have ripped up that foto up in pieces.MO is a scum bag i always thought he looked like a greasy skank.Even when he first came onto this show i always though he was uglyyyyyyyyyyy.But so many women thought he was hot.That gave kyle from( adam’s family) a big head.What is so hot about him he and her are both scum of the earth

    • And so the next time they say anything about the way Brandi dresses, someone needs to pull out this bikini-top-barely-there photo. Seriously. Kyle should be too old for this sort of nonsense.

      • Fame must be like a drug, seems like people will start doing anything to get their fix. It’s really pitiful.

  4. Mo-reese the fuder mucker. EVERYONE knows Kyle wanted this picture tweeted. You should have just tweeted the picture without he bullcrap caption. and .. um STFU girly man. And FTR I am NOT impressed with the tt’s …at all.. so there.

    • She thinks she’s Bo Derek, and Mo thinks she’s soooo beeuteeful , a real “10″, I’m gonna puke

      • What’s with the bottoms she’s wearing? Topless with what…white and red spotted bikini bottoms?? So obvious…Maurice tweeted this on purpose and Vyle probably told him what to say! New boob job?

        • I think so KT, remember she had extensive work done last year, and i guesss the boobs were part of it

          • Didn’t know that Girlfriend. Guess it was hard to tell when she was wearing that full-length, body armor wear/wet suit, in the diving ‘clip’ we saw on SH.

            • damn! She needs to get her money back cause I was just thinking that she needed a boob job before she started tweeting pics like that! lol

      • Spot on. That’s the classic Bo Derek pose in the movie “10.” The problem is, Bo was young and gorgeous in that movie. Kyle–not so much. Also, it looks as if she’s wearing a black bikini top with her Morticia hair strategically covering it.

  5. Long time lurker here, but can’t resist commenting on this ‘cuz I’m so chatty and prickly. The hair is perfectly arranged to cover the nips, and her hands are pulling back her face to make her skin taut, THEN on top of that awful-ness, he tweets that she would NEVER want him to take that picture and tweet it.

    • I think what makes me so mad about this kind of publicity stunt is that they think people are stupid and are really going to buy their idiotic, lame ass statements. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

      • Oh and yes, welcome Chatty Cactus. Forgive my manners, it’s just that I have this red haze over my eyes at the moment!!!

      • Me too, Slaen. There is nothing random or behind Kyle’s back. This is so posed and planned, and how can they think viewers are that stupid? We’re not.

      • Thank you, RSD!!!!! You’re right, they are. I don’t like it at all when they think we’re that stupid. I will root for the Ravens now, too.

  6. I remember seeing Moreese in the early days entering his pool, looking at his arms and flexing them…he turned me off then and still does ~ “nothing personal”!
    PS. Only reason Vyles boobs’ look buoyant is because of the water support.

  7. I keep squinting to look for a tiny black bikini top. I could swear I see one. Nonetheless, her boobs are pretty perky for someone her age. Definitely got a lift. Her face looks like an alien–nice photoshopping there. Even pulling back your face/hair will not erase all of the lines/wrinkles we see every week. He’s an ass for posting this.

    • I’ve looked three times and can’t decide whether or not she’s topless. It sure looks desperate whether or not she is. Does she really need this sort of attention that badly? Who’s next? Kim?

    • Alien? ITA! Twas the 1st tought that came to my mind when I saw the wallpaper Vyle picture! She looks like she could have been cast in that awful remake of “V”… Can’t you picture her swallowing a mouse??

  8. I think the country club lawsuit is awfully petty. Yes she committed to paying the dues, but since everyone knows about her family issues, surely they could have given her a pass. Are they that desperate for members and their needy pockets?

    • These business entities care not one whit about human pain and suffering. It’s always about the almighty dollar. Kinda like with Kyle and Mo-Reese.

    • I don’t agree. Many people have even worse family issues than her. When I was a kid, we belonged to a country club. “Club” is the operative word. When members default on their dues, the other members have to pick up the slack through increased monthly dues. If they were financially stressed, they should have quit the club immediately, instead of trying to “keep up appearances.” Any normal financially prudent person in her shoes would move out of her tacky mansion monstrosity and downsize if they have medical or other bills to pay.

      • Uh, no. If it is like other clubs, they have new members every year, and if they are a really exclusive club, they have a waiting list of members just waiting to join. This sort of lawsuit is going to lead unnecessary bad publicity. I predict the club will back down and simply let this go.

