REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS: Sneak Peek… Las Vegas…Brandi’s New Job… Maloof New Stuff… Kim’s New Nose

Bravo Part I… NOTE:  “Thank YOU,” Marisa!


Part II… Adrienne Maloof’s New Stuff…


Part III… Kim Richards Announces Her Nose Surgery…

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75 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS: Sneak Peek… Las Vegas…Brandi’s New Job… Maloof New Stuff… Kim’s New Nose

  1. Adrienne sells shoes and handbags during the day but like Brandi she uses a different pole at night attached to a child douche bag.Brandi’s pole dancing gig is just for Bravo taping not a “real” business venture.

    • And the best way to sell handbags with your name as the brand is to “go out” with a much younger and clearly lost (ex) drug addict! Who the hell does he PR?

  2. Hagface loves Chanel. We get it. On all her manly fingers? And the phone?

    Adrienne’s voice – I just can’t. Someone give her a cough drop.

  3. they all have an agenda or something to promote. kyle could probably get a pay off just to shut her mouth about pantene shampoo or chanel. shana and faye are the down & outs there just for the paycheck. but i am wondering what marrisa’s plan of action is going to be?

    • Couldn’t Brandy cut Kyle’s hair during her sleep or something? I CANNOT stand her ridiculous constant hair flipping anymore ! God, how old is she again?

        • That’s unrelated but season 2 of RHBH is on on a small french cable channel, and it’s so interesting to watch it in hindsight! The interaction between Adrienne and Paul is so weird! She couldn’t stand him already…
          The episode where they discuss whether or not to go to the Sacramento Kings last game (did they finally move btw?) is priceless: Paul is meddling into her business, pretending he’s scared for her safety, and tells her “what if someone throws an object at you”? She looks at him right in the eye and says” well, that won’t be the first time someone threw a object at me”, he’s speechless and looks down, obviously embarrassed. And then, Kim joins them for the trip and gets there very late and completely wasted (and unfortunately very funny). And the best part is when Adrienne and Paul introduce Brandi to everyone: Lisa is mad cause she’s seen photos of her with Cedric so she’s ready to hate her, Kyle is a total bitch and clearly jealous (the 1st thing she says about her is “I dont know who she is, but she’s tall”!) Funny how the people who brought her in are now threatening to sue her and the one person who was mad to see her is now a close and protective friend. As for Shana, she was already a freaking mess, and such a bad actress…

      • It’s all Kyle has, her hair and man hands… Sick of them both… Do us all a favor, take about 3 feet off that hair.. She needs to get over herself.. We are!

  4. just checked out kim’s spreadshirt site. “slut pig” is no longer on offer. news flash hoes! with the exception of your school or maybe a place you visited cheap garments printed with messages are pretty much passe since 1980.

    • Wth kind of name is Spreadshirt for a line anyway? Can we call what KimR was selling a line? What was that? Some bootleg crap

      • The best line for a T-shirt would have “We Don’t Care.” What ever happened to Kim’s water bottle business?

        • There you go! People will buy water bottles all day… Not blk water. Nobody got time fo that! See, now I need a “We Don’t Care” Tshirt. Kim’s missing out on some cash $$ here, shoot!
          Screw it, let’s make our own shirts…
          MsSH, you think Becky will order us some shirts again?
          Some “We Don’t Care” ones? I want one in neon yellow with black writing if yes :-) Ooh, and neon pink one too!

  5. Camille couldn’t wait to get on that pole…wonder if she is somewhat jealous of Brandi? I think Camille may feel a need to prove herself as being more than just a former trophy wife to a big star. On the first season of her appearance she seemed to want to stress that she produced shows, etc. What happened to all that?

    I feel sorry for Kim…but she needs to not be on the show…because she’s really not on the show. It’s a phone call or a sequence of her unpacking (again) talking to some employee…maybe because Kyle has a say so they are keeping Kim on the payroll.

    Adrienne we now know you’re not that high class- enough with the smirking…you have another business to run in the ground.

