REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: Dina Manzo Separated “Since October”… Melissa Gorga “Who Is Butch”?

The reason why Dina Manzo was so expressive re Brandi Glanville’s marital issues last month…

Dina confirmed what has been rumored for quite a while… from SH January 8, 2012.

Dina and Tommy Manzo are over, according to @DinaManzo.

dina tweet separation


  Melissa Gorga schedule pg

There is quite a stir being caused by a former friend of Melissa Gorga’s on twitter…. @Bryan_bulldog.

Melissa Gorga Groucho Marx pg


It’s a great time to take a look back at those “Damn Melissa Emails”… could “Bryan” be “Butch” who is mentioned in the first “Melissa Email”?
Melissa Lookers PG

For some reason, there is a suspicion that “Bryan” is a newer and actually REAL version of “RoxyPoxyGirl“!  It will be interesting to see if this person does a tell-all re his relationship with Melissa Gorga.  IMO, this is all to build up interest in season five of the  RHONJ.

May 11, 2011  9:54 pm

I received the following email:

Melissa is a complete faker. Worse than Teresa b/c she never even intended to live in her “dream house.” It was a construction model her husband built, and they are staying there (illegally) until their construction loan balloon payment becomes due next year. They want to look rich for Bravo, but they plan on bailing on their house and moving to LA when it’s due next year (to pursue 31-year-old, mother of 3 Melissa’s dream of being a “pop star”).To build their “dream house,” Joe & Melissa Gorga got a “construction loan” — meaning a short-term loan to build the property to sell it for profit to a buyer, what builders do. It’s not a mortgage. You’re not supposed to live in your own house. It’s totally scamming the system. They had the house up for sale, but when they got cast on RHONJ, they pulled it so they would look like they were rich (they are not!) Next year, Joe & Missy will have a $2 million balloon payment due! They can’t pay it and are screwed!The proof is in the public records:(A link to the Morris County Real Estate records was included; however, the link did not work.  I did find the information from the link and can verify its accuracy.  Actually, the balloon payment of $2.25 million is due July, 2012  Update:  Missy and Joe Gorga modified their mortgage and a balloon payment is not due in July.  Their mortgage payment will be $15,000 a month.) liens on Melissa & Joe Gorga’s house:  (There are liens also from the fireplace installer and garage door installer totalling approximately $30,000.)

They tried to sell house, and it was removed:

This also shows that Melissa lies about how big her house it. She repeatedly says it’s a 15,000 square foot house on the show (even the previews) just so she can make it seem so much bigger than Teresa’s, but as you can see from public records, it’s only 13,000 square feet.

Melissa has been jealous of Teresa since the day they met. Melissa was a plain Jane. Teresa has been fabulous and over-the-top since high school. Look at how Melissa has transformed herself into Teresa (I attached a picture–you can find them all on the web). Melissa copies EVERYTHING Teresa does: where she get her hair done, which pediatrician she uses, she literally follows Teresa into stores. She wears the same shoes 2 weeks later… Here’s a classic example (so Leann Rimes/Brandi Glanville!): Teresa got a hot designer dress in Vegas with a feather skirt in Sept. She twittered it. The next month, Melissa showed up at Audriana’s birthday party in the same feathered dress.

Melissa copied the way Teresa set up her Twitter name: Teresa_Giudice and Melissa_Gorga. Who does that? Melissa’s new website is black with a diamond over the “i” just like Teresa’s Fabulicious logo on her site. And producers did know about Melissa for 3 years — they interviewed everyone of the Housewives friends and family every year for new blood, and they passed on Melissa every time. Then last year, Melissa and Joey got drunk and made a tape where they parodied The Godfather, sent it to Bravo, and promised they’d humiliate Teresa on TV. Bravo bit. Teresa didn’t know anything about it until they were signed! She was completely betrayed by Melissa, her brother, and Bravo. And unlike what was reported, Teresa was stuck in a 2-more-year contract, so she couldn’t get out of it and leave the show. She tried b/c she didn’t want to expose her parents or her kids to Melissa’s fame whore nonsense.

If Teresa always hated Melissa, why is Melissa Gabriella’s godmother? It’s Melissa who can’t stand that Teresa got famous, and now she wants what Teresa has. Missy is stalker scary.

PS– One of the reasons Teresa does hate Missy now is b/c Missy & Joe have an “open” marriage, and Teresa thinks it’s disgusting. Missy leaves her kids with her 2 nannies all the time to go clubbing and hook up (she’s usually with an exflame called “Butch,”) and Joe sleeps with everyone in a skirt. Joe actually had charges pressed against him for rape back in the day, but his family pressured the girl to drop the suit. Look up the court records in Patterson, NJ though… the charges were filed….

Marco Sisters Melissa

Received the following email on November 9, 2011

Karma Kares

jerseybboy** to me
show details Nov 9
Stoopid Housewives:

I have detrimental information pertaining to BRAVO’s “Real Housewives of New Jersey” franchise, specifically regarding Season 4 and Season 5 of the series. As you know, ever since Melissa Gorga came onto the scene, former friends Teresa, Jacqueline, and Caroline have been broken apart at the seams [for good this time].

As viewers and yourself will see next year, the 2011 POSCHE Fashion Show is the climax of all climaxes. I know this first-hand, as I was present and working at the show that very evening.

Had Melissa Gorga and her amateur pro-bono publicist not immediately went to the press and reality blogs, claiming Teresa Giudice and her friends tried to “set-up” Melissa – the cryptic housewife would have never ruffled the feathers of a woman who could very well be the biggest liability to Gorga’s simulated image.

The exclusive beauty director of the 2011 POSCHE Fashion Show was none other than Penny Karagiorgis, the owner of New Jersey’s full-service salon and euro spa, “La Chateau Allure.” Penny has a long history with Melissa, and knew Melissa long before her housewife days. In fact, when Melissa was casted for RHONJ, she actually called Penny [who she was not on good terms with her at the time] to boast. Penny, a well-educated former teacher turned businesswoman, was never a fan of Melissa ever since the self-proclaimed “Christian” worked as a stripper at her family-owned strip club [Looker’s Gentlemen’s Club in Elizabeth].

Melissa must have never took a moment to think about her own skeletons when she made it her mission to “…destroy Teresa Giudice…” As luck would have it, the minute filming began for Melissa she stopped speaking to anyone who knew her well, which included all of her best friends. The reason being? Melissa has much more to worry about than her stripper past. There is a reason Teresa never liked her, but refused to “go there” on the reunion [for her brother]. One of the [many] reasons being c*ckaine…

However, the major difference between Teresa and Penny, is a filter. Penny is not Joe Gorga’s brother, and therefore has no reason to bite her tongue while simultaneously crying herself to sleep at night.

This is evident in the recent Twitter war Penny and her husband [John] were in with Melissa and her unqualified publicist, who has since removed all of her tweets directed at the Bergen County family.

