ADRIENNE MALOOF: Adrienne’s BravoBlog… Adrienne Likes Kyle’s Kid… Likes Faye Rancid… Adrienne Does NOT Like Lisa Vanderpump!… Not A WORD About Brandi Glanville!!

Bravo…   NOTE:  This is Adrienne Maloof’s BravoBlog written to express her thoughts re the last RHOBH episode, which aired on Monday. . . another “WHY BOTHER” Adrienne Maloof BravoBlog!  

Adrienne drama

First off, I’d like to say that Kyle and Mauricio’s daughter Sophia is growing up into an absolutely beautiful young lady! I was honored to be able to celebrate her graduation with everyone. Congratulations Sophia!

To make it perfectly clear… Adrienne is NOT Sophia’s Godmother!

As you’ve noticed, I’ve pulled back tremendously, I was tired of engaging in all the chaos. . .it’s not worth my time or energy.   NOTE:  WHY is Adrienne on a “reality” show?  A “reality” show which encourages the ‘chaos’?   A “reality” show in which Adrienne and ALL the Housewives are very aware of the producer-induced required ‘chaos’??

LisaVPump with Dave Rupel, RHOBH producer…

RHOBH Rupel LisaV arrow

I can’t stress how important it is to have strong friends and family by your side. With that said, when Faye is on fire she’s at her best!

rhobh faye pg

While watching this episode, Lisa  seizes several moments to take sharp digs at me, and my businesses. . .I wish I could be there to defend myself.

kimr adrienne shoes

Talking behind ones back is not my style and very passive aggressive, especially in small groups. It’s the main reason I separated myself from the women and trips.  NOTE:  Adrienne chose to bug outta the episode early!  Otherwise, Adrienne coulda and shoulda been there to “defend” herself!   Adrienne was in LV while the RHOBH was shooting… May 2012!


These BravoBlogs “written” by the Housewives are beginning to be just as totally phony as the show themselves!   “Talking behind ones back”???   The producer-induced scenes are set up for the Housewives to do just that… talk behind each other’s backs!!  

OH, puh-leeeze, Adrienne!!  You’re getting an eye roll…

It’s been a tough few months, but there are a lot of positive happenings in the near future, so stay tuned!   NOTE:  It’s also been a rough few months… or longer… for viewers!!  The RHOBH’s story lines are being dragged out so thin that viewers might as well simply wait for the finale episode, as all will be explained at that time!  

… and you’re getting this from Ken!  WHY?  ‘Cause ALL of these Bravo Housewives franchises are getting VERY B-O-R-I-N-G!   BORING to the point of … take it, Ken…

As always, love my fans, thanks for your support.



adrienne sean pg   ADRIENNE ROD'S KID ARROW

… Adrienne must be VERY busy with her new beau, Rod’s kid, as Adrienne is not attentive to part of her job as a BH Housewife… which is to write about the latest episode of the RHOBH!  

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74 comments on “ADRIENNE MALOOF: Adrienne’s BravoBlog… Adrienne Likes Kyle’s Kid… Likes Faye Rancid… Adrienne Does NOT Like Lisa Vanderpump!… Not A WORD About Brandi Glanville!!

  1. Go to hell Adrienne. You aren’t worth anyone’s time and energy except maybe your drug addict child boyfriend. You don’t think you talk behind anyone’s back? Are you kidding? Get me a barf bag. This arrogant old hag is making me sick.

    • What a slap in our faces she doesnt like the gossip it toxic fayes on fire wish could have been there shut the f up dont cash the checks quit the show I find her even getting a blog when she is not at taping then again shut the F up you truly must have lost ur flipping mind…glad that we are not worth ur time and energy, ur shoes, casino, basketball team and you are not worth my time, money, or energy…thoughts

  2. I feel sorry for you… seem to be very delusional about so many things….please at least be a good mother to your boys, no matter how they were born, and the first thing a newly divorced good mother would do is keep any boyfriends away from her kids….they still love their father….as much as you hate it…..until you completely poison their minds against him….(talk to Shana about trashing a child’s dad…let’s see how that works out for them…poor poor Kennedy) please let the boys love and have a nurturing relationship with their dad (talk to Yolonda about putting yours kids first) talk to Lisa about running a business…….I’m just shaking my head at your sense of entitlement and self importance….

    • ITA! And it is apparently not too hard to poison your kids against the other parent, especially if the other parent takes the high road and the kids — if they have any sense – will see years later that the poisoning parent was wrong. Very sad when that happens.

