BRANDI GLANVILLE, ADRIENNE MALOOF: The Phony Story Lines… All Is Revealed… All Is Forgiven… BUT, It’s ALL About The Kids!!… Brandi’s Book… Amazon Says Brandi Is “Rich and Famous”!!

Word of the Day:  DEBACLE.  Definition: A complete collapse or failure.   Noun:  A sudden and ignominious failure; a fiasco.

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Let’s analyze and TRY to digest the most recent set-up-annoying-phony-ridiculous-ever-story-line which was dragged out for several episodes of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills… the Brandi Glanville v Adrienne Maloof debacle.

YES, a debacle!   This BrandiBlurtBlunder was, as always had been suspected, the fact that Adrienne Magoof’s twin boys were carried by a surrogate.

Well, whoop-de-doo!  And this ‘revelation’ gets a HUGE Ken “We Don’t Care”!!

We at SH had been wonderin’ about Adrienne Magoof’s kids for years.  We thought it was awful strange that there is not ONE photo of Adrienne while pregnant.   Not ONE!  Neither with her twins… or pregnant with her first son.  In fact, while looking for da Magoof’s pregnant pictures, noticed that there are ZERO photos of Magoof PRE-Housewives!  Well, let’s clear that up:  there are ZERO photos of Magoof before the Housewives which she, herself, did not put out!

Adrienne’s ‘people’ have scrubbed any photos of her clean!

One would think that because Adrienne attended the University of New Mexico on a tennis scholarship that there would be at least ONE photo of her holding a tennis racket.  Nope, not a one!


The rumor of Adrienne using a surrogate has been out there for years… it was not addressed on SH because it could not be verified.   When Brandi’sBlurtBlunder was hushed, everyone knew what the “big secret” was… ’cause it was NOT a big secret!

Even HagfaceKyle Richards made sure to mention the word “surrogate” while at the now-defunct Moroccan restaurant… where the feuding continued… around the :15 mark.

NOTE:  Just noticed that Shana said that she filed for bankruptcy.  Shana is not being truthy… but what else is new???

If you recall, Brandi’s Blurt started at the big party for MO-reese… sorry, just can’t help it…

john turturro mauricio pg

… and then the Magoof/Brandi “big secret” continued on for at least three episodes.

Yesterday, Adrienne confirmed that she didn’t want her six-year-old sons to know about them being carried by a surrogate… until they were at least TEN years old!  Adrienne also said that she wanted her kids to get the information from her and not read it randomly somewhere…

OK… who discusses with their children the various ways which they can be brought into this world?  Can ya just picture that debacle?

  • Adrienne Magoof:  Hey, kids!  Stop playing with Mommy’s new purses!  Mommy wants to talk with you about something very important!
  • KIDS:  Awwww.  Do we HAVE to?  We like “designing” things…
  • AM:  Do you want to know how you were born?
  • KIDS:  No.

brandi pg

These Housewives seem to have some very skewed ideas on what to tell their children and when.

The more that is heard from Brandi, the more disgusting she becomes.

Brandi had some very convivial conversations with her RHOBH cast mates during dinner in Las Vegas about her sons chatting with Brandi about her Georgia O’Keefe…

…and, of course, HagfaceKyle thought Brandi’s anecdotal discussions with her sons were so cute that Hagface just HAD to throw in something which her daughter said about Kyle’s “GO,” too!

brandi pg

Just like Adrienne Magoof’s future conversations with her young sons re surrogacy, how and WHY do Brandi’s sons know about Brandi’s “GO”?    Did they just ask her one day?

  • Brandi’s Boys: “Hey, Mom… can you show us why you can’t move around?  Like, why you can’t get outta bed?  It’s been four days now since you had an operation.”
  • Brandi:  Oh, SURE!  As soon as you’re done peein’ in the front yard, come on over here and look.  See?  That’s where you came from!
  • Brandi’s Boys:  Fingers pressing cellphone… “Hi, LeAnn… can you come and get us… PLEASE?  NOW!?”

From NYDailyNews… another except from Brandi’s book:

“A week after the surgery, he was on the phone screaming, ‘What the f–k cost you $12,000? Who the f–k is Dr. Matlock? Did you get a nose job?’”

Glanville lied over the phone and said the money was indeed for a nose job. Cibrian immediately hung up but called again after five minutes.

rhonj brandi doncaro pg

“This time I didn’t answer,” she writes. “It rang again — and then again. ‘Ahh,’ I thought. Eddie must have discovered Dr. Matlock on Google. I decided it was best to avoid his calls for the next few days while he cooled off.”

Glanville continues that Eddie was “absolutely livid” of the charge. She admits that “in hindsight, I know I shouldn’t have put it on Eddie’s card. It was vengeful, and it came back to bite me, because this was something I hoped to keep private.”

NOTE:  PRIVATE?  Private??  We get that Brandi’s “character” was changed from “Head B*tch of Beverly Hills” to “Poor, Single Mother Brandi.”  However, Brandi signed up for a “reality” show and is making some big bucks.  As you all know, once you sign up to appear on a “reality” show, especially a Bravo “reality” show, you are no longer a “private” citizen.  

Unlike a “regular” citizen who simply observes these “reality” shows, and whose private life is expected to stay private, once these Housewives agree to sign up for these “reality” shows, that expectation of privacy is signed away… in exchange for the Bravo paycheck, the “fame,” the perks and the bucks they can demand for pushing products and  appearance fees!

RHOBH Camille Adrienne Yolanda pg

But, seriously, there are some things which should be kept private.  

“Poor” Brandi had a great idea there, but one way to NOT keep something private is to include the information in a BOOK!  Brandi has signed that iron-clad Bravo contract and has sold away her privacy.  The question for “poor” Brandi:  Is it worth it?  The answer:  Obviously YES!

RHOBH Brandi pg

Brandi making the rounds of the NYMediaMafia has not even started yet!  Not only will Brandi be seen on every talk show imaginable, but since her book also includes the LeAnn/Eddie debacle, she will get bumped up from the media circles where the Housewives usually make their rounds (WWHL, MissAndyCoop, Wendy, MorningBuzz, GoodDayNY, GoodDayLA…) to more lofty media outlets, where Brandi will probably show exactly which of her parts got that rejuvenation… probably “TheDoctors” “Dr. Phil” “Dr. Drew” and certainly MissAndy will have already have made a special game for Brandi’s WWHL appearance!  