There is much more to Melissa than the Britney Spears character she tries to emulate. Joe did not meet Melissa in the romantic way of which they self-promote. Moreover, Joe Gorga was not even the man who Melissa was truly out for. In fact, the man [Mr. X] who Melissa obsessed over was a very good friend of Penny’s, who Melissa tried to strategically use to receive the approval of Mr. X and his family. That, and much more…

Any educated human being would think Melissa has some sort of psychological disorder for passive aggressively going after the one woman who knows more about her than she probably knows about herself. Maybe this is just the mentality of “Jersey rednecks.” After all, something many viewers, and especially none-New Jersey residents are not aware of, is that “Real Housewives of New Jersey” is not filmed in the area of the state where one would think the show would be filmed. Franklin Lakes, Montville, and Wayne – while all are safe, above-average communities to reside in – are certainly not [by any stretch of the imagination] the Manhattan (RHONY), Beverly Hills (RHOBH), Atlanta (RHOA), or even Orange County (RHOC) of New Jersey. In fact, Franklin Lakes is merely hanging on the border of Northern Bergen County [the wealthiest sector of the entire state].

The narcissistic Melissa and Joe Gorga may be coming after the Karagiorgis family in hopes that their bullying tactics will shut them up like it did Tre. However, this family is not stupid, nor desperate, and they know everything about Melissa from the manager who purchased her breast implants down to the hardcore dr*gs “Missy” and Joe Gorga used in the same party environment that their children were present in [multiple times].

The family’s twitter handles [where one can view the side of the tweet war which was not deleted] are as follow:


Pictures are enclosed as well.

melissa fame hooker pg

From SH November 11, 2011…

OK… here’s what’s goin’ on with the email received and posted regarding “detrimental” information about season four (and even five!) of the Real Housewives of New Jersey…

After reviewing the email many times and doing further research, there may be two reasons for the email.

  • One is stir the pot to keep the New Jersey franchise relevant…
  • The second is to put the spotlight on the person mentioned in the email as a candidate for a spot as a Housewife on the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

I sent an email yesterday to the person who was mentioned in the post inviting them to a Q & A session on this site.  If these people were interested in getting the word out about Melissa they would welcome the opportunity to answer questions directly from very intelligent SH readers!   However, I have yet to receive a reply…

If the person mentioned in the email is reading this, the offer still stands!  I would be happy to announce a time that you would be available to take questions from everyone very interested in all the information which you claim to have regarding Melissa and the next TWO seasons of RHONJ.

NOTE:  The Q&A obviously never happened!

Melissa book pg

NOTE:  Melissa’s ghostwriter is ValerieFrankel… as mentioned on SH December 20, 2012.  The Housewives are always trying to top one another; therefore, with Brandi Glanville’s revelation re her personal plastic surgery, can only imagine the detailed information which will be brought forth in MeGo’s book.  

RHONJ Melissa Cover SH

Of course, other Housewives must throw in their two cents… Ramoaner Singer was given the opportunity to comment about Brandi.  

ALSO… the sub-human NewJersey crew’s next season will be premiering in April.  Doubt very much if there will be any coverage re season five on SH.  

The RHONJ are simply the lowest of the low and are leading the pack as to WHY more and more viewers are switching channels; don’t schedule Housewives on their DVRs; and are not interested in the formulaic Bravo franchises.



(Thanks to SH reader “GF”!!!!)

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251 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY: Dina Manzo Separated “Since October”… Melissa Gorga “Who Is Butch”?

  1. Love love how Hollywood life just berated Luann by pointing out how she always keeps it classy with such beautiful sarcasm. Luann you are VILE, did you hear me, VILE, so pooh on you, you cheap fake.

  2. Special kinda love, really Dina then why get divorced..oh yea the cheating the gay rumors

    as for the rest of the NJ drama what losers all of them

  3. Bravo Andy sets the RH up just to tear them down. It’s as if he delights in their public downfall. Warning MeGo and Brandy. It’s a long way down to the bottom. This news does not delight me and I find it sad that Bravo exploits women . IMO Housewives make themselves vulnerable to Bravo style retribution when they go on the show to take someone else down or spill the other housewives secrets. Is this really entertainment cuz it’s definitely not reality unless you live in Andy’s warped world of deviance and perversion.

    • Ain’t, it’s not that long of a way down for these folks, they’re already pretty close to the bottom

    • Ain’t: SO very true!!!!!! I think that these people have nothing to lose, and they already know that their skeletons are easily exposed, so why not get tons of $$ to compensate for it?? They’re as disgusting as Andy and the whole Bravo franchise!

      • If Bravo wanted genuine upper class or upwardly mobile housewives with great careers or fun jobs they are easily found. Instead we have faux HW. Half of them are unrecognizable since they have been newly minted , tucked , lipo’ed, injected and filled within an inch of their lives from the nearest Barbie factory . They have so many extensions that they loo like My Pretty Pony. I’m beginning to think they are proud of ripping of charities, bankruptcies, shady boyfriends, sleazy husbands and ex-husbands

        • These people were nothing before coming on the housewives shows and once their gig is over, they will return to being nothing.

        • On target as usual, AP!! I think they spend their paychecks mainly doing cosmetic upkeep, and it doesn’t look good! Nothing will help the beasts of NJ!

          • A NJ Housewife with social status does not act like a Carowhine either. She belongs in Newark….She doesn’t hold a candle to anyone in NJ of priviledge and neither do the 3 sucklings she bred.

            • Couldn’t agree more BarbAR . I don’t think Caro can even hold a candle to Dina for that matter. They act like they come from two different worlds. Dina is usually laid back, “I like you until you give me a reason not to.” style compared with whiny’s “I don’t like you before I like you.” sad little self. One seems happy the other stressed out & so jealous she’s got to clock on everything another housewife (Tre) is doing? These sisters are so different in their approach to life. Maybe Caro will take a note from Dina’s book (so to speak) & question why Big Al isn’t coming home nights. Not really what you’d call a “marriage” & I guess Dina got tired of pretending.

              • Now that Big Al see’s that Tommy and Dina were able to get divorced it won’t seem so impossible. Some people say that divorce rubs off on people. Its just a matter of seeing that someone else was able to do it…..and they are after all brothers. I wish Dina and Al for that matter all the best. They both deserve so much better. ;)

  4. I really think there should be a reality show called “Ghostwriters” about what the writers have to go through to produce a “book”

    • There was an article in last months Vanity Fair of the late billionaire teddy forstman (padma lakhsmis sugar daddy) and his ghostwriter. It wasn’t easy.

  5. Sending love to Dina. Never a happy day when a marriage ends. My best to you and your daughter and brighter days ahead.

  6. Dina’s red flag was when he cheated on her before they were married. She should have run like hell away from marrying that man. When a person shows you who they are, believe them. Personally, I would never marry someone who was willing to trade me in!

    • Oh ya, I forgot to comment on Dina and Tommy. I can’t believe she married him either! He’s gross and an azz. Well, I guess I know why. $$$

        • I think so too. Caroline hooked lil sister up with a dude with $ just to get her and her kid out of her house.

            • But could you imagine how drunk with power Don must have been to have her baby sister in such a vulnerable, totally dependent on her spot? *shudders*

              • Don Caro enjoys having folks dependent on her, it’s what keeps them coming back for more half baked platitudes with a hearty side of” I told you so!” and “you should have listened to me”. There’s a lways recrimination topped with freshly whipped invective and insult for dessert. After you listen to a freshly concocted sermon on the mount that reeks of Dr. Phil and FB affirmations then Don grants the favor, loans the money or wipes the tears as she gets a gleeful high of fresh superiority. Gay??? Tommy Manzo and room of ones own would have been freedom indeed after living with Don Caro and the whiny pack of brats.

