SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: Tamballs Barney… Melissa Gorga… New Jersey Jury Does Not Buy “Self Defense” Story… Adrienne Maloof Poll Results!!… AND Adrienne Maloof Confirms Brandi’s Blurt Was “Surrogacy”…

Parenting has issued the first of their monthly “advice” articles by BubbaJax Laurita on January 17.    BUT… “Parenting” is apparently reaching out to more Housewives than just the New Jersey crew.

tamballs honey boo boo

“Parenting” gives the HoneyBooBoo of the OC, Tamballs Barney an outlet to tell everyone what happened to her marriage to Simon and how wonderful life is now with Ellie… it’s “Real Talk With Tamra“!!

eddie wine bathtub


gorga brother

There are several items re the new fighting between the New Jersey sub-humans.

teresa sister

Yes, the brother-sister duo of TreeJoodice and JoeyMarcoGorga are still  going at it… and it always seems that their “fighting” is rooted in someone not visiting the other.  This time, JoeyG was in the hospital and Tree didn’t visit him.  IMO, this elicits a huge YAWN.

teresa joeg pg

Are there REALLY people who think this “fighting” isn’t all planned?  Are there REALLY people who think that the people who are recently cropping up… who happen to know everything about these NJ-ites… are not planned to get people talking about the next season?

rhonj melissa pg

Really, who cares?  As described by Tina Fey, the RHONJ are sub-human.


Adrienne Paul manhood pg

Who is a better boyfriend for Adrienne Maloof???  It’s CHARLIE SHEEN!!!

rhobh sh poll rhobh poll results

OTHER PICKS FOR ADRIENNE!  Not room for all “Other” Answers!

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 7.43.14 PM

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 7.42.53 PM Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 7.43.02 PM


A recent trial in New Jersey has ended.  The wife, who murdered her husband was found guilty.  The jury did not buy the cold-blooded murdering wife’s story of “self defense“…


This is getting ridiculous!  Thought for sure this was settled and that the “big secret” which Brandi Glanville blurted out re Adrienne Maloof was that her twins were via surrogate.

RHOBH Brandi

However, Adrienne Maloof speaks out to Life and Style to confirm that Brandi’s blurt was about surrogacy…

“I would think Brandi, being a single mother, would have a heart and understand my feelings, where I’m coming from,” Adrienne tells Life & Style. Adrienne had planned to wait until the 6-year-olds were a few years older before sitting her angels down to reveal that mommy didn’t carry them in her belly. “Brandi took away something so precious from our family,” shares Adrienne.


(Thanks to SH readers “MissA” “FLPhil” and “PMG”!!!)

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62 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: Tamballs Barney… Melissa Gorga… New Jersey Jury Does Not Buy “Self Defense” Story… Adrienne Maloof Poll Results!!… AND Adrienne Maloof Confirms Brandi’s Blurt Was “Surrogacy”…

  1. Boy Parenting mag has stooped to an all time low, first WacoJaco and now including TrailorTrash Tamra liar who was never abused by Simon. Ugh

    • Whoooooa! After reading that article, you’d think that butterflies and rainbows fly out of Tamra’s ass every single day. I guess all of that wine throwing, dirt digging, backstabbing, and titty flashin never ever happened……

    • Parenting Mag is obviously turning into, or always was, a “Rag Mag” for ‘Looney’ Moms. Having women like WackoJacko/Jac-a-loon and TamballsTraylor-Trash/ TT3 IS just plain reckless. The mag should come with a Warning: NOT for women of sound mind!

    • I guess we can expect Parenting Magazine to write a feel-good article about Casey Anthony next.

  2. Ot: SH: how do you manage to get ads that don’t annoy? An ad heavy site can make me stop reading it. But your’s are always kind of cute or informative.

      • I remembered this, Done, but wanted to respect your privacy in case you didn’t want to discuss it again. Hope you, your husband and family can move forward from this tragedy now.

        • Thank you so much, embee! We’re thrilled with the verdict, but this has all been so horrible, reliving it all. The important thing is that the kids are doing well and we could all now have a tiny bit of closure. Nothing will bring him back though. xoxo

          • done: I just left you a post on the thread from yesterday….didn’t know where to put it or if you were around? Wasn’t 100% sure if “this” was what I thought it was…so I didn’t want to post on this thread but I just saw you pop up. Look for my post on yes. thread, when you get a chance. Congratulations again to DH and family. Thoughts & prayers. Peace. kt

            • Yup, I saw it there too. Thank you! We’re around, even tho we had a medical emergency with my husband today. Ugh-it never ends! He’s home, safe and sound for now, and relatively happy about the trial verdict. We have some peace at least!