RHOBH Eddie Leann Brandi pg

You will be seeing and hearing Brandi constantly… the same questions asked, the same answers given.    

brandi white trash pg

Just reading these excerpts from her book is a total turn off.  

YOU can watch Brandi when she does her media book tour… we don’t want any parts of it.  And that includes knowing anything about Brandi’s lady parts.   BLEEEEECH!  

MORE “pity poor Brandi” from her book…

“I was a jobless, homeless, mother of two living out of her $1,200-a-month SUV and couch-surfing from one hospitable friend to the next,” she explains. “After my divorce – even with the help of Lexapro – I fell into a bit of a tailspin [and an eventual DUI arrest]. White wine became my constant shoulder to lean on.”  NOTE:  Brandi coulda been on “Celebrity Rehab” and then made even more money bein’ on her friend, Jennifer Gimenez’ show “Celebrity Rehab Halfway House”… Brandi coulda then relapsed; sent to the same Utah rehab facility as Kim Richards, where “rehab” fun ensued and another “reality” show would have been incubated!  “Kim and Brandi… RehabPals” another RHOBH spin-off!!

As if that is not enough to shock and awe, there’s more.  Glanville reveals that she underwent vaginal rejuvenation.

“This pretty intense surgery had an even more intense price tag: $12,000,” Brandi says. “A brand-new vagina would be an Eddie-free vagina…. I decided that since Eddie had ruined my vagina for me, he could pay for a new one. I gave [the doctor's office] Eddie’s credit card number.”

Despite all the hardships Glanville actually thanks her former husband in the book.

If you were still having pity for “POOR” Brandi… Amazon knows that Brandi is far from “POOR!”  Amazon put Brandi in the “Rich & Famous….” category!!

brandi rich arrow

NOTE:  Brandi has sunk herself down to the lowest denominator and is now in the same category as the Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Melissa and JoeyMarco Gorga.   That is some pretty low life…

rhonj melissa pg

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208 comments on “BRANDI GLANVILLE, ADRIENNE MALOOF: The Phony Story Lines… All Is Revealed… All Is Forgiven… BUT, It’s ALL About The Kids!!… Brandi’s Book… Amazon Says Brandi Is “Rich and Famous”!!

  1. My sentiments exactly. Women have divorced cheating men since the dawn of civilization. Eddie acted like gutter trash did not mean Brandi had to descend to his level. Now the Cibrian trio is a trifecta of trash talk, twitter tit for tat and now twat gate. The string hanging out of her lady parts discussion was the last straw for me. Gross. Does anyone find her entertaining? Amusing? Shock talk is hardly scintillating conversation.

      • Why is Eddie such a prize? The guy would sleep with anything with lady bits. Lee Ann is Brandy’s psycho twin and they are almost identical. Although Once-upon-A-Time Lee Ann had a career. The CW word notoriously hates a cheater so LA torched her music career for this guy? They fight over him like a couple two year olds over a favorite doll.
        3 hogs rolling around in the mud and muck together. I don’t want to know every tawdry detail of Brandy’s vajaja or sex life. I predict in another 10 years Brandy will be perched on a bar stool in some seedy bar with a glass of white wine laced with bitterness and regret . I can see it now half drunk, a cigarette dangling half smoked from her leathery finger tips while Eddie tends bar and Lee Ann warbles Blue to a bunch of drunks who could care less. Man up adies cuz Eddie isn’t going to-ever!

  2. Yeah I’ve seen some excerpts on the web. If this stuff is true, major TMI. If not just another attempt to keep things stirred up with Leanne. Funny thing, if you ask someone who doesn’t have alot of personal diginity or integrity , they usually , honestly believe they do. I can’t figure out if they really don’t understand the meaning or if they’re just that good a lying to themselves.

    • Great point Maybe. Will never comprehend…….she is an attractive woman why diminish herself with sordid revelations. Obviously she’s not stoopid just maybe unable to move on? Her boys will read this one day and they don’t have a choice or an edit button. she and Lee ann need to chill.

      • Reading the blog and this comment irritated me a little be. A long time ago horse face rimes was making fun @ brandy for having the surgeryin twitter. Her and her friends teamed up and made fun of her. This was before housewives. It was out there! We just didnt care because was not “famousl. She is just ca$hing in and having the last laugh…. And I say… YOU GO GIRL.

        • ITA, Leann had her minions blurt about Brandi’s rejuv surgery over a year ago on Twitter, hence the “I wanted to keep it private” remark.

        • I have to agree. Most of the shock and awe is to sell the book. Look, she walked out with almost NOTHING and then since she was broke, the lousy cheater tried to take her kids with LeAnn financing him. She needed a payday to pay off the legal bills and to live on so the creep didn’t take her kids full time. I think we will now start seeing the calmer and real Brandi. I don’t care if someone doesn’t like her, I do think Bravo has little control over her. She isn’t the wallflower and I love it that she isn’t

  3. I’ve really tried to give Brandi the benefit of the doubt but the doubt is gone, she is truly trash. She has no perspective or morals so she truly in the same category as Eddie and Leanne. The Beverly Hillbillies have no more masks to remove; we just don’t care anymore.

  4. i have never liked brandi, and my first opinion seems to be correct. she should have her kids taken away from her. why so many people like her is confusing to me. would anyone woman like to have her for a daughter? how people can fall into the storyline bravo puts forth like robots, also disturbs me. adrienne has more class,smarts, and love for her kids, in her little finger, than brandi shows in her whole being. she is so self-absorbed, she is dangerous.

    • I was on the fence but am not any longer. People have hard times , we all have dues to pay. No one gets out of this life alive. Brandy is hardly a role model or to be praised.
      We have young men and women who have served our country , limbs blown off, friends dying in their arms and the unending trauma of anxiety and reliving the horror. So excuse me if I have zero pity or interest in a self indulgent HW writing a tell all. I have a problem with folks like Brandy with rich HW problems.