              • No, it’s all Teresa’s fault….she’s brought into comments that aren’t even about her, so let’s shout it from the highest mountain EVERYTHING ON THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NJ IS TERESA’S FAULT. Now hopefully everyone is happy… :-) :-) :-P

              • Dina’s divorce? AP slaps self! Teresa’s the culprit! It was an excuse for her to divorce Juicy (LOL! that’s some seriously twisted shite!) Bulldog, Butch aka MeGo’s former or perhaps not so former bf/shackup/drugs partner/sire of son#2 that is some crazy drama I don’t even want to know about and of course …wait for it…it’s Teresa’s fault! The nasty twitter war between the Hags deMarco and Bulldog? Teresa’s fault ! She can rep her new Milania haircare and hold the Marco sisters hostage and force them to bash folks on twitter . Simultaneously Teresa writes/collaborates on another cookbook, tends to her elderly parents, keeps her household in order, makes personal appearances, drives carpool for 4 kids while destroying the Laurita empire / sabotaging Lauren’s diet / Caroline’s happiness/ Joey’s marriage and finances. Busy isn’t she?

              • Teresa is either Machiavelli in a mini skirt or the silliest creature ever to strike it rich. IMO Teresa has great native intelligence and isn’t afraid of hard work. She knows to keep her head down and keep moving forward. Let’s face it she wasn’t going to make this kind of money merching at Macys. Lemons and lemonade. Sometimes life teaches you to take little bit of nothin’ and make a whole lot of something.

              • Maybe it was Dina’s idea. What a concept! Come hell or hot water, she was going to marry him, upfront cheating–so what? Got to have that 1 million plus wedding for tv, doves and all. Money was the lure-and a reality tv show introduction. Left broke by nail salon owner ex-husband and–horrors–her sister helps only to be accused of some devilish plan. Baby sister is a self-centered ingrate who chooses husbands, and friends, very unwisely.

    • As if Brandi didn’t know she was marrying a cheater, as if PT didn’t know she was marrying a schlock stick it into any gross girl Harry dubin. They all knew, just so desperate to get a guy and some $$$$$$. BULLSHEET!

  7. Someone asked Bulldog Bryan if he’s butch. He said no, he’s never gone by that name. There is another ex of MeGo’s that is about to talk though. I’m curious if he’s butch. More importantly, what he’s gonna spill bc he ain’t playing!

      • Butch is supposedly a nickname of one of MeGo’s ex boyfriends. Someone asked Bryan if he was butch and he said he never went by that name.

    • romo: The entire “chaos” surrounding Butch/Bryan (’cause why would he admit to be called Butch) is just waaaay too convenient. Every HWs show creates phony drama before their season premiere. Let’s see if “Bryan” accepts these “huge offers” from magazines to start yapping. Would bet that he’s gotten the same offers as “RoxyPoxy” and that we’ll see the same magazine tell-alls… just like the ones from “RoxyPoxy”! None. TFC!! SH

      • He talks every night on twitter and the rest we already know. I wouldn’t pay an ex-boyfriend of 10 years ago of a skanky hw anything if I were a magazine. What else is there to tell? Her favorite color? I could care less. Where’s Tommy the Greek? Keeping his darn mouth shut bc he’s embarrassed that’s where!
        Now, if bulldog wants to come on the reunion and spill chit. Then I’m cool with that. ;-)

        • Well it seems that MeGo’s Hag Sisters are trying to run interference from this Bryan guy on Twitter. Where there is smoke there is fire. He is making them squirm and I love watching it.

        • What could he have to say that is any worse that has been put out there! Is there anything short of having sex with the neighbors cat that hasn’t been said about her.

          • Well, on this one I don’t think he’s talking about a cat. I believe Johnny is ready to have an old fashioned stand off with JoGo.
            @JohnnyTheGrk: @bulldog_nj @jennyplith Since you like talking about criminal records, how about talking about who assaulted a woman & left her almost dead?

              • Bulldog is going to end up like Roxypoxy a whole bunch of nothing. He dosnt have anything but a bunch of hot air

              • I’m with you on that Lisa…finally smartened up listening to the knuckleheads on twitter. It’s all bs and this too will pass to something else. As I said, they are laughing at everyone who even answers them back. How dumb can they be…..And Andy he’s jerking himself off with such pleasure.

              • Lets just put it this way if any of them told me the sky was blue Id run out and check for myself None of them are capiable of telling the truth.

              • IMO it’s real and I wish him all the best of health. This ratcheted up drama and fighting on twitter isn’t a healthy or happy choice for any of them. Melissa needs to cal off her dogs and try to make amends then drop it like it’s yesterday’s news. I cannot for the life of me figure out why the Marco sisters would antagonize him or others. They are all adults and there isn’t any reason for rational mature adults to behave like children. Fingerpointing and blame is the hallmark of kindergartners. It’s playground politics at it’s worst. Probably manufactured to boot.

              • I’m not sure when the shows jumped the shark but it sickens me to see adults behave like disgusting pigs. Andy gets some perverse thrill and oodles of cooperation in making women seem like a pack of shrieking hyenas constantly chasing cackling and clawing at each other. Al we need is the Marlon Perkins Wild Kingdom voice over . “here they are in their native habitat, the NJ deck. They seem to be drinking a native brew of fermented grapes and chattering animatedly … trouble brewing as the females fight for pack dominance?”

              • Seems like he’s got ENOUGH to make the Marco sisters worry & give that POS Queenz personal info about him.

      • Wait a minute, Ms SH are you saying that HWs shows are not REAL?? Say it ain’t so!! Everyone of them swares that what we is 100% real … that what they do and say is what they would be saying or doing even if the cameras weren’t there. I don’t think they would lie. What would they have to gain?? I’m sure you are mistaken. Kidding. Love you and thank you for really being REAL. You and your posters are the best. Thank you.

        • Maybe they think that just because its not an animated show then “technically” its real? bahahahahaha. Clearly these women have very very skewed ideas of what “real” is. Real is this. These are the wives and mothers we should be celebrating.

          • ITA Made! We are better than this faux reality! I just finished with a fresh coat of mascara and darn it ! Ya made me cry. God Bless them all.

              • God Bless you made! SOooo….true! These ARE the wives and mothers…the women we all should be celebrating. They deserve to be honored every day….as do their families. It’s past time we see some REAL reality about women like this. Lord knows they NEED the help & support from the country that their loved ones SO bravely fight for.

  8. Good luck to Dina and her new show….I’m sorry to hear about your marriage but it’s been a long time in coming.

    This stuff about MeHo could just be a publicity stunt for the new season. I read somewhere that this is what it was. If it isn’t bring the crap out and stop beating around the bush. JMO

    Brandi, as much as I like you, you should STFU. Your children will read you book one day and what r they going to think of all this?JMO

  9. It’s sad that they split. My guess is that he cheated again. That is why she posted what she did on twitter. He cheated so many times prior to their marriage that it isn’t surprising that he did it again. Guess he must be the reL user if that apt. above the Brown Stone. I never understood what attracted her to him since he looked like a little weasel. I wish her well.