  3. No wonder Faye is on fire since she somehow managed to claw her way out of the pit of hell…

    As a side note: STFU Adrienne.

  4. ITA with every comment written above, all of them! I don’t know why Bravo even bothers messing with her, just pay her since I’m sure she’s got a contract and they have to pay her whether she works or not, but the least they could do for the viewers is just leave her out of the show altogether. I don’t recall the girls talking about Ad on the last show, did I miss it, or is she getting ahead of herself and they’re going to talk about her next week?

    Oh,,,,I know this is not the right place for this, but I don’t really know where else to put it..but I looked at Cynthia(Atlanta) facebook yesterday, and she has a petition up for people to sign to get her on Dancing With the Stars. I guess she thinks she’ll be another Nene if she does a show like Nene did with Trump.

    • I agree with the comments above also… But thinking, I wonder if she is trying to get her boy toy a job at Bravo… You know Andy loves this kind of story.. Old lady boning a young troubled kid, that is trying to stay sober… And hell it’s Rod Stewarts kid… Wow, magic for next year.. Perhaps Rod will make an appearance, sing.. Kind of like Chrissy did… For Yolanda.. He ca play the drunk game with ms Andy!

      • Oh man, now that’s a train wreck I would be willing to watch. MaggieMaeMaloof dragging Grungy Boy to all the high falutin dinners, explaining to him which fork to use and telling him to wipe his mouth after he drinks his milk. Please Bravo, make this happen!

    • Lisa said something to the effect of (to Brandi)….is Adrienne mad you aren’t holding this event at The Palms….an obvious reference to Adrienne’s absolutely absurd anger at Pandora’s Bachelorette Party being held at Planet Hollywood, even after Lisa said that a long time family friend had made the offer. You know, back when Adrienne was attempting to make us believe that she and Lisa were long time friends?

    • Ad and Paul could’ve mattered if they or Bravo hadn’t been so secret-secret about what Brandi said.
      I wouldn’t sign a petition for Cyn because she is two-faced and boring-a two-faced dial tone. If she is on DWTS she’ll bore the snot out of them too.

      • I can’t stand the tattletale, either, and was surprised to see they had a link to go sigh. My name won’t be on it, either, but if she should happen to get on the show, I’m gonna vote for the person that I think will get the lowest scores, in hopes she goes home first.

  5. Adrienne is really lost. Unfortunately her real character is showing. She needs to hunker down and nurture the kids as well as herself to their new lifestyle and build from there. Spend any newfound time volunteering at the school or re-educating herself or new hobbies (remember Yofo and those lemons). She needs to stay away from boyz and men; she chooses badly.

  6. Can anyone tell me what happened between Lisa and Ad? Something besides the Hoof remark. They seemed to be such good friends when Lisa helped Ad wash a chicken. I didn’t see anything until Lisa did not choose the Palms for her daughter and then then reunion and I must have missed it. Also what did Ad do to Brandy? It has to be more than a phone call telling her to ban against Ad and why the ban to begin with? While I’m asking what happened to Lisa and Kyle? They were friends in the begining in fact I thought L and Kyle were friends before the show. A lot of why’s and shat for’s but thanks

    • The only info I have is on Lisa and MaggieMaeMaloof. The best I can tell is on last seasons reunion show MaggieMae accused Lisa of selling stories to the tabloids. Why she did that is anyone’s guess. Lisa was quite offended, understandably so. Hopefully someone can answer the rest of your questions because I would like to know too.

      • Actually, she accused her of selling stories to Radar Online, who then came forward and publicly said that Lisa has never sold them stories. What I would like to know is why Kyle was so eager to join in on the Lisa hating band wagon? If you go through the episodes from last season, Lisa is not in all that many, yet Adrienne brings up her name at the weirdest moments. A scene I remember particularly that I had to watch a second time, was Adrienne say that “Lisa loves to stir the pot” when everyone but Lisa was at the party Brandi threw. Again, Lisa wasn’t even present, and no one else even brought up her name. Adrienne is a very odd woman to me, especially for someone who is supposedly a high powered business woman. You’d think she’d be able to hide her disdain for someone better then that.

      • O.K. something is up. This comment was in response to Slaen’s comment, but for some reason it’s posting at the bottom. Sorry for posting it twice, but I was hoping it would post in the right place the second time.