        • When my Dad passed away, my Mom decided to end our country club membership. However, a member couldn’t simply quit suddenly. Your membership ended only when a new member joined to replace you. Also, the new member had to replace your exact type of membership. We had a social (lunches/dinners in the clubhouse dining room) and tennis/pool type membership, without golf. Some members had social only, golf only, etc. It was many months before my Mom could quit. In these economic times, I’m not so sure if there are that many people waiting in line to join pricey country clubs (especially in Miami, where the real estate market really went down the drain). My parents’ club was an old established club, and there was a lengthy vetting process before someone could join. You had to show your financials to the membership board (to prove you could afford the monthly dues), you had to be sponsored by at least one current member, and the whole board had to approve your membership. Also, South Florida is overflowing with country/golf clubs, so maybe they don’t have big waiting lists of people wanting to join. The clubs use the monthly dues to pay the wait staff in the dining rooms, the golf course groundskeepers, maintenance staff, pool staff, etc.

      • I’m only going for them bc we are Cowboys fans and we do NOT like the 49ers! The Ravens also have the cutest Qb so there’s that. Thanks for having my back, girlfriend! I will kick azz for u too anytime my friend. ;-)

      • Hey BSL! That’s a smart town you got there ;-) Did you go to the Pitbull party? Or did you hang with Snoop instead? Lol
        He’s prolly still afraid if me and that’s why he changed his name. I kid…

        • There’s so many parties that have been going on here. I wish I had gone to the Pitbull / Flo Rida party. Snoop’s around, the last I heard was at the Playboy party.

          • bsl, I don’t know about you but I think I might just want to stay home until the circus leaves town. I can only imagine the chaos there.

    • I deleted my Twitter account a while back. Goodness knows I spend enough of my time right here on SH, so does anyone know what the Twitter response has been like? Needless to say, I hope MO-RON is taking a lickin’ (and not the good kind…hehe)

      • I’m not on twitter but if you go to you can see some of his twitter feed. The reviewsarealittle bit of both. some TMI, and someone reminded them about how they knocked down Brandi and her stuff. Others are of course cheering them on

        • EWWWWW!!! Moreece took down the foto of vyle from his twitter . pathetic loser, I hate him! Be a half man and stand by your lowly decision to post the ASS. These two are pathetic, spineless insecure skanks.

          • I thought we on this site were a bunch of nothing nobodies whose opinions didn’t matter…….mmmmmm, moreece,mmmmmmm? Whatta ya have to say now. It was obviously our influence that caused you to take the skanks foto down cuz no one attacked you on your twitter.

    • Naaa, Paris has only one pose. Stand up straight, place hand on hip, cross one leg over the other, and arch your back as farrrr as possible without falling over and looking like the total baffoon that you really are.

    • Oh pinky, Groucho marks eyebrows is exactly what it is… They are looking for love in all wrong places… It’s over mo & vile, we don’t like you anymore… Go play in th closet, so we can’t see..

      • Vyle needs to see eyebrow queen ANASTASIA in LA ASAP. She so self conscious and materialistic , and so judgementl of kims looks, you’d think she’d clean up and reshape her brows.

        • I’m no Kyle fan, but I actually like her eyebrows. They are not tweezed within an inch of their life and look “somewhat” natural. Thin eyebrows look so unfashionable and severe, so I hope she doesn’t go in that direction. Her eyebrows look quite good.

          • No one said to make them thin, I said reshape, I personally prefer the Brooke shields look. Her brows are badly shaped, thick at the beginning and thin at the ends, and too short, they are actually over tweezed where they start, they need to come in more, and need a higher arch. Theyre a mess. Her taste level is so middle brow, no pun intended.

  9. Yeah, she’s holding her neck muscles so tight to try and iron out the wrinkles. We will be called haters now for not wanting to see this over-the-hill baggage. It is so obviously staged.

  10. Holy crap, the powers out at the stadium… What more could go wrong for the niners… What a run by the ravens, 109 yards. That was awesome!!

  11. Is she trying to compete with her adult daughter? How sick is that? Her clothes never seem to fit correctly like they are either way too tight or falling off her shoulders.