    • He is gross! Maybe Dina was looking for security, who knows? Probably pressure from her family as well. I hope Dina handles it with her usual grace and keeps the details to herself. I’m really tired of TMI.

      • She seems a bit more low key so she will probably keep her business to herself. Plus she is trying to keep her acting/showbusiness thing going so she won’t want to seem like a liability. I wonder if he wasn’t happy with her trying to make money. I remember their wedding special he said he wanted her to not work and stay home and keep a home.

        • Ive heard rumors about the wedding special so that is very interesting.You maybe right about the stay at home HW being an issue. She seemed to be struggling with that dictum when she was on HW. If he cheated then it’s on him not Dina. Many women stay married in spite of numerous infidelities, incomprehensible to me, but will not judge as that is their private business.

  10. ITA Barb it’s a publicity stunt and sadly everyone’s lapping it up not realizing it’s a collaborative effort. Everybody wants a paycheck.

      • Barb and is so far down from your original comment- LOL! I am in agreement with you it’s so contrived that there isn’t a single scrap of reality left.

  11. Not sure how to feel about Dina, when a marriage ends it is always sad. I am on the fence, I still do not know what really happen with her sister? Dina at times came across very full of herself, I am reading on other sites, it seems that Tree and her brother are at it again; what is really sad when this program is done and gone how will these families repair the damage that has been done?

  12. Dina was broke so that relationship is obvious. Past time to sit back and laugh at all this bad acting. No one cares any more and everything is an obvious joke. The housewives formula is old; faked fights; faked engagements, faked trips, faked silly lunches and dinners. Boring.

    • Sorry Justso my comment is almost the same. So over the fake …..even the fights look choreographed.

    • I dont fee sorry for Dina,not one bit she went into the marriage knowing he was a cheater but she needed someone to support her instead of getting a job like normal people do.
      men like him dont change so no tears from me

      • I agree Lisa, she got a big ole warning light, but she chose to ignore it cuz she wanted a tv wedding special. Men don’t change.

        • Yep, anyone who saw that wedding special (or was it a series ?) could tell that Tommy was dragging his feet. He was positively morose and indifferent through it all and Dina was so desperate and clinging, crying from frustration over his indifference. I don’t think they ever had a good marriage. She traded true love for a cushy lifestyle and financial security.

          • Didn’t they spend a million dollars on that wedding? Let’s see, if you amortize the cost of the wedding over the 7 years they were married, that works out to over $142,0000 per year.

            • Ana: I think the items would have cost a lot of money – but I think they were comp’ed. The Manzos do not have $1mil to spend on a wedding. I believe a lot of vendors gave them items for free or for cost (no markup).
              Dina let herself be humiliated on that video. I can’t feel sorry for her. She wanted the money.

              • I read somewhere that the money spent on the wedding was one of the big problems in the marriage. The economy turned after the wedding and Tommy never recouped the money he spent. I also read that for the most part the Item and services are given for cost not free. That’s still a good deal but with owning the Brownstone they probably could have gotten that with their venders anyway.

      • Lisa I think that is a bit harsh to say. I watched that special and although she might have been broke, I did get the feeling that she really loved him. When she met him she was working at that nail salon so she did have a job. I do agree that she went into that marriage thinking he had reformed himself and was going to be faithful.

        • Plenty of women do exactly that Bizzy, marry with eyes wide open and pray that he has changed his ways. I don’t endorse it but not my business. Experts can yap all they want about how to make a marriage work but look at the divorce rate. Dina and Tommy lasted 7 years and I suppose they gave it their best shot. Who ever really knows in this day and time what the ingredients to a good marriage or an enduring marriage are . I only know that we are fallible and human and so marriage is never a guarantee of happiness.
          I don’t blame Dina anymore than I would blame Brandi or Danielle or anyone else for the marriage breaking down. I hope someday we stop blaming women for everything.

    • The formula is so darn BOOOOOORING. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

      If I want to watch something that is well choreographed, I will go to the ballet or a Bon Jovi concert. Bravo’s poorly choreographed “reality” shows are not entertaining whatsoever. I don’t know any women that act that ridiculous. VanderPump Rules has to be the most stoopid of all the Bravo shows atm.

  13. IMO HW are recycled drama, nothing original. Families at cross purposes, faux anger and outrage. I would love to see genuine friendships and true interaction instead of scripted reality. Stoopid.

    • @ Aint ITA the time for Reality shows has come to the end. Bring back good shows again…I’m sick of all the lying back biting etc. Most of it is fake and we the viewer are the ones they are laughing at. If they all have so much proof on things then bring it out, hopefully the viewers will smarten up and stop playing into their PR crapola….JMO….

      • I like Tia amd Tamera. It doesn’t seem scripted but I think that’s because they have more going on in there lives. I also like pawn stars because it’s interesting and I learn. I like gold rush, duck dynasty and swamp people. I know these are situational directed but I like the values that they promote. Not all reality TV is bad.

        • I agree cyn, I like Duck Dynasty and I watch some other I like the Million Dollar Real Estate or whatever it’s called The Cousins, House Hunters, and a myriad of other good shows

        • Cyn, Duck Dynasty is my favorite program. My husband will actually watch it with me unlike any of the housewives.

      • What I am reading is everything is Melissa’s fault — even has a site just for her with more gossip and accusations that are just eaten up and added onto– beyond anything done to any of the housewives. Even the ‘blame it all on Teresa’ joke is defending her as if she is a maligned saint.

        • Melissa cannot erase her very public past choices. The Gorgas “faux reality” and the reality behind their TV personas is very old news. Teresa is not the person who exposed Melissa’s past boyfriends, arrest record, and the Gorga’s fake spec dream house. The back stories of the HW of NJ are public knowledge. I believe Danielle knew it all on season one and even she kept her mouth shut. I would worry more about Jac and Chris who face very serious federal charges. Joe Gudice will get his day in court as well.

        • Well thats what people think, Tre and Juicys crimes are excused and often a myriad of excuses are given for what they do. They are easly forgiven and Yes she is NEVER wrong according to some. All she has to do is cock her head and giggle and she is forgiven. Everyone else is wrong and thier sins are never forgiven no matter how much time is passed.

            • I have to take exception to the comment that anyone who has taken Tre and Joes side is excusing the bad behavior they do or have done. I understand Lisa that you have a very strong opinion on the Guidices. (Naaaaa) But when you make a broad statement in effect saying that anyone who likes Tre or Joe is excusing or defending any wrong doings. The fact is they all have shown bad behavior and lack of judgement. None of them are ever completely honest about pretty much everything. I haven’t heard one person come out and sy that what Joe did or said was ok. I for one think that if Joe is found guilty(by a court of Law) he should pay for what he did. I think pretty much most people here feel the same way. Wrong is wrong no matter who is doing it. What has offended me the most is the fact that Tre has a brother and sister-in-law who came on a show to “take down the Guideces”. They came on a show with so much garbage in their own lives and tried to make it look like they were a perfect family. Joe and MeGo started out being fake. They have done anything and everything to keep the spotlight on Tre so none of their past doings would come out.Its not that so called Tre people are excusing or condoning the bad things they have done. You know the ones that they actually were proven to have done. None of the made up crap. I hope that you do not think I a person who just because I like someone I would overlook or accept bad behavior. Hell I have family members who I haven’t stood up for when what they said or did was wrong. Thank god I wasn’t being filmed at the time. LOL…I do like your opinions here because you are honest and up front even when your wrong….LOL….(just kidding)

  14. O.K. so I have a question, and have not read the posts to see if anyone else has asked this, so please excuse me. I thought that New Jersey didn’t have strip clubs, but burlesque clubs in which the women do not remove their clothes. Has this changed? My ex husband is from Patterson, and I spent some time there while we were married.