    • I thought there was a lot a tension between them when Lisa was showing Adrienne how to cook chicken. Adrienne made a nasty crack about Lisa shoving something, and Lisa quipped she’d have to go back across the street for that. Looking back, I don’t think L and A were ever really friends. i can’t recall a genuine friendly moment between them. Ad came back in S2 with a vengeance and a new arm dog to compete with Lisa’s popularity.

      I think that Lisa and Kyle WERE friends. They really seemed to enjoy each other’s company For some reason, Kyle ignored Lisa’s warnings about Taylor being a shit-stirrer with Camille, and with Kim, and chose to align herself with Taylor. Remember Kyle and Taylor holding hands in the restaurant after she barged in on Lisa’s and Kyle’s lunch. I think Taylor appealed to Kyle’s need to be superior, and that Lisa re-evaluated Kyle after she made that choice.

      • My comment above was a reply to someone’s post questioning Lisa’s relationships with Adrienne and Kyle. Not sure where that comment went or why mine ended up here.

      • Don’t forget Adrienne’s houseboy who spoke poorly of Lisa, which Lisa thought Adrienne should make an effort to stop. Adrienne seemed to love it.

        But I think the straw was accusing her of selling stories. Lisa flat out denied it and Adrienne came back with “I don’t believe you.”

        Before the reunion Adrienne hosted a pow wow at the Polo Lounge to put together a game plan against Lisa. This we know because she invited Brandi who in turn told Lisa. Adrienne denies it, but it’s undeniable that the pow wow happened and that Lisa was not invited.

        Adrienne, for her part, was very angry that Lisa tweeted “Jackpot, crackpot,” and called her shoes “The Maloof Hoof.” But Adrienne seemed to have gotten crackpot, I mean Jackpot because she was jealous of Giggy. She said something like, “Giggy better watch out.”

        • At first, I refused to believe that a woman would seriously get a small dog to compete with another woman’s small dog out of jealousy! Well, it turned out Adrienne really is THAT trifling, pathetic, low…the bottom of the barrel and clawing her way to be even lower.

        • Undoubtedly Adrienne has been in competition with Lisa and it hasn’t worked out so well for Adrienne. Classic case of the green eyed monster.

          • I don’t think Lisa was aware of the competition, which probably made Adrienne madder. I have a horrid cousin, I’ve mentioned her before, who was always in competition with me. Wanted to go to the same college I went to (didn’t get in); wanted to attend the same graduate school (didn’t get in); wanted the same career (lasted only a year); and even tried to steal my husband when he was still just my boyfriend (hahahahaha–didn’t work). I was oblivious to the competition which just made her angrier.

    • For what it’s worth, my take is Adri is simply jealous of Lisa. Why? Lisa is beautiful, Adri has had A LOT of work and now just looks desperate (though I’m sure Lisa has had the odd nose bob, eye lift and more). Also, Lisa is a self-made woman who built a business on her own savvy and business acumen, not by riding Daddy’s coattails. Lastly, Lisa is well liked, while I believe Ad knows she is the short, privileged ugly duckling who rubs people the wrong way. Ridiculous given all I know of these women is what Bravo shows, but still….

  7. Good on Adrienne for not saying a word about Brandi. She’s not worth it. It shows that EVEN despite being on a reality TV show she will not give in to Brandi’s BS. I do think she needs to say a bit more in her blogs but if you’re over it… I guess you’re over it.

    Personally, I feel Brandi and her terrible “poor woman in BH” storyline have ruined the show for me.

    Lisa didn’t need a sidekick… She can fight her own battle.

    • Please keep in mind that Adrienne got Brandi on the show to be HER side kick with the hope of having Cedric by her side, and it back fired. Not mentioning Brandi only shows that a) her lawyers probably have advised her not to, and b) because she is responsible for the issues between her and Brandi and they revolved around Lisa!

  8. “NOTE: It’s also been a rough few months… or longer… for viewers!!”
    Hahaha! You are right, Ms. SH! This is the first time I’m reading her blog. Are these always this short? Seems like it would have taken longer to get through the McDonald’s drive-thru.

  9. Adrienne/Maggie Mae needs to be released for her Bravo contract.Her popularity has tanked this season.She was always rude to Paul in every season.She used the reasoning for that how we are.Not in a normal relationship.I used to like her the best season 1 but now I considered her in the same category as Trailer Trash/Swine.Bravo needs to clean house on BW.Start with AD/Swine and the both Richards hags
    .Kim has sold herself out with the ‘SLUT PIG” clothing line.She is a nobody to me anymore.
    I dont care for Brandi either.All the “STFU” gets old.Now to know she spent $12,000 to redo her tore up vagina is too much.Should have spent that money on a permanent place for her and her 2 boys to live or a down payment.