  5. She talks about empowering women but she sets us back quite a few years IMO. And what does she mean by stating Eddie ruined her vagina!?! What the hell!?! What were they doing with it that caused it to be ruined? It would take ALOT of abuse to ruin it…I was horrifed when she and Kyle were trading their little stories and I am not a prudish person by any means. Thank goodness for Yolanda…she has got to think she has joined the circus!

    • Lol! I dunno GAP, maybe Eddie was so huge he stretched her out? Or she might be referring to child birth, that was ALLLLLLL for Eddie? Ohhhhh god ” he ruined my vagina” holy crap she actually said that in a book for all of us to see. LOL! Ding ding ding Brandi wins TMI contest in history of HWs.

      • I know!! How embarrassing, huh? I can’t believe she actually included that in her book…maybe she did it purposely, hoping it would attract more guys…”Hey, check out my new vagina!!”

    • Brandi is very insecure. Maybe the douchebag told her she was ruined because of having kids, maybe he blamed her for all his affairs. Is this one of the reasons why Leeann is not having kids. LR is psycho insecure of another insecure woman, all over a douchebag.

  6. Oh and Trailer the 80′s wants that Prom Dress back and you need to exit stage left and tae the last train back to BFE.

  7. Brandi was on Leno last night as a contestant on a jeopardy like game…Chumley from Pawn Stars and Jenny from Flipping Out were the other 2 contestants… of the questions for Brandi was “Who was known as The Little Tramp” and of course she said…Leann Rimes…..Brandi absolutely needs to drop it….she looked so bad…..doesn’t she ever listen to Lisa? she would be so much classier if she would be the one to stop……now……she will have a chance again when Leann’s CD comes out with all kinds of songs about her great ” love”….

    • My thoughts exactly… love her realness, even if it is TMI. Who wants to read another ‘delusional’ advice book a la Kyle, Carowhine (gross), or the Countess. This bitch may be cray but she’s not sugar coating anything is she. :)

      • Out of all the housewives I find Brandi to be the most real. She does say too much sometimes but I like her and she makes me laugh.

  8. O.K. so I’ll be the one dissenting voice. I like Brandi, and didn’t expect the book the be anything but a tell all. As much as we’d like to believe otherwise, although other’s may come through various life experiences relatively unscathed, not all of us do. Some of us come through with some really nasty stories we may attempt to lock away, but have a very strange way of coming back to haunt us. If we are very, very lucky, we get the chance to go through therapy to help us to work through our guilt, deal with the reasons why things have happened in our lives, and move forward. In that moving forward some of us will also choose to help other’s by telling our truths even if those truths are seen as trashy to some, or the basis to say TMI.

    Again, I like Brandi, and have been homeless myself for a time and had to live with my mother and child, with a family member and his family, who were not terribly kind to us. In the end we’ve come through the difficult times to other difficult times, but have learned better ways to deal and get through it all. I’m looking forward to reading Brandi’s book and not simply the excerpts, and will support her in any way I can because I see something of myself in her, and I’m not ashamed to say so.

    • I appreciate your post. I’ve often thought that every human being could write a book and they would all be interesting because people are interesting and everyone has a story to tell.

    • bs: When you were homeless, you weren’t cruisin’ around in your SUV I’d hazard a guess. The new SUV that you could SELL to use for some rent money to get you outta that shelter. You also probably didn’t have friends who not only helped you, but offered you shelter, as did “poor” Brandi. Brandi is stretchin’ this “homeless” in her SUV as far as she possibly can. Cannot believe anyone would give her ghostwritten story any sympathy! SH

      • Don’t forget the 12000 credit card. If she knew the card number hook yourself up with a computer and charge you some food or buy stuff and sell it on Ebay.

        • Well she could sell her brand new spruced up vagina on Craigslist or with a high end escort service…… much do you think she could get hourly? Dlist celebrity and all? Mmmmmmmm, maybe $1000/hr and $20,000 for an entire weekend. So instead of whorin around for free brAndi put the cash well spent to use.

          • Make sure to make the rejuvenated tight vagina the headline and main selling point, glad I was able to help out Brandi.

        • Aint: Brandi is not only “POOR”… according to her ghostwriter… but, she’s dumb as a boxa rocks, too! So, Brandi had Eddie’s CC which had at least at $12,000 credit line and she blows it on elective surgery? WOW! TFC!! SH

      • The SUV was very likely a lease. Leasing is very common in Los Angeles. You put a down and you have a three year lease. For all we know, Eddie was paying the lease. Nonetheless, they are hard to get out of (I don’t think you actually can get out of them, you have to sell the lease to another party).

    • Lovely post and I’ll join you as a dissenter. I’m having a hard time understanding why Brandi is being bashed here for being homeless, jobless and living in a car (because her husband cheated on her while she was pregnant, no less). But it doesn’t even matter why – life can be hard and it can through some real curve balls – even if you are lucky to have never been served one, I can’t imagine not having empathy for someone who has. I can only imagine how alone and afraid she must have felt. Depression is not something I’d be eager to cast scorn upon either. It’s real and it’s devastating. Everyone handles life’s challenges differently, some people bend and some people break.

      As an aside, my mother walked around nude around my brother and I all the time. She just didn’t think it was a big deal and didn’t want us be feel embarrassed about our bodies. To each his own, it’s a personal choice. But it is a choice and there’s nothing wrong with it even if you wouldn’t do it. My mom is not, as said here, disgusting.

      My guess is Brandi addressed the surgery because, as I understand it, it was already out there (via LeeAnn). I think Brandi shows a lot of character by revealing things about herself that could be embarrassing, and just take a look at the SH posts and the replies to see the scorn it has garnered. But she was honest. That takes some character.

      • I always liked Brandi for her honesty too, loved that about her, and I think her being broke is relative to LA so I don’t knock that, but we’re talkin about her vagina now, and she brought it up, and Leeann disgustingly discussed it on twitter, so that’s what we did, not saying its okay, I feel a little embarrassed myself.