    • bs: In NJ, the clubs aren’t allowed to have nudity if they’re serving liquor. No liquor = the allowance of nudity. So, there ARE full nude clubs there, but the majority are just chicks in barely-there underwear + booze. Lame when you could run in to Manhattan and get the real deal.

  15. I don’t understand this obsession with taking Melissa down. It’s not like she has any power or anything. The only power Melissa has is what people bestow on her by making it a big deal to take her down.

    What’s going on?

    • I agree. All this does is add to the nuts who have to take someone down. Watch, pretty soon Bryan will be history and someone that Teresa dated before she married Juicy will be front and center. Then we will have one of Juicys girlfriends front and center too. There are such radical fans out there and its getting spooky. There are some that live to find something on Melissa or Teresa so they can destroy them. Why would anyone want to hurt someone. I have come to the conclusion that some that hate so much are making themselves sick.

      • Trees skeletons will NEVER be anywhere near as bad as filthy MeGo’s and her trashy sisters. You can take that to the bank. Some people ARE just better than others.

        • My problem with the Marco sisters is that they are so vengeful and corrupt. Melissa had a chance at better, a better life , a family , a beautiful stable home but she could not leave the past and the accompanying behaviors behind. If my sisters ever attempted to defend me by trashing my husband’s family or insulting folks there would be a huge come to Jesus. Melissa is making a huge mistake allowing or encouraging her sisters to act like frenzied Harpies on social media. She has 99 problems but Teresa ain’t one. If Melissa wants to be a reality star she better start dancing with the one that brung her and cleaning up her image. She needs to look into her heart and ask her who realy has her back and who is setting her up to fail. The Marcos are a corrosive influence and need to chill. It’s probably to late though……Wishing someone dead usually does not bode well. That is an evil you cannot retract.

          • I agree. I cant imagine how ANYONE would still support them after reading about that. But then again their supporters still stuck by her after seeing the BULL CRAP she flung at the Guidice girls. I want the financial problems exposed more than anything to avenge those INNOCENT children.
            Make no mistake MeGo knows EXACTLY what and who her sisters are and I am sure she KNOWS that as soon as she cuts them out they will come for her. HARD. She knows the mentality. She is walking a tightrope right now. The truth is the only thing that will set her free. THE ENTIRE truth. And as for the Manzos, associating with the likes of MeGo makes them look horrible and stoopid.

            • It’s mea culpa time for MeGo otherwise she will not survive this current shite storm. Andy is loyal only as long as you are bringing in the viewers and the ratings. The public is turning against MeGo , Joey and the Marco clan. There isn’t any justification for wishing a person with a brain tumor dead. Humanity anyone?

              • Horrible people. But lets not forget that Bravo knows full well that the public has been turning on MeGo for a while now and perhaps will only tune in to watch her get hers…Enter bulldog.

              • We are only going to get from each show what BRAVO wants us to get. I’m finally realizing that. Each day it’s someone else so the story lines remain relevant. It’s a PR stage. I love watching all the acting on twitter and yes, a lot of it is acting.

            • I think the Manzo’s look stupid without hanging with anyone. They make themselves stupid with the way they act. What mother hangs over 20 something sons and allows her daughter to be a lazy piece of sheetz. Carolyn Manzo the expert on you heard it here first. She is far from a socialite. Hoboken can have her. I’m sure Franklin Lakes will be happy to get rid of her. If anyone brings them down it will be her brother and looney toon sil.JMO

          • Aint, you’re so right! Melissa’s biggest mistake was from the get go. Her best chance at success would have been to align herself with Teresa, not against her. The desperation amongst the Marco gang (mom included) is downright pathetic!!

            • They are desperate to get a spot on Bravo. Since MeGo was greenlighted after dishing the dirt on Teresa that seems to be plan as well. hence all the really nasty twitter interaction. It’s all part of the de Marco scheme to keep baby sister relevant and kicking down Bravo’s door. Perhaps all this truly vulgar and crude twitter twatter is their lamebrain attempt to appear to have dark dirty secrets that will end with a whimper not a bang. It’s all about the edit. The stripper past was 90 kinds of dull and I don’t expect that the Butchie Buldog will end any differently. MeGo can’t bring and never will. Tick tock.

      • People that infect entire families(THE GORGAS) with their trash are the sick ones. They need to stick with like minded folks. Melissa was never good enough for the Gorgas. Word.

        • Look, the Gorgas weren’t so fantastic either. Why if they were so perfect they had to have a sponsor to enter this country? My family came from Italy, they didn’t have to have a sponsor. I might not be a Teresa fan but I don’t want her and her family DESTROYed and I would never wish for that for Melissa.. I love making fun of anyone but old boyfriends and ex’s never tell the truth expecially if there is money involved. I am sure for enough money, I could make up a huge story and so could you.

          • I dont want to see Melissa or Tre family distroyed and Ill bet the farm if this was one of Juicys mistresses doing this people wouldnt be cheering her on like they are to the “bulldog” Bser No one would have a soft spot for her either. People would say worse to her then Mel sisters are saying to The Bser. But since its Melissa its all good right.

            • No Lisa, I’d be callin out Juicy just as much as Mego for bein unfaithful skanks. Right now both their rumors are just that, still rumors. (I think as a woman Mego acts like a vapid tart in general, that’s why I dislike her). But if Mego is a cheater, shame on her, n the same for Juicy. I just wouldn’t reflect it onto Tre or Joe G, it isn’t their fault their spouses are pigs. I think Joe G and Tre have their own faults, but they don’t deserve that crap, no one does.

              • @Lisa, you’re wrong with me my friend I would call her out..also, not different, however I just listen on twitter, very rarely do I say a thing to anyone but I am friended with all the players and wish to stay that way….the only one who blocked me was looney toons. Oh well, you can’t win them all.

          • When you say “her family” you are referring to the one the made with JoGo right? That one was built on a lie and it would be a favor that she in incapable of if she would just get the heck out. The REAL family that has RUINED was the Gorgas. I want peace for the Gorga’s and that means (because she will not change) MeGo gots ta go. JoGo will still be a the hot mess of the family but at lease now he will have his REAL family that loves him in spite of that and not a useless bag a bones tramp.

        • If they keep the bs up no one is going to believe a thing anyone says and that’s going to be the end of it. As someone said tomorrow Teresa, then Juicy, then etc etc etc and it’s all hype to keep the viewer talking. In the meantime the ones who are doing it are getting paid a pittance to keep us believers. Well as of now they can kill each other, when I see a real funeral I will believe it.

