SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: Tamballs Barney… Melissa Gorga… New Jersey Jury Does Not Buy “Self Defense” Story… Adrienne Maloof Poll Results!!… AND Adrienne Maloof Confirms Brandi’s Blurt Was “Surrogacy”…

Parenting has issued the first of their monthly “advice” articles by BubbaJax Laurita on January 17.    BUT… “Parenting” is apparently reaching out to more Housewives than just the New Jersey crew.

tamballs honey boo boo

“Parenting” gives the HoneyBooBoo of the OC, Tamballs Barney an outlet to tell everyone what happened to her marriage to Simon and how wonderful life is now with Ellie… it’s “Real Talk With Tamra“!!

eddie wine bathtub


gorga brother

There are several items re the new fighting between the New Jersey sub-humans.

teresa sister

Yes, the brother-sister duo of TreeJoodice and JoeyMarcoGorga are still  going at it… and it always seems that their “fighting” is rooted in someone not visiting the other.  This time, JoeyG was in the hospital and Tree didn’t visit him.  IMO, this elicits a huge YAWN.

teresa joeg pg

Are there REALLY people who think this “fighting” isn’t all planned?  Are there REALLY people who think that the people who are recently cropping up… who happen to know everything about these NJ-ites… are not planned to get people talking about the next season?

rhonj melissa pg

Really, who cares?  As described by Tina Fey, the RHONJ are sub-human.


Adrienne Paul manhood pg

Who is a better boyfriend for Adrienne Maloof???  It’s CHARLIE SHEEN!!!

rhobh sh poll rhobh poll results

OTHER PICKS FOR ADRIENNE!  Not room for all “Other” Answers!

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 7.43.14 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 7.42.53 PM Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 7.43.02 PM


A recent trial in New Jersey has ended.  The wife, who murdered her husband was found guilty.  The jury did not buy the cold-blooded murdering wife’s story of “self defense“…


This is getting ridiculous!  Thought for sure this was settled and that the “big secret” which Brandi Glanville blurted out re Adrienne Maloof was that her twins were via surrogate.

RHOBH Brandi

However, Adrienne Maloof speaks out to Life and Style to confirm that Brandi’s blurt was about surrogacy…

“I would think Brandi, being a single mother, would have a heart and understand my feelings, where I’m coming from,” Adrienne tells Life & Style. Adrienne had planned to wait until the 6-year-olds were a few years older before sitting her angels down to reveal that mommy didn’t carry them in her belly. “Brandi took away something so precious from our family,” shares Adrienne.


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