SH “HIT AND RUN” FRIDAY: JillZ “Housewives Are Over”… Kim Richards “SlutPig Items” Gone… RHONY LuAnn de Lesseps “The Leather Look”!!

JillZ spoke with HuffPo and was asked if she would return to the RHONY… to which she answered that she would for a MILLION bucks.

Yeah, OK, Jillz!  Her’s your MILLION…

jillz pg

Jillz also said that the Housewives was OVER.   Couldn’t agree more!  The Housewives are simply laughable at this point.  EVERY franchise has story lines which are not to be believed… does anyone REALLY believe that Brandi Glanville is starting a new “learn to strip” hosting business?

Does anyone REALLY laugh at LisaVPump’s “cute” camera entendres?  Does anyone REALLY think that Ken pushes LisaVPump on a pink swing in between “planting flowers” for Lisa?


The Housewives have become an offense to anyone who has a brain cell. The contrived plot lines are so transparent and predictable that viewers know what will be said!

The Housewives have jumped the shark.

andy shark pg

When JillZ was on the RHONY, she was extremely annoying; however, since JillZ got da Bravo boot, she has made some statements about her former show, which are dead on the money.

In particular and immediately after JillZ got da boot, JillZ said that the RHONY was NOT the same show she started with… and the RHONY had turned into a one-hour infomercial.    JillZ was right!


NOTE:  The RHONJ are prepping viewers for season five.  The “fights” have already begun.  The “hidden” people are now coming out prepared to spill their past relationship(s) with the NJ cretins.  Whether or not we will watch the next season of the RHONJ is questionable, as we are not looking forward to seeing ANY of the “characters;” nor really care about their yawn-worthy story lines!

As JillZ stated above, there can only be so much room for the overly-BravoBred Housewives and their products!

caro book

As you all know, DonCaro will be doin’ the whole NYMediaMafia tour when her book is released next month.  Yes, if you care to watch or listen, she will be spouting off her most memorable cliches on all the TV talk shows and, since she is experienced in radio, will certainly be participating in any radio show which will have her!

Doin’ a very quick check over at Amazon, here is a partial description of DonCaro’s book:

Red-hot advice from the redhead who doesn’t pull any punches

Mother, wife, and fan favorite Caroline Manzo has been through it all as one of the original breakout stars of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey. The explosive and addicting reality series has seen some of the craziest moments in Real Housewives history, but Caroline has managed to set herself apart as the levelheaded, fiercely loyal, and down-to-earth member of the cast.

caro albie time cover

Now for the first time, Caroline, who is known for her no-nonsense advice, “tells you something” about what it really takes to juggle three kids and a husband (and still maintain your sanity), all while living in the spotlight. Her wisdom on family, life, and love, and her shockingly honest confessions about beauty, body image, and even plastic surgery, resonate with women of every generation.

There are also hundreds of Amazon customer comments… which included this one:

evelyn says:

This so called “Author” who offers lousy cliches for advice is now suing bloggers who spoof these reality shows. She is so out of touch with “REALITY” that she doesnt realize she caused her own demise with her egregious behavior last season. She is also publicizing the bloggers names and home address. Be careful, Amazon may be next if she cant sell her “STUPID” book.
AND… this one:
M. Brown says:

I thought this was a discussion section. How can we rate a book that hasn’t been published or made available to the public? Amazon does keep it clean. Do you know how I know? I tried to use profanity and Amazon didn’t allow it. Seriously; not proud, but seriously. I was actually quoting the author when her daughter was upset on an RV trip; Mrs. Manzo called her own daughter a word that Amazon won’t allow in the discussion section of this site.


RHOBH KimR three

Kim Richards’ has changed some of the merchandise which she was offering on her new “BuyMyStuff”…SpreadShirt.Com site.

Kim… or her advisors… have decided to ditch the “slut pig” items!


