ANOTHER SH DETOUR!!… SuperBowl Sunday… Name The Clydesdale!

As you all are VERY aware, tomorrow is SuperBowl Sunday!!  While gathering info pertaining to this ‘almost’ national holiday, came across the Budweiser Clydesdale commercial.  Budweiser is looking for a name… why not give it a shot and tweet your best guess!  Name the Clydesdale… who was actually only seven days old when the commercial was shot…


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22 comments on “ANOTHER SH DETOUR!!… SuperBowl Sunday… Name The Clydesdale!

  1. Did y’all just catch that Pitbull concert on tv? It was awesome! He’s in New Orleans for the Superbowl. The concert was a lot like this except in New Orleans instead of Morocco.

  2. Made me cry, too. As soon as the Budweiser Clydsedales come through the parade, everyone always goes crazy. No matter what else is going on before or after, their appearance is a highlight.

    • I think the Clydesdales are beautiful and majestic but they should be featured at the END of the parade. It’s very difficult to march after they’ve “decorated” the parade route. :) I’m speaking from personal experience on this one.

  3. Horses must be way more forgiving about being abandoned than monkeys are. I watched a documentary about a group on the 70s that taught a monkey to sign and then when he got too big and aggressive they sold him off to be used in medical research. He finally got rescued but when his first human “mother” went back to visit him, he liketa have kilt her. He remembered her and he was piiiiiiissed. I cant remember the name of the documentary.

  4. I vote Bonny since she is such a beauty. We toured the Budweiser plant in St Louis and the Clydesdales live like royalty . It’s amazing! The stables are lovelier than most homes.

  5. I love the commercial. As someone who was born and raised in Baltimore, GO RAVENS. had to say it. Hope everyone has a great superbowl day and cant wait for those commercials.

  6. A few years ago the local Bud distributor helped sponsor the Clydedales’ appearance in the town. There were several semi sized trucks to haul the horses, feed, the gear and the beer wagon they would pull through the downtown. They drove cases of beer to assorted taverns. The sidewalks were packed with families. The streets of this town are primarily brick and even recalling the sound of those horses gives me goosebumps. Majestic and so calm.

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