    Marisa may decide she’s not Bravo enough to play this game…doing things you don’t like is part of the fame whore package.

    • You said exactly what I was thinking about Adrienne – she’s got a business to run into the ground! That woman has no business smarts at all. She’s always launching some new line without waiting to see if the ventures before paid off. Doesn’t seem wise to me.

      • And her “work” as she likes to call it, consist of looking at her own shoes (or bags apparantly) to find things to copy and make someone else design it. She does not lift a finger and it all boils down to saying if she likes it or not. Hard work my ass!

        • Just like that b.s. she told in season 1 about knowing martial arts, when really, she just took a self defense class (which I think had to do with getting threatened at Kings games). Pretending to be a bad ass when she’s just a poser. I can see why she fits in so well in Beverly Hills.

    • I think that’s why Bravo signed Marisa up. She’s very uptight, opinionated and hides her body/sex appeal. I think that’s where Bravo is going with her storyline. I think her marriage is stale and her husband may be the only man she’s been with. She’s not comfortable showing a sexy side. I’m not sure she knows how to have fun. JMO

  6. I’m with Marisa on this one. How does slinking around a stripper pole bring empowerment to a woman? I guess if you’re a stripper and you’re making money off your “talents”, then it can bring in some money to empower you to pay some bills. Otherwise, it just seems to empower men to look at you like a piece of meat, and maybe want to buy some. I don’t know, maybe I’m just too old fashioned to appreciate this empowerment b.s. JMO.

    • ITA. Incomprehensible that a demeaning form of employment has now been twisted into empowerment. Not stoopid and not buying it. Genuine empowerment is not debasing oneself to entertain a man. Use whats between your ears ladies and not whats between your legs. Seems as if Brandy would learn a good marriage goes beyond just sex and attraction but requires a foundation of healthy respect and a genuine enjoyment of your partner’s personality, sense of humor wit, intelligence. Brandy’s an attractive woman and has a native intelligence would love to see her explore that for a change because in the end that will sustain her with or without a man.

    • I think you take it to serius. Its not stripping. Nobody is taking of their clothes and why cant you have som harmless fun just bc you got a brain? If you can feel more confident with your body or with being sexy like you never could before, then I think that it can empower you. Especially someone like Marissa that is so serius and selfconsius could benafit from trying something new and I think her (in her own words) boring marriage could definitely use that shake up. Dean would drop his jaw just bc he would not expect that at all!
      I know that a marriage is not all about sex, but it is a part of it and I dont think its fair to blame Brandi for her marriage ending bc she likes or values sex. Her husband was and is a serialcheater and i dont understand this new tendency to blame the victim of cheating. We were not there to see their marriage and we dont know how much it has damaged or changed her. I have a girlfriend who was cheated on and then left for another and I she could easily remind me of Brandi now. Before she was a much more quiet stay at home type who did not dress slutty or talk about sex. Now she is much diffenrent on those areas.
      Actually I once saw someone doing an act or dance (dont know what to call it) on a pole in some tvshow (it was not stripping) and I was surprised at how beautiful it could be.
      Maybe you should try it ;)

      • Please re-read my post I do not blame Brandy for the end of her marriage . If a man is going to cheat that is his problem and stems from his insecurity not anything she could have done to change that. Although I find it disturbing that she and Lee Ann are still milking it for every drop of victim hood they can muster. BTW-Very happily married for lo these many years and never had to rely on accoutrements for an active sex life. If I want to watch a dance as an art form I choose the ballet any day because it combines skill, athleticism and genuine grace. But bless your sweet heart be my guest with the pole dancing. I find yoga and running suit me better. Besides more fun to do it with my husband!

        • Great comment Aint! Women need to stop copying the stripper pole madness they see on TV. You’re right – Yoga is great fun with a partner ;) – and you dont have to get things “rejuvenated” when you practice it regularly!