NOTE:  Congratulations, Kim!!  The taste level re these items was questionable and the window to have MAYBE sold these clothing pieces was slammed shut last year!!  

Here’s another freebie for ya, Kim:  Do NOT produce any handbags!!  Don’t even start down that road!  

Your cast mate, Adrienne MaGoof, is starting production on her bag line.  WHO THE HELL is gonna buy a bag with “AdrienneMaloof” plastered all over it?!   And Adrienne actually “LIKES” these bag designs?  Ms. Magoof must be using the very same “designers” used by Wretched**BLEEEEECH**Christine!  

JillZ was correct in her observations re these Housewives… there are simply too many and they all have at least one item which they think viewers are just eager to buy from them!   The majority of their sales figures comes from freebies which are passed out to audience members of their NYMediaMafia tours! 


RHONY Luann Heather Pirate SH

Check out Countless LuAnnie’s fashion sense from DailyMail.  Perhaps LuAnnie would have looked better in one of Kim’s “slut pig” rejected t-shirts!!

(Thanks to SH readers “GF” “PMG” “cybraxis” and “CathyFromFtM”!!!)


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112 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” FRIDAY: JillZ “Housewives Are Over”… Kim Richards “SlutPig Items” Gone… RHONY LuAnn de Lesseps “The Leather Look”!!

  1. That’s funny that in the description of Caro is “fiercely loyal.” Heehee! I know a few who may not agree with that. I had no idea Kim was trying to sell “slut pig” shirts. Was that a proud moment for her when she hid a woman’s crutch then stood over her with her finger in her face? I swear, who are telling these idiots that these are profitable ideas? Gretchen and Adrienne handbags…yeah sure..the overflated egos of these women never cease to amaze me.

    • I expect Adrienne’s handbags to go over as well as her shoe line. They’ll be available at a huge discount on MyHabit within six months.

    • I had the same tought about the “fiercely loyal” remark. Ask Teresa & a few of her own fambily members about that. Like some other hwvs , she’s loyal to anyone willing to prop up her false ego & avoid the truth at all costs. I read where Gretchen was asked to design a car for Rolls Royce. Odd combo but I guess they have their reasons. Her purses , at least the ones I’ve seen, aren’t so much pretty i/m/o as they are LARGE. But maybe she’s updated the line since I had a look-see.

    • Curious if the grotesque plastic necklace/noose around the Countless neck was from her “jewelry” line. Countless Tasteless? I have to say the leather sheath was wearable minus the ugly jewelry and tacky tights. Ramoaner looked far better than her PT and Louman.

      • Funny, If you read the comments on the dailymail you’ll see how much theyre hated, no one likes them. Countess phony(most likely wearing her jewelry line) with cheap gypsy jewelry as usual, Hag PT, and wacko Ramona is the conclusion and ongoing observation. I find Phony PT and “trailer trash ” countess to be the worst

    • I think that they should boot all personal items the whole bunch is trying to sell. I have had it with the purses, shoes, teeshirts, cookbook, hair goop, wines, alcohol and all the other crap, End the bull and make these people more true to life.

  2. God I hope they put a stop to the “slut pig” clothing line.It is way too defaming to women everywhere.Kim should know better than do this to women to make a buck.Puts her in the same category as rappers that call women bitches and hoes in their music.I have lost all respect for Kim @ this point.She is a no body and useless in the Bravo “fake” storylines.Let her go off and enjoy her addictions of choice.We “dont care” as Ken would say.

    • Susie: Uh… did you actually read this item? Just askin’… as that was the point of the item. There was also a link to Kim’s site, so readers, such as yourself, can actually click and see if those items are still there! SH

      • Caro-lie-whine = Sub-Human, Bully, NO loyalty….just go ask your son Critterfur “I Blame you Red”; wait… just watch it ALL on tape!
        Kim….thank God you read the letter Ms.SH sent you.