        • Word, Made. Mego is just a little skank climber, you don’t hafta like Tre to see that. Her type can be spotted a mile away by women who are no-nonsense. Just looking at her makes me smell cheap perfume.

          • lol. Whats frustrating about women like that is you can tell them to their faces that you are on to their games and they will still continue their crap knowing that you know that they know that you know. Wastes of space type.

            • It’s not funny–it’s disturbingly hateful, which means my post will not be posted. But I do have a right to a different opinion from the majority so will express it even if it never gets posted.
              Some things are beyond the pale, and this witch hunt against Melissa, with a hate site specifically just for her, of which no other housewife has been subjected to, of gossip, innuendo, accusations and anonymous this and that shows just who is the real don and it is not Caroline. Melissa’s sisters– I have seen them only twice and they have no power. Kim D threatened, to paraphrase: “I travel with the big boys” — she, and her co-hort playing innocent have the power. And the anonymous ones running the hate site against Melissa have the power.

              • common: If you are having issues with another site, kindly GO to that site and let them know. Don’t drag any crap re YOUR problems with other sites to SH. Now, go away… get lost…yer outta here. SH

              • Common, Its not “disturbingly hateful” so see someone for the waste of space that they are. the only people that usually ever think that is “hateful” are wastes themselves. I see people like MegGo and her sisters coming a mile away. Users who contribute ZILTCH to society. Hateful to not abide trash like that? well okie doke. I be guilty. Life is too short for that kind. I dont love em like Jesus do. They can go on on down the road with their mess and INFECT other people’s families. Marco TRASH and all others like them and I have dealt with my share of that type. Enough to last a lifetime. Bloop.

              • You are taking this very personally which I would not recommend….for your own happiness, take the comments with a grain of salt. Saying that the commenters on this blog are on a witch hunt is insulting because most of us are college educated and the majority of us have master degrees and PhDs and work in very high level jobs or are retired from the FBI. We do not hunt witches although I don’t doubt that someone might be certified to do so. I appreciate this blog because it is an equal opportunity offender in the purest form. If you are a friend of Melissa’s in real life, I suggest emailing Ms SH instead of commenting here.

              • Just another one you could see coming a mile away OR maybe it was just the smell of the cheap perfume LOL!

  16. When Dina married Tommy Manzo, SHE KNEW he was cheating on her but the little blonde gold digger had nothing and she need a place to live. We have to remember before she moved to Tommy’s house she had to live with sister Caroline cause she didn’t have 2 dimes to rub together. So her and Teresa are such good buddies, it will be so much fun to see how long it takes Teresa to boot Juicy. I say about 2 month after he is convicted.

    • Dina needs to find another rich guy who is not gay. There are alot of dorky rich guys to choose from. Obviously, she is not that picky so hunting will not be that hard.

      • Has there been proof that her husband is gay? I’m only curious, I’m not picking a fight. I haven’t watched much of RHONJ, so catching up on some of the stuff from older seasons.

        • Hi Chatty Cactus and welcome. IMO rumors only about the Tommy being gay. Who knows if it’s true? Curious if the flagrant pre-wedding cheating was to dispel the rumors? Mehhh who cares? Wish them both the best.

          • I agree. I would say given his age at the time of his marriage(It was his first right?) that the gay rumors are par for the course for most older bachelors. And his horndog ways might have been his attempt to dispel that? Either way. pffft. People just need to be happy and for a time whatever arrangement they had made them happy now it dont.

            • Thanks Aint Pittypat and madepiley. Was wondering if that was revealed on an episode that I hadn’t seen yet, so I appreciate the answer to my question.

              • ITA Made. I could care less why people choose to marry. Under the best of circumstances and with the best of intentions still marriages fail every single day. When someone finds the perfect formula it will be a revelation. Hubs and I are a marriage experts statistical nightmare and yet we not only survived but thrived against all odds.
                If Tommy and Dina married for reasons other than true love they certainly aren’t the first and won’t be the last .

        • Hey CC,
          I’m the one that brought up Tommy being undercover. IMO he acts gay, all those girls he dated/cheating rumors are a front and I’ve read comments here and there from people that claim to known him that say he is. That’s hardly proof and it doesn’t matter if he is; so put me down for a meh.

          • Thank you, too, romoshedint. Well, if people that know him are throwing that around, there’s maybe something to the rumor.

  17. I’m sure this has been mentioned on SH before, but my theory is that the mess between Caro and Dina has to do with Caro and probably Al sticking their nose into Dina’s marriage problems. Say what you will about cheating Tommy Manzo, but he never prostituted himself by being on the Ho Show. Good for him. Same for Lexi’s dad. Btw, I always found it odd that Lexi’s Twitter name is Lexi Manzo, cause that is not her last name.

  18. I heard 2 years ago Dina Manzo’s marriage was a sham. I hear Tommy is a cheater amongst other things & that is why Dina has gotten like 3 boob jobs, lipo, teeth capped, hair extentions & fillers, the whole 9 to try to keep his eyes on her. He probably was eyeing everyone from Danielle Staub to ex stripper Jacqueline Laurita. i wouldn’t doubt it. Dina is a biatch & a yawn anyway. I hope they don’t stick her nasty 1/16th Italian huge nosed mug back on the show. Please don’t.

  19. Sparklie222, I wondered the same thing when I read about the D/T split … did the rift between the sisters have something to do with Dina’s marriage woes? I had always thought that, as Ms SH pointed out, it had to do with Dina leaving the show and C & J not backing her up. Maybe Dina said it’s either Danielle or me and the show show said Danielle is going nowhere (at that time) and Dina thought that if C & J would have sided with her the show would have ousted Danielle. Pure speculation on my part, but made total sense. But Dina stayed friends with Teresa so when I read about the T/D Manzo split I wondered if there was more to the rift between the sisters who also happen to be sisters in law than just the spat about the show? Then again, maybe Dina could close her eyes to her husband cheating but when he didn’t side with her against her sister and his brother that was the last straw. Who knows … if you don’t tell me the whole story I will come up with a movie in my head.
    But am so happy to be able to read others takes on all this stuff.

    • Dina’s Ex didn’t sign a waiver for Lexi to be on the show. Bravo found out and the next season Dina didn’t have a story line because her Daughter couldn’t and her husband wouldn’t be on the show. Dina wanted Caroline and Jacqueline to back her up by not being on the show without her. They didn’t and the feud began. This is on the site somewhere you can probably find under Dina Manzo.

      • I have always thought that was a band-aide explanation for Dina not having a storyline. If Bravo really wants someone that will make it work without the kids or husband. They did for Sonja anyways. Is it possible that Dona and Jax made like they would back Dina up in the “its her or me” ploy but they turned their back on her? Now I dont know that whole ownership breakdown of the Brownstone but, is it possible that the big guy has ultimate say in what happens there and in effect has more power over Tommy in general. Made him marry Dina to keep his wife happy(perhaps to also get her outa his house?) And know what would make Don happy s for Dina to be cut off completely so only know does Tommy have Manzo go-ahead to ditch the wifey?