        • Well Brandi’s victimhood is a complete success. She has parlayed it a stint on RHGH and a book. If this is supposedly a tale of redemption then I fail to see it . All I see is woe is poor me as I trot around in my designer clothes and hand bags driving a Range Rover. Isn’t that every poor struggling homeless persons’ result? Brandi doesnt have to se her rejuvenated vajayjay she sold a compete bill of goods to Bravo and it’s viewers and it was swallowed hook, line and sinker. I don’t want to be portrayed as or referred to as a basher because I chose to suspend belief and use my own skills to examine the situation and make a judgement call. It’s really scary to me that if you can’t approve of Brandy YOU must be Team LeeAnn. Ridiculous. never followed any of this twitter or the blogs and could care less about either of them. They have managed to garner a flood of publicity by playing out a private family matter in the media.

        • I’m so sick of hearing about her honesty. She is a liar. She was a top notch model in Europe who made tons of money, or she was a make-up artist, which is it? She embellishes her resume every day. She was promiscuous after her divorce, but she needed a new vagina from Eddie. Eddie was a great lover, he couldn’t get it up. Eddie was such a bad father he let them live in a car, Eddie is a great Dad. I had a week-long affair with Gerard Butler, he says he never heard of her. blah, blah blah. Nobody on these shows is a beacon of truth. Least of all Brandi Glanville. Just because she says so, doesn’t make it true. They are all willing to lie for the Bravo machine.

          • It would have been in Eddie’s name and he could have cancelled it at the drop of a hat.@Gessie. Thank you! Ratchet up that drama and get that Bravo paycheck.

        • I think the issue is that Brandi said “he ruined my vagina” it’s vulgar and uncalled for, and impossible, unless he gave her herpes. Women give birth and have sex everyday, no one makes a claim like that.

          • Brandi’s side of the story is that her husband was taking some meds for his hair and it made him impotent. When she complained that his hair was more important then her sex life he went off on that her lady parts weren’t what they once were. So her revenge was setting that right again after she threw him out.

            • Cyn , we all understand the revenge part, and wanting to tighten up. But Brandi is blaming her ruined vagina on her sleaze bucket x. I’m sorry did I miss something? He held a gun to her head and said you must give me 2 kids via birthcanal and I’ll make sure thedoc stretches you out a bit? She chose to have those kids and bet in order to keep him, and chose not to get a c-section like many do in order to keep everything tight. That said many women give natural birth and nothing changes down there, it did for her. Imagine how her kids will feel when they find out that their mother Brandi felt horrible about giving birth cuz of her vagina loosening up. LOL! This is too much. What Eddie said to her about her vagina was out of line that’s it, what can one expect from goldigging low scum like Eddie he was behavin like he usually did most likely, and Brandi acted unhinged, not all women react the way Brandi does.

              • Thank goodness bethenny had a c-section, or else could you imagine how shed be kicking and screaming about her vagina at Jason. Lol!

              • What I meant she didn’t do it because she had 2 kids and Eddy ruined her vagina. She did it because of comments he made to her about her vagina. Problem solved nothing for Eddy to complain about now except being stuck with Leanne.

              • If I was a dude I reckon I would keep my mouth shut about thinking someones vaginer aint tight. Perhaps people might start to think its cause he has a tiny ding-dong. Vaginas are elastic. they do bounce back after birth unless something drastic happened.

              • If dickless Harry dubin who sticks it into every black abyss don’t complain no man should, you’re right MP

              • Gentlemen, we can rebuild it. We have the technology. We have the capability to make the world’s first bionic vag. Brandi Glanville will be that vag. Wetter than she was before. Wetter, tighter, hotter…..’The 12 Thousand Dollar Vag’.

              • LOL! The bionic Vag could talk like Kit in Night Rider and Brandi and her Vag could solve crimes together!

              • I doubt Eddie even said that. I foresee this conversation at the soccer field. Hey Mason, Yo Mama needs something haard! What? Whatsa matter, you didn’t read her book?

                and to think my kids are embarrased by my jeans.

              • Brandi was married to him for years and she had no clue as to his lack of character? He is a sleazoid and there are probably women who could form a line around the block that slept with him before Lee Ann. They are a trio of sleaze buckets plus every bimbo who slept with a married man.

          • GF: Couldn’t have said it better. However, IMO, Brandi’s ghostwriter has some involvement and probably encouraged her to blab all the details, as it would make for shocking storytelling. TFC!! SH

  9. Brandi uses LeAnn as her meal ticket like MegHo and BubbaJax use Teresa.Trying going out and talking abut something opterh than your past.Brandi is so gross and I never really cared for her potty mouth.

    • I didn’t realize-until your comment-I’ve never seen Brandi,(and others)-discuss anything other than her past.

      • Probably because her past is still her present as the public display of the singer,
        deliberate taunting through twitter and misuse of Brandi’s sons to get at her to show she ‘won’, hasn’t stopped and is ongoing. The media reports every detail because of the singer and her flaunting songs written about the affair and stealing of her husband. With this, she hasn’t been able to put the past behind. And with children, of course, the past, the present and the future will always intertwine. Hopefully, this book will be a cartharsis for her and she can go on and the singer won’t keep taunting her and misusing her kids to do so.
        What made Brandi popular was not the situation with Leann, but her honesty and candidness in saying things as she saw them which turned out to be correct. She showed an ability to apologize and admit mistakes, unheard of with the others such as Kyle, Kim, Taylor and Adrienne. The malicious treatment by Kyle and Kim came off as jealous school girl backstabbing (the hiding of her crutches was despicable) yet they still can’t admit their bad behavior. She also stood up to Adrienne and refused to be misused against Lisa which ticked Adrienne off and sent on her the warpath.

  10. Brandi’s book, a catharsis many women of recent decades have taken, shows women no longer hide and remain silent while the cheaters don’t. The following is a c and p from an article written about Nora Ephron, about her cheating husband, and father of her children, Carl Berstein. Not comparing Brandi to a well known author, but to the choice to make public her experiences regarding a cheating husband and divorce. But what NE did not have to put up with was a harassing, stalker named Leann, obsessed with misusing Brandi’s sons to taunt her that she has won the ‘trophy’. . :

    “Nora Ephron’s novel “Heartburn,” a roman à clef loosely based on her discovery of husband Carl Bernstein’s affair and its aftermath, was published in 1982. That same year, the U.S. divorce rate was higher than it had ever been.