  3. Being a slut pig isn’t easy. I know because I am one and I also have a case of male nymphomania and I like Chinese food. Perhaps it’s the MSG that triggers my attacks. I don’t know, but it seems more than just a coincidence. Anyhow, I’ve got a great idea for Adrienne’s purse line; a stripper pole with a burlap bag attached to the end of it. Not only would the burlap bag hold everything you can think of, but you can also use the pole to touch ugly people too.

    As an aside I once saw a girl that was so ugly she had little round dots all over her from people touching her with a ten foot pole. Aha ha ha ha ha ha .

    • Lol! Now Kim needs to add bumper stickers to her site that read, “Being a Slut Pig Ain’t Easy” or is it “Pimpin Ain’t Easy”? Either way, she should make them both available so the buyers have choices.

      • Boy, how time flies. He was such a jerk for leaving ‘Van Halen.’ Eddie Van Halen is Still one of the All time Great guitar players!!

        • I agree. ONe of the best. My son is the other one :) I saw Van Halen in concert this year and I gotta say David Lee Roth is still a showman. Very good show. I like Van Hagar too but with talent like Eddie’s, Shirley Temple could front them and they would still be awesome. Its all about that Eddie Van Halen sound and any front man they had, have or will ever have would do well to embrace that fact.

          • Wow, so cool and I bet Gabe loved it! I did hear they might be touring but I wasn’t sure if it was true. So true, David Lee Roth was/is one heck of a showman. Actually I had forgotten how funny “just a gigolo” was… until you put up the clip. Eddie IS and always has been the HEART of Van Halen. Like every other girl back then I was crazy about him and that smile of his :). Remember when the “Hot for Teacher” video came out? Dang, watching him play that guitar was magical…still is!

            • Gabe made a frankenstein guitar inspired by Eddie’s. He loved the concert . We sat right beside the lights/sound control panel and he was mesmerized. He is a total equipment junkie. Loves everything about music production.

              • I don’t know what a “frankenstein” guitar is. Is that a term for an electric guitar? I totally get that about the music equipment thang. I find all that kind of stuff fascinating. Don’t some musicians start out as rodes’? Did I write that word right? Do You know what I mean?lol.

              • LOL. What I mean by frankenstein guitar is he took a guitar apart and repainted it himself and then added a new neck and some other parts to it(kicks?) See I aint up on the right words either. :) Anyway he plays it in the Nickelback cover video that is on the Gabe Rocks page. Its white and black. You can see that it was inspired by Eddies guitar.

  4. Sorry the houaewives have been selling all this crap starting season one..bravo just needs 2 step back stfup and stop the infomerchials and film time 2 make all housewives show up leave the kidz and hubbies at home and all will be fine

    • Jillz is no one to complain about the housewives shows being informercials. She and RaMOANa in S-1 were the biggest hawkers of their wares than anyone. Of course, Bitchenny made an entire business out of selling herself.

      • Exactly. It was the RHONY women who turned their show into an infomercial. I don’t care if the women sell things, as long as they’re subtle about it, and don’t sound like QVC, which I know is impossible for anybody in NYC.

        As for Jill, she would love nothing more for RHONY to get canceled so that she can tell everybody that the show failed once she was fired. Sorry Jill, but the show is BETTER without you. Go away!!

  5. I posted awhile ago that I thought the housewives had jumped the shark. So glad to see I’m not the only one that thinks that. I used to love the shows when they were more real but now it reminds me of Jerry Springer, not scripted but totally set up and planned. I personally will not buy any products that any of the housewives sell. (I’m embarrassed to admit that I did buy a bottle of BLK to see what it tasted it like, it was gross with a metallic aftertaste and I threw it away) aside from that I refuse to buy something and pay more because someone puts their name on a product. I don’t like any housewife enough to give them my money. I still watch the shows but find myself fast forwarding a lot or looking at twitter and ignoring the show. I do like that Yolanda seems to be showing us her lifestyle and not just drama. RHOBH is so full of crap though. Seriously this whole surrogacy is the dumbest planned storyline yet. Bravo must think we are idiots. They get all of this hype going and have to edit and bleep everything about it and then they accidentally didn’t edit Kyle saying it??? Bullshit.. They edit things so much and plan everything facial expression to show etc and they didn’t see Kyle say that? Whatever. Adrienne doesn’t seem to mind posting it on the front of mags. They are such an embarrassment to themselves. But hey I guess they are laughing at us watching it and playing into the storylines while they get rich off of it

