When you log onto Google, ever wondered who/what you’re connecting to?  Ever wondered if it’s a place, a factory, an entity or just some kind of ubiquitous, global, everywhere-on-the-net kind of thing?

This gives you an idea of what’s behind something we take for granted nowadays…


NOTE:  You may have to “zoom in” to read the words which accompany the photos!

google google google google google google google google google


(Thanks to SH reader “Nels”!!!)


    • LOL….your comment has me crackin’ up and I mean full blown ALL out laughter!!

      I guess cuz I find it all incredible fascinating. During one of the crossroads in my life, I had to buckle down and try to stifle the ‘dreamer’ in me.
      Aside from my love of all things ‘creative’ I was one of those kids who loved taking things apart and putting them back together again. I always wanted/needed to know how something worked..TV’, telephones, radios, you name it.
      I also use to wonder what ‘mankind’ would do if All power was gone (like a twilight zone thang) and how we might create it, using nature…wind, water and such. So I studied electronics, DC, AC, Ohm’s law, PIE etc….good times..
      I’m not really sure if you CAN change ‘your’ star though..maybe, maybe not?. Fate, destiny, only God knows.
      The good part is…I did learn something I didn’t know; the bad part is…aside from the basics (the laws never change) the rest is all obsolete now. The sad part is.. that ‘time’ wise it’s only been a ‘relatively’ short amount of ‘time’ since i studied it….technology changes in the snap of a finger.
      I use google all the time ….it drives me crazy More times then not. Sometimes I scream at my lap top “NO…that’s NOT what I’m asking you!” LOL.
      I think it’s great that in some ways we’re all So different on SH, and yet we’re all So much alike! Guess that’s the “you are me and I am you” thang…coo coo,ca choo….still playin’ “The Beatles” in my head….thanks ‘Miles’ :).


    • When I was little, the can of Morton’s Salt used to have that effect on me. I thought about the girl on the can pouring the can of what I presumed was Morton’s salt, which must have a picture of the girl pouring the salt on it, which would also have a picture of the girl with the salt on it and so on and so on for infinity.


  1. You sound like me… unable to shut my mind off….always thinking and trying to make sense. Once while riding in the car,I asked my husband what he was thinking about and he relpied “nothing”. My head almost imploded! How is that even possible. Obviously because of this gift/malody, I have severe, chronic insomnia. Hope you don’t have these problems.


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