    Though splits were becoming increasingly common, women were still discouraged from openly discussing their divorce experiences. “I think that men were allowed to write about their marriages falling apart, but you weren’t quite supposed to if you were a woman,” Ephron told the Academy of Achievement in 2007 about her experience writing the book. “You were just supposed to curl up into a ball and move to Connecticut.”

    Ephron, of course, did no such thing. Despite Bernstein’s request to keep their personal life private, Ephron used her “Heartburn” protagonist, cookbook writer Rachel Samstadt, to expose the heartbreak — and the dark humor — of his affair and their subsequent divorce. Ephron’s willingness to write candidly about her experiences made “Heartburn” especially poignant: Intentionally or not, her book encouraged other women to share their own stories.”

    If it is allowed, here is the link:

  11. So many comments are being made on, “what will the kids think when they are older and reading about this drama” of their parents nasty divorce…and honestly, I know so many adults whose parents divorced when they were children…and they never knew why…not then and not now. Her delivery of her story may be different than how most would handle…but I’m pretty sure the kids will be glad to know one day. Brandi’s husband cheated on her and ultimately married the other woman. There are always multiple versions of events from each perspective …but seriously, that Leean should drop the twitter and other entertainment news channel comments on “her boys”…there is a sensitivity chip missing and I’m glad she loves her husbands children but it is too soon.

    I think the rejuvenation was more of a cleansing of sorts…I’d feel the same way about my parts if my husband was cheating with other women while with me…ewww….I’d want that intimate part of me changed too…like to something new where ‘he’ had never been and would not be returning. I don’t think it’s about the aftermath of birth….but maybe that’s just me…

    • Leanne’s fans tweeted about Brandi’s surgery quite awhile ago. If it’s already out there why not give your side of the story.

      • That would have pissed me off if my ex’s strange tweeted about my vajiner. Seriously some judge needs to prevent her from tweeting about “her boys”(GAG-A-MAGGOT) mothers private parts. In fact she should be banned from tweeting about them at all. She really does NOT like those boys if the REAL truth here ever told. She cant and hate their mother so desperately.

        • If Brandi had any secrets they have already been exposed through Leanne’s fans. I think after the book you won’t hear anymore from Brandi about Leanne. I look at the book as a good cleanse without the lemons and maple syrup.

        • I couldn’t agree more. Brandi could’ve used Leann’s twitterdiction to her advantage. She’s anything but stable. She doesn’t “love” his boys. They’re proof that Squinty eyes loved someone else.

          • And if Adrienne has vanity issues that caused her to turn to surrogacy then you know LeeAnn would too.

            • I’m thinking she may not have been able to carry them to full term…because of her age and other factors. I could be wrong though.

    • killerkillion: I tend to agree with you concerning the cleansing part of your post. I seems like it was more a psychological need Brandi had (as opposed to a physical need) to help her cope with her loss.

    • I truly doubt her rejuvination was a,I think it was more of her finding guys and pleasing them

    • Wow KillerK…I never thought of it as a cleansing sort of thing, but I get it. Thank you for that perspective!

    • Killer, then Brandi shudda said ” I felt dirty” I needed to cleanse, not he”ruined my vagina”. And if she felt gross about havin Eddie hoe around, why boom boom with him after they’d separated and knew about lee Anne, wasn’t that dirty? So she was horny and vindictive.

      • I heard it was about the child birth, not so much about cleansing, I mean really Brandi’s been around the block thousands of times , could this make her feel any dirtier?

        • Sometimes its not about the penuses you know but the ones you dont know. Ya know that whole you’ve slept with everyone they have slept with and so on and so forth. But we have a phrase for that type a cleansing round these here parts. It goes like this:
          He gave her something that even Ajax could scrub off.

    • Well we also dont know how much might have been at the suggestion of the obgyn either. After my 3rd child, they had to do alittle elective surgery to bring up what had not stayed up during the pregnancy. It was basicly elective but not really. Maybe to do alittle rubbing salt in Eddies wound, she just didn’t add that fact.

      • Yes but Lee Ann and Brandy are working this thing together to extend their 5 minutes. They probably meet for drinks and plan their next public appearance and twitter war. After all Eddie needs a new pair of shoes -LOL! They both have received plum publicity over all the hype.

    • Hey, if u need to clean ur vagina, fine do it, but don’t expect my sympathy when you are crying that you were broke and had no money to support your two boys. I believe her that she had no money to spend on the kids, but she did have the money for her vagina!

      She is trash, and sorry, I don’t have no sympathy for her anymore, and I am not her fan anymore. She is a selfish pig, who would rather have a “clean” vagina, than let her kids have a decent place to live and be fed!

  12. Nora Ephron is a literary genius. Brandi does not deserve to have her name in the same sentence or paragraph. Nora Ephron handled her situation with grace , class and a sense of humor . Brandi will never be in that league. Women have been busting cheaters in literature since Jane Austen penned her first novel. This isn’t an objection to a tell all about a cheater. Brandy has been busting on Eddie for two years. This isn’t new news or revelatory. have we lost the capacity to distinguish between true literary talent and another HW pimping a book? Because I see absolutely zero comparison between the voice of a generation of women , an absolute national treasure who authored many wonderful tomes that reflected our collective femae experience and a woman blithely discussing her vajaja. Ugh.

      • Hahaha. Awww sweet memories. My friends anI I were asked to leave our favorite watering hole after doing a group re-enactment of the Big O scene from Harri met Sally. In our defense we were desperately trying to cheer up our newly divorced friend. The manager apologized after other patrons protested our ouster. We returned to the bar to collective applause and many many rounds of free drinks.
        I love Norah. She has no peer. Despite her doubts , personal travails and private tragedies she always managed to see the triumphant nature of love in spite of all that threatens to destroy it. Norah Ephron is genius and we are so lucky she shared her incredible talent with us.

        • LOL. Thats so funny. Awesome way to get free drinks Pittypat. Sure beat tying the ole cherry stem in a knot trick. Usually only good for one drink and you cant shake the dude for the rest of the night.