    • Tammi: We have been saying that the HWs have not only jumped the shark, but that the HWs have been devoured by that shark and we’re all watching stuff from the shark’s stomach! Don’t know where you said your peace (’cause it wasn’t said on SH) re the HWs and shark jumpin’… but, while searching for exactly when that was mentioned on SH, came across this from early 2011: TFC!! SH

      • Hi SH! I so hope that my comment didn’t come off as in ” I said it first” type if it did i apologize that’s not what I meant. I think I tweeted or Fb’ed it while watching RHOA and RHOBH DVR one night. I was just happy to read this post today and see that others feel the same way. I never post on anything, I just read the posts and comments adn agree to myself! love your blog

  6. The NY housewives are dank, and PTs dress is horrendous, louann looks seriously skank and poor, and these ppl try so hard. Pitiful and desperate. Jill zarin is right every HW franchise is done, bravo move on. Now I just found out that shahs of sunset has its own token xcon named “MJ” and it only took one season for it to already look totally contrived, And bravo picked the poorest and lowest class of Persians on the face of the earth to pretend to be somewhat monied, ugh. At least HW of NYC and NJ gave us something for a little bit longer. Change it up bravo we’re all terribly bored!!!!!

      • Bank fraud…..lovely. She took a plea, 1 month prison, 5 months house arrest. She had no money that she used a public defender. Her mother works @bloomies perfume counter, and I believe MJ helps her father, nowhere near what rich Persians live and look like. At least the kardashians were a real family and well off.

        • I think she got a bad deal since she was threatened in to doing it and did not benefit financially from the scheme. The ten grand fine she payed and probation should have been enough. It comes of she was more of a victim in this.

            • She did help them to commit fraud. It smell of money laundering or drug money and they are some pretty scary people. At 18 I don’t know if I couldn’t be intimidated if they threatened me or my family. JMO

              • I agree Cyn, but at 18 we would doit once twice and eventually we’d be scared to end up in prison, and stop and do something about it. They didn’t kidnap her like patti Hearst, she could have reported it.

              • Your right she should have reported it right away and gotten the Feds involved. That doesn’t mean I can’t understand it. It seems she took her lumps and did what she could to make it right. Unlike the older members of the housewives franchises.

              • ITA, I feel for MJ. her mother is a human piranha . If she too responsibility then that is more than some do. Is it better to steal a relatives financial interest in a home? Ala Vile and Moo-rice? It’s acceptable if Apollo did time but not MJ?

              • Ain’t your right, I feel for MJ too, but she’s guilty. Just cuz MO and vyle were not indicted and convicted of stealing a home, doesn’t make it right, they belong in jail too. I know lots of ppl who belong in jail, but……. I just stay away from them. Most hedgefunders belong in jail, I think they’re crooks even if they’re not in jail, makes no difference to me. Some pay some don’t. I don’t view them differently though. Life’s not fair. It’s the crooked ones on the outside that ……….

              • Well Girlfriend I have to agree….My point was she paid her dues and the hedgefunders, dopers and bankers, mortgage lenders never will. Not excusing her but if she made reparations then I will give her another shot. I suppose it’s that dang motherly instinct that occasionally rears it’s ugly head but I feel protective of MJ. They all tend to treat her ike the pudgy stepsister while kissing the new girl’s skinny and occasionally obnoxious booty. I didn’t watch this season very often so very out of the loop.