    • I liked Adrienne in season 1 too. She seemed sophisticated, smart and independent. The mask slipped when she went after Lisa and the selling stories crap. I m still blown away of her choice of men now….ewwwewww! Really Adrienne? So much for class and self respect. Paul didn’t deserve the on camera rudeness but I got the vibe he can be tough guy. Who knows what went on behind those mansion walls? ITA this season is sloooooow!

      • I agree usedtobejoan….I was excited to see the life of the female maloof heir. Specially wanting to see some razzle dazzle business along with her black belt studies. I was seriously disappointed to see she really isnt any different than her much younger but similar foolish boy-toy. Daddy made the money and the kids are worthless thinking they are just simply entitled. ICK…I went to school with country club kids that never amounted to anything.

      • Well in season 1 Adrienne had that tinsel hair. Maybe it had magical, nice, nice powers. I usually am no fan of tacky, but if it will bring back season 1 Adrienne then bring on the gold tinsel magic hair!

    • Well, Susie, she couldn’t use Eddie’s credit card for a house But, he evidently made some pretty nasty remark to her about her “sugar bowl” and she got even by having him pay for it; After all it got torn up giving him two sons. So let’s cut her a break on that one.

  10. Adrienne titled her blog “Faye is on Fire”. When I was a kid, we used to take our trash out back and burn it. I don’t wish any physical harm to Faye, but in my mind’s eye…


    • I would tend to agree, and I think Bravo is keenly aware of how the viewers feel. Someone living in that big of a glass house, really should not be throwing stones at anyone.

      • I wonder who’s advising Adrienne. If the plan isn’t working, abandon and get a new one. Is it the same person who’s advising Kim?

        • Kyle, it’s got to be Kyle…lol. Although it’s really not such a stretch if you think about it, at least with Kim. I can just hear her encouraging Kim to use the “slut pig” slogan knowing deep down what a disaster it will be, but smiling and laughing that phony laugh.

  11. Wow! One that shall not be named sure is persistant about the godmother thang…did you see her blinking $$$$$ signs while talking to Adrienne?……she should be in sales or be a grifter! Wait, that is how she rolls! ;)

    Oh yeah and Adrienne, as said up thread, STFU.

  12. There’s gotta be more to the Lisa/Adrienne story especially since they used to live across the street from each other.

    • I’m sure there is, but Lisa ain’t tellin’ it, and Adrienne will only do so as a way to make her look as bad as possible. I get the feeling they are little more then acquaintances, and perhaps there is some jealousy going on as well.

    • I’d like to know more about Lisa’s house catching on fire after she moved out, That was really weird to me.

  13. I’d love a cd recording of AM spouting out her BS, I have bouts of insomnia which I am sure she would cure in an instant!

  14. Oh! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that scene with Ad and Trailor. Weird how Trailor kept pushing it. Adrienne clearly didn’t want to do it – what did Trailor think , she would pressure into just to get her stop talking? That was icky

  15. Adrienne’s a delusional mess, this we know, but Lisa is so smug and her single-entendres are no longer funny. These two deserve each other and all the damp squibs they can’t refrain from throwing into each other’s yards.

  16. Adrienne is so delisuonal.
    “Talking behind ones back is not my style and very passive aggressive, especially in small groups.” Hum, I believe there is footage of Adrienne saying “Lisa stirs the pot!” to a small group, when Lisa wasn’t there and no one was even talking about Lisa.
    And then she says she didn’t want to be there, but then complays that she wasn’t there to defend herself? If she wants to defend herself she can do it in the blog, but she never says anything in the blogs.
    “Positive happenings in the near future” Is that what she calls a 30 year old drug addicted?
    “As always, love my fans, thanks for your support” What fans?

  17. My new name for Brandi is STFU… I don’t even call her by her name anymore. When i chat with friends she’s known as STFU… She loves that saying so much she wanted to call her book that.

    • One would need some sorta edge reducing (ahem) substance to sleep with someone as self absorbed as Ad apparently is. Yikes.

  18. “Tired of engaging in all the chaos” = I can’t afford to have my Attorney Mafia keep threatening to sue Bravo!

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