  12. These women just don’t get it. Kyle’s one of the worst.

    They come on in season 1 with the oh so sweet, loving homemaker/Mother facade. Pretending all the pure ‘I’d NEVER do what they did’ persona. If they want us to believe it, leaving after the first season is best. By the time season 2 rolls around, the true narcissism hits when the photos of every single step and repeat hits the stands with the caption of “Star of HW”. The ladies start believing their own press and can’t understand why WE don’t.

    Everything Kyle does is for show and acceptance. That marriage is as real as the unicorns at Portia’s birthday party. In the first reunion, Kyle said she didn’t have a prenup because they had nothing of value. Now, there’s not enough yet for Kyle to live the hi-ho BH lifestyle of her dreams with only half. She’ll let go of him when her half is sufficient.

    • No she will never let go, when the half is sufficient it’ll be adios for moreece, ciao to vyle. Vyle is way too desperado. If not moreece will continue scopin out the younger meat for himself.

  13. It makes you wonder doesn’t it? I think when we were all be tourtured by the likes of her niece, Paris, she was sitting back eating her heart out just like she did when they were kids and her sister Kim got all the attention. Now she has the spot light no matter how fleeting it may be and no matter how old she is now she is going to wring out every ounce of attention she can. She probably realizes that no one will watch a sex tape with her and Morris so they decided to shove this down our throats by way of twitter. She sucks.

    • You’re right, sd. I recall watching a true Hollywood story on Paris and Kyle kept inserting herself. I had no idea who Kyle was all I could think of while watching it then was, “Who is this woman and why is she talking?” I guess if they let Paris talk for the majority of the special it would’ve been a bunch of baby talk and “That’s hot!” so enter Kyle.
      It’s amaaaaaazing that I lived to tell about that experience. :-P

  14. This country club must not have been all that exclusive because they would have kicked them out the day she signed up for the show. Hers must be more like a common gym membership.

  15. Kyle is nothing but an old dried up hag! She must have had a staff of 10 nearby to strategically place her hair. She is a poor excuse for a wife and mother. A total disgrace. Her fat arms have creases in them and if her neck muscles were strained any tighter her thyroid would pop out.

  16. 20,000.00 to join a country club? Do these women even know how to just have fun anymore? What club is worth 20,000.00??? I mean you live in Miami & you have to join a country club to have fun? Really? Maybe it’s one of these phony “status” things.?? & his statement about what his wife would do if he put that on Twitter, how dumb do these people think viewers are? Kyle shy away from attention ? Phhaluzzzzz.

      • umm, can you imagine 250,000.00 plus to join a country club? I could find a much better way to spend that ;)

        • may: Yeah, can imagine. CCs are private and can demand huge initiation fees. There are clubs in which the initiation fee is much higher than Alexia’s $250,000 and you have to be sponsored by more than one present member. You will be interviewed several times and your background researched. Members Only!! LOL!! TFC!! SH

          • The question is who contacted TMZ? Is it possible that Alexis herself did? I cant see a a member of the country club executive committee contacting them. Or even another member. We are supposed to feel sorry for Alexis. Poor put-upon Alexis. Medical/legal bill laden Alexis.

            • MP: As I’m sure you know, many sites have people who do nothing but monitor official court sites and/or pay people who work in various institutions for info. IMO, TMZ either found it on their own… OR, was led to it **gasp** by someone inside the court… OR, one of her “friends” were paid for tipping off TMZ.

              Not supposed to feel sorry for Alexia at all. Just sayin’ that there is much more to many lawsuits than meets the eye! TFC!!! SH

        • We’ve only joined two C.C. both were private. The fee to join bought you a membership/stock in the club. The monthly dues were a base to support the restaurant, golf course and maintain the club. You then are expected to spend a certain amount on the services the supply on top of the dues. Most companies pay for the membership and dues and use them entertaining and get the right off. It makes me wonder how solvent their business is.

  17. According to the Fisher Island website the dues actually dropped to $18,300 per year, which can be paid in 2 installments. If they owe $160k they’ve been late for a long time. The club should have thrown them out the front door.

  18. What a FINE example for your kids — Daddy pimps out Mommy for a crappy show and the kind of fame and exposure you would want for your own children!

    Although, I didn’t know lizards had boobs or that Mooreece could write….

  19. alexia has PLENTY of drug $, I wouldn’t feel too sorry for her. If she didn’t pay it’s probably because she thought she was above it and her showing up to the club was her gift to them.

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