              • I agree Ain’t. I have to admit, this is the first I’ve heard of it but if she did time, etc., she paid for her crime. More than I can say about Messy and her shoplifting warrant that is now past statute of limitations. That’s only one example.

            • She could have just told her boss.

              I am so tired of Bravo hiring criminals. I’m sick of it. She’s a felon, but she gets to sell high end real estate in Beverly Hills, and make more money by starring in a reality show. UGH….go away. I feel like complaining to the CA Dept. of Real Esate.

              • She was a young girl and felt intimidated, and had a really bad attorney. She made no money off the crime and paid a harsh price for what she did. Everyone should be able to turn their life around especially someone so young. The consequences will follow her for the rest of her life. You do know if her parents had any money she probably would have gotten off scott free under the circumstances.

              • I doubt she would have gotten off even with a different lawyer. Didn’t it happen more than once over the course of a few weeks? Come on. Also, if the men were able to threaten her father and boyfriend that means she probably already knew them, which is probably why she didn’t feel comfortable reporting it to her boss or the police.

                I still would not let her have a real estate license. That’s BS. If I’m buying a hosue I have a right to know if I’m dealing with a felon convicted of fraud.

              • I still say she was very young, accepted her punishment, paid her fine and did her time. I think she should be able to have a career if she has turned her life into a positive. Realitors don’t handle money for the firm and it was a non violent crime. I see know reason why she should be denied a license to sell homes. JMO

  7. Jill is right. The same contrived storylines, the same sayings, the fighting over petty things, the drinking- it is getting tedious and boring. On top of that, you get weirdos who want to a see a bunch of woman be nice to each other… Jill has a point. Not only that, the housewives format is replicated on every other trashy channels.

    • Jill is a bitter ex-housewife who was fired because the majority of the fans hated her. Funny how she did the same thing she’s complaining about and would do it again for a million bucks. Funny isn’t the right word… pitiful is more like it.

  8. Housewives has indeed become a snoozefest only Ms Sh can render it entertaining. It’s so formulaic. Bravo probably has an episode checklist….argument? Check? HW fight leading to eventual brawl? check? Get drunk and diss? Check . Insert product promos and liberally sprinkle with gossip and charity that isn’t really charity.

    • I feel like the HW franchises were trying desperately to tap into that Jersey Shore magic. the problem is us HW viewers(most of us) a a bit too old to like that sorta thing. Its really too late for them to go back to what season one of OC was the behind the gates thing. Most of the HW now belong behind gates of an asylum. Ship has sailed.

      • Styx was a good band. I always thought they got a bit of a bad rap by the ‘music-media’. It could just be a matter of perspective. I really liked them when I was in JH & HS.
        It seemed to me the media chose to dog the band….like they weren’t ‘dirty’ enough (so to speak) and the “media” painted a picture like they were to commercial. The “music media” had the power to make or break a band. I don’t know? I liked a lot of their music.
        Growing up with older siblings, music was playing in our house since I was a little kid. I can still remember hearing Blind Faith playing. “Can’t find my way back home” just one of many great songs! I did like the Styx rendition when it came out.
        Still & Always will… love the music from the 70′s!! Steve Winwood, Journey, Clapton, Jeff Beck, Marshall Tucker, Springsteen, Skynrd, Seger, America, the list goes on & on. SO many greats!
        Thanks ‘made’ for this clip…the links to “Come Sail Away” let me play & hear so many
        Great songs from the 70′s :).

  9. i enjoyed jill on the 1st season. she did deliver as far as giving the veiwers a taste of manhatten and the hamptons. bethany ,theresa and maybe lisa (restaurant customers) have been the only ones to make bank. but is it funny watching the other delusional wannabes.

  10. Ahh, this is why I love this site. Ms. SH’s posts are always entertaining and thought-provoking, and the comments are always on-target. Love it!

