flipit/Ronnie’s ‘BS of the Day’!!

Ma boo, flipit/Ronnie, from TVGasm’s latest “BS of the Day”!!!



5 comments on “flipit/Ronnie’s ‘BS of the Day’!!

  1. Poor Brandi! Without LeeAnn and Eddie she has nothing.

    Aside from her “talent” to interject the “F” word into every sentence by using it as a noun, a verb, and adjective, there is little else to offer.

    Fake “writing” a book that covers a divorce that took place 4 years ago should rank right up alongside the same interest in Taylor Armstrong’s “domestic violence” phoniness or the Countess’s book on manners, perhaps she should turn her attention to “creating” a line of jewelry, clothing, cosmetics, handbags, wrist cuffs, cookbooks, booze, Spanx, linens, perfume, shoes,or whatever is left out there for a “housewife” to grab onto before her 15 minutes fade away.

    Kyle opened a store. Lisa a restaurant. Tamra a gym. Alexis a “couture line”. Etc, etc, etc.


  2. Yuck! That Spencer guy, came across him on a “reality” show years ago. He comes across as such a phony it’s hard to find the right word for him, phony doesn’t seem strong enough. & the girl Heidi is cute, but seems VERY insecure. What’s that other word , oh yeah, beard. Hmm, wonder how that applies to this situation. :P


    • “Creepy” IS the word that comes to mind with that d-bag…he looks like he has a mad, mad, MAD temper. “It” looks insane. Heidi what are you still doing with that creep, have you gone Mad too?
      On another note: A thanks Again to Ronnie…love your re-caps and re-dubs. My favorite voice you do is YoFos. Great job on the Lance Armstrong thang! Leave that poor statue alone…he didn’t do anything…Lance Did.


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