        • It’s a shame PP, that you can’t shine that compassionate light you have for Nora on someone else who’s also been betrayed. We all cope in different ways on the level we are able. If Nora is a genius (I don’t think she is), then she responds why writing a genius book. If Brandi is not a genius – you throw stones? Both suffered.

          Interesting fable about the Buddha helping a feeble man man find enlightenment. While the monks studied and meditated, the feeble man didn’t have that capacity. He was told to rub a cloth against his bald head until he reach enlightenment. That was as close to meditation he was able to get. Same destination, different path.

          • Oh dear chastise much? Why do you care what my opinion is? Are you the posting police? Brandy is so honest but she has a ghostwriter? Wow just wow. If this was a story of genuine redemption might be interesting . It’s just an eye rolling rehash using titillating
            revelations to sell a book. It’s tabloid fodder in book form.
            Brandy was betrayed and she certainly hasn’t made a meal of it but an endless banquet of woe is me. I admire survivors not victims. Especially those who sell their soul to Bravo and regurgitate it endlessly. I feel about Brandy’s divorce the same as I feel about PT’s leg and Trailer’s abuse. When you start profiting from it and using it as a tool to make money then a line is crossed.

            • Thank you Pittypat!! Brandi is playing victim big time, just like her cast mate we refuse to name here, only Brandi is playing a different kind of victim. If she is a victim she is a victim of her own actions. Period. No sympathy here.

  13. I cant see the comparison between Brandi and Mego at all, unless we are talking about what they wear. Mego is a liar and I really think Brandi is hornest. And I really like honesty more than anything else. That beats twofaced people anyday, even when you dont want the truth.

  14. Oh thank goodness people are feeling sick of Brandi’s inappropriate behavior. I felt sorry for her last season when the Richards sisters ganged up on her, but after reading press on her book I am disgusted.

  15. Not sure what this has to do with Brandi’s mended Vaginer but… If Brandi was sooo poor she would have to used ole Billy May’s(RIP) Mighty Mend It instead of the $$ that a procedure like that would cost. ‘sides them toasters aint free.

    • @made- loved Billy Mays. Seeing this product reminded me of Carowhine and Lapband lol. Since Carowhine never makes her kids work for anything and she always goes for the easy way of life in her child lessons, I can soooo see her not teaching Lapband about the benefits of Kegel(sp?) Exercises. I imagine her taking Lapband to the doc and asking them to insert a “papband.” A device that you can adjust for the size of your partner. You know, righty tighty-lefty loosey. That way Lapband won’t have to be bothered with actually DOING anything to keep her lady parts in shape. She’d probably market it as “The Manzo(ne) Band”. If Lapbands vajayjay is as big as her ego or as loose as her tongue she will definitely need a “vaguvenation” in the near future.

      • Yeah know kegals would help that child in more was than one. Its impossible to have a scowl on your face while doing them. Like patting your head and rubbing your tummy. Least it is for me. Try it and see if its same for you? Anyway it could serve as an attitude adjustment. And “mend” her a-hole ways. Or at least fake it till she makes it.

  16. SH: Great “read” as always; honest, witty and informative!
    Was that the sound of trumpets I heard playing… Brandi fell into the swirling “debacle” of the Bermuda Triangle with the likes of MelGo & JoGo Marco??
    Bravo would of been better off sticking with the storyline of “Head Bi*tch” of BH, rather than the “Poor-me, single mother” storyline. C’mon $12,000 on Vag. rejuvenation, charged on the soon to be ex’s card. Was “that” really meant to go unnoticed OR was it yet another dig at the “trio trifecta” of Eddie, LeAnn and BG as noted by ‘aint pittypat’?
    Another bogus play out IMO was on the night of the ‘Sur’ tasting when Kyle asks BG “what really happened between you and AM?” Lisa then asks BG ” what kind of things was Adrienne trying to get you to do/say?” Brandi’s response “she wanted me to have a ‘go’ at you/Lisa, she wanted me to lie, etc. etc.” Were viewers really expected to believe “that” was the first time Lisa was hearing any of this from Brandi?? Again, UGH…reminded me of the whole MeGo/JoGo BS of how/when JoGo told MelGo what Tree said to her brother months earlier…only MeGo got caught in her lie on the night of the ‘white’ party. Those editors really screwed up on NOT catching that one!
    The song remains the same…..

      • WOW mp…I don’t know what “that” was, but it was NO earthquake?? I experienced many while living in Cal. including the 1994 Northridge quake at 4:30 a.m.
        That was like nothing I’ve ever seen……and I’ve seen some “strange” things!

        • Such creepy stuff. I dive into it sometime to TRY to understand the science of it and once I get into Tesla stuff my mind starts smoking.

          • Tesla is my favorite scientist. Folks actually laughed at him. He was a visionary. I don’t believe Tesla would ever want his works for evil, to control others and/or destroy a life. It is sad what folks are doing with his brilliant works. There is still great speculation about a race to build a “biological” weapon that would cause a human to implode as fast as a building. The right frequencies and we are all mere crystal glasses up against a tuning fork.

            • wow. Like human spontaneous combustion? Given what i read in The Final Event and the actual events that our government has already admitted to(Tuskegee, Using Nazi MK torture experiments and the like) nothing surprises me about what some in the government are willing to do.

              • ITA. I had a physical chemistry professor in college that worked for the gov’t and he said the research he was doing was dark and he had to quit his job. He didn’t elaborate (and he couldn’t) but I always suspected it was in this area.

                Yup, just like spontaneous combustion. Tesla did say that he built a death ray, but he was not much of a fame whore so I don’t think he’d actually want folks to try to build a death ray. As much as I’d like to believe in peace and good will, I am more inclined to believe that countries are racing to have the “death ray” built from Tesla’s ideas and design. I am not a genius and I have ideas on how one could do this, so there has to be some genius dark scientist out there working on this for the fame of doing it.

              • Just so happened that Gabe did a video of an original guitar solo tonight. I posted it on Gabe Rocks. Guess what it is named?

              • If they already have bombs that kill people and leave all the material things intact such as buildings and alike, is that the same thing as a death ray unfocused?

            • Tesla is my favorite scientist too. Strange how little was ever mentioned of him. I think I was well into my 30′s before I found out who he was.