        • I think Bravo had a Problem with the way Dina got Lexi on the show. It was said that Danielle met with Dina’s Ex and she found out Dina forged his signature.That’s what the big whoop was about Danielle trying to mess with Dina’s custody of Lexi. My theory is the Ex had a good case to sue Bravo and Dina wasn’t asked back to make peace.

          • I can see that. I can also see Bravo pissed at Danielle for totally crushing their plausible deniablity.

            • If Dina is the custodial parent then she did not need Lexy’s dads signature. I always thought this story was a shady cover for something bigger ……like the state of Dina’s
              marriage. Some folks will play along if they need that Bravo paycheck and others will not. Others find themselves increasingly desperate to keep up the faux rich facade and will go to any lengths to remain relevant. IMO beginning to believe they are all smugly laughing at the dopey viewers who believe the petty bickering, snide remarks and family drama. Really scraping the bottom of the barrel to exploit a child with an alleged autism diagnosis or ramp up the drama with this scary bunch of lowlife that followed Melissa like a pack of flies on a dung heap. There is a new very shady dark element that seems more in a character with a show about pimps, petty criminals druggies and strippers. Like creepy Girls Gone Wild Joe on Miami, PT’s pervert dad, major fraudster Trailer and tawdry Brandy are all signs of Bravo’s increasing desperation. Bravo doesnt aim higher it dives down into the gutter. Of course somehow this must be all Teresa’s fault- LOL.

              • Are you sure about that because oither non custodial parents have keep the kids off the show,brandi ex and Lisa Wu ex’s are notable examples.

              • The custodial parent has the last word when legal decisions are made unless the custody agreement specifies otherwise. The reason behind it is to stop the parents from running to the court constantly out of spite. There is enough of that kind of log jam clogging up the court system. Most Judges and attorneys agree that one parent usually will have the ultimate say. I know this because of mine own parents lovely penchant for divorcing and re-marrying each other with spates of fighting each other tooth and nail over custody of us. We all got smart and married young to get out from underneath it.
                The laws changed later after a spate of court decisions where a child (ren)was injured in an accident or illness and the parents fought over medical treatment. That being said filing a complaint or court action is always a remedy to keep a child from appearing on a show if the non-custodial parent objects.

              • Also the custodial parent with whom the child resides has to have the ability to sign papers for instance if the child wants to participate in sports cheerleading band and so forth. Also the custodial parent has to have the legal right to sign wainers for school field trips, emergency medical treatment, routine physical exams . My dear friend divorced her husband Doctor Rat who insisted on making the divorce and child custody as difficult as possible , demanded that he be consulted on every minute deci ion and then promptly moved miles away with new GF and baba. Tracking him down was like tracking down a fugitive from justice. It was deiberate and cruel finally the Judge grew disgusted with his antics and threw Dr rat in jail ….on a Friday afternoon and promptly went fishing all weekend.

              • but still other non custodial parents have refused to give permission to have the children on the show
                like i said eddie refused to give permission to have his and brandis kids on the show same with keith sweet and lisa wus kids. so it is true dina ex refused to let lexi be on the show the cusotional parent doesnt always have the last say a custodial parent cant get a passport and travel outside the counry without permission of the non custidial parent. so there are exceptions

              • Lisa, I think if the non-custodial parent objects to the custodial parent’s decision on any matter that affects the child and can show harm or future harm then they have to file for a hearing and the Judge will either dismiss or hear the case.

          • Dina’s ex could not have sued Bravo – unless Lexi would continue to be on the show after Bravo learned about the forged signature. Dina’s ex could sue DINA for forgery. Bravo, like other U.S. companies, ditched Dina for forgery. Most corporate legal departments would not enter into another contract with a person who forged a previous contract. If this whole thing about Dina forging Lexi’s daddy signature is true, then the person with the ethics problem is Dina – not Danielle. Dina and Don Caro blasted Danielle in NJ for her past in FL as Bev Merrill Danielle was not living like that in NJ. So, the Manzo sisters made an enemy. And Danielle struck back with the forged signature of Dina’s ex-hubby on the contract.

  20. I always thought Danielle had the goods on Dina’s marriage and would have spilled it all in a heartbeat if Bravo offered enough enticement$$$. I felt Dina’s departure was rather abrupt.
    I’m not surprised Dina married for money and a stable home life, happens rather more often than the fairytale. Sometimes it works out well but just as often it doesn’t. I am happily married and have been for ages but if anyone asked me how to make a marriage work or how to find the right partner …I am utterly clueless.. I have seen terrible marriages drag on forever and great marriages sputter and fizzle out. I don’t judge anyone who chooses to get married or divorce. Al I can say is God Bless.

  21. Here is something that Manzos need to keep in mind(You hear me Manzos?) As more and more comes out about MeGo’s past, your skeletons will be exposed in conjunction as a diversion tactic. No one to blame but yerselves for associating what that mess. Just so long as you know where its coming from :)

    • I wish Dina all the best. She ‘chose’ to leave the rhonj and I can respect that. It is always sad when a marriage ends, but it seems it was meant to be. Dina seems to be handling it quietly and without publicly dissin’ the soon to be ex; that’s also note worthy. I also really liked her daughter Lexi….she had spunk and a sweet laugh; struck me as a good girl!

    • I always thought that Wacko Jacko aka Jaco-looney-tunes back stabbed Dina by telling Danielle that both signatures of Lexi’s parents were needed on that BlahVoid contract. Was it ever made clear that Dina also signed Lexi’s dad’s name? If so…still it seems more likely Jacko told D. about it. I thought that was a big part of the rift between Chucky B.Red Manzo and Dina. Didn’t Chucky side with Jac-a-loon on screwing her SIL over? Wasn’t Jacko also a big reason for the destruction of the brother sister relationship between Dina & Chris?

  22. Hey, I’m a taker downer from way back. I just don’t waste my time on someone who needs to be built up first. The only reason I can see to attack Melissa is so Teresa can seem like a reasonable, better person. That’ll never happen in my opinion.

    So what if Melissa was a stripper, hooker or had unsavory boyfriends? Is/does she still?

    Teresa and Juicy have what they have because they stole services and goods and are slum lords without showing any remorse or propensity to change. It’s on tape! Juicy was admitting to driving with a suspended driver’s license when he told Teresa ‘Every time you drive, you drive like sh*t’ or ‘Every time I let you drive…’ So what’d Juicy do? With what I believe the full knowledge of Teresa. He blatantly commits another fraud. Juicy did not need that fraudulent license to drive. He needed it to conduct business.

    I’ll never be convinced Teresa did not know Juicy is a crook.

    Melissa making bad youthful choices in no way equals the considered and continued choices of Teresa. Having allies or not does not have anything to do with why I don’t like Teresa.

    • Well MeGo was a prostitute in the parking lot of the go go bar, basically. Then choosing to have sex with bulldog while she was married. That’s bad. Just to be clear I feel what Juicy did was terrible and I believe Teresa knew about it too. Sooo they are even stevens on my score card. Except Teresa isn’t a ho.

  23. It’s all Teresa’s fault! Wa-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-! She is a secret agent with super powers all seeing , all knowing…..wa-a-a-a-a-a!

