SH “HIT AND RUN” FRIDAY: JillZ “Housewives Are Over”… Kim Richards “SlutPig Items” Gone… RHONY LuAnn de Lesseps “The Leather Look”!!

JillZ spoke with HuffPo and was asked if she would return to the RHONY… to which she answered that she would for a MILLION bucks.

Yeah, OK, Jillz!  Her’s your MILLION…

jillz pg

Jillz also said that the Housewives was OVER.   Couldn’t agree more!  The Housewives are simply laughable at this point.  EVERY franchise has story lines which are not to be believed… does anyone REALLY believe that Brandi Glanville is starting a new “learn to strip” hosting business?

Does anyone REALLY laugh at LisaVPump’s “cute” camera entendres?  Does anyone REALLY think that Ken pushes LisaVPump on a pink swing in between “planting flowers” for Lisa?


The Housewives have become an offense to anyone who has a brain cell. The contrived plot lines are so transparent and predictable that viewers know what will be said!

The Housewives have jumped the shark.

andy shark pg

When JillZ was on the RHONY, she was extremely annoying; however, since JillZ got da Bravo boot, she has made some statements about her former show, which are dead on the money.

In particular and immediately after JillZ got da boot, JillZ said that the RHONY was NOT the same show she started with… and the RHONY had turned into a one-hour infomercial.    JillZ was right!


NOTE:  The RHONJ are prepping viewers for season five.  The “fights” have already begun.  The “hidden” people are now coming out prepared to spill their past relationship(s) with the NJ cretins.  Whether or not we will watch the next season of the RHONJ is questionable, as we are not looking forward to seeing ANY of the “characters;” nor really care about their yawn-worthy story lines!

As JillZ stated above, there can only be so much room for the overly-BravoBred Housewives and their products!

caro book

As you all know, DonCaro will be doin’ the whole NYMediaMafia tour when her book is released next month.  Yes, if you care to watch or listen, she will be spouting off her most memorable cliches on all the TV talk shows and, since she is experienced in radio, will certainly be participating in any radio show which will have her!

Doin’ a very quick check over at Amazon, here is a partial description of DonCaro’s book:

Red-hot advice from the redhead who doesn’t pull any punches

Mother, wife, and fan favorite Caroline Manzo has been through it all as one of the original breakout stars of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey. The explosive and addicting reality series has seen some of the craziest moments in Real Housewives history, but Caroline has managed to set herself apart as the levelheaded, fiercely loyal, and down-to-earth member of the cast.

caro albie time cover

Now for the first time, Caroline, who is known for her no-nonsense advice, “tells you something” about what it really takes to juggle three kids and a husband (and still maintain your sanity), all while living in the spotlight. Her wisdom on family, life, and love, and her shockingly honest confessions about beauty, body image, and even plastic surgery, resonate with women of every generation.

There are also hundreds of Amazon customer comments… which included this one:

evelyn says:

This so called “Author” who offers lousy cliches for advice is now suing bloggers who spoof these reality shows. She is so out of touch with “REALITY” that she doesnt realize she caused her own demise with her egregious behavior last season. She is also publicizing the bloggers names and home address. Be careful, Amazon may be next if she cant sell her “STUPID” book.
AND… this one:
M. Brown says:

I thought this was a discussion section. How can we rate a book that hasn’t been published or made available to the public? Amazon does keep it clean. Do you know how I know? I tried to use profanity and Amazon didn’t allow it. Seriously; not proud, but seriously. I was actually quoting the author when her daughter was upset on an RV trip; Mrs. Manzo called her own daughter a word that Amazon won’t allow in the discussion section of this site.


RHOBH KimR three

Kim Richards’ has changed some of the merchandise which she was offering on her new “BuyMyStuff”…SpreadShirt.Com site.

Kim… or her advisors… have decided to ditch the “slut pig” items!


NOTE:  Congratulations, Kim!!  The taste level re these items was questionable and the window to have MAYBE sold these clothing pieces was slammed shut last year!!  

Here’s another freebie for ya, Kim:  Do NOT produce any handbags!!  Don’t even start down that road!  

Your cast mate, Adrienne MaGoof, is starting production on her bag line.  WHO THE HELL is gonna buy a bag with “AdrienneMaloof” plastered all over it?!   And Adrienne actually “LIKES” these bag designs?  Ms. Magoof must be using the very same “designers” used by Wretched**BLEEEEECH**Christine!  

JillZ was correct in her observations re these Housewives… there are simply too many and they all have at least one item which they think viewers are just eager to buy from them!   The majority of their sales figures comes from freebies which are passed out to audience members of their NYMediaMafia tours! 


RHONY Luann Heather Pirate SH

Check out Countless LuAnnie’s fashion sense from DailyMail.  Perhaps LuAnnie would have looked better in one of Kim’s “slut pig” rejected t-shirts!!

(Thanks to SH readers “GF” “PMG” “cybraxis” and “CathyFromFtM”!!!)