              • If electricity were free, how would we be able to mock Al Gore for having a $30,000 a month bill?!!

              • I know it’s just a coincidence, but last night while I was reading up on this thread I commented, or was commenting, on ‘Chem Geeks’ post. My thoughts and opinions surrounding the ‘race’ between countries/governments for control of power based on magnetic energy. Nothing specific about Tesla himself, but about higher technology.
                Anyway, I had to open a new window, which I do often, because I wanted to verify something I had read some time ago.
                It was late and normally I try not to read about anything too serious in the late hours; just a ‘thing’ I have…so as not to distract me anymore then I already am, when I need to try to sleep.
                I was finishing my last sentence on SH, on this post, when I popped over to the site that I
                went over to verify something. When I went to pop back over to SH to finish my sentence, my laptop froze up, or spammed out, whatever and I couldn’t finish or even retrieve ANY of my post and/or send. Ended up in cyber space, I guess. Just sayin’…It was a little strange to me. LOL. Cue the theme music for the Twilight Zone :). Well, at least a window with Rod Serling didn’t pop up!

              • Same thing kept happening to me a few weeks ago while trying to watch a mind control video. We should have had out tin foil hats on. :)

          • Everything in this reality comes in particle or waveform. Mess with the waves and you alter reality. Wild stuff but very real. Tesla had no idea what he was messing with and I think the scientists using his technologies today are in the same boat. Hopefully they dont blow us all sky high!

            • Whats weird is they are doing this and yet want to make us think its our “carbon foot print” causing all the mayhem. Pffft. The “uncomfortable truth” is way more uncountable than a certain ex-VP would ever dream of acknowledging. It aint what WE are doing., its what THEY are doing. Suck it Gore. I just turned my heat pump up.

              • I agree Made. Industrialization was thrust upon us by the wealthy, then they have the nerve to blame us for the very technologies they make us use. Definitely crazy times we’re living in!

              • original: Have come to the conclusion that there is no point in prepping. Whatever is to be will be. Cannot imagine wanting to live in a world where no one would give a second thought about killing one another over a can of peas. The “Doomsday Prepper” show, especially the chirpractor-owner of his “Alamo” compound, illustrated how quickly human life is disregarded. And, on that particular episode, the father demanded his 12-year-old son perform his ‘right of passage’ by slitting the throat of a goat. The father should be looked into… he’s nutz. TFC!! SH

              • My husband isn’t into that kind of prepping. He is just ready for an emergency even if it is long term. Taking care of those not prepared is part of it. I don’t think he could turn away anyone in need. It helps him sleep at night, he has a bit of a control problem. At worst I won’t have to go shopping for a very long time. LOL

              • original: Understand… totally! We can also be holed up for quite a while! Was not comparing you or anyone to that “Alamo” guy… IMO, he is at the far end of the prepper spectrum! Just watching some of the people on that show makes me laugh. Especially the ones who are bugging out 100 miles away from their homes! They aren’t gonna get 2 miles!! If the EOTWAWKI ever happens, those who make plans to be safe elsewhere and are driving to their “safe” place are gonna be stuck in massive gridlock! TFC!!! SH

              • Maybe what we do should be called boy-scouting (always be prepared) instead of prepping. We live close to 2 nuke power plants I think that makes him nervous.Nothing says I love you like a has mat suit for the holidays. LOL.

            • Exactly.

              I have met a large number of morally corrupt scientists in the research sector and I have only been involved in research for 13 years (I’ll be 32 on Wed). The stories I could tell would fill a book. My guess is there are scientists performing the experiments for the “fame” of it all and they are 100% certain of what they are doing. The consequences do not matter to them.

              I also hope we are not blown to bits, but in the event that we are, I am going to eat bacon every single day :D

  17. Guys what has become of us, Geeezuhs,we’re commenting on this site about a woman’s vagina??? Holy cow, we live in some sick world

  18. I see no point in saying white trash. We wouldn’t dare say black trash, we wouldn’t dare say Asian trash about someone, so if the term trash has to be used, I think, well, trash will do just fine.

  19. cant wait to buy the book. I think Brandi is just telling her truth, tmi and all. If you dont like it then dont buy/read it. And I respectfully disagree with Mego and Brandi being compared to each other, Mego is scum, Brandi has her flaws but does not seem conniving.

  20. Brandi saying that Eddie “ruined” her vagina is disgusting. Is she saying carrying and giving birth to her 2 “perfect” sons was not something she wanted but something Eddie forced upon her? Does she resent her 2 “perfect” sons. You know the 2 she refers to as F’in all the time … “My f’in kids are perfect.” I can honestly say that not once have I or any other female I know ever call our children f’in anything.
    But for some reason many people love her. Many think she is honest and a breath of fresh air. Just because she spouts off without a filter that does not make her honest. It makes her immature. This is the woman who when called out on one her fabrications responds with something like it’s not untrue, it was not correct.
    From Honest – ‘honorable in principles, intentions, and actions; upright and fair: an honest person’ How does this fit Brandi?? I would not call her intentions and actions upright and fair. She spouts off without caring if it’s truthful or not. It seems her intention is to out shout, out swear, and out shock the others and when called out on it she will say she is sorry, BUT they did such and such to her first. How is that a breath of fresh air?
    She is a 40 year old woman not a teen. Her antics are not cute, they are desperate.

    • You got that right! I’m over Brandi and her “realness”. If she were at a dinner party with my friends I’d be nervous of what “breath of fresh air” that might jump from her “honest” mouth. I’m still trying to wrap my head around why she had sex with Eddie right after she found out he had been cheating on her and that whole thing. She still talks about what a jerk he was and how hard it was for her all these years later. Then why did she have sex with him?! It’s like sending him a message like it’s fine and that she has no respect for herself. I also think she had no business spreading the surrogate news about Adrienne. That was low down and not her place. In case Brandi’s reading this I’ll put it in terms she understands.
      Effing over it! Stfu already!

    • I love how you said it! Thank you! However, I think many of her fans are now turned off by her. I am one of them. I also check other websites, and it seems her popularity has really dropped down.

      This woman needs to wake up and realize she isn’t a teen and isn’t cute. If anything, she is coming across, gross, stupid and so vindictive. Instead of thinking of her sons, she is thinking of herself and how to get back at anybody who “hurt” her. I can’t believe I ever was a fan!

