ALEXIA ECHEVARRIA, KYLE RICHARDS… Alexia “CountryClub Lawsuit”… Kyle “Photo Fail”

The lawsuit info re Miami Housewife, Alexia Echevarria, is disturbing.

Alexia and her husband, according to TMZ, are being sued for non-payment by their country club.  The initial membership fee for Alexia’s CC was $250,000, with monthly dues of just under $20,000 per month.  What Alexia’s CC monthly dues include is unknown; however, most country clubs require members to spend an additional amount for other CC services (dining, greens fees, etc.) each month.  The CC is suing for non-payment of over $185,000… approximately ten months of monthly dues.

WHY is this factual information re Alexia and her husband being sued disturbing?

Here’s why:  it’s disturbing because the background information is not provided as to WHY Alexia and her husband decided to stop paying the country club.

Using the “logical conclusion” method, one can logically conclude that Alexia et al made the decision that the monthly $20,000 being spent on a non-essential luxury item would probably be put to better use on her sons… her elder son’s legal fees and her younger son’s ongoing medical expenses.

The country club is within its rights to sue Alexia, as Alexia is contractually obligated to the CC for monthly membership dues.   However, it is disturbing when there is a lawsuit involving these some of these Housewives… disturbing that people don’t stop and think about the WHY behind the action.

Sometimes there is much more involved than meets the eye.



Could this actually be true?  Yes, it is true.

john turturro mauricio pg

@MauricoUmansky tweeted a photo of his wife, Kyle.

When the HouseHusbands start twitter accounts and are tweeting “my wife will kill me if I tweet this photo” … it is a sure sign that the Housewives are failing.  Obviously, Kyle cannot garner enough attention on her own and needs MO-reese’s help!  FAIL!!!


NOTE:  Am so BORED with these Housewives… YAWN.

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