            • So happy for you. Like embee I wasn’t sure if it was ok. Sorry about hubby….glad he’s home safe & well…and gets better soon. I know it must be bittersweet :(. Brighter days ahead!

            • Bittersweet. Absolutely! At least we’re all trying to move forward and keep him in our hearts and memories.

            • Done , I am so glad that your brother and his family received justice. I know it does not make up in any way for your loss of a dear one and his children’s loss either but perhaps is a bit of comfort. I will never forget when you shared this with us. God bless and keep you all. I hope Hubs health continues to improve. I admire your tremendous strength and courage so very much. Sending you hugs and echoing KT’s wish for brighter days ahead.

            • AP: Thank you so very much! We are sidetracked with my husband’s illness today, but believe me, he’s relieved that this is over and that she’s serving her time! Thanks again!

            • Done, I dunno what to say, what a tragedy for you and your family. Wow! I am so sorry for your loss. I’m ecstatic that your family received the verdict they were looking for, and have closure, closure is crucial with tragic events. I know you’ve had a rough year with your health as well as your husbands and came thru, I’m praying that your family will now be able to move on with their lives, and be able to honor the memory of this lovely man.

            • Girlfriend: Thank you for your words. He was a very special person. I felt like he was my protector. To lose him in such a violent way seemed unreal for years. He was the original Mr. Mom but none of that seemed to be revealed in this very-short trial. Seems that wanting to end your marriage shouldn’t be a precursor to murder!! I have no sympathy for his “wife” and am relieved that she’ll finally be in jail.

            • Done, amalia mirasola is only 47 yrs right? Very sad but she looks at least 70, her life and her choices have been etched on her face.

            • I swear that her lawyer got all of that time before the trial to have her lose a ton of weight and let her hair go grey. We can see it in her eyes–she’s FINE and prob healthier than she was 3 years ago!

            • Done, I’m glad she got what she deserved as well! I agree it seems like these crazy people think that by looking dowdy or plainer than usual at trial they’ll get some sympathy. No. You gotta pay for your sins, no matter how pathetic you look!

            • kel: Absolutely, and even though her health is questionable, she was healthy enough to plan and kill him almost 3 years ago. I’m glad the jurors kept that in mind!

            • Done, I’m happy to hear these trial results. Justice has truly been done on Earth. It is moments like these that remind me that there is still truth, justice and fairness in the universe. Sometimes I feel like the world has tilted on its axis in a society that glamorizes murderers and no-talent reality a-holes are rewarded to a greater extent and treated with more honor than our country’s service men and women. I am grateful there is still “right” in this world. I wish strength for you and your loved ones to move forward following this new-found closure. I hope your husband’s health continues to improve. What a bittersweet day. Remember as you are being a caretaker to take care of yourself as well.

          • ChemGeek: Thank you also! I couldn’t reply on your comment for some strange reason! I’m trying to balance it all–my husband’s health is top priority right now, but that changes on a dime! We’ve both been thru so many medical woes in the past year! It’s nuts. The closure and peace from this trial being over will sink in as soon as things settle down for us. Thank you for your words.

      • Oh Done, I do remember you talking about this… I am so sorry… It’s always best to move forward.. I hope this gives your family closure…
        Shelagh :)

      • Wow. I had heard about this trial and did not know your family was involved. I am happy for you that the verdict was just and correct. I hope you family will know justice was served and the healing can now happen. My heart goes out to those kids who have tragicly lost both parents now.

      • Done, so glad to hear this! My family just went through something similar, I had 2 nephews run off the road 3 years ago, their car caught on fire and both died in the fire, The guy was just sentenced last week, we finally have closure!

        • tlcory: I’m so sorry. My sympathies to your family. That’s tragic. I often wonder what takes the court system THREE years for it to get to trial? That’s crazy! By the time it goes to trial, you have to relieve it all and it’s painful.

  3. I’m glad the trial is over. I got the email from my son. I had no idea that he was friends with the man who was killed. They went to car shows and in fact the night he was killed they were suppose to go to one. I hope now that the family can find some closure.

    Adrienne and Charlie puuuuuuuuuuuuufecctttttttttttttt together…..

    • WHAT?????????????? Carl was our nephew!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a small world!!!!!!!!
      We were supposed to go with him to the Meadowlands that day. Wow…….

