YOLANDA FOSTER: YoFo Tells YOU How To Be A Housewife… Yolanda Style!!!…Start By Planting Lemon Trees…


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25 comments on “YOLANDA FOSTER: YoFo Tells YOU How To Be A Housewife… Yolanda Style!!!…Start By Planting Lemon Trees…

  1. I love her decorating sense. I love lemons too. I might get myself my first lemon tree. At $.50 a lemon, it’s a smart idea to just have your own trees! I don’t know that I like her talking about what works for romance and marriage. Didn’t she have at least 2 other marriages fail?? She and David do look happy and that’s a beautiful thing.

    • One. She had one failed marriage, and is still friends with her ex. Since no one is saying, we don’t know why their marriage failed, but Yolanda did say something about having broken her back during the delivery of her son, making it seem like it might have had something to do with that.

      • rumor has it she walked in on her husband and Joanna from Miami having sex and thus the divorce. I don’t think her back had anything to do with it.

      • I don’t know how it’s possible to break your back giving birth. Even if it’s true, why would that be any reason for a divorce?

      • Mohammed was her only husband??????? Wow! Still, I’m on my 2nd marriage, and even tho my 1st lasted over 25 years, I wouldn’t be advertising about my romance dept.

  2. On that earlier post with Yo and her hubby on some morning program, David said it was good for her ‘platform’. She’s a great homemaker. I guess now we know why she signed up for this gig. Another book.

  3. She talks about the dinner table.I saw her on a couple occassions put her ass up on the counter top and eat/drink.Counter tops are for glasses not asses.Hate to see people park their butt on counter tops for any reason.Like the Skant whore herself Patti Stanker always sitting on that table between her 2 gross staff to talk to them.

  4. Think I will go outside to my garden and get my gardener to pick lots of the lemons, limes, flowers and branches he has planted and cultivated. My maid will prepare my vases and cut the stems and most of the lemons;I love lemons so I will ask her to leave a few for me to cut. She will place the flowers into the vases and bring in the birch covered candles and then I will place the arrangements on the tables. My new hubby will be so pleased with my talents.

  5. Yolanda is very Blessed; she inspires me with her exercising; sharing ideas. I lived
    in Europe eight years; one idea was to keeps the mirrors and windows sparkly clean.

  6. I hope YOFO has rthe sense to give some of those lemons away, she can’t possibly use all of them………50 trees! Lots of soup kitchens and the homeless could make good use outta those lemons, or as guest gifts to those who visit her home.
    Anyway I’m a big lime/lemon person, so I can appreciate her lemons, it also reminds me of Capri Italy…..luv.

    • The other night on WWHL they were throwing lemons at COHEN. He has a show almost every night. If they throw 100 lemons at him every show that would be worth it for me! :-) I’ll do it

  7. Just went on line to see what I could find on ” hoplessly romantic by Yolanda” , nothing.
    Not too bright , why wouldn’t she have her product out there during the show or at least a website?

  8. I do enjoy her decorating sense, love the bark like candles. Everytime she’s on the screen I feel guilty for any sugar indulgences I may have had that day…she seems very disciplined and sincere. Ms. SH the title is a great giggle… as always your spooflike humor and wit is spot on. :)

    • oh my gosh..me too, with the bad eating guilt. I love it because I am very disciplined because i had a lot of health issues as a child and I don’t want them to come back…However, I love to cheat. When I see someone who is all about health, I encourages me to forge on. Just nice to have a reminder every now and again. Also, I tried the cleanse lemon maple syrup, cayanne pepper thing for 5 days, to lose the Christmas fat and blahs…It was surprisingly easy after day one. I ate a little healthy salad and some rice cakes at lunch to keep away the pain in my stomach from the acidity of the lemons, but I lost 5 lbs and felt fantastic! I can’t believe I am condoning this – but I just couldn’t get back going after all the running around during the holidays – my son had 35 performances on top of school between thanksgiving and Dec 21 – and work is crazy for me that time of year. The lemon cleanse thing jump started me back in action.

      • I don’t know if I could do that cleanse nancy, I get light headed if I don’t eat. I may be borderline low blood sugar and I have low blood pressure…I get to a point of no return if I don’t eat. I try portion control and exercise and acceptance..I’m not 20 anymore lol. But good for you! We all need to change it up to keeping pushing forward!

        • I am th esame way…I get lightheaded, grumpy I can’t think.
          I had the drink about 8 times a day…the organic maple syrup keeps you from getting lightheaded..really it does..and I drank about 4 glasses of water too…It is the only time I have not felt lightheaded not eating. I more missed the act of eating. How boring it is not to eat in a day.

  9. I’m so glad I saw this. I live in a condo but I’m going to buy me some indoor lemon tress. Thank you lemon lady, I mean Yolanda. My birthday is next week I’ll think the table setting will be lemons and the cake will be shape like one large lemons. Lemons away!!!!!

    • “Lemon lady”…that was cute. I loves me some Yolanda, but I have gotten to where I think of that old song “Lemon Tree” every time I hear her name. Yolanda the Lemon Lady, yep, that’s her!

  10. I’m find myself always checking out her hair. Who ever does her hair does a great job at disguising the extensions/hair pieces. Curious to see it all-naturale. Of course, I’m even more curious to see Adrenne without all that makeup and the puffy/fluffy hair.

    I do love Yo on the show. I know when she is in attendance with the ladies, nothing will get too out of hand. I feel calmer with her there.

  11. I enjoy YoFo’s themes. I have in the past and will in the future if she does anything. I would love to see her with her own series of decorating. She has so many ideas and at a low cost. Lemons aren’t that expensive here so I think once the flowers start blooming I am going to experiment. Also as she said you don’t only have to use lemons. Thank you Yolanda I appreciate what you do.

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