  24. MeGo is nothing but a skanky cry baby. She thinks she is hot but she is a butter-face (at best), looks about 10+ years older than her biological age, and has very tacky super stripper fake tits and her new nose is way too thin with bulbous nostrils. Her indulgence in self pity and victim-hood makes her doubly grotesque. I can’t believe this talentless arse clown makes a paycheck for having cameras follow her around while she sings karaoke with a few backup dancers in a pleather leotard that induces a severe moose knuckle. It is absolutely absurd.

  25. I was wondering if part of the reason the Don was so pissed at Tre had to do with the fact that Dina went to Tre instead of the Don when she was having problems with her hubby. I would find it hard to discuss my marriage concerns with someone who is married to my husbands brother. That could be hard for both parties. I would not want to talk with big sister about the fact that her husband might be as much a scum bag as his brother. Marrying brothers can be good as well as bad. If breakups occur it can put sister or brother relationships at risk. I feel bad for anyone going through a breakup. I feel even worse knowing that in this case all involved are going to be horribly effected just because of the blood family factor.

    • After all these yrs. if Don can’t see what her husband is doing while not at home, I don’t think she’s the type that would learn anything from a talk. I think she started turning a blind eye years ago because she can’t eggmitt she’s not the perfect wife just like she can’t eggmitt she’s not the perfect mom. It’s everyone else’s kids that are messed up not hers. (mmmkay) & if the spouse makes up reason’s not to come home she’d agree that’s a really bad sign, unless it’s her spouse & then it just doesn’t count :P Funny how that works. But I’d totally forgotten Dina said she was aware Tommy cheated before the wedding. If that’s the case, she really shouldn’t have gone through with the wedding. But I guess money speaks loudly even to a very Zen girl.

    • Maybe it was Dina that was doing the cheating. That would anger and embarrass Don in front of the family.

  26. Bryan/Bulldog is friends with Love Majewski, the newest Mob Wife. When the Marco sisters were attacking him on Twitter a few days ago, she tweeted this:

    @LoveMajewski bitches best 2 beware cuz I got a few truth bombs in my pocket

    • Oh, good catch! I don’t watch Mobwives so I don’t know who that is, but I wish she would just drop her truth bomb already. Enough with the teasers!

      • I just got through reading a story about the newest Mob wife. Love is one scary bitch. If I was MeGo and her sisters I would watch my back and shut my trap! She is well known to not be adverse to use guns,knives make sure that people who piss her off learn a lesson. I think its funny as hell that those two have stepped into some serious shit when they opened their big mouths again. Love,Love that this time someone they have messed with wont take it lying down. I think Love should show up on the Jersey side and maybe befriend Tre. Wow! What a great story line.

  27. Bryan seems like a very decent fellow if you folllow his tweets. He is battling some health issues (a brain tumor, not cancer yet). I think he has gotten pushed out into the open because people kept badgering him and now the tweets from Melissa’s sister Lysa has gotten really out of control with him. They are nasty, nasty people. I hope Bryan does speak up. He obviously knows the real story and was taking the high road. But that may change with Melissa and her sister’s taunting him. One of their friends, Hunnie, was so incredibly psycho and vulger to him. I’ve never seen anything like it. It was so appalling.By the way, he is friends with Roger of TheJerseyShore and LoveMajewsky of Mobwives so a lot of people know the real Melissa.

    • lobstah: WHY even create a twitter account? We’ll have to see which of the many offers from the many mags which are knocking on his door he accepts. Just as “RoxyPoxy”… will believe it when I see it. Until then, it’s all BS from “Bulldog”… to create interest in the upcoming season of the RHONJ. I, for one, will NOT be watching. TFC!! SH

      • Thats where I stand Ms SH, until i see proof, Bulldog is full of Bulldooky. If he had anything he would have spilled by now.

          • Yea right, no one held a gun to his head and forced him on twitter, he is playing along like he is being paid to much liek roxypoxy did/

            • He has been on twitter a long, long time. Long before all this came out, so I respectfully disagree. But time will tell.

              • He hasnt been tweeting this nonesense a Long time
                His posting about Melissa is only a few months old I think MS SH said he sarting tweeting non stop In sep. So something happened in aug/sept that made him start. hmm maybe that when Bravo started paying him to tweet,

              • lobstah: His twitter started 11-11-11. He really started tweeting A LOT around September 2012. The guy practically lives on twitter these days. IMO, every one of those NJ people are shady. TFC!! SH

          • I agree it seems to me that Johnny the Greek is the one that relishes keeping it stirred up and THAT I dont understand. If Bravo gets their hands on Bryan then no need whatsoever for Johnny(I leave Prenny out of this since she stays in background) So maybe… just maybe Johnny is hoping to gain entry via the backdoor with his continued association with Bryan. And I could be wrong but I don’t see Bryan foolin with them too much longer. And that seems to be a pattern.

            • Johnny loves being in the mix & all the attention he’s getting bc he’s a friend of…or married to…or knows this…
              He’s annoying, Bulldog said he didn’t know Johnny b4 this all blew up but you wouldn’t know it from all the brothas! he gets from Johnny.
              He needs to settle down now and not try so hard. We get it, he’s on the edges of pseudo stardom and just staying relevant.
              I’m getting tired of waiting for all these secrets and truth bombs to come out. What is everyone waiting for? Spill it already.

            • I think Johnny got involved because of the crappy way they treated his wife and it was just on from there.

      • I’m assuming he was already on twitter before as he has a lot of conversations with Roger of Jersey Shore and Love Majewski of Mobwives. I know you don’t agree, but I tend to believe him. Probably because I don’t see him acting like Roxy saying there was going to be magazines and they were threatening her. And Lysa’s emails to him are obvious in reaction to truth she knows that he knows.

  28. Bryan ‏@bulldog_nj

    I wonder why they don’t talk about crazy’s husband when he raped a girl in college & payed off the family. And how he had 2leave school hmm

    This tweet surely aint Bravo endorsed. Right? Or am I losing my mind?

    • Maybe because it didnt happen. There is no police report no evidence what so ever this “rape” happened. If the Gorgas paid a victim off what does THAT say about the Papa Gorga..not the saint people think he is.

        • Barb: Plenty of holes which would need to be plugged before that person would come forth. They would need some type of proof. If the offense took place 20 years ago, that proof would now be very difficult to find. There are people who come forth truthfully; pass lie detectors; and are shot down because of no backup “official” documentation. All the chicks that Clinton was having affairs with were still called liars and were not believed! TFC!! SH

            • And IF she was paid off back in the day… then her detractors would VICIOUSLY use that. What I figure is when MeGo was having her backseat get togethers with da Bulldog she spilled that lil nugget about JoGo. Trying to knock the stink off of what she was doing… as in he is not a person worthy of her fidelity?
              Now IF Tree and her parents think bulldog is gonna spill THAT one then I can see them trying to discredit him before it comes out. Kinda overplayed the hand.

        • If that happened to me as a young girl and I was now married with kids, there is no way I would let people know.

    • MP: Hopefully, “bulldog” will be real. However, there is a pattern of stirring up controversy and making chaos before one of the HWs franchises’ next season begins. HEY!! Am I answering myself?? LOL!!! TFC!!! SH

      • Thank you self for your reply to myself. Self, I get soo lonely sometimes. Nice to know that myself is still here for me. :)

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