        • Thanks, lisa! I’m not usually hateful, but I can’t understand why she did what she did, when she had other choices. She was always a horrible human being, but I kept giving her chances to redeem herself. Bleh. When I see someone verbally and physically abuse their children, that’s the limit for me. She BELONGS in jail, so I’m happy she’s finally there!

      • Glad she was found guilty. I followed the case and her daughter testifying against her I think sealed the deal. What a brave young woman. Your nephew would have been proud..

        • Sandi: Definitely! Her mother was NEVER a mother to her, and she was a horrible woman. I always felt for those kids from the moment I met them. She was very brave to have to face her mother in the courtroom and be composed enough to testify, but she did it! :)

  4. I like Charlie Sheen and wouldn’t wish Adrienne on him. I wouldn’t wish her on anyone, well, maybe the Hannibal Lecter choice might work. Although he probably would pass on eating her even.

      • Lol Jocelyn is a twin of Adrienne’s if nothing else…

        TamBalls sounds sane in that article…whuda thought Simon and her would have done all that therapy? She lives with Eddie and the kids but won’t marry him until the kids give the okay…what’s the difference ultimately if he is in the house already? Her behavior is out there forever and always…feel sorry for all the kids on these reality sets.

        • Oooh…and the wedding will “most likely” be televised… no kidding! Maybe Laura will make an appearance…hope her lip healed.

          • Yes missing, ITA, I’d be mortified to have one of these HWs for a mother except for Yolanda or lisa. It’s humiliating. Especially if you are a poised conservative person and hoping to marry well and have a career,. People can be vicious and try to knock you down, and having a tacky sleazy mother on tv is the perfect ammo.

        • Won’t marry him until the kids gives the okay actually means waiting until Bravo starts filming and the viewers have to watch the Tamballs and Ellie show. Who does she think she’s fooling? If she’d have cared what her kids wanted, she’d have dropped the show, dressed like a married woman and stayed with Simon, their father. I NEVER believed her story about Simon being abusive, I think he looked grumpy a lot because she looked and acted like a slut and he didn’t like it….most men don’t want their wife looking and acting like her. Eddie’s not gonna like it, either, unless he is an Ellie and they are only getting married for the money.

  5. Ms. SH – I’m with you on the New Jersey cast. There’s too much talk about the same old crap from these people and I think they’re all in on it together.

    • It’s all the same. Basically a repeat of the last two seasons, exploiting family problems, financial problems and marital dysfunction. I am so tired of it. Why can’t we see healing? Reconciliation? Remorse? How refreshing would it be to see them all act like adults.

      • I wish for that to ain’t. I have a hard time watching these shows..I stopped watching jersey last year, if its the same I am finished with it… The last is BH, and its getting like the rest… Why can’t they all just heal… Andy loves this drama he creates, and laughs all the way to the bank… Karma Andy, it will get you one day..

        • Have any of you been to Bravo this morning and read the article on the Kardasion being on, I guess she was on last nite? The tallest one, I get their names mixed up. I got ao mad reading it, I wanted to spit nails in the wall. Guess the two houewives she likes…..Crazy Kenya and Adrienne!!! The very ones most viewers can’t stand. ShoeDazzle is Kim K’s store(didn’t know that until I went to the fb site to complain about Kenya), Kim is Nene’s friend that she got on the show….so no surprise. Also, Faye was friends with Kris K when she was hanging with Nicole Brown so no surprise there, either. This leads me to believe that this is trying to drum up support for Kenya to stay on, and for Adrienne to stay and Faye join next season for sure. Bravo has clearly forgotten what the show started out being, and why it was liked. If I wanted to watch someone fake being crazy like Kenya so Nene could get satisfaction by trying to embarrass Phaedra, I’d watch a good comedy….that’s not my idea of funny what that idiot has done all season. I’ve watched WWHL my last time, even though I rarely watch it now,,,,only when someone I actually like is on. Most of his guests I don’t even know anyway.

          • I knew about the shoe website when it began. There are also many dba’s on it, so beware of what shoe company you order online shoes from! I refuse to give my $$ to that disgusting family!

  6. True, I think alot of the craziness on NJ was real for a while. But it’s been going on for so long. Jax may be a nutty & Caro unhappy & stressed, but even then most people would get over it in a few months tops. & you know Koma & Mego are just feeding into it for the attention & money it might bring. Funny as it was they do need a new storyline. As we’ve learned from the other HW shows, beating a dead horse will just cause the viewers to lose interest.

  7. Not the surrogacy blurt again!!! It’s like the zombie that refuses to die, someone just kill it already!!! We all know ya used one, Ad, who cares! Take LilSean and go find a drive-thru somewhere!

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