        • Sorry, then I misunderstood the comment about Brandi learning that there where more to a marriage than sex, I thought you meant that she put to much into that in her marriage and therefore it ended. I have seen alot of that lately, but of course when I finally comment I totally misinterpret the comment. But If it helps, I couldnt believe that that was coming from you :)
          And If I was`nt unable to exercise bc of illness, maybe I would try the stripperpole-madness (as Maynardfan calls it :D ) even though I too like yoga, then im sure I would get a very good laugh out of the stripperpole .

    • I agree. The stripper pole as empowering women is the stupidest idea to hit any hw. I like Brandi, but her “presentation” was awful. She was like a 4th grader who forgot her lines in the school play. It was beyond embarrassing. The other wives did her no favors by encouraging her to pursue this as a way to financial security.

  7. Yolanda is so sane and reasonable compared to some others on the show. She showed proper perspective (IMO) on various things from the pole dancing class (have fun, help out a friend) to Kim’s decision to have surgery (maybe take it a bit more seriously, Kyle).

    • I have a bff much like Yolanda and she is my rock. Born in America but raised in Europe. She is very into homeopathy, spiritual healing (and none of that satanic stuff) and is the calmest and most peaceful woman I know. She has a wicked sense of humor and I love our long chats. Yolanda is the real deal. I have a great deal of admiration for her because she genuinely tries to live on a higher plain of enlightenment. she rejects drama , jealousy and petty behavior. Would love to see a show with only Yolanda and her genuine circle of friends.

    • ITA, YoFo has a way of putting everything into perspective, very level headed. It was just a fun class to take with Brandi; doesn’t mean you have to take it up full time. Question….if Kyle is trying to make ammends with her sister I wonder why she wasn’t there with her?
      I am still getting sick of Brandi on every media outlet. Did anyone sense the insecurities with some of the women on the Pole?

      • Kyle and Kim have a very dysfunctional relationship and they are equally to blame. Kyle needs to make an effort but if she does it will be surface only.

        • It seems as though neither sister grew up. They are both immature in their interactions with others on the show. “Kackling Kyle” is so loud and continuously laughing, she can probably be heard in China. Dim-Kim has zero common sense. After accompanying a pal to a plastic surgeon, KIm decided to get her nose done. It was like an impulse purchase (“I wanted to make a change…. so I thought why not my nose?”) It doesn’t seem well thought through since post surgery, there will be pain and pain meds will be administered. That doesn’t sound very smart considering Kim has substance abuse problems. Both she and her evil sis need major therapy.

    • They showed a flashback to Kyle being the one to tell Kim she needed work done,,,,especially a nose job, and as Kyle said other work done….didn”t say what. I saw nothing wrong with the nose Kim had, I thought her nose looked better than Kyle’s when Kyle was telling Kim she needed a nose job. Then Kyle wants to play like she had no clue that Kim was getting a nose job. The flashback showed Kim being happy with the nose she already had.

      • I thought the whole thing about about the nose was wierd. First in talking head Kim says the whole thing about her doctor not wanting her to get anything done but then finally agreed to do her nose. Then they film the consultation and the doctor acts like he doest have a clue ….maybe he forgot to read the script? At any rate it didnt jive at all with what Kim had just said.

  8. Did y’all see ‘The View’ today (Fri, 01Feb)? Lisa was a guest. Whoopi asked her why the hell Faye Resnick was on the show. Loved it! On ‘Wendy Williams Show’, Wendy was raking Adrienne over the coals.

    I record these talk shows usually just for the hot topics segments. Sometimes for the musical guests. The sitting and talking portions with people promoting their upcoming stuff doesn’t interest me. If it’s a legend, I will sometimes listen to the interview.

    • Tangy: LisaVPump was on TheView to promote her tanking spin-off show. Lisa’s “cutesy” quips re Faye and her Wendy appearance are all a result of her “acting”… and we’ve had it with Lisa’s “cutesy Brit humor”! The interest in ALL the Housewives has diminished into a huge, black Bravo abyss. Don’t even have the DVR set for WWHL any more! TFC!! SH

      • I was mostly taken aback by Whoopi’s comment about Faye. Whoopi’s a smart ass, but seldom does she mention anyone by name. She blurted out Faye Resnick, though.