  21. I can’t say anything else Jillybean. You said it all, and stated it correctly also. I agree with everything you said. I would seriously hope we haven’t fallen so far as a society that we can watch behavior like this and think it’s anything but what you stated. There are man woman who have been cheated on have been behaving honorably since the beginning of time…Brandi is NOT one of them.

  22. Ewh, all I am gonna say is if I had vaginal rejuvenation surgery, that would go with me to my grave. I encourage you all to google the before and after pics of vaginal rejuvenation. You will see the women that need this surgery, it is not for a nip and tuck, there are serious issues, even for the minor surgeries.

  23. OMG! Finally somebody who sees Brandi for what she is! Every single time she says something it is cringeworthy. If I hear the words “real” and “unfiltered” used to describe her one more damn time I will scream! I am not a fan of LeAnn and Eddie, but damn if I would not pick them over Brandi any day! At this point she is sickening and pathetic. The mess that has happened to her, has happened to millions of people each and everyday. They just don’t go on tv, write books and flood Twitter with TMI. I guess because they possess something called “pride”. Something Brandi doesn’t know a damn thing about.

  24. Heartburn was made into a movie starring Meryl Streep. Good movie. By the way, Nora E. was known for her very wicked and “colorful” language. While I don’t agree with some of Brandi’s choices in the way she tells her story, I respect some one that is upfront. “We’re only as sick as the secrets we keep.” – Sue Atchley Ebough. At my age, I can handle a candid mouth, since I have one myself when aggrevated.

  25. I have suspected that Miss A is a robot for awhile now. The lack of pre-production photos confirms this! Brandi will be the new breakout star and the other HW are just pissed off IMO. So over this season!

    • ITA. This season is the same blahhhhhh-worthy stuff that we see every season in every single franchise. I’m watching RH of Vancouver again in anticipation of the new season. Maybe that will be more entertaining. I’m also going to check out TLC’s “Plastic Wives”. I’m on the hunt for entertaining “reality” TV.

      • Me too. I’ve watched Dance Moms (scary), Hoarders (no words), Selling New York (I like to imagine I can afford anything in NYC), Say Yes to the Dress (Say Lame to the Lame), ….I still have hope for RHNJ because of Jax and Juicey pending court cases.

    • pj: Am not only over this season of BH, but am over ALL the franchises. RHONY will start filming soon and I simply don’t care! The HWs have become so formulaic, once you’ve watched one franchise, you’ve seen them all! Boring and very yawn-worthy. TFC!! SH

      • ITA! I am curious to see how Jax and Juicey’s court cases turn out! Plus, I wonder where Mel and Joe will stage their 6 pieces of furniture.

  26. Bahahahaha! The pic of Brandi telling Don Caro to “STFU” and “get ‘er done…” is hilarious. It looks like the Don is actually listening. LOL

  27. I feel “rejuvenating” a vagina is sillier than a facelift (because nobody can actually SEE it). It’s also a more wasteful way to spend needed money. That said, I still find Brandi to be humorous in her little “Brandi-isms”. Others may bash her brashness. I swear like a sailor and can relate to her. Underneath her crude language, she at times, is also insightful. As for her parlaying her misery into a money maker – why not? She’s risen above her circumstances and she isn’t taking anything away from someone else. JMO

  28. Leanne Rhimes did Brandi a favor by taking Eddie off her hands. Brandi now has her fifteen minutes of fame because of the affair. Leanne would actually fit in with the BH Ho’s because she is another child star who became eff’ed up because of it. I so agree with Ms. SH’s sentiments about these franchises. All the dopey fake parties and drama is a snoozefest.

  29. MP: Regarding the size of one’s penis, again, it has been my experience that it is not the size of the gun, it’s the gunner that matters.

    • Yeah…when I was a teenager I knew a retired “Madame.” I remember her telling me the same thing…and not to believe all the stereotypes about different races. I figured she must have known, based on the number of peckers she had seen over the years. (As a side note, she was one of the most interesting women I have ever known. She fled Germany alone as a teenager and ended up in New York City. She had truly seen the absolute best as well as the absolute worst humanity has to offer.)

  30. Maybe BG talks about her “vaguvenation” because she made a deal with the coochie doc. In exchange for the mention and the good praise she gets a free vaguvenation every 3000 boinks or 300 partners, whichever comes first. Like rotating the tires or changing the oil on your car.

  31. That’s insanity and stoopidity to a degree I cannot even comprehend. Vile. Rape is not or ever should be a subject of jest. Breathe of fresh air ? I think not more like rotting sewage dressed up as a HW.

  32. Eddie would make comments regarding sex after she gave birth to Jake, that it wasn’t the “same”. Then she finds out he’s having an affair with not one but at least 2 girls that haven’t given birth; I think it’s poetic justice. What kind of man says that to the woman he loves/mother of his children? I would do the same thing, obviously it would always be in the back of my mind. Regarding her vehicle situation I saw her on Wendy Williams, Eddy was pretty much broke & she was oblivious. Her father had to co-sign to get her a car as she had no credit established in her name. Now we know why EC goes to Leann, $$$. Leann told her twitter minions about the surgery & they taunted Brandi (doll comes with Vaginal Rejuvination Kit), they knew the cost. I have all of this saved on Twitter from a devoted follower that tracked the harassment from the beginning. Let me know your twitter & I will send.

  33. Wait a minute , about the Brandi’s “rich” part. Didn’t she say Eddie only went with Leann for Leann’s money? She may be right but if so why present Brandi as wealthy? & really most of these ladies wouldn’t be recognized by a huge part of the general public, just those of us dumb enough to follow the shows :D

  34. Brandi should have never written this book because her kids will see it and their parents etc. I have been homeless, and had a lot of bad things happen to my kids and I. I never once did anything to make them anything but proud of me. Even if we were poor, they knew that I would figure out an honest and honorable way to make things better..I would have never humiliated them with a book like this – even if they are young – their friends parents know. I love Brandi…really really liked her, but this was a low blow to do to her kids. I used to believe she put her kids first, but not in this instance.

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