ADRIENNE MALOOF: Adrienne’s BravoBlog… Adrienne Likes Kyle’s Kid… Likes Faye Rancid… Adrienne Does NOT Like Lisa Vanderpump!… Not A WORD About Brandi Glanville!!

Bravo…   NOTE:  This is Adrienne Maloof’s BravoBlog written to express her thoughts re the last RHOBH episode, which aired on Monday. . . another “WHY BOTHER” Adrienne Maloof BravoBlog!  

Adrienne drama

First off, I’d like to say that Kyle and Mauricio’s daughter Sophia is growing up into an absolutely beautiful young lady! I was honored to be able to celebrate her graduation with everyone. Congratulations Sophia!

To make it perfectly clear… Adrienne is NOT Sophia’s Godmother!

As you’ve noticed, I’ve pulled back tremendously, I was tired of engaging in all the chaos. . .it’s not worth my time or energy.   NOTE:  WHY is Adrienne on a “reality” show?  A “reality” show which encourages the ‘chaos’?   A “reality” show in which Adrienne and ALL the Housewives are very aware of the producer-induced required ‘chaos’??

LisaVPump with Dave Rupel, RHOBH producer…

RHOBH Rupel LisaV arrow

I can’t stress how important it is to have strong friends and family by your side. With that said, when Faye is on fire she’s at her best!

rhobh faye pg

While watching this episode, Lisa  seizes several moments to take sharp digs at me, and my businesses. . .I wish I could be there to defend myself.

kimr adrienne shoes

Talking behind ones back is not my style and very passive aggressive, especially in small groups. It’s the main reason I separated myself from the women and trips.  NOTE:  Adrienne chose to bug outta the episode early!  Otherwise, Adrienne coulda and shoulda been there to “defend” herself!   Adrienne was in LV while the RHOBH was shooting… May 2012!


These BravoBlogs “written” by the Housewives are beginning to be just as totally phony as the show themselves!   “Talking behind ones back”???   The producer-induced scenes are set up for the Housewives to do just that… talk behind each other’s backs!!  

OH, puh-leeeze, Adrienne!!  You’re getting an eye roll…

It’s been a tough few months, but there are a lot of positive happenings in the near future, so stay tuned!   NOTE:  It’s also been a rough few months… or longer… for viewers!!  The RHOBH’s story lines are being dragged out so thin that viewers might as well simply wait for the finale episode, as all will be explained at that time!  

… and you’re getting this from Ken!  WHY?  ‘Cause ALL of these Bravo Housewives franchises are getting VERY B-O-R-I-N-G!   BORING to the point of … take it, Ken…

As always, love my fans, thanks for your support.



adrienne sean pg   ADRIENNE ROD'S KID ARROW

… Adrienne must be VERY busy with her new beau, Rod’s kid, as Adrienne is not attentive to part of her job as a BH Housewife… which is to write about the latest episode of the RHOBH!