  11. I liked Ken and Lisa better the 1st season of RHBH. Now they just annoy me with the fake swing of flowers shitaous stuff. I’m sorry wasn’t there an 80′s douche commercial (Summers Eve maybe?) that featured a swing like that? When Ken looks at Brandy I never see even a flicker of interest just well disguised disdain.

  12. Slut pig…really? A bless your heart with dripping with insincerity works so much better. Of course Kim& Vyle do not equal breeding and refinement. Yes indeed their good taste is all in their mouths.

  13. I would think that one would have to have a respected, well established brand before anyone would want to carry a handbag with that brands name all over it. So, the only people possibly interested in carrying a bag with Adrien Maloof written all over it would be viewers of the show. And of all viewers of the show, how many actually LIKE Adrien? Small market, girl. Small, small, market. Make something pretty, and leave your name for the inside tag…then you may have a chance.

  14. Is Jill ever going to let this go? She got fired, its over, shut up already Jill. Advice from Carowhine? Is this book supposed to a horror story or fiction?

  15. Addie is truly obsessed with Brandi. She makes comments three times about Brandi’s event in LV and when they show Brandi she never mentions the pit viper (addie). Don’t know who is more jealous of Brandi LeAnn or Addie.

  16. I just love how the title above says SH”Hit and Run” – if you read it fast enough, …

    I’m in an odd mood today :)

  17. Huge shout out to Evelyn for speaking the truth on Don on Amazon!!!! I bet Don’s head did a 360 when she read that.

  18. Well I’m totally bummed. Went to UK site to check out Luann and what they said and found out something terrible about future Downton Abbey. Agghhhhh.

    • Wel nosy AP just had to run on over to Daily Mail and peek over the proverbial fence at all the excitement. O. M. G. noooooooooooo! It’s officially off the rails but my Sunday night fix so I will carry on as faithfully as ever.

  19. Thank goodness “slut pig” nastiness is no longer for sale. The world doesn’t need that.

    The world does need more swings, and I’m going to have one made for the big oak tree in front of my house identical to Lisa’s. I’ll take pictures when it’s finished.

  20. Raising 3 kids while in the spotlight? Are you effing kidding me, her kids were adults when filming started. She has nothing else, or no other identity besides “Mother”. Her kids are grown, she needs to find her own life, and let them live theirs.

  21. Suuuure Jill. A few months ago you woulda PAID a million to get back on the show, before your sit-down with Andy revealed to you and the world that Bravo doesn’t ever intend on bringing you back. Now that you see that Bravo isn’t buying, you are playin like you don’t want it.

  22. Slut pig T’s all around! ;)

    One for LuAnn, Mego, Rosie, Richie, Critter, Shana, Eddie’s squeeze at SUR, Maggie Mae, TamHoe, Icky & Crooksy, Joe Gorga (might cover up an appendage), Lazy Laid Up Lauren, Kra Kra Kenya, Joe Joodice (he has balls and would wear it proudly), Bernie, Fayke, and who else am I forgetting??

    I’ll take one myself. :)

  23. LuMan looks like a man in that picture. I know she does all the time but in that picture she REALLY looks like a man.

  24. Adrienne MyHooF hawking purses with her name on them? I don’t think so. Dim-Kim hawking crapola with her sage sayings? I can’t believe it! Although the “slut pig” shirts have been pulled, it exemplifies that Dim-Kim felt it was perfectly fine for her to perpetuate her inflammatory remark to Brandi without apology. Whereas, Brandi still gets flack from Kim about her “meth head” comment; even though she apologized hundreds of times (and wasn’t even wrong in her suspicion). Somehow, Dim-Kim feels she’s immune to chastisement for her nastiness. Ugh! Like any bad penny, JillZ keeps turning up. If she wants to have her own show so badly, why not get Bawby to pay for it?

  25. Realized this week how hard Yolanda is pushing to be seen as the next martha stewart and get her own lifestyle show. I’d only watch if she admits it’s much easier to take care of your husband when he’s gay and travels a lot. Leaves lots of time for lemon picking!

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