        • I did not see that, but thanks for telling us! That’s Lol for sure! Go Whoopi!
          Btw, what did Wendy say about Adrienne? Anything we haven’t? :-)

          • No, Wendy pretty much said what we’ve been saying. Basically, GET OVER YOUR BORING PHONY STUPID ASSED SELF! (paraphrased)

            • Lol! Adrienne’s handbag line is just awful, aren’t they? Not sure if it’s worse than her hoof heels. Or just a tie for a dead even tacky.

          • Whoopi thinks the Housewives are stoopid and cringes when the shows are mentioned. I agree with Romo- Go Whoopster ! Give Faye Resnick heck every chance and call it out sister. I am so sick of being sold this pile of crap , it was entertaining for a hot minute but is now a steaming pile of poo.

  9. I also agree with Marisa. Pole dancing does not empower a woman. Yolanda has become my favorite. She’s very level headed and tells it like it is. Vyle, what can we say? She never misses an opportunity to put Kim down. I’m sure Kim dreams at night of ways to kill Vyle. LOL She should never consult her on anything. Want a nose job? Go ahead and do it let manshands see it after the fact. Kyle is a bully. She thrives on putting her sister down. She is an ugly woman, inside and out.

  10. I have to say that a few years ago I took a pole dancing/strip class at a gym. It was the TOUGHEST workout I ever had!! We had to wear the stripper shoes and you’d be amazed at how it affects every single muscle. I was never in as good shape as when I was taking those classes! It’s HARD work. But, empowering yourself? Nah! I saw it as something very private to me. Our class even had shades on the windows b/c the dumbass bodybuilders used to press their noses against the windows to peek in and watch us.

    • Really works the core, because you have to balance everything using those specific muscles. I really like Yolanda. She still has that newlywed vibe, trying to prove how much better she is than those previous wives. I’m willing to give her a chance, because as soon as filming started, Yolanda found out she was ill with Lyme Disease. It kind of creeps up on you…. just feeling yucky, losing strength, not being able to focus, achy. Then, one day you just can’t move without every muscle and joint in pain.

      • Tangy: Very true about the pole dancing. I can relate to Yolanda–I’m on my 2nd marriage, and we’re only married for 2 years now. As far as the Lyme Disease, we have a cousin going thru it and hers seems so very bad. I feel for anyone going thru this!!

  11. i’d go to a pole party. looks like fun. marissa being such a prude and ttc ing her feelings on never feeling sexy. i just haven’t figured out her agenda yet and i’m already thinking “stfu!” unless she goes after fay rancid maybe that’s what it’s leading up to.

    • burger: Would not label Marisa a “prude”… simply because she does not want to participate in a moronic activity. This whole “pole dancing” routine was done and done on the RHONJ. It was a mess then and it’s a mess now. SH

      • OH NO! I had totally blocked out the image of DS and Kim Grannytell on the pole. It came back with a rush when you reminded me that RHONJ had a pole dancing segment. Need a brain scrub.

        Marisa on the pole … she looked like disgusted with the entire debacle but I also got a sense that she’s uncomfortable with her sexuality.

        • Ok I officially need eye bleach at the memory of Kim Granny tell (thanks Embee) on the pole. Truly cringeworthy. I’m not sure what the empowerment is about because I am just embarrassed to see her on that pole. YIKES! Danielle and all the faux oozing sexuality at the pack of slobsters watching? Ugh!

          • I read something about Pole dancing becoming a Olympic sport…No really I did.
            Its not just for Strippers anymore, Women use it as a work out exersize to stay fit.

            • Yea I havent been posting much, for some reason my posts take over a Hr to post not sure why.

              Hit Pig went on a diet he was getting portly. I bought him a harness so i can take him outside for excersize.
              Im not sure how he is going to lile that.

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